A Wise Man Will Not Show Partiality in Judgment

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Once God starts to enlighten you and you are able to start to see real truth from real error – then God will hold you personally accountable for this higher degree of knowledge, especially if you are in a position of leadership. This principle really applies in today’s world where everyone is trying to be politically correct. There are some issues that are not neutral in God’s eyes – yet some of His own are trying not to step on anyone else’s toes for fear of offending them.

The two verses I will list below state that the true wise man of God will not show partiality in judgment on topics such as these. Study the intense wording in these two verses very, very carefully – especially if you are in a position of any type of leadership within the Body of Christ.

  1. “These things also belong to the wise: IT IS NOT GOOD TO SHOW PARTIALITY IN JUDGMENT. He who says to the wicked, “You are righteous,” him the people will curse; nations will abhor him. But those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, and good blessing will come upon them. He who gives a right answer kisses the lips.” (Proverbs 24:23)
  2. “TO SHOW PARTIALITY IS NOT GOOD, because for a piece of bread a man will transgress … He who rebukes a man will find more favor afterward than he who flatters with the tongue.” (Proverbs 28:21,23)

Notice in the first verse that it says that if you are willing to take a stand against something evil and call it out for what it really is – that you will then receive a “good blessing” for it!

To those pastors who have been too afraid to call out issues such as abortion for what it really is for fear of offending too many people – consider the intense wording of these two verses. When God says that it is “not good” that you show partiality on issues such as this – He is giving you a major and solemn warning!

Bottom line – you are working for God – not for man! The only thing that matters as far are you are concerned is what God thinks of your performance as a leader within His body, not what the flock thinks, or what other people outside of your church may think!

You will be eventually judged by God for your performance – not by any other human being. Study the prophets of the Old Testament – not one of them minced any words when God had them call out the evil that His people were engaging in.

I truly believe that many, many Christians are looking for their pastors and leaders to take strong stands on these type of issues with no compromise. You may lose a few people at the outset for offending them, but I believe that the word will then get out on you that you are a man that will not compromise the truth and Word of God, and you will then end up drawing many more people into your church as a result.

People are really looking for God’s opinion on a wide variety of issues and problems facing our world today. Now is not the time to try and be politically correct. Now is the time to stand up and tell the world what God’s opinion really is on some of these hot topics,

God’s people are going into captivity and are being destroyed for lack of knowledge and guidance from their pastors and churches on these issues. The truth will set these people free – but you first have to tell them what the truth really is before it can start to work to set them free.

God’s Word and Truth is your sword – do not be afraid to use it to set these captives free!

This is part 14 of our 19 part series on Seeking After The Knowledge of God.


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  1. Thank you for this article.. I have been so bothered lately about the spirit of Partiality that is flying around in the Church (Especially the church leadership)… That’s brewing alot of unnecessary competition and members seeking special favours from the leadership.. That if you are not on the inner circle of the pastoral special click of connections or relations, then you don’t belong.

    It’s so alarming because the Word of God strongly warns us, aganist practising partiality in the book of James and as much as God doesn’t show favourism or partiality, church leaders are exercising it in the church, instead of addressing it…

    Sadly, most ministers of the gospel are no longer standing up bodly like the Prophets of old testament and preach about; HOLINESS AND REPENTANCE… Instead they have become entertainment preachers to itching ears.

    God have mercy and help this end-time sleeping church to awake from it’s slumber

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