What is Jezebel Spirit and How it Operates

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Without question, the nastiest, evil, most disgusting, cunning, and seductive spirit in Satan’s hierarchy has to be what many call the Jezebel spirit.

This evil spirit has been responsible for not only tearing down churches, pastors, and different Christian ministries, but it has also been responsible for breaking up many marriages, friendships, companies, along with getting many people to commit cold-blooded murders and suicides.

For those of you who have been hit and slimed by this evil spirit, or have encountered it in some way, you will know exactly what I am going to talk about in this article. It is without question, one of the most evil and vile things I have ever come across in my life. Like Satan, this type of spirit is simply pure evil.

Over the last 20 years or so, I have encountered this spirit myself at least 5 different times, with it being attached to a specific person each time I had encountered it. As a result of meeting this spirit head on a good five times, I have developed quite a bit of information and knowledge on how this spirit works and operates.

I believe the Lord allowed me to have access to these 5 people when I did so I could end up writing an article like this one so I could teach people how to spot one if they ever had one come into their midst, whether it be at home within their family, in the middle of a church or ministry, or even at their place of work.

What is a Jezebel Spirit?

What is the Jezebel spirit? The Jezebel spirit is not just one spirit like Satan is.

This is a “type” of evil spirit in Satan’s kingdom. There is only one devil, one Satan, but there are many spirits that would be considered a Jezebel type spirit, as they all have a particular type of personality and a specific way in which they like to operate.

The reason many deliverance ministers have used the term, “Jezebel spirit,” is because of the nature of its personality and the way it operates once it sets up shop within someone.

The word “Jezebel” is coming from the OT story of Queen Jezebel back in the days of Elijah. She was a ruling queen back at that time and she had cold-bloodedly killed many of God’s prophets back at the time she was ruling.

As we explained to you in our article titled, “The Different Kinds of Demonic Spirits,” demons have two different names. They have their created name given to them by God when they were first created, and they also have a function name, which will tell you what kind of spirit you are dealing with.

For example, some of the function names of demons would be spirits of lust, spirits of anger, spirits of murder, etc. The function name of the demon will tell you the nature of their personality and what they like to specialize in once they move in and attach to a person.

A spirit of anger will try to get a person to act out in fits of rage and anger. A spirit of murder will try and get someone to commit cold-blooded murder. A spirit of lust will try to get a person to commit fornication and/or adultery.

However, when you come across a Jezebel spirit, it is something quite different. Some people have called this a “master” type spirit. Not that it is a master spirit in the sense of being like God, but that it is much more intelligent and cunning than a lot of the other demons are.

Many believe that this type of spirit may be Satan’s smartest and most cunning and evil spirit he has, and he thus dispatches this kind of spirit on specific targets so he can get the most bang for his buck.

Simply put, a Jezebel spirit is one of Satan’s higher-ranking, more intelligent demons if not the smartest kind of demon he has in his kingdom.

And with it being much more intelligent than many of the other lower-ranking demons will be, this makes this type of spirit much more evil, cunning, and harder to deal with once it moves in and attaches to a person.

And with this kind of evil spirit being much more cunning, intelligent, and evil than some of the other lower-ranking demons will be, it will cause a lot more trouble and destruction if it is not quickly dealt with and cast out.

Looking back over my 5 encounters I have had with this spirit, the one thing I have noticed are two specific things:

One, this spirit operates in basically the same way every time it moves in on someone. As a result, it is actually easy to spot after a certain length of time. In other words, it keeps playing the same types of games every time it moves in on a person or a situation.

The second thing I noticed is that this spirit is much more intelligent, cunning, and seductive than many of the other types of demons will be. It will thus be capable of playing more than one type of game with you.

For example, a spirit of anger will only try to make you mad and angry, but a Jezebel spirit will play a number of different games with you as I will show you below when I start to describe the way it will operate and the different kinds of games it will use to try and bring you down.

As a result of this type of spirit being capable of playing more than one kind of game with you, this makes this kind of spirit much more deadly and destructive.

If this spirit is not properly exposed and dealt with within a reasonable length of time, it can totally destroy and completely bring down a marriage, church, ministry, company, or an individual’s life.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:43 that there are levels of wickedness in Satan’s kingdom. And if there are levels of wickedness in his kingdom where some demons are actually more evil than some of the other ones will be, then I believe there may different levels of intelligence among the demons as well.

The Jezebel spirit, since it is much more intelligent than some of the lower ranking demons will be, is very good at playing head games with people. It is a total control freak, and it is also very good at manipulation and getting people to do its evil bidding.

Over the years, I have developed quite a bit of information on this type of evil spirit and how it operates, and I now want to share it with all of you so you will be able to spot one if it ever moves into your circle of influence – whether it be in your marriage, in your church, at your place of employment, or in between any of your personal friendships, as this evil spirit loves to break up good and godly relationships.

In part 2, I will show you How the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate.

Table of Contents:
1. What is Jezebel Spirit
2. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate
3. How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit


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  1. Albin I hear the anguish you are experiencing. There is nothing complicated about our faith. Decide to believe what the scriptures say. So put simply when you cry out to the Lord He is faithful and true and responds. But you need to believe you have already received those things you have asked for. I know when you look at your life and where you are at you feel nothing has happened but that is a lie you are telling yourself. Your process of sanctification has begun. With every negative thought and emotion confess it and then thank the Lord for your healing in that area. Let go of your will and submit to His will and you will begin to see the changes in your life. Remember you can do nothing to change yourself the Lord, through the power of the Holy Spirit, He will transform you into His image. Relax and be at peace, bask in His love knowing that your prayers are being being answered.

    • Wow, Thank You Jesus for sending Coralie! God is awesome and knows just what we need and when we need it! So thank you for your message, wow God is Awesome

  2. Hi Elizabeth, Read on the Leviathan Spirit and see if it relates to your situation. Wish you well and Gods guidance.

  3. The Pastor in the Church I was attending, until just recently, believes I’m under the influence of this evil Jezebel spirit. I don’t believe I am, but I want to know for sure. Can someone please help me. I’m suffering with deep rejection issues, as well as being isolated from the Church, as the Pastor told me, in a text, I should find somewhere else to worship. It has been handled so wrong. There was no love or grace in this process.

    • Hey Elizabeth, it sucks that at this day many Christian leaders are not truly representing God’s kingdom. Jesus himself came for the lost, and through his teachings, we know that he is willing to sacrifice the 99 sheep to find the one lost one. So I encourage you to find another church and in the mean time, pray!!! Pray all kinds of prayers in all kinds of ways, and submit yourself to God by meditating in his word. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. He will try to steal your soul, kill your spirit and destroy, but don’t let him. Remember that Jesus faced the same struggles as we do, for instance, he was rejected in his own hometown. But in John 16:33 he says, in the world you will have tribulation but take courage, I have overcome the world. Pray for yourself, pray for your family, pray that your actions align with his word, and surrender to him. Seek him, seek his kingdom, ask him to change you and you will receive the answers you need.

      • Elizabeth,
        If this pastor truly believe that about you than why is the casting it off of you? Does he not read the Scriptures about casting demonic spirits off people?

        I guess he doesn’t read the Scriptures because there’s numerous scriptures that talk about how Jesus cast demons out of people constantly and if he believed that about you which I’m not saying it’s true at all he would’ve done the same as what Jesus did. There’s a difference between being a Christian and a disciple adisciple do exactly what he did.
        Jesus said this throughout the Scriptures do what I do. The whole meaning of Easter is that the Holy Spirit would come so that people would have the power of the Holy Spirit in them to be able to do the miracles in the things that Jesus told us to do. He also said don’t make disciples of all nations which is what we call to do witness and share faith to people. If they don’t receive it he said check the dust. You can read Matthew and Luke all about this and read the parables as well. There’s so much in the scripture about how we have been redeem by the blood and given the power to be able to cast out demons and do many miracles in his name we are to do with Jesus did and we have the power to do it. The problem is many Christians don’t read the word and understand the power that they have. I have experienced that myself and now that I’ve read the word and ask God to show me his glory and his power it’s working through me..Many have been healed and saved and it is not my power it’s the Lords power through me. I hope this helps

    • Dear Elizabeth –

      Can I just encourage you?

      So many people think they have a gift of discernment because they read a book about it. And they want the gift because it sounds so spectacular.
      Let me tell you. It’s not a fun gift to have. You can feel things in your body when people or objects around you have demonic spirits in them. My husband literally gets sick. I get a weird burning feeling in my forehead that is very uncomfortable.

      My point is that sometimes people operating in the flesh think they can discern spirits and they can’t. They actually have a spirit of pride – and may even be operating out if the spirit they are accusing others of! That’s what Jesus was talking about with the log and the speck.

      Jesus cares about the lost sheep. Please don’t let one bad experience turn you away from the lord or make Him doubt his love for you.

      In my own life and my husbands life, people who were operating in the flesh really confused us and contributed greatly to periods of wandering in the spiritual wilderness for many years.

      Prayer and asking the Lord to lead you to a good church are absolutely what you can do to combat this.

      I’m so sorry this happened to you but Jesus allows it for a reason. In my own life it was to open the door to ministryto others, like yourself, later down the line in my own life. My husbands too.

      Ask the lord in prayer to reveal to you why he allowed this. What was the purpose? Perhaps the lord allowed it to reveal to you that you were in a church that had leadership that’s been harmful to you. There may be other reasons. I encourage you to pray about it.

      So many churches in America are “off”. Mostly I believe this is because leaders have called themselves instead of waiting on the Lordfor a calling. And when that happens, they’ve built their entire ministry on flesh. And then the congregation gets full of false sheep, false believers who walk in the flesh.

      When that happens, true sheep get Injured and scattered.

      Jesus is the good shepherd. He goes after the hurting sheep. A true man or woman of God will also bind up the wounds of the sheep, not hurt them more. If they do hurt them it will be accidental and they will be quick to repent. False believers and false leaders (wolves in sheep’s clothing) will get insulted and say you’re judging them or not to “touch god’s anointed” if you confront them, no matter how lovingly you do it.

      Pray about where to go to church. The lord will lead you. We were burned at three churches in a row until we realized the lord was calling us to start a fellowship in the area where we live.
      That was our reason for God allowing that pain.

      Remember the word says :

      “I will not allow pain without causing something new to be born”
      Isaiah 66:9

      I believe the Holy Spirit is telling you to Memorize that.

      Blessings dear sister.


      • I read what you wrote Kathy…..God bless you for God’s truth. I get sick in my stomach around certain people and I have had unspoken caution signals when unheeded made me sorry so I made it a point to listen. Occasionally I get a hearing test sound in my right ear that is high pitched and kind of sweet and the day has been super wonderful and sometimes a low pitched sound in my left ear and stuff bad happens. I am a border liner, I admit but I have had God experiences that convince me. Jesus was is and will always be from the beginning to the end the son of God who died for my salvation.

    • That Pastor is right, you have to find a church wherein you can unhampered. How do you that the church you are in is the right church? Three things:
      1. Jesus is Lord in that church, not the Pastor nor the elders.
      2. Jesus is Alive in that church. Meaning, there are healings, deliverance, miracles just like when Jesus was here on earth.
      3. The Word of God is supreme – there no other source of truth in that church.

    • Hi Elizabeth, if there is no grace and mercy at that church then you surely do not want to be there. I believe that deliverance may be necessary for your situation. Jesus is able to deliver us from anything. I encourage you to seek Him in prayer for a new church and let Him lead you. I perceive that where you go next will be where he wants you to be. Do not fear people may have rejected you but God has never left you nor will he forsake you. I just came out of a storm and I had to remember this as I received rejection from friends, Christians & family. God told me that he allowed all of that to happen for a reason. I believe that when we belong to God, through our confession of faith in Jesus, then God is committed to directing our steps and He will help you.

  4. I need prayers from the destruction in my life from the J. Spirit. No one seems to know very much about this spirit and will not let me tell my story. I have had a very hard time breaking off with the person I believe has it. I can feel the web being spun around me and I pray, morning and night for protection but it does not last very long. I am in spiritual warfare and it has destroyed my health, working on my finances, emotions, relationships. The oddest evil has come against me since August. This person put a curse on me and within one day I was confined to bed, so exhausted, and 2 months later diagnosed with a rare, aggressive deforming dermal breast cancer, and my prayer partners, friends have been attacked. I know longer feel the web, but I feel daily a band being put around my head (mind control). I have never come across such evil. I even now sleep with the light on as the dark is too much. Thank you.

    • Praying for you. Continue to read on about your authority, pray for God and the spirit of truth to reveal any strong holds. ..let of any bitterness, judgement and repent for the sins of your forefathers, then you are free to remove the curse/legal holding this has on you. Break generational curses and cast out all them. Anoint your house with oil and cleanse it like a spiritual exterminator. Call on the Holy Spirit to come dwell with you along with peace, kindness, love…fruits of the spirit.

    • Pray for God to break the effect of the Jezebellic Witchcraft curses and word curses against you, causing this or that. Just keep praying that over and over again. I’ve been through the same things. I’ve prayed that and I’ve been delivered and healed from many spiritual and physical attacks causing severe life threatening health problems.

    • Hello, thanks for sharing your situation. I think since we know what is going on in this world, we can be able to help each other. First of all, the advice I would give you is that go on your kneels one on one with God and renounce every sin. YOu need to repent totally and allow Jesus to come and heal you. Do not concentrate on revenge; concentrate on your healing. You are dealing with an evil spirit not a flesh so take him to spiritual court in heaven. I repeat ;;;;;;never seek revenge. Forgive yourself first for allowing this people to come into your life and forgive the people involve. God will retore you.
      I am in similar situation and on the verge of healing. God will help us. Amen

      • Hello,
        Abstinence and fasting has been my weapon to win over many things. If the basic instinct like hunger is tackled no other desires can rule over us. We can win over pain easily which makes forgiveness a boost.

    • Take authority over this situation and renounce the spirit of fear and possible unforgiveness. First repent and if you have not received Jesus as your Lord and Savior allow Jesus into your life today and if you have strayed invite Him in anew. However many Jezebelic attacks are the result of living a righteous life and doing the will of God so I encourage you to continue living a righteous life and walk in love and forgiveness. This is sooooooooooo important forgiveness and love. Ask the Lord to strip you of any stored up unforgiveness, anger, bitterness and hurt. I join my faith to yours sis, in the name of Jesus I come against this attack and return back those curses to their sender. I plead Jesus blood over you and I declare Jesus Christ is your refuge and your strong tower. He is the deliver and you are delivered now it is just for you to believe and receive it in Jesus name, Amen.

  5. This is great information and truth that must be made known to alert people of the control that Spirit has, but God is greater and that Spirit has to leave in Jesus name

    • Take down the Jezebels prefects and then you can destroy her from doing her bidding.


    Please pray to HIM that I may truly surrender All of myself to HIM ONLY completely and forever and To let me trust in HIM alone To Save me, for the Lord JESUS to do HIS will completely upon me ,and to give me Eternal life and baptize me with the HOLY SPIRIT . Please pray to HIM to completely cleanse me of all my pride and self righteousness and all my sins and hidden Sins and to give me true repentance and humble me. To help my unbelief and give me true saving faith on Christ alone (Hebrews 12:2) and true repentance from Godly sorrow which leads to salvation and to remove all the worldly sorrow (despair, self pity, unbelief, etc) and cause me to be truly born again in CHRIST. To clear all my doubts & confusions & question and fill me with His truth Only and completely & that I may live by the Truth. And that I may be rapture ready.

    Please pray that He would strip away All my arrogance, idols Completely and forever and deliver me from all my sins and bondages to sin, take all the confusion away and point out every in me that I’m ignoring or not able to see (Psalm 139:23-24) . Please pray for the softening of my heart and removal of all indifference, to not let any indifference take over me and that I may always submit to the Holy Spirit and never resist or ignore HIM and harden my heart.

    • It is so in Jesus name. As you thought of and prayed about your sins, you have been forgiven. Pick you bible and mark these portions
      John1: 12, 2Cor4:6-10, 2Peter
      Meditate, confess them loud or write them down where you can read them. Sing praises more and try to be around the believers. Also pray about every thing. In Jesus name you are forgiven , sealed by the holy spirit. The ministering spirit of God are loosed around you break those chains. Go and live the beautiful life. Shallom!

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