What is Jezebel Spirit and How it Operates

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Without question, the nastiest, evil, most disgusting, cunning, and seductive spirit in Satan’s hierarchy has to be what many call the Jezebel spirit.

This evil spirit has been responsible for not only tearing down churches, pastors, and different Christian ministries, but it has also been responsible for breaking up many marriages, friendships, companies, along with getting many people to commit cold-blooded murders and suicides.

For those of you who have been hit and slimed by this evil spirit, or have encountered it in some way, you will know exactly what I am going to talk about in this article. It is without question, one of the most evil and vile things I have ever come across in my life. Like Satan, this type of spirit is simply pure evil.

Over the last 20 years or so, I have encountered this spirit myself at least 5 different times, with it being attached to a specific person each time I had encountered it. As a result of meeting this spirit head on a good five times, I have developed quite a bit of information and knowledge on how this spirit works and operates.

I believe the Lord allowed me to have access to these 5 people when I did so I could end up writing an article like this one so I could teach people how to spot one if they ever had one come into their midst, whether it be at home within their family, in the middle of a church or ministry, or even at their place of work.

What is a Jezebel Spirit?

What is the Jezebel spirit? The Jezebel spirit is not just one spirit like Satan is.

This is a “type” of evil spirit in Satan’s kingdom. There is only one devil, one Satan, but there are many spirits that would be considered a Jezebel type spirit, as they all have a particular type of personality and a specific way in which they like to operate.

The reason many deliverance ministers have used the term, “Jezebel spirit,” is because of the nature of its personality and the way it operates once it sets up shop within someone.

The word “Jezebel” is coming from the OT story of Queen Jezebel back in the days of Elijah. She was a ruling queen back at that time and she had cold-bloodedly killed many of God’s prophets back at the time she was ruling.

As we explained to you in our article titled, “The Different Kinds of Demonic Spirits,” demons have two different names. They have their created name given to them by God when they were first created, and they also have a function name, which will tell you what kind of spirit you are dealing with.

For example, some of the function names of demons would be spirits of lust, spirits of anger, spirits of murder, etc. The function name of the demon will tell you the nature of their personality and what they like to specialize in once they move in and attach to a person.

A spirit of anger will try to get a person to act out in fits of rage and anger. A spirit of murder will try and get someone to commit cold-blooded murder. A spirit of lust will try to get a person to commit fornication and/or adultery.

However, when you come across a Jezebel spirit, it is something quite different. Some people have called this a “master” type spirit. Not that it is a master spirit in the sense of being like God, but that it is much more intelligent and cunning than a lot of the other demons are.

Many believe that this type of spirit may be Satan’s smartest and most cunning and evil spirit he has, and he thus dispatches this kind of spirit on specific targets so he can get the most bang for his buck.

Simply put, a Jezebel spirit is one of Satan’s higher-ranking, more intelligent demons if not the smartest kind of demon he has in his kingdom.

And with it being much more intelligent than many of the other lower-ranking demons will be, this makes this type of spirit much more evil, cunning, and harder to deal with once it moves in and attaches to a person.

And with this kind of evil spirit being much more cunning, intelligent, and evil than some of the other lower-ranking demons will be, it will cause a lot more trouble and destruction if it is not quickly dealt with and cast out.

Looking back over my 5 encounters I have had with this spirit, the one thing I have noticed are two specific things:

One, this spirit operates in basically the same way every time it moves in on someone. As a result, it is actually easy to spot after a certain length of time. In other words, it keeps playing the same types of games every time it moves in on a person or a situation.

The second thing I noticed is that this spirit is much more intelligent, cunning, and seductive than many of the other types of demons will be. It will thus be capable of playing more than one type of game with you.

For example, a spirit of anger will only try to make you mad and angry, but a Jezebel spirit will play a number of different games with you as I will show you below when I start to describe the way it will operate and the different kinds of games it will use to try and bring you down.

As a result of this type of spirit being capable of playing more than one kind of game with you, this makes this kind of spirit much more deadly and destructive.

If this spirit is not properly exposed and dealt with within a reasonable length of time, it can totally destroy and completely bring down a marriage, church, ministry, company, or an individual’s life.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:43 that there are levels of wickedness in Satan’s kingdom. And if there are levels of wickedness in his kingdom where some demons are actually more evil than some of the other ones will be, then I believe there may different levels of intelligence among the demons as well.

The Jezebel spirit, since it is much more intelligent than some of the lower ranking demons will be, is very good at playing head games with people. It is a total control freak, and it is also very good at manipulation and getting people to do its evil bidding.

Over the years, I have developed quite a bit of information on this type of evil spirit and how it operates, and I now want to share it with all of you so you will be able to spot one if it ever moves into your circle of influence – whether it be in your marriage, in your church, at your place of employment, or in between any of your personal friendships, as this evil spirit loves to break up good and godly relationships.

In part 2, I will show you How the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate.

Table of Contents:
1. What is Jezebel Spirit
2. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate
3. How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit


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  1. A dream God gave my niece :
    I was standing on a Rock and God was in front of me. Water flowing over pebbles between us. The devil was standing quite a way from us. And depicted as a woman with a Jezebel spirit. I was holding a sword . And God showed me to lift the sword and place it point down into the water – there was such a surge of Electrical Power and such a bright light that it was Awesome! So God showed me that it was the Word of God placed into the Life giving water the Spirit of God that has this Electrical current Power ! It’s how we overcome the spiritual attacks present in the World. God showed me in my dream that it’s the Power over the Jezebel Spirit .

  2. It’s so weird. I had a court marriage with this spirit. At first, she seemed like a savior as I was going through a court case at the time. She immediately volunteered to help out even though it was not her place to do so. After this she had this need for adoration and praise as she was there throughout the entire process. Soon after we married, things started to take a nose dive; more arguments, there was a thirsty need for dominance and control. At times, when we argued and I simply said no, she’d go incredibly mad, violent, sadistic, verbal and emotionally abusive. Within the chaos I would see and hear sneers coming from her, she would have this evil voice like she was possessed or something. She would violently hit her head on the wall and objects, cut her Arm open, threaten to commit suicide if I didn’t conform to her demands and ultimately become a “monster”. There is no doubt about the smear campaign designed to destroy my image in everyone’s eyes! She would come online with these unreasonable assumptions and would be so committed to driving the knife into my already shattered heart. She would even make threats to my work, to people I knew especially girls as she was so jealous of them. They just want ultimate control over our lives. After numerous arguments I started to identify the spirit and would even say she is acting unGodly because of how rampant her bad behavior was! She had lots of self harm tactics to further emotionally abuse me. Crazy making, word salad, manipulation, guilt trips, playing victim and all out hate towards me. I started to realize when we were separated, she’d go and destroy my name to each and everyone. Her family also knew about her behavior but did nothing to correct her properly.i believe her family were also in on this form of witchcraft because I pulled her dad aside many times to complain but he just look at me with an empty stare. Her mother raised her not believing in God so this was also a little clue to their wickedness. Once when she was acting in all out rage, her mum said if anything happens to her that she’d blame me!!! Run as far away from this people as possible because all they want to do is destroy whom they can’t control. Run!!!

  3. My younger sister got roped into the circle of a woman with the jezebel spirit. After researching this person I’ve found she is connected framing people of crimes, enticing others to outright commit crimes and also connected to some who have taken their own life. She knows how to keep the law and authority on her side as she is cunning and intelligent. After more digging I found the common thread in all of her targets is that they are all believers or have some type of Christian background. My sister went from happy and healthy to suicidal and volatile after 2 months exposed to this woman but still considers this woman her savior. We were fooled by her charm and beauty. We have such a large blood family and family of believers and are shocked that somehow this jezebel spirit got its claws into someone we love. She has convinced my sister that she is all my sister has in this world. All we can do is pray for God’s grace and mercy to redeem and save. I have never depended on God so much in my life. It has truly taught me complete reliance on the Lord, a lesson I wish I didn’t have to learn this way. Praying for you all.

    • Mathew 18:18 is a scripture I lean heavily on. Each day as we bind – all principlaliteis, powers, rulers of darkness, spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places, generational and territorial demons. our loved ones eyes will open. Her 33:3 call to me and I will answer you.
      I have a husband (Pastor) with what I perceive is a Jezebel Spirit, for the 20yrs of marriage it has been horrific.
      OVERCOMING- by holding tight in prayer, confession, working hard on keeping good Christian friendships, teaching my children fervently and showing them the love of God. By His Grace all five of them, though scarred by His wickedness (constant criticism, very cruel verbal, financial, abuse, no emotional support) they are all walking with God. Each day we (me and our children) are on the alert. This article helped me by giving pointers of how to pray for him, but as the article says he is so consumed with pride, I accept it may never happen.

      • Hi Sis, yes there is hope first understand your Authority, you have AUTHORITY over that jezebel spirit that’s operating. This cometh out but by PRAYER and FASTING. Ask Holy Spirit how long should your fast be for? Ask him how long etc? Bind that spirit up and cast it out. You will have to be radical. Speaking into the atmosphere. I declare and decr my husband is filled with The Holy Spirit I dec and decr my husband loves God and serves God w his whole heart. Pride is Leviathan spirit get scriptures on God slaying the dragon(Leviathan) with your strong sword O God. It must be spoken DAILY. maybe 6 months maybe a year. Go to park, your back yard keep speaking w AUTHORITYIN THE NAME OF JESUS No demonic spirit should be usurping Gods power in your home. Jesus is head over your husband and you arent to be tormented but you should be free. Take Authority and USE YOUR POWER. Jesus said I give you POWER TO HEAL THE SICK, RAISE THE DEAD, AND CAST OUT DEVILS.. Bind up JEZEBEL, LEVIATHAN (USE SWORD OF SPIRIT) WORD OF GOD, NARCISSISTIC SPIRT ANY THING OPERATING IN YOUR HOME NOT LIKE GOD…and yes I’m a Minister of the gospel and a praise and worshipper and had to deal with this in my relationship prior to marriage through the Power of the Holy Ghost…
        More grace.

  4. But it’s not the person, right? I mean, the person needs deliverance , healing and restoration, to be restored to God and themselves and whatever Godly relationships were destroyed ? I’m reading some comments where it appears as though the Person was evil. Once deliverance is obtained the demonizéd person is delivered, they can begin to be the person God created them to be, correct ?

    • Correct, but you also have to be aware of the person until they seek deliverance and that’s even if they truly want it or not. Continue to pray for the person until the Father truly delivers them.

    • Yes, you are right. The person is being used and oppressed by the demonic force. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12) We have to remember that God calls us to love one another and that we are all His children. When we cast judgement on the person who is suffering affliction, we become no better than the Pharisees. Jesus, is the only One who was without sin. Whenever, He casted demons out of men not once did He pass judgement on the person. Instead, He had compassion on them. (See, Mark 5:18-20)

    • I do think it is the person James 1 13-15 says
      “When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.”

      No where does this verse mention demons. We are tempted to sin by our OWN desire and our OWN sin nature! The verses used to justify a lot of what is being stated on this page and in these comments (such as Ephesians 6:12) are being twisted to fit a specific viewpoint that is not inherent within the text. I believe that it’s far more dangerous for us to blame people’s sin on demons affecting them than to wrestle with our own depravity.
      Additionally, as temples of the Holy Spirit, no demon can possess us (if we are redeemed in Christ), so when we sin it is our flesh, not some evil spirit’s manipulation. Once we blame spirits, we absolve ourself of guilt and risk abandoning the practice of repentance.

  5. I to was caught up in a relationship with a lady who had the jezebel spirit. Very deceitful,deceptive and narcissistic. She was nothing but a slut before she went with me. This lady at times would do her thing at the club on a Friday night and bring men home to her place and then have the audacity to show her face on a Sunday morning at church worshiping the almighty. I didn’t see it at first. Two years later and it’s over. I thank the almighty god for allowing me to see the light. It was quite the experience but I’m thankful to god that he saved me from her.

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