Testimony and Battle Prayer to Break a Generational Curse Line

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This 4-article series will serve as followup to the article I just did titled, “4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits” that is listed in the Spiritual Warfare section of our site.

If by chance you have come across this article before reading the article on what those 4 levels are all about – it would be my recommendation that you first read that article so that you can see how this particular level will fit into the big picture.

This article will be dealing with the 4th level mentioned in that article – and that is how to cast out demons who are attacking someone as a result of a generational curse line that has formed out between that person and one or both of his sinning parents.

The Bible tells us that the sins of the father can be “visited” down to 3 or 4 generations of future children.

Here is the verse that specifically tells us that this is a definite possibility if the sins of the father are considered to be extreme enough by God the Father:

“You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.” (Exodus 20:4-6)

What does God mean by the word “visiting” – visiting the sins of the father down on 3 or 4 generations of future children? The Bible tells us that the “wages” of sin will always be death. In other words, sin has consequences, and if the sins are on the heavier side, then the consequences could be extreme.

I believe that God the Father is giving all of us major revelation with this verse.

As a result of a sinning parent’s severe transgressions against the Lord – sometimes demons will be allowed to attach to the sinning parent.

Once the demons attach to the sinning parent, they will then attempt to try and jump and transfer down to some of the children in the family to form out a curse line.

If this curse line ends up getting formed out – then the demons will follow that child into his adult life and try to get them to commit the same types of sins their sinning parent had been committing.

This is why alcoholic fathers sometimes produce children that end up becoming alcoholics themselves – all as a result of a curse line that had been formed out between that child and his alcoholic father – with demons then feeding and operating on that curse line trying to influence the child to go in the same direction his sinning parent had been going in.

Here is a perfect example of how this principle will work in our natural realm.

I gave this as an example in my article on the 4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits – but I want to once more re-state this example and re-emphasize exactly what goes on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm that will give demons a legal right to start and try to attach themselves to some of the children of a sinning, dysfunctional parent or parents.

Say you have a father who is a severe alcoholic. He marries, has several children, but never breaks his addiction to the alcohol during his entire married life.

As a result of his addiction, all of his children will be forced to watch all of the negative things that will be going along with it.

Many alcoholic men end up abusing both their wives and their children – either verbally, physically, and/or sexually throughout much of their married life. As a result of this kind of severe transgression against the Lord, demons will be allowed to come in and attach themselves to the sinning alcoholic father.

The demons will have full legal right to be able to come directly after the father for crossing over into this kind of an extreme realm to begin with if God should so choose to allow this to happen.

Once the demons attach and settle in on the sinning, alcoholic father, they will then see which of the children they can try and target. What they will try and do is persuade and influence one or more of the children to become an alcoholic themselves – just like their father was.

As a result of this kind of direct demonic influence that will start early on in their lives, some of these children will then end up becoming alcoholics themselves once they are old enough to leave their home and move into their own marriages.

Some of these children then end up repeating some of the same dysfunctional behaviors as their sinning alcoholic father had done. They then have their own children, those children then see, watch, and experience their dysfunctional behavior – and then some of their children end up coming under direct, demonic influence as they did and they in turn then end up becoming alcoholics themselves.

And then the cycle keeps repeating itself as you keep going further down the bloodline of these families.

And all of this negative and demonic activity going down to at least 3 or 4 generations of future children all started as a result of the severe sins and transgressions of the one sinning father or mother.

This scenario perfectly lines up with what the above verse is trying to tell us with the sins of a father being able to travel down as far as 3 or 4 generations of future children – all because no one knew how to break the original curse line that had formed out between the first alcoholic father and some of his original children.

What initially goes on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm is that the demons, once they have attached and settled in on the first sinning father, will try and see which of the children will be easier pickings for them to try and influence to go in the same direction as they have been able to get their father to go in.

Some of the children will have stronger will power than some of the other ones will, and they will thus be able to more easily resist the temptations of the demons than some of the weaker ones will.

Once the demons have locked in on which children they think will be the more easier ones to work with – they will then try and plant their suggestions, thoughts, and promptings into that child to see if they can get him to move into the same behavior patterns as their father has been operating in.

If the child does not properly resist these demons over a certain period of time, then a curse line will start to form out between that child and his sinning alcoholic father.

And once that curse line has been formed out, then the demons can really move in to attach to the child – whether it be on the inside of that child or the outside.

And once this curse line has been formed out – then the demons will now have a full legal right to stay attached to that child until someone comes along and shows him how to properly break it in the name of Jesus Christ.

If this curse line is not properly broken before that child leaves the home, then the demons will stay attached to that child when he finally does leave the home and they will follow him into his own marriage – and then they will set up shop in the new home and try to repeat all of the above activity with his new family. And again – all of this demonic activity is being allowed to occur as a result of the original sin from the first sinning parent.

I have personally met several women who had carried demons into their married lives – all as a result of a curse line that had formed out between them and their natural mother or father who had been operating in one or more of these heavier types of transgressions against the Lord.

This kind of demonic activity can also happen with people who are heavy drug users, people who are delving into any of the dark occult arts, or any parts of the New Age Movement.

This is why it is so vitally important that parents have their act together with the Lord – especially in the area of some of these heavier type sins and transgressions. In the article I did titled, “4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits” – I gave you what some of those other heavier sins and transgressions can be. Any of those specific sins listed in that article can be major door openers to demons.

And not only will you be drawing demons to yourself if you engage and cross over into some of these forbidden areas by the Lord – but you will also be putting some of your own children at terrible risk with these same demons once they have moved into your house to set up shop.

To those of you who may have drawn demons into your adult life as a result of one or both of your parents engaging in one or more of these heavier type sins – there is a full deliverance for you. You can get delivered from these demons if you really want this kind of deliverance.

You do not have to continue to be tormented, harassed, and chased after by these demons for the rest of your life.

You can stop them dead in their tracks right now if you are willing to properly break their legal rights before God the Father – and then turn around and verbally engage with these demons operating under the authority, power, and guidance of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

In order to properly break the curse line that these demons have been feeding and operating on – you will have to take 6 very simple, but powerful steps. I will explain to you what each one of these steps will entail.

I will then give you an exact battle prayer that I had given to a young 16 year old teenage girl who had demons trying to attach to her as a result of the severe sins of her natural father.

This girl only had to say this battle prayer one time and the demons immediately left her and they have not been back since.

Once you properly break the legal rights of the demons, and then verbally engage with them – the demons will then leave you! Demons are no match for the power of God.

If this little 16 year old girl can take these demons out with the appropriate battle strategy – then so can any adult Christian who is willing to take up his Sword, which is the Word of God, and verbally engage with these demons.

In this next article, I will list out the 6 basic steps that you will need to take in order to be able to receive total deliverance from any demons who may have followed you into your adult life as a result of any severe transgressions made by one or both of your natural parents.

Table of Contents:
1. Testimony and Battle Prayer to Break a Generational Curse Line
2. The 6 Steps To Breaking a Generational Curse
3. The Testimony On Breaking a Generational Curse
4. The Battle Prayer To Break A Generational Curse Line


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  1. thank you sir, this article is one of the best concerning this topic, please what i want to know is what next will i do after the six steps. thanks

  2. Jeremiah 31:29-30, Deuteronomy 24:16. No longer are children visited for sins of their fathers. Each person is accountable for their own sin. I’m not sure why the church persists in bringing bondage to the children of God with this third and fourth generational visiting with punishment, when Christ has paid the price to set us free. He will keep those in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. Move closer to the Lord and take hold of the liberty and victory He wrought for us at the cross.

    • Sidah, unless God has instructed you personally to advise these people, I personally would be hesitant to comment. Here is why: you quoted the TORAH, and the Prophets. Both written BEFORE the Messiah came and SHOWED US how to apply The Father’s Words. The Scriptures you quoted also have context that explain their meaning. They are both very specific. Deut 24:16 is specifically speaking of death as a punishment and humans delivering that sentence. Jeremiah is speaking to the Messianic age to come, but it is specifically speaking to the ‘Covenant which we broke’ ~ IDOL worship/Adultery towards God. Yes, Yeshua (Jesus) DID restore to us the POSSIBILITY to be restored to The Father in the ReNEWed Covenant of ‘a marriage’. BUT, one must put aside all idol worship/adultery towards the Father. THESE are the things this author IS advising of…..the HOW TO repent of these actions, not only across generations, but also for the individual.
      God has given me many dreams where He explains to me the significance of generational curses. In many cases, they can be as simple as learned behaviors that transgress the instructions of God. Please look into this further with the Holy Spirit as your guide because many of the things you say in your response ‘sound like’ “mans doctrine” that rob God’s Word of its power and replace it with abstract ideas that have no applicable meaning. Our Messiah’s “Testimony” was Showing us HOW TO do the things that The Father instructed us. ~Shalom may the Holy Spirit guide you into further understanding

  3. Wonderful responses to readers questions. Good work. Now I don’t understand why one prays and believes for deliverance but the pain keeps on.
    I have sought God’s help out of such cycles for more than a decade. My faith is in God but struggles in matters family, business among others don’t seem to bulge!
    Can someone tell me for how long..
    I need help, please somebody help me.

    • Abbey, if I may….it’s always very difficult when prayers seemingly go unanswered. I don’t know your situation but it sounds painful. I do however know God, He is just, He has promised never to leave you and never to forsake you. He is committed to you personally through the blood of His son – the strongest, unbreakable covenant in all of creation. We need to come to a point of absolute trust in Him in the face of desolation. Not only that, He is worthy of praise not only in the good things but when things are going awry. This is an act of your will. Praise Him in the pit. You will come through this stronger and your circumstances won’t take centre place. God will. Bless you sister, stand firm, keep strong – you are in a God ordained race that you are destined to finish victoriously. Keep your eyes on Him and not your circumstances. Your circumstances may or may not change but I believe you will change.

  4. These days I have started to believe that there is some family generational curse in my family when I look at things that are happening in my family I am sure something is not right. We are a family of 6 siblings and all adults between the ages of 56 years and 40 years, and still staying in our parents house with our children,I must tell you no one has ever been married , there are sicknesses and our lives are so stagnant we are poor as church mice all of us now I see the very same thing happening to our children there are sicknesses, unemployment no progress no marriage and they are adults who should be having their own homes. I am a born again child of God but I feel I have prayed, fasted but nothing seem to change I honestly do not know what is really happening in my family. How to break this curse once and for all. All i need is deliverance for my family.

  5. I read these articles about getting rid of Generation curses and I did it. My mom has dreams that come with meanings and there’s a man at our church who the Lord gives the ability to decipher them. Well I had one that he told be about their being a generation curse of Divorce in our family. And that it followed me from my mothers family and starting with my father. I looked and looked for ways to get rid of it and I happened upon these articles. I did it but how for sure do I know I it worked, because I’m a child not ready to marry or having any one to marry. I feel a weird feeling inside, is that a way of knowing. I’m just lost, I read the article about the girl, mines just different so I did it different. Am I saved from it?

  6. My life is just messed up by this generation curse , it has ruined my marriage, am a mother of two, I have a degree. But I don’t have any job, my husband married my neighbor, am here suffering with my kids while they are enjoying, all the men I get they leave with no reason, I have given up on this life, have tried fasting and nothing seems to be working, Can someone testify what God has done for him so that I can believe that God really there, and He can break this generational curses? Am tired

    • God is waiting for you to break the curse – if it is apart of you then he needs you to listen to him. Just focus on your children and keep pursuing a Job – I will pray for you to get a well paying Job that you love and maybe you will meet a new partner through this Job who will support you like you deserve to be supported. You have a degree you must be intelligent and disciplined you can do this by yourself just focus on those two things and nothing else – Children and Job and as hard as it is think positive. When you find life dragging you down into the gutter change the way you respond to thoughts, feelings, emotions and situations – if you feel angry (switch your thinking to happy positive thoughts) even if they make on sense – I have come to the conclusion Negativity comes into everyone’s life at some stage and whether it stays or affects you is dependent on your response or reaction – Positivity – Prayer – Ask God through in Jesus name everything you need – Try not to have any ill feelings against your ex partner because that is toxic – forgive him and detach from any negative feelings – when you do that Karma will start working in his life. Visit a Web Site called Joyce Meyer – she is very easy to understand and very helpful – you can unravel a confusing and tangled life. God Bless.

    • Evaluate your life. Is there anything you’re putting before God? Relationships, career, money, people, success, etc. If God is not your #1 priority, you may be dealing with idolatry. I read a book called Counterfeit Gods. It helped me realize I was trying to control too much instead of giving God control over my life. I pray you don’t give up but ask God for deliverance and to reveal to you why such issues are taking place in your life. God bless you

    • With God’s help I have broken a couple generational curses/sins that were affecting my life. The more time I spend in His presence and the more I seek Him the more clearly I’ve been able to see what the sins/addictions were doing and what I needed to do to work on breaking the curses/addictions. He really is able.

    • Theres always Hope Look to the King he is able to help you where you are ! Does he have to … no ,But out of His name same and His mercy He does things according to our actions and our hearts we Must repent and truely seek and run after him with all your hearts . Your not the only One going through trials and tribulations … remember your brothers a nd sisters are going through similar battles . Dont ever give up on God Keep going to God He Loves and cherish you ! If you give up on God who can save you from Gods wrath ? Cry out to him ! He never reject a contrite Spirit !

    • Ask the Lord what is His Will for your life. He may has something specific He wants u to do. He called me to start a business and I started this year and is already seeing the fruits of my laboring. Go to our Heavenly Father in prayer and seek Him about it

    • Lynn its also needed of you to offer a sacrifice, sacrifice is something you will feel pain when offering and break these curses correctly.thank you

  7. Dear Mr. Michael, I am wondering if curses from words spoken in the past that still going on many years till now can be broken completely? May I know how? Its been really wrecking us to the ground and longing to see freedom of these curses.

    Your answer is really appreciated. Thank you very much for your help and kindness.

  8. My name is Edwin, I am 31 and My life at this point is something I can’t really comprehend because it is unbelievable the things that happen to me. in 2016 I lost my apartment and everything, every property I owned I sold to survive. then I started squatting with friends and lived from almost nothing every day. This happened for 2 years until I was able to rent an apartment again after much suffering and to cut this all short, It is a year again and my rent is due in June 27th and till now I don’t have a penny or know what to do. I am confused and I don’t mean to disbelieve but some times I think God may not really care about me that much. I come from a family that is believed to have been under a curse and over time, there have been pastors to try and break this curse but still, the curse stands strong in my life. I am in a circle. Things go well for some time and all of a sudden I lost everything and go back to square one. I am confused and I think these demons have got the best of me and I am starting to think that this is how it should be because I have prayed and fasted over and over again but nothing seems to work.

    • The generational curse of poverty which stems from the spirit of deprivation is evident. It takes the Blood of Jesus Christ to break such a curse. If you walk into a deliverance centre and be delivered from these demons they can return with even more wicked spirit if your are not spiritually secured. The first thing to do, if u haven’t done it as yet, is to be buried by baptism in the name of Jesus and to become a recipient of the Holy Ghost. You must meet these requirements as to gain security from these spirits that constantly attacks. The Spirit of God will break the bonds of wickedness of the enemy. There is power in spoken words . Start to speak some positive words over your like. Tell yourself your are rich, your are strong, you will be successful, your are favoured, Jesus loves and cares about you, you shall be the head and not the tail, you are bless, you will not die in sin etc. What ever you want to see happen in your life, speak it and believe that it is so. Renounce generational curses of poverty and call forth wealth in Jesus name. Bind the spirit of deprivation in Jesus name.

    • My brother ,my life is as equal as yours ,my life h a s been up nand down but mostly down I’ve tried so many ways and things to go forward but i keep going backwards ,I’m good with my hand and i am a hard worker but nothing seems to work ,ive been delivered but that to to came to an end and i blame myself as well as this generational curse ,and why its a curse to me is because i am going through it ,till today and i am now 51 yrs old n i think it started when i was born ,been through everything well thats what i think to help myself through this but it just keep coming back ,does anyone out there yhat can help please give me a sign and I’ll be very appreciated ty n godbless .

      • Hi I hope you see this . You are loved By god and you are gods child think of Jesus life and what suffering he went through , get closer to god and you will be protected I am sure of it .
        God bless

    • Things may seem like they happen all of a sudden, but they don’t. Before life throws a brick at you, it throws a pebble. We just tend to ignore that pebble. The problem isn’t the rent iteself, it’s the way of thinking that keeps getting you there. I would love to give you a pep talk and see how we can get you to a better place.

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