The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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In addition to the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, the Bible also tells us that there are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

For the record, we feel that the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit are much more important than the 9 gifts are.

As the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit have to do with God imparting part of His divine nature into the core of our personalities to help make us into a much better and holy people.

God’s ultimate aim for all of us is our sanctification in Him, and part of that sanctification process has to do with the Holy Spirit Himself transmitting 9 specific divine qualities and attributes into our personalities.

But if the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit are the cake, then the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit are the icing on the cake.

Put these two together, and allow God to work with a believer with both sets of these 9 fruits and 9 gifts.

And you will have one mighty sanctified soldier of Jesus Christ, as the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit will give you some serious heavy ammunition to have at your disposal as you walk with God’s anointing in your daily life.

I call the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit torpedo gifts, as the Holy Spirit can manifest any one of these 9 gifts through any believer anytime that He will want to do so.

Each one of these gifts are major power gifts, and they are all direct, supernatural, miraculous manifestations direct from the Holy Spirit Himself.

And any Christian can get themselves in proper place to receive these 9 gifts, as the apostle Paul himself tells us not to be afraid to try and stir up these 9 specific gifts with the Lord.

Here is the direct verse from our Bible on the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit:

“But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.” (1 Corinthians 12:7-11)

Now I will number and bold each one of these 9 gifts of the Spirit so you can have all of them right at the top of this article at a very quick glance:

Not only does the Bible tell us that these 9 gifts of the Spirit are available to all believers, but then it takes it one step further and tells us that we can actually try and stir these 9 gifts up with the Lord.

Here are 5 very good verses telling us to not only desire spiritual gifts, but to also not be afraid to try and stir these gifts up with the Lord:

1. “Therefore, brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:39)

2. “… and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:1)

3. “Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise prophecies.” (1 Thessalonians 5:19)

4. “Do not neglect the gift that is in you … Meditate on these things, give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.” (1 Timothy 4:14)

5. “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.” (2 Timothy 1:6)

As such, every believer should go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to release these 9 gifts through them anytime that He will want to do so.

Let God know that you will be a willing vessel for the manifestations of these gifts, and that you will give Him a full and solid green light to manifest these gifts though you at anytime that He will want to do so.

These 9 gifts are a tremendous help and aid to not only you in your own personal walk with the Lord, but many of them can be also used to help other people out as special needs and circumstances arise in their lives.

Notice the very first line in this verse says that these 9 gifts are given to each one for the “profit of all.”

I will go ahead and break down each one of these 9 gifts of the Spirit into their own article so you can click on the link to read each one.  And then come back and read my conclusion.

As you reach each of the gifts  you can see exactly what each one of these 9 gifts are all about, and how important they can become in your life if you will only allow the Holy Spirit to manifest them through you at anytime that He will want to do so.


Just stop and think about what all 9 of these gifts from the Holy Spirit are really about. We are talking about God Almighty Himself coming down and manifesting a part of Himself through these 9 gifts, since God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are perfectly one with one another in the Divine Trinity.

This is what I call push-the-envelope kind of activity with the Lord. With every single one of these 9 gifts being direct, miraculous manifestations from the Holy Spirit, you are attempting to tread into deeper waters with the Lord. And that is exactly what God is asking all of us to do with these 9 special gifts.

When the apostle Paul, who I believe was the greatest of all of the New Testament apostles, tells us to “desire earnestly” these spiritual gifts and not to be afraid to try and stir these gifts up with the Lord, then you know God the Father is giving all us a big, fat, whopper green light to come after these 9 specific gifts.

Just think how many more people you can help and save if you will allow the Holy Spirit to manifest some of these 9 gifts through you from time to time.

Each one of these 9 gifts are major power gifts, and most of them are allowing the Lord to come in and manifest Himself to help someone else out.

Though Jesus is in heaven right now with His Father, we all still have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us. And through the Holy Spirit, both God the Father and Jesus Christ can still manifest Themselves into our daily lives and any situations that we will need Their help on.

God and Jesus are still in the rescue, help, and deliverance business – and if you will allow God to manifest these 9 gifts through you from time to time, you yourself can become an actual partaker in some of Their divine, rescue, deliverance missions.

You yourself can help carry on the divine supernatural ministry that Jesus left behind when He ascended to His Father.

Per the new article we just put up, “The Great Commission – Save, Heal, Deliver and Disciple,” these 9 special power gifts will really help you in being to able save, heal, deliver, and disciple other people in this life.

I call these torpedo gifts, because they are like bullets loaded in a gun, ready to shoot out of you at anytime under the control and direction of the Holy Spirit. These 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit are the ammunition you will need to go to war for the Lord to help set the captives free, as the Bible is telling all of us to learn how to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ.

Combine these 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit with the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit so God can transform and mold you into the kind of person He wants you to become in Him, and you will then become a truly sanctified, fully-loaded, God-warrior like King David and Joshua were.

Then you will be ready to take on the real Goliaths of this world with absolutely no fear, since you know now that you have the power of the Holy Spirit Himself on the inside of you.

Then along with these 9 special powerful gifts of the Spirit that can be manifested through you at anytime to help either yourself or any other people as different needs will arise in their lives.


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  1. You must decide who u want to stand for, this is the reason u must surrender ur totality to the Almighty God so that he can show u the right path to serve him. But first in my opinion pop songs should not be named amongst us as believers of the Gospel because the glory thereof is not to God. What I just said is out of revelation of which myself I loved singing the circular music’s alot alongside gospel music but the day I encountered the Lord I had to choose between my salvation in Christ and enjoyment of the flesh which leads to destruction. See my friend pastors, friends even parents can mislead u but Jesus Christ can’t so seek him and be born again in your Spiritman. Thanks and God bless u.

    • Praise to Jesus always! I actually had a different experience where the Lord used secular music very powerfully to establish a deeper walk with Him. It’s amazing how He tailors our interactions with Him. The key is to always be alert to whether something is moving us toward the Lord Jesus or away from Him. So music can be a stumbling block or an aid no matter the lyrics or style. The Lord also keeps me in balance by asking for times of “music fasting” to ensure that He is my heart’s First Love not a music experience even if its meant for worship. The blessings in Christ be with you.

  2. I am blessed by this wonderful teaching of yours. I was led to study the fruits of the holy spirit and the gifts of the holy Spirit.
    Come across Your teaching was a great blessing.
    I want to be clear with this question. Apostle Paul wrote Timothy to stir up the gift in him which he received of him by the laying of his hand. The question is can this gift be imparted or only by the holy Spirit

  3. I stumbled onto this while studying James 4:17, go figure. God is good. This has been an absolute phenomenal confirmation that I should continue fasting and praying for God to manifest His great fruits and gifts into my life. Thank you and may God continue to bless you in Jesus name, amen.

  4. This is amazing, God bless you for taking the time to explain the 9 gifts so well.
    I really enjoyed reading it and was touched and moved. Its all starting to make sense now. I am now looking forward to reading your piece on the Fruits of The Holy Spirit.
    God bless you and your ministry❤

  5. It is such a blessing YOUR help I was able to complete my project My friend help me reach you. It was a GREAT BLESSING ❇️❇️

  6. Dear pastor Michael Bradley.
    I just want to say this,i was truly blessed by this subject,I was doing a study on the gifts of The Holy Spirit, and this study of yours has shed a lot of light. May God richly bless you ,your family and all your ministry member. Great is your reward.Stay Jesus name. Claudy from Oman

  7. Today, I felt the spirit of God move through my body but I didn’t speak in tongues, I didn’t fall, my feet only trembled, my hands and my voice too and I cried while I sang worship songs.
    I don’t know what happened but I have plans to find out by talking to the pastor what ministered but a little help from here will help a lot too.
    Also, I am a pop singer, i write pop songs and sometimes, I write gospel, my plan is to make it big in the pop music industry and sing worship songs at the end of every show and preach to as many as I can, I have plans to preach the gospel whenever I can to my fans because there will surely be a lot of them due to the massive love for pop music in people nowadays. Please, can someone advise me if I should continue with Pop, does my plan sound right?

    • search your heart
      if you want to sing worship songs, there are many who cant afford to attend a pop song that would hear them
      if you want to share the gospel, share it today, where youre at, whereever youre at

      fame and fortune, especially on the stage of the world, will lead to spiritual corruption

      John 7:18 KJV – whose glory do you seek
      and in what way will you seek that glory – through the deceitfulness of the world, or the purity and sincerity of the Lord

      you have all the potential any other believer has to glorify God and He will bless sincere efforts – count the cost and seek His will

    • Nice one my brother, may God bless you and direct you in JESUS NAME…… I believe pop songs can be a Gospel songs bass on the wording or the massage’s in the music not the star. Your star of playing can be pop and your massages can be Gospel and you will win the crewn in JESUS NAME.

    • Not supposed to plan out your life. Ask God not people what you should do and wait for Him. Always ask yourself what your motives are. To bring glory to self or to God. Sounds like you are young and like all young people we dream up lives. But this is not the way with God. Jesus said he does not visualize. If any visualization you do for future let it be eternal goals.

    • Hi darling ,
      I see your heart and I can tell you are coming from a place of love. But the honest question would be where do you really stand?Are you for him or against him? Have you given yourself totally to him?
      You can either be hot or cold. If you are for him then give it your all.
      Working with Christ isn’t a gamble like a 50/50 chance. Christians most times think they can be in between but cut themself short by compromising. This is the sad truth and a big lie from the pit of heal and the plan of the devil to deserve, lie and twist them away from the truth.
      No love, here in the kingdom we go all in. That’s the only bet allowed.If you are for him then give it your 100%, be for him and do it on the standard don’t compromise. All he needs is a willing and yielded vessel he doesn’t need you inviting them with a pop song 1st, he is God all by himself. If you want to walk with Christ and as well preach the gospel for thé kingdom then you would have to go all in. Who says you can’t make it big in the gospel industry? Singing gospel songs from the beginning to the end that by the end people would be crying, rolling on the fall, have encounters with Christ that no one can take away from them ever because it was personal, people healed ,people accepting Christ. The possibilities are endless it all depends on your willingness and yielding to Christ. So you can have it all in Christ Sweetheart let me stop here for now because I can go on and on lol. Hallelujah
      So to answer your main question I feel you should go all in for Christ. Trust me you won’t regret it. It’s the best decision anyone can make. There are a whole lot waiting for you with Christ than you can imagine. He is the only one who gives and gives freely . He says I have come so you may have life and have it more abundantly. But the devil has come to steal to kill and to destroy. So the devil “takes” not “give” So the question is now for you which team would you rather be on ? And remember you can’t be either way
      I hope this was helpful

  8. The importance of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit is to grow in our personal relationship with God. The deeper we know him, the more manifestation of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit reveals in us. As long as we are connected with God ( in his Word) and living in his Word, the Fruit of the Holy Spirit is simply shown and we glorify the Father. So we are nothing apart from him. The importance of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is to elevate the church. When the body of Christ (Church) will have unity (work together in love) and minister with the Gifts given by the Holy Spirit, the glory of God reveals to the unbeliever and the fruit will be the Salvation of many souls. “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.” (1 John 15:16) God bless us.

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