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As a result of the curse of Adam and Eve that is still in full operation on this earth – disease, sickness, and illness are still part of the big picture that we all have to put up with. As we all know, anyone of us at anytime can get sick.

We all know the different things that can happen to our bodies that can cause them to breakdown, and in some cases, seriously disable us. Just about any part of the human body can get hit with some type of cancer, and in some of these cases, these cancers can be terminal.

However, as Christians, we have an all-powerful God who not only has the power to fully heal us from any specific ailment that may strike us, but that He actually does want to heal us many of the time if we properly approach Him in our prayers.

In this article series, I will give you 89 of the best verses from the Bible pertaining to being able to receive a divine healing from God the Father. As you will see in some of these specific verses, not only can God heal us, but many of the times He will actually want to heal us.

I will break these Scripture verses down under their specific captions below so you can fully grasp the revelation that God is trying to transmit to us on being able to receive a full divine healing from Him when we will really need one. We decided to make each section it’s own article. You can click on the following links and then at the end, I will give my conclusion.


Though there are times God will decide not to heal for whatever His personal reasons may be – there are definitely going to be other times that He will move in to heal if He is properly approached in your prayers to Him. Since God is totally sovereign in His very nature and in all of His ways, this means you never know when He may move in to heal someone.

This is why you should never be afraid to approach God’s throne boldly and with confidence if either you or someone else you know is needing a physical healing from Him.

You have absolutely nothing to lose in trying and everything to gain by pressing in. For those of you who would really like to get serious with the Lord on being able to get more healings to manifest from Him for either yourself or any of your close loved ones – it would be my strong recommendation that you type or handwrite out all of the Scripture verses listed in this article and put them on index cards.

If you are willing to do this, then you will have right at your fingertips all of the major healing verses of the Bible to use in your own personal healing prayers to God the Father. Just simply pick the verses that will apply to the specific situation that you may be dealing with, and then storm the gates of heaven asking God to move in to heal based upon the wording of many of these verses.

God loves it when you quote His own Word back to Him. This shows Him that you have been doing your homework, and that you are seeking to learn more about Him and this subject by studying and meditating on these kinds of verses. This kind of intense seeking activity may be just enough to get God the Father to want to heal you or the person you may be praying for!

Seek – and then you will find. Ask – and you just may receive!


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  1. God’s will is not only to heal you but His ultimate desire for you is never to get sick! That’s right! We humans on this earth have seen nothing but toil and misery so it is so hard for us to understand anything otherwise but the power of God is not only capable to restore but also sustain you no matter what are the natural consequences. For us all the reality we know is this life but life in Christ is so much more. We cannot wrap our minds on that unless we study Bible and have Holy Spirit teach us the depths of God. He wants us to know Him so we can see the world through HIS eyes and operate in the fullness of Him so not only receive for ourselves but be a blessing to all around us. By His stripes we WERE healed!

  2. HI Charlene, Im sorry to hear about your Mother I pray this will help you, you should get in touch with this man ,hes a true healer, helper of God he has helped many many people, with the help from God, his name is Thurman Scrivner, his healing is 100% based on Gods word only ,hope this help.

  3. My mother is 80 years old and was diagnosed three months ago stage 4 lung cancer in both lungs and in her liver.
    The cancer proceeded to move to her back and now she is home and hospice care and the cancer is moving rapidly to her brain.
    I’m asking everyone to please keep my mother in your prayers and I praise You Lord I praise you with all my might I Believe In You Lord and I believe in your healing floored and I shall keep my faith in Jesus name I pray amen

  4. Praising Yeshua for taking me off of ALL Rx’s. No more side effects, no more enslavement. FREE! Healthy and no more buying into the lie. One step @ a time He graduated me into alternatives which are healthy, provided in nature by HIM. He has given us everything we need, for trusting, relying on HIM. Pure and Simple, yet we @ times make it complicated. Thank You Yeshua, for healing your children who trust in you completely. Thank You for our sisters and brothers in Christ who are LIVING IN YOUR SPIRIT, praying, active in YOUR SPIRIT, praying w/o ceasing.

  5. Thank everyone so very much for the words of encouragement. My father is extremely ill and I have been praying for healing.. He is in torment and the pain is sometimes unbearable. It is so hard to watch someone you love suffer so much.. I realize its been a couple of years since anyone has written a message but I am asking for prayer.. I am standing on Gods words and trying with all of my heart to keep my eyes on Him but I need prayer not only for healing but for strength and faith. Everyone here is in my prayer and I am so thankful knowing that I have your prayers..

    • I thought the verse said, “Ask and you WILL receive”, not “you just MAY receive”.

      • Correct, I likewise believe it’s “you shall” but here in this context I do not believe that the author is quoting scripture (verbatim) so much as it is his own personal quote. Usually or traditionally at least when bible verses are quoted the book name, chapter, and verse number(s) are placed at the end of the quotes scripture.

        Yeh…..that bothered me just a tad bit too bro, hehehe. It can’t be both ways.

        Keep the faith! & stay lit!

  6. LB November 19, 2016 at 10:36 am
    i just came across this site and i was reading some of the comments that is listed. it is so comforting to no the strength all of you have. some times as a lot of people have done this. they believe God for some things but not all things. i have been guilty of this. i have to repent for this bc God can do all things. i was in the hospital last night bc of shortness of breath and they did a ct scan on me and said they found a nodgel on my lung. truely thats not the report i am going to believe. God has brought me too far from where i stated from. so i am believing in the report of the LORD.

  7. My prayers go out to new and old post!! I to am waiting for God’s amazing healing power. I need the prayer for an ear problem that has been plaguing me for a year! Even thought I fall short so many time and fail Him so many, tonight in Jesus name I proclaim healing over me and all those who need it. God is good and shall post positive new of His healing yaay coming soon.

  8. i believe i am heal through the strips of jesus christ. this is so inspirational to me today. you all do not know what you have just did to uplift me.

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