The Unpardonable Sin – Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

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The Bible makes it very, very clear. God the Father has sent His one and only Son Jesus Christ down to our earth to physically die on a cross in order to give all men and all women total forgiveness and total remission for all of their sins – which includes all past, present, and future sins that we will ever commit.

This gift of eternal salvation is available to every single person who will accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The Bible makes it very clear that “whoever” calls upon the name of the Lord for eternal salvation will be saved from their sins if they are willing to accept Jesus Christ and His sacrificial death on the cross.

However, in 3 specific verses from Scripture, Jesus makes a very serious bone chilling statement. He says that the only sin that cannot be forgiven through the Blood that He has already shed for all of us is a direct blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.

What exactly is He meaning by this? What exactly is a blaspheming of the Holy Spirit? Many Christians have freaked out over the years wondering if they have possibly committed this unpardonable sin.

I will first start out by giving you the two main verses where Jesus is making this statement, and then give you the interpretation of what I feel Jesus is trying to tell all of us with this statement.

The Scripture Verses

1.  This first verse comes from the Gospel of Mark. Before Jesus makes this statement, He is getting attacked by some of the Jewish Scribes. Jesus was casting demons out of people and these scribes were trying to tell everyone that Jesus was casting demons out of people by Beelzebub – the ruler of the demons.

In other words, they were accusing Jesus of casting out demons by the power of Satan himself.

Jesus then answers them right on the spot telling them how could Satan cast out Satan?

He tells them that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and that it would make no logical sense for Satan to be casting out either himself or another one of his own demonic spirits. Satan would just be defeating his own purposes by even trying to do such a thing.

Now here is what got these Scribes in major trouble with the Lord. They obviously knew they were witnessing major supernatural miracles seeing Jesus cast demons out of people.

But instead of just walking away and keeping their mouths shut, or trying to discredit Jesus by saying nothing was really happening, or that these people were either not really possessed or all of this was just a figment of their imaginations – they make their one and final comment which will forever seal their fate for all of eternity – they literally attack the Holy Spirit Himself by saying that He was in fact the devil himself!

They knew that Jesus had something else operating on the inside of Him that was accomplishing all of these dramatic miracles. The Bible makes it very clear that it was the power of the Holy Spirit operating through Jesus that was doing all of these dramatic miracles.

But instead of leaving well enough alone and just walking away and keeping their mouths shut, they just had to take that one last final jab at Jesus and directly attack the Spirit that was operating on the inside of Him – which was the Holy Spirit Himself! And once they did – they were done! Right after this occurs, Jesus then makes one of the most bone chilling statements on sin that He has ever made.

Jesus specifically states that “all sins” can be forgiven through His blood – including any blasphemies against either Himself or anyone else. But the one sin that He and His Father will not forgive is a direct blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Here is the verse:

“Assuredly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they may utter; but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is subject to eternal condemnation” – because they said, “He has an unclean spirit.” (Mark 3:28-30)

Notice in the last few words of this verse that Jesus specifically ties in the blaspheming against the Holy Spirit with the Scribes stating that He had an “unclean spirit” operating through Him. In other words, Jesus was condemning them to hell for all of eternity because they were calling the Holy Spirit a demonic spirit!

2.  The second verse comes from Matthew. Again, the same scenario is unfolding where the Pharisees are attacking Jesus for casting a demon out of a blind and mute man.

They once more accuse Him of casting this demon out by Beelzebub, the ruler of the demons. Jesus once more goes into the exact same explanation as He did in the above verse from Mark where He says that Satan is not going to cast himself out – as a house divided against itself cannot stand, even in the demonic realm.

However, Jesus makes one more additional comment in this verse. He says that He is casting these demons out by the “Spirit of God” – which is the Holy Spirit.

Right here, the battle lines are being drawn. Jesus is saying on the one hand that He is doing all of these miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit operating through Him – and then you have some of the Scribes and Pharisees alleging that He is doing all of these miracles by the power of the devil.

Then Jesus once more comes down with the hammer and says:

“Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.” (Matthew 12:31-32)

Without question, this statement being made by Jesus is one of the most dire and extreme warnings He has ever given. He is literally telling us that there is one specific sin that will never, ever be forgiven – and that one sin is a direct blasphemous attack against the Holy Spirit Himself.

Jesus even says that you can speak a word directly against Him and that you can still be forgiven – but He will not forgive anyone who will directly attack the Holy Spirit.

Interpretation Of Blaspheming the Holy Spirit

So what exactly is Jesus meaning when He talks about someone who is directly “blaspheming” the Holy Spirit?

1. The word “blaspheme” in Webster’s Dictionary means to “speak irreverently or profanely of or to God, to curse or revile.” Another part of their definition says “any remark or action held to be irreverent or disrespectful.”

Many of the different Bible Dictionaries describe blasphemy as “insulting, cursing, lacking reverence for God, claiming deity.”

There can be no question that calling the Holy Spirit, who is God and Lord Himself, the devil himself, is without a doubt the most blasphemous statement you could possibly make against Him.

Calling the Highest of all Beings the lowest of all beings is without question the worse possible thing that these Scribes and Pharisees could have done.

Not only was this the height of pure stupidity, but it was also the height of pure arrogance and pride.

As a result, they ended up being the first set of people that Jesus pronounced this very severe judgment on.

2. However, how does all of this apply in our day and age? Can this unpardonable sin still be committed today?

Many Bible scholars believe that this unpardonable sin cannot be committed today.

They believe this sin could have only been committed back at the time when Jesus was walking on our earth. In other words, you would have to attack Jesus direct just like the Scribes and Pharisees did to be found guilty of this sin.

However, I am not quite sure about this position. Here’s where I believe the first level of interpretation comes in as to what this verse might mean for all of us in this day and age.

From the way the above two Scripture verses are being worded, there is no question what God is trying to tell us.

If you had verbally attacked the Holy Spirit, operating through His Son Jesus while He was living down here on our earth, by telling Him that He is the devil himself – then you would have directly blasphemed the Holy Spirit, and as such, God has now rendered judgment that this transgression will be considered unpardonable in His sight.

Now if we take this same scenario into our present day and age, and take an anointed, born-again believer who is walking with the power of the Holy Spirit operating through him to heal the sick and cast out demons just like Jesus was doing – then what happens if an unbelieving scoffer comes along and says the exact same thing – that these miracles are not being done by the Holy Spirit, but by Satan or one of his demonic spirits?

Is this unbelieving scoffer guilty of committing the same unpardonable sin as the Scribes and Pharisees did back in Jesus’ day?

Personally, I think there is a good chance that this unbeliever may be guilty of committing the same unpardonable sin – especially if he knows that a real miracle is taking place just like the Scribes and Pharisees did.

If you will notice, many scoffers will not even tread into this kind of territory. If they see a Christian who has the anointing to heal the sick and cast out demons, they will either think that nothing is really happening, or if something is really happening, that it is just the power of suggestion.

Most doubters and unbelievers will either think that there are no demons to begin with, or if there is, that any healing or deliverance that may have just occurred was just the power of suggestion acting on that person causing them to believe that they had been healed or delivered from demons.

Very seldom will you see an unbeliever do what the Scribes and Pharisees did back in Jesus’ day and call the Holy Spirit Himself the devil or a demonic spirit.

However, if someone should be as bold and as arrogant as some of these Pharisees were, and step out and directly blaspheme the Holy Spirit with this same kind of accusation – then I really think the exact same principle may apply as it did when Jesus was walking with the power of the Holy Spirit – and that these people would be just as guilty of committing the unpardonable sin as the Scribes and Pharisees were back at the time that Jesus was walking on our earth.

I believe the same analogy would apply. The Holy Spirit is living and operating on the inside of each born-again believer today just as He was with Jesus.

If God the Father is calling any blasphemous attacks against the Holy Spirit operating through His Son Jesus as the unpardonable sin – then I personally believe that God would call the same thing out in this day and age if any scoffer would do the exact same thing – call the Holy Spirit a demon or the devil operating through an anointed, born-again believer.

3. I know there are some Christians who have wondered whether or not they have committed the unpardonable sin. Demons love to play a person with this kind of false accusation once they move in on them with one of their attacks.

Some Christians think they may be guilty of this sin because they have been wrestling with God over certain issues, or they may have thrown major temper tantrums actually yelling at God. Just because you may be wrestling with God, yelling at Him, telling Him that you are going to walk off His playing field, losing some of your faith with Him, shutting down, not wanting to go to church or read your Bible – none of these things is a direct blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

Many Christians will wrestle with God from time to time, especially when they get hit with any type of serious storm cloud. This is why the apostle Paul calls our walk with the Lord a “fight of faith.” Sometimes we have to fight to keep our faith up and in God, especially when we are going through some very trying circumstances.

The only way I believe that any Christian could be possibly guilty of blaspheming the Holy Spirit would be if they were to change camps by either becoming a full pledged atheist by refusing to believe that God actually exists anymore, or by literally switching camps to worship, serve, and follow Satan direct.

The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will not strive with a man forever.

If a Christian starts to head down into these kinds of extreme dark waters – the Holy Spirit will be doing everything He possibly can to keep them from going over into this kind of evil territory.

But if after a certain amount of time this person keeps refusing what the Holy Spirit is trying to tell him to do, and they then harden their hearts to the point where they will no longer listen to God, then I believe that God will quit striving with them after a certain point and then that person will be lost forever.

If that should occur, then I believe this may also be considered a direct blasphemy against the Holy Spirit – especially since the Holy Spirit had been the main One to actually wrestle and strive with this person over such a long period of time.

What could be more blasphemous than telling God that you no longer believe that He actually exists, or if you decide you want to change camps and worship and follow his archenemy of all time – the devil himself?

Per the article I did titled, “Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?” – I believe there are several powerful verses from Scripture that do show that it may be possible for a Christian to lose their salvation with the Lord. I know many will argue they do not believe in this.

Their argument is that no true Christian could ever fall away to serve Satan or become a full fledged atheist.

They feel if something like this should ever happen, then this person was never truly saved to begin with.

I really believe there are people who have had true born again conversions with the Lord when they were 15 or 16 years old – and then 20 or 30 years later they fall into dark side waters like changing camps to follow and serve Satan direct, become serial killers, serial rapists, or become involved in some kind of gang or organized criminal activity where they are literally killing other people for profit.

I believe that in each one of these types of extreme cases the Holy Spirit has been in major wrestling matches with each one of them trying to get them to retain their salvation. But again, the Bible says that the Holy Spirit will not strive with a man forever. There is a limit to God’s patience and mercy and how long He will chase and strive after someone.

Anyone who manages to lose their salvation by deliberately refusing to heed the warnings and strivings of the Holy Spirit on some of these more serious types of transgressions may be guilty of blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

4. The other area where someone may possibly be guilty of blaspheming the Holy Spirit is when the Holy Spirit is chasing and striving after someone who is not saved.

Again, this verse where the Holy Spirit will not strive with a man forever may also apply to Him chasing after an unbeliever, where He is trying to show them the errors of their ways and the errors of their thinking.

If after a certain amount of time this unbeliever refuses to accept God’s calling, refuses to turn from the sins they may be living in, refuses to accept what Jesus did for them at Calvary, refuses to accept all of the laborers that God may have sent their way to try and get them saved – then God will pull back and quit striving after them.

And if that should occur, this person will then be done! And if this should happen to an unbeliever, then I believe there is also the possibility they would be guilty of blaspheming the Holy Spirit – especially since the Holy Spirit was the main One who had been wrestling with them over all of those years

There are some Bible scholars who believe that this may be another definition or interpretation of what blaspheming the Holy Spirit is all about.

Though this is a bit of a gray issue, I believe they may be right with this assessment.


To those Christians who think they may be guilty of having committed the unpardonable sin, study the above two Scripture verses very carefully.

Unless you have directly called the Holy Spirit Satan himself or a demonic spirit like the Scribes and Pharisees did back in Jesus’ day, then you are nowhere close to having had committed this unpardonable sin.

The only other possible scenario would be if you have decided to completely forsake and abandon God all together by choosing to believe that He no longer exists, or deciding that you want to change sides and follow and worship after the devil direct.

Even then, you will still have some time with the Lord to see the errors of your ways and the bad choices you have made.

God will not give up on you and He will continue to chase after you, even if you have fallen into a Satan worshiping group. Many people who have fallen into these types of dark groups have been rescued and pulled out of them by the Lord after a certain length of time.

But again, the Bible says that the Holy Spirit will not chase after and strive with a man forever. Realize that there are limits and boundaries to God’s patience, grace, and mercy.

Unless you are treading into these kinds of extreme dangerous grounds with the Lord, then you are nowhere close to blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Losing some of your faith in God, getting mad at Him, holding grudges against Him, pulling back on Him, and arguing and wrestling with Him are not direct acts of blasphemy against His Holy Spirit.

God is obviously not going to be happy with this kind of child-like, immature behavior, but you are not going to lose your salvation over it, and you are not going to be deemed guilty of blaspheming His Holy Spirit by throwing some of these kinds of immature temper tantrums.

The Bible says that our flesh and spirits will war against each other and for some, their flesh will at times get the upper hand on them.

But do not misconstrue this type of roller coaster ride in your walk with the Lord with either blaspheming God the Father or the Holy Spirit. This is why Jesus had to come down and die for all of us on the cross – because of the sin nature that we were all born into this world with.

Just realize who you really are in Christ, and learn how to grow and mature in your walk with Him and try to keep your temper tantrums and pity parties to a bare minimum.

This life is way too short to be wallowing in wrestling matches with the Lord, holding grudges against Him, and questioning some of the decisions He has made with your life.

Realize that God the Father always knows best, trust that He has made the right decisions in the way that He has been handling your life, and press on into the divine calls and assignments that He has set up for your life.

You only get one chance in the eternal scheme of things to accomplish God’s perfect will for your life down here on this earth.

Do not blow it or lose it because you have been wrestling with God over all of these years over issues that you will end up finding out later on were a complete waste of time to be arguing with Him in the first place.

Remember, God is perfect – you are not!

God always knows best – you do not! God can see into you future – you cannot!

Trust God – because you cannot trust yourself or the world in general to achieve your full potential in Him in this lifetime!


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  1. I have been going through fear and torment for the last month or so. Being attack with all manner of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. One night I feel like I gave in. It’s like I imagined the Holy Spirit and said directly to him “your works are of…” I dare not say the rest. I have dreams where God uses those close to me who have tried to comfort me to tell me yes I committed the unforgivable sin and that I’m going to hell. I have no peace or assurance, just doubt and despair. I’ve been saved and went through this before but this time was different. I just know deep within I’m going to hell. I’ve been searching everywhere to find some hope that others have gone through this and if y’all can be forgiven, can’t I?! :'(

    • Im going through the same. It is said that if you are truly repentant for your trespasses then you still have a chance. Something i had to come to terms with is that because my heart was not in these comments then i still have a chance. You just need to calm down, put your heart and soul into asking God for forgiveness and living your life the way he wants us to. He doesnt expect us to be perfect but we can try.

  2. I have been possessed and oppressed by the L word, and the demons have used the words Beelzubub and legion when I asked who they were. I have been battling this for years now.
    I am afraid because I was so angry at the continuous attacks on me, that I said “eff you” (with the real swear word) to God, Jesus AND the Holy Spirit. I am terrified I commited Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit by cussing at him. Is this true? Did I blaspheme the Holy Spirit? I love Jesus more than anything, I dont know what to do.

  3. I’m terrified I committed the unforgivable sin because I was full of bitterness toward someone who betrayed me and rejected a godly relationship God had created between us (we both knew God created some kind of deep love connection between us) anyway he went his own way and broke it on purpose (rebelliously).. and then he was trying to comfort me by saying to surrender everything to Jesus. I was so angry because I feel like he didn’t have remorse for how much he hurt me, and I was also confused about how to surrender a broken relationship that I know God created, so I let my anger get the best of me even though I knew I shouldn’t have, and I sent him a text addressing what he did by sarcastically saying, “destruction is cool though, just lay it on the cross”. I just feel so terrible now because I disrespected the most incredible sacrifice by God himself by using it irreverently just to show how angry I was at this person.
    I’m feeling extremely guilty and like I can’t repent or like God won’t forgive me..

  4. Michael Bradley,

    What you have written about this topic seems convincing in some aspects, but what about John 6:37, 44, and 1 John 4:15? What if one has accidentally called the Holy Spirit “Satan” yet desires to come to Christ? Does Jesus not say that those led only by the Father can come to Christ? Since we know this is true, one cannot be guilty of the sin and thus the concept of the Lord weighing our hearts (intent) behind what we say applies. To be quite honest I think you’re missing some aspects of this sin and issue in your article.

  5. I had a situation when i saw evangelist pray for people and people fell in spirit. I really believed it was from God but for a moment I had anxiety related doubt, because bible warns as to test spirits. I also did let pray and lay hands on myself but was anxious and doubtful because i have huge fear I might take the wrong step in spiritual world (i have prevoius experience when priest who babtized me turned later out to be occultist). I shared my anxiety and doubtful feelings with friend but I never said (or thought, just had moment of what if..) that it was not from God. Said something like if it was from God let it have it s effect on me, if not let it not. Now i am terrified I commited unforgivable sin, because I doubted about those spirit filled people. I am so scared i am damned to hell.

    • God knows your heart. It doesn’t sound to me like you blasphemed the Holy Spirit. We all make mistakes as Christians and do stupid things, thinking at the time that it was right. We are forgiven but sometimes we still have to deal with the consequences of our actions.

  6. Hi I think I have blasphemed the Holy Spirit. I was in a arguement with my boyfriend. He told me that I wasn’t walking in the Spirit. Such as meekness, kindness etc. At the time I was having a hard time letting go my anger, so I deliberately said I didnt want anything to do with the Holy Spirit and on top of that I said the Holy Spirit is evil.Completely rejecting the Holy Spirit Bc in the moment I was so mad and I wanted to be mad and after I said it, I was really afraid/worried bc I remember about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and I started praying and saying sorry right after that and did a lil research but when I found an article saying oh, Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is when you deny Gods power and I kinda felt relief after that. It wasn’t until I got baptize that I realized what blaspheme is to speak evil of/slander…… about God… and you need to know God….to speak evil of his Holy Spirit…. I do know about God but I walked away from him bc I was confused…. in my life…..idk I think I did commit it after I realize what it really is….

  7. I always think that I said something that rejecting Jesus death on cross for my sin I’m worry I don’t remember what I said I been crying I never knew blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was a thing I always been scared of dying I don’t go to church because I’m only 14 year old my family don’t to church and I don’t know how to repent or follow Jesus and been worry about this on July the 2 I found out what blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was I been watching video on YouTube what is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was my family don’t know I have this problem I’m to scared I’m cry I don’t want to commit this sin I’m been having a gut feeling problem if feel like no matter what I do god won’t forgive me I don’t remember what I said I keep on thinking that I said something I said to god please don’t let me commit this sin I’m really scared

    • Shamonnee – relax honey. It’s blasphemy against THE HOLY SPIRIT, not Jesus Christ. Jesus knows your heart. Don’t worry about not going to church. Many of them these days are not even teaching scripture. As for repenting, just tell Jesus that you’re sorry for whatever bad thing you said about him and the Holy Spirit.

      To get saved, believe the following: ( you might want to say this to yourself too)
      1. Jesus died for my sins
      2. Was buried
      3. And rose again on the 3rd day

      You don’t have to do anything else to go to heaven. All your sins are forgiven now. Good works are for rewards in heaven. As for blaspheming the Holy Spirit, just thank Him everyday for what he does in your life and you won’t have time to blaspheme.

      Now you can REST in Jesus. No more fear.

  8. I have always been taught that blasphemy against the Holy ghost was simply rejecting Jesus as Savior! Now, I read many comments that this is saying anything demonic about the Holy Ghost. Any more comments on this matter, I would love to hear!

    • I’ve heard this one, too. However, this article makes some sense. My husband was saved back in the 90’s but now listens to satanic music and goes to their concerts (black mass). I can’t get him to change his mind. He’s a scoffer. I had to turn him over to Christ because nothing I do is making a difference.

  9. It’s important to note blaspheming the Holy Spirit doesn’t always lead to damnarion. Jesus on more than one occasion made the condition leading to damnation very clear, he told the Pharisees because you say you know((Mosaic Law).
    This brings me to the second part of this: those who do not heed God’s Call are not the same as blasphemers, who pass Judgement; they are under the Law and Paul said, everyone falls short. They will be judged like everyone. Abraham was not saved by righteousness but by faith. Faith existed for the Israelites but not for the gentiles, God’s Branch delivered God’s Salvation, a Promise God made to anyone who hears and sees. Jesus said, if you were from my Father you would know me! On the other hand, for those who have heard Jesus’es Testimony and refuse God’s Salvation, Jesus said, knock the dust of your sandals, it will be better for Sodom than them at Judgement.
    I don’t exactly understand what better means, but there is only one mortal sin and it can’t be a mortal sin uness you know!
    To say, Christians are exempt is wrong because why would non Christians or Jews call on God’s Name, yet it says, that they told God, Lord, Lord do you remember me? And God replied, I never knew you. They worshipped Him with their mouths but not their hearts.
    Faith without good works is dead. You cannot serve two masters. And altering God’s Commandments so that our lifestyles will conform is called the commandments of men.
    More greed, avarice, vain talk, lack of mercy, hate and out right hypocrisy grows in today’s churches, it is sown by false profits who according to the Bible will even lead the Very Elect astray! THOSE WHO KNOW.
    Billy Graham’s son after confessing he heard Pres. Obama confessed Christ as his saviour, nevertheless concluded, but I don’t know if that’s really true.
    Graham’s son, a preacher knows. He had to have known by casting doubt on the Holy Spirit in a man who confessed Christ as Saviour was tantamount to saying, not really, I still believe the spirit in Pres. Obama is evil leads to damnation!
    Doesn’t Sara Huckabee know the Bible says she should be humble. Jesus was humble, did anyine ever consider him weak? The look on her face is full of anger and pain, how many possible lambs who may have tried to find Christ has she driven away? Has she blasphemed, I haven’t heard her blaspheming, but if she wants to be of the world which leads to death, at least good works, a responsibility to represent God in the best light should follow faith.
    Jesus said everyone will be judged by every word that proceeds from our mouths.Because I gave you the keys to my home doesn’t entitle you to rob me with impunity.
    Therefore a erson who doesn’t know, doesn’t claim they are christians or Jews(faithful to Mosaic Law which comes from God’s prophets and not the Misnah or any other books which are the commandments of men) can not be guilty of blasphemy.

  10. According to 1 John 4:15: “Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.” I believe this is proof that if one does this even after calling Holy Spirit “Satan, demonic, evil, etc,” that they are innocent of the unpardonable sin. I’ve done extensive study and research about this sin and what constitutes it and based upon that study and praying to Jesus He has revealed to me that this sin it isn’t committed by merely saying these words but saying these words out of malicious intent. If you study the original Greek language the word blasphemy means to slander or to claim to have attributes of a deity. We all know that slander is malicious and that’s requires a heart of hatred. Proverbs 21:2 states that the Lord weights the heart, So yes God does know the heart and it’s such words were spoken accidentally or out of ignorance it can be concluded that God will not hold these things against us. Further investigation upon this matter revealed that if the definitions of blasphemy provided by the author of this article were true then Mark in Mark chapter 3 would be blaspheming against the Holy Spirit when he wrote scripture “because they said ‘he has an evil spirit’”. This obviously is not the case.

    Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of definitions of words from the Bible are defined from a very religious point of view and thus are not accurate to a true Biblical context and meaning. That is why it is highly suggested by many to study the Scriptures for oneself while using a concordance that is reliable to translate the original language and to find the correct interpretations of the passages with in the Bible. My advice is that you don’t listen to thr majority of definitions regarding blasphemy on the Internet and to study the Bible with Holy Spirit by your side to get His understanding and Hid interpretation of what is being written. He is the author of the Bible after all.

    I’ll end with this: God is the judge. Not the church, not people, not fellow believers. God and God alone. He is the one that weighs and knows our hearts. The evidence of one’s innocence of the this sin lies within the intention of their heart. Please don’t be humanistic and legalistic about this, this is not human court where physical evidence needs to be provided. God sees our hearts and sees the evidence that lies within. God bless.

    • I appreciate this I believe I did not blaspheme the holy spirit however I greatly fear that I did in come from a fairly strong Christian family and accepted Christ as a boy and have had problems with persistent sin but want and am trying to change but it’s hard

    • Hey what if I say something blasphemous against Holy Spirit and later corrected myself .Will I be forgiven

  11. This topic is most certainly a common fear among many Christians. In my case I was a believer and later became a skeptic, falling away from faith and accepting Eastern and secular philosophy. When I returned to the faith (and my senses), I was convicted by my former deficiencies in faith. In many ways it was almost like a friendship or relationship that had been damaged, not irreparably, but I was ashamed what I had done and sought to remember all the harsh words I had uttered. Having decided to live a life in the light of Christ and turn away from intellectual impenitence, I realized that God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) had not abandoned me. The Holy Spirit was convicting me of my former ways, not to condemn me, but rather help me recognize what it was that lead me astray and to feel the physical disgust of sin. We are like the Prodigal Son returning home after living a riotous life in a far away place. When we return, God welcomes us home. But we can always fall away. We who have formerly fallen away and returned to the faith have a story to tell. We have the power to comfort those who are bound up by fear. It is an ever present reminder that your sins are indeed forgiven and are remembered no longer by God. BUT… we should not let ourselves fall into complacency. We must forever cherish the sacrifice that was made and desire earnestly to walk in perfect communion with the Holy Spirit. A mortal fellowship can be tarnished, but it is not so with the immortal living God who is ever-forgiving. The Spirit Himself (whom you fear that you blasphemed against) will convict you, remind you of your errors and set you on the right path back to Life Eternal. You have not yet drowned if you still wish to rush to the surface and gasp for air.

  12. I said jokingly I’ll fight her and you will think I had think I had the holy spirit. I should have said you would have thought I was shouting. I didn’t mean it was just joking. Should I be as?worried as I am

  13. When I was barely out of my teens, I became very discouraged and said some things that were blasphemous to the Holy Spirit. I was a believer, so I can’t claim ignorance. I have repented and truly want Christ in my life. My friend told me to remember Jesus’s promise that He would in no way cast out any repentant sinner who comes to Him. Are you saying that I will be condemned anyway?

    • Please understand. If you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit, you would not even care to be finding out if you did. Satan convinced me that I had also blasphemed the Holy Spirit. Believing that I was condemned, I went back to my old lifestyle of drinking, drugging, and whoring. A person who has blasphemed the Holy Spirit is reprobated, and is void of the Holy Spirit.There is therefore now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus(Romans 8:1)Please do not let the devil torment you continuously with your thoughts of condemnation. You are not condemned! God Bless! BTW, you wouldn’t even try to repent because you would be possessed by evil spirits that wouldn’t even allow you to repent!!

    • You are not condemned. God loves you! God hears you! God sees you! God understands you! You are His delight and pleasure. Quick… Look up and see His adoring smile towards you.

  14. I have battled for almost 3 years and its a battle everyday but ive thought everything under the sun and here recently the thoughts have gotten even worse they specifically target the Holy Spirit and alot of times they are notions i think like what if you think this or that and sometimes i would stand to correct them like saying out loud to cast then down like for example the same thing the pharisees said ould come into my mind and i to try and fix it would think Jesus did it through the Holy Spirit but sometimes the more scaredd and panicky i get the less i think the biblical answer and i keep thinking the unholy thoughts to the point wher i will cast them down out loud and i have made a mistake and said the wrong thing out loud…its to myself but still. Buti had a most the most horrible thought or notion the other day and since then i think it all the time and i will be thinking to myself and i think this horrible thought then i try to cast it down or even combat it with scripture but its like i want to think it but i dont and im scared that when God sees me He is going to be like yes you wanted to think it and then to make matters worse you just keep thinking it over and over trying to fix it but its too late. Im scared ive battled it for so long that i have grown tored of the battle or something especially if you can lose your salvation then that means that i probably have…and i really dont want to. Infact i dont want to be mad at God but these thoughts tho and i have asked God to take these thoughts away and keep me on the straight path and please dont let commit the unpardonble sin. And im really tired and scared. Pi dont know what to do but to kill myself. If i have lost my salvation and there is no forgiveness for that sin then i am doomed anyway.

    • It sounds like you were in the midst of a spiritual war. Hopefully you found some answers in the Word and through prayer and fasting along with a community to help build you up.

  15. Would you still be dammed for all eternity for speaking against the holy spirit even after you geniunly repented and changed your entire life around and serve the lord now? I never thought about this until someone once mentioned it to me, and as soon as they did I heard a little voice in my head that whispered some horrible things. However, I don’t feel as if it was me, because I didn’t feel any hate or anger when these thoughts came into mind (bad thoughts regerding the holy spirit). I’m a little frightened by this verse… I need a little clarity

    • Hi Elizabeth, the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is more like a set attitude towards the Holy Spirit. This is a conscious conscious concluding and attributing of unholiness to the Holy Spirit. Many people who walk a fine line on anxiety or OCD find this verse very perplexing. I sure did when I was a bit younger. If we think about it, the actual attitude necessary to ascribe such utter evil to a spirit that is utterly holy this is a very difficult thing to do indeed. Flipping out in a moment of anger is not enough to warrant God’s eternal Wrath. Having a psychological disorder such as OCD which manifests unbidden such thoughts that might otherwise be blasphemous against the Holy Spirit most certainly do not count either. It has to be a conscious and set attitude against the holiness of God’s Holy Spirit. We might argue that one must first belong to the devil in order to accomplish the dark brilliance of this. Jesus said to those who blasphemes against the holy spirit, on other occasions, you belong to your father the devil. And he wasn’t just being mean, of course. He meant it, he knew it. May you be blessed truly, and may God give you a comfort and all kinds of wisdom through which you will attain the magnificence of his Grace that allows you to walk in the divine nature. Then you will surely walk free of all such traps as worrying about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. God alone can do this, and God most certainly will do it for you, just as he did it for me 🙂

    • I have had tormenting blasphemous thoughts about the holy spirit. I heard in my mind that the spirit was s-t-n and dem-ic and all sorts. I have prayed for a new heart and so on before and during the midst I prayed to God to help me and stop the thoughts and cast them down etc. I hate The thoughts and I feel doomed. None has passed my mouth but I feel doomed. I’ve been attacked at home and at college. And even if I pray in my mind.

      • Hi when them thoughts come to mind we must cast them down with scripture and the help of the Holy spirit for we will not be able to do it on our own strength as we don’t wrestle agasint flesh and blood , but agasint every spiriutal wickedness in high places; were in a spiritual warfare we have to prepare ourselves for battle with the full amour of God! The word of God is our sword its our best weapon we also have to put all trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.. for the battle is not ours but it is the lords lean on his word and he will help and carry you through, you know in your heart they are not your thoughts , don’t let it have power over you; for greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world ! We have the power to overcome,

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