The 8 Different Ways the Holy Spirit Will Use to Communicate to Us

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In part 1, I explained to you How To Be Led By The Holy Spirit.

Now I will list the 8 different ways that the Holy Spirit will lead us and communicate to us in this life. So you can have all of them right at the top of this section, I will go ahead and list all of them in a bolded, numbered format so you can have all of them at a quick glance.

  • The Inner Witness – The Inner Knowing
  • The Word of God
  • Leadings
  • Check in your Spirit
  • Quickenings
  • Visions
  • Dreams
  • Prophecies

Again, I know some people freak out once you attempt to step into this kind of supernatural realm with the Holy Spirit. But this is where each Christian has to make their own choice as to whether or not they want to tread into these kinds of deeper waters with the Lord.

You can either learn how to do all of this with the Holy Spirit, or you can choose to let this supernatural realm go and just stay on the path that you are already walking on if you have never had any of this kind of activity before with the Holy Spirit.

Many of you will know exactly what I will be talking about below, as you have already stepped into this realm with the Holy Spirit and have learned how to play this kind of game with Him.

However, if this is all new to some of you because you have never been taught any of this in the churches you have been raised up in, then you will need to make a decision with the Lord as to whether or not you will want this supernatural realm opened up for you by God the Father.

If after reading the captions below you decide you would like God to open up this supernatural realm for you, then all you have to do is go direct to God the Father in prayer and ask Him to allow the Holy Spirit to become very active in any of these 8 different ways in which He uses to communicate to us.

Tell God that He has a solid, green light from you to open up this realm if it will be His perfect will to do so at your present level of spiritual development with Him.

If you put that kind of special request before God, then He will take you very seriously and He will then very gradually lead you into this realm and from there, the Holy Spirit will start to move in some of these different areas for you.

The Holy Spirit will also show you how to discern when it really is Him communicating to you as versus when it is just your own emotions or imagination talking to you.

Now I will take you into the 8 different ways the Holy Spirit will use to supernaturally communicate to us in this life.

1. The Inner Witness – The Inner Knowing

In my opinion, this is the number one way that the Holy Spirit will communicate to us in this life. Here is the specific verse where this piece of revelation is being given to us by the Lord:

  • “The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.” (Romans 8:16)
  • “I tell you the truth in Christ, I am not lying, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Spirit …” (Romans 9:1)

The first verse is telling us that the Holy Spirit Himself bears witness in our human spirit that we are children of God. And if the Holy Spirit can bear witness in our human spirits on that issue, then I believe He can also bear witness in our spirits with other things as well.

And then the next verse will prove that to you. The apostle Paul gives us additional revelation when he says that his conscience was also bearing witness in the Holy Spirit. In other words, the Holy Spirit was bearing a good witness for Paul in his conscience, which I believe is part of our human spirit.

The key word in these two verses is the word “witness.” The Holy Spirit is bearing witness to something in our human spirits. And what exactly is a good “witness” when we do receive one of these from the Holy Spirit?

Jack Hayford, in his excellent book, Hayford’s Bible Handbook, defines a witness or witnessing as the following:

Giving evidence, attesting, confirming, confessing, bearing record, speaking well of, giving a good report, testifying, affirming what one has seen or heard, presenting the gospel with evidence

The first verse above where the Holy Spirit is bearing witness with our spirits that we are saved lines up with some of the above definitions from Mr. Hayford such as confirming, attesting, confessing, and bearing record. In other words, the Holy Spirit is confirming in our spirits that we are saved and that we are now children of God.

When you really cut into this word as it is being used in the first verse above, another word for the inner witness would be that it is an inner knowing.

The Holy Spirit will transmit the knowledge He wants you to have on something as a strong, inner knowing.

I am sure you have all heard many people say, “I had a good witness on that pastor’s preaching today.” Some people say that the inner witness is a “knowing without any shadow of a doubt.” They will use the slang expression, “You know, that you know, that you know, without any shadow of a doubt.”

Other people call this inner knowing an illumination, an enlightenment. All of a sudden you receive supernatural illumination, supernatural enlightenment on what a Scripture verse may mean. I personally like the term, “inner knowing,” to best describe how the Holy Spirit supernaturally communicates to us in this life.

When the Holy Spirit communicates something directly to you through this inner witness, it will be a knowing without any shadow of a doubt. When you receive one of these for the first time, you will know that it has come directly from the Holy Spirit due to the strength and conviction of it.

After you start to receive these kinds of inner knowings from the Holy Spirit, you will soon learn how to discern when one is really coming in from Him, or when one is just coming in from your own natural imagination and emotions.

A true, inner witness from the Holy Spirit will come out of your spirit – it will not come out of your head, your imagination, or your emotions.

That will be the first “tell” that what you are receiving is coming directly from the Holy Spirit.

Some people refer to these inner witnesses as a “gut knowing or gut feeling.” How many times have you heard people use the slang expression that their “gut” was telling them what they needed to do, and then later on it turned out to be right. Those “gut knowings” or “gut feelings” are many of the times the inner witness from the Holy Spirit.

If you get a strong, gut feeling not to get on a plane, and you then decide to heed that warning and hours later that plane ends up crashing, then you know that gut warning was coming in direct from the Holy Spirit since you do not have the ability to see into the future like He can.

Many, many people have received those gut warnings not to do something specific, and many of the times, those gut warnings turned out to be 100% accurate, which again means that many of them were coming in direct from the Holy Spirit Himself.

My take on the above two verses is this:

If the Bible says that the Holy Spirit can bear witness in our own human spirits that we are saved and that we are truly the children of God – and He can also help out the apostle Paul on the issue he was dealing with where He bore witness with Paul’s own conscience, then this tells me the Holy Spirit can also bear witness with many other things in our life as well.

What I have personally found out in this realm is that the Holy Spirit will communicate knowledge to you through this inner knowing, through this inner witness. When you receive this inner knowing about something specific, you will not hear an audible voice or hear any type of inner words coming up on you.

What you will receive is just a good, clear, inner knowing on the message being transmitted to you.

For instance, say you have been meditating on a particular Scripture verse, but you just cannot seem to get the correct interpretation on what it may mean or how it can apply to your life.

And then all of a sudden one day, the Holy Spirit gives you a strong, inner knowing as to exactly what this verse means and how it can apply to your personal life.

What the Holy Spirit will do is transmit the interpretation of that verse through the inner knowing. All of a sudden you will “understand” what this verse means and you will then be able to “see” the true meaning behind the words.

This is supernatural enlightenment and illumination that the Holy Spirit can give you on many of the verses in the Bible.

It is His job to actually open up the meaning of Scripture for you so you can understand what you are reading and from there, how to get some of these incredible spiritual truths worked into your daily walk with the Lord.

And not only can the Holy Spirit communicate to you the meaning of certain Scripture verses through this inner witness – this inner knowing, but He can also do this on many of the other things in your daily life as well. He can give you strong, inner knowings on the following:

  • Who you should be marrying in this life
  • When you should take the next new job God will want to give you
  • How to solve any problems you may be having in school or at work
  • How to handle a problem or roadblock that may have occurred in your marriage
  • How to handle all of the problems that will occur if you have just lost your job
  • When to move in on someone to witness to them

There is just an infinite number of things that the Holy Spirit can communicate to you on so you can try and get through this life in one piece and try to handle all of the problems that may come your way.

Per our article on the 9 gifts of the  Spirit, two of the 9 gifts are the Word of Knowledge and the Word of Wisdom. And for the most part, we believe that a lot of these words of knowledge and wisdom will come to you through this inner witness, this inner knowing.

That is why it is extremely important that each Christian learn how to receive these inner witnesses from the Holy Spirit, so they can then receive actual communication from Him as to exactly what He wants them to be doing with some of the specific issues that will be occurring in their daily lives.

The Holy Spirit is called the Helper in the Bible, but He cannot help you with some of the things you will need help on unless He can first communicate directly to you on exactly what He wants you to do.

The ability to pickup up these inner witnesses, these inner knowings from the Holy Spirit will only come to you through a process of trial and error. Your mind will receive the inner knowing out of your spirit. And if it is truly from the Holy Spirit, then you can totally depend on it and from there, act on it if any kind of action will need to be taken.

2. The Word of God

The next way that the Holy Spirit will communicate knowledge to you is sometimes by giving you a direct verse from Scripture. All of a sudden, you will see a Scripture verse float up right in front of your mind’s eye.

And when you see this particular Scripture verse, you will see the meaning of the verse and how it will answer the particular problem or dilemma you may be dealing with.

The Bible is just loaded with an unbelievable amount of spiritual truths, and many of these spiritual truths will be the answer to many of life’s problems that we will all encounter.

And if there is a particular Scripture verse that will answer a problem you may dealing with, then there is a very good chance that is how the Holy Spirit will help you solve the problem – by giving you the actual Scripture verse that will solve the problem.

I cannot tell you how many times over the course of my life that the Holy Spirit will bring back up to my remembrance a certain Scripture verse that will solve or answer the problem I may dealing with.

I have actually come to the conclusion that if there is an actual verse from the Bible that will solve the problem, that will be the first thing the Holy Spirit will want to give you.

This is why it is so important for each and every Christian to spend as much quality time as they can in loading up their mind with the Word.

If you do, then the Holy Spirit can bring back up to your remembrance certain Scripture verses when you may need them because you have already done your part by getting the Bible verses “in you.”

3. Leadings

In addition to communicating a direct message to you, the Holy Spirit can also give you “leadings” on what to do and what not to do. Again, here is the verse that will show us that it is the job of the Holy Spirit to lead us in this life, along with another verse showing us that Jesus Himself was also willing to be led by the Holy Spirit when He was walking down here on our earth in the flesh.

  • “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)
  • “Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” (Matthew 4:1)

If God is telling us that we are to be led by His Holy Spirit, and then He shows us that His own Son Jesus was also led by the Holy Spirit, there can be no other conclusion to come to other than God wants all of us to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit in this life.

When it comes to these basic leadings, some people have different terms to describe it when it does come in on them from the Holy Spirit.

Some people will say I had a “leading” from the Holy Spirit to take that new job. Other people will use the terms “unction” or “prompting.”

They will say they felt or sensed an unction or prompting from the Holy Spirit to do something specific.

These leadings from the Holy Spirit can be anything from a very gentle nudging to something that could be much stronger.

When you get a real strong leading to do something specific, it will feel like God has His big hand on the small of your back pushing you forward.

You will feel the wind at your back to move in that certain direction.

You will feel or sense a very strong unction, a very strong prompting to move in that direction.

However, if God does not want you to move in that certain direction, then you will feel or sense no leading at all from the Holy Spirit.

When you think of moving in that direction, you will get a real flat witness from the Holy Spirit. There will be no inner witness to move forward.

You will have no peace to move in that direction. If that is what you are picking up when thinking about moving in a certain direction, then that is the Holy Spirit’s way of telling you to let it go and not to move in that certain direction.

Again, being able to pick up these kinds of leadings from the Holy Spirit is something that you will learn through a process of trial and error with Him.

After you have received quite a few of these leadings from the Holy Spirit, you can then become quite adept at being able to tell when a leading is coming in directly from Him or when it is coming in from your own natural desires and emotions.

4. Check in Your Spirit

In addition to the Holy Spirit leading you to go in a certain direction, He can also do just the exact opposite. He can tell you not to move in a certain direction, especially if there is going to be any kind of danger right around the corner. When He does not want you to move in a certain dangerous direction, many of the times what you will pick up from Him is a “check in your spirit.”

A check in your spirit is like a a stop sign being put up by the Holy Spirit. It is His way of telling you to stop right where you are at and not to proceed any further.

For instance, many people will get a check in their spirit when they are about ready to board a plane that is going to crash.

Some people will then heed that check and not get on the plane. Others will ignore it, thinking that it is their own natural emotions and fear and that it is not really coming in from the Holy Spirit.

That is why it is so vitally important that each Christian learn how to pick up these kinds of inner warnings from the Holy Spirit – so you can keep yourself from being seriously injured, if not possibly killed.

How many people have died in car accidents and plane crashes – all because they chose to ignore that check in their spirit not to get in that car or plane that day.

These checks in your spirit can also help prevent abductions, assaults, car accidents, plane crashes, taking the wrong jobs, marrying the wrong people, getting hooked up with the wrong people in this life, etc. As you can see, there can be an infinite number of situations where the Holy Spirit will tell you not to keep going in that specific direction.

Here is a very good verse from the Bible where the Holy Spirit did exactly that for the apostles:

“… they were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia … They tried to go into Bithynia, but the Spirit did not permit them.” (Acts 16:6-7)

This verse tells us that the Holy Spirit forbid them from going to Asia and Bithynia. And if the Holy Spirit was forbidding some of the apostles to move in a certain direction back in the beginning of the NT, then He can still do the exact same thing for all us in this day and age.

And one of the ways that He will let us know not to move in a certain direction is by giving us that check in our spirits.

The other thing the Holy Spirit can do in this realm besides giving you a good, strong, inner check in your spirit, is that He may take it one more step further and He may then start to churn your stomach.

Your stomach will start to churn, and you will feel like you have a million butterflies swirling around in your stomach.

You will get a very queasy and uneasy feeling about going any further in the direction you are looking to move into.

If the Holy Spirit takes that check in your spirit and moves it into an actual manifestation where He is literally churning your stomach, then it would be my very strong recommendation that you heed this kind of intense warning from Him, and immediately stop and turn away from the direction you were initially going to take.

I remember a girl I used to work with saved herself quite a bit of trouble as a result of heeding that check in her spirit when she was on vacation one day up in Canada.

About 10 years ago, she went on vacation to Toronto, Canada. Her and her friend were getting ready to get on a trolley type train car. Right before they were getting ready to board the train, she said she got a very uneasy and queasy feeling about getting on this train.

She said she had a strong check in her spirit not to board that train. Knowing that this could be a direct warning from the Holy Spirit, she chose to listen to it and decided not to board the train.

When they got home about 4-5 hours later, they turned on the TV and saw that the train they would have gotten on had been involved in a wreck on the tracks that were up in the air.

Apparently, the train somehow had got derailed and had partially come off of the tracks. It took 3-4 hours to finally rescue all of the people who were still on board. Several people were killed in the accident.

Had my friend not listened to that uneasy feeling and check in her spirit that the Holy Spirit was conveying to her, she would’ve at the least been stranded on that derailed train for 3-4 hours, not to mention the possibility of being seriously injured or even killed.

These checks in your spirit can be major lifesavers depending on what the Holy Spirit is telling you not to do. Again, this is another one that you will learn through a process of trial and error with Him.

As with the above other ways He will communicate to you, you can become quite adept in knowing when a check in your spirit is really coming in from Him, or when it is coming in from your own natural fear and emotions.

5. Quickenings

Another very interesting way that the Holy Spirit will use to communicate something to you is through an actual quickening. A quickening from the Holy Spirit is when He will “jump” something at you. For instance, if you are reading the Bible, you may find a verse or two that will jump off the pages at you and hit you right between the eyes.

Whenever the Holy Spirit quickens something like this to you, this means you are to grab a hold of it and examine it to see exactly what the message is that He is trying to convey to you. If you are dealing with a specific problem, He may quicken a verse to you that will help solve your problem.

You can also have words from preachers jump at you. You could be driving down the road in your car listening to a pastor teach on the radio when all of a sudden something he says jumps right out at you through the radio.

And again, when this happens, this is the Holy Spirit’s way of bringing you knowledge He may want you to have on something specific.

Another area where this could occur at is at your local Christian bookstore. You will be in the bookstore browsing all of the books in there when all of a sudden a particular book will jump off the shelf at you.

When that happens, there is a very good chance that is the Holy Spirit quickening that particular book to you.

If that should ever happen to you, you should pick up the book to see what it is all about.

There may be information in there that will help you in your walk with the Lord, and the Holy Spirit may want you to buy the book so you can add it to your storehouse of knowledge in the Lord. I cannot tell you how many times He has personally done this to me over the years.

And every time He does it, I always end up buying the book because there is key information and knowledge in that book that I needed to have for my own personal growth in the Lord.

I know many of you have had these kinds of experiences with the Holy Spirit. Some people will use the slang expression that something really “jumped” at them when they first heard it.

And in most of these cases, that word or message that was quickened to them by the Holy Spirit was something they really needed to hear at the time it happened.

Again, after you have received quite a few of these quickenings from the Holy Spirit, you can easily learn to sense and discern when it really is the Holy Spirit doing this for you.

Also, do not go “looking” for these quickenings to occur. Let them come naturally to you by the Holy Spirit.

6. Visions

The next three ways the Holy Spirit will communicate to you – visions, dreams, and prophecies – are all coming from this one verse out of Joel.

Here is the next verse that will completely set the stage for you on these next three ways the Holy Spirit will use to communicate something specific to us:

“And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions; and also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.” (Joel 2:28-29)

Notice that visions, dreams, and prophecies are all directly connected to the Holy Spirit Himself.

This verse is also implying that when He is really poured out, dreams, visions, and prophecies are going to be given to many of God’s people, not to just a few select saints. Many people believe that this outpouring has already begun, but that it will intensify in the coming years ahead.

In this caption, I will discuss the different kinds of visions you can receive from the Holy Spirit.

There are two basic types of visions that you can receive from the Holy Spirit.

One is called an “open vision.”

The other is called a “closed vision.”

A)  Open Vision – an open vision is when you receive a vision with your eyes wide open. Many of these visions will be in actual 3-D and if God should allow it, you can actually be a part of that vision itself.

John the Revelator was receiving these kinds of heavy, open visions when God was giving him visions on what was going to happen at the end of times. Some of the prophets in the OT also received these kinds of heavy, open visions.

But for the most part, they are very rare, and most Christians will never receive these kinds of open visions from the Holy Spirit. But please note, that could all change in the coming years as more of that verse from Joel starts to come to pass.

B)  Closed Vision – the second kind of vision you can receive from the Holy Spirit is what is called a closed vision. A closed vision is when you receive a vision in your mind’s eye. Another word for this is that you will receive a “picture in your mind’s eye.”

Though a closed vision does not seem to be as heavy or as dramatic as an open vision is, do not let that fool you. They are both visions and a closed vision is just as powerful and just as dramatic as an open vision is.

Though many people will never receive an open vision in their life, not so with the closed vision. The Holy Spirit loves to give these closed visions and He will do it quite frequently to those who will be open to receiving them, since a closed vision is receiving a picture in your mind’s eye.

Again, you will have to learn through a process of trial and error when a vision is coming in from your own natural imagination or when it is coming in direct from the Holy Spirit.

The reason the Holy Spirit loves to give these inner closed visions is because a lot more information and knowledge can sometimes be communicated to you through a vision or picture in your mind’s eye. You have all heard of the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

That saying right there perfectly describes why the Holy Spirit loves to give you these closed inner visions – because sometimes He can communicate a lot more knowledge and information to you.

However, these closed visions can come in on much smaller matters as well. For example, say you just lost your car keys and you cannot seem to find them anywhere in the house. What you don’t know is that your dog has just knocked them underneath your bed.

If the Holy Spirit wants to tell you where they are located at since He is called the Helper in the Bible, He can either give you an inner knowing, an inner witness to look underneath your bed, or He could give you an actual closed vision, with the vision showing you that the keys are lying right underneath your bed.

Many of the times, He will choose to give you that picture in your mind’s eye of where the keys are located.

What I have found from personal experience is that the Holy Spirit can give you these closed inner visions on very small and trivial matters like where you may have misplaced your cars keys at, to much larger and heavier issues in your life.

In other words, there is nothing He cannot give you a closed vision on to help you out with something, or if He wants to use a closed vision to communicate a specific piece of knowledge to you.

What you will have to learn on this is how to discern when a picture in your mind’s eye is really coming in from Him, or when it is coming in from your own natural imagination, since your own natural imagination has the power and the ability to draw up its own pictures in your mind’s eye.

One of the ways that you can tell when you are receiving a closed vision from the Holy Spirit is how it will come in on you. Many of the times these visions will come in out of the blue.

You may not really be thinking about anything specific or you are not using your own imagination to draw up any kind of picture’s in your mind’s eye. And then all of a sudden it will come in very quickly and very suddenly.

Another tell you will get when one of these is coming in from the Holy Spirit is that not only will it come out of the blue, but the picture you are receiving in your mind’s eye is not something that you would normally conjure up for yourself.

Sometimes these visions will need interpretation, other times they will not. But if you get a picture in your mind’s eye that comes in out of nowhere, and it is something that you would not naturally conjure up on your own, then examine the vision very carefully to see if it may be from the Holy Spirit and if you think it may be, try to interpret what He is trying to tell you.

Another tell that the Holy Spirit will give you so you know that the vision is coming in directly from Him, is that He will give you a good, inner witness that it is coming directly from Him, which is the first way I gave you above on how He will communicate something to you.

Again, you will only learn all of this though a process of trial and error with Him. After you have received quite a few of these closed inner visions, you can again become quite adept at discerning when a vision is coming in from Him, or when the vision is just coming in from your own natural imagination.

7. Dreams

The next way that the Holy Spirit can use to communicate something specific to you coming from the above verse from Joel is in your dreams.

In other words, you can receive a dream direct from the Holy Spirit. Another word for dreams is that they are “visions of the night.”

As you all know, the Bible has many examples of people receiving dreams from the Lord. God used an angel in a dream to tell Joseph to immediately flee to Egypt right after Jesus had been born, as Herod was getting ready to kill all of the first born.

King Nebuchadnezzar was given dreams on end time events, but he needed Daniel to interpret those dreams for him. Daniel himself was also given dreams and visions on coming end time events.

Dreams in your sleep are nowhere near as common as closed, inner visions are, but every once in a while God can give you a dream direct from Himself. So how do you know when you are receiving a dream direct from God, since psychologists have told us that everyone dreams every single night when they are sleeping?

I do not consider myself an expert on dreams. But there are several men in the body who are considered somewhat experts in this area.

Two of them are John Paul Jackson and James Goll. James Goll has written a very good book on dreams. The title of his book is, “Dream Language”. Another good book is, “Understanding the Dreams you Dream”, by Ira Milligan.

I personally have only had about 10 dreams from the Lord over a 20 year period. But what I can give you is what God does to me personally so I know that the dream is really coming in from Him.

The first thing God will do with me when He is giving me a dream from Him is the actual timing of it. I always get these God-dreams close to when I am getting ready to wake up. For instance, if I go to bed at 11 PM and I am going to be getting up at about 7 AM, the dream will be coming in between 6-7 AM.

The reason He does this with me is so the dream is basically right in my face right as I am starting to come out of that deep sleep.

The second tell I will get so I know that the dream is coming in from the Lord, is that the dream will not fade away from me once I wake up.

If you will notice, on most of the dreams you will have during the night, you will either have no memory of any of these dreams when you wake up, or if by chance you do remember one of them as you wake up, that dream will then fade away from you within the first 1-3 hours.

After the three hours is up, you will have completely forgotten about the dream.

But if the dream is coming in direct from the Holy Spirit, then the dream will not fade away on you. It will be as clear in your mind’s eye 6 hours later as it was when you first woke up. It will stay with you for days, if not forever.

If you wake up with a very strong, vivid dream being right in your face and you think it may be from the Lord, what I would do is grab a piece of paper and pen and write down what the dream was all about and if need be, draw actual pictures of what you saw in the dream.

Sometimes these dreams will need some kind of interpretation and you will need to carefully examine the dream to see exactly what God is trying to convey to you.

If God gave some of His people dreams back in the OT and NT, and we now have the above verse from Joel where God is telling us that once the Holy Spirit has been poured out on all flesh, that dreams from the Lord will become quite common, then you know this is one of the supernatural ways that the Lord will want to use with some of us from time to time.

So again, do not be afraid if you ever receive what you think may be a dream from the Lord. If God is giving you a dream direct from Himself, then there will be a personal message in there for you.

Your job will be to get it down on paper and carefully examine and analyze it for what that personal message may be.

As I said above, there are some men in the Body who are very good in this area. Some of them have written books on dreams and what certain things may mean in the dream.

I have never delved that deeply in this area, so I do not have the knowledge or expertise to tell you what every little thing in the dream may mean or represent.

For the most part with myself, most of the dreams I have had from the Lord have all been very straight forward.

God was either giving me a heads up on what was getting ready to come my way, or He was giving me a dream to help me solve a particular problem or issue I was dealing with at the time.

8. Prophecies

The third way God can communicate directly to you coming from the above verse from Joel is by prophecy. As we explained to you in our article titled, “The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” one of the 9 gifts from the Holy Spirit is the gift of prophecy.

The gift of prophecy is when you receive a direct word from the Lord. And when I say a direct word, I mean a direct word. Every word that you receive in the prophecy will be direct words from the Lord.

Since I have already talked about this gift at length in the above article, I will not go any further with it under this caption.

If you would like to see a good, detailed explanation on what this gift is all about and how God can use it with you,it is our part 3 of our series on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit called, The Gift of Prophecy.  This will be our explanation of what this gift is all about.


When you really study each of the 8 ways that the Holy Spirit will use to communicate to us in this life, every single one of these ways is a supernatural type of communication.

To think that we are able to receive the Holy Spirit in our human spirits at the moment of our conversions to Jesus – and then to add this kind of icing to the entire cake where the Holy Spirit can literally supernaturally communicate to all of us in these different ways – it just does not get any better than this!

Again, I know some pastors are afraid to open up this supernatural realm to their flocks, but when God the Father puts these kinds of specific verses in the Bible, then I can only come to the conclusion that God wants all of us to learn how to do this with the Holy Spirit.

If the Holy Spirit is going to be our personal Guide and Teacher in this life, then not only can He teach us everything we will need to know in this life so we can fully complete our divine destiny in the Lord, but He can also teach us how to hear directly from Himself in these different ways as well.

We can thus fully trust Him to handle all of us in this supernatural realm.

What I have found in this realm is that the Holy Spirit will only usually do this kind of supernatural work with the people who will really want it.

If this realm is just too scary for some of you, or you would prefer to stay away from it at this time, the Holy Spirit will respect your thoughts and wishes on this, and He will not try and push Himself or His ways on you.

This realm is basically for the real seekers, for the people who will want more of God and who will not be afraid to tread into these kinds of deeper waters with Him.

It is one thing to know that God and Jesus are up in heaven, but it is quite another thing to realize that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit can all supernaturally communicate to any one of us at any time They should want to do so.

God was always supernaturally communicating to His people back in both the OT and NT. And if God has not changed, and He is still the same today as He was yesterday, then this tells us that He still wants to supernaturally communicate to all of us in these same ways.

God does not change, nor does any of His ways. And if any of His ways are not going to change, then these 8 different ways that He has used in the past to supernaturally communicate to His people will still apply to all of us in this day and age.

It is now up to each Christian as to whether or not they will want to learn how to do all of this with the Holy Spirit.

Again, I know this kind of an article may end up being a bit controversial with some people – but with all of the above verses being so clear on exactly what God has set up for all of us to enter into, I felt I had no other choice but to put all of this out for you, and from there, you can each make up your own minds as to whether or not you will want God the Father to open up these different ways in which He still likes to use to communicate to all of us in this day and age.

If you haven’t read the part 1 already, How To Be Led By The Holy Spirit, I really recommend that you read that article as well.

If read that already, then you might be interested to learn How to Discern if a Word is From the Lord.


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  1. I believe this is happening worldwide. God is raising a new group of people. And I must say that I have never in the 40 years of my life felt the Holy Spirit the way that I felt Him in the end of February all the way up until the end of June and the beginning of July the Churning in my stomach eased up But it was constant for 4 months. Day and night. I went into a season of fasting and praying as I’d never experienced this before and reading my bible was so much clearer than it ever was. I understood better. It just was an amazing thing. And now I am going through some bouts of sadness as my family is in MEmphis andI am in Dallas…But I learned to Praise Him in the middle of whatever is going on. So I am trusting Him. It has yet to be revealed what the Check in the Spirit was but I trust the Holy Spirit with my whole heart and I know He can see things that I can’t. So I praise Him for that. Anyway just thank you for website and please keep being a vessel for the Lord.

  2. Wow, hearing from the Holy Spirit is the most paramount aspect of Christianity. Its also one of the most difficult things to do because bible says: “There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification.” (1 Cor 14:10). Nevertheless, the points above are very good but for more information about hearing from God, check out Dag Heward-Mills’ “The art of hearing”, it will sharpen your sensitivity in the spirit. Stay blessed!

  3. well articulated and simple

  4. Are there any verses that teach us to discern between the Holy Spirit’s voice and our own emotions or even demonic impressions?

    Plus, as far as relying on inner impressions, I do not see that in Scripture. Are we supposed to just “know” it’s His voice?

    • I truly know how you feel. It’s scary knowing that uou could bring in demons disguised as the Holy Spirit. What i have learned is any thing Holy… angles, Holy Spirit etc will say just that- ‘ I come in the name of God’. Plus a peaceful, knowing feeling. Demons are very good liars, so again I do know how you’re feeling. i will research and get back with you as well. God bless honey.

      • I went to a church I got a holly spirit I was crying out so load than it turned it to like a screaming I felt as as something was coming up from my stomach I was rolling on the floor crying and screaming at the same time I raped my arms a round my stomach but I was still floppin on the floor I never experienced this before my stomach was so tight and in pain and I was screaming this cry at the same time what does it mean

        • If you were in pain …you were not filled with the holy spirit. Sounds like you have a demon in you. Sounds like the demon within you was screaming because you were in church.

    • In my experience the flesh has to think..The spirit does not..That is why the bible teaches us to have good thoughts and read the word. It’s the same experience when we just same what comes to mind without thinking. When our thoughts are pure and our hearts are pure the spirit takes over and usually at the end I can’t believe that “I said that” it was awesome!

  5. I am really blessed by your piece and like the Bible says, “and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. I have learnt a lot from you today and I thank God for your life and continue to Bless us always with wisdom fromGod.

    God richly bless you with wisdom and knowledge so you can also be a blessing to his people.

  6. You have great insights .I read and have chosen to discuss this with you.
    Was filled with holy spirit , had a mild stroke in 2006/12. Went to Nairobi to
    “prophet” who professed to bring healing.turned out otherwise. Also at that time I was dealing with sin issues, trying to get pure washing repenting etc , at that point the control of the Holy Spirit in my life ended. I still speak in tongues but am not moved when prayed for. I do not respond to spiritual prayers , my prayers were no longer being answered. No dreams for direction etc,
    I have now purified myself as best I can, spend an hour praising worship and reading the word, daily repenting. Meditating on scriptures ,fasting etc
    I need a breakthrough and fresh infilling. Please advise’s 8 long years.

    • you cannt purify yourself. Must have your eyes focused on calvary on Jesus, this must be a continuous process. Only He can purify your spirit and soul.

    • May I add some words of wisdom.
      We can never earn salvation or anything that God gives us for that matter. It’s only His grace, undeserved, unmerited favor from God. He extends it to us because He loves us. The only way to truly know you are aligned with Him, is by faith. I encourage you to come to Him, with an open and honest heart. Come to the foot of the cross and lay it all down. Just like JJ said, Jesus has paid it all at Calvary. Sure fasting, and all of this is good, but works without faith is dead. JAMES 2:14-26, 1 PETER 5:6,

    • You are a spirit, have a soul and a body. Your spirit is perfect. Your soul must renew its mind. Your body can never be saved.
      Stop, for now, reading the old testament and read Pauls writings re the New Covenant ie what Jesus death got you.
      If you born again you are already righteous, Holy, sinfree, in Christ, highly favoured, the apple of Gods eye etc

  7. I really enjoyed this sharing of God’s Word.

    Please teach us the difference between Born Again and Saved.
    Are they two different moments in time according to
    God’s Word and the Holy Spirit’s teaching us the truth?
    Thank you,

  8. Tanks for this article. It has been helpful. I will like to have a teaching on discernment of spirits. It use to be very operational in my early years on conversion but I can hardly discern now maybe because I did not take time to develop it and I really love the gift and would want to have it back.
    Please I will be glad if you can help me with teaching on it.
    Tanks and God bless,
    Esther M.

  9. Great article! I love my relationship with the Holy Spirit! He is truly my helper!! I am a heavy dreamer, so many of my dreams have been lessons from the Holy Spirit on how to live the way God wants me to live. I have received direction, correction, destiny, purpose, love, and healings from my dreams. The Lord has surely brought me a long way from what in used to be! I have also grown so much closer to The Lord because of the work of the Holy Spirit in my life!

    Keep up the good work for The Lord!!

  10. Very good and inspired reading. I don’t know if I missed it but you did not mention about hearing the voice of God in an audible way. I would like to hear your take on this.

    • I agree. God would speak audibly to some. I had such an experience in my personal life . It’s amazing. It have never happened again but God chosen different ways communicating with us as he wishes

  11. An excellent article. It is refreshing. A question though; doesn’t God speak audibly? It glaringly missing in this article.

  12. I’m hearing many Christians say that they are led by the Holy Spirit.
    And yet, their words and actions are totally contrary to God’s Word.

    1 John 4:1 teaches us to try the spirits whether they be of God.
    The wheat and the chaff are both filling the same churches,
    but Christ will not let the chaff enter into God’s kingdom.

  13. Praise Jesus Christ! My redeemer, my benefactor and my friend. Thank you author for this article. Per my request to the Lord I have received an infilling which felt like subtle electricity flowing through my body. Then a few weeks later the Lord poured more of HIS Holy Spirit upon me. This felt like the Hoky Spirit rolling through me, but my body felt like it was lifted 5-6 inches from my bed and strong hands were gently holding the fists of my physical body. It was fine but then I got a tad bit nervous and said Jesus name. The Holy Spirit gently returned me back down the 5-6 inches back to my physical body and the hands released its hold. I say all this to say that the HOLY SPIRIT IS UP TO SOMETHING AND I’d like to know the spirit’s intent. Also note that I have been praising the Lord consistently with out missing a day first thing in the morning for 90+ days now, reading the word and having a craving for HIS knowledge wisdom and understanding. I believe I have been tasked to be the Lords handmaiden.

  14. 1) Thank God for giving u through the Holy Spirit the knowledge of 8 ways the Holy Spirit can communicate to us. 2) Why is it that it is only God the father and God the son that are been honoured and devotion given to them and no devotion to the Holy Spirit?

  15. it is wonderful to know that their are other men of God preacher about the end times. I was able to relate with your teachings cause that;s how it is done in my church in sierra Leone(christian Life Era Ministries Int”L) we had a teaching once meeting with God in the inner chamber its like inner witness may the good Lord continue to lead you according to the move of the holy spirit and I pray lives will be touched through your teachings.

  16. wonderful to read this article truly its a spirit ….. some force in us which moves to go forward, to have right judgment for oneself, sincere respect for humanity , and passion for God’s wonders to embrace only His contentment throughout over life….. God bless us all

  17. This is honestly the best website I have found for all kinds of information about the Holy Spirit, especially on the different ways he speaks to us. Whoever writes this stuff has a gift to teach. The information on this website is so clear and concise and packed full of information. I spend a lot of time on this website and I’m grateful for it.

  18. What a good read. It answered my question in regards to a fantastic dream I had approximately 4 months ago. I was in a long dark hallway and then line of fire shot down from the heavens and at the end of the hallway was a flamed figure sitting in a large throne type chair. Didn’t know what it was at the time, but after reading this article, I know it was the holy spirit. Haleluah, thank you father.

  19. Amazing! Just simply amazing!
    Thank you Father, Lord Jesus and the sweet fellowship of The Holy Spirit for using brother Chris to teach these things. My many years as a dumb Christian is over and a new active era
    is now ushered in. Here I’m Lord. Please send me.

  20. I thank God for directing me to this article…’s amazing how God works….when He wants to reveal His truth to us…Thank you brother for writing such intriguing truths about the Holy Spirit. Our Pastor has been sharing about this for the past few Sundays and felt in my heart to search deeper and understand more. I do not only want to know about the Holy Spirit but I want Him to be a part of my walk. Really blessed

  21. God bless you .I have learned about how to walk with jesus
    by the help of the holy spirit
    In fact am not a new bliver but I have been in many error in my coz I was not able to dicern his guide to me. And also I have ill will behavior. This led me to meet so much pain and regret in my life please me with prayer .I want to obey him but it is very hard for me to change my mind and leave my plans and do his plan

  22. This is happening to me right now…all of these. It can be scary cos I am always being bugged by the messages that I need to consider and analyze and deliver and people might think I am weird. But my senses are all tuned in. Can I talk to you?

  23. Hi, After I got saved about nine months ago, I experienced many of these types of communication with the Holy Spirit. However, I now believe, looking back, that He was convicting me of needing to have faith in Jesus because I the I Never Knew You Passage in Matthew scared me badly and as a result kept doubting, and speaking my fears to many people in an attempt to understand. The Holy Spirit was convicting me to Believe, but for whatever reason I was either resisting or just wasn’t “getting” it. I no longer feel the conviction of sin like I used to, except for the terrifying parts of Hebrews about falling away. This is my fear-that I’ve fallen. The last time I was convicted was three months ago. I read the bible, but nothing pops out like it used to, and I don’t hear things in a special way from other people like I used to. I feel condemned. I lost my job because of fears of eternity. I’ve prayed to repent, but I know repentance is from God. Every day, I seek the Lord, my heart feels hard. Please help…is there anyone else going through something similar who understands?

    • HJ it sounds to me like you are in a period of testing. Trust in the Lord’s saving work and focus on patience (waiting on the Lord).

    • Hi HJ, did you already hear an answer to your question?
      You need a better comprehension of the love of God and also about condemnation…
      Guilty is only to lead us to repent and after that you live with joy, not with fear of condemnation.
      I can explain you better… I you need.
      Blessings 🙂

  24. As my father in law lay dying in a hospital hospice unit, one night he had a vision. He would go from periods of slow labored breathing to moments of clarity. Only him and my wife were in the room when he sat up and demanded “Who are you sir? My wife told him there was no one there, but he continued, “Sir, what is your name? There was a long pause and he said, “So you have no name. I understand.” And it was over. We believe he was visited by the Holy Spirit. He shared many other visions on his journey to Heaven and left everyone in the room speechless because we all knew they were miracles. By the end of it all we all knew for sure there was indeed a Heaven and he is now there.

  25. Couple of months ago I had an “open vision”. My husband had a stroke in 2010 which left him debilitated with little speech. He got saved while laying on the floor struggling to live. I was told he wouldn’t take his first step or say his first word for at least a year. I asked God for a miracle to bring him home from the hosp. in six weeks walking and talking. In the first four weeks nothing happened, in two weeks God performed a Miracle, he came home walking and with spontaneous speech at the six week point. Hallelujah, God is good, but He’s not finished yet! Back to my open vision, I was sitting in church listening to my Pastor preaching when all of a sudden I saw my husband from the back, dressed in a suit standing in front of the alter. He proceeded up the steps then turned and stood in front of the podium, grasped his tie with both hands and straightened it, leaned forward to the mike and said, “I have a testimony”! At that point I almost lost it, almost burst into tears and had to tell myself pull it together, Pastor is giving a sermon! We left that church approx. 3 1/2 months ago. But, I know one day we will be making a special trip back there one Sunday and I will see the fruition of this vision. My husband knows nothing about it….Lol. My God is a God of Miracles!

  26. Wonderful! This truly was a God send as I’ve been grappling with a particular situation for a while & I literally “jumped” when I read about the “churning stomach” effect ! Whenever I get that feeling, I always call it the “washing machine” moment..!!!!

    God bless you for informing the Body of Christ on how to be ACTIVE listeners to what the Holy Spirit is saying. LAR

    • I too have these inner churning. I am new to this and would like to know how you get your answers. I ask a direct yes or no question and get my answer. Is this the holy spirit man’s spirit or Satan? I need to know. Because if this is the last one I don’t want it.

  27. I always have the same vision almost everyday for close to a year now and don’t know if it is coming from the Holy Spirit trying to communicate something to me or if it is the devil. This thing is troubling me because I don’t understand what the message is all about?
    In the vision I see faces of sinners doing bad things like smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, kissing, blood coming out of their mouths and other evil things. I see these visions each time when I wake up (at night or in the morning), this will normally take one to two minutes and then fade away. I don’t know if there is anyone there who can help me to interpret this thing because it is really haunting me.

    • Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit it will lead you. It is in the name of Jesus Christ all must be said. If Jesus Christ ain’t in it then therefore it’s not of God. Jesus Christ is the one and true God. There is no other name greater than He.

  28. tcklein
    I am not from a Spirit Filled church and have no training to explain the two week period of time that I was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit after praying for a year that I wanted more. It diminished after two weeks but never went away and has drastically affected my life. The stomach thing, the knowing, the stopping have all come, but it is so new to me. I appreciate the article it gives me understanding.
    There has been an explosion of the Holy Spirit in midwest united states with what the spirit is telling many of us that revival is imminent. Words supporting are coming from around the world. We anxiously anticipate the revival coming as witnessed to us by the knowledge. God has been building a team to prepare for the initiation of this great revival. I get to be part of it at some level with much yet to be understood. while dreams and visions are not new to you, they have been with us, and they are exploding. I expect to see great things soon.

  29. Thank you very much for this wonderfull teaching about the Holy Spirit,it is my heart’s desire that i hear him when he speakes,i have leant a lot from what you have taught about this subject.I am gratefull to the Lord for leading me to your website

  30. In end of 2014, my life hits rock bottom which I was looking for love through online dating website. I made so many mistakes and bad choices in life which I resigned my job thinking to be with someone I met online which in the end it was a scam. I was jobless and hopeless. I called out to all the God or Goddess I used to worship and I even called out to other God I can call their names including Allah and Jesus although I did not know them. I asked who was the God I used to talk to, I used to get angry with and I used to blame. If there’s a true God, please reveal to me. I carried on with life forgetting about what I had asked.

    In January 2015 I had a dream about a man in white robe and he took me to walk around the ancient city. I remembered seeing the man in white robe and his robe was so white and bright. I only looked at his hand but didn’t look at his face. I also saw few men in light brown robe walking behind us. I felt so calm and peaceful walking with the man in white robe. I woke up feeling good but I did not understand my dream at all. In the same month, I also dreamt about devil in my dream. The black transparent shadow in a well-built man form. He was touching me from behind. I felt something evil. I tried to wake up from my dream after I opened my eyes, I realized I can’t move my body. I shouted for help but there’s no voice coming out. When I managed to move my body I ran out from my bedroom then I saw the black shadow stood near my living room looking at me. It was the same evil one I saw in my dream. I shouted for help from my mom and sis. Then they opened their bedroom door then the shadow disappeared immediately. I opened my bedroom door and I couldn’t sleep although I let the light on until the next morning. I was so traumatized. I never encountered this in my life before. I thought it was ghost.

    3 months later in mid-April, one morning I asked God how long I have to wait to understand my life purpose. I suddenly thought of a college friend whom I didn’t contact for 16 years. I found her from Facebook. She invited me to church and I agreed to follow her as I was seeking for my life purpose. Before this, I approached numerology, astrology, tarot card reading, psychic medium to find out about my life purpose but it did not make me understand, it actually caused me to make so many bad choices and mistakes in life.

    After 2 Sunday services, I came home to look for a movie about Jesus Christ. I saw Jesus was wearing white robe in the movie and few of his disciples were in light brown robe then I suddenly recalled about the dream I had in January 2015. But I told myself not to be too emotional or jump to conclusion too fast. There was one scene when Jesus was standing at the mountain top then, Jesus began to shine with bright rays of light when God and Prophets Moses and Elijah appeared speaking to Him. I talked to myself that was the man I saw in my dream as his robe was so white and bright. But I tried to keep cool and reminded myself not to be too over excited.

    I watched the other half of the movie next day. I continued to watch without thinking too much about my dream but when the movie came toward the end, Jesus was carrying a cross to walk around the ancient city, I was stunned as I saw what I was seeing in my dream in January and I cried out very loud and uncontrollably. My mom and sis thought what was happening to me. I told them Jesus came into my dream and I was sure Jesus was the man in white robe who revealed to me in my dream then I was guided to church 3 months later. If I didn’t meet up with my college friend whom I lost contact with 16 years ago, I will not step my foot in DUMC and I will not bother to find out more about Jesus Christ. I also understand Satan does exist especially after Jesus Christ revealed to me in my dream, Satan also came to me. I went through few spiritual attacks and in all attacks I called out this:”In the name of Jesus Christ, I cast all the evil out” then everything back to normal.

    I never experienced all these before when I was still a Buddhist. I never been attacked like this not until I know the truth. I was attacked by snake in my dream 6 days before my baptism and testimony sharing in church. In the past as Buddhist I always dreamt of snake as my friend. I woke up to understand what Bible said about darkness where I used to live. I was guided to Myanmar mission trip in August 2016 n I saw a park a girl I dreamt before. I was shocked to finally understand why God failed my plan A which I wanted to go for leisure trip but I was guided to take up a course to prepare me for mission trip. God chose for me Myanmar instead of Nepal by making the Nepal trip full when I wanted to sign up. That’s why I was guided to Myanmar to be able to see a girl and a park I used to dream before. That was amazing. I was laughing inside my heart because of this experience. I will be going to Manila in February 2017 following Pastor Bill Wilson to the slum. I also prayed for this chance before I know Jesus. I want to know my life purpose and to glorify God. Can anyone tell me about what I been through and how can I fulfill God’s plan? There are many things God has done to show me after my baptism in November 2015. Please share with me if there’s any Christian who knows God by heart and experience. Appreciate.

    • I also had vivid nightmares when I started getting closer to God, I was being bitten every night in my dreams, by different evil people, I would wake, unable to move and terrified. I would finally be able to barely croak out “In the name of Jesus begone!”. Very scary. Finally I started praying for God to send his spirit to watch over me while I slept and the nightmares went away. God is good.
      I began to feel a desire to have God use me. I want to follow Jesus, really follow him. So I started praying before work every morning, the same prayer. I would tell God, Here I am. letting him know I’m ready. I did this for awhile, then, he did start to use me. It’s wonderful and amazing. Just keep praying and asking him to use you. Even the little ways are huge. Ask him to open your eyes, and see everything he can do. God bless you.

  31. To me this is a miracle, because in this week from 19th march-26th March 2017 am praying and fasting to get a relationship with the HolyGhost , so He can totally be activated in my entire life permanently, am believing He is the one who has lead me to this site and am very grateful for all explanations about Him here on this wonderful site , Jehovah is awesome and loving , thank you Jesus Christ. Blessings .

  32. So, the Holy Spirit filled me in January, just a few months ago, and I admit it was a bit terrifying. I did cry a bit and have subsequently become more emotional about everything. I am a bit of an amateur scientist, so I have been trying to analyze what he is doing to me. I feel the butterflies in my stomach a lot, right below my sternum. They are probably from the adrenal glands releasing hormones, maybe. I feel the heat from my stomach and sometimes that and the butterflies make it hard to sleep. I believe the heat is beta-endorphin’s, also released from the endocrine system. It is and continues to feel really weird, I say that word a lot these days. Oddly, I was filled right after I had a scientific eureka moment and figured I was going to be rich, super models, Italian sports cars, etc… God made it clear to me, after 30 min of raving, that it wasn’t I that was being ‘creative’ but it was him, so don’t plan on any super models anytime soon. I never completely understood what the Holy Spirit/helper does to help us until I experienced him first hand. Praise God for choosing an idiot like me! He has some work for me to help my local church, hopefully he has more work for me. No idea. I have been trying to guess his plan for me since the ‘filling’ and no success. Just trust and obey.

  33. This is what I’ve learned so far. I have been on a journey with the Holy Spirit throughout my life. I’m finding the Holy Spirit will spend a lot of time grounding you in a sound mind and lessons in discernment. The Holy Spirit doesn’t just use the bible. I do not have a “church” background so I am not hung by legalism or misled by societys pressures. I feared this process and ran from it by doing drugs. The process is ardous. I’m finding I am alone on my journey. I can’t ask other people. You just sound nuts or they think you are just seeking attention or something. The Holy Spirits relationship to you is unique I guess. Just hang in there. It’s tough even making it to work somedays when the spirit is teaching me but I find I have the strength to make it through the day and each day and I get a little stronger developing bother mentail and physical stamina. The Holy Spirit works on body, mind, and soul and it’s alot of work getting this all together. That’s all I have to add for now. Of course the Spirit will fill me some more but I don’t think I will be back to add more. Good luck everyone. Peace, joy, and love.

  34. I am going through this as well but I think that the people should be aware that the devil also communicates this way making it feel like a war inside you at times . I can only pray to God that I hear the true meaning for my soul.

    • When God speaks to us there is peace, a clear direction, and in my experience when I cannot hear him well there will be conflicting information, this usually means God is telling me to “pray for it, don’t make a decision on your own judgement, seek me and I will guide your heart”
      Even when it feels contradictory to common judgement, when something is from God there will be no doubt and no fear and no emotional reactions. A feeling of Peace is the difference.

      • I agree w you 100% Satan tries to manipulate us and sends false signs so I pray for him to go back to his He’ll and I also pray for the armor of the Lord for all my loved ones and even people I don’t know to be protected from the demonic attacks that have really wore me thin mentally . Also the more we blogs in the good and Jesus the more we will be tested and Satan messes w us . Pray for Wisdom … ty for this article and all the response . In Jesus name , amen . That’s also how I end prayer ALWAYS.

  35. They say I have mental disorders but I believe it to be the holy spirit. I felt his presents even while reading this. I have had inner visions dreams and everything link up and make sense to me through the holy spirit messages and signs. Everything makes more sense now that I have read this thank you and thank god.

  36. This is sooo amazingly beautiful. God has started His Wil in me.
    I have a differe t kind of question and wonders.
    Two nights ago…. I have felt simething gently pressing on me from behind my back as I was sleeping on my side.
    It covers me from my shoulders to the back of my knie… and i could not move….shout or call out Jesus Name for help…for a view seconds I was hopelessly num.
    It scares me and now I can not sleep. Please advise me what to do here.
    God bless

    • Sonja, thanks for sharing. You may a spiritual attack in your dreams. When it happens again simply call in the name of Jesus. It will go away in the name of Jesus. I have such experience a number of times.

      • It is a spiritual attack rebuke it in the name of Jesus cast it into the pit of hell. Reciting Psalms 91 and Ephesians 13-17 helps.Play anointing prayers songs and scriptures at night and during the day. Anoint your home.

  37. Thank you for sharing this amazing lecture about the holy spirit…. I am 37 yrs old, and for the last year God’s spirit has been talking to me and “showing” me the future…. I had no idea it was happening …! I just prayed to God to give e ” wisdom” and asked him to “please use me” to help others….” i asked him to come to my heart and filled me with his holy spirit….!” and then things started to happen! here are some experiences the lord’s spirits helped me see.
    – The holy spirit came into my heart one night and told me my husband was going to crash and have an accident…So almost immediately at that moment i started praying for my husband’s protection…. 10 mins later my husband called that he had an accident crashed our car and absolutely nothing ! happen to him…

    – As i was caressing my older Dog…. I thought came to heart and mind and said” one of your dogs will die”…. But I thought it was my mind! so i only tried to hug and care for my dog as much as i could …..he died two days ago …. Somehow even though i miss him…I am in peace that the lord helped me to be kind and loving to my dog because he was going to leave me.

    – When I was 15 yrs…. I “escape” from French class and left with my friends to the beach to “hang out”….while in my bike heading towards the beach…. I heard a “voice” whisper in my ear…or thoughts and said: ” Go Back !!! Go back! something is going to happen! Go back ! ……. I did not listen….i saw my mom’s car heading towards me on the other side of the road, got so scared she will be mad at me …i turned around quickly and without checking if there was any ca coming behind me i turned around and I got hit by a car! “….

    – When I was 12 yrs old…. I was getting ready to go to sleep and as i was finishing my prayers…a “thought” which was the holy spirit said to me ” look behind your pillow ! quickly ! get up!…..and there under my pillow it was a HUGE scorpion…..

    The Lord and its spirit have been protecting me for years….. I gave my life to my lord Jesus when i was like 10 yrs old… and without knowing the lord has been protecting me….

    I have many more stories… but I dont have the time right now to keep writing about it….

    May the Glory be to our God, the Lord Jesus Christ!!

    • Thanks for sharing your life experience with the unexpected events that would have caused and has; some misery. Has it ever crossed your mind, that it was not the Holy Spirit, instead, was actually your Guardian Angel who heard your prayers regarding your husband. And for the beach bike ride and pillow incident (voice warnings – again from your Guardian Angel)? These three incidences had to do with injury, which your Guardian Angel was assigned to protect and prevent you from experiencing. Are you confusing your Guardian Angel with the Holy Spirit? It’s only a question…

  38. A few months ago, I had what you just described as an open vision! I was wide awake, standing in my kitchen when it happened. My surroundings were the same but all of a sudden a man I worked with was standing in front of me. It felt just like real life. We didn’t speak. He looked into my eyes with so much love and I even felt how warm his hand was when he placed it on my face. He innocently kissed me once and we smiled at each other then I came back to reality, totally astounded by what had just occurred. I’d say I made it up in my own head if it happened while asleep but I was wide awake, standing up! I’d just gotten home from work! Leading up to this, I had been praying quite a bit for God to show me who my husband would be. I never thought he’d show me like this! I secretly hoped it’d be this person ever since we first met! Now I know without doubt why I always felt so connected to this person I barely know.

  39. Does any one else experience music like a different chorus in your heart in the wee hours? The brief song usually matches the circumstances I am in. This started for me over six months ago. It is a beautiful experience and supported by scripture. I feel this is for comfort and confirmation. I have had it once during the day but mostly at night when it is really quiet. The first few times I had to figure out I was not remembering a song. It plays deep in your heart. No one in my life ever told me about this. I have all the other occurrences except for “open visions”. Only our God could be this awesome!

  40. Thank you for your enlightenment! I have always wondered how Christians understand how they communicate with God and the concept of the Holy Spirit.

  41. I had some kind of vision or something I cant explain. It was actual words i heard and I am not sure should i believe it or not. The voice telling me to tell my pastor at church that,( there are still hurdles he has to cross but I am already at the finish line waiting for you. Focus on me and your goal it is already done). What does this mean and do I tell my pastor? Also i understand fully when people speak in tongues but i myself cannot speak in tongues. How s this possible?

    • Rene

      You may find your answer in 1 Chronicles 12. Also speaking in tongues is vanity without someone to interpret what is being spoken.

    • Thanks I have been praying for God to talk to me verbally cause I am interested in prophecy and I am pleased to say that I have had opened and closed visions as well as dreams and jump out of the page and also my pastor shared jis dream with the congregation which happened to be about an orange sky same day I had a dream about an orange sky and his was the answer God wanted me to hear to give me the affirmation I needed.

  42. Thank you so much for this piece. It was thourough, informative and encouraging. I have experienced some of these things, especially closed visions, but never knew that they were classified like this. It makes so much sense. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  43. On July 30, 2016 I was visited by a white dove that stayed in my garage for exactly 7 days. I fed her and provided clean water during her stay, and I would leave the garage door open for some periods of the day so it would have the opportunity to leave if it decided to do so. At night, I would close the door and leave a light on in the garage so it could find her way to the food and water. It flew away a couple of times, but then it returned to the garage. After 7 days, it flew away and did not return.
I didn’t give the incident much spiritual thought until I realized that during that same period, something made me finally seek medical attention and see a Pulmonologist for a nagging cough I had for years. It turned out that it seemed to be caused by the use of Ace Inhibitors (Lisinopril) and also a diagnosis of Pulmonary Fibrosis. I don’t know which caused my condition, either the Lisinopril (my cough nearly disappeared after stopped taking the Ace Inhibitor) or the Pulmonary Fibrosis (a potentially deadly disease). My Dr. put my on Esbriet to treat my Fibrosis, and contrary to the usual prognosis, my lung functions improved, much to mine and my Doctor’s surprise and delight. I also embarked in a program of weight loss and exercise, as well as changing my diet to a healthier one.
I don’t think the dove’s visit was a coincidence*, and I have now connected the dots and believe it was a visit from the Spiritus Sanctus (as we called him in my early Childhood prayers in Argentina), to jar me into seeking help.
    * As Albert Einstein once said: “Coincidences are God’s way of staying anonymous”

    • For two days in a row. A bald eagle came to a tree and rousted on dead branch near our deck. Came around 8 o’clock and was there about an hour and a half both days. I moved about on the deck went inside for my binoculars he turned his head to watch but was so still until the second day a little squirrel chased him away. I felt so blessed by his presence.

  44. thank you Holy Spirit now I know that’s its you. When I was about to give up , you give me something a picture in my mind to hope for to believe on something that all things are possible . And your pushing me forward and can’t stop it, I’m fighting with my own self but I follow you , you gave me peace , I really believe in Holy Spirit they will really help you

  45. I am so very grateful that GOD chose you to right this article for people like me!! This has been a major breakthrough I have so been searching for and you have provided me with the answers I have sought after!! I believe I am coming out of a mind-control situation and I have been in a spiritual warfare for 27 months so I am trying to grasp things all over again!! Thank you so very, very much!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!❤

  46. This article has made clear to me what I have experienced all my life, but couldn’t understand; and just dismissed important help from the Holy Spirit.

  47. My name is James. I had a physical encounter I do not know what to call it but I received a glimpse through a powerful physical revelation by the Holy Spirit. God physically revealed Himself to me in prison. At an altar a man prayed with me and touched me and began laughing uncontrollably while praying. Something forced my face to the floor and began pulling tears out of my face from the pits of my stomach. I had bruises on my knees from the weight pushing me into the floor. The man praying afterward told me that the Lord was zealous with me and to read Acts 2 and to “get ready” I then was touched on my eyes an hour or so later and God allowed me to see unconditional love and compassion to a group of people I was looking at in prison with a strong urge to go to each one of them. I felt complete purpose for the first time. I then saw a man with long hair (like light) applauding in the blacks of my eye lids like the image was burned into my eye lids. I felt Gods pleasure with me at the altar then I saw and felt Gods pleasure with his children who were lost. I then had 2 dreams and have never had dreams like that before or since and I still remember them very clearly to this day. 1 was healing someone and 1 was casting out a demon from someone.
    I do not walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit like I was shown, but I am also not yet fully equipped in the word and I believe as I continue to seek more will be revealed but also power will be given. I struggled with anxiety depression addiction. Lost but with good intentions to Gods people. I am an encourager, I have sympathy for people who struggle with the attack’s of the devil and can’t stop doing the things of the flesh.

    • This is truly amazing I think the holy spirit guided me to read this article today as I myself had a similar Dream to yourz of casting out a demon just this morning thank you James and to the person who wrote the article God Bless you

    • I have been spoken to & see spiral realms within the clouds on a regular basis… I heard the word Matthew & I have many photos of what I think is related to end of times… also had an in&out of body experience in my sleep

    • Brother thank God for your life. you are privileged to have encountered Jesus and the holy spirit personally and almost physically. This shows that God is really interested in you to reach out to people.
      God want to manifest his power in you, for you an d through you to the glory of his name.

      Dont be discouraged because of your short coming. Don’t see yourself. if you keep on looking at your faults you will get frustrated very soon but when you focus your eyes and mind on Jesus, He will will give you the strength you need to overcome those weaknesses.

      Read 2corithians 3:17-18, hebrew 12:1-3, 1corinthains1:29-31, romans 7:20-27.

      the above scriptures will help u overcome those weaknesses.


    • Good morning James Eldridge -To God be the Glory! James its a process and believe me the Lord is going to finish in you what he started. James your story touched me so, prison, addictions and helping others, the weighing down that you felt Ive felt it before at the first funeral I spoke at. Im up tonight and felt I wanted to know what it means when the Holy Spirits moves in you when just talking to someone. I thank the Lord for not leaving us comfortless, Im so thankful for this encounter on this morning with this message. James thats my grandpa name and Eldridge I remember Eldridge watch….Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. I see that the Lord has had favor on you, James you have a mission to complete. Let the Lord use you! James you cant do it the Lord has to deliver you from your addiction. Jesus said those who call on me shall be saved. Call on him James high an all I know you high are feeling different your spirit is waring AGAINST your flesh. The Lord says Ask and it shall be given, seek and yeah shall find, knock and it shall be open. Thank the Lord for his promises James. May the Lord continue to save you and bless you and anyone connected to you Great Man of God!!!

  48. Thanks for this great information I received from this traning,I will do my best and our God shall perfect the rest in Jesus name.

  49. This Article is very refreshing and I am delightful to see it!
    Do not mean to sound sarcastic ,but a true person of faith.
    Can not express ,the joy is brings me spiritually.
    To find an article, from a person who is faithful and loyal to God.
    Spends a lot of time before him with Praise and Worship;
    Separating yourself from among the rest,
    with lots of prayer.
    In return for your dedication ,loyalty and consistents
    Ears have not heard, eyes have not seen the hidden treasure God has shown you!
    God Bless you!

  50. Dearest bro. Mike,

    I am from the remotest village in India. You wouldn’t and cannot imagine, how your teaching materials are being blessed to such a remotest part of the world. It is as if, you have visited our village and spoke in our Church on this topic.
    BIG THANKS and kudos to you my brother. May God use you more to share more resources to the body of Christ. God bless.


  51. How wonderful is this! I woke up this morning remembering a most vivid and audible dream where the Holy Spirit was commicating a message through me to my Brothers and Sisters at a fast food eatery on a late night. The words which flowed from my lips amazed me. The Eloquent message telling these people how EVERYTHING GOOD AND PERFECT comes only from God…and to give Thanks and Praise EVERDAY …and that CHRIST is in each and everyone of us… and to not resist your own journey.. I cannot recall many dreams in my 55 years. But this one had such clarity. I have been Blessed more than I deserve. I have a wonderful family and a successful business which started from a prayer on my knees shortly following a job loss. That business has opened up hundreds and hundreds of relationships. I have suppressed using this business as a foundation for his work. But I realize now that his work is already in progress. I came across your “8 ways” while trying to decipher this vivid early morning dream. Thank you for guiding me to perspective. This “read”was by no means “accidental”. Praise Be to God and Many Blessings to all who read this.

    • Awesome Steve! I had a dream that had a meaning to it that I didn’t understand at first, but the Holy Spirit came to me and shown me and has started to give me many many scriptures, where as to they are sermons, and I had been “set apart” from my brothers and sisters for half a year now in some areas, and much longer in others, but it is right on, the message is there and it is truly from him, that all things work out for his good, there is no darkness in him, and he is the light of all men. He’s calling us out and opening up our spirits so he can talk to us more. I was taken out of church, which I love, so he can talk to me and help me, overcome, so I can help others. It’s awesome he moves us and changes our lives. It’s turned into over 3,500 words (with scriptures) he’s given me almost daily and it started when he told me that I’d see a police officer at Six Flags, and I did and these scriptures come pouring in and I never been the same. Truly, Enlightened by the Holy Spirit with his words and promises. I’m 36, and I never had a pastor mentor, and I had to learn Jesus in a new way, and ever since it’s been amazing and it just started in October

      • Very nicely stated. The manifestation of God operaitng in us by His Holy Spirit. We serve an awesome God. His supernatural powers is super real. Your message was down to earth/ easy to understand and very encouraging.

  52. Good morning sir, just woke up from sleep, I had this dream but I can’t vividly remember, but while I was sleeping, I was physically waking up to itch my Palm. But before I slept i prayed and cried to God for help, because am really facing a hard time in medical school.
    Does it mean when one cannot remember their dream it not from the Holy Spirit?
    Is there a way one can remember?

  53. God is revealing a lot of things in my life but in many more ways than this. I am able to see and hear Angel’s and spirits but also demons. I’m struggling with being able to discern the two and figure out which way the Lord is trying to lead me. The visions I see are able to be recorded. The angels I see have been caught on camera and also the demons. So it’s not just me that can see them I am just able to point them out before others see them. My walk with God isn’t the strongest but I’m working on it. I know I have open some doors in my life and now my home has more demonic spirits than good. I feel like the lord is pushing me to take my son and leave my home, but I also feel like God is mighty and all powerful I should be able to stay he will defend me. I’m searching for answers in the bible and everywhere. I hear good spirits say megan please get out of here now. But Idk if its trick of devil. Please help..

    • If I were you, I’d start praising the Lord. Praise Him all throughout the day. “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”

    • I am going through the exact same thing!!!!!! I can hear them but I cannot discern them. And I feel like I need to leave my home but when I pray, God comes through for me. I have nowhere else to go so I have to stay and fight. I just keep Gospel music on my t.v and read psalms. I also decree and declare protection over the enemy. You are in a spiritual warfare. The demons are attacking you because you have the seal/remnant of God. They have been waiting for you since birth. You can either cling onto God or die. Pretty much. This happens when the devil finds no use for you and spits you out. So all you have is God to lean on for protection. God is stronger than the devil but we all fear the devil more anyway which is so weird of us. The moment that you let go of God, then you die spiritually. And when that happens, it is easier for you to get into car accidents, injuries, etc. Your light around you is completely turned off when your spirit dies and you need that light to protect you in the darkness. FOLLOW HIS 10 COMMANDMENTS and you will live long. Start reading proverbs.

  54. I now love to study the bible, before I was just a reader of his word. Let me get to my dream of 2 nights ago. I had a dream where my mother (who is deceased) touched my ears and a lot of noise and smoke came out. But the weird thing is I cursed her out for doing that. And the even weirder thing is I respect honor and obey my mom so what gives? I would never curse at my mother or father. Please note I was raised in the church both parents took me.

  55. Don’t know where the first mission went oh well here goes again. About two nights ago I had a dream about my late mother who in this dream touch my ears and a lot of loud noise and smoke came out but the weird thing is I cursed her out for doing so and even weirder is that I love respect obey and honor my mother and I was raised in the church with both parents what gives? Please note that I used to be a reader of the word and now I love to study his word

  56. I just want to thank you so very much for your wisdom of the holy spirit, you have well written in words and explained it very well, which i had a problem in doing so myself. this has just enforced what the holy spirit told me to do and go and find it, i am not totally sure and understand it all because it will come in god time to understand it, for he is the only righteous one. again thank you and i am looking forward in reading the gift of prophecy…. you are very bless, as well as i and i will always be thankful to god with awe for he is my maker, for fortress and my strength, amen. such enlightenment can be so overwhelming and such sufferings in learning of the supernatural realm is so worth it because it brings me closer to god which is what i live for. again thanks

  57. I have read your Articles about the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will lead, guide, and direct you in life. Listening to the Holy Spirit is awesome and believe the Holy Spirit will help you in life also. Your Article was amazing and so true. It really fit my under-standing about the times I wake up every morning around 5 am. Your Article was clear, understanding, could not explain it any better, and down to the core. I appreciate your work with the Lord and the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for the reading and knowledge ment. Thanks again.

  58. Landing on this page was truly Holy Spirit led.I thank God for the author.I used to read about the Holy Ghost but somehow got lost in the midst of being able to put it into daily practice.I now understand that the Holy Spirit has always been there I simply just had to learn to connect and communicate with and work through Him.
    May God continue to use you more to enlighten His flock .This article truly brought light to me ! Thank you so much.Stay blessed!

  59. Thank you much for explaining the 8 ways The Holy Spirit communicates with us.
    I searched because lately as pray because going to bed there some sort light that comes in closed eyes as if I’m about to be shown something. But then it vanishes. But last night I prayed so hard and I ask God to tell me what is wrong with my husband, because he gets angry quickly and his facial expression changes and he friends me. He reminds that there’s no know real love left for me like he use to for last 4 to 5 years. Married for 39 years this year. I asked God to fix him or me or break the curse. I told God I wanted my husband back.
    All of a sudden a very beautifully, truly clear picture formed before eyes. I shocked me really because it was one of my husband setting on side of the bed in underwear and tank sleep shirt as he always does before getting up. But the image of someone smaller walked in front of him from left to right wearing a gray hoody. There was darkness where the face should have been and my husband face was not clear either. No doubt it was him though.
    The picture vanished quickly but still unforgettable.
    I don’t know what this means non other than maybe my husband is being tormented. I love him but afraid for him and us. He’s been a great man for the most.

    • I forgot to mention that my husband is retired loves to cook and we have created a catering business. I am not retired, but helps extensively with the business. I do it all the paperwork and service the customers as well . So the both of us continues to work all the time. There’s no outside of the home entertaining us time. Simple conversations get to go out or maybe the conversation is about one of our adults sons being silly like his dad will set him off to be highly aggressive and uncompromising.
      I get edgy whenever we have conversation.
      When spoke to GOD IN PRAYER, I saw that vivid picture that was somewhat evil and frightening.
      I’ve crying asking God what has He shown me? Will I get my husband back or is it time to leave.
      GOD can fix all things…

      • Dear Joan
        I also am searching for answers.
        I read your post and want you to know that i am praying for and your husband.
        If God has shown this hooded figure to you i believe that you should listen.
        I believe in God the Father and I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that God will use the Holy Spirit to help you to understand a bit more clearly as to what is happening on a spiritual level.
        Your husband and your marriage is under attack.
        Satan wants to draw you away from God.
        Dont let him.
        Support and love your husband with the love that Jesus Christ showed us.
        Get involved in a community that will support you and your prayers for a meaningful marriage.
        I pray these words give you peace and I pray you fall into Gods arms for strength during this time.
        Communicate gently with your husband and show him the love he so desperately needs right now.
        May God protect you and keep your family safe.

      • Joan…. That dark figure trying to hover over your husband is satan who is working something either within or making your husband go in the wrong direction. Pray hard pray in the spirit and destroy the evil forces. I once was praying for my niece I saw a hooded dark figure tall figure hovering behind her. I prayed hard that day and dint tell her about it I jus asked her to pray for God’s protection nd plead the blood of Jesus upon her nd her family as I dint wanted to scare away the poor kid as she was new to Christ. After a few days wen I prayed for her again I did not see the dark figure I cud see an angel protecting her. This all happens while I was holding her hands nd prayed for her and their family specifically. Don’t be discouraged call into the Lord in truth nd spirit nd He will destroy the evil forces around u. Peace to u in Jesus name. Amen.

  60. I feel it is an honor and blessing for the Lord Almighty to think so highly of me to reveal his powers through the works of the Holy Spirit and to teach me how the Holy Spirit communicates to those who love HIM.

  61. I just want to share what happen to me yesterday when my husband and I were at the church. I was crying while the commentator was reading the scripture. The scripture was about how Jesus was arrested, betrayed, denied and crucified. I felt like I was there, I felt like I saw everything and felt every sufferings of Jesus. Tears keeps on rolling from my eyes. I calmed myself right before the communion and started to cry again as soon as I kneel down and pray. While I was praying, A cold wind passes between me and my husband. At first, I thought it was a wave from a fan (the church has no fan it has a centralized aircon but you won’t feel that wind effect).Then I asked my husband if he felt that cold wind, he said no. That’s the time I realized, It was the Holy Spirit. And I was shivering while keeping myself calm from crying. It was not the first time that I felt the Holy Spirit but yesterday was different.

  62. I thank God I thank God for everything that you’ve told us about no one would ever believe me for some reason but I know what you are saying I have testimonies that are unbelievable I thank God so much for you in Jesus name amen

  63. thank you!!! i really related to everything especially the conversion part. people think because they gave their life to christ, and got saved that he automatically opens up the holy spirit to us, and they come up with all kinds of things and that DOES NOT, work like that god said we are to take up our crosses DAILY, to follow him. just as i am up at 3am reading this now.

  64. Really…I have encountered the holy spirit a of times, but there’s this money issue have been inquiring of him about, I don’t know what to do, I’m shattered, sometimes I might be Praying and he tells me to forgive my dad, d more I do that, d more something else comes up, my school fees is due, I just want him to tell me how to fix things and be at peace with myself

    • Don’t loose faith. There has been seasons in my life when it was as though he was intentionally silent about specific things I needed him to attend to, however, I would still hear him speak about a whole lot of other things. This bothered me alot but after quite a while and after that phase, the issue was solved and I realized there was something he actually wanted me to experience. It might be that God is teaching you to learn to trust in him(the kind of trust without borders that will launch you into greater dimensions of faith). Lastly, make sure you see God in all areas of your life, both the good and the bad, for he uses them all as instruments to mould us into the exact image he wants us to have.

  65. Awesome to everyone that has had the Holy Spirit experience! I, too have sensed the wind of the spirit and saw Jesus in a dream. I also had an angle encounter and have been touched on my face soft as a feather !

    I have been hovered over by a strong force like the feeling of a large bird, knowing in my spirit that it was an angle. I felt gushing wind and could hear the wings. Halleluia to everyone that encountered the same experience. It’s awesome to testify! Be kind and love one another. Your reward will be in heaven. God is so pleased with all who honors him and he delights in us and gives great favor! God bless everyone today and forever. Amen!

  66. Thank you for your articles about the Holy Spirit. I’ve been reading them lately. Mostly are confirmations and assurance that I am somehow in the right track.

    Just that part in the churning of the stomach and like fluttering butterflies. Does it always mean No? Because based on experience, they are like part of “labor pains” especially when seeking and praying. There was a season in my life where I was seeking for an answer from God and throughout the day I would experience this labor-like pain for short time. I saw the pattern that whenever I feel this I would ask God the verse he wants me to read and I would be reminded of a verse and then read it and it is exactly the answer I needed. It was too direct to the point that it included the exact location of where we were to go and at some point it included my husband’s name which we never even expected to be in the Bible. It was an awesome experience and now, that’s what I do during those labor pain experiences. I either pray or keep reading the Bible and ask what god wants me to hear.

  67. I surrendered fully to Jesus August of 2017. When doing so I had close encounters with orbs of white fire, one was even 15 feet from me. Days after contact I had vivid visions of God and his Angel’s the devil/spirits/terrains//mountains places unknown. I’ve even seen the throne room of God. These visions have been lessons from God to walk his path. This Stuff is real and when your ready he will show you. Thank you for the article

  68. Had voice saying”Holy Spirit Warning” I didn’t know what it meant but after a few days, I heard Unpardonable sin” and I don’t understand what I did or exactly who said Unpardonable sin. This was after doing Holy Communion with a pastor on tv which my mom threw out the foam plate that the Communion was on in the garbage pail and earlier I threw out an old sponge.

    I have been heart sick since. I felt that my being shuck and the Holy Spirit left me that day. I love Jesus and the Trinity. I am a born again Christian.

    • Had similar experience after saying a prayer with an online minister. Was as if holy spirit left me. I was heart broken. Think still getting back on track with holy spirit and God. Think we have to be so careful about opening up ourselves to online things . You got a clear warning too. I’m sorry. I’m praying for my forgiveness. Hope you find your way back.

    • The only unpardonable sin is not accepting Jesus. Sounds like you need a better understanding of the Word. God said that He will never leave us,nor forsake us. Either He’s lying,or you’re living by your feelings. I believe God,and so should you. Sorry if I sound so blunt,but God is always true,and anything contrary to His word is a lie.

    • One of the greatest tormenting delights of Satan “Doubt.” Don’t worry Ron, that Devil will use are inner feelings and emotions of fear and dread to support his’ worthless accusations. He is “The Father of all lies. After doing years of research on the Unpardonable sin, this is what I am certain of: If a person should commit this act, He or She would Lose all desire and interest in God. That person would not feel guilt or fear because The Holy Spirit would no longer convict them of sin. You said it Ron: ” I love Jesus and the Trinity/Godhead” and ” I am a born again Christian.” You and I will meet face to face, and that will be in Heaven-God bless you.

  69. This is a tough topic to understand from our current cultural perspective. However, I do not believe the original readers of the word in the first century would have been as challenged. We are burdened today with immense error regarding the Holy Spirit. I encourage the readers of this article to study deeper. The Holy Spirit does NOT communicate to the individual in a direct way apart from the word today. A misunderstanding on this topic ultimately lead to the chaos present in the “Christian” world that we see today.

    • How do you know that He does not, directly? I know differently, and that is all I want to say about experiences. But just for yourself- know that YOU do not know. There is a difference. I understand that one may not believe something or just not feel inclined to entertain it further, but negating something in an absolute manner that you don’t truly know is flawed on it’s surface. No disrespect to you, please understand.

  70. What you have written about is very true and real and confirms many experiences I have had. The more you seek God in the word and share with him one to one things change. No different than any realtion ship with a person. The key being it takes time and time these days is sacrifce.Our current world does not want us to take the time as busyness is designed to deprive us of this wonderful relationship.All I can say is read The Word , be guided by the Holy Spirit and be expectant.You will be amazed

  71. I have read it all, there was a time the holy Spirit warn be to stay a way from a particular girl in my church, I couldn’t listen, I have now get myself emotionally carried away by that girl, I am meant to be a preacher of the word, as an evangelist, I am barely 25, I am so disturb in the spirit, I really hate sinning against God,I know all is required to leave holy,but this girl has always be on my mind, I have committed fornication with that very girl, I hate it so much, I really want to fulfill the word of the Lord consigning my life, I really don’t know what to do, and that girl, I keep seeing her all the time because I wouldn’t want her to meet any man, what do I do. Though have gone to God in prayers but am still very disturb about my act
    Please I need advice.

    • Fight! Yourself, temptation, your mind everything that tries to keep you in sin. I did the same thing and now, I have a child that is being kept from me. Every day I suffer! DO NOT DISOBEY ANYMORE! Hold on, pray, fast and ask The Father to forgive and sanctify you. RESIST the devil!

    • You need Deliverance…. This is clearly a blockage and a hinderance from Satan to stop your destiny. The Bible says a man that finds a wife finds a good thing and find favor from God. God have to deliver you from past soul ties because when you marry you will continue to fornicate or commit adultery. If you really love this young lady why not marry?

  72. I searched for someone who gets signs and was thrilled to read this. I’ve been getting them. I actually see rose colored flower like circles or gold or white. Sometimes I see an eye in the middle or a cross. I’ve determined the Rose is love the gold means protection and white is absolute pure. Also floating number 7 when I talk to my dad. I’m putting this here in case anyone else searched because we are not crazy or hallucinating or imagining. Truth. Happy Holidays! Look up and pray up to God Jesus and the Holy Spirit! They do listen ❤️

  73. This was a GREAT article to read; very informative, and it reassured me on everything I already knew about how the Holy Spirit speaks to me. Thank you and God bless you!

  74. Wow, this was a great after such enduring incidents in my life, I have never encountered a visit with the Holy Spirit until about two weeks ago and this blogged has explained a lot of absent information concerning the holy spirit. I never believed in the Holy Spirit but now I am a believer, which is strange to me but in a good way. I would just like to say thanks.

  75. Hi, I found this information super helpful. I am currently in the process of strengthening my faith. My sister gets dreams for God. I am curious, I want to see God and communicate with him through dreams and visions. I want to see his beauty and throne room. I want to have a strong relationship. However, I am terrified of seeing hell or demons since I know they are very real. Is there a way that I can avoid that?

    • H Tasha I remember being terrified too. God showed me the gates of Heaven in my dreams. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! Then He showed me hell God said that He wanted me to see both Heaven and hell so I have a deeper knowledge of God and how our enemies lead us astray on the path to hell without us knowing.
      God wants us to know His plan and that hell is real. It opened my eyes to God even more that we walk in the valley of the shadow of death and we fear no evil. Do not fear dreams of hell. God will protect you and be communicating that you are truly saved.

  76. This article is Everything I wanted to know at this point about the Holy Spirit being present in your life! I have been having experiences I can’t explain, especially in the last year or so! Dreams that came true, scenarios that pop up in my head that have happened in real life, and I have been wondering about these moments where I have felt a warm or even hot sensation on my back, one of my arms, and even a moment where it felt like an unseen precence was touching my hand/wrist! I have been a Christian and a person of faith since I was a child, but I seem to be more in tune with it all now more than ever. At age 36, it’s been quite a year! I always tell people that most of my experiences have been outside of church! I have a feeling God led me to this article and a lot of others like it! I have been bombarded by youtube videos about the same subject.

  77. Hi Michael, thank you for this article. The Spirit compelled me to do some research on receiving words from Him this morning, as I was given a very strong (but very perplexing) quickening the day before yesterday. I know that the Lord wants me to trust that quickening, because, first, within hours of the first word, he gave me a VERY strong confirmation with His Presence (although He didn’t elaborate on the original word- He just told me to trust it and gave me a wave of joy I haven’t known before), and now, reading your article, He has pointed out at least one experience in my past for everything you listed. He has led me in so many ways throughout my life- truly the wondrous things He has done just for me are too many to count. He used your article to remind me of that today.

  78. This insight is very helpful and gives me confirmation on how the Holy Spirit is communicating with me. I feel that the Holy Spirit is giving me revelation through Gods word, dreams, visions and more. Its awesome to know that God is alive inside of us as Christian’s and to taste and see that God is good to us so personally and revealing. Great time today to draw closer and closer to our God and to taste His presence is such unique and personal means.

  79. A few days ago…I felt his presence, earlier this year my family prayed for me to overcome a life shaking event that nearly left me and my wife, in fact my family broken. So, I took to prayer at the behest of my wife. I started to pray every day in the morning and in the evening. Weeks went by and just when I thought all was lost….He came through and showed he cared about me. I then made a promise to pray every day….I failed to keep my promise….I lied, to my wife and grew complacent and lax. Then recently again a problem arose because of my lying, complacency, laziness…I was going to loose my wife and maybe my son…my wife pleaded with me to tell the truth and I did….but so many lies I had told her that she did not believe me….like the boy who cried wolf…she said pray for forgiveness and bear yourself before god…That night knelt and prayed with my son next to me…he gave me comfort..every morning and every evening I pray with my wife and son without fail. But on the 7th day of my prayer…this last week he showed himself to me…I was walking to my shed at the back of my home and heard the rustle of wind and birds in a tree nearby to me. It was early morning, and in the trees with the morning sun I see the cross in the trees….I suddenly felt a massive sadness,then happiness, then this feeling of heat in the center of my chest…radiating out to my limbs…I almost collapsed….then I felt this feeling of peace and happiness…I started to cry uncontrollably….I cried for nearly half and hour…but when it was over I felt peace and calmness…..I ran to my wife and took her in my arms and took her to where I saw the cross and she wept…she said god had given me a sign and that he loves you. From that day forward I made another promise to god not to ever forsake prayer. Since then everything in my life has come into focus, my work, my family and my faith…I have never believed in myself or god my whole life up until that point….But, he has shown me that he still believes in me…I thank god for showing me how to become a better husband, son and father…..I am grateful and humble before him…DG

  80. I just had a dream ,that left me feeling ,like I know its real, I was dreaming then in the dream I started having these dirty thoughts then suddenly the wind started blowing towards me cause I have a window very close to me and my bed , then the wind started to get heavier like it can push me and literally , it felt like someone was pushing me frm my back and I was in shook then suddenly I suddenly I tried to look back then I saw my roof , I say a shadow then suddenly it fled and I felt peace , I was watching videos about the same thing the night before and I was crying and I wanted to join God .The weird thing about it is that when I woke up it was the same timeline I was lying in the same position and the blinds in my room was blowing wind towards me but not that hard. It felt like no-one touched me but the wind or spirit pushing me towards the end of the bed from my shoulders

  81. please pray for me. i dont feel like God loves me. i grew up in the church but i dont know what the love of God is. In fact i feel like God really does not care about me. i have prayed sooo many prayers, fasted, surrendered and i feel like life is passing me by. i dont want to pretend to hear him. i actually want to hear him.

    • Dilys , All Christians have doubts. Your heart is in the right place. I know He has his eye on you. Keep pursuing. I’m praying for you. It is not so much as what we do, but what he has done for us. Be thankful first that your name is written down in Heaven. Mark

  82. It’s so good to read this. I just wish there were more in the Body that would discuss it. From my experience, everything you say is true. I know that nothing from my flesh is of any value so I depend upon Him to teach me of His Ways in all things. It is so important to “In all your ways acknowledge Him” and He will direct your paths. Love you in Christ, Mark

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