4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits

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In the realm of spiritual warfare against demonic spirits, I believe there are 4 basic levels in which an individual believer may have to face – depending on what you may be dealing with in your present set of circumstances and what you may have in your past background.

Having the specific knowledge on what each one of these 4 levels are all about can really help you in being able to plan and carry out the appropriate battle strategy in which to defeat demons should they ever move in for an attack on either you or any of your close loved ones.

But before I get into exactly what these four areas are, I want to give you some very basic verses from the Bible showing you the importance that God the Father is placing on that we realize the reality of demonic spirits in this world, and that we not be afraid to engage and cast them out of people when we do run across them in this life.

Here are 8 very powerful verses from the Bible, all showing us that we are not to be afraid of demons, and that we are to directly engage with them if we have to, operating under God’s authority and anointing to be able to do so.

  1. And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved, but he who does not believe will be condemned. And these signs will follow those who believe. In my name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues, they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” (Mark 16:15-18)
  2. “Then Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee … the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor, He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.” (Luke 4:14-18)
  3. “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19)
  4. “Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases. He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” (Luke 9:1)
  5. “And He called the twelve to Him, and began to send them out two by two, and gave them power over unclean spirits … And they cast out many demons, and anointed with oil many who were sick, and healed them.” (Mark 6:7,13)
  6. “And when He had called His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease.” (Matthew 10:1)
  7. “But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:6-8)
  8. “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8)

If you will notice, every time Jesus gave His apostles the power and command to go out and walk with His anointing, He always told them to cast out demons as one of His specific commands – no exceptions!

So if Jesus was constantly casting out demons, always telling the apostles to cast out demons, and the apostles too were always casting out demons, then it should only be logical that the Church should continue to still cast out demons when needed.

It has been estimated by many Bible scholars that approximately 25% of the miracles Jesus had performed were Him casting demons out of people. Satan and his demons are not confined to the Bottomless Pit at this time. This event will not happen until Jesus returns back to us in His second coming. Until that event happens, Satan and his demons are still free to roam in the “air” seeking who they are going to try and devour next.

As Christians, we always have to remember that the devil and his demons are already defeated foes. Jesus has already defeated Satan at the cross when He was crucified.

What is now left is that all Christians have to realize that the victory is already ours.

We thus have to learn how to engage and defeat the devil and his demons when they do try to move in on a person or a situation – and sometimes this means a real live deliverance – because demons can attach themselves to people when they do move in for an attack.

And once they do, the only way to be able to drive them out is by the power of God!

Before I get into the four specific areas in which demons will try and come against people, especially Christians, there is one more big debate going on right now in the Body of Christ about how far demons can go with Christians. This debate is whether or not a demon can actually enter in on the inside of a Christian.

Many believe that once you are saved and become born again, that demons cannot enter in on the inside of you. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will literally come in and enter in on the inside of your human spirit at the moment of your conversion with Jesus. As a result of our bodies now becoming the temple of the Holy Spirit, they believe there is no way that a demon or a group of demons can enter in on the inside of your body.

At first glance, this does appear to be a very logical argument. However, what they are missing is the fact that the Bible tells us that we have three, distinct, separate parts to our being. We have a body, a soul, and a spirit. The Holy Spirit is living and dwelling in your human spirit, but He is not living up in your soul or body area.

If a Christian ends up committing a severe, door-opening sin and transgression against the Lord giving the demons full legal right to be able to directly attack him, then what the demons will try and do if they can get away with it is try and enter into that person’s body and soul. They will not be able to enter into the Christian’s spirit because the Holy Spirit is already living in there. But they will be able to enter into the body and soul of that person if the transgression has been deemed to be severe enough by the Lord.

Talk to any deliverance minister who does deliverances on a regular basis, and every single one of them will tell you that demons can enter in on the inside of a Christian, and that they then have to be cast out of them by way of an actual deliverance. In fact, they cannot cast the demons out of a person unless that person is a Christian to begin with, or unless that person is willing to become a Christian if they are not saved.

If an unsaved person has demons living and operating on the inside of them, they will have no spiritual authority to be able to cast the demons out of them. This kind of deliverance is only available for born-again Christians.

One of the things Christians can do to totally safeguard themselves from ever having a demon try to enter in on the inside of them is to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. We have an article in the Bible Basics section of our site on exactly what this gift is all about and how to properly receive it.

What happens with this second experience is that the Holy Spirit will release from your spirit and come up and enter into your soul. Once the Holy Spirit is residing in both your spirit and soul areas, then the demons will not be able to enter into your soul since the Holy Spirit is now living in there as a result of having received this gift.

This is why after a Christian gets delivered from demons, a deliverance minister will try and get the person to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit – to help safeguard and prevent the demons from ever being able to get back in on the inside of that person ever again.

This debate has been going on for a long time in the Body of Christ and will obviously never be resolved anytime in the near future. The only thing that I can personally tell you is that I have come across quite a few Christians who have had demons literally dwelling on the inside of them and they all had to have the demons cast out of them by way of an actual deliverance.

At the end of this article, I will give you a list of the best books ever written on the subject of deliverance and engaging with demons. Each one of these books have been written by very creditable, anointed men and women of God who have learned much in this area of spiritual warfare. And what you will find out very quickly when reading from each one of them is that they have all found out in the real battlefields of life where this kind of activity does exist, that Christians can draw demons on the inside of them if the demons have the appropriate legal rights to be able to enter in.

As I get into the four specific areas where demons can directly attack a Christian, you will see me break this down into two very basic areas. If demons come in for an attack, they will either try and attack you from an outside position, which means they are attacking you from the “air.” When they are attacking you from an outside position, they are not on the inside of your body or soul. These attacks are coming at you from the outside of your being.

The other position that demons can attack you is from the inside position, which means they are attacking you from the inside of your body. And if they are on the inside of your body being able to attack you from this inside position, then something has happened that has given them the legal right to be able to enter in on the inside of you.

Your job will then be to find out what their legal right is so that you can get it properly broken before God the Father. Once you have properly broken all of their legal rights before God the Father, then you can turn around and command them to now leave you in the name of Jesus.

But whether you are dealing with demons attacking you from an outside position or from an inside position – the rules are still the same.

Find out what their legal rights are, properly break those legal rights before God the Father, and then turn around and verbally cast all of them out in the name of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As much as I hate to say this, there is a real war game going on between God and the devil for all of our souls. And in this war game are real, live, demonic spirits who will come after people, especially Christians – and they will try to get away with inflicting as much death, terror, destruction, and oppression as they possibly can.

This is why the Bible is telling us that we are to resist the devil – that we are to cast out demons when and where needed – and that we are to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ.

We are to be as bold as lions, and we are to learn how to walk in the anointing of God so that we can properly use the power and authority that God has already given to each one of us through His Holy Spirit.

The Bible makes it very clear as to what kind of big picture we all have to deal with. Each Christian thus has to make up their own personal mind as to how they will deal with this big picture and the war games that are really going on behind the scenes between God and the devil.

The apostle Paul could not have said it any better when he said that our real battle in this life is not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers, which are demons and demon powers.

You can either learn how to rise up and walk with the anointing and power of God in your life so as to be able to do battle against your enemies, whether they be demons or other evil people – or you can choose to hide your head in the sand and let demons and other evil people keep tearing you and your family to pieces.

We have another article in the “Spiritual Warfare” section of our site titled, “Battle Verses of the Bible.” In this article, I give you 100 of the best battle verses from the Bible showing you that God the Father is a “Man of War,” that He does have a war side to His personality, and that He will not hesitate to go into battle for you and your close loved ones if you are willing to stand up and fight your enemies as a true soldier of Jesus Christ.

But before God can go into battle for you, you will first have to be willing to march onto that battlefield and face your enemy head on like David did with Goliath. The choice is yours.

In the “Testimonies” section of our site, we have several powerful testimonies from people who were taught how to directly engage with their enemies, and in several of these cases, their enemies were demonic spirits.

These people were all getting torn apart with what these demons were able to get away with – and this was all occurring because they did not know how to directly engage with them and how to drive them off them and their current situation.

Once we showed them how to go on the offensive and directly engage with these demons, every single one of them received complete and total deliverance – and in most of the cases, deliverance came within 24-48 hours. This is how powerful a thing it really is if you can learn how to go on the offensive against your enemies by operating under the authority, power, and guidance of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

Now onto the first 2 different areas you may have to face when dealing with any type of direct attacks from demonic spirits.


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  1. Thank so much for the teachings,im so impressed about them and i have rate myself because im a victim of inherited generational curses.I would like to get one of the book concerning my situation im sure this will help me to pull out since this thing has greatly affected my marriage and my personal life,it keeps on coming but after i pray it disappears for some times then come back again but now i believe i got the final tablet in my situation.I thought when i receive the Holy Spirit no demon can enter or torment me but now i have learnt that i must follow some principles.

    Thank so much God bless you.

  2. I have a question for you: Do you have any teachings on curses that are placed on one from another person? I have experienced what I believe may be that kind of situation. I was involved in a casual friendship with a neighbour who became very angry at my simple expression of my faith. She was so angry that she became very vicious and spread malicious gossip. I seemed to sense destructive forces arrayed against me following that incident and eventually left the community. Can such situations be due to a curse?
    Thank you. Karen

    • Go to Spiritual Warfare section and go to article titled, “Dealing With the Legal Rights of Demons.” We have a caption in there on curses.


  3. Wow – I know a woman who said number 9 of the list “no part in the following areas” concerning verbal abuse in the home was creating spiritual problems, but this is the first time that I’ve heard of this. What more could be added to get this through to her spouse?

  4. I found this very helpful. I do believe that sin that is not confessed and repented by a parent can pass on to children. What if you confessed and repent for your sins in the past. Does that give a legal right to demonic attack? I thought after all sins were confessed and repented through the blood of Jesus that it is forgiven. Also is it OK for Christians to start warfare? I thought as Christians we do not and can not judge anyone. I also find that some Christians are liars too, I mean boldface liars! That is the reason why so many people that really need Christian guidance don’t go because they are afraid to be judged or people acting holier than thou. No one is perfect, but please don’t act like you never done anything wrong. I know some athiests that are nicer and morally correct than some of the Christians I know.

  5. Ephesians 6: 10 – 18 specifically tells us to put on the whole armor of God when dealing with grave matters as these. In these verses God is speaking to us telling us not to be afraid for this is his realm, his issues, we are to invoke the HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH Jesus’s name, read the bible and ask the Holy Spirit to wrestle with these spirits as we quote this verse and Matthew where Jesus was resurrected so that we could have eternal life.

    Although I will agree with you that the Holy Spirit enters us when we are baptized, because we have free will, we have to ask the Holy Spirit to reign in us daily, by praying, asking God to forgive us, forgive others, show us our errors including pride and arrogance. They are on the top of this list because that was Lucifer’s great sin…jealous of Jesus he lied and convinced angels with half truths and judged our Creator.

    Furthermore, God warns us not to deal in witchcraft multiple verses in the bible warn us …which includes marrying out of faith (yoked). I believe if we should not engage in speaking with spirits or approaching these spiritual realm by just calling out Jesus name, since it places us in as vulnerable position as the angels of heaven were placed in..God asks us to rely on him for protection, deliverance and all of our worries and concerns, this applies to spiritual warfare and demonic possession as well.

    If we worship God the way Jesus worshiped God, we will be following God’s commandments not man’s commandments (remember man changed God’s day of worship from Saturday (Sabbath) to Sunday (sun worship day because Constantine wanted to invite the Pagans to join Christianity) and the Jews who were influenced by worshiping graven images..look at your church to make sure you are not bowing down to a saint which is a graven image, also Jesus said to pray to God the father and was specific when he gave us the Lord’s prayer as the prayer we should pray. (I know tradition in church makes it difficult to recognize what God has told us not to do..but man has perverted God’s commandments).

    Having witnessed supernatural events as a child and not knowing what they were ghosts (the bible is clear that the dead are asleep and know not one thing) and that these ghosts are satanic spirits, often imitating loved ones etc to confuse humanity from reading their bibles and having the reliance they should on God and his will in our lives.

    I appreciate this site and hope that others will begin to read their bibles asking the Holy Spirit to guide them to truth. Furthermore, allow God to eradicate these spirits as I believe Jesus was given authority to do so and the disciples as they were ordained by Jesus with God’s direction. Although we have good people on earth that God uses (remember he even uses the unclean to do good) and wants us to be ambassadors for Christ, this area is a very dangerous one to delve into.

    A hedge of protection is given when we sing hymns in our homes, praying calling out on God’s tender mercies and thanking him for everything we experience, we use positive speech, we fill our homes with positive reading materials, books, we turn off the TV (mostly filth), turn off internet sites etc that do not edify God or each other.

    Prayer is essential for Christian growth..but so is reading the bible to understand God’s character, to give us guidance and provide strength and hope. Faith is personal it must be built and it will be tried..salvation does not come to us from what our parents did or what our spouse does..we are accountable for our time, our spirit and our actions…Praying that this has blessed you and others..

  6. I believe my current husband is a level 4. As a matter of fact he is. There is actually a divorce pending that he filed, but we are going to be stuck at least until next year. I don’t know how to help him realize what the enemy is doing. His father is a preacher. I tried to minister to him but I did come off kind of harsh, and had to ask God to forgive me. Shortly, after i found the verse that says if you see a brother in sin then restore him gently..i left out a few words but it’s Timothy 5:1-2. I can tell the spirits have taken over him just by looking in his eyes. It is sad. I guess my focus is breaking the curse so my sons will not cursed. ALso praying that i do not regress. I will still pray for him, but find it odd that his parents just stand by and do nothing.

  7. I need warfare prayers for my friend , who is 21 years old. He met this girl about 3 months ago who is 29 years with 2 children and has decided to marry her in the next 2 months. Within the time they are together they have had up and downs. Both she and his mother has cast a spell on him, his mother wants to control his life. He had a precious previous girlfriend within his age range and they were getting along very well with no problems. They were together for 2 1/2 years, but the mother did not like her. Recently he just got up and walked out of her life and went to meet this lady whom he is about to marry. He really needs powerful prayers to get out of there. This is exactly what the mother did to his father and he is in a bad condition right now. So Please pray for my friend and his father for the spells to be broken before he goes to live with the girl and they gets married in jesus name amen.

  8. My case is pretty differnt, I was under demonic attack because of something that had happened to my daughter . She was 4 when she was molested and I never knew because she had only stayed with a babysitter who was also a close friend she suffered from nightmares as a infant and I never knew why but i could just sence something wrong but she never talked about it i just assumed the sleep problems were normal untill i realized it was a demonic atack of some sort I took her to a local church and explained to the minister what i had been experiancing I did not know she had been sexauly abused untill he prayed over her a few hours later she told me what had happen and that night the demonic activity was bad it lingered around my home still for a while and once in a while it still lingers around to bring distrought in my life !!!! The word of God is strong and I belive it does help to truely belive !!! The activity still once in a while picks up i have no open door ways and my daughter is 6 now …. I just pray it leaves her alone it was a women who had molested her is there a certain demon i should pray against ???? The county that I live in just arrested the person who commited the crime and the night before they arrested her I came across some doors slamming in my home something letting me know there was something there . I just wonder if my daughter is soul tied to this paticular individual in some way . My daughter has had no contact with the person in 2 years I just wish I knew what I was messing with but very few people are helpfull in this area. I have said every prayer I can I just belive my daughter may need additional help but i also know that there was demonic activity that took place because of what happen to her

    • I’m so sorry this happened to you , read the bible every single night with your daughter on your knees before bed . Every day study and do fasting if possible for yourself only . Just study study study the bible everyday , pray before meals it will go away for good.

  9. I will sit down with my Bible and this study as there’s much to learn. Praise God that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Yes brother it’s all about relationship, although lifestyle should reflect that relationship. Yes, miracle of miracles, priciples list #44! Another miracle to get books from the library — I need a miracle

  10. what happens to Born Again Christians who still struggle with sin and they die?I feel like I should know this, not sure and very concerned.Some Loved ones who love the Lord have died struggling with addictions. Looking for God’s Word to answer this. Can anyone HELP? The Word please, the Word. thank you.

  11. The battle over what we refer to as addictions is a situation where we have not understood our freedom in Jesus Christ because if we are lead by the spirit then the flesh should not be in control i.e. addictions. The lies promoted by human wisdom does not support this truth.

    Your spirit, if you are born again/born from above, does not and cannot die. John 11:26

  12. If you really want to open a can of worms search Buddhism and Jesus. Addictions, I think are poppycock which aid in the realm of medicine and psychology to support them It goes down to philosophy, science (of which is psychology), and religion…cannot have one in total without the other…and within man is body, soul, spirit..(the Trinity of Father, Son, Holy Ghost)…is there the science of God.. in my mind is Love. Everything else is degrees of separation from that. Okay, off topic…what were we talking about? I do know that within a period of 3 days when it came to finality I was healed of bipolar, alcohol, eating disorder, anxiety…now..the rest is getting my head straight again and contemplating Jesus, Buddha, etc…to Enlightenment..the shebang. Never a dull moment…where was I? I do not know, but some where within the masses and churches and bowling alleys. I have Faith and religion..but will not always find them in the same place. 12 Step AA/NA? Have to start somewhere….it scares me though …but so does politics.

  13. Seija,
    I think it’s safe to say that ALL christians suffer with sin. Even Jesus was tempted with sin from the Devil and tested for 40 days and 40 nights. All that matters is that the blood of Jesus washes us, redeems us from every sin and circumstance. So every sin has already been paid for by the blood of Jesus, regardless of what that sin is. All HE requires to go to heaven is that we have accepted Jesus as our savior; believe that we have been redeemed – then HE writes our names in heaven. That is the only requirement to enter into heaven. Christians are not without sin. The difference is that as Christians we have spiritual freedom in Christ in knowing no matter what comes our way, we have eternal salvation that can NEVER be taken away. Here are scriptures that back this up:

    “the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth
    us from all sin.”

    Leviticus 17:11, 14 (cp. Deuteronomy 12:23) “For the life of the flesh
    is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an
    atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement
    for the soul…. For it is the life of all flesh; the blood of it is for the life
    thereof …”

    Revelation 12:11 “And they overcame him (Satan) by the blood
    of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony …”

    7. Hebrews 9:14 “How much more shall the blood of Christ, who
    through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God,
    purge your conscience …”

    There are many more scriptures that back this up…so many more. So please don’t be worried about the passing of your loved ones. Remember that it is the Lord’s timing and HIS alone. God does our battling for us and takes us home when it is time. Rest assured they are in a better place, now FREE from all addiction and sin, smiling and laughing with Jesus Christ. I hope this helps. Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. He wants to use this as a wedge between you and the Lord to cause you to doubt your faith. Blessings to you and I hope this message reaches you soon enough. Father, I just come to you now and I plead the blood of Jesus over Seija and I come against any attacks of the enemy in the name of Jesus that are trying to confuse rob or steal from Seija’s faith. I ask for peace that passes all understanding to flow into Seija now. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.

  14. Laura,

    Please do not take offense to me for correcting but Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days and nights. This was preparation for the inevitable temptation brought by Satan to doubt God and God’s Word. Jesus showed us how to overcome satan by His example.

    And Stephen, there is no Buddha connected to Jesus. You have accepted a lie or a few of them. If Jesus has set you free then you should know this.

  15. Maizie,

    No offense taken and thank you for explaining that way better than I did – LOL – in re-reading, I realize I didn’t quite state that correctly. I just wanted to get the point across that even Jesus had to deal with temptation, without trying to get too legalistic and keeping the focus on the fact that HE died for us on the cross – which is enough, as long as we have accepted him as our savior, we have the blessed assurance that we know where we are going when we die, regardless of what we go through here on earth and for each individual Christian, this may be different. And I also felt like Seija might be tested in this way also from the enemy, to doubt the God. Anyway, this was the point and I hope it helped.

    Totally agree with you on no Buddha being connected to Jesus…Jesus IS the only way.

    Blessings to you Maizie!

  16. I agree, was mainly referring to a uhhum..’website’ making that claim. There seems to be a connection, as many of the words are quite similar (parables). Any explanation as how that can be? There also is a connection in the islam faith with Jesus, but do not know what exactly to believe other than what I’ve read on Wikipedia. Jesus remains the key for myself…thank you for making the call on this, Maizie. I have found writing now in CS Lewis in his book “Miracle” (he had been Atheist for a time)…regarding that few will accept Miracles without having gone through what all to many call being re-born…vs….redemption…vs (another word cannot recall). There is confusion in the terms out there, but I personally know what happened in the past year and it was nothing short of meeting God upon claiming Jesus as the redeemer. (hope I have terms correct). That book goes into also using close scrutinzation over lots of half-baked ‘truth’ out there in books and publications, as well as even clergy not fully ‘getting it’ by virtue of the very positions they are in to get lost in doctrine of their theologies and mind…can only not think to receive the Word of God in prayer and meditation, and understand the Bible more deeply in that way. Until 3 months ago, I had hardly cracked it open for a long time, now it is most fascinating. To find that much research is going on out there during Jesus’ ‘missing years’ in the Bible is a big puzzle, requiring a lot of scrutiny…the missing links.

  17. The whys of othere religions using Jesus’ name in whatever way they do is for the universalism which is strongly coming our way. And to be sure satan copies and mimics (never creates). Once we have established in our heart that God is true, never lies or changes like shifting shadows then we can be confident in understanding the methods the enemy uses so he can steal, kill and destroy.

  18. This article is exceptional. I have been praying, asking God to teach me about the legal rights and how to break them. After reading this article, He answered my prayer, plus a few more and He made sure it with step by step instructions which makes it so helpful.

    Nobody really understands what these demons are capable of doing until they actually experience it for themselves. I’m a new Christian for about a year now and what I have experienced so far, I never would have believed before and I never would have been able to imagine either. Someone tried to tell me some of it years ago and I thought he was crazy and never wanted to talk to him again. This stuff is true no matter how much someone tries not to believe it and it doesn’t keep you safe from it either. Even my husband, who was an atheist at one time, believes because he saw and experienced it too. One can continue to be ignorant of the truth if they choose to do so, but I feel sorry for them because they’re missing out on so much.

    What I don’t understand is when we don’t know about something, we usually read a book, take a class or find some way to learn about it. How can we say we know about something if we’ve never checked it out to find out for sure. I could never tell a carpenter, chemist or a brick layer they’re not doing their job right because I never learned about it. The same thing applies to God and the supernatural world, how does one know if they haven’t checked it out long enough to know anything about Him.

    I never understood what “if you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me” meant until this year and so far, it has been truly incredible. I feel like this whole world of God has been kept secret from me for all my life and in a way, I feel cheated, but the good thing is, I know it now and it’s only the beginning, I can’t imagine what else there is to learn because everyday I’m finding out more and more.

    May God truly bless everyone and removes every blinder from their eyes, mind and heart, so they will be able to see the truth, be set free and have a very happy life.

  19. I thought we were supposed to be like sheep holding on to just our faith. But I saw the verse saying if you have the strength and do not use it you will have your day of judgement. These are truly bad times with the worse to come. I constantly find myself asking dumb questions and finding wonderful answers. Thank you for being there.
    It’s the first time visiting your site but now that God has shown me the way I’ll be back and spread the word.
    thank you

  20. Thankyou so much for this site and the excellent information contained within it. I have been a Christian for nearly five years, I turned to God after many years of delving into the occult, at different times I read about, or sought teaching in the areas of astrology, wicca, clairvoyancem mediumship, astral travel, etc etc. I felt drawn to anything “new age” and also practiced a type of meditation called “kundalini” which I now understand prepares the path for possession. I now realise that I probably had not one but a number of demons working from inside my body, impelling me deeper and deeper into sin, and what was worse, I now understand from your site that I had given them ‘legal right’ to be there. Even as a Christan, worshipping god on Sundays, attending mass, and going to confession, these demons have remained inside my body for four and a half years, tormenting me when I try to sleep, attacking me during the night, sending me evil dreams, souring my relationships between friends and family, and taking away an pleasure in activities I used to enjoy including doing my artwork, eating food, and being intimate with my parter. I have suffered from horrible hallucinations (e.g. blood dripping down from walls) a horrible pressure inside my head, piercing noises when I try to sleep, the list goes on and on. I hope others will read this and learn from it. Now however I have hope, I am going to fast today and prey, and then ask the holy spirit what to do to get them out. I don’t feel able to combat them myself, I don’t feel strong enough and in my deepest of hearts, while it goes against what this site recommends I don’t feel that people should try to do this sort of stuff on their own. While god gave righs to the disciples I feel these were specially chosen people by God on earth to do his work for him. I think I am going to seek out a prayer ministry or some kind of other deliverance.

    • This seems all too familiar to me. I believe I am experiencing something very much like you have. Please tell me how you made out? Hopefully you have banished the attacks by now.

  21. Clare, I am so thankful you are getting set free from those lies which entangle us.
    I am going to put your name on my prayer wall which is in my kitchen.

    Did you know that many false shepherds have introduced Kundalini to the church as the Holy Spirit?

    I thank God for you.

  22. AC,there are spirits which specifically follow a particular person because of the nature of the person’s activities.
    I once saw a spirit of gossip outside of a church. It looked like a cross between a cat and a monkey and it ran across my path and into the shadows of a vehicle parked in the parking lot. I was only visiting the church and when I told the friend who had invited me she said that they had had a problem in the church with the pastor’s wife gossiping. Perhaps it had been rebuked and sent away which is what I had seen. I didn’t see it with human eyes except I didn’t realize that until later.

    The point is there are spirits which flock to a particular scene such as a spirit of lust in a bar.
    There is an excellent list on this site which gives the demonic spirits and their heads. I have seen a spirit of murder roaming the streets. New Years Eve is a favorite for this spirit. I saw the spirit of murder looking to enter someone and the Lord told me to bind it and I did as He said. What a difference if more people would pray with the Lord’s leading.

    • Hi maize .I recently been attacked by something that I have no idea Idea of its feels like something crawling my body .mostly my back and belly,and my head started to feel heavy and sort of dizziness. Please help me.for me is a lady that we was working together and she got fired. And before she left she winked at me ,then 2 weeks later that’s when my problem began. It was a salon were by. We went to the camera and rewinded the video to see if anything had happened and sure enough. It was a day of Monday when we saw 2 women wearing black dress and they hanged something look like a person with red .and horns by the door and poured something on the floor.and 1 of the women was that girl.please help its tormenting my life and my marriage and my lifestyle.

      • I feel like this entity attacking you is succubus or incubus look those up and maybe look up the name of who is over them. They are a lesser powerful they work under another demonic name i want to say its beelzebub or the name near that one. This is something I’ve come across a few times. When I saw this type of information for the first time it made me start to understand what makes people fear this stuff. Being able to know what has tried to attack you gives you so much strength over it and calling on the lord in jesus name is all you have to say. You’ll feel peace come over you without fear. Nothing can touch you if you dont let the devil have that. Give him nothing no fear no second guessing it and you’ll have peace like a second step of life type peace. Idk how to explain it more than I can. I’m just happy I found thos site tonight. Thank you for commenting on here.

  23. I wanted to Thank You for the Artical above and for the Deliverence part of this prayer. I too was under Extream demonic attack. No one on this earth could free me of it. After finding your website… which I was lead to it By The Lord I believe I have taken the steps you suggested. It only happened this morning so I need to give it some time but I feel so much better and I know I will be free of them soon! My situation is very complicated But I wanted to Thank you and I thank God he brought me to find it. I was not even searching for this type of Information yet I eneded up here! Thank you so much! I feel as though after 50 years I have finally gotten my life back! God Bless you!

  24. This spirits in your brother can be bound. You have authority over demons in the name of Jesus/Luke 10″:19 and to be sure, satan is a liar.
    This means you can tell the demons to be quiet, to be still and to not manifest, speak or communicate to anyone or thing and bind the strongman who is the doorkeeper of demons in your brother and then when all is bound, gagged and been told to desist(this is on this site and its about commanding the demons thusly)

    I do not believe that your brother has ever been allowed by satan to receive love. Satan has “owned him” and has tortured him the whole of his life it seems.

    Think about this: When Abraham gathered the animals for the covenant with God as per God’s instructions and Abraham cut them in half except for the birds and placed them opposite each other, Abraham had to fight the vultures off. These vultures were demonic and were trying to prevent God’s covenant from being effected.

    We are still running vultures and buzzards off even today. They have to flee when we tell them to flee in Jesus name! Praise God!

  25. I think maybe sometimes demonic attack just has to do with persecution of the Christians too. I Thessalonians 2:17, “Wherefore we wold have come unto you, even I paul, once again; but Satan hindered us.” Even Paul the appostle came under the attack of Satan. Also I know that Satan is called the accuser of the brethren he will attempt to accuse you of being unforgiven of sins in the past when Christ has forgiven you. The important thing is to keep your sins confessed and to keep confidence in the promises of God. 1 John 1:9, “If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

  26. Dear Bruce, My three year old grand daughter keeps seeing what she calls dinasaus and evil things. This gets worse every day. She keeps saying something bad is going to happen to the family. She says that she wants Jesus to protect her but she can’t see him. She sees angels, too. She will not leave her mother’s side or her father for one minute. She is frightened. This has been happening for about 2 weeks now. She keeps saying she wants to go to heaven where it is safe. I am a missionary and not around her. About three months ago she gave her life to Christ when I was visiting. Normally, she is a happy child who loves God and loves to worship. What do you think is happening.
    Love in Christ,

  27. Dear Norina Purro,

    The first thing I would say about demonic attack is this. There is too much emphasis put on the devil. Jesus is more powerful than the devil. Jesus has already defeated the devil when He died on the cross for the sins of the world. Those who trust in Jesus are redeemed. They are bought out of the slave market of sin. I think that sometimes Christians are calling demonic attack is really, ‘persecution.” The Christian life is one which is based on faith in the Word of God. I dot not believe that Jesus or the angels of God will appear unto to men becuase we live this life by faith not by sight just as it says in the Bible. Also I do not believe that there is much to fear from the fallen angels or demons in the sense of their presence coming around us because just as it says in Psalms 34:7, “The Angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” Jesus himself and his angels protect us. the devil did come and tempt Christ and he will come and tempt other Christians. But I think what you are describing is a form of persecution. There are people who turn away form the truth and are given over to evil and become possessed by demons. The only way a demon can come around a Christian is if God allows it for some reason. Ultimately it is God that is in control of all things. Psalms 35:3 sa,s “Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persectue me: say unto my soul, I am thy salvation.” Jesus can end persecution at anytime. The Angel of the LORD, Jesus Christ, is there to protect you and his children. Little children cannot be possessed by demons they are innocent and not old enough to be held accountable. I think you are being persecuted. Keep in mind the human mind is like a computor. Computor’s can be hacked through technology. This is a very manipulative form of persecution which is done to Christians by people who probably are demonicly possessed becuase the demons themselves for the most part cannot come around christians becuase the angels of God and God himself protects us. If you are being persecuted this way i would suggest the best thing to do is to pray and to keep in mind the promises of the Bible. I would also try to be very discerning of people becuase there are wolves in sheeps clothing. For the most part the goal of the evil forces against the Christians is to try to get them to sin and to be a bad testimony. When the mind is attacked it can cause hallucinations and it can result in a person acting wild and crazy. If if the mind is attacked you need to be very careful not to do anything crazy. I have experienced these same types of attacks myself personally and i know for a fact that it is some kind of computor technology used to hack the mind which is itself a computor. In my mind it is the same concept as someone using wireless internet where computors can connect one to another wirelessless. The mind is a computor its the same thing. It probably involves the use of computors and satelittes just as normal wireless internet does. It is a form of persecution being used on christians. I think that the evil men who do this target especially the children of Christian parents for the goal of trying to prevent them from turning to Jesus for salvation. The best way to handle any form of persecution is to study the Bible and to pray. Jesus can deliver us from any kind of situation. Hopefuly he will return and take us from the earth before any worse form of persecution comes upon us. Despite these manipulative mental forms of persecution that are being done I do believer God is in control. As Christians we need to cling to the promises of God. I am very sorry to hear that this is h apening to your grand daughter. But im pretty sure its happening to alot of Christians and their children. Its persecution of Christians is what it is.

  28. Where is the scripture that shows any of the sort? Mark 1:21, This man is in a synagogue, the demons have complete control over Him and are not letting the man speak, be aware if one is possessed, they will not say wether they are a christian or not. In the power of Jesus, anyone, believers or unbelievers can be cleansed, can be set free from demons and all sorts of evils, Jesus frees them , Believers who truly are who they say they are, can cast demons out of anyone, in growing with Christ we will learn to fast and pray and have power over all spiritual forces. Jesus died for all, His power is greater than all, than any demon, command them to leave and never come back. I command any evil to leave this site and never have control over anyones minds who read what is not true, may God our Father’s glory shine through and all honor be given to Him!

    If a Christian ends up committing a severe, door-opening sin and transgression against the Lord giving the demons full legal right to be able to directly attack him, then what the demons will try and do if they can get away with it is try and enter into that person’s body and soul. They will not be able to enter into the Christian’s spirit because the Holy Spirit is already living in there. But they will be able to enter into the body and soul of that person if the transgression has been deemed to be severe enough by the Lord.

    Talk to any deliverance minister who does deliverances on a regular basis, and every single one of them will tell you that demons can enter in on the inside of a Christian, and that they then have to be cast out of them by way of an actual deliverance. In fact, they cannot cast the demons out of a person unless that person is a Christian to begin with, or unless that person is willing to become a Christian if they are not saved.

    Read More https://www.bible-knowledge.com/spiritual-warfare-demonic-attacks/

  29. The Bible says in the book of Ephesians 4:30, “And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.” The word redemption in the greek means to be bought out of the market place. in the days when the new testament was written slaves were bought out of the market place. Spiritual redemption is found in Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world. Those who have trusted in Christ for salvation through repentance of their sins are redeemped from the slave market of sin. Once dead in sins they are made alive in Christ. The Spirit of God comes and indwells with that person on permanent basis. In no way shape or form can demons possess a Christian, the Christian is possessed by the spirit of God. The human brain which controls your senses and nerves can be attacked, a form a persecution and it can effect your perception of things, but this is simply physical not spiritual. Christ has redeemed those that have turned from their sins to Jesus. Salvation is based on the grace of God through faith and not of works. It is based on the work of Christ therefore once saved always saved. Redeemed from sin. Demons cannot posses a Christian in any way shape or form. The evil forces and evil men of this world who are against the word of God and oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ will try to use the government to persecute Christians. This does not make it legal. Of course you should always respect authority unless it goes against the word of GOd then you should obey the word of God and not man. For example I will preach the gospel even though the governments of this world oppose it. Becuase the Bible says to do so. But at the same time i will drive the speed limit becuase that is the law of the land. There is way too much emphasis on the devil on this website when you are talking about demons. Jesus Christ is the one who is above things and before all things. Jesus is the king of kings. I suggest you study the scriptures. Visit Biblegems.com if you want to read some verse by verse sermons. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. This is the victory which overcomes the world, faith in the promises of God. GOd does not give Christians over to the devil. Christians are redeemed by the blood of the lamb. John chapter 10:27-29, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.”

    Superstition is not faith. The Christian life is one of Faith in the promises of God not superstition. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Words of God says Romans 10:17. The evil forces of this world are out to attack the Christians faith. God wants you to grow in your faith in Christ. To do this you need to study the word of God. Biblegems.com

  30. glory be to JESUS for these eye opener.It shows we approaching the end times of our days in this earth as JESUS is coming back soon for His Bride.Lets keep faith and walk the good walk of faith through Christ Jesus.God bless everyone who reads these eye opener and show him/her how much destruction the devil has caused to our lives’PEACE’

  31. Jesus taught the disciples in Luke 17 chapter in verse 1, He said that it is not impossible and offenses will come. This is a great article teaching believers how to overcome demonic attacks. Demons are just as real today as they has always been. They are sent to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus pointed out in His teaching that the sin of unforgiveness will create an opening in your protective hedge allowing Satan to send his evil spirits (demons) in to launch spiritual attacks. When you fail to forgive, you become bitter,angry and those sins of the flesh will draw demonic spirits into your life. The reason is because they now have legal authority to come after you.When you commit an offense,there are sins that create an opening and demons can attach themselves to you when this open has been created. Satan sends his demons to those who are saved and has accepted Jesus Christ to gain a strong hold on the believer. Bruce, why will Satan spend time attacking the unsaved?

    I am currently doing a study on spiritual warfare. The study book our ladies group is using is entitled, “Standing Strong—How to Resist the Enemy of Your Soul,” by John Macarthur. I’m told that the book is being offered for free at this time. In it there many disturbing statements made that almost compelled me to drop the class. Instead, I will continue to the end in order to shed light and to see what specifically the prayer needs are of those attending, as well as this author.
    At first, the study seemed elementary to me, because I’ve been on this battlefield several times and exercised authority over demons attempting to take control of my spirit, in control of a family member’s spirit, and one released from my spirit (all as a Christian). We’re being taught that demons cannot enter Christians. Yet, there are many examples in the Bible (including Jesus himself) that the devil attempted to enter, or did take control (Saul, Peter, Job, Adam and Eve). He tempted Jesus after Jesus had fasted 40 days in the wilderness. Saul committed suicide. Jesus rebuked the demon in Peter. He was given the right by God to afflict and attack Job. He succeeded with Adam and Eve (we know their story). There are many other “believers turned bad” stories (King David, Samson, Joseph’s brothers, etc.). The author would probably say in Standing Strong, (my quote) “David was never really a believer.” Yet, the Word says, “David was a man after God’s own heart.”
    The enemy is also trying to undermine and limit our faith to exercise authority over demons buy stating that this power (to cast out demons) was only given to Jesus and the disciples. Did demons only exist back then? No, they still exist today, and those who fear them make excuses for their lack of faith to use this option God has given us (Mark 16:17, Luke 9:1, Mark 6:7, 13, Matthew 10:1, 10:6-8, I John 3:8, Luke 11:24, etc.). We do the same with the Bible reference of speaking in tongues (I Cor 12-14) and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We opt out by explaining that they were for that time period. Yet, Christ told his disciples to “Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.” Was this for just back then, or do we pick and choose what is relevant for today in the Word?—God forbid. Are we to …”have a form of godliness and deny the power thereof.”
    I will agree with the author only on a couple points; every trial and test is not a demon nor is every sickness (i.e., common cold or flu). We are to resist the devil with the Word of God. However, when we recognize with certainty demonic possession, we are given the right to exercise the power God has given us to take authority over them and cast them out! The deceiver is definitely on his job to create controversy and division within the church—“divide and conquer.”
    For more study use this link sent to me by a friend:

    • I agree. I have gone through deliverance also and continue to go through it as my family is under huge spiritual attack. As I drew closer to the Lord and discovered His feasts and Sabbath I came under huge attack at unreal levels. But I know the Lord Jesus at deeper level than I ever though possible and He has walked me through this time. I have become more aware of spiritual principles and how to walk closer to Him through these tough times. I

  33. Help Please!
    Can you please tell me if I repent for drunkenness from years ago if that means I can no longer drink any alcohol ever again or just don’t be getting drunk again? I ask because I don’t drink much anymore, maybe 7x a year and the drunkenness days are outgrown. Secondly, are prescription drugs, narcotic for back injury and perfectly needed and Dr, prescribed and not abused ok?


  34. Thank you very much for your site. I just came around it.Very helpful and to the point.

    Please tell me what affiliation you have. Like any denomination?
    Many blessings,
    B. Nelson

    • Hi Belynda, we are non-denomination. Glad you like our site 🙂

  35. the only thing i see is about fighting with demons,but what about destroying them so they never
    come back?in a war you kill your enemy one time.you do not keep fighting for the rest of your life.so
    why don”t you do the same with demons

  36. In my ignorance I gave the devil a foothold in my life . You cannot imagine the suffering I endure every day . I became a disabled person because of this .
    I want nothing more then to get this thing off of me so please Pray for me and offer any advice you think might help me . The Spirit made itself known to me 3 years ago but attached itself to me in 2007 after I moved into an old house and started experiencing paranormal things .

  37. A very good article. I, myself, became a Christian some years ago. But, for 8 years, I have been battling demons. No, they never get inside my spirit or soul but from outside. The first attack made me freeze and I didn’t know what to do at the time. I remember I was in bed. I hadn’t gone to sleep yet. I felt the mattress sagging at one corner and heard the creaking sound it made when pressure is applied. I saw nothing there. Then, my sheet and comforter was being slowly pulled from my body. Again, there was nothing there but I ‘felt’ it. Then, a heavy weight settled over my body. I felt large hands push at my inner thighs to open them. I struggled to keep them closed but I couldn’t. I felt it push into me and it was so cold; void. I thought it was trying to embed me into my mattress, it was so rough. I got up the next morning and could barely walk. My inner thighs hurt so badly.
    Then, I did research and found out about incubi. That freaked me out.
    As time went on, I learned to fight them off. I have spiritually trained myself to call out to God, even in sleep when I feel them try to touch me or grab me.
    The last attack was 2 months ago. I had surgery and was in the hospital. Naturally, I was on IV pain medication and it was easy to let my guard down completely.
    I remember waking up slightly and I started whimpering. There were 2 of them that time. One was at my feet; the other was trying to put its hand up my gown. I felt a coldness near my feet. These hands grabbed my ankles and yanked me, trying to drag me down. I remember very vividly raising my arms into the air and yelling, “Jesus!!”. Then, a warm golden glow was above my head. These strong, but soft and gentle hands grabbed my wrists and lifted me up. I felt like I weighed nothing. Then, the whole room was warm. The dark ones cowered down and then fled quickly.
    I knew what it meant in two ways. It was trying to drag me down spiritually. But, also trying to drag me away from God. We look up to God and down to demons. It was trying to pull me to their level and make me turn away from God.
    Also, I try to think of it in a positive way. It lets me know that all I have to do is call to Him and He will be there. And He is always there when I call to Him to make the demons flee. I trust Him to always be with me. Sometimes my faith goes a little stale and yet, He is still with me.
    I love having Him work through me, knowing His name is enough to make them run and hide.

  38. Blessed the Lord God Jehova, Alpha and Omega, Creator of Heaven and Earth!
    My story is a bit too much for some to hear as it is somewhat odd for to to share, but I will do so to bring Glory and Honor unto Jesus Christ of Nazareth who lives and sits on the right hand of God. I moved to an Asian country (lots of ancestral worship and pagan, demonic/spirit worship) w/spouse and children due to military service. Upon arrival within 2 months “it” began the supernatural attack of ALL attacks. I was sitting in a pew at church when I heard the Lord whisper get up and pray for “them,” a group of missionaries were heading to Thailand, the country of my birth and Mother. I did not know any of the people traveling nor did they know me, but knew unequivocally the still small voice of Lord Jehova. I went reluctantly up the aisle to stand with the group of 14-20 people and relayed to the military chaplains wife I was to pray for these servants of the Lord as God just instructed me to, she had an awful look on her face-turned and stated to her husband ( Chaplain) what I needed to do. I began to intercede as my gifting is intercessory prayer for the group and within 2-3 minutes of prayer I began to feel daggers (supernaturally ) and literally felt being attacked by spiritual weapons released toward me. These weapons being aimed at me, immediately the Holy spirit through my prayer stated “no weapons formed against me shall prosper, no gates of hell shall prevail against me.” From that point for about 6 months or so thereafter, I was involved with the BIGGEST warfare for my life-literally, depression, isolation, rejection, spirit of divination, self-loathing etc., was an all out war campaign to end my ministry and life of servitude. Where I live is such a small place, it seemed EVERYONE knew me or my story and I was not well received. One night a HUGE DEMONIC entity visited my bedside, stood there beside me as I slept. I was in midst of sleep and awakened-I would say Jesus is LORD and that thing would exhale with a bone chilling cold, not my room just my body, then I would battle again and say Jesus is LORD again and that thing was UPSET,as it breathed out even colder feeling within my BONES. I finally stated as I was upset because my children were in my bed ( spouse was on a mission away) I called out, “Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father God help me,” IMMEDIATELY from the corner of my room I heard wings flapping and rushed this entity as if a line backer rushed an opponent out of my room, down the hall way, out of my house. The beauty of this story is GOD, JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT was ready to save upon my call and was watching over me and waiting all along. The end of this story is that entire night I slept like a baby with NO FEAR what so ever! GOD
    thank you for your outstretched hand to save and your face that shines upon me. JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH IS LORD OF LORDS AND KING OF KINGS!

    Chris please pray for me and family..if possible please email me with any guidance or advice. I have 2 wonderful friends who are pastors who I request pray for me and family every so often, but being here it is a constant battle in this atmosphere due to cultural worship. But I am more than an overcomer and Victorious in Jesus Christ whom’s blood I plead upon me and my family. God Bless You!

    • I’ve had similar experiences. I’ve undergone and continue to undergo spiritual attack.

  39. What does it mean when God lifts the veil and you see a demonic look on a Christians face…..its only for a breif moment, but its unmistakable. Its happened to me twice now, I myself am a Born Again Christian and before I was saved was into the occult so Im very aware of the Spiritual Realm and how real it is. I went through a lot of deliverance and learnt a lot about that even as Christians we can open the door to a demonic force, and that therefore gives them a legal right. Could this be the case in these two Christian peoples faces that I saw.

  40. Can you explain the theology behind the belief that a demon cannot enter a believer who has undergone a Holy Spirit baptism? If someone has demons before their baptism, are they delivered through their baptism? If not…what happens to those demons?

    The theology that the Holy Spirit inhabits your spirit after water baptism and enters your soul after the second baptism is new to me. I’d really like to hear more on that if you can expand.
    I was delivered from demons several years after I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. So my perspective is a little different, simply because of my personal experience. I do not have much experience with deliverance-only a handful of cases, including my own. Any more information you could provide about that would be awesome! Thanks!

  41. Robin-

    When a person is saved the Holy Spirit enters into their spirit. This is where the Holy Spirit lives inside a person. If the person has demons before they are saved then once they are saved the demons are evicted out of the persons spirit. However, just because the person is now saved does not mean the demons are gone….sure some of them might still be present in the soul. A person is made up of there parts the spirit, the soul which is the mind, will, thoughts and emotions/feelings and then the physical body.

    A persons mind has to be renewed in the Word of God and by doing so the Lord will drive the demons out. A person has to be built up in the Word of God in order to overcome the demons in the soul if not they can if cast out come back even 7 times stronger. This is why sometimes people who get saved still have demonic strongholds of the mind which are demonic in origin. A person needs to know who they are meaning their Identity in Christ first then they need to know their Authority in Christ to overcome the enemy. Sometimes God will deliver instantly but often times healing and deliverance is progressive.

    • I was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit 34 years ago. About six years ago I was under severe demonic attack. I felt a spirit on two different occasions go into my mouth. I started walking around like a big ape. I had hallucinations, couldn’t sleep, was fearful, had a force hold my arms down so hard while I was in bed and the next day I had bruises all over my arms. Three entities were at the end of my bed pulling the cover off of me and pulling me down off the bed. I rebuked them in Jesus’ name and they fled. It was sheer hell until I ended up in a psychiatric hospital suicidal & homicidal. I saw in the spirit a girl praying against me. I don’t know who this was or where it was. So, the idea that an evil spirit cannot enter a Holy Spirit filled Believer is false. It happened to me.
      It seems that deliverance ministers come up with some “10 step plan” of their own doing but it doesn’t seem completely rooted in scripture. By the way, I was seeing a married couple who were deliverance ministers before I ended up in the psychiatric hospital. They couldn’t understand the attack and told me to go to hospital because they couldn’t help me! So, deliverance is a grossly misunderstood subject!

      • hi set free by truth i just want to thank God for you your deliverance when a person talks about attack i always thank Jesus because many times i have been attacked from spiritual husband monkey to sangomas fighting women physically in spirit but by the grace Jesus fought the good fight for me i cant stop thanking Him when i think of all this demons are no joke and i also dont believe that they cant stay in the inside of a christian i believe that little girl was an angel. God loves you, i believe sometimes God leave satan to challenge us to teach us or make us stronger,during this time when i had all this attacks there was a day when i saw in spirit a woman[spiritual wife]i could clearly see her undressing trying to have sex with my husband and i remember saying was”go in the name of Jesus” and she left, i woke my husband and ask him what he saw and he said”nothing”so for me i believe for those of us who experienced this we have to thank Him bcoz at the end God shows us how powerful He is,you’l never say God’s “power” with boldness unless you have experienced it may God’s mercy cover you in your going in and going out

  42. Thank you for this great page. Wow, some awesome things being shared here. Please pray for my spirit as I feel I’m being attacked extremely badly. I am currently really getting to have a great and awesome relationship with the GOD-Trinity, and I don’t think hell likes this at all.
    Thank you very much
    Many blessings to you and all the posters here.

  43. In the time when Jesus walked among us, casting out demons, except for an unknown small number of followers, there were no Christians yet. Jesus did in fact cast out demons or devils from what are considered today as those who had not yet been technically “saved”. Such as other Jews. The word Christian itself had not come into existence until years later. Jesus casted out demons from individuals who likely had never even heard of Jesus, and most certainly had not been baptised yet, if ever. Perhaps due to the power and authority held by Christ, he alone could do this, however, it is written his disciples were also charged with casting out demons and very likely doing so among people who wouldn’t have yet had the chance for conversation. Also I just wanted to point out that Exorcism had been practiced in Judaism long before the birth of Immanuel (God among us). Let us remember that Jesus and his disciples were in fact Jews, practicing Judaism. Now that being said, I myself being Christian, would never think of attempting to rebuke or cast out unclean spirits without the gospel armor and authority in Christ. I am merely pointing out a few inconsistencies in the above article and not the article as a whole.

    • The’disciples’ of Yeshua were mostly fishermen. They were not formally educated in any way, especially the Jewish laws,. Matthew might have been the only learned among them. When Christ was crucified, disillusioned, they all went back to what they knew;- fishing. Yet when the Holy Spirit fell on them at Pentecost, they received power to do what Yeshua commissioned them to do. Matt 28:20. Christians are not descendants or off springs of church going parents. All persons who have asked Yeshua Hamashiach to forgive and cleanse their sins and come into their lives, they became born again believers. These followers who exercise obedience to the word of God,have the power of the Holy Spirit on the inside of them to cast out demons. Theological schooling gives knowledge, but not the manifested power of the Holy Spirit.

  44. Dear Wondering Anonymous Apr 22

    Try and let it go, it does not belong to you. Whatever you went through in trust is what many have gone through. Forgive the offense, hand it over to God, for He knew you were able to endure it and gather your strength and with this you are to help others. You are longing for a closer relationship with God and you are already closer, He loves you very much and you now have a gift called discernment.

  45. Yea Paul tells us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the evil spirits around us. Thanking you guys out there for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I have experienced that when a demon who has unified with my soul i cannot distiguish between him amd mysef and his or my actions.nhut by continioous prayer and help from a christian friend,yer amd devotiion aa distamcee does come to the fore It seems that this realisation or enlightment ustains me and a heavenly Godgiven resiliencee enablrs me to actually address tjetjis enemy drivrng it awsy in the name of my Redeemerified

  46. Something very strong and evil is physically and meantally harming me , this is not a mental illness or a medical condition, something is inside me killing me slowly , I’ve contacted pastors ministries other Christians no amount of prayer or scripture helps , I am seeking help from an exorcist.

  47. I have been attacked by the evil and or demons in the past. But not once had they been successful at it. I noticed that when I wasn’t saved I never felt any attacks from demons but ass soon as I gave myself to Christ, it’s when I started to feel the attacks. I had been held down by certain forces, not once but more like 3 times, like some invisible hands were holding me down, not able to move in complete paralysis and speechless. But as soon as I called out in Jesus name I had been realesed of the hold. I gave myself to Christ, body, soul and heart. No one and anything can cause me harm, for my God dwells within me and my heart is pure. I strongly believe without a doubt or question that my savior walks with me and protects me from the harms of the evil and or demons. God is my fortress, my rock, my all. Amen!

  48. Hello. I began studying spiritual warfare several years and I believe that God was preparing met had begun in my personal life with someone who I know had manifestations of jezebel spirit (Narcissism). I finally left this person when God gave me all the signs to leave this emotionally destructive relationship. I found your site through a link provided by a young, Christian woman who experienced this same relationship.

    • I’ve been under attack from the inside out. Been baptized In Jesus Name. I have the Holy Spirit too. I was told it was over. Now that I am getting close to my calling I am being tormented again through my body from inside out. I have the gift of discernment and feel attacked anytime I am around others evil spirits that I have to pray through after each encounter. I’m confused, any advice? When I went through it all before I was thrown around and could feel razor sharp claws in my bones and spine. Help please. Thanks and God bless you.

      • God is with you Regina. When under attack, the enemy messes with your mind. When you become worried how to handle overwhelming attacks, it brings Fear and Doubt. Which then makes it much worse. KNOW and be CONFIDENT the Lord said Behold I give you POWER to tread on serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
        The very moment you begin to feel it, get out your KNOWER because it is by your faith and confidence you stand strong in Christ. The devil hates your confidence on the Lord which is why he tries to latch onto you. He’s the one who puts doubt and brings fear. Devil lost his power and he knows it.
        You are NOT confused, you KNOW the Lord, He’s just trying to challenge you. When it happens to me, I face it one episode at a time. I say I KNOW the TRUTH, I KNOW you Lord. I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW and I stand firm resisting him and it lifts off me.
        Quote the Word of God ferociously as you go after him. It’s your SWORD!

      • I have had something latched onto me for years now. I’ve had sleep paralysis, I’ve had nightmares, I’ve heard voices, been grabbed in the middle of the night, woke up screaming in fear, seen entities with my own eyes, the list goes on. I had believed that with the help of my spiritual friend I had rid myself of my demon. Now I’m realizing that it never left. Now instead of attacking me directly its attacking my daughter. She tells me that she sees a black horned shadow with white eyes standing over me when I sleep. And today I heard from my wife that while in a Walmart bathroom stall my daughter heard someone say hi to her. She looked under the stall and saw black feet. She then felt what it was and said “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.” Then she heard it say no then watched as the demon sank into the ground. I’m scared for her as well as my son. I’m also sad and upset that I brought this onto my family. It’s one thing to attack me but now my daughter (who can vividly see it). My wife is a devout Christian and she is concerned for me. I am spiritual but it’s hard for me to be like my wife based off of past trauma. I want to be able to protect my family but this is making me helpless.

  49. I stopped reading when you wrote that a demon could enter into a “soul”. Demons can only touch the mind and the body, they cannot touch the soul because the soul is God’s direct housing, receptacle. Christ shed His blood and ransom that no demon can touch the Soul, it is completely off limits to demons. So what the demons do instead, is work their way into the mind, which in turn can reach the body.

    • AMEN!… scripture speaks about bondage, and chains, not anything about “entering into” the soul. As well folks misunderstand the meaning of what a yoke of evil is…they confuse it with a yolk. Unfortunately this author has been lead by the doctrine of man…

    • the soul is the thoughts, emotions and free will. The holy Spirit dwells in the inner man, our Spirit.

    • The soul is our mind, will, and emotions. Our spirit is where the Holy Spirit lives, this is the part of the body that is off limits.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. The part of us that got born again is our Spirit. The soul is where the enemy wages war is the soul. “Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul.” 1 Peter 2:11. The Spirit man is perfect. As we are told.. If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation. We are born again in Spirit (the part that God interracts with us. What we need is to bring our souls and bodies into subjection to the spirit.

        • …and the Soul is made up of :-
          1). The MIND
          2). EMOTIONS
          3). The WILL.

    • The soul consists of the mind, will and emotions. So yes a demon can enter into your soul. Point of correction, soul is not God’s direct housing but the Spirit is or the Heart. God is Spirit and therefore dwells in a man’s spirit. Not soul. If you are born again, a demon cannot enter your spirit because the Spirit of God already dwells in you but it can mess with your soul, which is your mind, will and emotions.

  50. You must first ask G-d for this Gift to Cast out demons.In addition, You must also prepare and equip to battle. You must prepare the body to Fasting and praying. You must also test and try the spirits: is it a demonic, god’s angels and/or human Spirit. You need to ask the Spirit to CONFESS .That Messiah, Jesus (Yeshua) came to the earth in the flesh. G-d is spirit so you must worship & praise G-d in Spirit.Music (Praise & Worship) is a Spiritual weapon. Money for G-d’s Ministries is a Spiritual weapon. (you are to love G-d more than money). Prayer and Fasting is a Spiritual Weapon.Word of G-d is spiritual weapon.(Memorizing verses and to guote to the demons are a weapon). It does two things. I reminds G-d of His promise and it will strength your memorized of scriptures. Shalom… Peace be within you. May G-d shine His face upon you and smile at you.

  51. Please help me with my uncle.. He has been attack from some expected source..the doctors can’t find nothing no problem with his sickness or attacks..sometimes wen he get attack it throws him down..bad falls..bruises and cuts..shakes..trembles..now the attacks is affecting his heart..the family has done everything Dr.wise..we believe that something someone has done something to him because he is a hard working man and the women jus fell in love with him..there have been a lot of jealousy towards him..can you help me please..we believe now the attacks is getting so bad he will not have much time to live..

  52. I get these episodes off and on where I am laying down all of a sudden I can’t move i try to yell for help but what comes out is like a low growl not even comprehendable. It seems to last a long time but not sure if it really does. I see shadowy things . Am I going crazy I know the lords prayer but when I try to speak it or say the lords name I am unable to completly in this state. I think of these times as spiritual warfare on me am I wrong? Plz someone help me maybe with an idea or ect. Ty and God bless

    • I don’t know if it is a spiritual attack or not but I can tell you that is very common. So common that there is a medical term for it. I cant think of exact name but you can google “sleep paralysis” and find information. I have experienced this before. The same thing happened to me. I tried to say the name of Jesus and couldn’t speak. It was like my mind was awake but my body was still asleep. It happened a few more times. It went away when I relaxed and said in my mind “Lord Jesus, I trust you no matter what happens to me physically. I am redeemed”. I was able to fall asleep within a few seconds. That was almost 15 years ago. Recently it happened once but it wasnt nearly as scary. I brushed it off and fell but asleep confident that it would pass. God is in control. Like I said, I don’t know if it is warfare or not but I won’t doubt it. I’ve noticed that a lot of believers have similar experiences to one another. The one reason that I believe it could be a spiritual attack is that following those incidents, I was attacked with doubt and fear. No matter what it is, you have to trust the Lord Jesus Christ. The enemy will attack your faith. I hope this has helped you in anyway.

    • I wrote a comment yesterday but it hasn’t appeared yet. Another take is the the enemy can take a normal sleep disorder like sleep paralysis and use it to scare you. Like I said in previous comment, there were fifteen years in between sleep paralysis episode. All during times of stress. I even told my doctor and he said that he had them too. A majority of people will experience it in their lifetime. Basically, I want to give you a message of peace because God loves you. Don’t be scared by some of the things in this website. Yes spiritual warfare is real, sometimes the enemy takes things you read and hear and twists it around to scare you. The devil can even take scripture and twist it to scare you. If you are proned to anxiety he will use that too. The devil has robbed me of a lot of years of me not walking close to God because he had me believing that God did not love me or that I was going to hell. He uses the same tactic on everyone. May Christ fill you with His peace.

    • In the south it’s called Coshma it’s a little demon that get on you if you lying on your back. Sometimes you can see it but sometimes not and it feels like it holding you down

  53. I have an issue that baffles me in my life. Anytime I am about to succeed in anything Wether business, finance or other success. It gets distabilized at the last moment. So I filled with disappointments and hurt. This has led me into a lot of debts. And I work really hard to raise funds to upset those debts. But each promising efforts gets terminated at the last minute and the circle continues and same as the pressure of repaying the debts . I believe there are demon attacking my finances and progress. What shall I do.?

  54. all my life i been in this war from the day i was born I knew GOD and by his will i walked and i was able to stand and there was many battles but about 3 year ago i started feeling that GOD had lift me and for some reason i had to walk along for while and then ever thing that could go wrong went wrong from i have people riding up and down my street ever time i go out or come home, i lost my job for no reason again dade county bus operator i am in the union and they did nothing but lie to me i am not fired they don’t have a reason to but i haven worked in about two years. no lawyer will take the case ever one i contact it falls on death ears.i am followed by police my family none will go to church or read the bible ever bill i get is double i always have had good heath now .i feel like something trying to break me.i always felt GOD in my body in the air in everything i been baptist ed about 3 times in my life.i have few friends the church i have been going to for about 40 years but if i dont show up for weeks they seem to not notice. GOD said don’t be amazed,

  55. I had a mind veiling demon for over 20 years while i carried the Holy Spirit. (Never back to church in that time) I was under mind destroying oppression inside and out. God had gifted me with strong spiritual discernment too, which included seeing human character (instantly), seeing error, sin, and the Holy Spirit in others. I was fleeing constantly from an unseen enemy thinking it was on the physical realm. I was tormented and crushed. I thought everyone one could see into me as i could see into them. It was mind warping until Jesus lead me to understanding what i was seeing.

    Many in the church don’t understand true discernment gifting and what can be seen. I can discern that too from their face without a word from them.

    I had a small cluster of 4 or 5 others. I delivered myself in Jesus name once i could see Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirits love for me.

    Jesus gave me a vision of an external entity latched into my mind while I was crying out for release from my suffering
    When it released my symptoms of oppression , anxiety, emotional assaults against my regenerate heart stopped.

    My heart and mind are no longer warring.

    Praise God! I am at peace. God will never leave or forsake you.

  56. I want to thank our God, our Lord Jesus, and our Holy Spirit for leading me to this website. I am so blessed that I found your articles: 4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits and Blood Of Jesus. I have been praying for miracles this year and the Holy Spirit has led me to two battles (pray and fasting). The first one I repented to my husband which took 5 days of accidental fasting and mourning to get that breakthrough. On the morning of the breakthrough, the Holy Spirit whisper, “Confess your sins to your husband.” I did and heart leaped and I felt all my sins melt away. Your article: 4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits and Blood Of Jesus helped me to hear the Holy Spirit to guide me to repent of all the sins of my family! As I was fasting and praying using the Blood of Jesus, I was in so much agonies for 6 days. Each morning I dreamed. The 6th dream was of a Jewish man inside my house opening my front door to receive a kosher sandwich and I knew the angel God send is now in my home protecting my family. This morning on the 7th day I dreamed of feasting in the house of our Priest at church and I prayed for repentance for the sins of all my family members, my ancestors and pleading the Blood of Jesus for each one of them, canceling and drowning all the legal rights of the enemies and breaking all generational curses. I give thanks to my God, my Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I repent to my husband again because of what I was fighting inside he does not understand. Praise and glory to God for your ministry! Thank you so much! A new day is upon my family and your website was an instrument the Holy Spirit uses to help me understand what I had to do. God bless your website forever in Jesus’s name. Amen

    • Praise God everything is going to work out for the good (HIS GLORY) continue to believe God is in CONTROL; I feel lead to share this in God’s Word MARK 11:24
      Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray believe you RECIEVE them, and you will HAVE them.

  57. I am not sure if you still respond to the messages after so many years but I found your website as so much of this make sense. I messed with witchcraft as well as some other things and now I am being attacked from the inside and out. The pain is unbelievable as I can feel them moving in me. I was baptized a few months in the Christian faith after being a Catholic most of my life. I have been through deliverance 5 times already and I feel that it’s not going away. If I go through your prayers with my full heart would I need to do this through deliverance, or can you please help me. This is so bad that the attacks happen all day and as soon as I lay down?
    Please let me know what I would need to do to get help?
    God Bless!

    • Prayer when you’re walking through the dark valley…
      When it comes to deep trials and stress, Grace can provide escape from fear and anxiety. Our biggest asset is Prayer. Get into a quiet meditative state prayer supplication and thanksgiving. Go to God, We can’t fix it ourselves. But. Remember, “Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world” (1 Peter 5:8-9). This following verse is paramount to your situation “I reveal Myself to those who love Me—those whose spiritual receivers are tuned to My frequency, they receive My Word and obey it.”

    • Hi dear Michelle, I couldn’t help reading all of you’re posts above but not respond to you. First of all you need to repent of any sin in youre life, forgive anyone in youre life and also even thoe you are born in a Christian home you need to be a Reborn Christian threw baptism . Now this is how you pray daily : you bind All demonic forces around you and you take down the crown of all demonic leaders and cast them into the Pitts of hell and you cage them and forbid them to come into youre life again and you loose a hedge of Giant Angels to protect you from All Evil in Jesus name, Thank you Jesus

      After that you put the whole Armoir of God on you and you plead the blood of Jesus over you and you’re home etc..
      And you read Psalm 91 Daily over you’re self . May God bless you tremendously

  58. I’m truly not thinking straight. the more I pray is the more I get attacked, I even hate sleeping because most of the attacks are when I’m asleep..
    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I need help.

    I don’t even know which prayers to pray anymore I’m just so down casted..
    please help me

    • Marcia, I don’t doubt that it’s not happening. I personally have had the same thing happening to me. Keep praying, and if you haven’t I think you should fast. You’re being attacked because your praying, but when you fast and pray the enemy has no choice but to leave.You’re not doing anything wrong, you’re probably doing everything right, the enemy sees it and wants you to give up. Stay strong, and I’ll be praying for your strength.

      • Thank You For this message_im also going through the same-demons are attacking me during my sleep-and what’s worse I don’t feel anything-I fall asleep like a baby and my husband would tell me of scary things I do while sleeping-it is also affecting our relationship because he doesn’t get enough sleep and wakes up sick because of all the things I do while sleep-sometimes he would be very angry at me-because of all this-it’s bad really bad. the more I pray is the more I get attacked, I even hate sleeping because these attacks happen when I’m asleep,I don’t even know how to pray now -it’s like my prayers are not going anywhere…I feel defeated,
        please help me

        • Those who are not having good sleep and disturbed by the spirit of darkness, say the simple prayer while you are sitting on your bed. After the prayer go to sleep directly. One thing I want to remind you when you say this prayer, in the beginning you will be attacked by the spirit of darkness but continue your faith in Jesus Christ and do not stop saying the below prayer before sleeping. You will be having sound sleep.

          Heavenly father, i am blessed to be your child. Thank you Jesus you are my living God. In Jesus’ name, the bed that i sit upon is blessed, anointed and marinated with the blood of Jesus Christ. The mattress that i lay my body to take rest is blessed, anointed and marinated with the blood of Jesus Christ. The pillow that I rest my head is blessed, anointed and marinated with the blood of Jesus Christ. The quilt that I cover my body is blessed, anointed and marinated with the blood of Jesus Christ. Every wall and brick of my room is anointed, blessed and marinated with the blood of Jesus Christ. Angels from heaven are surrounding me and the Holy spirit is guiding me in my sleep.In Jesus’ name I have sound sleep. Thank you and good night Jesus. Amen.

    • You have to have faith in your own authority. Jesus died for Y O U! And should do it again if it meant saving only you. Resist the devil submit to God and he will flee. The devil is a pansy and a coward when it comes to God. You must believe in your own authority and in Jesus’s blood and plead it on your behalf and all that will go away in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. When you are having trouble sleep ing declare Psalm 4:8, plead the blood and loose warring angles on your behalf and in your dreams shout JESUS and it will go away.

    • I am living the same ….attacks no matter what….specially at night but also anytime….it is devilitating….even after praying for me at churches altar call…
      The enemy reappears like saying… still here ,,,didnt work…..
      But I have faith that if God freed others…he will free us….he knows our dier heart plea…..Pleas walk through it…we will be free….keep me posited

    • You need to pray before you go to bed and ask to be sealed with the precious blood of Christ in your subconscious, consciousness, unconscious, ask that your dreams be sealed the bed the room, the house,,,,, ask the Holy spirit to guide you through the prayer. NEVER GIVE UP, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, GOD IS FAITHFUL.

    • You’re words seem similar to mine a few months ago!!! You are thinking too much about them and they are getting into your thought process. I believe that reading and writing has helped me immensley!! Prayer changes things!!! Do you have a Holy Bible? Did you ask for forgiveness? Also did you forgive yourself? Lastly has someone hurt you or did something against you and you can’t let it go. Ask God to give you the strength to forgive them. You have to this was one of my hardest. I am not freed but it’s not as bad and i reallly have to learn something new daily bc I never knew I had this curse on my family until recently and now it makes sense. The wisdom and knowledge of the Bible is what you need to know. Spiritual warfare is a rough thing but do not let it scare you bc that’s what they are feeding off of. I was terrified. I too get bothered in my sleep. Praise ans worship music helps and THE Living Word and SCRIPTURE. Is the key. You can do this and if you believe in God you have also got to Believe in yourself or it won’t get easier. I am praying right now that you see this ans know you aren’t alone. You can do this please email me if you would like to.

    • I don’t know how to help you but all I can suggest is tell the Lord you live him, talk to him as a friend. Accept what he gives you whether it be or joy. It is for a reason. My daughter was a lovely girl whom I did not know how to properly raise. I was young, boo he’d up with a confused guy who was introduced to Satanism in his youth while in a juvenile hall facility that was his home for several years. We had a baby girl. She grew up to be kind and loving it was ruined by the introduction of drugs by her own father during preadolescence.
      I was very wrapped up in myself and an alternative lifestyle to be a good mother. I had a hard time taking in that role completely. How I regret those years now. Years of emotional neglect. Even recently, though our relationship was healing slowly, the damage had been done.
      My daughter had mental health issues attributed to alcoholism, drug use, but more than anything trauma, I have come to believe.
      She started having recurrent almost daily demon attacks while in her sleep and sometimes while awake.
      Long story short, my daughter was hit by a black car in the middle of the night in another state. She had gone out there with the hope of capturing the heart of a longtime demonic spirited gay man she’d known since her teens.
      I am just as clueless as you as to how or why this had to happen to my only child. All I have now is memories and questions as to why was SHE picked to suffer this way. My only conclusion that makes sense to me is that she was an angel assigned to me and those whose life she touched. Why? Because all of them attest to her loving nature and her ability to make countless of fiends feel as if she was THEIR best friend. Looking back st our relationship, all she wanted was for ME to be her best friend. I smile, appear strong, but only God can take the shame and guilt I feel for not having seen her anguish and divine pleas for help.
      Yes I believe demons exist. To attack those who are of angelic natures until they destroy them. I also believe only GOD makes the final decision as to the ultimate resting place for those departed.
      I hope you get better. Just know that God loves you and that sometimes we are tested for a reason…

    • satan can only do what God allows. I have dealt with spiritual attacks my whole life. Put on the Whole Armor of God, fast and pray that God will keep satan at bay, then pray that He will send his Holy Spirit to pray with you and for her on your behalf when you don’t now what to say. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you on what to do. Tell satan to back off in Jesus’ Christs’ Name…

  59. I cannot understand why there is such an emphasis on the deliverance of believers. Do you consider on this site dealing with demons in the non believer, which is after all the emphasis of the Bible?

    • Surely that is why we are here though, to help and spread the word of Christ? The good news. The good news of Jesus saving us is the main thing we as disciples are called to do. People have a choice and Jesus himself said, ‘I stand at the door and knock’ therefore we as humans have a choice to obey or not.

  60. I came across this website because I was looking for bible verse on Spiritual Warfare. I’m so happy to to this website to know that I’m not the only suffered with demonic attack day and night, in the home when I go out on my own with friends are family I’m under attack. It is so bad that I moves 6 times and still suffering. It causes me sleepless nights depression, anxiety, mood swings, forgetfulness, fearful, shutting myself off from people. This is what evil spiritual attack do to me, which includes human beings who hates me. But I know this to do with evilness of the spiritual realm.

    • I confirm the statement “God the Father is a “Man of War,” “. The devil killed me in May 2018, I saw myself getting out of my body as if I was taking an overall suite off then started moving out of my house, passing the earth, planets which has different colors, the moon, the sun and the stars. I was going to the direction of the milky way, as I was about to enter through the black hole, Jesus Christ came and grabbed me fast before entering through the milky way and brought me home. He is indeed a man of war, He is a mighty warrior. He saved my life. When I woke up in the morning one of the devil worshippers said yes, the devil had killed you because you are disturbing him here on earth.

  61. There has never been such a time of all of history like today. We are bombarded by so much noise and deception and no longer live in a world that is just as far as our eye can see.
    For those of you battling so hard with these spiritual demonic attacks day in and day out…the first place to look at is why the have an open door and that authority to attack you! You could be getting sifted…just like Simon after denying Jesus. Also can be going through the wilderness and desert like Jesus had to and every other prophet, teacher, soul…that was being prepared for a powerful work for God’s Kingdom in the power of the Holy Spirit.
    Even Paul had a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment him. So that he wouldn’t be puffed up because of the revelations and powers he received.
    All of this is where faith, wisdom, knowledge, discernment is increased along with whatever gifts the Lord has chosen for you.

    We first must always begin with ourselves. Inside and what is around us. There are many names now for Satanic practices and rituals that have been diluted and wrapped up to appear safe and good.
    Some Other names for Satanism Occult is…
    White & Black Magic
    Any form of Occult
    Free Masons
    Meditation to open Chakras or Kundalini ( same instructions can be found in satanic bible)
    Catholic rituals and objects
    And the list just continues….

    So those that are being tormented by these demons, esp. the Jezebel spirit…first ask for forgiveness and repent of the obvious sins mentioned in God’s Word. 2nd, if you or family members have participated in ANY OCCULT, ask for forgiveness, repent and pray to break the curses and bondages and be delivered from all of it.
    3rd…pray for eyes to see and ears to hear and go around your home and throw out or destroy any object and idol associated with all of it. Could be a rosary, crystals, stones, jewelry, sage, incense, skull pictures, pagan crosses, etc.
    Educate yourself on the symbols of satanism, wiccan, free masons, any of the occult. Look them up. Look at your jewelry, clothes, artwork, furniture. Get rid of it all! The Lord will lead you right to each item and object and you will know to get rid of it when you feel unsettled or you question it.
    Finally, always be in constant prayers! Never stop
    Praying, esp over your family!
    You HAVE TO CLEAN your temple and home and submit to The Lord Jesus Christ and all of His Word! Learn the scriptures because there is where the power is! There are only 2 sides! God’s Truth or Satan’s Lies!
    God Bless!

    • While I was praying in our hall room with my family, without my knowledge, daily my standing direction used to move towards our children room where I had my additional cupboard. Though my spouse noticed it he did not speak to me about it. Once when I opened my eyes after the prayers I had literally moved to the children room (I close my eyes while praying). From that day, I started confessing every day the scripture “Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought into the open”

      There I found what is in my jewelry box. I wanted to wear a matching jewelry on my office clothes and I reached out to my box and as I held my neck chain in my hands I realized that it had one ‘Rudra Mani’, which belongs to Hinduism and non-believers believe in that stone. I did not realize that was causing trouble in the family life though I wore it many times around my neck unknowingly. Immediately I took that stone out of my chain and cast it out of the house in Jesus name. Until I confessed the scripture, I was not lead by the Spirit of God to my jewelry box.

      I still confess this scripture so that in case I have anything that is not of heavenly kingdom, it will come to light through the Holy Spirit.

  62. This has happened to me as well. I usually play gospel music or a sermon all through the night while I’m sleeping so the Holy spirit is in my home while I sleep.

    • That is such a lovely act of your faith! I have done this before, I must admit! But I dont do it every night…just now and again.

  63. I literally was just suddenly awakened just after 3 a.m. by a sudden powerful horrible force. I wanted to yell but couldnt and felt trapped and helpless. Then i saw a black figure in the dark and snatched myself out of bed literally terrified by what i just felt and saw. I couldnt get up for a few moments and felt held down with no sense of direction in those moments. Me and my family have been going thru a whole lot. I pray for all of you now. I ask you pray for us. I just made a decision to also stop drinking. I defintely believe in Him so do the dark forces. God help us and our families! In Jesus Name!

    • The battle is real. I praise God we may share our testimonies of real the effects the enemy is doing as well the knowledge of Jesus Christ to overcome. Stand firm brother. Lifting your family up in prayer.

    • Hi Mike….This same manifestation came upon myself and children when I was living in my father’s house. The spiritual attacks became worse as my sister was consulting a medium for ‘answers’…Apparently she thought this psychic was godly. I could write a book about the nefarious nature of these encounters. I pray for you!

    • So grateful for this article and Mr. Bradley for writing in such a clear way! These testimonials are comforting to at least know I am not alone. I am currently going through deliverance. It has been horrendous. However Jesus continues to show his mercy.

    • I had something similar happen once in my sleep. It wouldn’t let me breathe in or out, almost as if I was being held in a vacuum sealed chamber. All I could do was call out to God with every ounce of mental energy I had. In the midst of crying His Biblical Hebrew name or reference(Yahweh – I Am), it released. We’ve had to fight this evil for over 20 years now. While it doesn’t bother us constantly anymore, it does keep trying to come back. In the Bible, Jesus said (paraphrasing) there are no demons that cannot be broken, though some take much prayer and fasting. I ask Jesus to bind them and render them ineffective. Stay close to God Mike. Read His Word and pray daily. Show no fear – not one drop. For it is written, “Greater is He who is in me” Memorize Psalm 23. At least these are the habits that have helped me. I will be praying for you.

    • Amen. It is done. How are you holding up? I too had to battle demons during the night while sleeping. I can share with you what worked for me personally. It is done. I do not know if this site lets us talk to e/o via comments. I hope my response is approved. Love in Christ to you and yours!

    • hi Mike my name is Armand and i just read your post so literally i have been going thru the same thing most of my night prayers where after attacking the kingdom of darkness they retaliate for sure. i will advice you to stand your ground and put on the full amor of God and totally submit to Christ our Lord as said in James 4:7 ” submit therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you”

      i am really committed to the Lord and yes demons will try to resist you but we have a power that we must use to be able to overcome every gate of hell no matter how strong and powerful they may appear to be also spend time with the Lord although we have work to do and must get things done but we must also remember our God is a jealous God and we must love Him 1st before anything Rev. 2:4.

      i am writing to you because i see myself in your situation and trust me its a battle already won on the cross but we must not neglect to play our part for the Glory of our Lord and God the Father whom belong all power, honor and majesty for ever and ever. may the Lord grant you wisdom, power and authority over all brother

      be blessed

  64. I am literally being attacked by two demons being summoned by two people who live near by me. I get attacked with night terrors and wont let me sleep.

    I am a christian and I am born again through our lord and savior Jesus and I’m still getting attacked by these demons.

    I have spoken to several people in church about the attacks and they either think I am crazy or they are to scare to help out with this little demon problem.

    • Go before the lord in prayer and ask him if there any hidden sin in your life and him to remove it. Ask him to wash you with his blood and to Sanctify you and to fill you with the holy ghost

    • Confront those lying spirits with the name of JESUS. They’ll try to keep doing it, trying to make you believe you have no power over them. That’s how they operate,,,, lies. They will challenge you making you believe nothing works. Again another lie. I call on the name of Jesus over and over, and I get relief. There is salvation in his bible the word says.
      You’re dealing with a bully who is just lying to you. That’s their biggest weapon. I had two evil spirits in my room and I commanded them to leave in the name of Jesus. The thought immediately came saying, We don’t have to leave, that won’t work, and they began to move in on me. I sat up and pointed at them quoting the WORD saying, God has not given me a spirit of fear, but he’s given me a spirit of power, of love, and a sound mind! Loudly pointing at them, I kept on and wouldn’t back down. All of the sudden, the Word coming out of my mouth turned into the Holy Spirit! And the moment the Holy Spirit sowed up, they were GONE. Jesus said the Words I speak to you are SPIRIT and LIFE. Don’t back down. They’re just testing you.

    • Turn on praise music all night,If you can turn on gospel music that last all night long,Keep a light on in the room ,they hate praise to God .And they also hate light.I’ve been dealing with severe attacks for years now,And it only got worse and worst, as I started witnessing to people about Jesus ,The attacks became almost life-threatening at night.They would literally tried to choke the life out of me.Finally I cried out to the Lord and asked him what to do ,He impressed upon me, to go buy a small light to keep on in my room at night and turn gospel music on, fortunately my local TV station has a Bible channel that plays the Bible all night.So between the small light and the Bible playing on TV and the soft gospel music playing,I am proud to say I have gotten the best sleep I’ve had in years,Thank you Jesus!

    • Go around your house and look for anything that resemble idols it could be something small that was given to you by someone. Remove that for this maybe the point of contact to enter into your home. Then declare the blood of Jesus to pull down any strongholds in your life. Walk around all the perameter of your dwelling place, pray to God to set up guarding angels. Also ask the Lord place waring angel around you. Pray for peace and ask God for protection though using your shield of faith that no fiery dart will penetrate and destroy your soul. Confess your authority over the demons. And above all keep the faith by being strong in Christ Jesus. My brother I stand in agreement with you that no weapons formed against you shall prosper. For every weapon formed against you shall be cast down at the root. We uproot every scheme and trap the enemy has set before you. That by the time you get to the trap and scheme they are already sprung. In Jesus name.

  65. How do I free my husband from a generational spirit? His Dad was a free mason. My husband is fascinated with skulls and death, so are all his three children. My husband says he is saved and I believe he is even though he’s a carnal Christian.

    If he doesn’t denounce involvement with the spirit of death, what can I do to free him and his children?


    • Firstly he needs to deal with the carnality mind such Christians are dangerous because they don’t become deep in knowing God hence they became a prey of the enemy
      I refused to marry that kind of a man I chose to be single for Christ sake
      He couldn’t even understood me right when I told him that God is against sex before marriage no matter how serious the relationship is

      So u see carnal christians are battling with deep things ,how are they going to be free from the generational oppression

  66. Hello Mr. Bradley,

    I am a 48 years old and divorced. I have a 12 year old daughter and my ex husband and I have joint cistody. I have fought for full custody since 2014 only to get lied to by my own attorneys which caused me to loose in court all the time. Ill get different attorneys with the same results. I also have a problem dating men. They are intetested in the beginning and then they are cruel and loose interest after a short period of time. My father was an abusive alcolic to my mother and our family. I had an abortion before and i am trully sorry for it. I think thsese are some of the things that are causing an attack on my life and I want it to stop. Im having problems receiving promotions and better assignments but i need yo raise my daughter. Praise God and thank you Holy Spirit for leading me to this site.

  67. Hello Mr. Bradley,

    I am 48 years old and divorced. I have a 12 year old daughter and my ex husband and I have joint custody. I had to move from the area where my daughter lives because i needed to work. I am an hour an 40 minutes away from my daughter. I have fought for full custody since 2014 only to get lied to by my own attorneys which caused me to loose in court and loose money all the time. Ill get different attorneys with the same results. The judge is not on my side. I also have a problem dating men. They are intetested in the beginning and then they are cruel and loose interest after a short period of time. I am looking for a relationship that will lead to marriage. My father was an abusive alcoholic to my mother and our family. I had an abortion before and i am trully sorry for it. I think thsese are some of the things that are causing an attack on my life and I want it to stop. I have consulted with psychics but no more. Im having problems receiving promotions and better assignments but i need to raise my daughter. Praise God and thank you Holy Spirit for leading me to this site.

    • Dear Kendra,
      I was sorry to hear of your sadness and frustration and separation from your daughter.
      Are you dating Christian men? The reason I say this, is if you are a Christian and you date non- Christians you may face attacks that appear hidden, pulling you in and then rejecting you for no apparent reason to hurt you. See the following Scriptures.
      2 By this you will know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming, and is already in the world at this time. 1 John 4 : 2 – 3.
      Perhaps if those you date do not confess Jesus Christ they are subject to demonic deception and do not even know themselves why they suddenly no longer wish to spend time with you (??? possibly??).
      Those who love God through faith in Jesus Christ would likely tend less towards cruelty and more towards the following….
      22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.
      Galatians 5:22-23 (NIV).
      I hope you find a loving relationship leading to marriage with Jesus Christ at the centre of it. I myself had married 12 years before I came to faith to a man who was not and is not yet a Christian. Please pray for me that he will be one day. I will pray for you and your circumstances.
      All my love your sister in Christ.

      • Debbie is life even easy with that man
        Sorry I’m asking because I use to date a man who was carnal yet said he was saved I chose to left that relationship because I found out that the base of the relationship was all lies

  68. There is one name given under heaven and on earth by which diseased bodies can be healed and sinful soul can be saved, His name JESUS CHRIST, Acts 4:12.
    We need to recognize the enemy for the ugly and hateful spirit he is , the cause of your sorrow, heartaches, bitterness ,and violence, that is Satan, the common enemy, demon are real , they are behind the godless activities we see around today. They cause people to loose control and commit shameful acts . but they know they must submit to the name , above all name Jesus Christ.
    Ask for forgiveness, Confess your sins and accept Jesus as your healer and deliverer the command all evil spirits that holds your destiny in Jesus name. they will flee from you.

  69. Hello,
    My name is Dawn. My parents tried for years to have a child, finially after 9 years they had me. When I was 11 months old my mom was diagnosed with and endocrine disease, Addison. My cousin who is like a sister just got back from a Christan rehab. Where she leared about the spirt world and how demans can latch on and attack you from threre. The more I have tought about it and read on it. I feel as though something is attacking me. My dad drinked and smoked and we did not like we fussed some but he was never abusive to me. He had quit drinking and a couple months later we found he had cancer. He quit smoking too. God was very good to Daddy with cancer. He never suffered and he fought stage 4 very well till he had to have a bladder surgery and then he went down fast.

    My mom even though having Addison Disease for 45 years has well outlived her life expectancy.

    My dad will have been gone 2 years in November. My mom has had one of bad dad’s friends show an interest in her and some of his friends be ugly too. I grieved when my dad died but I had to be strong to hold my mom and kids up. Now I am grieving, grieving uncontrollably. I am mad and I am not sure who or what just mad. I know I am not mad a God he answered my prayers just not the way I had hoped. I just want to feel joy again and not feel as though I am drowning in my pain. I want to help my children, my daughter has a harder time than my son but the simplest things just break their hearts if only for moment. I have read that you need to remove things that you feel have something attached to them. I am new at this how do I know what is safe and what is not safe. I want the best for all and true healing from God

    • Keep praying and lifting your hands to Jesus…. Believe in your prayers and change your music with some Gospel Music… Really PRAY and Believe in what you’re saying. Smile daily and repeat as much as you like… Don’t be afraid or angry because that’s what the devil want so it can feed off your energy and keep you stuck in the same mind frame.
      Declare the Devil a Liar…

  70. I am being attacked. I feel a pressure in my head. Sometimes it feels like someone is squeezing my head. I also have very little taste and my ability to smell comes and goes so I can barely taste my food. I don’t understand why God is allowing this. I’ve tried taking daily communion, praying, commanding the demons to go but nothing has worked. I believe this is a Satanic attack because when I was in the hospital for anorexia this problem went away completely, but when I came home it gradually came back again.

    • There are demons who hang around an environment. It is true. Be SURE that the roots that were the basis for anorexia have totally been addressed. You need to confess and repent from any self-destructive attitudes you harbored and forgive anyone who has hurt you that would have influenced the anorexia. Then praise. If God gives you further revelation as to the basis of this demonization, He will show you what to do. If you need further help, there must be a person in your vicinity who can discern what the nature of the demon is who is troubling you, and how to get rid of it. I really wish you the VERY best of the Lord’s deliverance and ongoing blessing on you. You are obviously a brave soul!!

    • That is the demon on the inside of you manifesting like this. Some you may not be able to cast out yourself so talk to a spiritual leader to help you cast it out and when you receive the Holy Spirit, it will fill your Spirit and Soul to block out any demonic intrusion and oppression. Bless

    • You may have cursed or spirit attached items in your home, as the Holy Spirit to guide you to remove anything that is unsafe. You may also need to fast and pray to remove any demon that you potentially let in, but pray that it be reveiled how you let the demon in so it can be avoided after deliverance. God bless.

    • I don’t know if you’ll ever read this reply but I will tell you how to cast out a demon attachment. I had a demon attachment but I wasn’t sure if I was stressed out or if I really had an attachment. I had a vision of myself lying in bed with a shadow figure standing by my bed looking at me. I called my best friend so sees spirits (demons too) – she is very Catholic and knows how to cast out demons. I told her about the vision and that I think I have an evil spirit attachment because I feel hatred and depression on a heavy level. She told me I have a demon attached and she could see him clearly. She told me to get some Holy water from a Catholic Church, say the Lord’s Prayer, and demand the demon to leave in Jesus’ name. I got Holy water from a Catholic Church (even though I’m Methodist) and I spoke to the priest. He told me to do the same thing my friend said and also pray to St Michael. My friend said to do this every morning and night and also doing the cross sign over my forehead, lips, and heart while saying over each part: God be in my mind, on my lips, and in my heart. I could feel it starting to happen and by the next day, he was gone but I know he’s still lurking so I continue with my friend’s advice. I’ve been through some traumatic stuff this year, I’m an empath, and I’m Christian so I was the perfect candidate. This works BUT you MUST believe in God and that Jesus is your savior. God gave us the power to cast out demons. He loves us and will rescue you. God isn’t doing this to us, the demons are always on the prowl. I know without a doubt that God has given me the power to cast them out. I do what my friend said to do every morning and night. I truly believe in Him so it worked. You have to believe and one prayer may not work. The demons are strong but we’re children of God.

  71. Your article is very inspirational. Am a woman of God but my husband has become a thorn in my flesh. the man wish am completely destroyed. he embases me. curses me of madness, loosing my job or sickness. curses my only son to be an robber amongst others. is like hes holding a write to depress or distroy me. Is been battle that escalates and never ends. I really need help.

  72. I am desperate. As one of the guys below said, I always had a very strong spiritual discernment and had been able to see through people and the lies of the world very clearly and instantly. I’ll leave out extensive background, only to say that I had directly confronted the real world part of kingdom of darkness trying to buy me and in trying to expose the corruption and freemasonry etc. I also had a marriage to a mulsim that I destroyed through adultery and was cursed. For years I have been attacked by demonic stuff in the most terrifying ways imaginable, but to cut to the situation now I do not how to explain or resolve as it does not seem to be solely spiritual warfare. I remarried an ‘angel of light’ in 2017 who was super Jesusy and pushing me hard to the Bible. 10 days after we married, she dropped me off, went shopping and her doppelganger picked me up. Entirely different facial features, muscular-skeletal structure, facial movement, body movement, personality, voice, character. She miscarried. Very strong different spiritual presence and the satanic torment started as she ‘double-spoke’ constantly affirming it’s not her, you cant serve two masters, you looked for evil now you’ve found it etc. I tried for some weeks to fight it, but it was too much and then when I told her, her distress was extreme. I was offered the way out (flight tickets back to my own country) but couldnt accept such an horrific truth. So, stayed. Torment increased, another miscarriage, to my disgrace I then fled. But couldn’t let go, so we end up with back and forward, unable to accept such an horrific truth as my fear of my darling wife being killed/ replaced or something, and so keep trying, but the whole time the enemy absolutely tormenting me and revealing itself and this became progressively worse as various different manifestations would happen – serpentile features, or insect-like and totally devoid of any humanity, or what I could only say was I felt was a fallen angel, or a wraithlike form/ face – terrifying, and the luciferian one eye. I just got used it and over time numbed myself to it in pure shock, horror and terror as I cannot accept such an horrific reality. But her physical features/ form have never come back, nor her personality/ character and the spiritual presence has never been the same. At the same time I have continually pursued her and been mocked by the enemy revealing itself, making me very conscious of doing so, and being very cruel. So, I am guilt stricken one way in not fleeing – but where is this scripturally that something so horrific could be true which can only be end times/ abomination of desolation/ powerful delusion to destroy me – and guilt stricken the other in failing to love and support her regardless and causing her extreme distress. And the upshot is that I now feel entirely desolate, my left eye seems ‘dead’ as she has sideways pointed out my wilful spiritual blinding myself and that being evident in my once sparkling crystal clear eyes, and I am so upset with God that there could be such a cruel reality either way round. I have been vile and a coward. But inside I have a decent heart and cannot understand how life can be so darn cruel when you turn to God and ask for His help and mercy. So many other cruel things have happened to me before this and it is hard for me to find any way how God is actually merciful, kind, compassionate now as all I experience is wrath and now destruction without knowing what I should do. The truth will set you free is what? The truth I know is the girl I loved with everything disappeared one night amidst a very disturbing experience which I left out and since then I have been unable to let go and run, but have been tormented beyond all comprehension. So, do I know the truth? Or is the truth something else? Every pastor here is stumped and in all honesty, there is witchcraft being practised under the guise of christianity and so I don’t even know who to trust. I do not know how to deal with this as it does not seem to be just a spiritual war, but something more (I have also encountered the serpents and this is not just spiritual, they are literal physical beings on earth, deceiptful and if you ask them directly they will either try to not answer or they have to affirm but will very quickly try to disguise that affirmation with quickly saying something over the top of it – it’s scary once you realise it for what it is). What am I meant to do?

  73. I’ve experienced many attacks from demons but the one thing I did realize that there is power in the name of Jesus this I know one night I was sleeping in the bed and a demon literally manifested in the flesh before me had his teeth around my nose it wanted to rip it off my face I was terrorized and when I called on the name of Jesus three times it diminished and not only did it leave my presence the scars on my nose also diminish the teeth marks on my face also diminished I took pictures for myself as a reminder of just how Satan operates in this world one of the things I realized is he can function at his best when we walk in fear and not by faith and believing that Jesus is always with us and protect us that’s why he said no weapon shall form or prosper I have been under attack by many different types of demons and each time I called on the name of Jesus every time they tried to even take my breath away in the midnight hour they were not successful call on the name of Jesus there is power in his name and at the sound of the name of Jesus they do flee I’m just thankful that I knew enough to do that based upon what the elders of my church home kept repeatedly saying call on his name even when I get demonic scratches or scars like I’m being clawed on my body I fear no more evil because of the name of Jesus I simply take a bottle of anointed oil rub it on the scars and with a matter of time they are gone so those of you who are walking and fear or fear the strong demons when I tell you the one that attacked me as I laid in my bed was huge and big he wasn’t big enough for the name of Jesus cuz the minute I called his name like I said it disappeared and never bothered me again I also dated someone who was also filled with demon impartation who found an entrance to get to me I want to fairly say to each and every one of them that reads my comment demon’s love open entries via the mouth the nose and even physically you can allow them to become internal within because it happened to me and I had to seek deliverance and after I seek my deliverance and ask Jesus to free me in his name anointed myself with hyssop oil and stayed in prayer if you are not a believer and you develop a strong prayer life believe with all your heart and mind that they can no longer have access to you it shall come to pass in Jesus name he is the only one that can shut down open portals demons have to flee at his name and they have to lose you in his name from all the torment and whispering and remember they have no power whatsoever if you believe that and fear them not because they work their best when they cause fear in us so I hope this was a help to someone and you can and will have peace of mind

    • Why are you being attacked so often, that is what I would find seems like a lot of attacks. Find that out then you can deal with each demon, or change your behavior to keep the demons from legal access to you. Ask the lord to show you what the problem is and he will show you. Many times there is an unconfessed sin that needs to be dealt with.

  74. I need help from the person who wrote this. This Satanic cult has been messing with me for a while, and the warlock guy is telling me that I directly blasphemed the Holy Spirit.
    I have been a Christian all of my life, but know that weird things have been happening to me spiritually. I did allow legal rights for the enemy to hurt me. I’ve been trying to close doors to the enemy, but he’s showing me that I have no Holy Spirit anymore. Should I believe this? I tried to pray against these occult and false religions, and tried to tell them not to come back. They said I’ve already been sacrificed to Lucifer.

    • Dont believe it!! Have faith and keep believing in God. The bible makes us understand as long as you have believed in Christ, you recieve the Holy Spirit permanently! He never leaves us ever. The enemy uses lies to overthrow us but the truth will set us free
      Our God is steadfastly merciful, there’s no sin that you have committed that God will not forgive. Just confess it and believe God’s mercy and grace has cut you off it to live free in Jesus Name.

    • Never look for answers outside of yourself when it come to you and your relationship to a higher power. No human can tell you what to believe and what not to believe is true for you. Anyone telling you to believe any specific way as apposed to leading you to your own truth is not considering the importance of your own personal empowerment. If you are consistently seeking answers outside of you as apposed to going within and speaking directly to your higher power, the first thing to recognize is that you have lost your person empowerment and trust in yourself to make decisions that are in your best interest. I am by no means saying that we, as humans, never need help or advice, etc…I am simple asking you to consider where you might possibly feel disempowered in your life. Something made you turn to what is perceived to be satanic…whatever that was could potentially have been birthed from a place of needing to belong somewhere or perhaps loneliness or feeling unworthy…all encompass a sense of powerlessness and rightfully so. We live in a hostel world at times and a world of separation, fear, and control. Take back your power by opening yourself up to hear your own voice…that still small voice that will always be there and never forsake you…it is that voice that is the same voice of God. It is God speaking through you and to you, just as the man who wrote this article, just as the one who responded to you first, and just as I am responding to you now, and even the warlock…now ask yourself…with all these voices in your head…what is MY truth? The Bible was meant to be interpreted by each of us individually and for us to find OUR truth in it. In that truth, sense of self, and integrity one will organically migrate to the people places and things that are for your own highest good as well as the highest good of all involved. I hope this finds you or anyone who may come across it, well and on their way to personal empowerment. When in doubt, re-member…you are an extension of God and therefore are never separate from this power. May you be blessed.

      • Woe, you are speaking the language of Satan and your understanding is based an New Age and not the bible. There is no such thing as “My Truth”, “Personal Truth”, etc. The word of God makes it very clear that ‘Truth” is a person. Jesus declared that “He is the way, the TRUTH, and life”. The only way to know the TRUTH is to know the word of God.

    • The Devil is a liar. Read this article and follow it. Before you do ANYTHING, Plead The Blood of Jesus over yourself and your family/ household, confess your sins, Then your families sins according to the bloodline.
      CAST OUT
      Go before God our Heavenly Father in Jesus Name, through His Blood and The Covenant That you have, through His Blood.

    • Megan, the devil is telling you lies. Do not listen to him. Pray to God for deliverance from these evil spirits that are trying to attack you. I’m praying too! Vanessa

    • If you didn’t have the Holy Spirit you wouldn’t have worried, you would have continued the cult. Repentance, confession of sins, and renouncing is a way of restoring your self back to God. Don’t listen to lying voices, bind them in the name of Jesus and release the clear voice of the Holy Spirit.
      Just go back to Jesus. God bless you

  75. This was a very helpful article, one that EVERY Christian needs to read, know, understand and apply. Thank you very much.

  76. Really good article
    I’m in a position of hearing vocies all day
    I need help where are these annointed
    I see that in the bible it says jesus casted out demons healed the sick
    I’m really looking for help
    I’m in california and looking for a deliverance minister

  77. I have committed so many sins that I literally cannot remember each individual one. How can I confess each individual one? I am being attacked in my body. I have confessed that I am a sinner and have repented and continue to repent. Since then I have seen a change in my heart which has caused me to want to serve the LORD and a deep desire to do so. But, I am being attacked in my body. Exactly what do I do? Do I fast first? I have no church that is open so I go virtually Where do I start. I am ready to battle for my life.

    • theres only one church i must correct you to stop using the word church in secular terms because that is WRONG, The “church” is the body of christ and it is not made by the hands of men nor is it a building, it is the born again people ‘the saints’ those who are genuinely born again and Gods has sent the holy ghost inside them. So if you are reborn and bought by the blood of christ, you are ALWAYS in the church(it cannot be seen nor touched at this time, it is not a corrupt temple or corrupt dwelling) What you should do is go outside into the towns and citys to find a MAN who is preaching and check your bible to see if HE is preaching sound doctrine, that he is genuine and born again… find fellowship with Male authority which is the only authority in the church and have them teach you more if you are without an husband, you must cover all your exposed flesh, tattoo’s, no more jewlry or makeup this is all of jezebel, do NOT wear pants that is Cross dressing according to scripture and Gods standards, women wear dress below the knee cap, abouve the knee exposed is for male only, to be distinct always in dress is to please the lord. we are the temple of God and we are not to change our looks or add or take away or mark or cut our flesh(tattoo)… The way God made you out of the womb is how you are to be left untouched by the world and pagan wickedness is forbidden.

      • Sir,
        You sound very legalistic… In the times of Jesus, the men were tunics- which in today’s world would be considered a long maxi dress… They did not have pants or west them, so you are mistaken. Jesus nailed the legalistic rules to the cross and have us grace and the said it’s what comes out of your mouth that defiles a man.. He looks at our hearts and knows our deepest thoughts BEFORE we even think them. He knows our intent. He is not worried about what we wear, refer to Matthew 6 25-34… And, Do not judge so that you will not be judged… We all have specks in our eyes., Unless you have become perfected already. The old testament is repleat with the LORD talking about adorning women with fine jewels and gold. He obviously believes there is nothing wrong with it.. You should check that out., Since you like to live in the old testament under the law. If you live under the law, you will be judged by it.. But if you live under God’s abundant Grace, but don’t take liberty over it, you shall have his mercies anew EVERY day, endless… His mercies endure forever., for he is Good and altogether lovely. He cannot tolerate sin in any form however, no matter how it is packaged. May you find his love and grace.

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