First 2 Levels Of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits

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1. Demons Attacking – With No Legal Right To Be Doing So

For most Christians, this first level will be the one they will probably have to face the most from time to time. This first level is when a demon or a group of demons start to attack you from an outside position with no real legal right to be doing so.

Jesus Himself had to face Satan head on with this kind of an outside attack when God led Him into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. In that wilderness setting, Satan was allowed to literally tempt Jesus with three specific temptations.

If God allowed His Son to be tempted in this manner, then you know the chances are very good that many of us will have to face this same kind of demonic attack from time to time from this same kind of outside position.

We already have another article in our site titled, “Battle Command Against Demonic Spirits” in the “Spiritual Warfare” section of our site. In this article, I show you exactly how to deal with a demonic attack coming at you from this kind of an outside position. I also give you a good, basic, simple battle command that you can use to drive any demons off you that are attempting to come directly against you.

Jesus has already given us His power, His anointing, and His authority to cast out demons and to trample over all the power of our enemies.

It simply is a matter of each and every Christian being willing to take up his sword, which is the Word of God, and verbally command the demons to leave you in the name of Jesus Christ. It really is that simple in this first level of spiritual warfare in dealing direct with any kind of demonic attack.

2. Demons Attacking – As a Result of a Legal Right To Be Able To Do So

In this second level, things start to get much heavier. This second level is when demons start to come in for an attack, but this time they have a full legal right to be able to do so.

This is the realm that gets many Christians in trouble with demons. What happens in this second level is that the Christian has given some kind of legal right for the demons to be able to launch a full scale attack against them.

The Bible tells us from the Book of Job that we apparently have some kind of protective hedge around us that protects us from demonic spirits. If we did not have this kind of protective hedge, then you can bet that many more Christians would be coming under direct demonic attack. Here is the verse:

“Have You not made a HEDGE around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side?” (Job 1:10)

As a result of this protective hedge, there appears to be some kind of spiritual law in operation that demons have to abide by. They may occasionally be able to come against you as described in level one, but they can easily be cast off from you by just issuing a good, basic, battle command – telling them they now have to leave you in the name of Jesus Christ once you realize that it really is them that have been attacking you.

However, what demons do is just wait for any Christian to cause a hole to occur in their protective hedge. And how do you cause a hole to occur in your protective hedge giving demons a legal right to be able to come directly after you? By engaging and crossing over into any direct sins and transgressions that are expressly forbidden by God the Father in His Word.

Obviously not every sin and transgression will cause a hole to occur in your protective hedge with the Lord. The Bible tells us that we are all sinners and that we have all fallen short of the glory of our God. This is why Jesus had to come down to die on the cross – to pay the penalty for all of those sins, and to be able to give us full forgiveness and a full pardon for all of our sins.

If demons had a legal right to be coming after us every single time we sinned or transgressed, then none of us would ever be safe from their attacks, and we would all be in a state of constant warfare with them.

However, what many deliverance ministers have found out in the actual battlefields when having to deal direct with real live demons – is that there are certain sins and transgressions that will give demons the legal right to be able to launch a full scale attack against a person, even if that person is already a Christian!

Once you become saved and born again through the Blood that Jesus has already shed for you on the cross, this does not give you the right or the license to be able to keep on sinning.

Though we have all been made perfectly righteous in the eyes of God as a result of Jesus’ righteousness now being imputed to us, we still have to make every effort on our end to stay on the righteous side of the fence in our walk with our Lord.

We have to do the best we can to try and live righteous lives and stay out of any serious sins and transgressions against our Lord – especially those of the heavier kind that will be listed below.

In this area of spiritual warfare, there are certain types of sins and transgressions that will give demons the legal right to be able to come directly after you if God should so choose to allow this to happen. If you choose to engage in some of these heavier sins, then you could possibly break the protective hedge that you have around you with the Lord.

The demons will then be quick to see that opening when it does occur, and they will waste no time in trying to come directly after you.

Demons just wait for people, especially Christians, to cross over into any kind of door-opening, hedge-breaking sin and transgression, which will then give them the full legal right to be able to launch an all-out, full scale attack on that person and their life.

When looking at what some of these kinds of sins and transgressions are, the first thing you will notice is that they are a much heavier type of sin and transgression.

Here are some of the heavier sins and transgressions, if committed with any type of frequency or intensity, that can get you into major trouble with the Lord where He will then pull back His hand of protection and cause a major hole to occur in your hedge – which will then give demons the full legal right to be able to start coming directly after you for a major attack.

As Christians, we can have absolutely no part in any of the following areas:

  1. The occult
  2. False religions or cults
  3. Any part of the New Age Movement
  4. Any type of Satan worshiping group
  5. Any involvement with abortion or the abortion industry
  6. Abusing alcohol
  7. Doing any type of drugs – including pot
  8. Any type of extreme verbal and/or physical abuse on your mate or children
  9. Any type of promiscuous, sexual lifestyle
  10. Any type of criminal activity
  11. Murder
  12. Bringing a cursed object into your home

If you will notice, all of these sins and transgressions are things that you have to do operating out of your own free will and volition against the Lord. These are not things that are being done to you or against you – these are all sins that you are doing and committing against the Lord all on your own volition. In other words, these are all direct willful sins being done against the Lord.

Each one of these areas are major, I repeat, major door openers to the dark side. All of these sins and behaviors are totally unacceptable in the eyes of God and He will not put up with any of His own engaging in any of this kind of activity!

In the areas having to do with the occult, we have another article in our site titled, “Dangers of the Occult.”

In this article, I give you all of the main verses from the Bible that will tell us that none of us can engage with anything having to do with the occult, and that if we do, we will risk having God set His face directly against us.

Deliverance ministers who deal with demons on a regular basis have all found out that some of the more evil and wicked demons in Satan’s hierarchy are demons that have attached to someone as a result of that person delving into some area of the occult. This is why God has given all of us such strict warnings in His Word that we can have absolutely nothing to do with any area of the occult – no exceptions!

If you have drawn demons into your life as a result of engaging in one or more of the above door-opening sins, then what you will have to do before you can cast the demons out of your life is that you will have to fully break all of their legal rights.

You will first have to realize that you have been sinning and transgressing directly against God by delving into any of the above areas.

Once you have full realization and understanding that these are all unacceptable sins and behaviors before God, then you will have to go before God, fully confess out each one of the transgressions as actual sins, and then fully renounce each one of them – telling God that you will never, ever go back into any of them ever again.

Then once each of these sin areas have been fully confessed and fully renounced before the Lord – then you can turn around, take the authority that God has given to you to trample over all the power of your enemy, and cast the demons off you for good.

What happens to some Christians, once they realize they have drawn demons into their lives as a result of being involved in some of the above sin areas – is that they will first try and cast the demons out before breaking their legal rights with God the Father. If you try and do this before you properly break their legal rights before God the Father, they will not go!

The reason for this is that they know they still have the full legal right to stay attached to you since their legal rights have not been properly confessed out, renounced, and broken before God the Father.

In the “Spiritual Warfare” section of our site, we have another article titled, “Battle Prayer to Break Legal Rights of Demons.” In this article, I give you a good, basic, battle prayer on how to go before God the Father and fully break all of the demon’s legal rights by properly confessing and renouncing these types of heavier sins.

In this article is a battle prayer that I had given to another woman who had drawn heavy demonic activity into her life as a result of engaging in some very heavy sins. This woman has given me permission to release the exact prayer that I had given to her so as to be able to help other people who may be having the same kind of problems with demons.

To any of you who may have drawn heavy demonic activity in your life as a result of engaging in some of these heavier sins – remember – the only sin that cannot be forgiven is a direct blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. All other sins and transgressions can be forgiven, no matter how bad, how vile, and how severe you think they may be.

If you are truly sorry for having engaged in this kind of activity, fully willing to confess and renounce all of this activity before God the Father – then God can fully forgive you and fully deliver you from these demons and restore order back into your life. This is not a hopeless situation.

The Bible tells us that God the Father is no respecter of persons – which means what He will do for one, He will do for another.

God has an equal and unconditional love for each person He has created, and He will thus work equally with each person who is willing to come to Him for their deliverance.

We have come across plenty of people who have drawn heavy demonic activity into their lives, and all of them were able to get fully delivered from the demons once they were taught how to fully break their legal rights.

For those of you who may be battling this kind of spiritual problem, I would highly recommend that you read my article titled “Battle Prayer to Break Legal Rights of Demons,” and then form out your own personal battle prayer to God the Father to handle your personal situation.

Once you have fully broken all of the legal rights that the demons have been feeding and operating on, then you will be able to turn around and verbally command them to now leave you in the name of Jesus Christ. In this article, I give you both the prayer to go to God the Father with to break their legal rights, along with a good, basic, battle command to drive the demons off you for good!

This will now lead us into the third level of spiritual warfare when having to deal with the reality of demonic spirits invading our lives.


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  1. I believe God led me to this article. In fact I googled it because I felt God has given some one solution to the deliverance I need, and to the glory of God I found the best here. May God bless and multiply this man and this ministry in Jesus Name. Amen.
    Pls I want to appeal to you to consider developing an app for this. God will make the way.

  2. Awesome article, the Holy Spirit led me here after searching for so many answers. Praise God for your diligence and discipline to write and share these truths.

  3. Thank you very much for this helpful information because I didn’t know where to start from until I read this article. I really appreciate and may God continue blessing you. Shalom!

  4. How do you know if you’ve committed the unforgivable sin? I’ve been dealing with something for almost ad don’t understand why.

    • No Condemnation in Christ Brother! Do not worry what you have done in the past, for we have all fallen short of God’s glory. Worry, guilt and Anxiety will eat away at your spirit. Plead before the Father, Admit your sins, ask for forgiveness, ask for the holy spirit and do it all in the name and power of the Blood Of Jesus.
      May you be gifted peace brother

  5. I appreciated your teachings on spiritual warfare thus levels of spiritual warfare. Kindly I requested for these teachings and many more which will be of great help to me as an intercessor and prayer leader in our Church.

  6. I can not express the way l felt when l read this article. I am a born again Christian who suffers from demons that actually come and and speak when l pray. I could not understand why with the Annointing of the Holy spirit l have how can they share the same space as demons.
    My case is both demons and witchcraft activities. Bt in your explanation l understood that there is a Spirit, soul and Body.

    So l attend a deliverance ministry which l was delivered wen l went there but not full, then l committed a sin didn’t realize it had opened the hedge now l started eating in my dreams and the spiritual husband started coming back.
    Bt yesterday because now l was lost because these demons where saying they will kill me, God led me here, l felt free after l confessed my sins and when l prayed l felt the evil burden had lifted

    To God be the glory. I will continue praying them till l end my fast.
    God bless you.

  7. I wish I had found this information last year. I can say now , after the battle has ended. That list of offenses towards God is accurate and true. I was under severe direct demonic attack for a few years, it had began mildly almost unnoticed, the more deeper I got into sin, heavy dark stuff, the weirder it got in my world. To make a long story short. I had committed every sin on that list and was on a daily basis. I was at rock bottom sitting on the porch and a thought came into my head”maybe everyone would be better off if I was dead.” Suicide became an option to me, as soon as that thought entered I felt a presence enter into my body through my back and this was no good presence, I immediately felt in my mind I had been shoved into the back seat and something else was now operating me. I felt terror , complete frozen terror. Every negative emotion on a unimaginable human scale. I was in hell. Then I heard the voice inside me tell me “ and you thought you where strong, look how weak you are” I tried to verbally scream out but produced no sounds, I felt consciousness trying to leave me and I started to beg inside myself in a tiny voice Oh no God please, Jesus’s please don’t let this happen to me, over and over I begged God do not let this reside in me . It squirmed in me I felt it trying to get comfortable, I felt raped and dirty. And as I feel I’m passing out it exited my body the same way it came in and I swear to this day I still hear it laughing at it took off. It laughed at me! As it left. Afterwards I still was dizzy, my muscles hurt and I felt so empty, But I didn’t sweep my house because things only got worse. More came back and manifest and made their intentions and presence very very clear. I don’t I can’t talk anymore about it It damaged me deaply on a different level I can’t explain. But. I have recently been saved and baptized, but they still have my children’s mother. I had no choice but to move out and send her out of state. They have rooted deeply into her and I couldn’t help her. I know I’m forgiving, I know Jesus has forgiven me. But I can’t seem to forgive myself. And that’s what hurts the most.

  8. I thank our Father in Heaven for bringing my wife to this site. She believes she is battling several demons at this time in her life, jealousy is one of the strongest and legion based demons. I believe this article will remind her that God has given her aurthority over said demons but it is ultimately her decision to believe His word. We (me and my wife) pray for her deliverance but she needs to believe in the power of God and no longer speak words during the day against her prayers at night. Amen (and it shall be done).

  9. Can anything be done for a person who may have demons attacking with a legal right to do so if they don’t realize it? For an estranged husband who is committing adultery and thinks he wants out of the marriage (when it was a good marriage) but is behaving erratically very suddenly?

    • The same thing has happened to my husband. Did you get an answer?

  10. Good morning,

    Thank you for this information, it is eye opening. My husband was raised in an abusive home. His father was an extremely angry man and an alcoholic he was abusive to his wife and children. He ended up killing himself out of anger. I see a lot of similar traits in my husband. He’s constantly angry not talking to me for 3 weeks or a months at times. He shouts at us children and drinks everyday lately not heavely, it seems that he can not cope without alcohol. On some occasions, he drinks alot. When we disagree he promises to hit.

    How do I help him to get delivered?

  11. Father thank you for lighting and guiding my way to the true road to redemption though this information you lead me to find.

    Thank you very much also to

    • I have a very dear friend whose son is a Christian, but his wife and son suffer from bi-polar, the whole family is being torn apart and its a long story of almost 20 years of verbal and lately physical abuse by the son, 14 and his mother against the father and the younger brother of 9 who has been suffering physical and verbal/mental abuse by his older brother and is now also being bullied at school by other children. I’ve prayed with my friend for God to bind up the evil, which I believe are demonic forces attacking the family and fear for their lives. The youngest a little girl is 4 and I cannot start to imagine the trauma the little one must be going through with screaming and shouting. My friend’s son gave up his job to stay at home and ‘watch’ the childrend because he fears something might go wrong. His eldest son tells him how much he hates him and wishes he would die. A few years ago they took him to a psychologist who prescribed medication but he reacted badly to it and then his mother told him to stop taking it, and they never took him back because he refused to take the medication or go back. At school he seems to be a model student and sportsman and well-liked amongst his peers.

      My friend cannot go to their house for fear of reprisal from her daughter-in-law and then even worse treatment of her son. Her son fell seriously ill with kidney stones and is in agony which also affected his heart. Generally, he is a healthy and fit person and looks after himself, but I believe the stress of living under such circumstances is taking its toll. Her son told her he cannot pray anymore because it doesnt help. Currently, him and his wife both dont work, and they live in an upper class suburb and the children go to one of the best private schools, paid for by the wife’s brother.

      I’ve prayed and prayed with her but in all my life have never heard of such a disfunctional family, but feel absolutely helpless to help her help them. God has given me Matt. 18v18-19 constantly over the past year, not only in my own life
      but also when others are struggling, to ‘bind up’ the evil which is being experienced on earth and ‘loose’ God’s love and healing in their lives.

      I’ve prayed for God to be close to him and for him to reach up to God for ‘deliverance’ for this awful situation.

  12. Father thank you for directing me to this SITE

  13. This is a very powerful and good article. Am so glad I came across it. Am so glad I have got alot of knowledge from it. This will indeed help me and I know I will come out victorious in jesus’ s mighty name. I wish other Christians could be able to access this though because alot of them are dealing with attacks and they do not know where to begin to stop these attacks. Thank you very much for this powerful information. May the almighty God bless you.

  14. I want to appreciate God for leading me to your site/article. I have been passing through serious battles and have tried to come out of them but they keep persisting. I really need God’s intervention.

  15. This site is simply just fantastic. I am so happy that I have read this information. This is very impressive, Thank you so much and God Bless you.

  16. Wow, this is a very powerful article!! I’m loving the knowledge you’ve shared here with us. So many of us have fallen into temptation and not knowing that we have opened the door for the enemy’s legal right to dwell on us or attack us. I find this to be a huge part of why so many Christians stray away from their faith and find themselves lost. These demons aren’t just ugly, scary creatures causing you pain, hurting you. Most are very subtle and we don’t even realize it. There are demons to make us feel lazy, to make us feed into gluttony of wanting more. Demons of jealousy, envy,…etc. They create an unhappy life and self-pity, looking into ourselves and saying, “I’m not good enough.” We feel unclean before God, so we do not let ourselves be presented to him. Though we yearn for his love we hide ourselves from God. And we continue to live in a cycle that takes us farther and farther away from the one true King, our Savior Jesus Christ. I’m just learning of this now and this article gave me the clarity I needed to breakaway from the legal rights I have given the enemy by falling into temptation and sinning before God. May everyone find this article and study it. Free yourself from the bondage of the devil and repent your sins to God Almighty!! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!

  17. When you say that all drugs put a hole in our hedge of protection, are you including all pharmaceutical drugs as well? What about caffeine? Nicotine? Advil? Alleve? Aspirin? Blood pressure medicine? These are all very small doses of poisonous drugs.

  18. This is a very good article. Can I have it as a pdf ?
    Also I wish most Christians would have access to this. It took me ages to come to this knowledge level.Why cant you move around having crusades??
    People including Christians for lack of practicable knowledge..
    Thanks very much and be blessed….In Jesus Mighty Name!!

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