The Extreme Dangers of the Ouija Board

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Without question, one of the most dangerous and deadly devices used by people in the occult has to be the ouija board. We all know what this device is, as we have grown up with it being sold in all of the major department stores across our country.

We all thought it was just a harmless parlor game and that it was all just our minds and imaginations that was actually moving the planchette across the board.

And in most of these cases, that is exactly what was happening to most people. However, 50 people may dabble with this device and nothing will ever happen.

However, then the 51st person comes along, and he will then be the one to punch a hole right through his protective hedge and real live demons will then come in and literally start to viciously attack him.

For those of you who want to see just how dangerous and deadly this occult device really is, I would highly recommend that you read this book: “The Ouija Board – A Doorway to the Occult” by Edmond C. Gruss.

In this book are real, live, documented cases of people who literally drew in evil demonic spirits in their lives as a result of engaging with the ouija board – and in many of these cases, these demons actually entered into the person’s body.

This device is so deadly and dangerous, that even many mediums will not try and dabble with it. Mediums are those people who will try and contact the dead for the people who want to make contact with them. They conduct what are called basic seances.

The Bible tells us that we are not allowed to communicate with the dead and that if we try and do it, God will set His face against us.

This kind of occult activity is a complete and utter abomination before the Lord and none of His children are to try and dabble in it in any way, shape, or form. Please refer to our article “Dangers of the Occult” in the Spiritual Warfare section for the specific verses on this topic.

These mediums are not making contact with the real dead like they think are doing, as the dead have already gone on to their final eternal destinies – which is either heaven for the saved or hell for the unsaved.

What they are making contact with are real, live, demonic spirits who are posing and masquerading as dear, departed, loved ones. The Bible tells us that Satan and his demons can come to us and appear as angels of light.

In this dark side realm, the mediums are just being used and played like fiddles by Satan and his demons. However, even in this dark side realm where these mediums are living and operating in, they too have found out that the ouija board is one extremely dangerous device they do not want to mess around with.

Why? Because they have found out the hard way that this particular device is a portal that leads straight into the dark side where Satan and his demons roam. They have found out that this device will literally, and I mean literally, open up a door and invite in some of the nastiest, foulest, and meanest demons that are in Satan’s kingdom.

Once this kind of direct contact has been made with these demons, they will literally come right into the room where this device is being played at. And in some of these cases, these demons will literally come in and enter into the person’s body who has been playing with this device.

To all of you who are either still dabbling with this demonic device, or if by chance you are thinking about doing it anytime in the near future, we ask that you carefully read the following testimony that we have listed below. This is one of the most bone-chilling testimonies we have ever received since we have opened up this site.

Long story short, a 22 year old man was playing with a ouija board with his girlfriend one night. He was not saved and born again when he was experimenting with it.

One night as they were playing with it, a ghost all of a sudden appeared to him and started to talk with him. He then left his girlfriend’s house, but the ghost followed him all the way back to his home. When he got back home, the ghost would not quit talking to him. He said he got mad and tried to tell it to leave, but it would not obey him.

He then called up one of his friends who was a Christian and she told him that it was probably a demonic spirit and that he should command it to go to the light of Jesus Christ. When she pronounces out this specific command to the demon, this particular demon leaves.

But then all of a sudden a bigger and more evil, demonic spirit now starts talking to him, but this time this spirit is now speaking to him from the inside of his body. In other words, this demonic spirit has now entered into his body and has now taken up full residence in there. From this point on, this man now has a real live demon literally living on the inside of him.

All of this happened 4 years ago. He is now 26 years old. He just recently contacted our site telling us his story. He told us that he had tried to get deliverance from some other Christians, but they all kept telling him that he would just have to learn how to live with this evil spirit living on the inside of him.

Once he found our site, he saw that we actually believed in getting people delivered and set free from demonic spirits. He then wrote us several personal emails telling us exactly what happened to him.

After reading the information in our Spiritual Warfare section, he said he was not really comfortable in trying to do a self-deliverance on his own. After all of this happened, he did get saved and born again. We told him to keep looking until he found someone in his area who could do this deliverance for him.

What he will have to do is fully confess this sin out to the Lord, and then fully renounce this sin to the Lord – telling God that he will never play or dabble with this device – ever again! Once this type of sin has been fully confessed and fully renounced before the Lord, the demon will no longer have any more legal rights to continue to stay on the inside of him and he should then be able to cast it out of him with the right type of battle commands.

This young man has now given us permission to release his story to all of you so that you can see how dangerous this demonic device really is – and so you can also use his testimony to warn others who are either still dabbling with it, or who are thinking about doing it for the first time.

If any of you know someone who is either treading into these extremely dangerous grounds right now, or if they are thinking about trying to do it at least one time for the actual thrill of it, we ask that you give them a copy of this article – especially the actual testimony I will give you below. At least they will have been properly warned by you if something similar should happen to them.

Now here is this young man’s bone-chilling testimony of what exactly had occurred to him as he and his girlfriend were dabbling with this demonic device one night.

The Testimony

Here is this man’s word-for-word testimony taken from some of the different emails that we had received from him.

1.  I have been praying to God for guidance to someone that can and will deliver me from this evil spirit. A few religious people that I have talked to have said I should just live with it. That is REALLY irritating to hear. Would you not treat cancer if you knew you had it? Of course not! I want this evil creature sent back from where it came from!

2.  My story is pretty long, but here’s a short version. When I first used the ouija board with a friend, a ghost talked to us. We talked to it for 7 hours. Eventually she feel asleep and I wanted to be quiet, so I started asking the ghost the questions silently in my head.

To my amazement, it responded without me having to say it out loud, and without my friend’s hand on the planchette! When it was time to go, I told the ghost that it wasn’t allowed to follow me home. But it did. That night I had the most disturbed sleep I had ever had. But I was pretty fascinated by what this thing was. Ghosts and spirits were real, I had figured out!

The ghost wouldn’t leave me alone. It was always pestering me, wanting me to ask it more questions. Lights would always flicker around me, I was seeing floating balls of different colors, and hearing LOUD noises no one else was. The ghost would move my body without my consent, and my head was always filled with this new babbling – it was insistent that I ask it more questions. And that’s when I said enough is enough, this CANNOT be good. A GOOD spirit would never do something like this, I knew.

So a friend, over the phone, told this ghost to go to the light of Jesus Christ, and it did leave. However, it seems that this ghost was just a lackey for the real evil spirit behind it. After the ghost left, the lights never flickered around me anymore, or any of the other incidences. However, something was still moving my body.

One night this spirit started speaking through me. In a deep growling voice, it said it’s name (a name I had never heard and could not make up – yet it kept calling itself this foreign name), and said it was “the god of war.” It said it wanted me. It also said it wanted me to kill people and myself.

Completely horrified, I turned to, and started to really understand the power of Jesus Christ. This evil spirit tried getting me to worship Satan (honestly I had never really believed in Satan nor Christ before all this). It said I could have so many things, all I had to do was say I belonged to Satan. I started calling to Jesus for help, and I could feel the evil spirit going crazy.

I have tried exorcising it on my own, but it is way too much. It is the most draining thing I’ve ever done. My body thrashes around, I cough a lot, the base of my neck tightens up and hurts very badly, amongst other things.

I do not let the spirit speak through me anymore. At one point, I was asking it questions, trying to figure out how to get rid of it. How foolish could I be to believe anything the Father of Lies would have to say anyway? The last time it said I should kill someone I loved, I told it that it would NEVER speak through me again, unless it was being exorcised.

So now I am aware of this creature attached to me. I know it is pure evil, and I am on a quest to get it GONE. I reject Satan, I reject this evil spirit named ___________, and I embrace Jesus Christ. But I have always “known” that I needed an exorcism/deliverance, because it is simply too much for me to cast out alone. And it has told me before that it is never going to leave me. So it definitely needs to be booted out.

Everyday I am harassed as this demon makes different areas of my body spasm, almost non-stop. My right eye was twitching non-stop for about 2 months this year. People could suggest it is a physical problem. But I never had spasms before this. And the twitching, if I “let it go,” turns into the demon trying to speak through me and fully possess me.

Does this make any sense? I know my body, and I know what I am experiencing. But maybe you have some insight into what I could do?

3.  I did accept Jesus Christ into my life and body a few months after using the ouija board. I pray every night to Him and seek His guidance in my life. Please pray for me if you don’t mind, I can use all the help I can get.

4.  It has never physically attacked anyone but me. It seems to be attached solely to me, though one day it started naming off names of other people that it possessed/bothered. The names were real, coming from a source definitely outside of myself. It was really an eerie thing, and I made it stop naming them off.

Well it’s hard to explain. Like I said, I contacted a ghost spirit on the ouija board that I believe had this demon as it’s superior. I was able to get rid of the ghost. The first time I was made aware of this demon, I was aware that the ghost spirit was gone, but I knew that something bad was still messing around with me.

I was trying to figure out what it was, and out of nowhere the demon took over my vocal cords and said “I am (it’s name), god of war. I want you! I want you!” I have never seen it with my physical eye, though I have tried to. When I let it speak through me, it also takes control of my body (moves my legs, arms, whatever it wants).

So I do NOT let it speak through me. In the meantime, I have constant body twitches. That doesn’t sound like much, but have you ever had your right eye twitch non-stop for 3 months?? It’s draining. And if I don’t keep pushing it away, it will try to speak through me, etc. I never had twitches before I used the board.

For a bit, I was trying to understand what the demon was and how to get it rid of it by asking it questions. I now know better than to engage one of satan’s low-lifes in conversation. But the demon told me it wanted me to kill people, including one in my family that I love very much. I am not a killer in any way, so this disgusted me so much that I almost threw up.

I told the demon that it would never speak through me again unless I was being delivered from it! I realize this sounds like a big joke. Re-reading it, I would think I was nuts if I didn’t actually go through this all personally. I swear to God, I am not, nor have I ever, made up anything about my experiences with all this.

Back to your question, at any time if I gave control to this creature, it could speak through me, move my body, whatever. But I don’t and will not ever do that again! I am in control and this is my God-given body, not any demons!! So if I did that, I wouldn’t sense it’s presence in the room, it would just be around me.

It’s like it’s always attached on a spiritual level. Does that make sense? I do think that if I were to have a real exorcism done, it would manifest in ways that people would feel, hear and possibly see.

5.  I am 26. I was 22 when I used the ouija board, and this all occurred. I was raised Jehovah’s Witness, and in my disbelief of their teachings, I sort of decided that they were wrong about everything spiritually and otherwise. JWs teach that to use ouija boards is to summon demons, a very bad thing to do. I did not believe that, and I learned the hard way. Still, I do not believe I have to suffer for the rest of my life for it. I have learned from my mistake, and the time for deliverance is overdue.

It is just so hard to find someone to help me. Our society thinks possession is a big Hollywood joke, and that all demons really are, are psychological problems. I say maybe the demons are CAUSING those issues. Satan is laughing, we are so ignorant. The sad thing is that you really have to experience it in some form, to understand it.

Knowledge has a price. I am rambling now, sorry.


Let this man’s powerful testimony be a solemn and grave warning to any of you who are either still dabbling with this device right now, or are thinking about doing it for the first time just out of curiosity. Even just one time with this demonic device could break your protective hedge with the Lord and allow a demon to come after you like it did with this young man.

This man’s testimony is a perfect example of why God the Father was so strict with His warnings to the Jewish people back in the Old Testament in that they were to have absolutely nothing to do with any kind of occult activity.

There are certain spiritual laws that are in operation on our earth, and one of those laws is that we not go seeking, in any way, shape, or form, with any kinds of “spirits.”

If we do, we could easily cause a door to open up and then give an appropriate legal right to allow a real, live, demonic spirit to come directly after us. But it will not be a good spirit like this man originally thought. It will be an evil, demonic spirit who will then try to completely destroy your life and anyone else they can get you to directly harm on their behalf.

Parents especially should keep a close eye and watch on all of their children as they are growing up in the Lord – and make sure they do not ever try and experiment with this type of demonic device or any of the other occult devices that are out there.

We will keep in touch with this young man to make sure that he finds the right deliverance minister in his area to get him fully delivered. We have no doubt that Jesus will deliver and set this captive free once he finds the right deliverance minister in his area to work with him.


Right after releasing the above story, we received an email from a woman up in PA. She has given us permission to release her email to the rest of our readers as it once more confirms the extreme dangers of dabbling with any kind of occult activity.

She said it involved a woman who called a psychic hotline one day. This woman also drew a demon after her as a result of calling into this psychic hotline. She then had to call the pastor of her church over to cast the demon out of her house.

Again, let this kind of a testimony be a major warning on the extreme dangers of the occult, even dabbling with psychic hotlines. Here is her direct email to us. We will leave her name off this email in order to protect her identity.

“Message: I have a story very similar to the ouija board story. It involves a woman that called a psychic hotline to hear her future. After she made that call she was tormented by an evil presence appearing like a gray, foul-smelling mist that followed her everywhere.

After failures in her life, losing friends and her family becoming distant, she called our pastor to pray over her. When the pastor entered her home, she knew an evil presence was there. She commanded it to leave and anointed the home with holy oil and the presence left the woman’s home and she now lives in peace.

Our pastor has told the congregation many times not to mess with any kind of objects pertaining to witchcraft, the occult, soothsayers, etc. because they’re all portals to hell and if you open them, you’re headed for destruction.

Even as innocent as the Harry Potter books are, that’s still against the Word of God, and look how many children read them and watch the movies. Satan has a very short time to wreak his havoc and he is doing it in all kinds of ways, both gentle and violent. Now more than ever is the time to seek God with all of our hearts and feed our spirits with his word. Thank you for your time.”


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  1. I have read most of the comments here and they make me very weary. I have seen and possibly played or wanted to play with this game before when I was a child. But honestly, I don’t remember if I did or not. Anyway, I have always been told it was evil. As an adult, I have stayed away from this game? And kept my children away from it. What I want to share was my desire to go find the game online as soon as I had had enough of reading all the comments. Becareful!

  2. I have never played with an ouija board but I played with one online, I asked if it knew my friend and it answered with a yes. I whent on to ask it several other questions. I asked for its name several times but everytime it would say the same thing “To Dark”. My friend who had been playing with the same board online suddenly texted me as if she was screaming and she showed me a screen shot. She asked if it knew me and it had said yes. I was a little bit frightened but I kept going and forgot about it. Untill I asked it what its favorite color was. It said”Leave Me Now” as if it was a warning. I asked it why and it sped up in saying “To Dark” and then when I asked it again it didn’t respond. I took this as my que to exit the tab. I’m still shaking. If any of you have used a digital ouija board then you know that it never doesn’t respond. So I was pretty scketched. If any of you knows what this means please let me know.

  3. We played the ouija board at school while it was free time, and one of my friends dared the other to play alone in front of us and she did. Then we asked if there were spirits near it said yes, so we asked for it’s name and it said it was a secret. Then it started counting down so we said goodbye immediately. Then my friend seemed sad and I asked her what was wrong and she said “nothing” and we asked if it was about the ouija board and she said “What ouija board.” Now she is acting so strange and I don’t know what to do. I am very scared, I need information about what to do if anybody knows, please please tell me.

    • Well its bad to say the name but you know what is most likely happeing if it starts counting down right? Well, I hate to break it to you but, there is a possibility that your friend could be possesd. I don’t know how to banish a demon but maybe try telling it,”In the name of Jesus Christ, I bcomand you to be rid of my friend. Then go ask someone like your paster at church. they should know what to do.

  4. Hello my mother played with one of these twice and I was to Young to remember , but I remember all the bad things that happened to me and brother because of it , I ended up going to church for many years and as I got older , I started remembering all of my and my brothers behaviors and not one good Christian of the church I went to ever asked about my childhood I noticed my brother and I had developed severe anger issues , I was too young to know anything about anything , you can’t tell anyone because you were too young to understand. My brother and I have severe mental issues because our mom played with a Ouija board and we never got the proper help we needed from the church . We just kept getting worse and worse and to top it off our mom and dad drank and argued and fought in front of us she had heart problems and wasn’t supposed to drink and when I was ten she attempted suicide and I followed suit when I was twelve. We needed help but no one in my community ever knew the signs of possession. I thank you greatly for telling people to stay away from them those things are very bad.

  5. Hi for everyone who has played with ouija board,
    i did it for many years and i was not a christian.
    i knew that i had demons, and i surched :” deliverance ministry” on google, and i did a lot of delivery ministry, and first i began to be born again, after it was deliverance for a few years, and then i was free. And now i am filled with the Holy Spirit.
    Please this is the only way to be free of our past.
    Ask for forgiveness, and renounce it in Jesus Christ name. and seek deliverance ministry.
    God Bless, read the worrd of God the Bible and you will succeed.

  6. HI my name is Rose about three weeks ago 2 of my friends and myself were using the spirit board. the initials ABAB came through, no one knew what it meant so we continued. Then my departed sisters name was spelled out she told me to “be brave” I asked why, it spelled out Death. We asked Who and It gave us a name. we continued with questions like when? it gave us a month . we said good bye and I put the spirit board back in the bag a took it home. Since then I burned the board in my fire place, because I was told ABAB is an abbreviation for a demonic spirit that came through and when I burned the board the spirit went into my dog. This past Saturday, I was hugging my dog and saying to him, “please don’t die, cause I love you so much.” That night the dog passed away suddenly. I’ve been told that there is a consequence when you contact these dark spirits and the dog took on the dark spirit to protect me. And that when i said that to the dog they took him from me as the consequence. I feel so guilty! I am devastated! can this really be happening? Please help me get and answer, cause if this is true I have to live with this repercussion for the rest of my life. we really thought we were playing a game we had no intentions of contacting demonic spirits. Please give me some advise I am sick to my stomach that something that I did cause my dog his life Thanks for your consideration regarding this matter.

    • I’m truley sorry. Losing a pet is devestating, but I’m afraid it was a bad idea to do what you did to the board. First, as soon as it sai ABAB you should have said goodbye, you were lucky, it could have killed your whole family and not just your dog. Second it’s a bad idea to burn the board. I dont know why but I heard its really bad to do so. And to tell you a truth that will make your dog known a hero, your dog probablly sensed the demon it knew what was going to happen, it took it upon it self to save you and keepy you and your family safe. I’m sorry that you had to go through that. I really am. But now you can remember your dog as a hero.

  7. I played a.weiji board when I was 18. I am now 41 . I felt a cold pain in my back during the session. It did answer questions. I would use it when my x husband was at work. Dig it out of trash when he threw it away. I never really thought much about it over the yrs. I have had hell every since. Girl who did it with me cut her self up with a boxcutter not too long after that happened. My newborn baby was in the house. Whom I lost custody of because my x husband prayed to ssatan and life has been one tragedy after another. Loosing my 8 yr old in a fire..I’m always angry and very unhealthy. Had a stroke at 34. Two heart attacks at 38. My lungs r horrible and I have stomach’s issues. I was recently diagnosed wiyh four huge fibroid tumors and two huge ovarian cyst. I’m always angry or depressed or irritated. I need help. I am a Christian. And for some reason all of this added up to me this morning. Please let me know what can.i do

  8. A couple years ago, I was at a birthday party, and the girls there were playing with a Ouija Board. I had grew up in a Christian family, and had been told my whole life that Ouija Boards were evil, and only brought forth demons, and that it was a demonic possession. I had long before that day at the party accepted the lord Jesus Christ into my heart, but I was extremely curious by this strange “board game” and was thinking about trying it out. After all, all of my friends were doing it, so how bad could it be? Well what I didn’t know is that, that “Board Game” would release a demonic presence into my life! When we played the “game” the planchette started to move around, and it was thrilling, and fascinating. The demon presented itself as an innocent young boy, who’s name I won’t mention for safety reasons. Anyways, we asked the so called “spirit” if it was alone, and it continued to tell us that it was not alone, and that it was with another “spirit”. My friends, and I being the stupid teenage girls we were, asked to speak to it. This “young spirit” said that we could, but that it would leave, because he was afraid of this spirit. We all got pretty spooked, and stopped playing, because the energy just felt not right. My friend and I went to the bathroom together, because we were so scared to go to the bathroom alone, that we needed to take each other. We were talking about the more “evil spirit” and my friend said the “evil spirit’s” name, and the there was a loud bang on the bathroom door. We got really scared and asked who banged on the door, yet nobody heard it but us. We went back in the bathroom, and kept talking about it, and my friend said it’s name yet again, and the door started shaking, and there were many loud bangs on the door. My friend and I started screaming, and fled the bathroom. That night one of the mom’s cleansed the room with sage, yet me and many of the other girls could not manage to sleep. When I went home the next day, many paranormal things continued to happen in my own home, and it began to really affect my everyday life. Most nights I couldn’t sleep, and when I managed to sleep, I had reoccurring nightmares, about being killed in my sleep. I DO NOT recommend playing with a Ouija Board, as you could open up a portal that you might not be able to close again. If you are currently struggling with “hauntings” I strongly recommend you reach out to your local churches and request that they help you. Stay safe!

  9. When I was young my mom always had a Ouija board, we never did play it, however when we would ‘handle’ it spooky stuff started to happen thereafter. From the time the Ouija board was there, me and my sister went into a bedroom where it was kept in the closet, and my grandpa had a bean kettle in there he was picking beans, and it flew up in the air and spun.

    I would look into the hallway and see this dark thing bouncing it’s head out of the side of one of the doors, always at that location, the room adjacent from where the Ouija board was at. It resembled a piece of faux wood and was irregularly shaped and made a squeaking noise, not as of a mouse but like a car with a bad belt squeaking. The squeaking was pretty loud.

    Very soon the Ouija board was forgotten about and thrown away, and all the paranormal activity in the house stopped. However i at the time never knew it came from the Ouija board.

    When I got out of middle school and went into high school, I bought into the science thing that the Ouija board was controlled by the ideomotor effect and all that haunting stuff is nonsense. I was a born again Christian however and went to a Christian church.

    I like an idiot created a Ouija board out of cardboard and paper. I tried it by myself and it worked and I dropped the planchette and clamored to everyone that it worked. I threw it away and went about my business. One night I went into my bedroom and was physcially attacked by an entity making the same squeaking noise. It beat me in the face. I screamed in terror.
    I saw a bag with stuff inside of it being dragged to the other corner of the bedroom and I rebuked it in the name of Jesus and it stopped.
    Countless nights invisible entities were pounding my head into the bed and trying to beat me up. These entities would cut my flesh with a knife but I couldn’t see the knife. I would pray and it wasn’t enough. I would go to another place and it would go away for a while and then meet up with me.

    I got with a church pastor and prayed with him and he told me it was all going to stop. It did and I never dealt with anything like it again.

    After playing the Ouija board and all of this crazy stuff stopped, I developed withdrawl symptoms, as the Ouija board became like an alcoholic drink to a former alcoholic. I called it Ouija board tremens.

    I started looking at Ouija boards online and desiring them as an ex alcoholic would an alcoholic drink. I fought with my own self saying ‘I’m not going to play it’ but I kept getting deprived of the Ouija board.

    I bought a Ouija board out of giving into the withdrawl symptoms, and I analyzed the board, the planchette, and the whole board game had an hypnotic lure to it, it was unspeakable I felt like I just like an ex alcoholic got my hands on a cold beer.

    I snapped out of it and packed the board up and was trying to send it back to Wal-Mart, and my printer strangely broke as i couldn’t print the return slip, so I managed to get the return slip printer through a not so easy way and finally returned the board.

    Upon returning the Ouija board, I said ‘I’m not going to play it’ and a voice came to me ‘we don’t want you to get rid of it we want you to play it’ at that point I knew I was getting into some thing really heavy and I with force finally took the board back.

    I still have these Ouija withdrawl symptoms that I have to resist.

    Never play one.

  10. I’m 53 years old. I had the experience with my other sisters ouiji board when I was 4. Along with my closest sister who was 6. Things started about a year later for me. Childhood psychic experiences. When I was 30 my best friend and I visited a spiritualist. We had our babies and toddlers in strollers. Everything she predicted for our futures have come true up to this point. However, she didn’t tell us the bad things in between. I got divorced when I was 48, 5 years ago. I just accepted that I am tormented by Jezebel since that time. She’s caused havoc in my life. I’m estranged from my entire family now. And I have health problems lately that are wearing me down. I need deliverance. Please pray.

    • Father God in the name of Jesus I asked you to have your way father God Have Your Way in the name of Jesus I plead the blood of Jesus over this woman body Lord anything trying to attack her body I plead the blood of Jesus I plead the blood of Jesus devil you gots to go in Jesus mighty powerful name repent repent Fall on Your Knees and Call On Jesus amen

  11. Great article! I moved in my father’s vacation home on a big recreational lake. The place was not being used so I moved in. My father is new age. I am a Christian, 49 years old. As I was cleaning up I noticed a Ouija board in a drawer in one o the bedrooms.
    I called my Dad and said there is a Ouija board here. Him and my stepmother both new. I had a bad experience messing with a Ouija board when I was 16 years old and an atheist.
    The board did not appear to work and I blew it off. Soon after I was being attacked by what I quickly started believing was a demonic being.
    It took me years to realize that. So, you can see why I fear Ouija boards. I moved here in May and I was being stung by scorpions in my recliner. I felt depressed, severe brain fog, severe attacks of joint pain, very lethargic, etc.
    I have come to the conclusion that this is demonic oppression. The Ouija board is still in that drawer. I don’t been want to touch it. And I doubt that whoever was using it did not close the board.
    My question is how do I get rid of it? I have always heard don’t burn it. I just need some advice on the proper way to get this out of the house.

    Thanks, Bert

  12. Thank you for sharing… that was extremely brave of you! God bless

  13. Out of pure curiosity myself(18yrs approx) my brother(21 approx)& a mutual friend (22approx. female) conducted a seance using a homemade Ouija Board we made following our decision to entertain our curiosity. It (the seance) was what i will describe as active or responsive. Our approach was serious & also respectful but with minimal knowledge or experience of of the process or it’s potential to have a ‘follow on’ effect. After quite some time & a bunch of letters & numbers being indicated to there was not one thing that could be made sense of…all of a sudden with complete & obvious intent the words formed clearly stated ‘KILL BEN’ (I’m Ben), when questioned how it stated ‘A GUN’. We ended it almost immediately as safely as we knew how..

    I saw my dad inflict many forms of domestic abuse on my mum with memory recall of such behaviour beggining around the age of 5yrs old. I am not able to say it seemed willingly, with intense torment would be a more accurate way to describe his demeanour at the times of the abuse. The first time i was exposed to this i remember the extreme feelings of both absolute fear equally combined with mind numbing confusion based on the visual being relayed from my eyes to my brain brinked on paralysing. He was hard to recognise as my dad in the physical sense as well as what i was hearing being vocally displayed – i knew it was him (my dad) but not as i knew him…my life has been intense & complicated on a fairly permanent basis since that night until the present day – 23/7/2018. My dad committed suicide when i was 11yrs old.

    In reading all this am i to believe that what I’ve seen to be a somewhat hard & emotionally painful life with massive amounts of confusion from a young age is possibly a result of demonic presence & interference/influence? I have a high level of intelligence & understanding of human behaviour & the many personalities within ‘society’ or the ‘human race’. I am not capable of accepting or digesting this concept simply because someone verbally states this to be undeniable truth based on an individuals ‘chosen’ beliefs. I very much believe in a higher or bigger force than what we as humans represent but unfortunately don’t believe this to be ‘god’…or not the ‘god’ so many of you willingly try to force upon fellow humans in a righteous, arrogant & irritating/annoying manner just because this is what you made as a choice in regards to ‘needing’ to have a faith or belief in. I apologise if that offends but accept it as i accept yr choice without judgement & refrain from annihilating me with your selfish attempts to see it your way knowing that you will not change my mind in the slightest way & will only succeed in allowing me to deem u to be somewhat pathetic. However i am hoping to hear as many views, opinions & open minded explanations as i possibly can from as many different platforms as possible, it would be muchly appreciated.

    I’m considering i encountered & was possibly introduced to a demon in the form of my dad at the age of 5yrs old. That same demon either stayed with me or resurfaced when it was basically invited through the Ouija Board…because it recognised me from a previous encounter?? Hence the ‘KILL BEN’, it was letting me know we’d already met. I have always felt i was different in many ways from the masses & feel a power that indicates if harnessed could potentially lead me to make significant changes in big yet positive ways on what could eventually be felt on a global scale, demons would not want me alive. Through the power I’ve felt but the torment of not knowing what it is I’m destined to do with it along with a combination of life pressuring type factors approximately 2yrs ago i was drowning in misery & anxiety, i couldn’t see a place on this earth that we ourselves are destroying amongst a race that is becoming putrid in it’s treatment of fellow human with the masses being fully comfortable & accepting of the direction society has taken. I was prepared to exit early rather than become accepting like the masses have & the demons hit me full force to make that happen. Im still here because im meant to be, not many would have survived what i have if faced with what I’ve endured. It’s made me stronger than evet. The current momentum of the snowball effect is increasing at a rate that without some form of revolution or intervention at least we’re going to self destruct. Why is reality being completely ignored?

  14. I need help, Im 57 and i messed with the ouiji board when i was 16 with my friend and brother after seeing the original remake of “invasion of the body snatchers” movie in 1878/79. It scared us really bad. but we then did the ouji board that night. Tonight about 45 years later something showed itself in my mind. I know no one will believe me, but it was there. Its very hard to explain, but it laughing & playing with me for a sec because it showed itself to me (never felt this ever, but why now). This is the only reason why i’m here on this page tonight, because this has never happened to me ever before. But a couple of past dreams for years came into play afterwards into my mind. It (demon) was sort of there, but did & didnt laugh at me, but wanted to (I think) finally let its presence known to me. The house were I grew up in, my parents always felt a evil presence in the house. They were Seventh Day Adventist.Soon after, a year or two, I started to do some bad things in my life, in the house (which I will only mention to a minister or priest). But I have always felt that something was different after that night (when I was 16). If this is true that this maybe a possibility, I have never considered until tonight. All I can say is something defineately showed itself to me with proof.

  15. I don’t know if this is a message board that could be of any help but I was really like to get some insight on some problems ive been going through ever since i could remember. Ive been haunted for years waking up every night at 3:15 am on the dot. Seeing entities, I was told that I have night terrors, I have constant nightmares but sometimes they are sleep paralysis. I feel like dark presents are attracted to me and I dont know what I can ever do to stop it. My parents played the Oija board onces that I know of. While playing they talked to some type of spirit it kept asking for Bb (my initials) it was a while after my phone started to spaze out and it brought up an article. My phone began to highlight words like “help, he’s down below” and it kept highlighting words asking for my help to save him from whoever was down below and then my phone started to type. It typed “help Bb Bb Bb ” over and over again. I felt a heavy presence try to take over it was dark and angry and heavy. I told my mother and she sat me down and poured salt around me, she began to pray holding sage that burned. After I felt okay but I want answers. My dad recently passed due to cancer and I cant go to the house he died in. He haunts that house and I hear him walk every night I’m there. I need someone to shed some light onto what’s causing this for me please.

    • Ms. Breanna, I read your post and my heart goes out to you. I am going to do the best I can to help answer your concerns. First, I am going to tell you something that you may not believe: it is not your father that haunts your house. If what you are explaining is correct, then there is something else there. Breanna, when we die, that is it. We don’t hang around in a ‘spiritual’ state. We either go be with the Lord, or we don’t. The Bible does not give any other suggestion, otherwise. I do not know the state of your father’s relationship with the Lord, but the haunting that you are experiencing is not from him. Regarding your personal experiences, such as while you are sleeping, believe it or not, I experience similar things. My experiences occur in nightmares, while I am sleeping. These are nightmares that I know that someone -or some thing- is there with me. It usually happens around times that I am either trying to focus on my relationship with Jesus. Occasionally, these instances happen randomly, but for the most part, they happen when I am trying to do work for God. This is the best way I can explain my experiences: I will be dreaming about something, and there will be a moment where, at any time in my dream, overwhelming dread and fear will overtake me. In most cases, I will be dreaming a simple dream and, at any time, the environment changes and I, then, realize that I become a target of sorts. Every single time this has happened, I wake up feeling, literally, that there is a presence near me. There were, in few occasions, times when I woke up around 0315. Immediately, though, I pray to the Lord, and thank Him for my safety. I thank Him for my family, and for my blessings. I even praise Him in song, in my mind, and ask Him to help me sleep. In EVERY case, Jesus answers my prayer and protects me. Do the circumstances I described in my experiences sound similar to yours? Now, as far as the history of the Ouija board, I had an aunt in Texas (for the purposes of this post I will call her Bethany) who, at an early adult age, started messing with Ouija boards. She was knee-deep in it, and, at times, convinced her that she was talking with her own dead grandmother. I tried to convince her that this was not the case; that she was communicating with demons, but to no avail. I knew that there was no way I could convince her as the Ouija board had told her that I was doing drugs (never did drugs in my life). Ms. Brianna, my aunt is now dead; dying of an overdose and living a very haunted life. After my aunt had passed, my cousin sent me a picture taken inside of the house and the picture had images of spirits in and around the living room. My cousin has limited knowledge of photographics and, since she took the picture from her phone, there was no way she could have photoshopped the picture. Ms. Brianna, my aunt messed with the Ouija board and it had her obsessed and oppressed. This is one of the few things I have seen regarding those who play with Ouija boards. I knew a girl, while in my active duty time in the Navy, who freaked out from playing with the board after it told her she was going to die. Long story short: stay away from them. As for your history from your mother’s use of them, I don’t know the level of influenced any activity -or potential spiritual activity- has passed onto you, but I can tell you this: Jesus saves!! He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and, He is on the Throne! The devil is alive and well and he will always torment, harass and target those who are either dabbling in the spiritual realm, or, trying to live for Christ. It is just what he does. If you don’t mind me asking: what is your relationship with Jesus like? Is He your Lord and Savior? If not, I would implore you to seek Him out, as only You can. Having a relationship with Jesus does not protect you from the devils attacks, but Jesus never leave us. When I am ‘attacked’, I call on His Name and He always protects me. So if you believe it, study the Bible; seek His Word as if it were treasure. Also, listen to Christian music. Demons hate praise. They hate it when God’s people pray and focus on Christ. Remember: God and the devil can NOT occupy the same space, so put your hope, heart, life and focus in God. If it helps, look up the Bible verse of Romans 8:38 and 39. Read it and speak it. Proclaim the Name of Jesus and live for him. Let Him fight the battle for you!! God bless, and let me know what you think!

    • I’m a former Occultist. I am now a bible believing Christian. I’m going to just tell you salt and sage will not do anything but make a mess and stink up the house. The only way to get rid of the hauntings your experiencing is through Christ. First you must confess renounce and come out of agreement with the lies of the enemy. We have all fallen short. Just being alive means we need to confess our sins and ask Jesus for forgiveness. That is step one. Step two would be to get into a church that teaches the Bible. It would be a good idea to seek out some Christian counseling. They will pray with you and you will get free of this torment through Christ. These services often cost very little or nothing. I also recommend that you start reading the Bible. It will bring you peace if you open your heart to It. The spirit you described as a loved one who has passed is not that. It is one of the enemy’s lesser demons. They are able to manifest as almost anything to deceive you. They often disguise themselves as loved ones who have passed. Hope this helps. God bless!

    • I was 12 years old the 1 and only time I played with a friend. I didn’t believe in it at all and kept cracking jokes and accusing my friend of moving the cursor. It kept answering questions she was asking it about her cousin that was in a terrible accident a few days before and then she asked who is this…. mind you it was only her and I at her parents trailor sitting in the middle of a kitchen floor with a sliding glass door across from us. On a still and calm summer night the home suddenly starting shaking like a huge wind came from no where and then we heard a loud bang sound outside the glass door and seen Red glowing eyes of something large and dark looking at us. Several minutes we sat frozen in fear until it left. We both threw the board and ran and hid in her room until her parents came home. For years I had severe depression and could feel something evil watching me. I had such nightmares of demons killing me or my loved ones that I never slept. It was years of this and mental doctors before someone finally told me to put a bible in my pillowcase underneath my pillow and the dreams stopped as soon as I did. I would pray for God to surround me and protect me and imagine a bright light surrounding me and this has kept me safe.

  16. I have a question. As a young teen I used a Ouija board once. One of the people with me suddenly freaked out wanting to quit and leave. He said he saw green light coming from the planchette into my fingers. Kind of like electricity. I haven’t gone near a Ouija board since but have always wondered what it meant. I can’t seem to find any similar stories online. Does anyone know anything about this?

  17. As an Occultist myself, I have stumbled across this site and page and felt compelled to share my point of view. My POV does not come as flippant either. Having read and studied the Bible in multiple languages and studied under many Rabbis and Priest from many faiths, I still chose to become a Wiccan (as in an Earth-based, nature, Pagan follower). Having read most of the comments I feel that the discussion among Christians about various Occult concepts has not changed in a hundred years.

    Wiccans do not believe in Satan or demonic beings. Both are biblical concepts that are not found to be ‘observable’ in nature. Wiccans take responsibility for their own actions and do not blame others, physical or otherwise for their mistakes.

    Ouija is ‘technically’ considered a game. Most Wiccans or Occultist do not use the Ouija for any serious purpose. Personally, I have not “played” with a Ouija board for over 30 years. Nor do I have any inclination to do so any time soon. Most “stories” of Ouija board mishaps have been repeated time and again. Most of the stories posted here I have heard many times, sure some details so change, but the ‘story’ is the same. I would believe some MAY have had these experiences, but most are re-tellings and exaggerations. I previously had a Ouija “story” myself, but after careful evaluation of myself and the truth, I no longer share an untrue story. Never had I “felt” any Satanic or Demonic or otherwise negative energy using or being around a Ouija board. As a matter of fact, when I have asked ‘truthful’ Christians about their experiences, the answer was the same: any negative experience could be attributed to their ‘apprehension’ caused by the perceived conflict of their primary faith. I say “perceived conflict” because the argument can be made among Christians whether it is a conflict or not. Again, I am not a Christian and will not make that argument here. Wiccans do not believe that the Ouija board has any power. As a matter of fact, no Wiccan believes that any Object that is used in their practice has ANY power. The objects are only used as Keys to the subconscious and anything that comes from ‘playing’ the Ouija comes from the psyche of the person playing. In other words, using the parlance of the writers here on this page, if any Demons came forth, they where already Demons of the user.

    As a side note: the words Wicca and Witchcraft in etymology (study of words) come from the same root meaning; Study of Wisdom. One will find that many Occultist will have studied the Bible some if not extensively. As a Wiccan, I can and do agree that there is an abundance of wisdom to be gleaned from the Bible. What I personally do NOT agree with is the Bashing of others and others faiths as a means to validate ones own faith.

    Please, receive my point-of-view in the same respects that which I hear the views of those who would otherwise oppose. I have many Christian friends whom I hold dear. Yes, they conscill and pray and have prayed for me for many years to no avail. My beliefs are mine and will not change. Although, I am open to Respectful dialog with anyone about my faith.

    Note: Occult – ‘That which is hidden’
    Bible; Genesis – Darkness came before light. {ie: Ignorance always precedes Enlightenment.}
    To study the Occult one has to find that which was once hidden. There are many mysteries in the Bible. There are no mysteries in the motive of the heads of churches to not allow the masses to know the Truth.

    • To anyone reading the comment posted by “Mandrake Shadow”, you need to understand that occultists are, essentially, under the influence of Satan, whether they realise it or not. Remember that the Bible teaches us that Satan is principally interested in leading as many people astray as possible, before he is finally destroyed forever (see 2Corinthians 4:4, 2Timothy 4:3-4)). Generally those who have a weak “spirit” or who are easily led, or who are looking for “a way out” of the personal responsibility required by belief in Jehovah God, or who are just basically stupid (i.e. will “experiment” with such things as a ouija board because it might be “cool” or fun) – these people are already “blinded”. The wiccan (lower case deliberate) philosophy and way of life ensures its followers are free of any of the responsibilities that Jehovah demands.

      Secondly, despite what Mandrake Shadow states, the word “wicca’ does not mean the “study of wisdom”. Wicca is simply an Old English word for witch. Never be afraid to question what someone else tells you, even if they sound like they know what they’re talking about. This applies equally to anyone teaching you anything about the Bible. Check it out for yourself; don’t assume they’re telling you all the facts or that they are necessarily correct. Interestingly, Mandrake admits that there is much wisdom to be gleaned from the Bible. This would suggest that anyone studying the Bible is a “wiccan”, based on Mandrake’s definition.

      Thirdly, there are no mysteries in the Bible. If anyone takes the time and makes the effort to study and understand the Scriptures, they will appreciate that this is true. The Catholic Church has for centuries sold its adherents on the “mysteries of faith”, largely I believe, to keep people ignorant of the basic tenets of the Bible. So naturally millions of people over the years have assumed that the Bible is largely beyond their comprehension and they must rely on church clergy to intercede on their behalf for their personal and individual salvation. On his/her last point at least, I agree with Mandrake.

      • To anyone reading these posts and article I’d like to make a couple things clear. This was clearly written by someone who knows very little about proper English and honestly sounds like a story made up in church. Another point. Nothing in this article is backed up by scripture. As a previous Christian I have studied the scriptures quite thoroughly. I realized that the God of the bible does not make sense.(for example) God in his Ten Commandments denounces murder(thou shall not kill) yet he commands the Israelites to commit mass genocide when taking over the promised lands. Read any chapters in judges to see what I’m talking about. Finally any person who does any research about the spirit world will realize that spirits can’t do half the stuff people are talking about. The ouija board is a tool/game not a gateway to the spirit world. To talk to humans takes an extreme amount of energy from a spirit. That is why people using ouija boards often light candles(the fire provides energy for the spirits). That is also why harming a human is almost impossible for a spirit because it takes too much energy for it to harm a human. Spirits cannot exist in this realm(the one humans exist in) without a expanding a tremendous amount of energy. That is why they choose hosts(aka possession). This requires a host actively inviting a spirit into their body. Also spirits are like humans(their are good ones and evil ones) according to scripture God is a spirit (genesis1:1). Most spirit/ghost don’t want to harm humans they just want to interact with them.
        I’m sorry if I offended anyone but this has been my experience with Christianity and the spirit world. I hope it helps clear any confusion. I also hope any who wants to judge what I said would have thoroughly read the bible first with an open mind.

  18. I am not going to use the board myself, but I have a question where I’ve been trying to find an answer. Long time ago when my husband was a little boy, he’s aunt was playing with this spirit board. She was figuring out her baby names with that way. Obviously she had chosen all of her kids names that way. Anyway, when she started she forced all the kids place their hands on the glass, while she was asking questions. I don’t know did she ever say good bye after that. I’ve been wondering, does the spirit affect for those, whom names have been chosen with spirit board? And those whom hands were on the glass during the game? All I can say bad things have been surrounded by that family. And that woman herself seems creepy to me. I am spiritual myself, and believe God and Jesus. When my husband has been with me, he didn’t have much bad happenings after that.

  19. These are very dangerous things. While I have never used an ouija board or anything like that. I have experienced the occult in other ways such as spells and incantations.

    It was a dark time in my life around 3-4 years ago now. I was depressed. Church seemed empty to me.

    I did things I’m not proud of. Things that still haunt me to this day.

    I remember one night, into a few months of my occult experience. I had a horrid dream of hell, fire, and demons. I awoke around 2 or 3 AM covered in sweat and had trouble breathing like something was strangling me. I didn’t see anything or hear anything but I knew it was not safe.

    It was horrible. The worst state of fear I’ve ever been in to this day.

    I remember clawing my way across the bed and grabbing a Bible on my bedside table. I held it in a death grip and started frantically reading and praying.

    I lost track of time after that, but my best estimate is I was like that for the next hour or so. The presence left, and I rededicated myself to Christ.

    I do my best to avoid anything of the occult today, and if given the opportunity, I’ll destroy any articles of it that I find.

    I still struggle with personal sins, and I have been in spiritual warfare on other occasions. None, however, were as bad as that night.

    It still happens sometimes. An almost overwhelming sense of dread. But I know Christ, The Holy Spirit, and angels are with me. I pray, and it leaves. Just like that.

    Have faith. And above all, pray.

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