The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate

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In part 1, I talk about What is a Jezebel spirit.

Here are 11 specific things I have isolated on this spirit once it moves in on someone to set up shop. Again, this type of spirit likes to play the same kind of games every time it moves in and attaches to someone.

  1. The Evil Personality Traits of the Jezebel Spirit
  2. The Spider Web Analogy
  3. There Will Be a Charismatic Type Energy on the Host
  4. Likes To Attach to Sharp, Intelligent, and Attractive People When It Can
  5. Will Always Seek to be the Center of Attention
  6. Will Seek to Infiltrate, Attack, and Undermine Everything
  7. Will Go After Anyone in a Leadership Position
  8. Runs in Tandem With a Mocking Spirit
  9. Especially Hates Prophets, Prayer, and Spiritual Warfare
  10. Will Occasionally Expose Itself on a Photo
  11. The Host Usually Will Not Know They Have This Kind of Spirit in Them

Now I will briefly discuss each one of these so you can see how this type of spirit will attempt to move against you and bring you and everything you are connected to completely down.

1. The Evil Personality Traits of the Jezebel Spirit

I want to start this off with the actual traits of this evil spirit, so you can have all of this information right at the top of this section. Below is a list of the personality traits of this kind of evil spirit.

The Jezebel spirit will try to infect and contaminate the person it is in so they too will operate with these same kinds of evil traits. It has always amazed me over the years that this kind of spirit can get very smart and intelligent people to do its evil bidding so easily.

Some of these people will say and do some of the most horrible things, but yet find some way to rationalize it and think they are perfectly justified in doing what they are doing. This spirit will play some of these people like fiddles, like a puppet on a string, with the puppet master being the Jezebel spirit itself.

Here are some of the evil personality traits to look for with a person who has been operating under this spirit’s evil influence for quite some time.

  1. Pure Evil and Hate
  2. Vile
  3. Maximum Pride
  4. Highly Lustful and Seductive
  5. Highly Self-Centered and Narcissistic
  6. Will Always Seek To Be the Center of Attention
  7. Very Judgmental, Critical, Condescending, and Demeaning
  8. Overly Demanding and Manipulating
  9. Cold, Ruthless, Cunning, and Calculating
  10. Very Combative and Confrontational
  11. Very Good at Lying and Cheating
  12. Cannot Stand Any Type of Constructive Criticism
  13. Hates All Prophets, Prayer, and Anything to Do With Spiritual Warfare
  14. Will Be Capable of Giving False Prophecies, Visions, and Dreams

This spirit operates with maximum pride in it. As a result, it will try to infect the host with that same kind of pride. And once it does, the host will no longer be able to accept any type of constructive criticism from anyone. The host will seek its own throne and they will now have to be the total center of attention. Everything will now be about them and them alone.

They also will no longer be able to bond with anyone because they are now totally self-sufficient in their own blown-up egos. The only true friends they will have are the people who will get duped into falling into their web of deceit and lies, where they will now become their mindless followers.

These people will have all of their true friends leave them because no one wants to be around this kind of evil spirit and around these kinds of negative, evil, and destructive personality traits.

And then sooner or later it happens, this person completely fails and falls, as well as losing anything that is close to them.

And this was all due to them allowing this kind of evil spirit to get on the inside of them in the first place, and from there, blindly follow this evil spirit’s leadings to do what it wanted them to do.

I have seen this spirit literally play some people right over the edge of a cliff where they ended up losing everything. And this was all because they were too blind and ignorant to see what was really going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm.

This kind of spirit is a master at setting up train wrecks and then orchestrating for them to actually occur with individual people, ministries, churches, and companies.

This is why every single Christian church should be teaching their people the basics of true spiritual warfare in the Lord so they will have the knowledge on how to combat these kinds of evil spirits.

Again, the Lord has already given us fair warning when He tells us in His Word that without His knowledge, that His people will go into captivity and perish.

2. The Spider Web Analogy

When someone is walking with this kind of evil spirit deeply entrenched in them, they will initially move and operate on what I call the spider web analogy.

Just like a spider creates a web so it can trap its prey so it can then devour them, the Jezebel spirit will start out in the exact same way once it moves into a certain environment to try and work.

These people are very good at playing the good cop-bad cop game. They will always start out playing the good cop.

These people will initially seem to have their act all together. They will know how to talk the talk. They will know Scripture well enough so they can impress every one with their high level of spiritual development.

They will know how to smooth talk people and use false flattery to gain favor so they can then start to work to get their claws worked into them.

And before you know it, you will be caught in their web. And then once they have you comfortably caught in their web through false flattery and deceit, they will then start to attack you and try to tear you to pieces.

3. There Will Be a Charismatic Type Energy on the Host

Another thing that helps these people lure unsuspecting people into their webs is the amount of charismatic energy they are carrying on them.

When you initially meet these kind of people, you will feel a certain type of energy coming off them and you will initially feel very drawn to them. You will feel like a moth being drawn towards an open flame. This charismatic type energy on them will have a major drawing power to it.

You initially may think it is the presence of the Holy Spirit on them because they will be so good at sounding like they are very spiritual and that they are walking very close to God.

I remember when I first started to see this type of drawing power on these people, I found myself being amazed that an evil spirit could emit this kind of energy off a person. You would think if an evil spirit was attached to someone, that you would be initially totally repulsed and repelled by it.

You would not think demons could have this kind of seductive, drawing power within their evil natures and then be able to project it through their host. But some of these evil spirits do, and the Jezebel spirit has this kind of seductive, drawing power within itself, and from there, it will project this drawing power through the person it is living in.

This is why this spirit has been so successful over the years in bringing down individuals, churches, marriages, and good friendships – all because it has the ability to draw people into their well spun webs, and then before the person knows it or realizes what they have been caught up in, it then moves in for the attack to either kill that person, or try and completely take the person out of commission on whatever their calling is in the Lord.

And this will now take us right into the next caption.

4. Likes To Attach to Sharp, Intelligent, and Attractive People When It Can

As a result of having a very seductive and high energy in its evil nature, the Jezebel spirit likes to attach to sharp, intelligent, and attractive people when it can. Not that it won’t attempt to attach to a less attractive person, but it will make much more headway with want it wants to accomplish if it can find a physically attractive person as will be explained below.

On the 5 cases I have seen, 4 of them were women, and the other was a man. And in each case, each of these people were sharp, intelligent, and very attractive.

I believe the reason this spirit likes to target these kinds of people is because it wants total control of everything. It wants to be just like Queen Jezebel.

It wants the throne for herself and it does not want to share it with anyone else.

As a result, they look for personalities that can help them climb to the top of the heap in whatever environment they are trying to work in.

In a marriage, if the woman is the one with this spirit, she will try and usurp her husband’s authority as the head of the household and will try to totally replace him as the spiritual head of the household.

If this spirit is working in the middle of a prayer group, it will try and work its way to the top so it can be the new leader of the prayer group.

If this spirit is working within the church itself, it will try and work its way to the top to be the right hand man of the pastor, and from there, start to directly attack him so she can completely take him out and knock him right out of his call for the Lord.

You saw what Delilah did with Samson. I believe there was a good possibility that Delilah may have had this kind of spirit operating on her.

And through her very seductive charms and allure, she completely brought down the man with probably the greatest physical strength anointing anyone has ever had with the Lord. And she did it with pure evil seduction.

This is why this kind of spirit is so deadly, because it knows how to use seduction, especially a sexual kind of seduction, to gets its way and then to eventually bring down the person or ministry they have targeted.

As we all know, many men are easily lured into illicit affairs by pretty women. Many have used the expression that some women know how to get a man wrapped around their little fingers. I am sure most you have seen this phenomena occur over and over again. Sex is a very powerful weapon, and this kind of demon will always try and use whenever it can.

This is why it likes to attach to attractive people whenever it can, because it knows it can use that person’s physical attractiveness to draw people into its web.

You think we would all learn our lessons from the past with so many people being brought down by this kind of seductive game, as this same game has been played over and over throughout the centuries by these types of demons. But many people never learn from the past, and just as many people now fall for this same kind of game as they did years ago.

When you combine the power that this spirit has to emit a seductive, charismatic type energy off a person, and then they attach to a person who is naturally attractive, sharp and intelligent, you then have a very deadly combination that this spirit can work with to achieve its ultimate goal.

And that goal is to get total control so it can then work to take down and completely destroy either a person, marriage, church, ministry, friendship, company, or a government.

5. Will Always Seek to be the Center of Attention

Once this spirit has gotten a foothold into the environment it now wants to work in, the next thing it will do after it has lured you into its web by playing the good cop, is to then start to always be the center of attention. And this is where you can really start to pick up and spot this spirit in actual operation.

We all have a natural need and desire for a certain amount of love and attention.

We all need proper encouragement and attention, not only from our parents as we are being raised up, but also from all of our friends and loved ones as we become adults, as we all help each other in keeping up our levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

However, when a person has this type of spirit operating through them, their need for attention and glory will be way off what would be considered normal. And this is when this spirit starts to get itself exposed to those around it. But it does not really care at this point.

It will do everything it can to get the host to always seek to be the center of attention, with the ultimate goal in mind being to get to the top of the heap in whatever environment it is working in.

Since these types of people usually have that charismatic energy flowing and operating through them from this kind of evil spirit, they initially will be very good at working themselves up the ladder in the environment they are working in.

With this kind of demonic energy operating through them, combined with their natural good looks and high degree of intelligence, these people will sometimes be able to easily talk and play their way right up the ladder.

And then once they have worked themselves up to where they need to be, this spirit will then start to viciously attack and operate with both barrels blazing.

And this will now take us right into the next caption, which will take us right into the real heart of how this spirit will attack and completely undermine everything in its path.

6. Will Seek to Infiltrate, Attack, and Undermine Everything

This evil spirit simply has a two fold mission:

  1. Seek to infiltrate and once in
  2. Seek to attack, undermine, and destroy everything in its path, taking absolutely no prisoners. It’s goal is total death and destruction. Plain and simple.

If you are dating a person with this kind of evil spirit on them, they will try and get you to marry them. And until you do, it will be playing good cop with you the whole time so it can continue to lure and draw you into its web. But once you end up marrying this person, that is when the bad cop will emerge, and that is when all hell will literally break out in your life.

If you are a woman dating a man who is a physical abuser, many times he will not show his true colors until after you marry him.

But once you marry him, that is when the actual abuse will start – after he has gotten you totally caught in his web, with the web being the actual marriage itself.

If you are a man dating a woman who has this kind of spirit on her, she will say and do all of the right things as you are dating her. But once you marry her, that is when the tables will be turned and she will start coming directly after you, trying to tear both you and the marriage completely apart.

This spirit first seeks to infiltrate the environment it wants to try and work in. And once it is in, it will then set up shop and start attacking and undermining literally every single thing it can.

This spirit is an attack dog and it will literally attack anything and everything it can, depending on how far the host will cooperate with its evil promptings.

Here is a breakdown of some of the kinds of attacks you can expect once this spirit has gained a good foothold into a certain environment.

A) Will Start Playing Major Mind Games

The one thing I have noticed about this spirit is that it is very good at playing mind games and head games with people.

It will know where your weak spots and jugular veins will be at, and the attacks will always be targeted at your weak spots so it can start to weaken and demoralize you and bring you down.

It will come after your levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. It will come after your calling for the Lord.

It will come after your specific personality traits, both good and bad, to see if they can convince you that you are a nobody and that you will never amount to anything good and worthwhile in this life.

It will try and make you think you are the crazy one and that they are the ones who have all of the knowledge and wisdom.

They will try and make you feel inferior so they can gain the upper hand in the relationship and that you then need to be totally guided by them and dependent upon them.

Before you know it, this kind of spirit can throw you into a depression, along with causing major confusion and indecisiveness. You will feel disoriented and feel like you are caught up in a fog.

In other words, this evil spirit will try to suck the life out of you and tear you down every which way it can so you can no longer function in your calling for the Lord.

The prophet Elijah himself was so distraught and depressed after coming into direct contact with Queen Jezebel and the spirit operating on her, that he almost wanted to throw in the towel and quit until God strengthened him through an angel and then gave him a direct word.

This spirit is very good at being very critical and judgmental and before you know it, it will have you believing in all of the lies it has been throwing your way.

This is where you really have to know who you are in Christ, and that you never allow a person with this kind of spirit on them to be able to bring you down like they almost did with Elijah.

Let this part of Elijah’s story be a major lesson to all of us on how far this spirit will try and go – to literally try and get you to quit and walk out on God’s calling for your life. I believe a lot of the suicides we see may be as a result of this spirit’s evil influence over a person and the mind games it knows how to play with them.

If they can do this with a great man of God like Elijah, they then will be able to do it with some of us.

I have personally seen several men over the years be turned into a heap of mush by women who were operating with this kind of spirit on them. And the way it was done was by the mind games they were playing with the men over a certain period of time.

They just kept beating them down with verbal assaults, tearing at their self-confidence, their self-worth in God, and what they were doing in their callings.

By the time they got done with some of these men, many of them lost their callings in the Lord due to the fear and paranoia that was now oppressing them as a result of allowing this kind of spirit to get too strong of a foothold into their lives and callings for the Lord.

B) Will Cause Major Dissension, Strife, and Chaos

Another thing this spirit is very good at doing is causing a lot of in-fighting, back-biting, and malicious type gossiping among the people that are caught in its web. This kind of spirit knows exactly how to cause major dissension and strife even among the best of friends.

If this spirit infiltrates into a marriage, it will have everyone at each other’s throats. The children will be fighting abnormally among one another.

Each spouse will be fighting with the other, as well as with the children. This spirit is a major peace disturber and it will cause all kinds of havoc and trouble in the family unless it is quickly dealt with and exposed.

If this spirit gets into the middle of a ministry or church, it will again try to get people to start fighting with one another so it can ruin the harmony and unity of a group or church.

Same thing goes if this spirit gets into the middle of an actual company or corporation. It will try and cause as much strife and dissension as it possibly can so it can try and bring down the entire division or company it has targeted.

I wonder how many companies have gone out of business over the years as a result of the destructive influence of this kind of spirit operating on the inside of their company?

You walk into these environments where this kind of spirit is running rampant and unchecked, and you can literally feel the negative and oppressive energy in the air itself.

7. Will Go After Anyone in a Leadership Position

Another major strategy of this spirit is that it will always go after those who are in any type of leadership position.

This would include pastors of churches, youth ministers, worship leaders, leaders of prayer groups and Bible studies, husbands as the head of households, supervisors, and upper level management of different companies and corporations.

If a man marries a woman who has this spirit on her, she will attack the man’s authority as the head of the household and try to get that position for herself.

If this person is working for a church, it will try and work its way as far up the ladder as it can so it can get very close to the pastor himself, and from there, start to work to bring him down just like Delilah did with Samson.

Pastors especially have to always be on the alert for this kind of spirit, as this spirit is always looking for a way to get a direct shot at them so they can bring them completely down and destroy their entire church.

I do not have to tell you how many pastors have lost their ministries over the years because they got seduced into having an affair with a woman who had this kind of spirit on her.

Lust and adultery have brought down too many good men of God over the years, and it was all because they fell under the seductive spell of this evil spirit.

If this spirit infiltrates a prayer group or a Bible study class, it will try and work its way to the top so it can be the leader of the group.

Once it is the new leader, it will then start its attacks so as to completely destroy the group with false teaching, false prophecy, spreading false rumors about other people in the group, causing dissension among the people in the group, along with trying to poison the people of the group against whoever the leaders of the church are.

The reason this spirit wants to take out those in any type of leadership position is because it wants that leadership position for itself. And if it cannot get that leadership position for itself, it will then try and completely destroy it so there is nothing left of it.

This is how some marriages end up in divorce, and this is how some churches end up closing their doors and going out of business – all due to allowing this kind of spirit to run rampant and unchecked in their environment for too long of a period of time.

8. Will Be Capable of Giving False Prophecies, Visions, and Dreams

With this kind of spirit really hating all of God’s prophets, it can only be expected that this spirit will falsely prophesy whenever it can. This kind of spirit is thus able to give its host false prophecies, false words, false dreams, and false visions – all in an attempt to make its host look more spiritual than they really are, and to also lure as many other people into its web that it can so it can build up its own base and following.

Since this spirit is operating at a higher level of intelligence than most of the other demons are, you really have to closely examine any words or prophecies that the host will be getting.

If the host is falsely prophesying under this spirit’s guidance, the Holy Spirit will show you where the errors are at so you can separate a true prophecy from the Lord from one that is coming from this kind of evil spirit.

This is why all prophecy has to be judged and properly discerned, so you can determine where it is really coming from, as the Bible warns us about false prophets being among us like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

9. Runs in Tandem With a Mocking Spirit

Another very interesting thing that I have seen occur on several of the cases I was allowed to watch and observe, is that this spirit runs in tandem with what is called a mocking spirit.

As we have explained before, when a head chief demon such as a Jezebel spirit moves in on the inside of a person’s body, they will usually travel in groups and they will thus have numerous other demons under their control and authority.

One of the underlings to the Jezebel spirit will be what is called a mocking spirit, otherwise known as a blocking type spirit. It’s job will be to cover for the Jezebel spirit and try and distract people from figuring out that this person really has a Jezebel spirit on the inside of them.

Many deliverance ministers have first come across this mocking spirit when trying to deliver someone from the Jezebel spirit. This spirit can actually be quite funny and comical at times, and has literally made some deliverance ministers laugh right in the middle of an actual deliverance.

This spirit will try and distract you and get you off center so you do not stay too focused on trying to get to the Jezebel spirit.

This mocking spirit will make fun of, make light of, and make jokes about anything and everything, and it is quite funny and comical when it does.

When it moves in operation ahead of the Jezebel, it will try and take the sting out of some of the evil things that will come out of a person’s mouth and actions, as so many people get very quickly appalled when some of these evil traits start manifesting through a person’s personality.

However, do not let this mocking spirit fool you with its dark humor and jokes. Operating behind it is probably the most evil of all of Satan’s demons.

10. Especially Hates Prophets, Prayer, and Spiritual Warfare

Another very obvious thing with this kind of spirit is its absolute hatred and disdain for anything to do with spiritual warfare, prayer, and anything to do with God’s true prophets.

This spirit hates all of God’s prophets just like Queen Jezebel did back in the OT. And it also hates anyone who is actively involved with spiritual warfare in the Lord.

The reason it hates these two types of people is because prophets and those well trained in the area of spiritual warfare are its greatest threat. Prophets and those who are trained in the area of spiritual warfare can easily spot and pick up when they come across this kind of spirit, and they will then know how to get rid of it if the person is open to receiving an actual deliverance.

If you want to test a person to see if they have a Jezebel spirit on them, just bring up the subject of prophets and spiritual warfare and watch how this spirit will well up with anger and disgust, and from there, will try and change the conversation to something else. You will hit a nerve every time you do this with this kind of spirit.

This spirit also hates any form of prayer to the Lord, as it knows our prayer life with the Lord is what keeps us in the center of His perfect will for our lives.

This is why it loves to infiltrate and attack prayer groups of any kind, so it can attempt to prevent people from staying close to the Lord in their own personal relationships with Him.

11. Will Occasionally Expose Itself on a Photo

Another amazing thing I have seen occur with this kind of spirit is when it seemingly wants to let its guard down when the host is having their picture taken. Every once in while what will happen is that this spirit will literally manifest right through the person’s face and eyes, and it then gets captured by the camera. You will thus see a real, live, Jezebel spirit captured on the actual photo itself.

I do not know if this spirit is doing this just to flaunt itself, or if it wants to see what it looks like through a person’s face, but it is quite amazing how often this actually happens. I remember the first time I had one captured on a photo, you were able to see partly into its personality through the person’s eyes.

What I saw was not only pure evil and pure hate, but I saw an old, ancient spirit with a high degree of intelligence and cunning in it. You could also see that it had a very seductive quality in its personality, and that it would use that seductive quality to lure people into its web so it could eventually eat them up alive and devour them.

You could also see that this thing has absolutely no mercy in its personality and it would kill you in a second if it could do so. This thing is as creepy as it gets.

12. The Host Usually Will Not Know They Have This Kind of Spirit in Them

The saddest thing about these types of cases is that most of the time, the host will not know they even have this kind of spirit operating on the inside of them. These people never feel it moving on the inside of them, nor do they ever hear it trying to talk to them.

This spirit is very good at hiding behind the scenes, but yet at the same time getting the host to do exactly what it wants them to do.

The reason these people are usually clueless that this spirit is operating on the inside of them is because this spirit is so smooth and so cunning in the way in which it operates. This is why this spirit will try and fill the person up with as much pride as they can, so these people will be totally incapable of admitting that they could even have this kind of spirit in them in the first place.

This is how well deceived these people are, and how well this spirit has played and manipulated them during the entire time it has been on the inside of them.

As a result, many of these types of people will never receive a true deliverance from the Lord. And this is all because they have too much pride operating in their personalities, which will prevent them from admitting that they could ever have this kind of spirit operating in them in the first place.

In the final part on the Jezebel spirit, I talk about How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit.

Table of Contents:
1. What is Jezebel Spirit
2. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate
3. How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit


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  1. Hello. Very good article, however there is something I do not agree with. You said that this spirit has caused some Man of God to lose their callings but the scriptures say that the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable/without repentance..

    • Uh, yes, even prophets can fall of the path of righteousness, fall into depression, be led astray, and get discouraged and down on themselves enough to fall of the right track. Then they tend to stop going to prayer meetings, Bible study, and stop going to church regularly and instead just once in a while, or even not at all.

      I think you’re interpreting a verse a little too literally and you need to be a little more open minded. And believe me, I understand that it’s very possible and easy to be too open minded with the Bible and too liberal in your interpretation too, so it’s good to ask questions and double check things we are not sure about with other Bible reading/deciphering Christians. And this is just my humble opinion, but I hope it helped brother. Peace be with you.

  2. After reading this i now understand i think my husband was attacked by the jezebel spirit even now he became very abusive after our wedding sleeping out nd taking alcohol whenever i talked to him about it he would beat me teribly and accuse me of disrespecting him i could see hes eyes change into evile it continued until i left him we are currently on separation hes a pastor and he has left the church to go and open a bar please pray for us because he is still with this woman but at times goes back to the church just to get money when he is broke

    • This is the spirit of the psychopath or psychopathic narcissist generally. Unfortunately there isn’t much help for these people yet although advances in science and brain research are leading to more understanding –same for study of genetics and also of early childhood trauma.

    • oh my goodness I’m so sorry to hear this my prayers are with you and I hope all will get better for you and your husband or your ex-husband and I hope that Jesus will deliver him God bless you

    • Chances are you are better off without him if he isn’t willing to admit he has a problem and isn’t willing to change, or at the very least isn’t willing to make steady progress on his problem and to go to counseling and Bible study, and to lead a positive Christian and Bible-centered life again.

      Just pray and remember that our Father and our most high Counselor Jesus Christ of Nazareth knows what’s best for us, even when sometimes we think otherwise or don’t agree with His purpose, but in the end it all works out in our favor if we pray and follow the Lord and His principles he taught us to adhere to when he walked this earth.

      Don’t you worry, and praise God even in times of trouble, and through praise your heart and spirit will persevere in Christ Jesus and you will have victory in Christ! So sister, just pray, and pray, and read the Bible, and read it some more, and keep it by you at all times and when you go to sleep, keep it open close by you, because the Word is powerful and its ultimate wisdom will warm your heart, give you peace and fill you with joy, because there is nothing more important and nothing more valuable in our lives than walking our path, carrying our cross, and holding on to our faith to the end. So even if you two don’t get back together, sister, your rewards in heaven will be much, much bigger than anything you could have on this earth. So don’t you fret or worry! May the Lord’s peace be with you sister and may his will be done, because he knows what’s ultimately best for our lives. God bless you.

  3. so with this:d this was all due to them allowing this kind of evil spirit to get on the inside of them in the first place, and from there, blindly follow this evil spirit’s leadings to do what it wanted them to do.

    I have seen this spirit literally play some people right over the edge of a cliff where they ended up losing everything. And this was all because they were too blind and ignorant to see what was really going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm. WHY WOULD THE HOLY SPIRIT NOT LEAD US AND GUIDE US INTO ALL TRUTH OR WARN US SPECIFICALLY BEFORE SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS? doesnt make sense why i didnt get warned till afterward through the internet. although i did see JZB on lic3ense plates but thats vague and not specific like all things with the lord in this season of my life. yet nobody wants to give me a straight answer on why. other than some puffed up “oh god can do what he wants answer”

    • Yes indeed, God can do what He wants. And WHAT HE WANTS is for us to know the truth. That’s why He’s given us Scripture and His Spirit. Sometimes, though, we’re not paying attention to the warning signs… not seeking, asking, knocking. Can’t blame God for that.

    • The spirit is cunning and even the most elite can be deceived. I believe God does warn us, however pride has a way of helping us not see the truth . If you are saved ( except Christ as your savior) this spirit Cannot live inside you, but it can easily influence you. I have been in contact with 2. In the beginning there personalities give off a light and energy. It’s funny because both were personal trainers and very attractive. The both were “ spiritual” but the denied the power of God . They did a lot of mediation verses prayering. So my point is there are signs, are you paying attention is the question. If you have this spirit, forget worrying about who didn’t tell you, because that seems like pride is trying to rise up in you. YOU NEED TO FALL TO YOUR knees and ask God for forgiveness and to deliver you from this spirit. You then need to ask God to come in your heart as your savior . If your Saved it’s good you have recognized this spirit and that tells you right there the Holy Spirit is working! You need to repent and ask God to lead you . You need to rebuke that spirit over every part of your life and make intentional steps to not walk in that spirit. Don’t get mad at God get mad at SATAN. The master of lies and deception! I pray complete deliverance over your life in JESUS mighty name.

      • Amen! I have been under attack for awhile now. But I am so happy to be on the right track again. Pray my strength

  4. Does satan use this spirit also through false prophets and apostles to instill it into more people?

  5. sometimes a very cunning person in satan is confused with a jezebel spirit and the jezebel spirit is used in many christians to gain control over someone, we are not to control others that is for God to do , reading the king james bible will set anyone free having someone in Gods word will help, don’t dwell on it so much i found God is simple and powerful when he speaks it is pure honest and set in stone and not much in words but in the power of love

    • I read the New King James Version – Study Bible in jail, and although I spent 20 years of my life in a Christian family, for some reason when I’d read the Bible it would never really sink in like it should. But when I read the New King James Version, the Book of Matthew, the parables and the lessons taught suddenly came to life and I felt the true joy of life for the first time in my life. I was completely amazed and moved that suddenly all of the parables started making perfect sense and the Word seemed to have “opened up” to me.

      So I’m definitely buying myself that same version of that Bible very soon, although I do already have a few other versions available at home. I think spending 40 or 50 dollars on a good study Bible encased in a good leather covering or another sort of hard casing type that will last a long time and not come apart after just a year or two, I think that will be the most value you will ever get for something of that price. Very much worth it even if it cost 400 or 500 dollars. But I’m glad the Bible is so cheap and equally accessible to the poor and the rich.

  6. My GOD from Zion!! Latashia I’m currently in a very similar situation instead of it being my boyfriend it’s my husband. Because of this outside female, we are currently separated and my husband closed down his church. The strongest weapon we all have is prayer. I’ve surrounded myself with strong prayer warrior and am in the battle of my life!! Seek spiritual guidance and pray that this evil curse is broken. God is faithful. We may not see a way out but I just believe that God will not let me down. The Jezebel spirit is alive and well and is roaming the earth seeking its next victim. The key is to educating yourself on how it operates and teaching it to others and by all means having a strong prayer live. I pray that all will work out for you as well as for me and my situation.

    • Amen Sister, that’s right. What has the Lord done in your situation since you posted this? Give us an update and a testimony 🙂

    • God bless you sister and may he give you all the strength and discipline and peace of mind you require to battle this through like a true Christian warrior! And may He ever be by your side, through thick and thin.

  7. All of these points are phenomenally insightful. I want to corroborate specifically point 11. I am a professional photographer. I was photographing a woman I suspect is infiltrated with Jezelbel Spirit. In most of her portraits she is charming and pretty. But in one instance, her attention was completely absorbed in something else, and I called her name out of the blue as I trained my camera on her. Just as she turned to look in my direction I snapped her photo. The resulting photo scared the living shit out of me as I was experienced enough with narcissists to know that the photo had somehow captured an evil spirit lurking inside this woman. The photo exactly fits your description of simultaneously being evil and seductive at same time.

    • For 4 years I dated a “preacher” I saw and experienced many of these terrible things described in this article. On a couple occasions I saw his eyes go from normal, to total evil. I’m not talking angry eyes. I’m saying different eyes, color and all. The second time I saw this happen with him, I actually watched them go from normal to the satanic, then back to normal again. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I most likely wouldn’t have believed this. Although I know demons exist, I didn’t know much about how they infiltrated people. After the second time seeing this happen, I told him I thought he had a demon in him. His reply was, “you do” I wasn’t quite sure why this demon exposed itself to me. Perhaps still not sure. But After reading this article, it explains some things I’d experienced. Although people have been informed about this person, he is still pastoring a church.

  8. I am currently going through bad times I feel like I have a jazabel spirit In my life right now she has attached her self to my boyfriend. It started 2 years ago she seduced him and our lives has been a wreck. All we did was argue he would defend her she would call none stop, text and just do the most. She didn’t even know him and started asking for money and everything. Time went on I couldn’t deal with it I had a talk with her she made it seem as if she was not trying to break up anything she been through this before so she would never want nobody to feel that pain. The next day she was right back talking to him like we never had a conversation. I kicked him out and she ran right to him and now she won’t leave. I told him she is no good he defends her, says I should get to know her she’s goofy and hilarious I would like to be around her. Thought to myself nobody is that funny that was sign number. Then she started play long victim she always came crying to him talking about she wanted to kill her self she don’t want to live anymore sign 2. After that she started putting things in his head like she will sleep with him but he has to leave me alone or the reason she wont sleep with him is because of me sign 3. My life is hell right now I don’t know what to do he is losing everything and he blames me but it’s because of her and she won’t help him with anything she does little things to keep him roped in. She always asking for money, wanting him to do things for her and he does it. All I do is pray for us to find our way back to each other but this spirit has a hold of him that seems like it’s not going anywhere. She has turned my life upside down this article opened my eyes because everything I read is what she is doing. I asked him why he can’t let her go he told me because she’s funny.

    • Let go let God, it will hurt. you will cry. but let him go , God wants you whole and pure , He wants you to find him, He will follow. we don’t need men to be whole we need God, and vise versa, if you put all you have in a person they will let you down, know why? because thier not God. and you made them your God, find God and the rest follows that your human bodies desires , God know us first , he knows what we need. are you listening? find God go to church gotomeeting hang with christians , do not follow sin, it will hurt you fool you lie to u , you become that shining person you desire by obeying God. not them and trying o please them , beleive me from expersince let them Go, and what happens they will return,if they know God, and God will use people to reach them and God even uses sinners to reach them, pray pray pray, a prayer closet and tears to God you will see evidence of this in two to three weeks , you clean yourself up for yourself , the light will shine

    • This spirit is so evil and cunning, once your boyfriends allow her in – this spirit will enter him too. Do what the prophet of God, Elijah did. Run away from it as far as you can! Know that you deserve better. You may love your boyfriend but as this message has taught us, if you are of God and is well trained in spiritual warfare, you’ll pick up on these things. If your boyfriend refuses to see it, it will take over him and can possibly transfer into you. It’s a scary thing – stay away from it! I pray that you’ll be healed from this experience. God will put the right one in your path but the key is to seek God and not a man. Shalom sister.

    • Yes, like Kat says — let him go.

      And like Chev says — Shalom, Sister.

      Because 1Corinthians 7:15 says —
      But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.

  9. I just need to clarify demons were not created by Elohim but but are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim that were killed in then flood.

    Also as someone who has been delivered from Jezebel this demon ALWAYS works with the Levithan and Ahab spirit – never alone. Not all the characteristics mentioned here embodies Jezebel as it depends on the influence of the demons under it as the strongman.

    • Can you give scripture stating that demons were not created beings and that they are the disembodied spirits of the nephilim? The Bible clearly tells us that everything was created by God including Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels that wee cast out of heaven and became demons.

  10. This is why I am angry, resentful, regretful, and apprehensive about being fully embedded in church again. I was attacked by a Jezebel Spirit, 8 yrs ago. And my life is still in shambles. Everything that you wrote about fit me to a tee. The depression reference really hit home. After a few months of dating, I became severely depressed and lost everything. I tried to committ suicide several times.

    I’ve also lost my calling, my purpose and my testimony.

    • Brian Guidry, GREATER is the ONE that is in you than the one that is in the world. Declare scriptures over your life. Practice the presence of God, pray without stop, ask God to lead you to the church that he has for you and the Lord will strengthen you by his Holy Spirit releasing you from all satanic work. You. have power to destroy the work of satan in your life. God has given you authority to command him to remove his work from his life so start practicing that authority given to you because God wants to use you to destroy satanic work from others. God wants to give you discernment to see the work of satan in others people, in the church so thru you evil spirits can be release from peoples’ lives. Father God I thank you for Brian and I ask you to guide them and to bring healing into his mind and heart. Holy Spirit give him strength by showing him how much he is loved by his Heavenly Father. Blessings!

    • I have also been attacked by a few of these. Its very very trying but you will also learn lots from it and be much wiser… Your life is your testimony, this is part of your testimony… the Lord is our Redeemer.

    • I will pray for you Brian. Anyone who has been brought to this article is here for a reason whether affected by the Jezebel spirit in some way or personal experience with it. But it is to open our eyes. The spiritual realm is very much alive and we honestly need His help to hold strong, build armor and a defense system against the spirits that seek us. The most amazing thing though is that, God is and always has been in complete control. He is the most powerful being out there, so nothing that happens here on earth or in the spiritual realm is beyond Him. He knows and allows these things to happen to strengthen us and our trust in Him. Have faith in Him and know that if you came across this article there is a purpose for it beyond your understanding that will be for your ultimate best future. Best Wishes, Aleigha.

    • The best medicine and in fact the only real fix is to immerse yourself in the bible. Start at the beginning and aggressively and relentlessly chow down on that manna until you read all the way through. I promise you, you will get your hope and dreams back. Keep doing it until you are restored then you can eat less. God is faithful and you w be reestablished.

    • Do not give up
      I too had this
      It is an ongoing war
      But it can be won

    • Why not keep trying different churches until you can find one you can call home?

      You will find the right one with the right people who are loving, kind and understanding. Just keep searching brother. And may our God Almighty grant you to find peace of heart and comfort and love and His joy in your life. Stay strong, pray often, and commit yourself to read at least a chapter a day from the Bible. It might only take 5 or 10 minutes of your time but it will bless you abundantly.

      May the Lord’s peace be with you brother.

  11. All of this fits my mother to the letter. I have only recently discovered and researched about this, first looking into narcissism and the like. My whole childhood (I’m 26 now) she would downplay everyone and everything that anyone did. She would never accept fault for her choices, having emotional outbursts in public or around company. Her vanity was so intense she would walk around in her underwear in front of my brother and I, for what I don’t know. She would try to charm her way into anything. There was an incident where her melodrama was so great she threatened to kill herself in front of both my brother and I. She was so obsessive and controlling she had my brother (who is a year younger) and I in the same grade for 4 years so she could keep an eye on, never allowing us to be independent well into our teen and early adulthood.

    I am glad to know that there is a solution to this problem.

    Thank you!

  12. This was wonderful to read. Praise the Lord for this and I’m going to share it for others to read and beware.

  13. I believe my brother-in-law’s wife has a jezebel. Much of what you covered in this article describes her to a tee. Sadly, they have a child together and one on the way. She has my brother-in-law in such a stressed state that he takes prescription drugs just so he can deal with her and keep his sanity. She has called both my mother-in-law and myself toxic because we have committed the unforgivable sin of stealing the spotlight from her in the past. If anyone reads this, please pray for my husband’s family. Either to free this woman from this spirit, or free the family from this woman, either one works for me.

    • Dear Just a Lowly Disciple,

      As a completely heartbroken mother of a wonderful, kind, and very Christian son, who committed suicicide earlier this year because of the pain and hopelessness he felt from the evils his wife inflicted, tell your brother in law to get out of the situation now to save his own life and the life of his children! My son was well educated, in perfect physical and mental health. While I believe God wants all marriage’s to work, yet I also believe He loves everyone of us and we each have value just as your brother-in-law does; thus sometimes there are reasons marriages cannot be worked out to last. Reading this article was like reliving the few years they were married. She did all she could to destroy us and of course her main goal was to destroy him, which she did. She possesses all the sweet seductive traits in a person and is a masterful deceiver in public. Please share this with your mother-in-law because it is too late for my son, yet her son can be saved. I would think you would want to get an excellent lawyer so he gets joint custody of their children. I suspect she will destroy them too if allowed. I am simply trying to help you so your family does not lose their loved one.

  14. My wife was doing some research and found this article, and it describes our former roommate almost perfectly. She had been in an accident as a child and eventually became a partial amputee as a result, and I think part of that resentment from being scarred allowed this kind of spirit to inhabit and make its home within her. After she left, we found out just how long of a trail of shattered lives she had left in her wake. But that’s not the worst of it.

    From what we have been told by several people who have done readings of our home, we think that she attracted another Jezebel spirit and left it in our house. One of these people actually used the name Jezebel when talking about it. The same things that are happening now are the same things that our roommate was causing between us while she was here. How do we handle something like this that is attached to our living space?

  15. God bless you for this article
    I cannot thank you so much
    This article just confirmed what i thought
    God in His tender mercy spoke to me during a prayer before church service and i could hear Him (i believe it wasHim( telling me what i had been involved in for the past year was more than a councidence but a spirit
    I kept on praying and i realised i had aJezebel spirit.
    I am not proud to say that i was involved in two emotional affairs with men from my church a year apart. I managed to stop the first one but the second one almost became sexual and i realised there was something wrong and. Igger than the physical real and i knew deep down that ot was more than a councidence.
    Someone a few days later randomly told me that i should listen to a sermon about seductive spirits ( i had never told themanything about my troubles thats how i knew God was being merciful by keeping on linking the dots).

    I knew the only way to get rid of the spirit at least as a start was to confess to my leadership and my pastor
    I completwly came clean and the consequences have been apocaliptic

    I have lost my best friends, numerous froendship, was put out of church, i have lost the respect rrom many people and i cant face who i am even though im not even sure of who i am anymore. Its hard for me to know what was truly God inspired and what was from this evil spirit.

    When i got saved in 2012 i knew Gods calling for my lufe was clear but as mentionned in you article it is hrd to keep on believing.
    I have contemplated suicide mire than i can count but im trying to hold onto the hope tht God can truly restore and heal if i call upon the name of Jesus…

    I never even imagined i had this spirit until the second married man said things that reminded me of what the Lord had said.
    I wish i had spoken to someone before about my struggle with pornography which i believe had open m y doors to spirits.
    My prayer is that God heal the marriages and families i have destroyed and that there is still a future in Christ for me.

    Pleasekeep me in your prayers i am so lost and hopeless but want to believe God is not over with me yet.


    • Your not alone Joanna. Jesus loves you and knew wvery sin you would ever commit. Condemation is from Satan so done give him the benfit of killing yourself. Confess every day Jesus loves me, over and over again this helps. God bless.

    • dont give up Joanna. That is what having faith is all about, keep believing that you will get delivered from it all. Faith comes by hearing and reading the word. take it easy. don’t stress either.

      • Joanna, I ask God to place you in a church where his love is demonstrated to the broken. The most important and amazing thing that you have done is accept that you have a problem but very sad that the church where you taught would understand you and would help failed you. Forgive them because there is power in forgiveness and before God repent from your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to release your heart from any other unforgiveness you may have and to expose any root of evil from seeds that have been planted by satan. You have power over the work of the enemy, GREATER is the ONE that is in you than the one that is in the world. The work of satan was destroyed at the moment that Jesus said, “It is finished.” Find a church where they do deliverance, pursue your deliverance, pursue healing because by the stripes of Jesus you were healed in the body, mind and soul. Set your heart on things above and commit yourself completely to God, put him first in your life. Develop a life of prayer, practice being in his presence so He can fill you and captivate your heart with his love. Remember the battle has been won but we must show up for the fight, to fight the fight of faith. Blessings!

    • Dear Joanna..I am sure that Jesus still has a future for you. I often struggle emotionally and sometimes the hardest part of the day is first thing in the morning. I pray for you that the way before you is straight and ‘plain to see’. God bless.

  16. Please help!!

    I believe this EVIL spirit is near me and has been my entire life. God just recently lead me to this new awearness and I’m trying to learn more and seek more information about it all.

    Does anyone know if a host and or person being influenced by this are they able to pray/fast and God deliver and heal them from it at home, alone? Or no?

    Please and thank you.
    God bless.

  17. Hey Mary.

    So I was really drawn to your reponses or comments and have a question for you.

    Do you believe a person who suspects this type of stuff is near or possibly even influencing them are we able to go and pray to God directly and be delivered from THESE demonic spirits or presences ourselves?

    Please and thank you so much.
    God bless.

    With love,

  18. I know this is an old article. But please help.
    My mother surely has this spirit in her. When she was younger and divorced, she had many lovers. She was and still is at the age of 74 an attractive woman.
    To this day she still loves being the centre of attention and comments on everyone passing us by if we are for instance at a restaurant. She is also very charming!
    She always wants to speak to my daughters about boyfriends and sex partly to be the centre of attention and shock someone.
    My biggest concern at present is the fact that it’s impossible to tell her that she is wrong. She will not hear it and would rather “write me off” than apologise.
    So here I sit for the umpteenth time with a broken heart. She refuses to contact me. I had told her off very lovingly that she should not get so worked up as she hadn’t listened to me in the first place and ended conveying the wrong message to someone else. This because she loves to gossip and is a sensationalist.
    How do I pray for her and this situation.
    How do I pray for someone who believes she is always right. How do I approach her to make amends without having to apologise for something I didn’t do. Because if I do apologise I’ll be right back there in her controlling web.
    Because of her pride she would rather never speak to me again.
    By the way. This comes from a generational line of women who are alcoholics, promiscuous, foul mouthed, gossipers and pleasure seekers. I don’t know how far back this goes.
    I have broken the stronghold and I will not see my daughters end up the same.

  19. true fact it is so sad that many of us are going through these different kind of demonic forces i think i am still fighting with mine own.i even see it i my family.after i have read this i really want to be delivered please pray for me as i seek Gods will for my life and my entire family. very powerful and encouraging words.i am so scared i don’t want any evil force in my life.thanks

  20. I know for a fact that the man I was with for 6 years had this sinister spirit dwelling in him. There were glimpses of it I think it allowed me to see. I have a personal relationship with God and I think this sprit targets those that do. The night he broke my nose I had a burst of adrenaline and pinned him at the kitchen sink. That’s when it appeared for the second time. It began laughing at me. It’s eyes it’s mouth hysterical. IT still gives. Me the you think they’re also incubus or succubus in nature?

  21. I may have to disagree with the whole hating profits and spiritual warfare assumption. I am dealing with a woman who for the most part could be called a prayer warrior. So much so, she has created her own form of religious obsession. No one but her is qualified to be as obedient to GOD as she is. Virtually every other symptom is right on the money. Definitely a looker and once a stripper. Can manipulate and dominate every conversation, must be the center of attention. Can spout off scripture like no tomorrow, quick to anger and spew vile words, questions everyone’s spirituality, and the most spiritually condescending, selfish, and prideful person I have ever known. I have given up on her, I pray each day for her, but I am done. Just filled out and mailed off divorce papers to her.

  22. I had a boyfriend with the jezebel spirit it’s so sad cause he was draining the energy out of me,I knew something wasn’t right. Thanks to god he let me go and I’m saved.. My question is, can I pray for him and his family cause I think all of them might have that evil spirit, or you just can’t help those people? I truly believe that I can help them with prayer, but I don’t want to waste my time since I have a lot praying to make up for the time I lost with the lord and trying to get my calling back. And could they be worshipping it? like could they know they have the spirit and simply like it? Or is it impossible to know. His done so much horrible things to me and I’m trying my best to forgive, forget and move on, But I wish he receives gods mercy and give his life to him.

  23. Does the person have to display all of the characteristics?? The person I suspect has 12 of the 13 characteristics described in part 1. They descriptions are perfect!! This person personally attacks me, has been physically, verbally, and is still emotionally abusive, helped destroy my first marriage and has attempted to destroy my present marriage. They have ruined relationships, and humiliates me in front of my children. Not exactly sure where to go from here except to keep praying for Gods protection over my family and myself.

    • Even a third or half of the characteristics is enough to know that they have the spirit or NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      Good luck to you sister. Do your best to keep these people out of your life. And if they’re family or someone you used to date and you have kids together so you can’t eradicate them out of your life completely, then keep your visits to them as sporadic as possible and keep the actual visits as short as possible and talk to them only when necessary, and don’t ever share anything personal or extra with them. They are dangerous and destructive.

  24. Hi Thank you for the article, very informative.

    I’m a Christian but recently dated a man, very good looking, very charismatic from a nice family where his parents who are gentle and meek claim to be Christian as well.
    He is a narcissist. He doesn’t know he has this personality disorder but he has all of the attributes. Lies, cheats, manipulation, mind control, controlling, false self, multiple personalities, moody, depressed, victim, uses “love” to get his way, double talker. He has everyone around him fooled until you date him. When I confront hi. He laughs and laughs like I’m the dumbest person he’s ever heard speak and then says something totally unrelated like “I wish I would have known you when you were a little girl”. He’s mocking me of course. I’m a 47 year old women, not a child.
    He is not a Christian from what I can tell and when I first started to date him I thought that do to his tender spirit he would be receptive to church and accepting the Lord Jesus as his Savior. He would agree to church but it never formulated into anything. Just words.
    Anyway my question is can a spirit(s) take over a non Christian?
    He’s doing a lot of damage to women and people. He is a covert narcissist for certain but I’m starting to believe that all narcissists have this spirit. If you read the patterns it is the exact same in every person all over the world. Like they follow a written script/hand manual. Male or female.
    I’ve ended it with him but he continued to Hoover me for several weeks and I’d talk about the Lord and quote scripture to him on the phone. Then he started to talk about the Lord or once he did by saying “the Lord is good”. This was the first and last time he did this and he stumbled on the words. He doesn’t stumble on words.
    I have asked every prayer warrior to pray and my sister who gets visions from the Lord but had no idea this was going on when I was in the thick of it texted me that she felt that my spirit was broken and she was praying. My niece who is also a spiritual warrior contacted me out of the blue to tell me that the Lord had instructed her to pray. I’ve prayed and asked every prayer warrior to pray and he just left, stopped calling like snap your fingers, one day it was constant like clock work and the next day done.
    Now I start having feelings to phone him. That’s what led me here. I got the feeling he has a demon and I googled. This last night and articles came up but your writing descrines his behavior point by point. His and every narcissist.
    It might be interesting to add that this man lives in the old parsonage to the church home that I grew up in. That is a coincidence most likely but give me an eerie feeling now where before I thought it was neat.
    So my main question out of all this is can a non believer have a demon like this?
    I always learned that Satan has not interest in putting non Christians into bondage.
    Please say a prayer for all of those suffering from a relationship with a narcissist, this is the most invidious from of abuse on the planet and most people do not know that the victims are being abused, specifically when the abuser is covert.
    Thank you very much.

  25. This was a really interesting article. What I want to know is whether a Jezebel spirit will attach itself to a host after a traumatic experience such as rape? My wife was molested as a child by her uncles then she was raped at 15 by a Church leader and then she was gang raped at 18. She has all the personality traits mentioned in the article. She has also tried to commit suicide numerous times. My marriage and life has been hell over the years. How can I make sure that it is indeed a Jezebel spirit as she is all for prayer and spiritual warfare. Is there any other way I can i can do this?

    • It can, however it likely hovered around that person for some time before causing a straight up traumatic expierance. I’ve had some like that haunt me as a baby, and then later tried to get me to go out the window like what dropped out Jezebel. They are able to jump ship and remotely muck with people you care about as well. Friends family etc. I’ve been praying to pop em off for a little while, def since feb of this year. Had friends that I’ve had in the past that started showing attributes and had to leave they also like to wait till your alone then bring up another person and talk through them. At that point in time thought it was weird. Heard voices few times and personally I think I inherited that evil thing from my mom’s line. Actually had em have the audacity to show up as a voice and say to drop Christ….that’s not how that works anyway.. once you accept him, you can’t get rid of Christ…even when we are faithless he is faithful. So I pray you find the relief from that. They are definitely a tricky thing. And the legends of incubi and such are wrapped in that as well. God bless you sir and may you blop that thing out.

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