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Commanding Demons to Stand Down So You Can Properly Witness to Someone

As we have said over and over in many of our articles, the number one thing that we as Christians should be doing for the Lord is to lead as many people as we possibly can into eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is greater and more important than leading a lost soul into the saving grace of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ.

In this article, I want to give you a very powerful, spiritual warfare tactic and strategy that you can use when trying to witness to someone who has demons attached to them. As many of you probably already know, you will have a very hard time in trying to witness to someone if they have demons attached to them. The reason being is that the demons will rise up on the person as you are trying to witness to them, and they will then try and prevent your words from being able to reach their minds.

Commanding Demons to Stand Down So You Can Properly Witness to Someone

The demons will try to run a shield between you and the person’s mind so they will not fully understand what you are trying to tell them. The demons will either try to disorient and confuse the person you are trying to witness to, or they will try and make them mad at you. But in either event, you will not be able to “reach” the person with the message of the Gospel in order to get them saved.

If you ever run across someone who has been very hard to reach with the truth of the Gospel, and you suspect they may have demons attached to them, what you can do before you get ready to try and witness to them, is to speak out loud to the demons, telling them that they are to stand down and to be completely silent once you walk into that room to start to witness to this person.

I have read of numerous testimonies where people were having a hard time in getting some of their friends and family members saved due to the demons rising up on the person and disrupting the flow of the conversation.

These people were not able to make any kind of headway with the people they were witnessing to as the demons were doing a good job in running interference.

But once they commanded the demons to stand down and not to interfere with the conversation, then they were able to lead their friends and family members into a true salvation experience with the Lord very quickly. This tactic and strategy is so simple, yet so effective, and it could be the key that will open up the door for you so you can get your friend or family member saved.

How to Use This Strategy

Here is an example of how you can use this specific warfare strategy, along with a sample type of battle command you can use to command the demons to stand down so you can properly witness to your friend or family member.

Example: Say you are trying to witness to your father. He is not saved and you either know or suspect that he has demons attached to him. You have tried to witness to him numerous times before, but you can barely get him to talk about Jesus for two minutes before he either wants to change the subject matter, starts to get disoriented and confused, or he just flat out gets mad and hostile with you, telling you that he simply does not want to talk to you about God and Jesus.

If this is the kind of situation you have been dealing with for quite a long period of time with someone, here is what you can try and do now using this particular spiritual warfare tactic:

1.  Say for example you are getting ready to see your father on a Sunday afternoon. Before you leave the house, you start picking up from the Holy Spirit that He will be wanting you to try and witness to your dad once again. If you pick up that kind of leading from the Holy Spirit before you actually leave the house, you can now try to employ this strategy either at your own house before you leave to see your father, or you can do it sometime in the car before you actually arrive at your father’s place.

2.  What you will now do is speak out loud to the demons, telling them that you are now getting ready to see your dad and that they are not to interfere with the conversation that you will now be having with him. You will first of all have to speak all of this type of battle command out loud to the demons so they can hear you loud and clear in the spirit realm.

There is no “distance” in the realm of the spirit, so the demons will hear you loud and clear once you start speaking out this kind of a direct command to them, even if your dad lives 50 miles away from where you live at. The Holy Spirit Himself will also make sure they hear you loud and clear so they will fully obey all of your direct orders to them.

3.  Now here is a good, sample type of battle command that you can use so you can get these demons to back down on your dad so you will have free clearance and access to your dad’s mind so you can properly witness to him once you get over there.

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I am now speaking to every single demon who is attached to my dad, either on the inside of him or on the outside of him. I will be visiting my dad this afternoon.

And when I get over there, I want every single one of you to stand down and to be completely silent. I repeat, in the name of Jesus Christ, I am now commanding every single one of you to stand completely down and back off him the minute I walk into that door to talk with him.

Demons, in the name of Jesus Christ, I now bind up each and everyone of you so you cannot move an inch on my dad, and so you cannot interfere with the conversation I will now be having with him.

In the name of Jesus Christ, his mind will remain perfectly free and clear from all of your evil influence as I am talking directly to him this afternoon.

Demons, once again, you are not to interfere with our conversation. You are not to try and come up into my dad’s mind and block the flow of our conversation or attempt to run any kind of interference with him. In the name of Jesus Christ, you are to stand completely down and remain completely silent until I am completely finished with him and I walk out his front door.

Demons, in the name of Jesus Christ, this is a direct command to each and everyone of you, and you are to fully obey every part of this direct command.”

This would be the basic gist on how to word out this type of battle command to these demons so you will be able to properly witness to your dad once you get over to his house.


Again, if there are any of you who are having a hard time in trying to get any of your friends or family members saved, and you suspect that demons may be running some kind of interference with your witnessing attempts, do not be afraid to try this particular strategy out. You will have absolutely nothing to lose in trying this tactic out and everything to gain if by chance this tactic does work.

Sometimes, something this simple will be the thing that will open up the door to get your loved one saved. I have read about this strategy numerous times in all of the spiritual warfare books I have read and there have been many documented cases where this particular strategy really did work. And when it does work, it can work very, very quickly. Sometimes the person will get saved on the very first time that you try this strategy.

This is another good spiritual warfare tactic for your arsenal should you ever need it.

Alan Roy

Saturday 15th of October 2022

Hello, beautiful people, just about every member of my family passed only me and one sister her name is Martha, she lives in the state of Colorado, and she hardly communicates with me, even if I text or call or write letters she remains alone and does not respond so I pray for her and her family, as far as myself I read the Bible because I came to the conclusion that that book should have answers that I need to know.meaning what the Bible stans for to me is 'Beginers Instructions Before Leaving Earth' so this wonderful awesome book is free and the information and instruction are the truth about how everything started and there is no excuse to say well no one told me about it or I didn't have enough money or no one volunteer to explain it to me, so I know how to pray to God and when I see shadows moving at night I go to one corner and start to pray in my own way. I say this by the power of the blood of Jesus I order you to go away you're not welcome in my place and you're never will cause I have accepted God as my lord and savior s by the blood on the crusiffiction leave now and I ask the holy spirit to come to me and suddenly everything is quiet and I can go to sleep, I really don't know if is the right way but it works for me to get rid of all vinary spirits, thank you so much for letting me share this with you and God Bless you All. Alberto Leal

Dorris johnson

Thursday 9th of April 2020

I am happy to run across this. right now I am getting ready to call a church member, who truly want to be set from from demons living inside of him. I have been working with him for a few months. Our church is really not use to dealing with people who have demons living inside them. I know God, have giving me this assignment to work with this person. it is happening more and more in the body of Christ. these people love God but have been turned a way because no body want to work with people who say they have demons or they are afraid of demons and they really don't know what to do. people are hurting and they need help. they are being looked over in the churches. undetected, afraid to talk about it because of people saying they are crazy or have a mental issues. we in the body of Christ need to wake up! because we will see more of this as soon as the church open back up.


Saturday 5th of May 2018

I have been fighting this alone for over a alittle of 5 yrs and they will fight you in every way possible way.I have seen them and many other things and Ask that everyone God in involve and get Jesus involve the we as humans cant fight this alone we need them body not jesus God son fighting for us but need God involved in every way possible.

Need Help!

Tuesday 23rd of January 2018

Can you cast demons out of people who don't believe in God, don't believe they're possessed, and don't want to be delivered? How can I do that? D:


Monday 30th of December 2019

Experienced deliverance ministers follow the Holy Spirit in everything. He won't ever lead you to oppose a person's free will. If the person doesn't want to be delivered, all you can do is pray that the Holy Spirit gives them the light of faith, to know God and choose Him. Never lay your hands on a person who has a demon. Above all, remain humble. Deliverance ministry inflames pride, and once you start reflecting about your powerful prayers and courage, you're defeated.

James Breedlove

Sunday 21st of July 2019

Yes, it can be done. But, those who are there to do such must believe and must understand what it is they are doing, also have much faith..or it may not be successful. However, those same demons will lay claim of you soul when you die too, so every one, should develop a relationship of the one and only savior; Jesus.


Monday 23rd of April 2018

And, what IF you’re married to such a person????


Tuesday 30th of May 2017

I have a friend that I am sure is under heavy attack. We stopped dating because I began seeing explosive temper, foul language, foul and crude names, confusion, disorientation, distortion of facts and so on and so forth in him. At first I stood my ground and went toe to toe trying to work out the problem between us. But I am positive that it is a demonic attack. My walk with the Lord has only strengthened and I am no longer hurt or injured by these attacks from him and the demon(s). I see them for what they are. Now I stand my ground in a much different way. I will use this tactic when I know our paths will cross. Thank you for your website and prayers. I keep coming back to learn more!