How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit

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In part 2, I discussed The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate. In the first part, I explained what is a Jezebel spirit

In this final part I’ll tell you how to handle a Jezebel Spirit.

1.  If you ever come across a person who has this kind of evil spirit on them, and this person is working close with you to some degree, whether it be at the church you attend, the church you work for, your place of employment, or if by chance it be with your very own spouse, the very first thing you must do is go direct to God the Father in prayer and get His direct advice and strategy on how to deal with this thing.

As we said above, in many of these types of cases, the person who is carrying this kind of evil spirit will have no idea they are actually carrying it. By the time you meet them, they may be so full of pride, they will never admit that they could have this kind of evil spirit operating in them in the first place.

If that is the case, then you will have to have God deal directly with that person and pray that He supernaturally show them that they really do have this kind of evil spirit operating on the inside of them.

Until this spirit is fully exposed to the person who has it, and this person is then ready to receive a full deliverance from the Lord, there will be nothing you can really do about it but continue to pray to the Lord that He show this person what the real truth is.

But if God does fully expose this kind of evil spirit to the person who has it, and the person is then ready to be delivered from it, you can then do the deliverance like we have shown you in the other articles in the Spiritual Warfare Section of our site.

You first will need to get good, detailed information on their past, and then find out what the legal rights are that allowed this spirit to enter into them in the first place. And then once you find out what those legal rights are, then get them properly taken care of and fully broken with God the Father.

Then once all of the legal rights have been fully taken care of and broken with God the Father, then move to bind all of the underling demons to the chief Jezebel demon, and then from there, proceed to cast all of them out of the person as one spirit.

For a full, detailed explanation on how to deliver someone from demons, please refer to our three main articles titled:

  1. Dealing With the Legal Rights of Demons
  2. Deliverance System For Casting Out Demons on the Inside of a Person
  3. How to do a Self-Deliverance

Each of these articles will show you how to set someone up for a true deliverance from the Lord.

2.  If by chance this person is not open to receiving any kind of deliverance and they are causing major trouble, strife, and dissension in a church, prayer group, or Bible study class, you may have to ask this person to leave so this evil spirit does not continue to attack the other people who are in the same environment with this person.

If you do not ask this person to leave, this spirit will set up shop right in the middle of your church or prayer group, and from there, it will start attacking everyone, trying to cause as much strife, dissension, and chaos as it possibly can. You cannot give any ground to this kind of evil spirit. If you do, it could end up eventually taking down your entire church, prayer group, or Bible study class.

3.  If this kind of spirit has infiltrated your work place, the supervisors will need to take charge and let this person go. Again, if they do not, this spirit could end up causing mass mutiny and disloyalty, along with seriously affecting the productivity of your entire work force.

This spirit and the person who is carrying it are toxic, and they will infect and contaminate every person they come into major contact with, as this kind of spirit is an attack dog and will viciously attack anyone who will get too close to it.

4.  If your spouse is carrying this kind of evil spirit on them, again, you will need to go direct to God the Father and get His specific instructions on how to deal with this if your spouse is not open to admitting they have this kind of evil spirit on them. God hates divorce, but at the same time He is not going to allow this kind of evil spirit to run rampant and unchecked in a family environment.

As we have showed you in our article titled, “Battle Verses of the Bible,” our God is a powerful Man of War and He will go to war for you and fight this kind of evil spirit if you will just pray for Him to do it for you.


As we said at the top of this article, the Jezebel spirit is without question, one of the most evil and vile spirits you will ever come across in this life. This thing is nothing but pure evil and hate, and all it wants to do is attack and kill everything in its sight.

This spirit has been attacking mankind ever since Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. And until Jesus comes back to set up His Millennium Kingdom and throws Satan and all of his demons into the bottomless pit, we are all going to be stuck with this kind of evil spirit being allowed to roam in the air seeking who it is going to try and attack and devour next.

And if by chance this kind of spirit ever comes into your neck of the woods, go directly to God the Father and get His immediate advice on what you should do and exactly how you should handle this kind of extreme situation.

Again, you cannot give any ground to this kind of evil spirit. If you do, it will establish a stronghold base within your environment and from there, it will launch major attacks on both you and anyone else that is in this environment.

This evil spirit must be resisted right at the outset if at all possible. If it is not, it can eventually end up destroying the entire environment it is working in, whether it be a family, church, prayer group, Bible study class, or an actual company or corporation.

Table of Contents:
1. What is Jezebel Spirit
2. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate
3. How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit


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  1. This spirit resides in my church as I see it there is a long history of it. Through the years there have been persons that have held positions forever and have no desire to give them up. Our pastorate is like a revolving door historically and whenever most of them have left it has been conflict involved and when we are without a pastor there always comes along a member that takes charge and CONTROLS! The sad thing is that it is not recognized I see it but I have I dont know how to address it . I will give it to God and pray that God will break the chains in our church.

  2. I know this spirit to reside within my boyfriend and each of the characteristics he displays daily just as you described them. He has destroyed me as a person when I was once so happy and bubbly and taught me to feel so inferior and depressed as if i am nothing. Thank you for this information, I know now to stay clear. What can I do for him though? To free him of the Jezebel spirit so he can be happy himself as he is very depressed and alone and troubled himself and I worry what he will do.. he has nothing and nobody. I feel like he would be okay had he not have this spirit working through him. What can I do?

  3. Great insight! Thank you for sharing this!! I have been studying the Jezebel Spirit through different books, youtube videos, etc. but I really like how you have broken down the details and explained many other facets. My dad and sister are depicted in this description, I can see many details in them. I’m not sure about my other sister, but I now my entire family is against me, as I unveiled abuse and lies. My aging father has dangled his “carrots” (inheritance) and is pitting us all against each other, sending slanderous emails and smear campaigning. He has a terrible divisive spirit, controlling, manipulative, abusive, but everyone who doesn’t know the real person he is thinks he’s charming, handsome and generous. It’s all so dreadful and evil. It’s been going on for decades. My entire life was controlled by this, but now I see clearly. God is good. If He is for me, who can be against me?
    Thank you for writing this…God Bless!!

  4. I feel like my husband has this spirit on him a lot of the things you where saying about dealing with the spirit in marriages sounded a lot like me Especially the part about when u talk about god the spirit gets up sets my husband don’t like to talk about god and he say he doesn’t believe in god but it’s funny because when I first met him all he talked about was going to church and encouraging me to get my life together as soon. As we got married he then changed everything and said he don’t believe in god …. do it sound like I’m dealing with that spirit ?
    We fight a lot he always try to make it seem like I’m crazy I need to seek help when really I feel he is crazy he sits there and talks to his self all day and he try’s to make it seem like I’m the crazy one and he always act like he knows everything he tears me down by calling me fat after I gave birth and given him two beautiful girls … let me know if I’m dealing with this spirit please

    • Miss, you are not crazy. My wife has this same spirit. As I read this article, it was like the author was a fly on the wall in our marriage. Be encouraged. I’m praying for you today.

    • Good Morning Ryesha,

      Just in reply to your concerns about your husband having a Jezebel Spirit within him. You may perhaps consider a “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” too. I can’t tell you either way what may be happening but educate yourself about Narcs as well. Narcissists don’t ever actually love the person they are with but they’ll use you as supply for themselves. Anything you have already done with or will do with them moving forward is a cherade. Example: you’re actually in a relationship with yourself & the Narc is just taking up space. A person can be in a relationship with a Narcissistic person for decades before ever realizing that person has this personality disorder. Most people with this disorder are unaware of it. This is what I’ve learned through research & invite you to start doing the same.This sounds/ is crazy but unfortunately it happens. Check out YouTuber Carmen Bryant she is a professional expert on the topic of Narcissists. I’ll pray for you moving forward in Jesus name. Amen ❗️

  5. Can evil spirits get into a person and reside within that person who accepted Jesus Christ as their saviour, redeemer and He died for our sins and Father rose Him on the 3rd day?
    And can we loose our salvation by any chance even after accepting Jesus Christ as our saviour and He is the Son of God who died for our sins and on the 3rd day came back defeating death? Because I find some people who say it can and others say it cannot..

    • No it cannot. However it can influence them. It has come inside my body. I have seen it in my eyes. I have felt it in me. I have fought it and tried to get it out. As it is in my ex boyfriend. It attacked me to stay or come back so it can destroy me. It has tried to influence me but I can still fight it. It is a bit of a fight, kind of hard. But it cannot take control of me. It tries to seduce me. I am still fighting it and still winning. But it is very persistent. You cannot lose your salvation if you are truly saved. How you can tell is if you have any of the fruits of the spirit. But yes, it can totally attack God’s people and it is important in these end times we have the eyes to recognize this spirit and not be deceived.

    • Of course it can. We must walk with Jesus (hering him and then obeying him) all the days of our life. Saying a sinners prayer does nothng for you. Jesus did die for the sins of the world, but you must accept the redemption and take it as your own by allowing the Spirit of God to show you your darkness. If you do and continue to allow God to penatrate every area of your heart and soul. And then chooseto remain one with God on a second by second basis. Then nothing can touch you. But if you shoose to “quench the Spirit” and ignore him, you allow evil spirits an open door to come back in. It is a daily fight, but the fight is for Jesus as long as you simply do what he is showing you to do.

  6. My husband is under attack by this very spirit. When he stopped going to church earlier in 2018, and never reads his Bible, I knew he would fall under attack sooner rather than later. She appeared in November 2018, she’s a co-worker that wormed her way into his life. I knew from the very onset that this was spiritual warfare. By December I increased my prayers and had a lot of people praying with me for my husband. By January, all hell had broke loose and we got into a terrible fight. It’s like she knew what happened and called me the next day. I actually recorded the conversation. At that time I wasn’t sure why I did that, but by February, I was led by the Holy Spirit to listen to that conversation again – that’s when I heard all the lies. By April 1, Our church had just launched a campaign that started that day “Who’s Your One?” and that morning as I was praying for “My One” my husband, the Holy Spirit told me this woman was evil. I started praying throughout the day at work for my husband, because by this time he had fell off the wagon and started drinking again and using drugs and disappearing for days at a time. The Holy Spirit assured me, everything would be ok. Even though I was praying and had a lot of people praying with me, he was still under her spell. By Easter, a breakthrough came, and I could see a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. He had another set back in May, but finally reached out for help, and I know this time he’ll be okay. He is starting to read his Bible, and getting his Spiritual Armor on. When he fully repents (not 1/2 repent), only then will he see her for what she is. Right now he is still obsessed with her, but not for long, because My God is AWESOME!!

    Thank you for the information, I now know what to do to send this demon on its way, away from my Beloved!!

    • Hi Judy. I can relate to your story because the same thing happened to me and my husband. Thank you for sharing and for the enlightenment. God bless us all!

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