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How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit

In part 2, I discussed The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate. In the first part, I explained what is a Jezebel spirit

In this final part I’ll tell you how to handle a Jezebel Spirit.

1.  If you ever come across a person who has this kind of evil spirit on them, and this person is working close with you to some degree, whether it be at the church you attend, the church you work for, your place of employment, or if by chance it be with your very own spouse, the very first thing you must do is go direct to God the Father in prayer and get His direct advice and strategy on how to deal with this thing.

As we said above, in many of these types of cases, the person who is carrying this kind of evil spirit will have no idea they are actually carrying it. By the time you meet them, they may be so full of pride, they will never admit that they could have this kind of evil spirit operating in them in the first place.

If that is the case, then you will have to have God deal directly with that person and pray that He supernaturally show them that they really do have this kind of evil spirit operating on the inside of them.

Until this spirit is fully exposed to the person who has it, and this person is then ready to receive a full deliverance from the Lord, there will be nothing you can really do about it but continue to pray to the Lord that He show this person what the real truth is.

But if God does fully expose this kind of evil spirit to the person who has it, and the person is then ready to be delivered from it, you can then do the deliverance like we have shown you in the other articles in the Spiritual Warfare Section of our site.

You first will need to get good, detailed information on their past, and then find out what the legal rights are that allowed this spirit to enter into them in the first place. And then once you find out what those legal rights are, then get them properly taken care of and fully broken with God the Father.

Then once all of the legal rights have been fully taken care of and broken with God the Father, then move to bind all of the underling demons to the chief Jezebel demon, and then from there, proceed to cast all of them out of the person as one spirit.

For a full, detailed explanation on how to deliver someone from demons, please refer to our three main articles titled:

  1. Dealing With the Legal Rights of Demons
  2. Deliverance System For Casting Out Demons on the Inside of a Person
  3. How to do a Self-Deliverance

Each of these articles will show you how to set someone up for a true deliverance from the Lord.

2.  If by chance this person is not open to receiving any kind of deliverance and they are causing major trouble, strife, and dissension in a church, prayer group, or Bible study class, you may have to ask this person to leave so this evil spirit does not continue to attack the other people who are in the same environment with this person.

If you do not ask this person to leave, this spirit will set up shop right in the middle of your church or prayer group, and from there, it will start attacking everyone, trying to cause as much strife, dissension, and chaos as it possibly can. You cannot give any ground to this kind of evil spirit. If you do, it could end up eventually taking down your entire church, prayer group, or Bible study class.

3.  If this kind of spirit has infiltrated your work place, the supervisors will need to take charge and let this person go. Again, if they do not, this spirit could end up causing mass mutiny and disloyalty, along with seriously affecting the productivity of your entire work force.

This spirit and the person who is carrying it are toxic, and they will infect and contaminate every person they come into major contact with, as this kind of spirit is an attack dog and will viciously attack anyone who will get too close to it.

4.  If your spouse is carrying this kind of evil spirit on them, again, you will need to go direct to God the Father and get His specific instructions on how to deal with this if your spouse is not open to admitting they have this kind of evil spirit on them. God hates divorce, but at the same time He is not going to allow this kind of evil spirit to run rampant and unchecked in a family environment.

As we have showed you in our article titled, “Battle Verses of the Bible,” our God is a powerful Man of War and He will go to war for you and fight this kind of evil spirit if you will just pray for Him to do it for you.


As we said at the top of this article, the Jezebel spirit is without question, one of the most evil and vile spirits you will ever come across in this life. This thing is nothing but pure evil and hate, and all it wants to do is attack and kill everything in its sight.

This spirit has been attacking mankind ever since Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. And until Jesus comes back to set up His Millennium Kingdom and throws Satan and all of his demons into the bottomless pit, we are all going to be stuck with this kind of evil spirit being allowed to roam in the air seeking who it is going to try and attack and devour next.

And if by chance this kind of spirit ever comes into your neck of the woods, go directly to God the Father and get His immediate advice on what you should do and exactly how you should handle this kind of extreme situation.

Again, you cannot give any ground to this kind of evil spirit. If you do, it will establish a stronghold base within your environment and from there, it will launch major attacks on both you and anyone else that is in this environment.

This evil spirit must be resisted right at the outset if at all possible. If it is not, it can eventually end up destroying the entire environment it is working in, whether it be a family, church, prayer group, Bible study class, or an actual company or corporation.

Table of Contents:
1. What is Jezebel Spirit
2. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate
3. How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit


Monday 7th of December 2020

Please pray for my Marriage. Right now my husband bears the Jezebel spirit from the mother of his child. She manipulates him and does everything to interfere with our marriage. There is a strong demonic presence everytime he comes in contact with her. It is always tenses and awkward between us when this happens. He is definitely unaware that he is controlled by it. He doesn't know how to deal with her, he just accepts the negativity and evil. I pray fervently but I need for him to understand what he is going through. I was read to give up until I realized that he is dealing with demons.


Saturday 21st of November 2020

Thank you for this article. You really did write everything in detail. To be honest it was bit disturbing for my mind to read but I'm glad that I know how this works. I am not Christian but I do believe in God and the Supreme lord. I came to search for this after I saw one video of a man who was possessed by this spirit and I don't know much about Bible or the evilness. But this explained alot than I expected.


Tuesday 13th of October 2020

Hi everyone

I just have to agree that the jezebel spirit is really bad. I thank God for opening my eyes. It affected my ex partner, when we were together he met someone else and was immediately drawn to her. Later I found out their relationship is mostly physically and believe me he is not that type of guy. He was never a one to be disloyal . Everything he does now it is clear there is a spirit operating in him. Do not understimate this spirit, it will try to ruin lives.


Thursday 8th of October 2020

This article was very helpful for me. I’m a little nervous about saying this, but only a few months ago, I had a realization that spiritually, my name is Jezebel. This may sound weird, but those traits you describe have been things I’ve tried to work on in my natural, God-given personality since I was young and became self-aware through interactions with friends. I was baptized four years ago after a very strange thing happened to me in a new church. It was like everyone kept adoring me, opening doors for me. Coming from an abusive situation it felt good to be accepted. People at church kept saying how strong they could feel the Holy Spirit in me and how much light they could see in me. Multiple women in leadership shared visions they had of seeing God’s glory on me and how much Jesus loved me. Needless to say, my life soon got destroyed and I ended up in a mental hospital for bipolar disorder. I am not a seductive person. I have never been with a man or even had a boyfriend, but I’ve been lonely all my life and struggled to hold friendships. After that strange experience at church, I held back from getting involved again in a Christian community. But the past few months, I’ve gotten back in the word and Jesus has been really present for me. My name is literally Jezebel (without revealing my legal name, but my first middle and last come together and sound very similar to Jezebel. Only through the Holy Spirit did I start to hear this when people would say my name. All though my life I would feel hesitant to say my name and now I know why). I can’t help but think that there’s a reason I was given this name and maybe I can be of some help I’m praying for this spirit to stop it’s work on earth. Recently, a woman said she saw how people in authority just cave to me. But the thing is, I don’t want to kill or destroy people. But I definitely have felt almost like being stoned whenever people cast out Jezebel. Sorry for this post but I’m looking for answers. What if this spirit is literally me? There are too many experiences I’ve had to let this go any longer without seeking answers. I want to be part of a church again but it has seemed impossible due to all the very strange things that happen when I’m around other Christians. All the positive things you say about Jezebel are my positive traits and the negative things are that which I’ve worked to tame. Please forgive me if I’ve overstepped here. My only desire is to humbly serve the Lord.


Monday 7th of December 2020

Gina i am so sorry that you had to go through what you went through, but it sounds to me that this spirit was calling you out meaning it was trying to destroy you. The next time you hear the name Jezebel rebuke it in Jesus's name. Bind that spirit and cast it to the pit of hell


Sunday 1st of November 2020

That is absolutely amazing and thank you for being transparent! It’s so noble and righteous of you To even risk that. Keep praying - Jesus will give you answers and please let us know what transpires - in Christ -


Tuesday 27th of October 2020

Hello Gina, I also have a very weird but kind of similar experience as what you had. The weirder thing is, after my baptism, they all kind of turned against me all at the same time and the interactions started to become very weirdly draining, like supernaturally toxic (for lack of a better term).

All I know is, the enemy tries to keep people from knowing God. But for most Christians who are called to serve, the already-defeated enemy will try its damnedest to keep them from serving with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength.

Let's connect on email and see how we can build each other up! Your sister in Christ, Gene.


Monday 28th of September 2020

Hi bob, I'm very thankful for this article. I'm currently struggling with my husband who I believe is in the trap of the jezebel spirit. After we had or first two kids, he was misled by a student whom he ended up living with for almost for six years now however he still went back to me and we had two kids again then he left us returned to the same lady. She now has become so possessive over him that he hardly visited us nor assisted me with the kids. Whenever I asked for his help he would turn them down because he feared the woman might leave him and he is always angry at me for no reason...I'm praying for him and her and this article I believe will help me much