The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate

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In part 1, I talk about What is a Jezebel spirit.

Here are 11 specific things I have isolated on this spirit once it moves in on someone to set up shop. Again, this type of spirit likes to play the same kind of games every time it moves in and attaches to someone.

  1. The Evil Personality Traits of the Jezebel Spirit
  2. The Spider Web Analogy
  3. There Will Be a Charismatic Type Energy on the Host
  4. Likes To Attach to Sharp, Intelligent, and Attractive People When It Can
  5. Will Always Seek to be the Center of Attention
  6. Will Seek to Infiltrate, Attack, and Undermine Everything
  7. Will Go After Anyone in a Leadership Position
  8. Runs in Tandem With a Mocking Spirit
  9. Especially Hates Prophets, Prayer, and Spiritual Warfare
  10. Will Occasionally Expose Itself on a Photo
  11. The Host Usually Will Not Know They Have This Kind of Spirit in Them

Now I will briefly discuss each one of these so you can see how this type of spirit will attempt to move against you and bring you and everything you are connected to completely down.

1. The Evil Personality Traits of the Jezebel Spirit

I want to start this off with the actual traits of this evil spirit, so you can have all of this information right at the top of this section. Below is a list of the personality traits of this kind of evil spirit.

The Jezebel spirit will try to infect and contaminate the person it is in so they too will operate with these same kinds of evil traits. It has always amazed me over the years that this kind of spirit can get very smart and intelligent people to do its evil bidding so easily.

Some of these people will say and do some of the most horrible things, but yet find some way to rationalize it and think they are perfectly justified in doing what they are doing. This spirit will play some of these people like fiddles, like a puppet on a string, with the puppet master being the Jezebel spirit itself.

Here are some of the evil personality traits to look for with a person who has been operating under this spirit’s evil influence for quite some time.

  1. Pure Evil and Hate
  2. Vile
  3. Maximum Pride
  4. Highly Lustful and Seductive
  5. Highly Self-Centered and Narcissistic
  6. Will Always Seek To Be the Center of Attention
  7. Very Judgmental, Critical, Condescending, and Demeaning
  8. Overly Demanding and Manipulating
  9. Cold, Ruthless, Cunning, and Calculating
  10. Very Combative and Confrontational
  11. Very Good at Lying and Cheating
  12. Cannot Stand Any Type of Constructive Criticism
  13. Hates All Prophets, Prayer, and Anything to Do With Spiritual Warfare
  14. Will Be Capable of Giving False Prophecies, Visions, and Dreams

This spirit operates with maximum pride in it. As a result, it will try to infect the host with that same kind of pride. And once it does, the host will no longer be able to accept any type of constructive criticism from anyone. The host will seek its own throne and they will now have to be the total center of attention. Everything will now be about them and them alone.

They also will no longer be able to bond with anyone because they are now totally self-sufficient in their own blown-up egos. The only true friends they will have are the people who will get duped into falling into their web of deceit and lies, where they will now become their mindless followers.

These people will have all of their true friends leave them because no one wants to be around this kind of evil spirit and around these kinds of negative, evil, and destructive personality traits.

And then sooner or later it happens, this person completely fails and falls, as well as losing anything that is close to them.

And this was all due to them allowing this kind of evil spirit to get on the inside of them in the first place, and from there, blindly follow this evil spirit’s leadings to do what it wanted them to do.

I have seen this spirit literally play some people right over the edge of a cliff where they ended up losing everything. And this was all because they were too blind and ignorant to see what was really going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm.

This kind of spirit is a master at setting up train wrecks and then orchestrating for them to actually occur with individual people, ministries, churches, and companies.

This is why every single Christian church should be teaching their people the basics of true spiritual warfare in the Lord so they will have the knowledge on how to combat these kinds of evil spirits.

Again, the Lord has already given us fair warning when He tells us in His Word that without His knowledge, that His people will go into captivity and perish.

2. The Spider Web Analogy

When someone is walking with this kind of evil spirit deeply entrenched in them, they will initially move and operate on what I call the spider web analogy.

Just like a spider creates a web so it can trap its prey so it can then devour them, the Jezebel spirit will start out in the exact same way once it moves into a certain environment to try and work.

These people are very good at playing the good cop-bad cop game. They will always start out playing the good cop.

These people will initially seem to have their act all together. They will know how to talk the talk. They will know Scripture well enough so they can impress every one with their high level of spiritual development.

They will know how to smooth talk people and use false flattery to gain favor so they can then start to work to get their claws worked into them.

And before you know it, you will be caught in their web. And then once they have you comfortably caught in their web through false flattery and deceit, they will then start to attack you and try to tear you to pieces.

3. There Will Be a Charismatic Type Energy on the Host

Another thing that helps these people lure unsuspecting people into their webs is the amount of charismatic energy they are carrying on them.

When you initially meet these kind of people, you will feel a certain type of energy coming off them and you will initially feel very drawn to them. You will feel like a moth being drawn towards an open flame. This charismatic type energy on them will have a major drawing power to it.

You initially may think it is the presence of the Holy Spirit on them because they will be so good at sounding like they are very spiritual and that they are walking very close to God.

I remember when I first started to see this type of drawing power on these people, I found myself being amazed that an evil spirit could emit this kind of energy off a person. You would think if an evil spirit was attached to someone, that you would be initially totally repulsed and repelled by it.

You would not think demons could have this kind of seductive, drawing power within their evil natures and then be able to project it through their host. But some of these evil spirits do, and the Jezebel spirit has this kind of seductive, drawing power within itself, and from there, it will project this drawing power through the person it is living in.

This is why this spirit has been so successful over the years in bringing down individuals, churches, marriages, and good friendships – all because it has the ability to draw people into their well spun webs, and then before the person knows it or realizes what they have been caught up in, it then moves in for the attack to either kill that person, or try and completely take the person out of commission on whatever their calling is in the Lord.

And this will now take us right into the next caption.

4. Likes To Attach to Sharp, Intelligent, and Attractive People When It Can

As a result of having a very seductive and high energy in its evil nature, the Jezebel spirit likes to attach to sharp, intelligent, and attractive people when it can. Not that it won’t attempt to attach to a less attractive person, but it will make much more headway with want it wants to accomplish if it can find a physically attractive person as will be explained below.

On the 5 cases I have seen, 4 of them were women, and the other was a man. And in each case, each of these people were sharp, intelligent, and very attractive.

I believe the reason this spirit likes to target these kinds of people is because it wants total control of everything. It wants to be just like Queen Jezebel.

It wants the throne for herself and it does not want to share it with anyone else.

As a result, they look for personalities that can help them climb to the top of the heap in whatever environment they are trying to work in.

In a marriage, if the woman is the one with this spirit, she will try and usurp her husband’s authority as the head of the household and will try to totally replace him as the spiritual head of the household.

If this spirit is working in the middle of a prayer group, it will try and work its way to the top so it can be the new leader of the prayer group.

If this spirit is working within the church itself, it will try and work its way to the top to be the right hand man of the pastor, and from there, start to directly attack him so she can completely take him out and knock him right out of his call for the Lord.

You saw what Delilah did with Samson. I believe there was a good possibility that Delilah may have had this kind of spirit operating on her.

And through her very seductive charms and allure, she completely brought down the man with probably the greatest physical strength anointing anyone has ever had with the Lord. And she did it with pure evil seduction.

This is why this kind of spirit is so deadly, because it knows how to use seduction, especially a sexual kind of seduction, to gets its way and then to eventually bring down the person or ministry they have targeted.

As we all know, many men are easily lured into illicit affairs by pretty women. Many have used the expression that some women know how to get a man wrapped around their little fingers. I am sure most you have seen this phenomena occur over and over again. Sex is a very powerful weapon, and this kind of demon will always try and use whenever it can.

This is why it likes to attach to attractive people whenever it can, because it knows it can use that person’s physical attractiveness to draw people into its web.

You think we would all learn our lessons from the past with so many people being brought down by this kind of seductive game, as this same game has been played over and over throughout the centuries by these types of demons. But many people never learn from the past, and just as many people now fall for this same kind of game as they did years ago.

When you combine the power that this spirit has to emit a seductive, charismatic type energy off a person, and then they attach to a person who is naturally attractive, sharp and intelligent, you then have a very deadly combination that this spirit can work with to achieve its ultimate goal.

And that goal is to get total control so it can then work to take down and completely destroy either a person, marriage, church, ministry, friendship, company, or a government.

5. Will Always Seek to be the Center of Attention

Once this spirit has gotten a foothold into the environment it now wants to work in, the next thing it will do after it has lured you into its web by playing the good cop, is to then start to always be the center of attention. And this is where you can really start to pick up and spot this spirit in actual operation.

We all have a natural need and desire for a certain amount of love and attention.

We all need proper encouragement and attention, not only from our parents as we are being raised up, but also from all of our friends and loved ones as we become adults, as we all help each other in keeping up our levels of self-confidence and self-esteem.

However, when a person has this type of spirit operating through them, their need for attention and glory will be way off what would be considered normal. And this is when this spirit starts to get itself exposed to those around it. But it does not really care at this point.

It will do everything it can to get the host to always seek to be the center of attention, with the ultimate goal in mind being to get to the top of the heap in whatever environment it is working in.

Since these types of people usually have that charismatic energy flowing and operating through them from this kind of evil spirit, they initially will be very good at working themselves up the ladder in the environment they are working in.

With this kind of demonic energy operating through them, combined with their natural good looks and high degree of intelligence, these people will sometimes be able to easily talk and play their way right up the ladder.

And then once they have worked themselves up to where they need to be, this spirit will then start to viciously attack and operate with both barrels blazing.

And this will now take us right into the next caption, which will take us right into the real heart of how this spirit will attack and completely undermine everything in its path.

6. Will Seek to Infiltrate, Attack, and Undermine Everything

This evil spirit simply has a two fold mission:

  1. Seek to infiltrate and once in
  2. Seek to attack, undermine, and destroy everything in its path, taking absolutely no prisoners. It’s goal is total death and destruction. Plain and simple.

If you are dating a person with this kind of evil spirit on them, they will try and get you to marry them. And until you do, it will be playing good cop with you the whole time so it can continue to lure and draw you into its web. But once you end up marrying this person, that is when the bad cop will emerge, and that is when all hell will literally break out in your life.

If you are a woman dating a man who is a physical abuser, many times he will not show his true colors until after you marry him.

But once you marry him, that is when the actual abuse will start – after he has gotten you totally caught in his web, with the web being the actual marriage itself.

If you are a man dating a woman who has this kind of spirit on her, she will say and do all of the right things as you are dating her. But once you marry her, that is when the tables will be turned and she will start coming directly after you, trying to tear both you and the marriage completely apart.

This spirit first seeks to infiltrate the environment it wants to try and work in. And once it is in, it will then set up shop and start attacking and undermining literally every single thing it can.

This spirit is an attack dog and it will literally attack anything and everything it can, depending on how far the host will cooperate with its evil promptings.

Here is a breakdown of some of the kinds of attacks you can expect once this spirit has gained a good foothold into a certain environment.

A) Will Start Playing Major Mind Games

The one thing I have noticed about this spirit is that it is very good at playing mind games and head games with people.

It will know where your weak spots and jugular veins will be at, and the attacks will always be targeted at your weak spots so it can start to weaken and demoralize you and bring you down.

It will come after your levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. It will come after your calling for the Lord.

It will come after your specific personality traits, both good and bad, to see if they can convince you that you are a nobody and that you will never amount to anything good and worthwhile in this life.

It will try and make you think you are the crazy one and that they are the ones who have all of the knowledge and wisdom.

They will try and make you feel inferior so they can gain the upper hand in the relationship and that you then need to be totally guided by them and dependent upon them.

Before you know it, this kind of spirit can throw you into a depression, along with causing major confusion and indecisiveness. You will feel disoriented and feel like you are caught up in a fog.

In other words, this evil spirit will try to suck the life out of you and tear you down every which way it can so you can no longer function in your calling for the Lord.

The prophet Elijah himself was so distraught and depressed after coming into direct contact with Queen Jezebel and the spirit operating on her, that he almost wanted to throw in the towel and quit until God strengthened him through an angel and then gave him a direct word.

This spirit is very good at being very critical and judgmental and before you know it, it will have you believing in all of the lies it has been throwing your way.

This is where you really have to know who you are in Christ, and that you never allow a person with this kind of spirit on them to be able to bring you down like they almost did with Elijah.

Let this part of Elijah’s story be a major lesson to all of us on how far this spirit will try and go – to literally try and get you to quit and walk out on God’s calling for your life. I believe a lot of the suicides we see may be as a result of this spirit’s evil influence over a person and the mind games it knows how to play with them.

If they can do this with a great man of God like Elijah, they then will be able to do it with some of us.

I have personally seen several men over the years be turned into a heap of mush by women who were operating with this kind of spirit on them. And the way it was done was by the mind games they were playing with the men over a certain period of time.

They just kept beating them down with verbal assaults, tearing at their self-confidence, their self-worth in God, and what they were doing in their callings.

By the time they got done with some of these men, many of them lost their callings in the Lord due to the fear and paranoia that was now oppressing them as a result of allowing this kind of spirit to get too strong of a foothold into their lives and callings for the Lord.

B) Will Cause Major Dissension, Strife, and Chaos

Another thing this spirit is very good at doing is causing a lot of in-fighting, back-biting, and malicious type gossiping among the people that are caught in its web. This kind of spirit knows exactly how to cause major dissension and strife even among the best of friends.

If this spirit infiltrates into a marriage, it will have everyone at each other’s throats. The children will be fighting abnormally among one another.

Each spouse will be fighting with the other, as well as with the children. This spirit is a major peace disturber and it will cause all kinds of havoc and trouble in the family unless it is quickly dealt with and exposed.

If this spirit gets into the middle of a ministry or church, it will again try to get people to start fighting with one another so it can ruin the harmony and unity of a group or church.

Same thing goes if this spirit gets into the middle of an actual company or corporation. It will try and cause as much strife and dissension as it possibly can so it can try and bring down the entire division or company it has targeted.

I wonder how many companies have gone out of business over the years as a result of the destructive influence of this kind of spirit operating on the inside of their company?

You walk into these environments where this kind of spirit is running rampant and unchecked, and you can literally feel the negative and oppressive energy in the air itself.

7. Will Go After Anyone in a Leadership Position

Another major strategy of this spirit is that it will always go after those who are in any type of leadership position.

This would include pastors of churches, youth ministers, worship leaders, leaders of prayer groups and Bible studies, husbands as the head of households, supervisors, and upper level management of different companies and corporations.

If a man marries a woman who has this spirit on her, she will attack the man’s authority as the head of the household and try to get that position for herself.

If this person is working for a church, it will try and work its way as far up the ladder as it can so it can get very close to the pastor himself, and from there, start to work to bring him down just like Delilah did with Samson.

Pastors especially have to always be on the alert for this kind of spirit, as this spirit is always looking for a way to get a direct shot at them so they can bring them completely down and destroy their entire church.

I do not have to tell you how many pastors have lost their ministries over the years because they got seduced into having an affair with a woman who had this kind of spirit on her.

Lust and adultery have brought down too many good men of God over the years, and it was all because they fell under the seductive spell of this evil spirit.

If this spirit infiltrates a prayer group or a Bible study class, it will try and work its way to the top so it can be the leader of the group.

Once it is the new leader, it will then start its attacks so as to completely destroy the group with false teaching, false prophecy, spreading false rumors about other people in the group, causing dissension among the people in the group, along with trying to poison the people of the group against whoever the leaders of the church are.

The reason this spirit wants to take out those in any type of leadership position is because it wants that leadership position for itself. And if it cannot get that leadership position for itself, it will then try and completely destroy it so there is nothing left of it.

This is how some marriages end up in divorce, and this is how some churches end up closing their doors and going out of business – all due to allowing this kind of spirit to run rampant and unchecked in their environment for too long of a period of time.

8. Will Be Capable of Giving False Prophecies, Visions, and Dreams

With this kind of spirit really hating all of God’s prophets, it can only be expected that this spirit will falsely prophesy whenever it can. This kind of spirit is thus able to give its host false prophecies, false words, false dreams, and false visions – all in an attempt to make its host look more spiritual than they really are, and to also lure as many other people into its web that it can so it can build up its own base and following.

Since this spirit is operating at a higher level of intelligence than most of the other demons are, you really have to closely examine any words or prophecies that the host will be getting.

If the host is falsely prophesying under this spirit’s guidance, the Holy Spirit will show you where the errors are at so you can separate a true prophecy from the Lord from one that is coming from this kind of evil spirit.

This is why all prophecy has to be judged and properly discerned, so you can determine where it is really coming from, as the Bible warns us about false prophets being among us like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

9. Runs in Tandem With a Mocking Spirit

Another very interesting thing that I have seen occur on several of the cases I was allowed to watch and observe, is that this spirit runs in tandem with what is called a mocking spirit.

As we have explained before, when a head chief demon such as a Jezebel spirit moves in on the inside of a person’s body, they will usually travel in groups and they will thus have numerous other demons under their control and authority.

One of the underlings to the Jezebel spirit will be what is called a mocking spirit, otherwise known as a blocking type spirit. It’s job will be to cover for the Jezebel spirit and try and distract people from figuring out that this person really has a Jezebel spirit on the inside of them.

Many deliverance ministers have first come across this mocking spirit when trying to deliver someone from the Jezebel spirit. This spirit can actually be quite funny and comical at times, and has literally made some deliverance ministers laugh right in the middle of an actual deliverance.

This spirit will try and distract you and get you off center so you do not stay too focused on trying to get to the Jezebel spirit.

This mocking spirit will make fun of, make light of, and make jokes about anything and everything, and it is quite funny and comical when it does.

When it moves in operation ahead of the Jezebel, it will try and take the sting out of some of the evil things that will come out of a person’s mouth and actions, as so many people get very quickly appalled when some of these evil traits start manifesting through a person’s personality.

However, do not let this mocking spirit fool you with its dark humor and jokes. Operating behind it is probably the most evil of all of Satan’s demons.

10. Especially Hates Prophets, Prayer, and Spiritual Warfare

Another very obvious thing with this kind of spirit is its absolute hatred and disdain for anything to do with spiritual warfare, prayer, and anything to do with God’s true prophets.

This spirit hates all of God’s prophets just like Queen Jezebel did back in the OT. And it also hates anyone who is actively involved with spiritual warfare in the Lord.

The reason it hates these two types of people is because prophets and those well trained in the area of spiritual warfare are its greatest threat. Prophets and those who are trained in the area of spiritual warfare can easily spot and pick up when they come across this kind of spirit, and they will then know how to get rid of it if the person is open to receiving an actual deliverance.

If you want to test a person to see if they have a Jezebel spirit on them, just bring up the subject of prophets and spiritual warfare and watch how this spirit will well up with anger and disgust, and from there, will try and change the conversation to something else. You will hit a nerve every time you do this with this kind of spirit.

This spirit also hates any form of prayer to the Lord, as it knows our prayer life with the Lord is what keeps us in the center of His perfect will for our lives.

This is why it loves to infiltrate and attack prayer groups of any kind, so it can attempt to prevent people from staying close to the Lord in their own personal relationships with Him.

11. Will Occasionally Expose Itself on a Photo

Another amazing thing I have seen occur with this kind of spirit is when it seemingly wants to let its guard down when the host is having their picture taken. Every once in while what will happen is that this spirit will literally manifest right through the person’s face and eyes, and it then gets captured by the camera. You will thus see a real, live, Jezebel spirit captured on the actual photo itself.

I do not know if this spirit is doing this just to flaunt itself, or if it wants to see what it looks like through a person’s face, but it is quite amazing how often this actually happens. I remember the first time I had one captured on a photo, you were able to see partly into its personality through the person’s eyes.

What I saw was not only pure evil and pure hate, but I saw an old, ancient spirit with a high degree of intelligence and cunning in it. You could also see that it had a very seductive quality in its personality, and that it would use that seductive quality to lure people into its web so it could eventually eat them up alive and devour them.

You could also see that this thing has absolutely no mercy in its personality and it would kill you in a second if it could do so. This thing is as creepy as it gets.

12. The Host Usually Will Not Know They Have This Kind of Spirit in Them

The saddest thing about these types of cases is that most of the time, the host will not know they even have this kind of spirit operating on the inside of them. These people never feel it moving on the inside of them, nor do they ever hear it trying to talk to them.

This spirit is very good at hiding behind the scenes, but yet at the same time getting the host to do exactly what it wants them to do.

The reason these people are usually clueless that this spirit is operating on the inside of them is because this spirit is so smooth and so cunning in the way in which it operates. This is why this spirit will try and fill the person up with as much pride as they can, so these people will be totally incapable of admitting that they could even have this kind of spirit in them in the first place.

This is how well deceived these people are, and how well this spirit has played and manipulated them during the entire time it has been on the inside of them.

As a result, many of these types of people will never receive a true deliverance from the Lord. And this is all because they have too much pride operating in their personalities, which will prevent them from admitting that they could ever have this kind of spirit operating in them in the first place.

In the final part on the Jezebel spirit, I talk about How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit.

Table of Contents:
1. What is Jezebel Spirit
2. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate
3. How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit


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  1. I have had a jesibel spirit n my husbands life for the last 7 months, I only came identifying it yesterday after i read your article
    She is playing golf at our country club, and my husband got pulled in surely but slowely, i will write you the whole interesting story, on an email.
    Thank you so much, my husband read your article with me, and were actually stunned, We know now what to pray for, and identifying the spirit, know what were dealing with, please also send me prayers that we can pray together, as a husband and wife, regards
    Ronel Geyling

  2. I had a wife who gave herself over to adultery, and in a night, took on all the traits you spoke of. I didn”t learn my lesson. I married another more cunningthan the first, who would seduce men in my presence to destroy me. An if I mentioned anything, the accusing, warring side would rage against me. Finally through prayer and fasting, 40 days…God arranged for me to catch her with a hicki in her lower parts, after she was supposedly going to bed early, on a Friday night after she wassure I was not coming home. May advise to a man married to one..Fast and pray as thopugh your soul depended on it, because it does.

    • Has it ever occurred to you that maybe you are attracted to that type of personality in a woman because of a flaw in your personality? We all have flaws. Also, maybe you should take care of business at home and maybe she won’t seek it somewhere else. It’s really easy to blame other people for our shortcomings.

      • Patricia… cant pass by this response without addressing it’s clear accusatory and abusive language. “maybe u should take care of business at home” ? really? this man was cheated on and u blamed HIM? fiery dart in that response.
        Doug, yes, we all do indeed have flaws..but NONE of them deserves betrayal and verbal abuse.
        God loves you and your ex…and Patricia too.

    • Im sorry you went through that hell and It doesn’t matter ho much you submit to pleasuring them you can do everything physically, emotionally, working doing it all its will keep wanting to take take take as much as he can to make his ego and pride more bigger they keep wanting more like there conquest to feel superior is to control and take whatever they want these are just evil whorish broken and lost people who need excorsism feom Jezebel spirit deliverance and salvation with father God son and holy spirit. Be glad that evil spirit released you, stay strong and take care keep your heart near God to attract a God loving woman. God Bless you.

  3. My husband left me for a jezebel and had 2 kids by her. They’ve been together for a long time now although we are still married. When they first got together, she came to my church, called my pastor to request counselling, moved her children to our son’s school, called me at work to tell me of their affair, took me to court for harrassment and much more. I told my husband if he wants to divorce, get the papers drawn and I will not contest it. Whenever I bring up divorce, he either changes the subject or says when he gets enough money he will file. My husband still pays the mortgage on our home and helps me out financially when he can. He is still fairly active in our son’s life, attending games, school functions and meetings. I’ve prayed and cried, cried and prayed and he’s still there. I don’t know if God wants us restored, but I do know He’s the only one who can do it. Years ago, the Holy Spirit led me to Exodus 14:14 and I’m still standing.

  4. How do you discern if someone is oppressed by a Jezebel spirit, or if they are in a mid-life crisis? My husband displays a number of these behavioral characteristics. His mother is a malignant narcissist. Could his behavior be due to his home environment growing up? Does a Jezebel spirit typically show up in a church setting? I’m just trying to understand what differentiates oppression versus personality, emotional damage, unhealthy patterns, habitual sin, and conditions such as depression and/or PTSD.

    Thanks for all you do…may God bless you!

    • Emotional problems and sin can attract this type of spirit. I am so sorry you are suffering from your husband´s characteristic. Pray for your own protection, and get plenty of emotional support from a group of healthy friends and family.

      There can be a lack of protection from spirits if their mother was involved in the occult or just difficulties breaking the patter in my opinion. See Charles Kraft for more information. Repentance and deliverance can break strong holds, but it is his choice to seek these options. You can pray for him, live an exemplary life and pray for your own protection. Meanwhile take care of yourself, and experience God´s love for you. Bless you X

    • No they can show up in any setting, the reference to them being in religious settings is thousands of years old. Now days in the age of Aquarius they are far more likely to be male, we describe them now as having Narcissistic Personality Disorder, they hunt in packs so if his mother is one then no doubt so is he & many others around will also have lower Demonic spirits attached, the Jezebel has usually 1 or 2 mocking spirits close to it. And it won’t be at the church it will be at the pub or any social gathering it can find sucking up as much energy & sympathy as it can get, or will have 99% people fooled into thinking it is the best bloke you have ever met whilst it plots to destroy its victims behind the scenes. If you husband is one then you will be the ultimate victim if you try to leave.

      • He may not even be aware….

    • He probably doesn’t even know it’s running through him. I just read this article and it explained a lot for me in regards to past relationships. I’ve been single for a long time and it comes up anytime I want to have sex with somebody. It could be a generational curse that let it in. I’ve been reading a lot about curses and demonic influence. You should let him read the article and see if he wants to go pray with someone. His weaknesses are being attacked. A need to be wanted, pride, etc There is something in him that is allowing it in. Something he isn’t aware of that needs to be searched out acknowledged, and prayed over.

    • narcissism and jezebel are the same, i think of it like this –
      Narcissism – psychological (worldly) word for it
      Jezebel – spiritual word for it

  5. Discernment? After this spirit was revealed to me I believe it started to fear and then it came after me personally both physically and spiritually. Twice as a dark evil shadow attacking me in my bed in a dream. God stopped its attack after I called on the name of Jesus.

    Believe this, this demon does attach to Men as well because it was a man a leader in the church (a very attractive, seductive, intelligent, controlling, angry, unforgiving, judgmental, and ‘secretively abusive’, single (unmarried) second in command leader of a church) that this demon used to try to destroy me. The true nature of this man was hidden behind a beautiful smile and a charming personality. He used debates and logic to reason away my discernment of evil. Can you win a lawyer in court? A lawyer will debate you until next year just for the fun of his preferred sport ‘Intellectual Reasoning’. Although he knows that his view is wrong he does not care one bit. It is the fun in the game, the game to find many possibilities of intuitive logic that he/she finds alluring ‘not right or wrong’. It is all a wonderful game of wits and manipulation. I would often tell him that he has no feelings because he functioned mostly by logical intuition. He would say I had too much feelings. There was no balance in his personality. He also hated personality typing, but he loved to control peoples personalities.

    I was given an opportunity to see how this spirit operates behind closed doors ‘in a relationship with this person. He was a con man to the core and soaked up on attention like a sponge. He always had an ‘’attention plan’’ be it another woman in the wing, or another job or ministry lined up for just in case things go wrong (so he would befriend everyone in case of such possibility).
    You are so right in this article……‘This spirit hates spiritual warfare and prophets to the core’. This is how it can be tested as you stated (you will see this person become uncomfortable, and you will discern that fake smile as you watch him change the subject). This is one way of ‘testing every spirit to see if it is of God’ as the bible states. If this person does attend a service of spiritual warfare the prophet will discern something because this spirit is a high-ranking demon…how can it hide? (The Host truly do not understand why they rage internally away from spiritual warfare and spiritual discernment in this matter). I remember my ex would put these spiritual practices down.

    I have seen this demon reveal itself once to me on a date ‘I could see it through spiritual discernment’. It scared me greatly but I convinced myself that it was not real. Additionally, it does partner with a mocking spirit. Once I revealing to my Ex that I did not believe that he was a true Christian because he do not love as Christians do, and when he became angry I rebuked him in Jesus’s name and commanded the devil to stop controlling his mind. I knew something else evil started to communicate with me as he texted back evil-hearted jokes, and continued jokingly questioning my spiritual discernment towards him and my sanity. You will discern the mocking spirit as a totally separate being ‘I did’.

    Truly, this spirit does play the same tricks over and over to every person it meets. It is highly intelligent, and love to take risks whenever it can, it loves to play mind games and is very childlike in nature. It loves intellectual games and gadgets, fame, and control just like a spoil child craving attention. It also loves adventures and to see what it can get away with in secret. It acts like it is enjoying its short time living vicariously in the host because it knows that time is short on this earth. ‘I believe it reveals itself sometimes because it is a risk-taker and it loves to show off’.

    Additionally, it loves the attention of people and is a Master of evil. It will try to brake you down emotionally, make you feel like you are nothing special and that God is highly disappointed in your spiritual life, that the only way to understand God is to do as he/she says and it will brake you if you let it. Watch the ‘God Told Me’ God Sent Me’ speech it plays this one often. If it cannot get its way it will get angry or shut you out emotionally with the silent treatment as punishment for you allowing yourself to have control over your own thoughts and later it will sweet-talk you and entice you with intimacy, attention, gifts, dinners etc.

    It has a good memory of all your insecurities (remember how concerned it was about your past hurts when you two first met. ‘You must know the weakness of your enemy or how will you control the battle field.) It plays the game like chest. It loves games and it often gets bored with the game as is so it will formulate evil intellectual obstacles for you to climb over like…talking about your shortcomings to others in the church so that it will get back to you (watch this pastors), or trying to fix you to improve your spiritual growth one sin at a time, and playing evil emotional mind games to make you question your own stability. Then it watches you destroy yourself from the inside out with amusement). Why? Because it loves to play evil mind games just for the sport of it like a lawyer in court. This is what the demon controlled in my Ex the dark side to his ‘logical intuitive’ personality trait.

    One other thing I have noticed, …I have discerned a suicidal spirit attached to the Host. There is a deep depression inside of the Host that changes the person’s mood without warning and this spirit allows the Host relief from the pain when the Host fills ‘you’ with depression instead.

    Pastors pray often for you and your family, for the church, and for the Host, because the Host does not truly want your position in the church not deeply. The Host truly craves love, God’s Love and attention. The Host has a father fraction but the enemy has found a way into this person’s mind and it brings out darkness to destroy others. This is what I have discerned and have experienced personally…. I hope this is helpful to some of you, so my years of suffering by this kind of spirit may not be fruitless but may be used towards the cause of Christ’. May God’s Spirit and protection be with you All.

    • Mary, I just read what you wrote and it hits home.
      Everything you wrote about, I have experienced.

      I’ve been married twice to men that have had these spirits operating in them.
      The first marriage was hell on earth. Total control and I thought my only way out was suicide. I prayed and asked God to help me and he did. I was in that relationship for 19 years.

      Two years ago I married a man that loved God and I thought loved me.
      Two weeks after we were married this spirit began to reveal it’s self. He was emotionally cruel and would say things like he couldn’t love me not unless I ( he told me to)backslide, turn my back on God. Then I knew for sure that this was no orindary personality issue this was a demon!

      Now I’m just wondering if certain people or callings attract this type of demon?

      • Mr’s. Kristie yes it does it especially loves to target the prophets of God. Also people who are in leadership positions It also likes to attack very attractive looking people and intelligent people.

      • Mr’s. Kristie yes it does it especially loves to target the prophets of God. Also people who are in leadership positions It also likes to lure very attractive looking people and intelligent people. 9 times out of ten the Co dependant personality type will end up with a Narcissist.

      • Hi Kristie,

        There are many demons out there but I believe that this one likes to control and all the signs that the writer mentioned describes this one perfectly you can ask God for discernment and he will give you clarity in a dream or in other ways to explain to you which demon or demons are operating behind the scenes. Often it is not just one demon operating in that person but many together. Often they have given themselves over to many demons not realizing what is going on internally.

      • Yes. Sociopaths target people who are empaths. We have had one try to completely destroy our family over the past year and it all fell apart yesterday. Depends if it is a spirit or personality disorder but Jezebel spirit and sociopaths are very closely related only sociopaths know what and who they are, are fully aware of what they are doing and like who and what they are which is why they never seek help

      • My 2nd husband hated the fact that he was in competition with God in my life and did everything he could to get rid of this in me so he would feel comfortable, what really was happening was he was earesing me. Is that the spirit you speak of??

  6. I am right in the middle of a divorce with my wife who, I believe, was overtaken by this spirit. I truly believe this spirit “jumped” from my wife’s mother and into my wife and is what I am going through today, I went through 13 years ago when my wife was trying to get away from her own mother.

    When we were finally able to get away from my wife’s mother 13 years ago I told her in very direct words, “We can never let your mother get between us ever again or it will destroy us.” Over the years I admit we BOTH let our guard down with this person. Now with the strife we are experiencing… well it has destroyed our family. This mother-in-law absolutely got between us. Looking for acknowledgement, my wife looked to her mother. This was the open door. Even though she knew her own mother was manipulative, she allowed it. And her mother was very cunning placing little doubts in my wife to cause her to treat me differently. By piecing things together, I have discovered that my mother in law has been trying to destroy this marriage for the last 6 years.

    It was 9 months ago that the Holy Spirit had me do a study on the Jezebel. This article here was one of the ones that clicked. Before this, someone turned me onto Borderline Personality Disorder. This “fits” as well. But the “Jezebel” fits even better. So which one is it? Possible both or one in the same. It’s possible BPD is more the secular name for the controlling spirit of the Jezebel. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is another similar personality disorder as well, but in my case doesn’t quite fit. But I am believing BOTH are rooted in the Jezebel.

    I also agree regarding the spirit of suicide. When my wife and I were finally able to get away, my wife’s mother tried to commit suicide. But I also believe it was a ploy to gain sympathy from the family to keep them all manipulated. A half hearted suicide attempt is an easy way to play “victim” and get others to play into your hands.

    My wife HATES knowing I am praying for her. She thinks there is nothing wrong with her. But God has given me unbelievable grace for this woman. Pray for me please, and pray for my wife. If you have any more interest in this story and the Jezebel you might want to come visit my blog. The Jezebel doesn’t necessarily have to take a position of authority.

    • Jezabel is the Narcissist and the Narcissist is Jezabel. She lives in people with Personality disorders. Usually codependent personalitiy types end up in relationships with Narcissists. Narcissists have dual personalities. Which makes deliverance difficult but not impossible.

  7. Mary do you have more info for dealing with this spirit? is it possible to be within someone(married to) and without realizing it happening you start becoming what they are. I need to put a hold on this I believe I’ve been led to this but am still trying to figure it out. I will appreciate a response from someone who knows I want my relationship and faith back and it seems with problems within my marriage and life it has been tested and over time I have just felt more separated from God and I don’t like it but when I go to pray(I do pray) it is not like I use to and I feel as though I don’t know how to anymore and then the thoughts of reminding me of the things that have happened. Almost like; “see the Lord is not hearing you anymore.” . Don’t get me wrong I still pray and deep in my heart I know there is not a “formula” prayer. Perhaps I shouldn’t put such personal info on here and might not find the help I am seeking. take care all

    • It’s as if you are speaking for me, I have experienced and felt the same as you, and had the same questions.

  8. Hi Cara I am so sorry to hear of your distress but know that the devil has been playing this same generational trick for years with many of us. The Jezebel often attaches itself to its host at a very young age and because of this the person that is trapped in this behavior is often blinded by the invisible chains the enemy has on them.

    Additionally for what I have been thought, the Host must want to be delivered you cannot take this spirit out of them yourself. However, I have some good news for you. ‘The Lord can’. Go to God in prayer this is the year of restoration for the Saints. He will get you out of the devils trap. Additionally, pray for your husband’s deliverance ‘pray that God will open up his eyes to the truth so that he will accept deliverance. I have attached a few links, ‘I hope they are helpful’.

    Here is a great article on the subject especially if you are a Christian family. This article will help you to see that you are not the problem and that God would never want you to be abused or victimizes by anyone. It helps to expose the mind games that this spirit plays on its victim and to also see that God do not approve of this behavior.

    Google – Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary: Christian Men Who Hate Women

    You must not stop praying for your husband because in his eyes he sees himself approved by God but he does not see that he is walking blindly on a road where the devil has dug a pit ahead. Someone can say that they know God but if they do not have the ‘fruits of God’s Spirit’ shining through him/she their hearts are deceiving them.

    Why does everyone else see it and they don’t? ‘The enemy has done this’, because he hates you ‘God’s child’ and your husband and he has been controlling your husband’s mind to destroy your life, ‘Satan comes as light’. The energy has set a trap for you.

    Yes… for what I have learned, being around demonic spiritual viruses ‘can’ cause you to be infected in some way and the Jezebel spirit can also infect your babies as well. In fact this is one of its greatest gold. This is why children of abuse sometimes become abusers or become so timid that they too become the future victim of an abuser. Both behaviors are strongholds of the enemy. ‘If you do have children you must pray over them day and night and ask God to remove all demonic spirits that is or has a foothold into their mind and ask God to place angles from his throne in heaven around them day and night to protect them and you as well from demonic attacks and strongholds.

    Ask Jesus for his authority and anointing to come in your life and ‘Plead the blood of the lamb for full recovery’! God is the only one on this earth that truly understands you and loves you He will help you. Remember…God made you and placed you on this earth for His purpose. Ask God what is His purpose in all of this turmoil. God has a great work for you to do here on earth or the enemy would not have tried to cripple you emotionally or physically and keep you in spiritual and emotional bondage for so long. Stand up brake free and take your place in God’s army of Saints… FOR THE TIME IS SHORT. ‘I always ask God to rebuke the devil and gave me strength’ when life seems too much for me and He always does.

    I will pray to God for you and your family.


  9. Just need prayers. My ex was a Jezebel. We lived together and she and her brother-in-law kept me from leaving the night I decided to move back home until we were married. Needless to say, the relationship ended that night. My job ended a few weeks later and my car broke down. I have destroyed or thrown away every reminder of the relationship. Its been over a year and I still can’t find work and still almost as depressed as when the relationship first ended. I was obedient to God and it feels like I’m being punished. I don’t know what else to do, but God must have a purpose for me if He spared my life that night. Just not sure what that purpose is or how to break any demonic barriers to my employment.

    • Exodus 14:14

      “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.”

      The Love and faithfulness of the Lord never fails…trust in Him.

  10. Hi Judah,

    I will pray for you. God does have a wonderful plan for your life. Ask Him and He will direct you. I too have had difficult situations in my life after rebuking evil. I am still having difficulties, ‘but God has promised to help me’. He gives me dreams to encourage me often. He will communicate with you too if you ask Him too. He loves you very much!

    May God’s blessings be on your life.

  11. l have not read something so good on jezebel spirits but l have had trouble with them all my life. They do not have to be very good looking they can be plain jane but l need help fighting them as l they attach themselves to my husband, destroying my name in the churches & because l nearly died from a disease a sweet old lady talked me into surrendering my will to her. l have moved powerfully in God through intercession & would have known to keep away from her but was just to sick. She actually prays witchcraft prayers & curses me and anyone associated with me the cursing has been an incredible horror story.

    Love the Lord

    • Debbie, One Psalm I love is Psalm 91. It is a very powerful
      prayer/psalm of protection. I sometimes substitute names, for instance where the verse says”he” I’ll put a family members name,or a friends. I’ve been saved from danger by speaking this prayer over situations. And that’s happened so often I could’nt list it all here. I pray to God Almighty in the name of Jesus, and ask Him to protect me and my loved ones. If Psalm 91 is prayed to protect us
      physically, it can surely be prayed to protect us spiritually and emotionally.
      Especially if your body has been attacked and that led to you letting your
      guard down around this “sweet” lady. Sometimes the ‘devil’ comes in the form
      of someone who seems SO sweet, that we can hardly believe they would
      have bad intentions towards us. But we must pray for discernment, and not
      fall for just anything, nor should we confide in anyone too soon, since only
      God knows a persons heart and He will show us if that person can be trusted or
      is up to no good. *Discernment* is necessary now more than ever in the body of Christ.

  12. The Lord showed me that I must ask Him to ‘lead me not into temptation and to deliver me from all evil and from the evil ones.’ I would also ask the Lord to show me in dreams and other ways the enemy’s attacks and to show me what to pray to combat them. Pray for God’s protection over you and your love ones and ask the Lord to ‘rebuke the devil and give you strength’ to surround you with His angels from His throne and to place a hedge of protection around you, your love ones, your blessings and anything else in your life that needs His divine protect. Then always end your request in Jesus’ name. You can also study biblical dream symbol books if you wish to understand the way God speaks to us in our dreams. John Paul Jackson is a very Godly and gifted prophetic person that ministers in the gift of Christian Dream Interpreting. You can Google him if you wish. I have also attached links on my other comments below to help with the Jezebel spirit. You can also Google ‘Jonas Clark Ministries’, he has some excellent tapes, videos, and books to help believers combat the Jezebel spirit, the spirit of witchcraft and other demonic forces. Blessings!

  13. Hi, I have a situation that I am going through that is becoming more than I can handle. I have setup counseling with a missionary pastor but it will be weeks before I go. I have what I thought was a friend for over 30 yrs. We rarely sent time together just talked on the phone. We are now living around the corner and I can’t believe what she is really like. I think she has the Jazabel spirit. My husband hates her and I think she is trying to destroy my marriage. She hates men. I have now got her in almost every thing I am involved in. None sees her true character they are being sacked into her syrupy flattery. It’s so sickening I can’t be around it but now it looks like I’m the one who is wrong if I talk to anyone about what is going on. She has just finished cancer treatment and is getting more controlling than ever especially to me.I have shared many personal things which she is now breaking confidentiality. Because of this I will not be able to be around her. She is so fake but no one sees it. All think she’s so wonderful but I see she’s making every environment about her.Help?

  14. Hi Katie,

    I believe that praying and fasting is in order. Ask Jesus to show you the devil’s plans for you in this situation. He may show you in dreams etc. if you are picking up on demonic powers at work so strongly, I would guess that The Lord wants to communicate to you about something and that you are greatly functioning in the gift of discerning of spirit. You may have already been having dreams that you need to decode to understand God’s instructions to aid you in this matter. There are many christian dream symbols books on Amazon that has greatly assisted me in understanding God’s dreams language. The dreams and Visions symbol dictionary 2013 edition by Colette Toach is also a wonderful book that can be downloaded from her site. John Paul Jackson is a great man of God that is very anointed in this area as well and he has a website with online videos that teaches believers how to advance in this gift. What has always helped me was prayer. God would tell me in a dream that evil is attracting me or going to attact me and the He wants me to pray to him. When I do He truly does fix or help me through the situation.

  15. i agree with all this. I had that spirit, and thelast exposure of it was the worst experience of my life. I still shutter.
    although I never hated prophecy. actually sought it out and took classes.
    was just a narcissist control freak.
    it gave me mental illness and loads of destruction.
    i renounce it every morning.

  16. The Lord revealed that I am dealing with this spirit in my mother. I will not let her control me, and she really dislikes me because of it. She can also switch and be nice at times, but there is an evil there that never leaves. Manipulative, cunning, loving to see me hurt… She has even stolen from me and destroyed some of my property (when I used to let her watch our kids). I have stopped attending family gatherings because my sister and sister in law also entertain this spirit. It’s really hard because my aunt and older brother will be coming to town, but I do not want to be exposed to the spirit again. PLEASE pray that I will have wisdom/guidance what to do. God bless you for this article!!

  17. Katie, you are responsible for protecting your marriage. It is okay for you to stop being friends or limiting your contact. You have to learn how to say “no” to people with this type of spirit. That is why you are being sucked into her web. If she is hurt, that is her problem to deal with, no yours. We are not responsible for other’s emotions. You are not being evil, trying to hurt her, you are preserving yourself, husband, relationship with Jesus. If you stay involved, the spirit will suck you so far down that you may loose your calling from God. This spirit will make you believe you are going crazy, like you need to admit yourself. This may be why she is dealing with cancer.

  18. This article seems to imply that we can not be held accountable for our own actions. If a married pastor carries on an affair with another women, he is just as responsible for is actions. To many times through out the ages men have always blamed women for his transgressions.

  19. I have one following me from church to church. My wife and I corrected this lady/guest after a service when she was praying for someone about a year ago. We told her that the service was over and that her friend should have gone forward for prayer if she needed that. She looked up at me and continued with her jezebelic prayers after being told to stop. She came back a few more times and then left for good. She previously had taken over a service which I was present with her false prophesying in another church. Later that year our church merged with another church. She showed up there (yes again) and seemed to want to get away from us a quickly as possible. Our church was planting another church and asked if any wanted to go with the church planters ?After a few months she shows up there !I told all of this to the Pastor and he does not think there will be a problem ?From past experiences with jezebel this seems to be defiance on their part. Actually it seems it is saying to me, “I am here and you cannot do annoying about it !”No on believes you ! Keep us in prayer. My first inclination is to leave. But I want to see victory in this church. Thanks

  20. Mary after reading your comment, I started having flashbacks on my past relationship…he would always say why won’t you tell me about your past hurts/relationships, my reply would be because it has nothing to do with our future, he did not like that response.Rocked on he has always been trying to fix me stating he wants me to be faithful to God, him and our marriage—-my question was what does my faithfulness to God has to do with you? He likes being in control, he craves attention, he talks about me to others to make me look like I’m the bad person…he’s constantly throwing scriptures at me one moment then the next I’m being cursed out….Didn’t know what a jezebel spirit really consisted of until I read this article..Needless to say we are now separated and I’m seeking a divorce! Signed, Ms. Mocha

  21. I am dealing with it as we speak. Tore my family up for years. This has got to go in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It manipulated me into what I thought or maybe could have been love to crush me. To ridicule me. To take my efforts as a man of God and show them otherwise. Jumping from me to my ex eileen and using distractions from fear and paranoia. To fatigue to anything and it followers and their coward ways could do. I hate them and they literally stink. Showing up in my pictures as well as your followers. Please have mercy on my soul lord for it does not belong to hurt and heartache. It belongs to you GOD! They burn, they buzz my ears and ring. They stink bad I absolutely hate them. They have stopped me from attending Christian chat rooms, Church, advice all u could think of good for me and turned it into a direction better suited for them. Even when I searched for the very things capable or held in high regaurds, guidance to the Lord. Lord Jesus is my savior and they are jealous! I HATE THEM! God bless the words I speak for do not allow my weakness and influence others. I believe what I have said in all of this. But whomever reads it God bless them too. And may they not be led by any Jezacrap! I am worth more than this! More than this.

  22. Cara,
    I will give you helpful info from Kenneth E. Hagin’s book, “The Art of Prayer” pages 40,41.
    Brother Hagin had been fasting and praying for his brother Dub off and on for fifteen years.
    2 Cor. 4:3,4 But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost.
    In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel, of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
    He received the revelation in prayer to break the power of the devil off his brother.
    He rose up and with his bible in one hand and the other handed lifted, saying, “In the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ, I break the power of the devil over my brother Dub’s life, and I claim his deliverance. (That meant I claimed his deliverance from that blindness, that bondage of satan.) And I claim his full salvation in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
    Within three weeks, his brother was born again.

    I have taken from Brother Hagin and have used it hundreds of times for unsaved and have seen salvations that were previously blocked. It works not all the time within three weeks it is in His timing. It frees the person to be able to use their freewill to be able to choose salvation.

  23. Thank you for sharing your insights. I hope you will keep on warning for wandering souls like me.

  24. Long story/ My wife left me because she did not like me and that I was beneath her abilities. She also admitted to controlling me to my pastor. I started to research and found out about narcissism and borderline personalities. She fit them to a T. Now, the spiritual angle is fascinating since we are both Christians. My wife never had a real heartfelt conversion, I think she has an intellectual relationship with God. No real emotional relationship. I read another post and this spirit jumping. My wife’s mother was very demeaning to me and high strung crazy person. My wife shared this past with me. Her mother was kicked out of the house by her father. When her mom was dying-we had her die in our home-my wife was the only person with her mom at the time. Fast forward about four years, I was lying on the bed after my wife was telling me she was leaving and I blurted out, ” first I get this stuff from your mom, now you!” The stuff was the tearing down my person-hood and hatefulness towards me and my family, ministry, my walk with the Lord and everything else that was good in me that she was jealous or hateful about. My wife also began to drink, first slowly then increased the amounts and wanted to take narcotics. I’m sober and have been for years. Is it possible that this spirit jumped into my wife. I did find out that my wife had always had this type of personality, but it was kept at bay. Her changed seemed to occur after the death of her mother, when this narc and borderline persona became uncontrollable. We are now legally separated and looks like a divorce is coming. I have lost all trust in this person.

  25. Hi Ms. Mocha,

    John Paul Jackson explained once that the greater the calling from God, the greater the attack will be from the enemy. I would suspect that many of our calling are very great. Sometimes I wonder what it is exactly my calling is to allow for such brutal anger that I have seen coming out of those that have tournamented my life. It must be something great the enemy sees in us that we can not see or believe exist within us ‘I would suspect’. I have come to terms with the fact that we live in a matrixs of war. The more darkness the devil can place in the minds of man the greater the control he has in this battle ground called life. A word came to me last week during an attack … I will not allow the darkness in others to take the blessings God have in store for my future. I will fight the good fight of faith! In a dream I had once I heard a messenger state loudly as I stood with a multitude of people in a field watching towards men in white robes, ‘ all who are standing are those who have passed the test’. Then I saw so much others on the floor between us ‘much more than those that were standing’, weeping and in tourment and I knew it was the greatest test of my life. We are in a war but we are not without a protecter ‘Jesus’. He fights our battles for us He promises to love and protect us through it all. He placed us in life and He will never leave us alone. He knows what He has created more than His creation knows itself. He has equipped us before we were born for this war. We call out to Him and He cames and even if we die in battle in death there is the greatest victory ‘with Him’! God loves us, We are on God’s side!! Blessings!

    • Wow….you said exactly the same as I have discerned as I go through this presently.
      Stand Firm: Abba is birthing something.

  26. Sounds like someone with a Cluster-B personality disorder–Sociopath, Psychopath, Naricissist. And as I’ve learned a hard lesson are prevalent in the church because many believers are easy prey and the church allows them a place to hide who they really are. Paul warns of this in his epistles and so does Jude. But this spirit is so insideous, coming as an angel of light, that they are really difficult to detect until it’s too late and they’ve sucked you dry. Not only suck you dry, but lie to others making you the bad guy and them the victim. So twisted.

  27. Wow! Everything you have said is so true. I know someone close to me who is exactly like that 100%. And it gets harder and harder to be around that person, and no one can stand that person. I a, scared to even think what the end result of thatpersobs doing will be….. I pray for that person a lot , there’s a difference for a while then it stars up again. I see now it’s worse than before.
    What else can you help me with……… Can you give me some advice or insight into this….?????

  28. Hi Ms. Mocha,

    Yes that is correct. This demonic spirit is very predictable. Always the same root of disorder and evil. I believe that I saw this demon in a dream not too long after we broke up. It was extremely blue and looked like a built troll. Like a blue strong man with a troll face. In the dream it jumped out of my ex body after pleading the blood of Jesus Christ at him. As I started to ask its name it said ‘my name is legion’. After having that dream I started to wonder just how many demons was in my ex with this entity being the strongman head demon.

  29. Contrary to what most people think the Jezebel spirit not only operates in women. There are men who seduce women as well and execute ungodly authority in churches. They are called warlocks. Many people also associate women who wear makeup with this spirit. Jezebel was not evil because she wore makeup. Her ungodliness is what made her evil. Jezebel is not a gender as some would like to believe. It is a spirit of disobedience to the will of God and can attach itself to anyone. I have known pastors that ruined ministries by seducing the women in their congregations. We tend to over look this spirit in men because they are the head. That’s why prayer, obedience and the spirit of discernment are so important. They help us recognize this this spirit when it comes and protects us from its many snares!

  30. Even if the person the spirit was in is out of your life will the bad luck and all the other bad stay in my life? How do I get cleansed from the spirit?

    • Jennifer, First of all, are you saved? Get that straight first, and if you are born-again, then you have the authority to trample on the heads of “snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy”, according to the word of God.
      That means, by speaking the word of God out of your mouth, that “bad luck”
      cannot stay. (I don’t believe in bad “luck”, but if you do, then you must rebuke
      that spirit in the name of Jesus). Play praise music in your home and worship God,& soon that spirit will have to depart. God says in Jeremiah 29:11 that his plans for you are for good & NOT for evil. John 10:9 & 10 will tell you how to be
      born-again if you’re not already. And please don’t focus on “luck”. That is a term
      the world uses and is actually from the devil. Believe God’s promises for your life and things will begin to turn around for you.

  31. Wow!!!! Tis is so much information to grasp, thnk u holy spirit for leading me here.i gave my life to the lord in 2013, i was n fire for god until i fell ibto a trap the enemy set for me in 2015, wen u look at it it was a trap. I thought i fell in love with a man who seem to b consumeing me my every being he is nt a believer n in my natural self i would nt cross the line with tis man. I seem to cant get over tis man n somrimes im sad because he doesnt give me the attention tht i want, i realized tht god has being n still is fighting fot me, a las week i share my ordel with a christian friend n she told me i have the jazebel spirit she prayed with me , this is new to me anyway i desided to go n a 6 day fasting to concecrate my self n on this journey i so wanted to no more abt tis spirit so rite now tis very second im learning please i pray tht some one will help me to undersatand tis n i culd share more of my experience i belive tis man have to jezebel spirit all the characters fit him help me to understand wht i have gotten my self into n o i can get out

  32. We started a Church 33 years ago and a few years into the ministry we began to deal with a mocking spirit. We went into spiritual warfare and we were attacked in our health, and physical and in our family, (children and grand-children). As the years went by we were trying to keep our heads above the water and to stay alive.
    About a year ago I felt we needed to go into spiritual warfare again because our country is in such trouble and we have a high suicide rate among our young people, although I have been dragging my feet. mainly because I don’t want to get beat up again. I’m 75 years old. Lately I’ve notice this mocking and joking spirit is back. I am so upset because I have been trying to teach our people to pray for a revival of repentance to be birthed in our church, our state and our nation. If you can help me I would appreciate it.

  33. I have actually seen more destruction come from people labeling people as a Jezebel than anything else. Love is the greatest gift. Do not get caught up in demon hunting. The focus should be on Jesus. Jezebel worshipped Baal. She led everyone into worshipping false Gods. A believer sitting in church who may suffer with rejection, beat down by fellow believers and without friends, who may want to sing or lead a group, who may have unfortunately been born attractive making others jealous and where men fall for them out of their own lust…none of this constitutes a Jezebel spirit. I don’t see people in church trying to persuade others to worship a statue or another religion. I don’t see anyone in church threatening to take a minister’s life or actually following through with it. Jezebel actually killed ministers in real life. The Christian view today of Jezebel is mystical at best. This teaching causes ignorant people to label and sin against one another instead of promoting love. If you don’t have the character of God and the love for your fellow believers, then you are nothing. Fear of demons promotes fear of people which is the opposite of love.

    • A10, Although I agree with you on several points, may I add something? Its just as bad to ignore that spirit as it is to give it too much attention. Its not love to allow a spirit that has potential to bring down ministries, or to hurt other people and families within it’s reach. God gives discernment for a reason. Although it’s not likely someone labeled a Jezebel will actually try to kill someone physically, there are other ways to destroy another person besides murdering them. Yes, Jezebel in the bible murdered the prophets of God and threatened Elijah, but that does not mean that’s how the Jezebel spirit always reacts. And being physically attractive is no reason for someone to be automatically labeled a Jezebel. If they have the other characteristics, it doesn’t matter if they are male or female, young or old, attractive or plain, Jezebel can work through anyone. Jezebel is a spirit and attaches to anyone that allows it. And I do agree love should be the focus. No one should be labeled a Jezebel unless there’s a clear word from God and someone’s not just assuming things that aren’t there. I would not call someone a Jezebel unless I was certain, and then I’d pray for their deliverance before I would confront them. But there may be a time when it should be confronted. Remember, the bible does talk about those that are causing trouble in the church and how they should be dealt with.

    • Just read your article. I think it spot on! I minister in a prayer group. Had two women who started calling the other witches behind their books. both are god fearing women. The enemy loves to stir up dissension with accusations. A lot of this can be personality traits. Look at the fruit. If these people love Jesus the fruit will be evident. How the enemy wants us to start labeling each other with things!

  34. I feel that you give wy to much credit to this evil demon! It is praised all through the article here on how smart it is! How good it is at playing games on people etc I just think way to much praise is gone out on this demon! It definitely don’t need that much lifted up because that is what the spirit likes!

    • The best defense against an enemy is to know everything you can about them. Our government does this so that we may understand their weaknesses and strengths. The Bible also teaches us that “we are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge”. What knowledge is this? The knowledge of demons, their powers and tactics. When we say Russia has a nuke that could take out the East coast, we are not giving a praise release like one who has just won the Olympics. we are sounding the alarm and education people on our enemies power. If the enemy can keep us from revealing their abilities, lets say by, “giving them to much praise, then he has effectively used us to cloak his true identity.

      • Plus Paul exhorts us not to be ignorant (lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular) of the devil’s devices. He also qualifies this saying this in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.


  35. The Holy Spirit lead me here, no doubt about it. I discovered my husband’s affair and received texts and photos. I felt the other woman looked evil in the photo. This explains what I saw. I am reading and learning a lot. I need to know how to effectively deal with this in the spirit realm. I have had my home anointed, prayed over etc. If anyone has advice, I appreciate any guidance you may have.

  36. ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’ Make no mistake these falling angels are evil and wish to distoy mankind. You can not put light on darkness. There is something evil attacking the people and creation of the world an invisible force and we all know it. You can call a demon Jezebel or some other name but what is known is that there are many falling angels attacking to distroy us. Discernment is a weapon and if God allows us to sense that evil is around us He wants us to pray to him to remove that evil. It may be the falling angel that many call Jezebel or another evil force that is trying to distroy us. The name is not important what is important is that we are not to take it lightly and ignore the Fathers warning. Something is attacking us and playing the devil’s advocate by watering down the attack by feel good beliefs is an evil in itself. Identifying the evil that is trying to harm us is important but the most important thing to do is to obey God and fight the forces of evil. Do not ignore God, If God is showing you evil ask Him to distroy that evil in His son Jesus name.

    • Please could someone explain to me WHY all this demonic activities were not mentioned in the old testament as a general experience of God’s people ?. Jezebel in the Bible was the daughter of Ethbaal an idolatrous phoenician king that turned the heart of King Ahab against God. The few cases that we have experienced in the church in regards to the spirit of Jezebel comes from believers who were contaminated by idolatry, which is a violation of the first commandment, which attracts a divine curse ( it blocks the flow of God’s grace and mercy ) to the individual, especially the grace to submit to legitimate authority. However, when they confess and repent of their sins and are prayed for by God’s anointed servant, they are released.

      King Solomon in the Bible had similar problem. He was contaminated by his foreign wives who were demon worshippers..They turned his heart against God and the grace of God was withdrawn from him. Repentance is the key to deliverance in many cases.

  37. Wow, this is some very interesting reading. I have a question I want to know have you ever came in contact with a Pastor/prophet who has it. I have and it’s not pretty.

    • Hi Pat,

      I dated one. After we broke up I had a dream showing me the master demon behind him. It was deep blue and looked like a muscular built troll. In my dream, I started to plead the blood of Jesus Christ on my ex and he started to run. I called two ladies in the dream to hold him and they did. ‘ I believe they were Angels’. Then this demon jumped out of my ex body and ran in a corner. I was about to ask the demon what was his name when he stated ‘his name is legions’. I then woke up with greater understanding of what was terrorizing me and mentally abusing me for about two to three years. God reveals things to you in dreams at times to give you greater understanding and to heal you. Praise God!

      • I got the same visual at one point after encountering and being entrapped by a person who glorified the devil. Kept flashing in my head. Stocky blue troll. My life was shambles and out of my control for Years following. Ended up in a relationship with a sociopath then a narcissist. I was drained. I prayed harder than I have ever prayed. Actually had a strong visual of a huge spider on my stomach when I asked to see what was happening. I believe I was marked to be fed off of? I have fought back to some semblance of myself with serious prayer and surrender. Fear has been the hardest to surrender. Also felt led to have help in the removal of what felt like a curse. Its been a wild journey. Nothing but praise to God and holding onto his promises of restoration.

  38. I can say this about this spirit. Anytime you see this spirit in operation in a ministry or an organization, take into account the people. I say this because we should challenge this spirit. When you see people that are “laxed”, overly tolerant/ this opens a breading ground for this spirit to come in. The only way this spirit can dwell and operate is if those around it tolerate it, have assimilated with it, or there is another Jezebel(s) within the same group. Like spirits dwell. Jezebel does not work on his or her own. He or she work through people that they can control or people that feel that they “need” their services. She searches for victims. I have came across a pastor that carried this spirit. She had a ministry full of young people that needed guidance.She walked heavily in the prophetic. Very loving. Her gifts of the spirit made people fearful of her. She had an armour bearer that would yell at members for not meeting her needs. ( This is another trait). She pushes other people up to do the dirty work.It is very subtle. I do not believe that her intentions were bad, but when we lack understanding we can get caught up into ourselves and our own fears and lead others astray. She had excessive monetary and time demands on her people, to the point that homes were breaking apart. The Lord told me ” My burden is light and my yoke is easy”.This left only the wives to attend the church, the men would walk away causing division between husband and wife. Be weary of ministries and organizations that upsurp male authority. The ministry operated in the prophetic. If she does not hate the prophetic, she tends to misuse the prophetic gift. Intercessors were interceding according to her will as oppose to the will of the Holy Spirit. Prophecies were tainted by some of the intercessors because they fed into her needs ” If you do not sew into her, the Lord will take your blessings”. Etc. That is witchcraft at its finest. How prophecies were given were controlled. She was not the only jezebel spirit within the ministry. The praise team leader carried that spirit as well as some of her day one members. This can only stifle a minstry The Lord used me in a way that was not pleasing to the ministry. True people of God will not always tell you what you want to hear. T his pastor would push me to give the word, but not back me knowing that it was truth. In the end, situations were twisted around and turned back on me, because I would not do what she wanted ( travel with her and forfeit school).The ministry turned on me and my family as a result. In this ministry, everyone was the enemy that was not apart of the clique. I believe that the spiritual root of this spirit is fear as well.Jezebel is the master of taking the attention off of the problem and twisting it back on you. I had to overly explain things because I was not “trusted”. My lack of attendance due to school showed unfaithfulness, hence the child sacrifice. I was asked to be a sacrificial lamb for the whole so that others can do what they need to do with their families. This is one of the worst spirits to encounter.

  39. This spirit is attacking me even the people who are spiritually inclined I’ve seen it attaching itself to them.
    It stated @ work, now its multiplying and attacking me in public places. My Girlfriend noticed this and she is really intimidated by this
    spirit and want to destroy my relationship .It attack me in the mall, restaurants, church(not much in church) .neighbors even though they noticed it later the damaged is difficult to reverse.

  40. Very on point, you have provided very detailed information about this spirit. A person with this spirit from my experience shows every one of these characteristics not just a few. Now the question is how does a normal believer especially one who is married with kids to a person with this type of spirit overcome this as I am dealing with? Eventually it’s spiritually emotionally and physically exhausting for the people dealing with close loved ones with this spirit.

  41. I have a question regarding discernment and words from God, etc. By the criteria most Christians use ( is the word heard by the person inwardly or spoken to them by a prophet accurate) the slave girl possessed of a spirit of divination would have passed muster as a true prophet if no one knew anything more about her. Obviously accuracy is not the only criteria. But what is? How then does on tell the difference between a true word and the spirit of pythos or divination?

  42. Dear all;
    I am living a hell with this situacion…..what you are decriben is complete correct. My story is very Frustrating, Very Sad and Painfull…..It is to long to explain everything…
    But the more important is: WHAT TO DO TO FIGHT THIS SPIRIT AND THROW IT FROM YOUR LIFE? What can I do??? I need that answer as soon as possible for start working on this….I believe in God and I pray everyday and ask God to show me what to do, because I can do it on my own….Please help me……

  43. The Jezebel spirit that I have discerned is my Mother in law who has been my husbands pastor all his life, and she is very religious and traditional. My husband is 49 years old and has been under his mother all his life, she is very controlling and domineering and wants him to be sitting right there under her. He is afraid to go to other churches to visit and feels guilty when he is not able to go. She pulls us in her office and scolded us for not coming to Bible Study one night like we were 12 yrs old she was sooo angry with me, she told me that she was his pastor and that she was in charge of his soul! I immediately discerned that this is a Jezebel spirit, and a Python spirit that altho he was married she does not want him to be from under her! So I said this to say that Jezebel can come in the form of a Mother that happens to be a pastor.

  44. Raphael,

    First let me say I am so sorry you are going through something so horrible. While it may seem of little consolation in this moment, let me assure you God is in control of your situation despite it seeming so out of control.

    A book someone put me onto was helpful in at least recognizing the Jezebel, and also offering prayer to come against this. “Restored to Freedom” by Nelson Schuman.

    Most people will not understand nor believe the reality you are seeing. And as such it’s probably a good idea to be VERY cautious about any advice from humans you take. Prayer is really the only thing you should be doing as you make your way through this. You need to be seeking out answers from God directly.

    In my own situation I have been dealing with this for over 5 years and I’ve learned a few simple truths. 1) God cares way more about my relationship with Him, than my relationship with my spouse. 2) God saw me through it even though at times it was hour by hour. In the end God brought me into a new season of peace and clarity and closeness to Him. While it still hurts with all my wife did, I still pray for her and have faith that God will somehow bring her home. Normal logic would not have most think this way, but this is where God has me. But that’s my journey. God has something tailor made for you, but it’s up to you to seek that out.

    I hope all this helps… call on God.

    • I have been told by a christian counselor that I have a border line personality disorder. Does that mean I have a jezebel spirit working in me? How do I get free from this spirit? My desire is to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh. I know that Jesus is coming soon and I want a pure heart so I will be ready and not be ashamed at His coming!

      • Lucille, since you say your desire is to walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lust
        of the flesh, it’s unlikely you truly have the “Jezebel spirit”. I think a true
        Jezebel wouldn’t care. Just desiring to have a pure heart shows that you
        may have a slight “personality disorder”, whatever that means, but I would
        not take that to heart. Pray and read the word. Speak the promises of God
        out loud. Sing and worship God, and trust Him. Remember the word of God says we have the mind of Christ. Speak out loud and often that you have the mind
        of Christ. Ask God to prepare you and
        your loved ones to be ready at His coming. You sound pretty stable to me.
        I’m not a professional counselor, but I do have discernment.

  45. I have been told by a christian counselor that I have a border line personality disorder. Does that mean I have a jezebel spirit working in me? How do I get free from this spirit? My desire is to walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh. I know that Jesus is coming soon and I want a pure heart so I will be ready and not be ashamed at His coming!

  46. I am a missionary in a third world country and my husband and I and some other volunteers here may have just come to the realization that a Pastor of a ministry we used to work with must be a Jezebel Spirit….we all left his ministry but stayed in relationship afterward, and he continues to attack and try to manipulate us. Things of this nature have been going on for about a year with him. When 1st meeting him he did appear a man of God and prophet led by the Holy Spirit..his strange behavior confused us all and when we 1st distanced ourselves from him (ie stopped working directly with him) things were better for a period of time, but even though we don’t work together, we still are in a friendship with him and doing different outreach in the same area, and have mutual contacts, he recently attacked both couples within days of each other. The pattern of his behavior is the same each attempt to discredit us or slander us or accuse us of trying to hone in on his supporters, or spread a rumor about us to others we know locally and back in our home countries. It is always one of these things, verbally or in writing from him. I have known this man for many years and used to visit his ministry on short term trips and never saw the evidence of this spirit, only his Godliness and Charisma, but have seen repeated behaviors now that I have been around him for a long period of time. After reading this article I fear he indeed is a Jezebel spirit and he is very prideful and accuses people of being in the way if attention is taken off his work and ministry in group situations. He threatens to tell people we are in mutual friendships with about our bad behaviors as he sees them.I am sure he does not have any idea that this is controlling him.At first, we thought we were just dealing with an Angry or Offended spirit in him.These articles have opened my eyes to what we are now dealing with. If you or anyone has more advice or guidance for us we appreciate it.
    Thank you for this information, we have already started to rebuke the Jezebel Spirit in Jesus name and will continue to pray and seek Gods help.

  47. This is some really good info. So if you have a parent who has this spirit and it’s gotten worse over the years, should one break all contact as to not tolerate this spirit? I have stood up to this parent several times and they no longer attack me but still show disrespect. This parent also has a religious spirit. He’s also married to a Jezebel woman and obviously, this spirit overtook him more after he married her (even though he was warned by Godly people.)

  48. Would getting baptized cleans a person of demons or will it require more than that?

  49. This was a really interesting article. What I want to know is whether a Jezebel spirit will attach itself to a host after a traumatic experience such as rape? My wife was molested as a child by her uncles then she was raped at 15 by a Church leader and then she was gang raped at 18. She has all the personality traits mentioned in the article. She has also tried to commit suicide numerous times. My marriage and life has been hell over the years. How can I make sure that it is indeed a Jezebel spirit as she is all for prayer and spiritual warfare. Is there any other way I can i can do this?

    • It can, however it likely hovered around that person for some time before causing a straight up traumatic expierance. I’ve had some like that haunt me as a baby, and then later tried to get me to go out the window like what dropped out Jezebel. They are able to jump ship and remotely muck with people you care about as well. Friends family etc. I’ve been praying to pop em off for a little while, def since feb of this year. Had friends that I’ve had in the past that started showing attributes and had to leave they also like to wait till your alone then bring up another person and talk through them. At that point in time thought it was weird. Heard voices few times and personally I think I inherited that evil thing from my mom’s line. Actually had em have the audacity to show up as a voice and say to drop Christ….that’s not how that works anyway.. once you accept him, you can’t get rid of Christ…even when we are faithless he is faithful. So I pray you find the relief from that. They are definitely a tricky thing. And the legends of incubi and such are wrapped in that as well. God bless you sir and may you blop that thing out.

  50. Hi Thank you for the article, very informative.

    I’m a Christian but recently dated a man, very good looking, very charismatic from a nice family where his parents who are gentle and meek claim to be Christian as well.
    He is a narcissist. He doesn’t know he has this personality disorder but he has all of the attributes. Lies, cheats, manipulation, mind control, controlling, false self, multiple personalities, moody, depressed, victim, uses “love” to get his way, double talker. He has everyone around him fooled until you date him. When I confront hi. He laughs and laughs like I’m the dumbest person he’s ever heard speak and then says something totally unrelated like “I wish I would have known you when you were a little girl”. He’s mocking me of course. I’m a 47 year old women, not a child.
    He is not a Christian from what I can tell and when I first started to date him I thought that do to his tender spirit he would be receptive to church and accepting the Lord Jesus as his Savior. He would agree to church but it never formulated into anything. Just words.
    Anyway my question is can a spirit(s) take over a non Christian?
    He’s doing a lot of damage to women and people. He is a covert narcissist for certain but I’m starting to believe that all narcissists have this spirit. If you read the patterns it is the exact same in every person all over the world. Like they follow a written script/hand manual. Male or female.
    I’ve ended it with him but he continued to Hoover me for several weeks and I’d talk about the Lord and quote scripture to him on the phone. Then he started to talk about the Lord or once he did by saying “the Lord is good”. This was the first and last time he did this and he stumbled on the words. He doesn’t stumble on words.
    I have asked every prayer warrior to pray and my sister who gets visions from the Lord but had no idea this was going on when I was in the thick of it texted me that she felt that my spirit was broken and she was praying. My niece who is also a spiritual warrior contacted me out of the blue to tell me that the Lord had instructed her to pray. I’ve prayed and asked every prayer warrior to pray and he just left, stopped calling like snap your fingers, one day it was constant like clock work and the next day done.
    Now I start having feelings to phone him. That’s what led me here. I got the feeling he has a demon and I googled. This last night and articles came up but your writing descrines his behavior point by point. His and every narcissist.
    It might be interesting to add that this man lives in the old parsonage to the church home that I grew up in. That is a coincidence most likely but give me an eerie feeling now where before I thought it was neat.
    So my main question out of all this is can a non believer have a demon like this?
    I always learned that Satan has not interest in putting non Christians into bondage.
    Please say a prayer for all of those suffering from a relationship with a narcissist, this is the most invidious from of abuse on the planet and most people do not know that the victims are being abused, specifically when the abuser is covert.
    Thank you very much.

  51. Does the person have to display all of the characteristics?? The person I suspect has 12 of the 13 characteristics described in part 1. They descriptions are perfect!! This person personally attacks me, has been physically, verbally, and is still emotionally abusive, helped destroy my first marriage and has attempted to destroy my present marriage. They have ruined relationships, and humiliates me in front of my children. Not exactly sure where to go from here except to keep praying for Gods protection over my family and myself.

    • Even a third or half of the characteristics is enough to know that they have the spirit or NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

      Good luck to you sister. Do your best to keep these people out of your life. And if they’re family or someone you used to date and you have kids together so you can’t eradicate them out of your life completely, then keep your visits to them as sporadic as possible and keep the actual visits as short as possible and talk to them only when necessary, and don’t ever share anything personal or extra with them. They are dangerous and destructive.

  52. I had a boyfriend with the jezebel spirit it’s so sad cause he was draining the energy out of me,I knew something wasn’t right. Thanks to god he let me go and I’m saved.. My question is, can I pray for him and his family cause I think all of them might have that evil spirit, or you just can’t help those people? I truly believe that I can help them with prayer, but I don’t want to waste my time since I have a lot praying to make up for the time I lost with the lord and trying to get my calling back. And could they be worshipping it? like could they know they have the spirit and simply like it? Or is it impossible to know. His done so much horrible things to me and I’m trying my best to forgive, forget and move on, But I wish he receives gods mercy and give his life to him.

  53. I may have to disagree with the whole hating profits and spiritual warfare assumption. I am dealing with a woman who for the most part could be called a prayer warrior. So much so, she has created her own form of religious obsession. No one but her is qualified to be as obedient to GOD as she is. Virtually every other symptom is right on the money. Definitely a looker and once a stripper. Can manipulate and dominate every conversation, must be the center of attention. Can spout off scripture like no tomorrow, quick to anger and spew vile words, questions everyone’s spirituality, and the most spiritually condescending, selfish, and prideful person I have ever known. I have given up on her, I pray each day for her, but I am done. Just filled out and mailed off divorce papers to her.

  54. I know for a fact that the man I was with for 6 years had this sinister spirit dwelling in him. There were glimpses of it I think it allowed me to see. I have a personal relationship with God and I think this sprit targets those that do. The night he broke my nose I had a burst of adrenaline and pinned him at the kitchen sink. That’s when it appeared for the second time. It began laughing at me. It’s eyes it’s mouth hysterical. IT still gives. Me the you think they’re also incubus or succubus in nature?

  55. true fact it is so sad that many of us are going through these different kind of demonic forces i think i am still fighting with mine own.i even see it i my family.after i have read this i really want to be delivered please pray for me as i seek Gods will for my life and my entire family. very powerful and encouraging words.i am so scared i don’t want any evil force in my life.thanks

  56. I know this is an old article. But please help.
    My mother surely has this spirit in her. When she was younger and divorced, she had many lovers. She was and still is at the age of 74 an attractive woman.
    To this day she still loves being the centre of attention and comments on everyone passing us by if we are for instance at a restaurant. She is also very charming!
    She always wants to speak to my daughters about boyfriends and sex partly to be the centre of attention and shock someone.
    My biggest concern at present is the fact that it’s impossible to tell her that she is wrong. She will not hear it and would rather “write me off” than apologise.
    So here I sit for the umpteenth time with a broken heart. She refuses to contact me. I had told her off very lovingly that she should not get so worked up as she hadn’t listened to me in the first place and ended conveying the wrong message to someone else. This because she loves to gossip and is a sensationalist.
    How do I pray for her and this situation.
    How do I pray for someone who believes she is always right. How do I approach her to make amends without having to apologise for something I didn’t do. Because if I do apologise I’ll be right back there in her controlling web.
    Because of her pride she would rather never speak to me again.
    By the way. This comes from a generational line of women who are alcoholics, promiscuous, foul mouthed, gossipers and pleasure seekers. I don’t know how far back this goes.
    I have broken the stronghold and I will not see my daughters end up the same.

  57. Hey Mary.

    So I was really drawn to your reponses or comments and have a question for you.

    Do you believe a person who suspects this type of stuff is near or possibly even influencing them are we able to go and pray to God directly and be delivered from THESE demonic spirits or presences ourselves?

    Please and thank you so much.
    God bless.

    With love,

  58. Please help!!

    I believe this EVIL spirit is near me and has been my entire life. God just recently lead me to this new awearness and I’m trying to learn more and seek more information about it all.

    Does anyone know if a host and or person being influenced by this are they able to pray/fast and God deliver and heal them from it at home, alone? Or no?

    Please and thank you.
    God bless.

  59. My wife was doing some research and found this article, and it describes our former roommate almost perfectly. She had been in an accident as a child and eventually became a partial amputee as a result, and I think part of that resentment from being scarred allowed this kind of spirit to inhabit and make its home within her. After she left, we found out just how long of a trail of shattered lives she had left in her wake. But that’s not the worst of it.

    From what we have been told by several people who have done readings of our home, we think that she attracted another Jezebel spirit and left it in our house. One of these people actually used the name Jezebel when talking about it. The same things that are happening now are the same things that our roommate was causing between us while she was here. How do we handle something like this that is attached to our living space?

  60. I believe my brother-in-law’s wife has a jezebel. Much of what you covered in this article describes her to a tee. Sadly, they have a child together and one on the way. She has my brother-in-law in such a stressed state that he takes prescription drugs just so he can deal with her and keep his sanity. She has called both my mother-in-law and myself toxic because we have committed the unforgivable sin of stealing the spotlight from her in the past. If anyone reads this, please pray for my husband’s family. Either to free this woman from this spirit, or free the family from this woman, either one works for me.

    • Dear Just a Lowly Disciple,

      As a completely heartbroken mother of a wonderful, kind, and very Christian son, who committed suicicide earlier this year because of the pain and hopelessness he felt from the evils his wife inflicted, tell your brother in law to get out of the situation now to save his own life and the life of his children! My son was well educated, in perfect physical and mental health. While I believe God wants all marriage’s to work, yet I also believe He loves everyone of us and we each have value just as your brother-in-law does; thus sometimes there are reasons marriages cannot be worked out to last. Reading this article was like reliving the few years they were married. She did all she could to destroy us and of course her main goal was to destroy him, which she did. She possesses all the sweet seductive traits in a person and is a masterful deceiver in public. Please share this with your mother-in-law because it is too late for my son, yet her son can be saved. I would think you would want to get an excellent lawyer so he gets joint custody of their children. I suspect she will destroy them too if allowed. I am simply trying to help you so your family does not lose their loved one.

  61. This was wonderful to read. Praise the Lord for this and I’m going to share it for others to read and beware.

  62. All of this fits my mother to the letter. I have only recently discovered and researched about this, first looking into narcissism and the like. My whole childhood (I’m 26 now) she would downplay everyone and everything that anyone did. She would never accept fault for her choices, having emotional outbursts in public or around company. Her vanity was so intense she would walk around in her underwear in front of my brother and I, for what I don’t know. She would try to charm her way into anything. There was an incident where her melodrama was so great she threatened to kill herself in front of both my brother and I. She was so obsessive and controlling she had my brother (who is a year younger) and I in the same grade for 4 years so she could keep an eye on, never allowing us to be independent well into our teen and early adulthood.

    I am glad to know that there is a solution to this problem.

    Thank you!

  63. This is why I am angry, resentful, regretful, and apprehensive about being fully embedded in church again. I was attacked by a Jezebel Spirit, 8 yrs ago. And my life is still in shambles. Everything that you wrote about fit me to a tee. The depression reference really hit home. After a few months of dating, I became severely depressed and lost everything. I tried to committ suicide several times.

    I’ve also lost my calling, my purpose and my testimony.

    • Brian Guidry, GREATER is the ONE that is in you than the one that is in the world. Declare scriptures over your life. Practice the presence of God, pray without stop, ask God to lead you to the church that he has for you and the Lord will strengthen you by his Holy Spirit releasing you from all satanic work. You. have power to destroy the work of satan in your life. God has given you authority to command him to remove his work from his life so start practicing that authority given to you because God wants to use you to destroy satanic work from others. God wants to give you discernment to see the work of satan in others people, in the church so thru you evil spirits can be release from peoples’ lives. Father God I thank you for Brian and I ask you to guide them and to bring healing into his mind and heart. Holy Spirit give him strength by showing him how much he is loved by his Heavenly Father. Blessings!

    • I have also been attacked by a few of these. Its very very trying but you will also learn lots from it and be much wiser… Your life is your testimony, this is part of your testimony… the Lord is our Redeemer.

    • I will pray for you Brian. Anyone who has been brought to this article is here for a reason whether affected by the Jezebel spirit in some way or personal experience with it. But it is to open our eyes. The spiritual realm is very much alive and we honestly need His help to hold strong, build armor and a defense system against the spirits that seek us. The most amazing thing though is that, God is and always has been in complete control. He is the most powerful being out there, so nothing that happens here on earth or in the spiritual realm is beyond Him. He knows and allows these things to happen to strengthen us and our trust in Him. Have faith in Him and know that if you came across this article there is a purpose for it beyond your understanding that will be for your ultimate best future. Best Wishes, Aleigha.

    • The best medicine and in fact the only real fix is to immerse yourself in the bible. Start at the beginning and aggressively and relentlessly chow down on that manna until you read all the way through. I promise you, you will get your hope and dreams back. Keep doing it until you are restored then you can eat less. God is faithful and you w be reestablished.

    • Do not give up
      I too had this
      It is an ongoing war
      But it can be won

    • Why not keep trying different churches until you can find one you can call home?

      You will find the right one with the right people who are loving, kind and understanding. Just keep searching brother. And may our God Almighty grant you to find peace of heart and comfort and love and His joy in your life. Stay strong, pray often, and commit yourself to read at least a chapter a day from the Bible. It might only take 5 or 10 minutes of your time but it will bless you abundantly.

      May the Lord’s peace be with you brother.

  64. I just need to clarify demons were not created by Elohim but but are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim that were killed in then flood.

    Also as someone who has been delivered from Jezebel this demon ALWAYS works with the Levithan and Ahab spirit – never alone. Not all the characteristics mentioned here embodies Jezebel as it depends on the influence of the demons under it as the strongman.

    • Can you give scripture stating that demons were not created beings and that they are the disembodied spirits of the nephilim? The Bible clearly tells us that everything was created by God including Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels that wee cast out of heaven and became demons.

  65. I am currently going through bad times I feel like I have a jazabel spirit In my life right now she has attached her self to my boyfriend. It started 2 years ago she seduced him and our lives has been a wreck. All we did was argue he would defend her she would call none stop, text and just do the most. She didn’t even know him and started asking for money and everything. Time went on I couldn’t deal with it I had a talk with her she made it seem as if she was not trying to break up anything she been through this before so she would never want nobody to feel that pain. The next day she was right back talking to him like we never had a conversation. I kicked him out and she ran right to him and now she won’t leave. I told him she is no good he defends her, says I should get to know her she’s goofy and hilarious I would like to be around her. Thought to myself nobody is that funny that was sign number. Then she started play long victim she always came crying to him talking about she wanted to kill her self she don’t want to live anymore sign 2. After that she started putting things in his head like she will sleep with him but he has to leave me alone or the reason she wont sleep with him is because of me sign 3. My life is hell right now I don’t know what to do he is losing everything and he blames me but it’s because of her and she won’t help him with anything she does little things to keep him roped in. She always asking for money, wanting him to do things for her and he does it. All I do is pray for us to find our way back to each other but this spirit has a hold of him that seems like it’s not going anywhere. She has turned my life upside down this article opened my eyes because everything I read is what she is doing. I asked him why he can’t let her go he told me because she’s funny.

    • Let go let God, it will hurt. you will cry. but let him go , God wants you whole and pure , He wants you to find him, He will follow. we don’t need men to be whole we need God, and vise versa, if you put all you have in a person they will let you down, know why? because thier not God. and you made them your God, find God and the rest follows that your human bodies desires , God know us first , he knows what we need. are you listening? find God go to church gotomeeting hang with christians , do not follow sin, it will hurt you fool you lie to u , you become that shining person you desire by obeying God. not them and trying o please them , beleive me from expersince let them Go, and what happens they will return,if they know God, and God will use people to reach them and God even uses sinners to reach them, pray pray pray, a prayer closet and tears to God you will see evidence of this in two to three weeks , you clean yourself up for yourself , the light will shine

    • This spirit is so evil and cunning, once your boyfriends allow her in – this spirit will enter him too. Do what the prophet of God, Elijah did. Run away from it as far as you can! Know that you deserve better. You may love your boyfriend but as this message has taught us, if you are of God and is well trained in spiritual warfare, you’ll pick up on these things. If your boyfriend refuses to see it, it will take over him and can possibly transfer into you. It’s a scary thing – stay away from it! I pray that you’ll be healed from this experience. God will put the right one in your path but the key is to seek God and not a man. Shalom sister.

    • Yes, like Kat says — let him go.

      And like Chev says — Shalom, Sister.

      Because 1Corinthians 7:15 says —
      But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace.

  66. All of these points are phenomenally insightful. I want to corroborate specifically point 11. I am a professional photographer. I was photographing a woman I suspect is infiltrated with Jezelbel Spirit. In most of her portraits she is charming and pretty. But in one instance, her attention was completely absorbed in something else, and I called her name out of the blue as I trained my camera on her. Just as she turned to look in my direction I snapped her photo. The resulting photo scared the living shit out of me as I was experienced enough with narcissists to know that the photo had somehow captured an evil spirit lurking inside this woman. The photo exactly fits your description of simultaneously being evil and seductive at same time.

    • For 4 years I dated a “preacher” I saw and experienced many of these terrible things described in this article. On a couple occasions I saw his eyes go from normal, to total evil. I’m not talking angry eyes. I’m saying different eyes, color and all. The second time I saw this happen with him, I actually watched them go from normal to the satanic, then back to normal again. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I most likely wouldn’t have believed this. Although I know demons exist, I didn’t know much about how they infiltrated people. After the second time seeing this happen, I told him I thought he had a demon in him. His reply was, “you do” I wasn’t quite sure why this demon exposed itself to me. Perhaps still not sure. But After reading this article, it explains some things I’d experienced. Although people have been informed about this person, he is still pastoring a church.

  67. My GOD from Zion!! Latashia I’m currently in a very similar situation instead of it being my boyfriend it’s my husband. Because of this outside female, we are currently separated and my husband closed down his church. The strongest weapon we all have is prayer. I’ve surrounded myself with strong prayer warrior and am in the battle of my life!! Seek spiritual guidance and pray that this evil curse is broken. God is faithful. We may not see a way out but I just believe that God will not let me down. The Jezebel spirit is alive and well and is roaming the earth seeking its next victim. The key is to educating yourself on how it operates and teaching it to others and by all means having a strong prayer live. I pray that all will work out for you as well as for me and my situation.

    • Amen Sister, that’s right. What has the Lord done in your situation since you posted this? Give us an update and a testimony 🙂

    • God bless you sister and may he give you all the strength and discipline and peace of mind you require to battle this through like a true Christian warrior! And may He ever be by your side, through thick and thin.

  68. sometimes a very cunning person in satan is confused with a jezebel spirit and the jezebel spirit is used in many christians to gain control over someone, we are not to control others that is for God to do , reading the king james bible will set anyone free having someone in Gods word will help, don’t dwell on it so much i found God is simple and powerful when he speaks it is pure honest and set in stone and not much in words but in the power of love

    • I read the New King James Version – Study Bible in jail, and although I spent 20 years of my life in a Christian family, for some reason when I’d read the Bible it would never really sink in like it should. But when I read the New King James Version, the Book of Matthew, the parables and the lessons taught suddenly came to life and I felt the true joy of life for the first time in my life. I was completely amazed and moved that suddenly all of the parables started making perfect sense and the Word seemed to have “opened up” to me.

      So I’m definitely buying myself that same version of that Bible very soon, although I do already have a few other versions available at home. I think spending 40 or 50 dollars on a good study Bible encased in a good leather covering or another sort of hard casing type that will last a long time and not come apart after just a year or two, I think that will be the most value you will ever get for something of that price. Very much worth it even if it cost 400 or 500 dollars. But I’m glad the Bible is so cheap and equally accessible to the poor and the rich.

  69. Does satan use this spirit also through false prophets and apostles to instill it into more people?

  70. so with this:d this was all due to them allowing this kind of evil spirit to get on the inside of them in the first place, and from there, blindly follow this evil spirit’s leadings to do what it wanted them to do.

    I have seen this spirit literally play some people right over the edge of a cliff where they ended up losing everything. And this was all because they were too blind and ignorant to see what was really going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm. WHY WOULD THE HOLY SPIRIT NOT LEAD US AND GUIDE US INTO ALL TRUTH OR WARN US SPECIFICALLY BEFORE SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPENS? doesnt make sense why i didnt get warned till afterward through the internet. although i did see JZB on lic3ense plates but thats vague and not specific like all things with the lord in this season of my life. yet nobody wants to give me a straight answer on why. other than some puffed up “oh god can do what he wants answer”

    • Yes indeed, God can do what He wants. And WHAT HE WANTS is for us to know the truth. That’s why He’s given us Scripture and His Spirit. Sometimes, though, we’re not paying attention to the warning signs… not seeking, asking, knocking. Can’t blame God for that.

    • The spirit is cunning and even the most elite can be deceived. I believe God does warn us, however pride has a way of helping us not see the truth . If you are saved ( except Christ as your savior) this spirit Cannot live inside you, but it can easily influence you. I have been in contact with 2. In the beginning there personalities give off a light and energy. It’s funny because both were personal trainers and very attractive. The both were “ spiritual” but the denied the power of God . They did a lot of mediation verses prayering. So my point is there are signs, are you paying attention is the question. If you have this spirit, forget worrying about who didn’t tell you, because that seems like pride is trying to rise up in you. YOU NEED TO FALL TO YOUR knees and ask God for forgiveness and to deliver you from this spirit. You then need to ask God to come in your heart as your savior . If your Saved it’s good you have recognized this spirit and that tells you right there the Holy Spirit is working! You need to repent and ask God to lead you . You need to rebuke that spirit over every part of your life and make intentional steps to not walk in that spirit. Don’t get mad at God get mad at SATAN. The master of lies and deception! I pray complete deliverance over your life in JESUS mighty name.

      • Amen! I have been under attack for awhile now. But I am so happy to be on the right track again. Pray my strength

  71. After reading this i now understand i think my husband was attacked by the jezebel spirit even now he became very abusive after our wedding sleeping out nd taking alcohol whenever i talked to him about it he would beat me teribly and accuse me of disrespecting him i could see hes eyes change into evile it continued until i left him we are currently on separation hes a pastor and he has left the church to go and open a bar please pray for us because he is still with this woman but at times goes back to the church just to get money when he is broke

    • This is the spirit of the psychopath or psychopathic narcissist generally. Unfortunately there isn’t much help for these people yet although advances in science and brain research are leading to more understanding –same for study of genetics and also of early childhood trauma.

    • oh my goodness I’m so sorry to hear this my prayers are with you and I hope all will get better for you and your husband or your ex-husband and I hope that Jesus will deliver him God bless you

    • Chances are you are better off without him if he isn’t willing to admit he has a problem and isn’t willing to change, or at the very least isn’t willing to make steady progress on his problem and to go to counseling and Bible study, and to lead a positive Christian and Bible-centered life again.

      Just pray and remember that our Father and our most high Counselor Jesus Christ of Nazareth knows what’s best for us, even when sometimes we think otherwise or don’t agree with His purpose, but in the end it all works out in our favor if we pray and follow the Lord and His principles he taught us to adhere to when he walked this earth.

      Don’t you worry, and praise God even in times of trouble, and through praise your heart and spirit will persevere in Christ Jesus and you will have victory in Christ! So sister, just pray, and pray, and read the Bible, and read it some more, and keep it by you at all times and when you go to sleep, keep it open close by you, because the Word is powerful and its ultimate wisdom will warm your heart, give you peace and fill you with joy, because there is nothing more important and nothing more valuable in our lives than walking our path, carrying our cross, and holding on to our faith to the end. So even if you two don’t get back together, sister, your rewards in heaven will be much, much bigger than anything you could have on this earth. So don’t you fret or worry! May the Lord’s peace be with you sister and may his will be done, because he knows what’s ultimately best for our lives. God bless you.

  72. Hello. Very good article, however there is something I do not agree with. You said that this spirit has caused some Man of God to lose their callings but the scriptures say that the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable/without repentance..

    • Uh, yes, even prophets can fall of the path of righteousness, fall into depression, be led astray, and get discouraged and down on themselves enough to fall of the right track. Then they tend to stop going to prayer meetings, Bible study, and stop going to church regularly and instead just once in a while, or even not at all.

      I think you’re interpreting a verse a little too literally and you need to be a little more open minded. And believe me, I understand that it’s very possible and easy to be too open minded with the Bible and too liberal in your interpretation too, so it’s good to ask questions and double check things we are not sure about with other Bible reading/deciphering Christians. And this is just my humble opinion, but I hope it helped brother. Peace be with you.

  73. I was at a church one day, and the lady called my updront and gave me a word. She said she seen me go back to school and all she could tell me was a white coat.. a lil while later i ended up taking a culinary class and decided i liked it now 4 years later I been wearing a Chef Coat since.. but what she also said was I had the Jezebel Spirit of suduction and how I needed to read something but I never remembered what scripture.. but my eyes veen open and I truly think I do.. my boss asked me why when you walk in people resepect and listen to you and I dont not know why I simply responded because when I walk into a room my presence demands respect… I truly have been researching and Iam not eveil I just like to play the same games man play and i feel like someone is telling me to just bow down and i will be better with everything ive been working so hard. I JUST FEEL CONFLICTED… I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE LORD AND EVERYTHING ABOUT SEDUCTION

    • Just submit yourself to the Lord Christina and the devil will flee from you. No amount of power an evil spirit will promise you is worth the pain that you will go through and also inflict on others. The Lord has a plan for your life, one the enemy wants to keep you far from

    • Acting seductive opens a person up to marriage blocking spirits.The seductress is always replaced by someone new. She becomes invisible or irritating to marriage prospects. If she keeps on, the seductress ages harshly and becomes repelling. Infirmity and poverty can set in as well.

      But you are doing good by looking into the Lord and examining yourself! Now is the time to seek the Kingdom of God faithfully and He will give you an abundant life.

  74. I have gone through all of this with my wife she is now with another man and in the court the other day I publicly announced that this is what you was doing as a Christian committing adultery she did not knowknew.

    She has kept my children from me for the last 3 years as a form of control and destruction trying to get me to kill myself this is that spirit it is ruthless in every way you can imagine I have taken my prayers to the courtroom of God it has been so long but even though I prove that she is lying the court will still take her word for it because she is a woman the law in the UK is disgusting any advice

    • I have prayed for you and for God to deal with your wife…and break the chains of darkness off her. I recommend you keep pressing in to God and give your wife up (surrender) to Him (God) just as Abraham did when he laid his son on the alter. In other words “casting your cares on Him”. Ultimately your wife belongs to God and He knows how to reach her. Be free to accept if God returns her to you or not. God is a good God and at times it can be extremely hard to trust (I know as I’m 54, single and have longed to have a wife but still alone) but declare out loud God’s word and repeat the promises you find in His word. I saw pastor TD Jakes on TBN today preach when Jesus turned the water to wine for the wedding feast. He pointed out the people wanted wine and Jesus gave them water first. Sometimes it looks like our prayers are not being heard or answered even though God is indeed working “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28.

      • Say a prayer for me in a similar situation, i believe the Lord is leading me out and working on my behalf because its those same scriptures i rest my faith on in Jesus name, i am not married as yet but recently have a son,3 month but he was concieved after i accepted Christ a year ago, i fornicated after rededicated my life, i’ve repented and am focusing on the Lord but the back and forth with the children i dont want to make any wrong decision although am trusting God, we to be married before all this happened then she met a coworker but am more at peace now, i know all things worketh together for my good.

  75. The Spirit of Revelation reveals that this Spirit, and the Antichrist spirit are rampant on the earth at the minute. The body of Christ for the most part is ill informed on the subject of spiritual warfare and the spirits involved. Much more light has to be cast on these areas within the church to realise what we’re dealing with. The world in a psychological sense would refer to it as a Narcissistic personality disorder, and whilst it’s true they see the person as the controller and manipulator, they fail to grasp what is happening at the spiritual root of it all. Another major weapon it uses us to deflate the target and out a cloud over them, to the point were depression sets in. To counter all of these things we have the promises and Word of the Living God. Greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. The Joy of the Lord is our strength. I will NEVER leave you or forsake you. For this Reason Christ Jesus came into the world, to destroy the works of the devil. These are but a few if the scriptures I speak out to the spiritual forces in the heavenly realms and trust me the Word of God works against them

  76. One way I would describe this spirit is “tricky”. It is very tricky. You cannot possibly underestimate the extent of its trickiness. But honestly…if you encounter *one*–you have encountered them all. I have learned that they always have the same exact traits, and they always use the same exact tactics. To sum it up: “Its nothing new under the sun”. Often you can sense it simply in the atmosphere, if you are looking for the source (though it has a tendency to almost ALWAYS have underlings and little minions it drafts) you can often sense it even stronger directly among or around the person whom it has possessed. And yes I did say “possess”, because that’s what spirits do—they possess people. Period. Until they are expelled or cast out. That’s why unfortunately, I believe the best thing to do is to simply remove the individual the spirit is operating through. This individual CANNOT be allowed to stick around. The reason I say this is because 1) this spirit’s resistance is too strong to play around with in terms of compromise. Don’t waste your time trying to “outthink it”–because, trust me–this spirit will always be willing to stoop to the lowest possible levels than a true believing child of God is. That is why it cannot be reasoned with or “outmaneuvered”. Because it will always go lower than you to destroy. Man, or woman of God–Church–Body of Christ—You and I (*WE*) MUST STOP TOLERATING AND ALLOWING THIS SPIRIT TO OPERATE IN THE CHURCH. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT CHRIST CHARGED AGAINST ONE OF THE CHURCHES IN REVELATION. Notice also how he says “You *ALLOW* this Jezebel”. The problem (besides the spirit in and of itself) is that people (this includes pastors and leaders as well) and leadership are ALLOWING this spirit. Even worse, they put individuals with this spirit in positions of leadership—which is TOTALLY unacceptable. This spirit is NOT open to change, it is not open to repentance, etc. Stop trying to get along with it or as Jesus said “tolerate” it—instead you have to constantly pray about this and the individual–pray for your own protection as well, as you battle (“wage war”) with this spirit—because I would highly recommend that you wage war. You must fight it. Wage war not only in prayer –but also by DECIDING as a church, job, or wherever you are—that you are NOT going to play around or “tolerate” (as Jesus Himself said) this kind of spirit, its behavior, or the negative effects it brings with it. You cannot tolerate it. My best advice is to just get rid of it. We are in the last days. There is no time to play around with it anymore. Get rid of it AND the individual. That’s the smartest, best thing you can do. Proverbs 22:10 tells us, “Drive out the scoffer, and contention will go out, Even strife and dishonor will cease.”
    God is telling us that YES, ONE individual can be the sole cause of many problems. It’s true. Understand that spirits are contagious. Just as Godly, GREAT spirits are contagious—so are evil ones. Why do you think god said “bad company corrupts good morals”. Because it spreads. And to get rid of something that spreads–the only way is to take it out at the root. Understand, that what makes an individual with this spirit so toxic and unhealthy is its influence. The keyword you want to look out for with this kind of individual is its influence. Watch who it talks to. Who it hangs out with. Who courts it. Whoever does these things–is under its influence as well (thus making little minions). If someone does not recognize this spirit (which is the first step, of course. Just like with anything else: Identification/recognition or acknowledgement of something) then there is no way that individual can protect themselves (from being influenced)—and THAT is how minions are made, my friend.
    Which brings me to my next point: If you identify ( through discernment of spirits) this spirit—I would advise you not to keep this battle to yourself (this is not the time to “hold water” haha). You need to bring this thing out to light. And encourage others to wage war with you (via prayer, and taking action in favor of the individual’s removal–because ultimately, it’s the spirit that you’re after. But with this kind of spirit–I am encouraging you to take an alternative type of action than deliverance.) Just as Jesus said: “this type only comes out by prayer and fasting”–he was saying it required an alternative route. This type of spirit is the same. You don’t have to waste or spend unnecessary time, energy, and vitality trying to deal with this thing. You shouldn’t have to. Especially not in the church–the body of Christ. That is why Jesus held this against this church. Just get rid of them. If Satan were directly in your midst—would you try to do a deliverance–or wouldn’t it just be better to tell him to get out? Child of God, you do not have to tolerate EVERYTHING! In fact, that is why God told us he had given us “authority to trample over all the power of the enemy” and “you will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes upon you”. As a church, it’s long overdue that we start acknowledging and exercising this great POWER God has given us. Take authority over it. Don’t let this thing confuse or bewilder you anymore! In Jesus name. Remember that GOD HAS NOT GIVEN US A SPIRIT OF FEAR! But of POWER! I would advise taking a different strategy than the norm with this thing—by simply saying go for removal.

    Another thing I want to share to encourage and enlighten you, is that I do not want you to be surprised if you share your discovery of this spirit operating in someone to someone else, and they do not heed your warning, believe you, or possibly they might even try to turn it back around on you, or turn against you completely. BE ENCOURAGED. Do not believe that lie. Remember: the devil is a liar, and the truth is not in him. This individual (or individual–plural) is most likely under Jezebel’s sway as well. As I said, the best approach you can have is to NOT UNDERESTIMATE this spirit’s reach of influence. It generally influences almost every single person who “likes” the individual or sides with it. Be encouraged actually, because THAT’S one way you know this individual is under it’s influence ALREADY. So just count them out (haha), because they will know soon enough for themselves that this individual is simply not good. Because sooner or later, the individual will wrong, attack, or somehow show themselves to them as well. It’s only a matter of time (if not already), and that individual WILL SEE what you warned them of to be true. I guarantee it.

    Though you DO want to shed light on this individual’s bad behavior (via the spirit operating through them)—your job is NOT to make them believe you (ultimately that is their choice)–so it’s not that you’re getting them to believe you–but it’s more so that your job is to shine light on the works of darkness being done through this individual–you must shed light. That’s what true love is and does. Especially if you’re a part of the body of Christ and love the body of Christ (individuals) the way God intended us to. What you’re really doing is protecting.
    You’re bringing clarity (light) to other individuals, so that they won’t be mislead, misguided, or caught in its confusion, lies, or deceit. This spirit loves to try and create confusion and chaos (darkness) wherever it can (particularly people’s minds) But don’t fall for it! Don’t you dare be confused! You know the truth. And the truth IS in you! And the way we overcome that is through the mighty power of God to bring down strongholds, and to bring clarity (light).

    Remember, that God is not the author of confusion. And if God isn’t the author–that means Satan is. I know that sounds very simple, black and white–but it’s the truth. Remember that almost everything that we’re encountering in this world is the classic battle between light and darkness, good and evil. Contend for the faith, saints! Stand and fight! I want to encourage you because, my friend, you are not alone! I’m fighting with you too!
    Remember that 1st Peter says: “Refuse to follow the devil. Stand strong in your faith. You know that your brothers and sisters all over the world are having the same sufferings that you have.”
    Understand that you are not alone in this fight, my brothers and sisters. We are all fighting the same fight ultimately! And praise God that we know that the fight has already been won, but we are fighting from victory to maintain victory! Be prepared for battle. If you are truly gaining kingdom ground (which is what we should be doing)–be prepared for darkness to attempt to fight back. I call it recoil. It’s only natural. But keep pressing and fighting. After all, “If God is for us, who can (truly) be against us?” “Glory be to God who ALWAYS causes us to triumph!”
    “We are MORE than conquerors”.
    Believe that.

    Praise God. Peace, blessings, and may the grace of God be upon you.

    Much love, Elisha.

    • This is possibly the most useful comment that I have ever encountered. Thank you for giving such profound insight and guidance. God Bless You!

    • Wow this is So encouraging to me. I have been encountering Jezebel. Not through another person but as a personal attack. I’m active in spiritual warfare and knew God wanted me to FIGHT. Anytime I became aware of the spirit I felt nothing but a desire to fight and remove. I was going to read up on Jezebel and how to battle with it but the Holy spirit told me not to. Told me to assume nothing, that I didn’t know what I was up against and I was to simply cover myself, be quiet, and do only as he instructed. One night as I was worshipping a fierceness rose up in me and I started rebuking and speaking in tongues and very shortly after was suddenly in its presence(confronted). The holy spirit told me to get on the floor, do not took at her or engage or reply to anything she said. I was shocked at how huge, strong, menacing and strong she was. I’ve encountered many demons but nothing compared to this. She proceeded to taunt and mock me. And began beating me on the floor. I was in real life physical pain and distress. Surprisingly I felt secure in the comfort and power of the Holy spirit knowing he would not let me die. She kept mocking me and telling me it was futile. I should give up or die. This carried on for a short while to within an inch of my life. And then something incredible happened. Esther, followed by 6 or 7 other female cloud of witnessess arrived. Jezebel became enraged that they had shown up to support me. They each placed a garment or weapon in front of me on the floor and gathered around. Jezebel began to retreat, but not in fear, in arrogance as if she was “bored” of toying with me for now. She left. Since that encounter I have not entered into warfare with it again. I needed a break haha. But I have felt attacked the past couple of weeks and I feel the holy spirit preparing me to go again. I felt it was OK to do some research this time and found this article. Because it validated my experience of the spirit in every way! I am reminded now, that this time I will be wearing the garments and wielding the weapons gifted to me but still feel lead to approach with complete submission to the holy spirit and his wisdom without Agenda. Its been sometime coming. For years now I have immediately discerned the spirit in people and become immediately repulsed. But God has always told me to stay away from them, stay hidden from its sight. Now I’m in a season of warfare and confronting and I feel confidently lead by the Holy spirit. There’s so much accuracy and wisdom in this article as it correlates to my experience. I too feel like God let’s me see and experience so that I can help others with this horrendous spirit. Who’s grasp is so so cunning and deadly. Will definitely enlist prayer from community as I engage! I’m aware that she would like me as a host but that as I’ve chosen to be an enemy instead she’s not a fan! Thank you for sharing this.

    • Wow! Very powerful! I wish I had discovered this site months ago. The reason I say this is because for a few years I was a volunteer in my church which the Lord showed me has a spirit of hypocrisy. We had someone new in the last few months join our volunteer team who right off to start acting like she is in charge of everyone. Once the leader took a leave of absence. This new person I speak of jumped right into leadership overnight and was attacking and controlling everyone on the team. We had ot of people on our team make complaints to the leader. But the leader brushed it off. This made me so upset that I resigned from my position as volunteer and heard from others they did the same and resigned too. Very very sad. I never knew who to talk to in head ministry since everything going on at the ministry leadership level I felt I could not trust either very cold. Previous years I had reached out to the ministry office to find out if they could do a house blessing for me and separate occasion asked the ministries office if they knew someone who knew how to fix cars since I needed help but did not have enough money to take my car to a dealership. My response from the church is they completely ignored my emails and phone calls. I’ve been a member of this church for years never asked for help til I needed it and it makes me wonder why am I giving my time to volunteer and give tithes and everyone shakes hands and smiles in your face but when you really need help the atmosphere goes silent and cold?

    • Sorry but I feel you are wrong. 1.) with man this is possible but with God all things are possible and I hope you yourself are demon free and never had to exprience demons inside you and have someone vote to toss you out on the street you and all your hate sound like all the rest of the hate mongers I have read about have NO Clue about how to get jezebel off of people but it is possible maybe if you stopped trying to do it in your own power and ask the Holy Spirit you might get somewhere. This nation is teeming with people with that spirit and your only solution is to put them out ,satan is probably laughing with glee at your suggestion. I praise God that your wrong because I have seen people delivered please keep your hate to yourself.

    • Amen Elisha! This happening at my church right now and this person is trying to manipulate their way into a leadership position and they cozying up to Pastor and anyone who in a leadership. They have already attacked one person who will not comply with their demands.

      Thank you so much for the encouragement

    • Yes, the devil is playing for keeps. As the scripture says, be sober and vigilant, because your adversary the devil walk about as a roaring lion seeking who he can devour. We have to stand steadfast and resist the devil and he will flee. May God continue to bless you, and all you do for the kingdom of God.

  77. I have had this spirit in me and it has destroyed my life and the life of those I love most. I look back now and it really is as if someone else was living my life. Thank God I got delivered (in a pretty amazing way!), but I was a prisioner of Jezebel for at least 5 years and I didn’t even know it! God is merciful and He is helping me pick up the pieces of what little is left of me. People: dive into the Word, pray and allow God to be lord of your life. I didn’t know any of these things at the time, now it’s too late to have the life I wanted. Hopefully God will make something good out of this.
    Pay attention to what you are thinking, watching, listening to, the people you hang out with, social media, what you read… be careful how you spend your time. EAT THE WORD IF YOU HAVE TO. Protect yourself and your loved ones. This is real. I am a living example, like the article says, even in pictures you can tell I was not myself at the time. Are you not sure if you have this in you? Go get deliverance anyways! Better safe than sorry.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience! My husband was consumed by the spirit for at least a couple of years and God delivered us in a very supernatural way, praise God! However, I was hurt a great deal and I keep saying to myself that my husband wasn’t himself when he said and did those things. He did physically change- he looked different he acted differently, had a different vocabulary, he said and did things he had never said or done before. Yet he was always right in his mind. He put me down so much in front of our children that a great chaos was caused in our house. It was God and the words of Jesus that freed us. But you you have let me know for certain that what I had suspected is true, it was him but it really wasn’t him at the same time. This helps me heal! Thank you!

  78. Thank you so much for that powerful word …. Jehovah is preparing me I see for this encounter.l have been in set back…turned around and so many times lead into confusion by this attack of the spirit. I thought it to be a witch craft spirit but l learned something today. As The Almighty continue to prepare me for what is to come . There is much learning to be done. My Bible was shut but I MUST open it and get to work.
    Thanks for the incredible word

    • I thought it was witchcraft too! Yes the word of God and stating that you know God and Jesus are your protectors, works. I needed to know the word well and use the full armor of God. But God is good and worked all things for good and delivered me even when I didn’t know what I was dealing with. Peace love and protection to you and to all of us dealing with this demon. In the name of the Lord Jesus may we all be free! And who the son sets free is free indeed!

  79. Good morning , hope all is well with you and your families. First I must say it’s the grace of our true and mighty God of this entire universe has brought me to this overwhelming informative and educational page. I have yearned for such information for years. Actually I was looking for information on the devouring spirits. On the terms of the Jezebel spirit my pastor had been fully controlled by one lady. But Satan gave her a stroke and now she is in the care home . She had me making a diary. Jehovah our protector AMEN.

    • I would like to know that, too. I actually know that Leviathan also is around me. I saw him! I know him personally. 15 years ago, we were friends. I almost got him to give up twice when I spoke to him about the old days, and good times we had. Now, he’s back for good.

  80. What if the person who has Jezebel attatched inside of them wants to be set free so they can have the encouragement of knowing who they are as a person for real instead of always being accused of all these bad character traits? To follow God? And not be alone all the time? I dont want to always have those around me who know what demon I have, to always treat me as though they never speak with Suavis-But Jezebel. That has made me a victim of her mindgames and attacks against me even more so. I had deliverences. But I keep getting WORSE just like the scriptures say. How do those who HAVE the Jezebel prptrct THEMSELVES and be set free?

    • Keep on seeking God fasting and praying for your deliverance because some spirits will not leave you unless you fast. Do not give up until you are completely free. Remember that the jezebel spirit hates you as much as it does everyone who is around you and is seeking to kill you. Ask Jesus to heal you of any past hurts and rejections that have opened the door for the jezebel spirit to attach it’s self to you. Also jezebel hates true repentance so make sure you are truly repentant and if you are having a hard time ask Jesus to help you “He is waiting for you” I pray that you are delivered and set free from the bondage of jezebel in the name of Jesus.

  81. I believe this article is verrrry important. I have a chapter in my upcoming book about my personal experience . I encountered this spirit the exact moment (as a young man) that I began to commit entirely to God, his word, and growing as a Christian. I didn’t encounter it on the street. It met me at church! In a woman who seemed to be the perfect mate God would have for me. Satan never bothered me when I wasn’t a threat but exactly when I decided to commit to God she came along.

    She seemed perfect for me, even to my mother, who is a great minister/prophetess. This article is correct when stating that the Jezabel spirit is the most seductive and cunning spirit of them all. The is woman went to church 4 days a week, very nurturing and motherly, sang in the choir, owned a business, and we talked about God everyday.

    She approached me at church and we hit it off big. Our children became best friends and we attended church the every Sunday as a family eventually. This woman literally won Role Model of the Year and was featured in the bulletin at one one of the 15 largest churches in America (even had the pastor fooled).

    I’m thankful God allowed me to experience this spirit bc now I know how it operates. After a two year relationship, God revealed everything to me through dreams and “coincidences”. She wasn’t even a Christian. She was a drug dealer. All her business were funded by drugs. She was working for the biggest operation in the city since a teenager. A complete street chick using Christianity and entrepreneurship as a front. Every time she claimed to be at school she was moving drugs.

    God revealed the manipulation , lies, and deception to me. Now I can smell that spirit a mile away. With highly intelligent people, the Jezebel spirit is definitely one of the most effective ways Satan will use to get to us because a lot of other spirits are fairly easy to recognize . This spirit is charming, cunning, deceptive, and very hard to identify without experience.

    I pray for for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding daily on this journey. Dealing with this spirit gave me so much wisdom and insight into the many attacks of the enemy. I thank God for that experience now. Temporary pain in order to grow my insight and character. Tools much needed down the road on my journey!

  82. The Jezebel Spirit is on my wife and destroying our marriage all friendship our church groups and my children. we are now separated my children are very young under teens and I don’t know what to do. my children are in physical danger of losing their house because the spirit has completely consumed my wife and destroyed everything mentioned here and then some. I need help and I don’t know what to do. Please if there are any Christian brothers out there who could help please contact anytime. my children are so innocent and so is my wife actually

    • Brother. As I am just learning in depth about this spirit, I cannot offer advice on how to deal with it. However, being a child of God and believer in Christ, I will say this. Trust in the delivering power of Jesus. Throw this situation upon His shoulder in TOTAL faith. Believing that he will work it out. Whether thru healing and repairing your marriage or allowing it to end, remember;
      ALL THINGS work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose

      Stay focused on Him and He will give you peace!

    • My ex husband was like this. Almost caused me to have a nervous breakdown. God intervened and gave me what I needed to leave. I took our 3 year old daughter and moved back east with my parents. Once I left he really started making mistakes. I got custody of our daughter and he was forced to pay child support and health insurance for the next 15 years. He remarried not long after he divorced me. I never got a lawyer….he had to pay for it all. God cleared me from any of that expense. A few years ago the IRS knocked on his fathers door who had the same name and a family business he had worked for over 35 years. A few months into our marriage I caught him embezzling money from his own family. I told him it was against the law and one day the IRS would catch him. He was livid. I told his father who of course didn’t believe him. If you think the Jezebel spirit doesn’t want to kill its own host, believe it. He died this past April of heart attack at age 59.

  83. Thank you for this information on the Jezebel spirit and how it operates, I was one who didn’t know these spirits was operating in me until a prophet informed me and told me to read about it before going into deliverance. Now I can identify all of them and is looking forward for God to free me from them amen and amen

    • I will pray for you. We must stand in the hedge and not only pray that your wife be set free but that she she be healed, that your children remain safe, and that you also experience healing from the hurt you’ve endured.

  84. I am fighting a Jezebel Spirit as we speak and it is not easy. My ex wife has transformed into something beyond belief with a mind blowing level of all of the characteristics described above. I have a little boy with her I share custody with. I know she does not have a clue what she is dealing with. The level of hatred, manipulation, lies, deceit and no remorse for her outrageous mean devious behavior is amazing. Bottom line she wants me broke, living out of a box on the street and dead. I am praying to the Undoer of Nots to crush the head of Satan and cast him into the abyss. This spirit is dangerous. I pray quite a bit and I know that my prayers will be answered. I pray just to left alone by her and for her to be freed of this piece of garbage so both she and for that matter me can live a normal life again. I have the power of the Blessed Mother on my side.

    • My God from Zion! Continue to pray and thank God for your Mom standing in the gap with you. Right always avail! There will be a breaking point in her life. And if she’s not careful God will expose her to all. But we pray she comes to know God as you do. God Bless.

  85. This is so Eye Opening. And i think my MIL is in a status of being consumed by a Jezebel Spirit. My husband and i live in her house, which means all that is in the house is hers (and she has smeared that into our ears several times).

    She is the type who will do anything possible to ensure we are quarrelling with my husband even over the slightest thing. I read about mockery & manipulation and this is so into her. 2 weeks she is so calm and the house is at peace. This is qucikly followed by havoc which she creates from just a small thing example: – my husband not picking her calls becomes such a mountain of an issue. Any time we are talking with my husband from the bedroom, she will mute the TV so she can hear whether we are shouting at each other – And will look for a way to interrupt by calling my husband out.

    She is a really in control of my husband and keeps reminding him (Whenever they quarrely) that we are in her house and she must be respected. At one point she said we must ask for permission to use whatever is in that house and yes we we do that. A real controller. We must tell her where we are going, to do what and the results.

    I know she hates me and has never approved our marriage (I think she must have discovered that i am the prayerful type while my husband is the complete opposite of me). My husband does not see anything big in how his mother treats & talks to me (Very inhuman & unkind…and anytime i bring it up to him, we end up urguing for hours & he will be in denial..He tells me to understand that she is old – in her 80’s). My husband has this kind of fear such that he cannot even raise my concerns to her.

    This woman does not care about me or us – But she pretends to care so much about the son and will always get into a competition mode with me. (she considers me a threat – always gossiping me with anyone who comes to her house including the cleaner. The other day they were quarelling with my husband and my husband mentioned to her that we would move out….i was surprised by the laughter of mockery she gave. She thrives in the way we depend on her so she can command her respect through that.

    My husband has been so unlucky with jobs. Any time he is about to get a breakthrough into a job and there is this positive expectancy, we end up with a negative answers which we really dont understand. Apparently she is happy when my husband keeps asking for money from her. My husband and her sister are not in terms and i think she has a big role to play in their fall out. She is always against us visiting the daughter and my husband cannot decide on his own without telling her. As in she in complete control.

    She will never ask me about my family or anything about me. She is full of jelouse and unkindness (hiding even food).

    Looking at my husband and the way he behaves and the fear in him to handle his mother and the way the mother manupilates and controlls him – including every little money which comes to his hands – i am so certain that this woman has the Jezebel Spirit – and a strong one for that matter. I dont know if my husband is one of her minions.

    We are really working hard to enjoy our marriage – we are very young in it, my husband is really trying to become this prayerful person and i cant wait for God to open financial doors and job opportunities for us so we can move from this house. It is a small hell for sure.

    Please pray with and for us that God will remember us. Amen.

    • Oh Lord, I feel your pain sis. I pray that the mighty hand of Jesus will break the yolk of bondage over your husbands life! I decree and declare him to be free! I declare a great financial breakthrough that you cause you both to rise up out of that place. He has a great calling sis. That’s why he is under attack. But I loose his tongue in Jesus name and I decree that Judah will roar! He will fulfill his God given destiny. I cover you under the Blood of Jesus sis and pray that the consuming power of our Lord will give you more depth and speed in the Spirit realm. Love you

    • I can relate to your story. I had a mother in law in my first marriage that was just like that. She controlled everything my husband did. At one point he even had her handling our finances. We bought an apartment building when we first got married and she and her husband moved in upstairs. When we sold the apartment building and bought a house way out in the country, she and her husband bought a house right next door. She controlled my husband so much, and then one day he told me he wanted a divorce, it was almost a relief because I would finally be done with her. Just before he died he told me that I was right, which caused me to believe that he finally found the Lord.

    • I am an Elder at my church. I’ve been teaching on and off since Mid-Summer about this subject in our Men’s Ministry. Our pastor over the class ask me to take my time on this teaching and not rush. The Men feel the same way too. We’ve seen the class grow as a result of this teaching. My senior pastor has asked when this is over that he wants to do a series with the entire church. We even experience attacks as a result of the teaching. I know this teaching is God ordained!

  86. I am so amazed that there is actually a community out there that understands this evil energy and how it operates. The devil has the ability to manipulate the thoughts of any human with free will. Understand, it was the original sin itself that spawned this… Free will gave the serpent spirit access into our brains. It is said, God made us good, to draw the Liar out of heaven, and told Lucifer that if he wanted to be in charge and play God, he would have to trick mankind into it. And he did. Now, it is said, that once the devil gained access to our thoughts, he would feed us his secrets over time, and trick us into creating his world of nothingness. And, we will now down and worship it. The homes, the cars, the money. Pretending like we are in charge of the atoms. Hence, every artificial thing we ever made and continue to make. We are so disconnected from the natural world, and have convinced ourselves that it is God’s gift to us. When God made everything in perfection, we were never supposed to create artificial things, they don’t belong in the natural world, and make the world and us sick. All of it… The artificial world is a distraction from God. “Let the reader understand; these things will begin to occur when the person sees the thing standing where it should not stand, causing abomination”… The artificial things we erect. The devil is inside all of us, using whatever it is that is most important to us, impersonating God here on Earth, with master illusions. Not all the devil’s workers will behave as the jezebel… His most dangerous spiritual solders are the ones that can play pretend the best. May God’s Grace And Peace Be With You All!

  87. We have had a problem in our church a couple of years ago. It all started with a business meeting and a group of people who tried to get our pastor to retire When the majority of the church stood against this request the people were very angry and wrote a nasty letter to members of the church. As a result it tore our church apart. We are now down to 30 or 40 people in our congregation. We no longer have a Sunday school, or youth groups. The people who caused the problem in the first place left the church and their followers with them. Our pastor just recently retired. The people that left started another church 4 miles from ours, it has since fallen apart. We are concerned that those people will try and come back now that we are without a pastor. Also two of the people that are still in our church are very close friends with the people that organized this coupe against our pastor. The husband is a deacon in our church and has been told by our pastor that retired, that those people are not allowed to come back. I am on the pastoral board and leader of the ladies group in our church. Not only is the husband a deacon but the wife was leader in our women’s group until the pastor made me leader. She has been undermining my teaching every week and her husband who is on the pulpit committee has been undermining me there as well. I was asked by the person in charge of the committee to write a description of the history of our church. Since I was one of the originals that started the church. The deacon I am referring to said I will help to do this. The next morning he called me early and told me he had it all done. I could not believe it. I wrote how the church began, because I knew he did not have THAT information. And by the way he is also the leader of our prayer group on Tuesday night. I do not attend that. He was the leader for Royal Rangers and my son is an excellent ranger leader and he wouldn’t let my son do anything. As a result we no longer have rangers in our church. If God is ever going to bless our church again I feel we need to get rid of these people or get them delivered somehow. Any suggestions.

  88. Thank you for sharing this. It has been so helpful. I have one question: Can the spirit work through an entire family?

    • Yes, I beileve it can. I once saw it operating in an entire family unit that worked within our church in this manner. They destroyed an entire church as a result. And yes, this spirit will cause major depression and anxiety when it starts attacking you. They don’t repent either.

  89. I think my grandmother, my ex-wife & one of my former pastors all had one of these on or in them. Is there a pattern where the same people keep encountering Jezebel Spirits their whole lives?

  90. I agree that these traits can signify an underlying malevolent spirit. However, this does not mean that a person who is high energy and charismatic has this spirit. I’ve known brothers and sisters whom exhibit these traits and they’re quite uplifting and helpful to everyone around them. So, we need to be careful that we don’t create a sort of stigma about certain personality types is all I saying.

    • Brian,
      You will know a genuine spirit of the Lord and a false spirit is helpfully explained here.
      Sounds like those whom you know, have a genuine spirit of the Lord!

  91. Michael,
    Thank you for your thorough exlaination of this type of spirit. You are right on the mark. I have lived with this spirit in my family of origin. Have dated this personality type and eventually married one. This marriage had been the biggest disappointment of my life. It was a “bait and switch” after marriage (24 hours after ceremony- to be exact) that the spirit was revealed. I suffered through 18 years of this abuse and am at peace now not married to this foolery. I believe the Lord wanted me to see where and how this spirit of narcissism was blinding me….Like the women who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment after bleeding for all those years……I was finally healed. I am a Minister and this spirit has been attacking me most of my life. My weak spot and Achilles heal was my marriage vow to God and he (the spirit working in him) knew it…so it caused me to greatly suffer abuse all those years….finally, I believe the Lord released me because “he” (the Matthew 7:15 husband) left the marriage. There was no more narcissistic supply from me and I resisted this spirit the whole marriage, even as he mocked and tried to destroy my ministry for the Lord!
    I encourage all those personally affected by this spirit to seek genuine Christian Counselors. I had 3 of them, The marriage Counselor, my personal Counselor and a Psychiatrist all of whom where deeply committed Christians. God used them all in a mighty way for my ultimate healing.
    Also Michael, I have seen this spirit directly in the host’s eyes without a photo.
    Bless you, my brother for such a well thought out explanation for the body at large.

  92. I, too, had been an unsuspecting victim of the Jezebel spirit. That was around 8 years ago. She was the leader’s wife. She used to sweet talk me, deceiving me in such a way as to make me think I was her favourite “little lamb”. Then one incident after another put up red flags in my spirit and sharp daggers in my heart. She had a bff that’s in cahoots with her and equally domineering. She used to gossip at length to me about other members, even about her own relatives. She was certainly most influential and would never tolerate anyone who didn’t toe the line. It was a most traumatic experience because I had “given my all” only to realise that she was only toying with my emotions. She’s full of deception… oh yes she had the full works… prophesies (“the Lord said”), spiritual warfare etc. By God’s grace I gathered courage to eventually “tear myself off” (oh how painful! ) from the entire group.

  93. Thank you so so so much for this, I am a Christian who turned my back on the lord and ignored him for so long and chose to yield myself to an unbeliever. I broke up with her only 2 days ago after praying and praying to find a way out and come back to Jesus. My soul was just yearning and crying out in desperation for God’s true peace and healing and everytime I tried to stand on God’s word he gave me my flesh just kept being seduced by the evil one. When I finally mentioned Jesus name she shreaked, she went berserk and i didn’t even believe in the Jezebel demon before this. Finally even though my flesh didn’t want to break it off and I was so determined to rebel against God I was so shocked because God forced my hand and did it for me and pulled me out himself. I can’t even explain how he did it because when I said the words I had no idea in my mind it would even happen because I just moment before I said I love you to her… Long long long story short. If anyone reads this let me tell you if you’re in doubt and helplessly lost in the midst of carnal sin, PRAY FERVENTLY and Satan and his whole host will tremble and flee. Praise you LORD, and deliver your children and bring them back to you and may your will be done. Amen!!

  94. I think on some level if we experienced it as a child in a family member, it is what is familiar and have some type of draw to the familiar cause that’s what on e knows. And possibly these demons may hang around a person’s life to be a hindrance to God’s plan for their life, their whole life if they are not quickened in theor mind by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    • A tempting spirit may ‘hang around’ if it is trying to get to someone through a personal weakness or a besetting sin. A possessing spirit, if it is cast out by Christ’s authority, will not return to that person. Both are reasons to check our circle of influence; when the enemy can’t get to us directly, he will try to get to us through other people. This profile is a sober reminder of that.
      The best defense against recurring bad influences and temptations is wisdom (James 1:5-7, Proverbs) and the Armor of God (Eph. 6:13-18, anyone reading/commenting here should be familiar with that passage).

  95. I happened on this doing an online search related to an individual study plan.
    -I THANK THE LORD FOR HIS PROVIDENCE in leading me to this work.-
    I know this knowledge is not easily come by, so I have a great thanks and debt of gratitude to you the warrior/author for obtaining and reproducing it here. I’ve read “The Strategy of Satan” by Warren W. Wiersbe, but I never dove into the advanced knowledge and lifestyle of a spiritual warrior. Reading this profile has made me aware of a major vulnerability in my own life, and I will review it and take steps to ‘bar the way’ against the enemy. My the wisdom and grace of the Almighty, I will go forward grateful, humble, diligent, and wary.

  96. My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 months but we’ve know each other for years. at first we were never big on Christianity but we(mainly me) was more spiritual and still believed in a higher being. but as time has gone my sister has innocently mentioned to me about Jezebel spirits. so in doing my own research ive noticed that my girlfriend had many of the traits. and now im slightly worried/skeptical that ive been living somewhat a lie because In me being the spiritual person I am ive also read situations only present itself when the other partner is indulging or entertaining. how true that is, I don’t know. so ive been putting her through a series of pre requisites without saying it lol. she failed some at first but its like now she picks up on them before hand. But now the last 2 months or so ive sent her over biblical scriptures/quotes and she used to make a face, but she has loosen up since n been a lil more receiving or I don’t know if shes just pretending to. n now I feel like we have completely swapped roles n I feel I may be slightly tainted although I feel my intentions have been nothing but pure. its like the energy keeps shuffling between us n I really just want it gone.

  97. I was attacked by this spirit last year. I have chills every time I replay what I went through. This woman was a best friend I shared almost everything with her. This woman started sounding like she was a psycho at first. Accusing me of monitoring her and giving information to her enemies. I decided it was too dangerous for me to be around her so I ended this friendship of over 20 years. What followed this separation was beyond comprehension. She went all out to destroy me, to the extent of trying to manipulate my boss to fire me. She even tried to have me arrested for harassing her and wanting to kill her and other people. She Talked rubbish about my children, my life. Called me a begger. Went to my pastor, my family members, my friends to make me look evil and wicked. She created Facebook account to insult me and my children prior to her exposure. She Started giving my contact details to strange people. Before all these attacks started and became serious, the LORD allowed me to be transferred to another region. otherwise this woman would have organised people to attack me or kill me. She literally exposed her wickedness and hatred towards me. These wicked spirits are so real, i truly believe this woman not just manifested this evil spirit, she must have been Jezebel reincarnated. People of God when you encounter a Jezebel, quickly run to God and hold on to Him with your entire life.

    • Thank you so much for this article, I have been faced with a Jezebel spirit myself and didn’t know it until now. I too had fallen in the web of destruction and when I tried to get out, the spirit tried to destroy me and my humble family. Thankfully my parents are very strong praying people and I have left the relationship and I am finally able to see my way. I believe all people are capable of good but it is spirits like these that influence their behaviour and after reading this article I do not blame the person but rather now I understand how important it is to follow God’s word. As was rightfully coated “my people perish because of a lack of knowledge and understanding.” Praises be to almighty God for his grace and mercy towards us

    • If you’re filled with the Holy Spirit, jezebel will be afraid… We are fearless in God! Jezebel wants to destroy us but it can’t as long as we operate in God! What does it mean to operate in God? Well… that’s personal to each of us. The people I deal with on a daily with this spirit, know me and Who I am… I walk among them… and they move out of the way… but they know that I know and that I have the Holy Spirit of Truth! Smile them in the face and boss them around in God’s light! Cheers…

  98. Very informative article, thank you! As I am reading more and more, it sounded like my dad’s been host to this spirit and it is slowly destroying the relationship between me and my mother. I have begun discussing the issue with my mother but she refuses to believe and insist that my father (who abuses her daily) still loves her. She not only refuses to walk away from him but continues to defend my father vehemently sometimes to the point of chiding me for bringing up this topic and calling me evil for pointing out the possibility that my dad could have been possessed by an evil spirit. I am at the point of almost giving; i just wanted to leave and let my mother be. Please pray for me and my family.

  99. I just wish someone could wright about this who have been the victim themselves and set free. All these articles are from an outsiders point of view and explains how much hate, evil, cunning, and how these people aim to break down and destroy other people. These people get depicted as willfully and knowingly plan and execute destructive activities, as if it’s their main goal in life to wreak havoc. How do they feel when affected? I’m pretty sure they are not even aware of the effects their actions and words have on the people around them and most probably do not even plan the things ahead of time and they are probably confused as to why everyone around them are falling apart and turning against them… It must be a very lonely and frustrating place to be… The people are not evil, the spirit is.

    • What you are implying is that these people are absolved from responsibility because “the devil made them do it.” Quite the contrary! These people will be held FULLY responsible by God because of their refusal to love the truth (2 Thess 2:9-12). So you are incorrect. The people are also evil because they agree to go along with the evil suggestions put in their mind by this Jezebel spirit. God gives everyone free will to choose right from wrong, good from evil, etc. “You are that one’s servant whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death or righteousness (and truth) leading to life.” Romans 6:16 These people know what they are doing is evil, they just don’t care because the immediate rewards of “winning” and self-interest are all they are care about. Their conscious has been seared as with a hot iron (if they had a conscious to begin with, some are born without one)….See Genesis 3:15 and Psalm 58:3-5 along with Jesus’ parable of the wheat and tares in Matthew Chapter 13 for more info on those born without a conscious to convict them of their evil doings.

      • What he’s saying is their hearts have become corrupt so much that the spirit is able to operate in them… they love the attention and the control they think they have. The manipulations are typically bc they want to be in control of the leadership bc they believe they are making the right choices for others when in reality they know their hearts are far from God bc they are doing it for their own pleasure. It’s not until they are destroyed and everything is stripped from then that they see the truth of what happen. Some still continue to blame others and act on impulse. Bc they turn their misfortune on other people or think it’s a test of their faith. But in reality not once do they repent or ask the Lord to change them and help them be they refuse to give up control. Submission is one they they won’t do. A lot of people that are atheists claim they don’t believe bc of a jezabel spirit. They think they are in control and they want to have control of others and yes I agree a person should be held accountable table for their actions m. But it takes the power of God to manifest humility in their hearts to see and respond to the pain they caused others. Mind Controlling and manipulating people isn’t against the law and there for they think they have done nothing wrong. We take away their control by setting boundaries and breaking free from their games. But they are aware of their acts and it’s their mindset that has to shift. They lose their sense of unconditional love. Bc it’s all about that person having control and attention. That kind of mental control … That’s a spiritual strong hold.

        • Thats a good comment..I’ve never seen one till now but so many christians have not dwelt with this..and don’t know how..I too want to hear a personnel testimony of a deliverance on such a per.son

    • I had it possessing me but Jesus put my pastors in my life to get rid of it I remember the mocking spirit laughing at one of them and it was controlling my body very cray but i do believe bc i had no knowledge i either let it back in or let it linger bc I didn’t even know i was operating in it until now, only bc God wants me to have this knowledge! I am praying and studying bc I know we have authority to heal ourselves thru Gods power of course…God told me to fast too plus I’m an orphan grew up around not good christians strayed from church due ro feelings of rejection and self hatred so I am sure jezebel spirit has been in me for a very long time… I hope this helps bc knowledge is powerful have blessed day!

  100. What if this person is actually the head of a church and is trying to destroy all the other leaders reputations? Leaders who stand on the word of God. For example, he claims that he may want to raise leaders but once he doesn’t gets his way he will seek to destroy the other leaders reputations to the congregation and other leaders. He may also use the idea of you potentially having a position in the church to lure you. Your Thoughts?

    • Amanda,

      I am praying for you and your family and everyone involved. God is a God of justice. Keep sharing the word of God. Your fruit will show because the Holy Spirit is behind it. You are clothed with dignity and strength. The ones that have left are able to hearken to The Holy Spirit. A leader seeking glory will fall. Satan can not prevail! The darkness is coming to light. The Jezebel spirit in leaders seeking glory will not stand!! You have a prophetic call in your life and it tried to suppress you and make you serve another spirit. All idols will be broken down in Jesus name. I know that from this your ministry, spiritual warfare and intercessory gifts the Spirit will give you more of. God is going to use this for GOOD. He is with you!! Don’t worry about your reputation. God is fighting for you! I am praying for you and your husband! Cover your house, cover your kids during this time.

      Love you Sis

    • Folks are going to talk about you, our jobs as Christians is to make sure what they are saying is not true. Stand strong in the faith. Gods sees and nothing will get past Him. After doing all you can then stand.

    • Find another church my friend ❤️ That’s heart breaking this person is not walking in the word but in his own selfish acts. He seeks to be the head and u can’t lead a church if the church leaves. If your church is a pet of an organization u may need to have other leaders in the organizations that aren’t in that church directly to observe his actions. That’s so hard but if the lord tells u to stay and pray then he may be using u as a vessel to help others in the church but don’t get caught up in the triangle. I wouldn’t accept any position that he gives u bc if he is under this spirit then the position he offers u is only by your loyalty of him and it’s not from God.

  101. Hi ,i am so glade to find your article, and what to do if this spirit is my daughter ,when I divorced got free from abusive marriage, she wanted to take control, but didn’t work ,she moved out ,then 2 years after came back and did everything she put my son out ,and now is draining me mentally financially, and I can’t pray like before, she have different spirit in her that I don’t recognize her any more,she have spirits visitation ,says I don’t believe everything in the bible, please pray for me

  102. I’ve been studying this spirit and wanting to learn more… My ex husbands gf exhibits all of these traits and behaviors. I believe I saw the spirit in her face during an verbal attack on me from her. I’ve prayed against the spirit, rebuked it from influence and asked for protection against it for my ex-husband and daughter. My question (and perhaps you will get to it) is how do you protect an 11 year old who is anointed to be a person of God from this spirit? My Ex thinks I am crazy of course, my daughter… gets it and has identified some of these traits in her on her own but is afraid of this woman, obviously the legal system is not an option. But the manipulation and attacks are real and well aimed and placed at my daughter.

  103. hello to the one who write this article this so very helpful to those who seek more deliverance , this is an eye opener for me as a young warrior thanks hoping to read more like this here , our church doing deliverance too and this article helps me to understand more deeper in different kind of spirits.

  104. Hello,
    I’m in desperate need of help. I’m convinced that my son Cody who is 30 years old has been overtaken by the jezebel spirit. He has had two very serious suicide attempts within the last 3 days. Tonight he is in the hospital because he overdosed on Fentonal. There is so much that I read in your article that convinces me that he has this spirit. The problem is that where I live I know of no one that will come and pray this spirit away. The church I went to doesn’t walk in it’s authority of Jesus Christ. I don’t know what to do. MY son is not going to stop until he is dead. I can’t commit him to a hospital for help without his consent. He will no longer allow me to pray with him. Full of pride and full of hatred and self loathing. This is also starting to affect me big time. I’m now fighting depression through prayer. Please send me any advice you have. I’m scared I’m going to loss my son to suicide and it will happen soon if I can’t intervene. I’m a praying God fearing mom. Unfortunately my prayers are not working. Nothing is working. This spirit is trying to take me out as well. Thank you for your wisdom. Totally devastated

    • Hello, how is your son now? What has happened lately?

      The Bible explains that even The apostles of Jesus failed to rebuke a spirit because their faith wasn’t big enough. Jesus said that if they’d only have faith as big as a mustard seed (the smallest seed in the world) they would’ve succeeded. Same with our prayers, we need to have faith for it to happen. Sister, I know it is scary, I know they have a lot of power, but God is with you, you can do it, you yourself, you just have faith and don’t fear, imagine the angels of God protecting you side by side, don’t let the fear have power over you, remember to sag the words “Jesus Christ” and “Jehovah”. Do it as many times as you need until you are able to say it strongly and with faith, and it will happen. May Jehovah be with you

    • The best way to change your sons situation. Is to fast and pray. As it’s talks about in the book of matthew. The least amount of faith u need is a grain of mustard seed. But this can can only be removed through fasting and prayer. It’s biblical proof that u don’t need to lay hands on a person to get healed or delivered….but Jesus teaches us in this passage that there are levels of spirits and that this kind can only be removed through fasting and prayer … I mean serious kind of fasting and prayer….
      this in turn will bring you to a greater understanding of how u can stand bold in the Lord putting on the full armor of God as a defense yet using the one weapon that God gives us… the sword of the spirit which is the word of God!!! The word is alive it needs to become alive in us when coming against the enemy. Too many try to come against the enemy by thinking in their own thoughts rather than using the knowledge of the word. I’m no scholar nor do I have a degree… so my level of intellect is only that I desire more of God. I love my church family but I love being alone with Jesus more. So get in your Bible and pray and fast and let your heart draw near to Jesus and let him move in your sons life. No man can do what our Lord Jesus can do. ❤️

  105. I have a Jezebel spirit working in my family I’ve been reading on everything that you said and now I’m praying for her to open her eyes and see that she needs Deliverance in the meantime I pray for God to put a hedge of protection around me because that Spirit attacked me because I prayed for her and then all of a sudden I felt like I wanted to kill myself a lot of stuff happened in my family and I just wanted to die but I knew that wasn’t of God and now I’m back on track I know she has a Jezebel spirit without a doubt so please if you can give me any information that can help me keep her away from my family I pray that you do that in Jesus name

  106. Hello

    I am convinced my husband has fallen in love with a married woman who is possessed by jezebel spirit. I’ve seen it. When I first met her, before their affair….it made the hair stand up on my arms. She has never been able to maintain eye contact with me. I have watched my humble. Sweet, intelligent husband throw his entire life away for her. She will not leave her own husband. Its as if she sought to destroy my marriage and that was her goal. It is a difficult spirit because it has emotional ties to him. Please keep me in prayer. Us in prayer.

  107. Very enlightening indeed. I’m a born again Christian but my spouse originates from cult-oriented faith that I can’t mention here just for respect. I’m highly educated whereas she’s is not. Over the years I have discovered her domineering behaviour to the extent that even our 3 kids have noted. She has even tried to pull me away from my faith and always preaching to me that Pentecostals are a lost batch because they go to church on Sunday. I’ve been praying hard to break this spirit in the family for almost 10 years now. Finally there has been some hope. The kids are all grown up and while she registered them all in her church, they’ve discovered the truth and are now born again, thank God. I’m continuing to pray to completely do away with the remaining bits of the spirit to make us free completely. God bless

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