The Battle Prayer To Break A Generational Curse Line

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Here is the battle prayer to try and break any holds these demons may have on you from being linked to your natural father.

1.  I would try and say this battle prayer when you will be home alone – as this will be a battle between you, God, and these demons. However, if you would prefer to have your mom or her boyfriend be by your side when doing it, that would be fine too.

2.  I would say all of this prayer out loud, as demons cannot read your mind or your thoughts.

The first part of the prayer will be you going before God the Father to confess out the sins of your father and his father. I will then have you fully forgive your father for any sins he may have personally committed against you.

Once that has been properly done, then you will fully break the curse line that may have formed out between you and your father. I will also have you break any ungodly and unhealthy soul ties that may have developed between you and your father that these demons may be feeding and operating on.

The 2nd part of the prayer, after you have fully broken the curse line with God the Father, is to then turn around and cast the demons out by verbally speaking out loud to them.

When doing this, I would hold the prayer in your left hand and read it from there, and then hold out your right hand against the demons as you are commanding them to leave you.

The Bible says that the right hand of God the Father is His hand of deliverance and power. As His child, you have the legal right to use your right hand to do this, almost like wielding a sword.

3.  Feel free to add anything else in the prayer or adjust any of the wording. The way I have worded the prayer is the exact way I would do it if I were in your position.

Also, feel free to show your mom the prayer before you do it so she does not have any problems with you doing this.

I am assuming she knows about your spirituality and would have no problems with you doing this since she too has been attacked in the past from these same demons.

4.  I would say this prayer 3-4x over the next several days. One time should technically do it, but I would go the extra 2 or 3x to show both God and these demons that you mean serious business and that you are now going to end this harassment once and for all.

Let me know how all of this works out after you have properly done this battle prayer before the Lord.

1. Prayer to God the Father to Break the Legal Rights of the Demons


In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, I now approach Your throne on a very serious matter. I know You know what has been happening to me with all of these demons attacking me from time to time.

Father, in Jesus name, I want to let You know right now that I have had enough of these demonic attacks and I want to end it right now!

1.  Father, after examining my life and the background I have grown up in – I believe these demons may be coming from and originating from my natural father. I believe that my natural father has demons on him, and for whatever reason, some of these demons have chosen to come after me as a result of my natural father-child relationship that I had at one time with my father.

I do not believe these demons have any legal right to be coming directly after me like they have been doing – but where their legal rights may be coming from is my father.

I do not know exactly what sins or transgressions my father may have committed against You to give these demons the legal right to attach themselves to him like they have done.

But whatever their legal rights are to attach themselves to my father – I now want to come against those legal rights and fully break all of them in the name of Jesus Christ.

These legal rights have now been giving some of these demons some kind of opening to be able to come directly after me like they have been doing for quite a number of years.

2.  Father, in the name of Jesus, the first thing I want to do is to fully confess the sins of my father directly to You. Even though I do not know what all of them are at this time, I know that You do, and I want to confess them before You as a result of what Your Word has told us to do on this kind of matter.

Your Word says in the Book of Leviticus:

“But if they confess their iniquity and THE INIQUITY OF THEIR FATHERS, with their unfaithfulness in which they were unfaithful to Me, and that they also have walked contrary to Me … then I will remember My covenant with Jacob, and My covenant with Isaac and My covenant with Abraham I will remember …” (Leviticus 26:40, 42)

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now confess before you all of the wrong and sinful things my father has ever done against You.

I ask that You please have mercy on his soul and that you make a strong and mighty move on him to get him saved and cleaned up before it is too late for him to ever be able to do this with You.

Father, I also know that my dad’s father was an abortionist who had performed thousands of abortions. As a result, he too may have drawn demons on him and they may have them attached themselves to my own father, as Your Word tells us that the sins and iniquities of the fathers can go down as far as 3 or 4 generations of future children.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now want to fully confess the sins of my dad’s father for all of the abortions that he had ever performed. I know that abortion is an evil, heinous sin and abomination in Your sight, and I ask that You also have mercy on his soul on his day of judgment with You.

Father, I also want to let You personally know that I am willing to fully forgive my father for whatever he has done to me in my past. I know at one time he tried to strangle me when I was just a young child.

Again, I fully forgive him for all of these atrocious and evil acts, and I will hold no animosity or any kind of unforgiveness towards him. I know that all final judgment rests solely in Your hands and that You will be His final judge when all is finally said and done.

3.  Father, in Jesus name, I know that some of my father’s past sins and transgressions have opened up the door for these demons to be able to come into his life and attach themselves to him.

As a result of this attachment, I believe that some of these demons have been jumping from him onto me trying to attack me and sever my spiritual connection that I have with You. I believe that I may be dealing with some kind of curse line the way these demons have been attacking me over all of these years.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now want to come against this curse line and finally break it once and for all!

Father, in Your Word, You have told us:

“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luke 10:19)

Father, Your Word has told us in Matthew 10:1 and Mark 6:7 that we would have Your power and Your authority to be able to cast out all demons and unclean spirits.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now want to take the authority You have given to us from the above three verses to trample over all of the power of my enemies, and to cast out any demons and unclean spirits who are attempting to come against me.

Father, in the name of Jesus, operating under Your full power and Your full authority – I now take full authority over this curse line and break every single part of this curse line that these demons may be feeding and operating on.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now break each and every part of this evil curse line. Father, in the name of Jesus, I command it to be fully broken right now – now and forevermore! I repeat, I now command every single inch of this curse line to be completely broken and completely severed right now in the name of Jesus Christ!

Father, I now believe that the curse line that has been existing between my father and I has now been fully broken, and these demons will no longer have any more legal right to continue to attack me like they have been doing.

4.  Father, as a result of my father being my natural father, I also realize that there may be an unhealthy and ungodly soul tie that may have developed between the two of us that these demons may be feeding and operating on. Even though he is my natural father, he does not own me, nor do I belong to him. I belong to only You and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Father, in Jesus name, I now ask that You completely break any ungodly and unhealthy soul ties that might exist between my father and I that these demons may be feeding and operating on.

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ – I now command that any and all soul ties between me and my father be completely broken right now! I repeat – I now command that any soul ties that may exist between my father and I be completely broken and completely severed right now in the name of Jesus Christ!

2. Battle Command To Drive Out the Demons

Father, I now want to come against every single demon that has been attacking me over all of these years.

Father, You have said in Your Word that the sword of the Holy Spirit is Your Word. Father, in Jesus name, let Your Word be my Sword! Father, I repeat, let Your Word be my Sword so that I can drive these demons off me once and for all!


I am now speaking to any and all demons who have attached themselves to either me or my father over all of these years.

Demons, I know that you have been on my father for a number of years. I also know that you have all been attempting to come against me as a result of the legal rights my father has given you.

However, I have done nothing wrong in the sight of my God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have not given any of you any kind of legal right to be attacking me like you have been doing over all of these years. I know that you have all been feeding off a curse line that my own father has allowed to be set up with his sins and transgression against my Lord and Savior.

But all of this is going to end right now! I repeat, in the name of Jesus Christ, all of this is going to end right now!

I have gone before God the Father and have fully confessed all of the sins and transgressions of my father directly to Him. His life, and the judgment on his life, has now been fully committed into the hands of God the Father.

I have also fully confessed out all of the sins of my dad’s father who was an abortionist.

Demons, in the name of of Jesus Christ, I have now taken the full authority, the full power, and the full anointing of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ to fully break, once and for all, every single piece of this curse line that has formed out between me and my father.

I repeat – as a born-again child of God the Father, I have now taken full authority over this evil curse line and I have completely broken and completely severed every single part of it in the name of Jesus Christ!

There is now nothing left between me and my father. You thus no longer have any further legal rights to continue to follow, harass, or attack me as you have been doing over all of these years!

Father, I now plead the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over every inch of my body, over every inch of my soul, and over every inch of my spirit as a full protective covering. I now plead the Blood of Jesus over this entire house – from top to bottom, from side to side, from front to rear.

I now plead the Blood of Jesus over my mother Judy, over my sister Mary, over my brother Tommy, and over my mom’s boyfriend Jonathan.

Demons, you have also attacked my mother Judy and her boyfriend Jonathan in the past. This too now will end!

I have now fully covered every single one of my family members with the Blood of Jesus Christ – and you will never, ever attempt to come against anyone of us ever again. I repeat – you are to never, ever attempt to come against anyone of us ever again!

Demons – in the name of Jesus Christ – I now plead the Blood of Jesus against each and everyone of you! I repeat, I now plead the blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ against each and every one of you. Your strongholds and your curse lines have now been fully broken, fully severed, and fully demolished by the power of the Holy Spirit! There is now nothing else left for any of you to hold onto!

Demons, in the name of Jesus Christ – I now command you to leave me, this house, my mother Judy, my brother Tommy, my sister Mary and my mother’s boyfriend Jonathan!

Demons, go now – in the name of Jesus Christ! I repeat – go now in the name of Jesus Christ and be forever banished from our presence!

Father, I now fully believe that You have driven every single one of these demons out of our life for good. I have full faith and belief that the victory is now ours.

Thank You Father.
Thank You Jesus.
Thank You Holy Spirit.”


As I said at the end of my article on the 4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits, I really believe that God is going to be raising up more anointed soldiers, young and old, who will not be afraid to walk with His anointing and power to move out and set the captives free from any bondage they may have fallen into.

Many people are bound up with everything from drugs, alcohol, dysfunctional relationships – to hardcore criminal activity and perverted sexual lifestyles.

Many of these people are operating under heavy, demonic influence as a result of crossing over and operating in some of these heavier sin areas with the Lord.

God the Father is now raising up the banner and calling forth those who will not be afraid to walk and operate in His power and anointing to set these kinds of captives free from the extreme demonic areas they may have fallen into.

We will be adding more articles in the near future in the Spiritual Warfare section of our site giving you more information and knowledge on this part of your walk with our Lord and Savior.

For those of you who are not afraid to do battle with demons in the spiritual realm or human enemies in our natural realm, God can use each and everyone of you from time to time to go on a major rescue and deliverance mission to set a captive free.

Let God raise and build you up in the knowledge and revelation of His Word, and then keep your spiritual radars up if He should ever call any of you to march out and set a captive fee.

The apostle Peter literally walked on water – and so can you if you are willing to allow God to build you up in His grace, knowledge, and power so that you can then move into these types of deeper waters with Him.

This was the last part of our 4-part series on “How To Break A Generational Curse Line”. You can find links to other parts below.

You might also want to read our article on 4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits.


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  1. I most certainly did enjoy and pray through just as you have directed. I am feeling a complete turn around for my life and walk with Our Father, Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for sharing the Revelation Knowledge, it helps so much! Plus, as I have been reading many, many articles of knowledge you have on your sight,The Holy Spirit has confirmed over and over the truth and wisdom you have written and guided me where I’ve needed to go next.

    Can’t wait to hug you real good when we get to heaven for all your help!

    God bless you!


  2. Can this prayer also be prayed for children and other family members especially for addictions that are very damaging and have been passed down?
    Alcoholism seems to have skipped a generation but come out in another.
    There are addictions and dependency on both sides of my children’s family (not me) but definitely my Mother’s Father and Mother and further generations back from them.
    Will this work to break the ties for family members who will not pray for themselves? I really need to get rid of this for my children.

    Thank you and God Bless

  3. can we pray for our family members who are not willing to pray .Give tips and prayers to break family curse line.Is there any need to take water baptism and fasting to break it.Should the other family members need to do anything for breaking curse.How can we know that the soul ties and curses are broken.Give much and full details on each and every thing.

  4. Thank you for that much needed prayer for protection. My wife and myself had went through addiction togather and JESUS BROKE THOSE CHAINS for us with the help of others (counseling and treatment) also numerous na/aa meetings . Even though we no longer hang around and have completely changed our people ,places ,and things, we still have people try to influence us (wife’s dad) I pray for him on a daily basis and our family. It was just hard for us to go to na/aa meetings to stay clean, all to walk out the door and have him offer it to myself or my wife. So if someone could continue to pray for him, and us as a fanily that would be awesome . Thanks again for that BATTLE prayer ..

  5. Thank you so much for sharing. Just truly powerful. I am humbled in the great power of God, the Almighty King. May all his children of the world seek for truth and deliverance. And that the Holy spirit will lead them to this site and use this powerful prayer to defeat all enemy! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!

  6. Could I make a battle prayer to break a generational course on behalf of my husband? He is not yet a believe but I know we must do this.

    Thanks for your response.

    • yes you can pray it for your husband.. me also, i’m praying for him..

  7. Man of God, you have been very wonderful going through your inspirational demon destroyers prayer points. I know that the deep revelation of God word by faith, the camp of the enemies are in trouble. Having prayed with the above, every generational curses in my life is broken in Jesus name. Thank you Lord.

  8. thanks for the prayer that i have just read, about breaking the generational curses, am going to pray this prayer and will get back to you for am experiencing unexplained hardship in my life which am not comfortable in them.

    God bless you.

  9. this article blesssed my soul.. i just said this prayer this morning….and i fully trust and believe god has removed my generational curses..i will be giving an update as well ..GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

    • Hey I am reading this prayer and the comments on it you mentioned that you would give an update, how are things going for you after reading this spiritual prayer for healing and release of a generational curse of demonic spirits?

  10. Wow this is so perfect. I’m from Cape Town but relocated to Johannesburg because of studies. When I arrived in Johannesburg I had a strange feeling in my body immediately I enter my bed every night whenever I sleep, realized that something is entering my body. Mind you that I was once told that I have a calesterol. So from a very young age I used to feel very painful under my heart but not knowing what was it,when I consult the doctor He would see nothing the I stopped consulting thereafter I got saved by accepting Jesus as my Personal Savior but this thing never stopped then I quit from my church not because of there was something wrong but thinking that I’m clever. Knowing that there is no life without Jesus because God the father of our Lord Jesus will never stop search for the lost sheep and find back to the kraal then I was found back started going to the ministries searching a place to hide then started to here things such as deliverance which I never hered from my former church. The pain never left me but I kept on saying I was told that I have a cholesterol, sometimes the pain becomes worse in a way that I could feel a moving substance inside me the spirit of God told me that there is a demon behind any disease, pray over it then I started praying again the spirit of said to me search bible prayer against this then I started searching I found the battle prayer to break the legal rights of the demons andThe Battle Prayer To Break A Generational Curse Line and I’ve done them since i became sick and couldn’t sleep the whole night I then woke up at 4am I thank God that day I was alone in the apartment and couldn’t eat since I woke up breaking and by reading the word of God which is written in this article, chasing these demons according to the article praying against these demons until 2pm. Behold before finishing I felt that the pain is gone the I kept on praying again and again everyday and could feel the moving spirit inside me until no more. After this i noticed that I’m even able to cote the healing word of faith from the bible pray for my baby and the sickness disappeares instantly Now I’m healed, delivered, secured and protected by the mighty bloody of Jesus

    Thank you (God Jesus holy spirit) for leading your servants when he wrote thiese articles. Please God bless him abundantly

  11. My whole life was why me why my family type thing until I heard about generational curses my whole life i always would feel cursed bt I was raised my whole life in church so it was always in my mind and heart that something just wasnt right ..and this couldnt possibly be life to live and can never say ive been truely happy..a month ago my dad committed suicide and killed his wife that was a true eye opener ..and ive made my choice to get my self right with god..
    Thanks for this..much needed

  12. Wow this is to powerful I was looking for powerful prayer points to break generational curses and ancestral spirits and I came across this article. Thank you so much I will start praying because I was told theirs a curse in my family that is why I always experience disappointments and no one in my family is progressing. But I believe the time has come today for my deliverance and my family. I will update on the greats things that God will do. Thank you soo much. May the Lord bless you and use you even more to guide us.

  13. I am really happy and impressed for coming across this wonderful article. its more than an article indeed.

    I really appreciate the souls that have hardly worked towards creating the prayer to break every generational curses.

    Stay Blessed.

  14. All of the women have been experiencing relationship issue for the past 20 years. This has been from my mother, my sister that past away, my other sisters myself and also my daughter 3-4 generations I read your article regarding generational curses and I have always felt that a curse was on my family especially the women of my family. I was committed to removing this curse. I followed your PRAYER, I will continue to pray 3-4 times for the next several days, I fell it in my spirt that the Demons will NOT bother my family any more from this day forward !!!I want to Thank you so much I know God loves me and my family. I will post an update within the next few weeks.

    • My aunt was once told that as well. I pray all is better for you.

  15. thank you very much for sharing this I have been in constant war with breaking my natural father’s curse and hopefully if i start doing this i may finally break his curse and forgive him his sins have become a burden to my soul and physical health and God constantly tells me I will not reach where I want to go if i never break this curse

    Il be back for feed back if i do make it

  16. Today is June 29,2017 and I literally had been on the losing end of a generational curse for years and years, I googled prayers to fight and break this off of me and I found this power packed prayer which I prayed tonight. I saw flower blossoms trying to break free and saw them starting to peak out of the ground. I prayed I to this vision and asked the Lord to rain on the ground I saw which seemed thirsty and parched. I know this is a picture of my heart. I was delivered tonight. Praise God

  17. Your Spiritual guided instinct is amazing. I believe many will get help from this reading. God Keep blessing you forever more.

  18. How do we break the line when the parents have passed away?

  19. Good evening,

    I just thank the Holy Spirit for directing me to your website and uncovering the prayers to break generational curse. My brother in law had a spiritual attack , he was saved when it happened. He seems to be possessed by demons, he doesn’t talk at all, he nods his head when greeted, he’s always laughing to himself. This thing has taken control over his entire mind and body. How can we use these prayers to assist him as he can’t pray them for himself, since he doesn’t speak.

    Thank you and God bless you.

  20. Thanks for wonderful prayer guide line
    I have been in constant serious battle prayer to break curse and Evil marks which Satan and his agent has put on my body .
    could I make the prayer to break generation line age curses on behalf of my own late father

  21. Thank you so much my life has been stagnant for a while now. I see myself with so much effort but yet still no progress. I have felt frustrated and low n couldn’t sleep until I came across this prayer. I believe it will change my life and my siblings life and also protect us from these spiritual attacks which we have been constantly fighting.
    I will follow what you have said and will come back with a review of the amazing works I feel God has already started for me in Jesus Name.
    Glory be to God
    Thank You so much
    God Bless you!

  22. I’m going to pray this prayer and surely will come back with great testimony. Both my family sides seem cursed from years ago. I’m thankful to Holy Spirit for revealing this article to me.

  23. When Almighty God has set a solution to my worries, misfortunes, backwardness, and unfavor, then the holy spirit directed me to this article……. By powers in the blood of Jesus, as I have started this prayers, I shall return here with my testimonies to the glory of God.

  24. This my first time of visiting your site and it is help me and nee your prayer to over come evil spirit of sickness in my body. i hope in the name of Jesus Christ it shall sure come to past. Amen

  25. I enjoyed the article and have started putting it into practice. However what if the parent and grandparents have passed on? Does this breaking the lineage of sin still count? What about siblings that have passed on? Family curses? Would the same apply? There is so much more to this than one would realise. As the matriarch of the family, it would be my responsibility and the task is huge

  26. I am very blessed with this article and l believe that after contineus prayers l will be able to break the generational curse which has been hunting me for soo long.Amen

  27. This article come at the right time when I had said enough is enough knowledge is power I thank God for my divine helpers such as yourselves I will pray with authority, boldness and supernatural power to set myself and my generation free from the generational curses in Jesus Name.

    Be blessed.

  28. I thank God for coming across this article…for long this has happened to me me n my siblings havnt been propering and yet we ve got all it takes but am gonna pray and do all i ve been instructed to do …i know am gonna cm back with positive grand father was an idol worshiper tho he is passed sem as ma father i know this prayer will work for me.thank u Jesus thank u holy Spirit.

  29. I’m so grateful that I found this.The lesson and prayer was amazing and recited with eagerness. I have been protected all along but knew something wasn’t right with my mother and her anger and bitterness. It was very confusing to me why I would attract the people that I did, and why I was constantly attacked for what I thought as no reason. I thank God for understanding to realize something was wrong with my family.

    Thank you!
    You are greatly appreciated.

  30. As this a long prayer, should I memorize the whole prayer word by word and then pray on my knees? Or, can I print it and pray while reading it off the print out? Please let me know and help a brother as this is going to be the first time to do this.

    Thank you and God Bless you all and this ministry.

    • You don’t have to memorize it. Go ahead and hold the paper and read it out loud. All you have to do is mean what you say. Don’t worry, God hears you.

  31. my son has demons and some of my kids support him as just being “getting in touch with his inner being”. How do I pray for his deliverance when he and they are non believers?

    • Pray for them. Keep praying for them. Pray that God will send the Holy Spirit to them. Most important keep Praying!!! Don’t give up !!!

      • You’re absolutely right Christy. I never stopped praying for my son to be saved after praying for him approximately 2 years. I have much faith in prayer and much sooner than I expected my son was saved! I am so overwhelmingly happy! It’s a long story as to how it came about but I know that praying for him had a lot to do with it. Never ever give up hope, be steadfast in prayer. Miracles do happen! Glory be to God Almighty! Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers! Amen. Alléluia!

  32. Thank God for bringing me here at the verge of giving up. It has been quite frustrating seeing the things happening around me and my family, no job, no progress, alcohol addiction, struggle struggle struggle…today I told my friend it’s enough n I thought of seeking help from another means but God be praised for helping me through this article.

  33. I have been dealing with demonic attacks for years. My daughter addicted to drugs and depression. My husband dying from cancer. My mother who I believed is plagued by demonic attacks. I found this pray and will continue to wait for Jesus to work in the life of my family. How do I pray for my daughter to be healed from drug addictions?

  34. Came across this article today as searching how to get rid of negative spirit and my past.
    Was in church today when told by the Holy Spirit about my negative spirit has controlled most of my life. Also about my past.
    My dad was an alcoholic -,gone 7 years now
    My husband is an alcoholic not together since 2015
    None of my family communicate with me
    Don’t have friends –
    Relationships and me don’t get along
    Feel distant from God even thou He blesses me constantly as I know there is more to an intimate relationship with Him
    I’m pretty much feel a lone even when around people
    This generation sounds so much life I’ve lived for many years.
    Printed will start after have quiet time to myself as my adult daughter lives with me

    • There is nothing man can create that God cannot eradicate. God is the present help. Go ahead and trust Him. You will yet testify to his goodness.

  35. Thank you for your guidance Lord. This has helped me immensely. To free my family & myself. Thank Creflo & God bless you

  36. Praise God for him using your site as a vessel to free his children from the strong holds of the devil. May everyone break all evil ties and leave this site free in form possible. Jesus saves.

  37. Pls pray 4 me & my loved 1s thay were saved now & forever!

    Tips: Love urself always (1st when/where appropriate), be careful who u help (test), stay away from negativity! The Rosary saves!
    Pray in a circle &/or hold hands w/positive trustworthy people!

    Corrections: This article needs to correctly distinguish between:
    Devil: Fallen Angel
    Demon: Fallen Human
    Ghost: Dead
    Anything else…& state if all of these can be casted out in the same way when breaking a generational curse line or separately & how if separately.
    Also this is easier if this pg were a template for each person who needs help to add their own story.
    I have contacted authors 4 this & help many xs for a while but no reply! If anyone got thru 2 them pls copy & past this message & tell em to pls email me to help me asap! Thx!

  38. thank you for these prayers i am believing for deeper healing and deliverance for loved ones and friends etc. that don’t even know they have a problem or are needing deliverance. I now plead the blood of Jesus over all my relations, to set the captives free in Jesus Name

  39. Thank you I have been hurt and betrayed by people in church and it has been very painful, last year I forgave the man who killed my great uncle in WW! and caused my grt granma to be depressed all her life, I have battled that, I was also falsely accused by a liberal young priest and that upset me greatly cos I made him a beautiful chasuble. He called my gift of prophecy bi polar or listened to someone who did! I have loved to serve Jesus and yeat so much has been thrown at me, I was at the end of my tether when Jesus lead me here, thank you so so much, Bless You in Jesus Name

  40. There is a pattern in generational curse. Sometimes you might not even know that your family carries a generational curse. However, you might notice that the same thing what happened to your ancestors is happening to you. This pattern of generational curse shown in Broken Chains by Emiliya Ahmadova. Starting from Silvana’s great granny each generational ended in unhappy relationship facing abuse. However Silvana with God’s help and after getting baptized was able to stop or break that curse.
    You must always read deliverance prayers, take communion and confess as well as keep saying Jesus son of God have mercy on me a sinner. Once you do this demon will not be able to hold on you.

  41. I went on a fast yesterday to pray concerning two areas of my life but Instead I believe that the Holy Spirit directed me here and I see why. These generational curses must go before certain breakthroughs can come through. And yes, I recognize a certain negative generational pattern in my life.I started the prayers early this morning and will continue until after my fast tomorrow and afterwards for my entire family. May all Glory return to the most high God.
    This page is definitely a blessing. God bless

  42. Wonderfully helpful, but a general prayer (not specific to the 16yr old girl) would be even better. Ive had a lot of sickness, heartache, accidents, attacks in my family and i want to make sure every ungkdky soul tie is broken, but im not sure where to start. I know there is witchcraft in my fathers side but dont know much about my mothers side because her father had been through a lot of trauma and refused to talk about any of it. A general prayer that covers every possible area of sin would be great.

  43. Hello, I just want to say how perfect and holy this prayer is. I had this underlying feeling that my sons father has a generational curse within their family and as my son and his father have no contact or ties what so ever, I feel like the Holy Spirit lead me to this page and this exact prayer. Thankyou for publishing this as you saved my newborn son a lifetime of bondage. God bless!

  44. Please help me. Is there anyone I can talk to directly about this? I believe my son is a covert narcissist. He can appear normal and happy go lucky to most people but the fact is he is actually often moody, with moods up and down, impatient and becomes very angry over the smallest of things and sometimes rageful when confronted with anything. He was raised a Christian but has gotten away from walking with Christ, though does say sometimes he still prays. He’s now a father of a toddler and is with the mother of the child though not married. For his sake and hers, I wish that they would go their separate ways due to the fact that they fight all the time and much of it takes place near or around the child. I’ve spoken to both of them about co-parenting and trying to go back to being friends so they can do what’s best for their child. This child is a beautiful and seemingly very happy child and I’ve been around her a lot and we’ve bonded. She appears more bonded to her mother than with her dad, but I feel his gf is afraid to let go of the relationship because she didn’t have her dad around when she was growing up. My son says splitting up isn’t an option and won’t even think about breaking up but then also acts and behaves really nasty to his gf a lot of times. There are so many other symptoms and issues too like he doesn’t get enough sleep which adds to his awful temperament. Or justifying his behavior and shifting blame and never taking actual responsibility for how he acts. I’d also believe his gf might have Borderline Personality Disorder and acts out a lot particularly when my son is actually doing and being at his best. The cycle of all of this toxic and dysfunctional behavior is exhausting to me and including finances, their lives are in shambles. I believe my son is mentally and emotionally ill and has been for years but will not do anything to get help at all. I try to get through to him about getting help but he doesn’t see his need for it. My main question and concern…how do I pray for the safety of especially my grandchild…if there is a generational or other kind of curse?? I’m anxious for her and also her mother’s safety. I also have to be careful not to do or say too much (I’ve said a lot!) because it always comes back on me and it seems that between the two of them, they end up angry with me. I’m so heartbroken. I love my son but something is wrong and missing in him. The main aspect that manifests is his being overly sensitive on one hand while lacking empathy on the other hand, including with his gf and daughter in certain ways. I’ve always seen it, and tried to confront it a lot when he was growing up and took him to counselors after having many violent scenes at our house. He’s now in his early 30s. PLEASE – pray for my situation…this little girl needs GODS complete protection. Thank you for this page and site.

    • I came to his page to seek help for my autistic brother and my crazy father. Just red your post, and I will definitely pray for you, your son, and his girlfriend and especially their daughter. I am not a professional person for supernatural world, but I feel you could try to use above steps and prayers to pray on behalf of your grand daughter or even your son to help break the curse on them. May God bless you. I am a full believer of God’s power. He sees our suffering, but he has his own plan and timeline as well. God responses to my prayer most of the time and in a instant fashion, but when it comes to the healing of my brother’s autism, it has been slow and not that obvious. Therefore, I pray for his guidance when I feel uncertain and help me to stay patient and strong and close to him. This kind of prayer really helps when things are not going the way we want.

  45. Never had depression, anxiety, or panic attack until after a eye surgery. I woke up during surgery screaming. I know a demonic spirit attached itself to me and has been tormenting me since Nov.2017. I just did the complete steps for curses. I claim freedom from spirits in the name of Jesus Christ.

  46. I have been praying this prayer for last two weeks and I can say I am seeing the wonderful power of God. I used not to sleep well because of spirits now I am able to sleeps we’ll. Thank you for this powerful prayer. Can my children also do this prayer.

  47. Thank you so much for this article. I was convicted when I was reading in 2 Samuel about David having to confess the sins of Saul because of Saul going against his word and breaking his covenant with the Amorites so it got me thinking about how I could be affected with the transgressions of others. I am so glad you took the time to write such an in-depth and knowledgeable article! So much thanks! God bless you for taking the time to share your riches.

  48. I thank Holy Spirit for leading to this site. It came at the right time because I have had a lot of ugly experience at the hand of misfortunes. Thank God for opening my eyes to demons legal right to attack a believer and how to break this legal rights. I have started doing the prayer of breaking generational curses and I have full faith that God heal my land and bless us in Jesus Christ name.Amen.Please I want to ask whether Betting on Football games can give demons legal rights to enter or attack a believer?

  49. Oh people of God i come from parents who worshiped God with all their hearts. My story is very long but finding out this article is like a garanteed delivrance for everyone who wants to break the curse. My mom died i was 7 years old all i remembered her saying Lord Jesus and she passed off.
    My Father died last year 25 march. After waking up from a comma he said he saw God. He is happy. GOD IS GOOD. he saw the angels of heaven etcc. He discussed with God. We were all amazed. Instead of feeling pain and crying we could not understand the strength we all had. We also battle with family curse but I am from the fruit of parents who met God at their death bed and in Jesus Christ’s name I shall be set free from this curse. I deserve it and Whether the devil likes it or not I shall be set free by force… indeed Enough is Enough. Tonight I start my prayer lines and I wish someone would be with me while doing this prayer but I shall not fear the devil because he who that is in me is greater than he that is in the world and I shall not fear. Let them come I carry my weapon which is the word of God. 2020 is my YEAR! I shall come back and give my testimony. People of God Jesus is real trust in him!

  50. Thank you mighty God for leading me here, I believe there’s a reason for everything, everything now makes sense to me after reading this article about generational curses in families.. I plead the blood of Jesus over my life and family, by the power of God given to me I command and break every chain of demonic spirits in my life, my prosperity, my family in Jesus name..
    I declare I am free, revived, am restored and protected by the blood of Jesus and no weapon formed against me shall prosper in Jesus name.
    Thank you father
    Thank you Jesus
    Thank you Lord.

    • I thank God for this message I pray that God may deliver me from this curses this my story my mom had six children with four baby daddies the same to my grandparents from both sides am a mother of three one deceased but with different fathers I don’t know what happens when am in a relationship after giving birth am just rejected please God intervine

  51. Believing that today the blood of Christ Jesus is covering every member of my family as well as my deceased sister’s family. PTL that His Holy Spirit guidance let me to take His authority to breakthrough these family curses. All to the honor and glory of His Holy Name.

  52. Thanks so much for the message, I will always pray n break the demons that have legal ryts. Since have learnt how to pray I’m the name of Jesus Christ.

  53. Thank almighty God for passing this words of life through you to povide light that forever will be burning bright building me in how to fight chase demons and how i will break our family blood and generationally curse .i truly believe in this prayers will work and is this prayers going to open my future in almighty name of jesus.Amen

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