Pleading The Blood Against Alcoholism

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I just had another real good story called in once more showing the unbelievable power of Pleading the Blood of Jesus against something specific.

A woman I used to work with called this in. When she first told me about it, I had no intentions on passing this story around due to the very personal nature of what had occurred in it. However, after she told me what just happened, she literally asked that I pass this on to the rest of you.

She said if this story could help others who may be having the same type of problem she was, that she would be all for releasing this story, as it once more dramatically shows the power of intercessory prayer, especially when combined with Pleading of the Blood of Jesus against something specific that you want taken out.

Here is her story and how fast God answered her prayer.

The Testimony

About 6 months ago she told me her marriage was in trouble and that she was thinking about at least separating from her husband. I had met her husband several times and he is a really nice guy and they seemed to be very compatible. The news of her marriage being in trouble really shocked me.

She then proceeded to tell me that the source of their marital problems was that her husband had been abusing alcohol for the last 8 years and things were going from bad to worse. It was really starting to affect his health. He was starting to prematurely age and his entire family was really starting to worry about him. They were all afraid he was literally going to die.

He apparently had been suffering from unexplainable, panic-anxiety attacks and started drinking to try to alleviate these panic attacks. The alcohol obviously did not work and just made things worse. This woman had been trying to get him to go to counseling but he would not do it. She said her husband is a very proud man and does not like to admit defeat or weakness in anything. He is also a real outdoorsman and literally cannot stand to be cooped up inside for too long of a period of time.

I think he was afraid to go to counseling for fears that the doctor would want to have him admitted for the alcoholism. One of his doctors had him on some medication to try and alleviate the panic attacks but the medication was not working. With the medication not working to alleviate the panic attacks, with him being too proud to admit defeat to go to any type of counseling, and the abuse of the alcohol continuing on an everyday basis, my friend was at her wits end and did not know what else she could do to stop all of this.

When she first told me about this 6 months ago, I told her if all else fails on trying to get him to counseling – to try “standing in the gap” for him with God, Plead the Blood of Jesus against the alcoholism and any demons who might be behind the scenes influencing him to continue to drink, and then to ask God to move into the situation to break this addiction off him and to get him cleaned up so she would not lose her marriage over it.

I told her that since her husband had no real working knowledge about spiritual warfare and how to use it in a real life combat situation – that God would honor her standing in the gap for him and that she could go on the “offensive” by Pleading the Blood of Jesus directly against the alcoholism. I told her to do it in secret, that she did not have to tell him that she was going to pray for him.

Six months had gone by and with there being no improvement on this situation, she decided to try and Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against his abuse of alcohol to see if God would move in with His deliverance power to get him to clean up his act and set him free from this horrible addiction. Here is what happened after she went into the gap for her husband.

They were set to go out of town on a vacation on a Monday afternoon. My friend decides to pray and Plead the Blood against the alcoholism the night before on a Sunday night. She went ahead and Pleaded the Blood and asked God to move into the situation to set her husband completely free from the alcohol.

The next morning on that Monday, they were sitting at the breakfast table. They were due to leave for their vacation that afternoon. Then all of a sudden her husband looks at her and asks her if she really wanted to go out of town on this vacation. He then proceeds to tell her that he has better things to do than to go on this vacation.

My friend then tells him that this vacation will probably do him good and that he needs a break from all of the work that he does. She then asked him what else does he have better to do than to go on this needed vacation.

He then looks straight at her and says that he knows that he has a real problem with his drinking and that he now wants to do something about it before he loses his marriage with her. He then proceeds to tell her that he would be willing to have himself checked in and have the doctors and counselors work with him!

My friend said she just about fell out of her chair. She had been pleading with this man over the last 8 years to get professional help and he would not do it. She then goes on the offensive, Pleads the Blood of Jesus one time, and then asks God to move in on the situation. Twelve hours later, her husband all of a sudden has a complete change of heart about the entire matter, decides he really does have a drinking problem and that he does need professional help.

Mind you, her husband is a very proud man, does not like to admit defeat or weakness in anything, and cannot stand the thought of being locked up for any length of time. By having himself admitted to an alcohol rehab center, he knows he is going to be locked up for at least 4-6 days. All of this goes against his normal behavior patterns.

That is the typical length of stay at a rehabilitation center, while some centers even offer longer treatment periods.

Within 12 hours after his wife Pleads the Blood of Jesus against his alcoholism – this man all of a sudden has a complete change of mind on his drinking problem and is completely willing to have himself checked in, when over the last 8 years he had refused to accept any type of help. Coincidence? I don’t think so. This complete turnabout within 12 hours shows how fast God can move on certain situations.

My friend then proceeds to have him admitted to an alcohol treatment center. He was in there for 6 days and had no physical withdrawal from coming completely off the alcohol. After he gets out, he tells his wife that he does not want to lose her over his drinking problem and that he will try and defeat it. He said he saw quite a few people in the treatment center that had completely lost everything as a result of their drinking – their families, their marriages, their jobs and all of their friends.

He felt like God was showing him that this was the road that he was traveling on and that if he did not clean up his act, that he too would lose everything like some of these people had done.

He has had no drinks since he has come home from this 6-day stay. However, he did tell his wife that the desire for the alcohol was still there and that he was still tempted to want to drink. I told her the next step is to Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against the desire to drink. God has to take out the desire for the alcohol. If He does not, then her husband will continue to battle his temptations to drink and could easily slip back into it.

When God completely delivers someone from alcohol or drug abuse, He usually takes out the desire for the drugs or alcohol. Testimony after testimony from people who have been set free from drugs or alcohol all say the same thing – that when God delivers them from their addictions, He totally takes out their desire for the alcohol or drugs. If He didn’t, the temptation would be too great and too strong and many of these people would fall back into their addictions.

Hopefully, this powerful move by God will stick and he will not go back to his drinking. I feel if my friend Pleads the Blood directly against the desire for the alcohol, then God will finish what He started and will have completely set this man free from his abuse of alcohol that had been going on for the last 8 years.

Again, another powerful and dramatic testimony once more showing how powerful Pleading the Blood of Jesus can be if you are willing to go on the offensive with it like this woman did.


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  1. I plead the Blood of Jesus over my husband alcoholism and desire to drink. Lord I in trust in you yo release him from this evil. I ask that you surround him with positive people so that they may guide home in the path of being a good father and husband. Lord Show him the way of the truth. In your son Jesus I pray.

    • I Am pleading the Blood of Jesus over my husband and his alcoholism Lord, I beg for a divine miracle over his life and for the demonic spirit to go In the mighty Name of Jesu, it’s destroying our marriage and taking my happiness away, Lord I need you please

  2. I plead the blood if Jesus over my boyfriend. I am trusting God to honor my prayer over his life and to deliver him from alcoholism. I pray that God will take the desire to drink alcohol away from him. I also pray for God to surround him with some good friends that will be a help to him instead of a hindrance.

  3. I plead the blood of Jesus over my boyfriend Dimas for deliverance from alcohol and cigarettes and from the pains of his past. Thank you God for delivering him from all evil and protecting him and healing him from all pain. I praise the name of Jesus and am grateful for His Divine healing and mercy for all involved during this time! AMEN

  4. The story this woman told was my story I’ve been with this man 14 years only married 10 months and drinking has cost him so much including me at this point. We are separated because drinking consumes him, he’s able to work but has lost jobs in the past due to drinking. It’s overwhelming and he won’t get help and is totally in denial. He makes promises and completely disregards them. I am definitely pleading the Blood for his deliverance for the taste, desire and removal of alcohol in his life in the mighty name of Jesus permanently! Also for the renewing of his mind so that he can participate and communicate in this marriage as a man of God Loving his Wife as God Loves the Church! I’m waiting on you Lord, I’ve done all I can now illl gladly stand!

  5. Why is God not taking it away from me? I’m hurting so bad. I feel so stuck and so lost and in so much pain within my soul. I’ve also messed up the best relationship of my entire existence upon this earth. And made such bad decisions from how I feel and made people think I’m not a good person or rude and I’m far from it. My heart and soul isn’t this way. I lost my ex. I know people come second to God but he’s now turned to God in Prison it’s like WOW God wants him what about myself. I feel so lost and stuck and just don’t know what to do 🙁 I want him back in my life. But I know I need to put God first and change so much within myself and the alcohol was why he left and what came with the alcoholic behaviour and all these other issues I left inside for too long and didn’t heal.

    I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like I’m destined for nothing. For failure. My mind is so negative toward myself and my life. And sometimes that spills out to my life and relationships and so much else. I don’t know what to do. I’m alone. I feel alone and like the only one who’s never going to be saved.

    I feel like God sees me keep falling and sees its pathetic and looses hope in trying to chase me and heal my soul. I don’t know what to do anymore. I want to change not the drinking it’s the worst right now but lies and I stole because i yes was being selfish but inside it hurt me to do. But my addiction got hold just to get alcohol and get things that covered my pain when I had no money. I had no absolute right to do so to anyone and hurt their soul through my actions

    HELP ME LORD GOD PLEASE PRAY FOR ME anyone please I’d appreciate it so much. I need prayer right now more than ever from my brothers and sisters and souls in Christ.

    MUCH LOVE AND kindness to all < you see the way I spoke like that inside my soul that's how I truly am. I'm not a thief or a liar or addict I want to change GOD please bring the power of your one and only son Jesus Christ pour it over me please.

    Why don't you want me God? I'm done with all of this!!!!!!!!!!!! IM OVER THE DARKNESS THAT LINGERS OVER MY LIFE and upon my soul

    I don't want to be these things anymore. I want to be a honest and good soul to others and especially to others. Please pray for me anyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I just keep going back to the drinking. It's like what is this. I know it's gonna take a lot of work on my part no worries but also at times I struggle with fighting for my soul and I feel incredibly shameful for that. I'm done I want a whole new soul please change me Lord God

    • Sarah. The power of the blood of Jesus can burn the spirit and desire of alcohol. Tell Jesus you want him the head of your life. Your Lord. Have all of your past sons washed away through the baptism in Jesus name, and receive his precious Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues.

      Find you an Apostolic church that teaches how to use the power of the Holy Ghost to get rid of demons and fight to stay free.

      Blessings, In Jesus name.

    • Dear sweet precious Wanda,
      God loves you so much. He knows your heart and He sees your yearning toward Him.
      Continue to cry out. Seek Him in His word. Pray, Fast, sing songs to Him and find one person to be good to in Jesus name. You begin to feel His power flow through you. I’m praying for you. He has not given up on you. He does not grow weary chasing down his lost lambs. Hold fast. He’s coming for you with arms of love.

    • Please move from despair to praise!! God WILL help you! Begin thanking Him even now. Trust Him and His timing. Be thankful BEFORE He heals you. Please child, walk by faith not by sight. Your faith IS YOUR EVIDENCE of things hoped for. God bless you richly.

    • Dear Sarah, I understand what you are feeling, although I was never addicted to alcohol. I went through a time of great darkness when I felt that even God had rejected me even though I am a born again believer. It’s horrible what Satan does to God’s children. He convinces us that even God rejects us and has given up on us. But our loving Jesus said that He will never leave us nor forsake us, so we have to believe what He says rather than the lies of the enemy even in our most darkest moments. I cried out to God to help me to overcome the rejection I had suffered from all my life; it was like a cloak that I wore. He told me to start a journal and to write down all the things I was feeling, so I started to do that. Then I found ‘Bible and learnt about self deliverance. I did this as I could not find any believers who believed in deliverance for believers at that time. I did all they instructed and the Lord most certianly heard my prayers and He delivered me from the root of rejection that was causing my pain. He gave me two visions of the process that would take place, and it’s been happening just as He showed me. I very rarely experience or even think about rejection now, praise His wonderful name. Its taken time just as He showed me it would and in the process He has taught me how to use His word to transform my thinking according to His way of thinking. So i encourage you Sarah to never ever think that God doesn’t want you, that He doesn’t love you, but to know that it’s the devil who doesn’t want to let you go. Seek out those who believe in deliverance, if you can’t find anyone in your church, search Bible, I’m sure they would still have that available today. Do all that they instruct. It was nothing dramatic for me; God just gently lead me through. Repent before God, seek His forgiveness and trust Him to set you free, and most surely will. I am praying for you Sarah!!

    • I pray that God leads you away from temptation and delivers you from the evil one stronghold. May the blood of Jesus restore your mind, body and soul. In Jesus name Amen

  6. I plead the blood of Jesus to cleanse my sister of this disease of alcoholics she desperately needs prayers and deliverance over it she doesn’t think she think she is going to live much longer and me myself needs deliverance from smoking please pray for me for I feel like i,m not going to have much longer to live to I believe in pleading the blood the blood of Jesus will help praiseGod

    • Me too, I a christian, but through horrendous physical and emotional bullying for 16yrs and loss of my mum at only 50,i always hid my pin through drink, now after 20yrs I been honest with my churches and my gp, the prob is cnt afford rehab etc, long to stop but need a total miracle before I loose everything

  7. Thank you for showing me the way out of alcoholism. Am grateful.

  8. Please pray with me and agree that the when I plead the blood of Jesus over Alcoholism in a young mans life…his name his Cody. That God will release him from his illness and desire to drink. His mother shared in confidence with me yesterday that her Son needs prayer. I KNOW God want to deliver him. I KNOW God has a purpose for his life. I believe in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ and I pray for Cody to come to know Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour.

  9. My husband has been battling alcoholism most of his adult life plus he has a lung and heart problem. I have been praying for him though I feel exhausted with this problem. I am encouraged by this story. It’s Easter and I will intercede through the blood of Jesus for him. It’s been a tough journey and I know it could be worse without the the Lord Jesus.

  10. My husband has been sober for 2-3 years and back then I was so happy and at peace. I believed our dark days were behind us. Then last year and a few times already this year, he has had some slips. I love him very much and he tells me he cares very much and doesn’t want to lose me. I told actions speak louder than words and I would believe him only upon evidence of him really trying to stop. My otherwise steadfast faith has been really shaky since he relapsed. I have been praying and while I pray, he still has slips and gets very defensive. I am mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. I am glad I stumbled across this website and I will plead the blood of Jesus against my husband’s slips. Please pray for us on our journey. We need a miracle, otherwise I don’t know if I can stay with him. Pray he becomes cured of alcoholism and pray that God grant me strength, serenity and sanity.

  11. Greetings children of the most High God, please pray for the father of my children, my mom and my children. They drink alcohol a lot. Please pray for God to restore my family, and everything I’ve lost in Jesus Mighty na!e

  12. Hi, I am pretty much at the end of my standing. I have been married for 28 years, and we have 4 kids. My husband has drank since he was young and all his family were the same too. Today, I am praying harder than ever because it is out of control. He works and is great when not drinking but after work, he buys beer and lies to me about it. I have had to endure the shock of learning about affairs he has had, but now the realization of alcohol abuse is too much. I will plead wholeheartedly, for the precious blood of Jesus over my husband to save him from the evil one’s grip. I will pray for everyone else struggling with this evil that has come to destroy what God has brought together.

  13. My boyfriend of 9 years is in detox now and will go to rehab right after. Hes been battling alcoholism for the past 8 years. I was ready to leave I was tired and depressed. The day I saw him at a corner store drinking with homeless people just about did it for me and our kids. We have 3 boys together, he has a 13 yr old daughter and i have a 10 yr old son. The next day i had an intervention and gave him an option, to get help through treatment or I would fight for full custody of our boys and I would never ever come back never. Im glad to say he has one more of detox and 45 more days of rehab. I prayed and prayed and finally my prayers were answered! I cant wait to see him sober!.

  14. I am in the exact same situation. I’m in prayer and pleading the blood of Jesus RIGHT NOW to set him free from his addiction. I’m asking that all of you who love the Lord please lift him up in prayer. I ask that God please protect him at this moment because he has been gone for hours. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    With Love,

    Your Sister In Christ

    • I too am going through. My husband and me got back together and for two days hes been drinking. Im tired and ready to ewalk out and leave. Im praying for everyone going through this

    • Hello, I know this is an old post but I am in the same situation. My husband was gone for hours and Horn back drunk. Hopefully your husband is healed. I am praying for mine too.

  15. I am encouraged by that testimony going on the offensive in prayer and pleading the blood of Jesus as I am in a very similar situation. I will continue to pray.

  16. My wife and I have been married 33 years and have 3 great kids all saved and doing well. My wife went through menopause just over 8 years ago. It had altered her life and our marriage. She never drank all our years together and spent much time reading her Bible and praying and never used profanity. For over 8 years now she is over drinking and it is getting worse.She curses like a truck driver regularly. I left home twice and was able to get a compromise that she would not drink inside our home. Still she goes out to visit her sick older sister and she will stop at her brother’s house for dinner and will drink there.Or meet a girlfriend for dinner and drinks. I have prayed on my face for over 8 years and have gotten no resolution from the Lord. I don’t understand how satan has not marched through this giant door of destruction she has opened for so long. I will try what was presented here as another way to break her addiction.

  17. I just want to thank you for this testimony. It has inspired me so much. I have been praying over my husbands addiction to drugs and alcoholism for a while. Trusting that God has it all under control. God Bless You All!!

  18. I am a 55 year old women who has been married just shy of 4 years. My husband is six years younger than me and he is an alcholic. You know how some women might say they have the best husband? Well I can truly say if it were not for his abusing alcohol he would be the best. Now with that being said I am struggling to stay with my husband. We are both born again Christians. We are both leaders in our church. My husband drinks and smokes weed every day. When he over indulges he is like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He becomes verbally abusive to me and he is very embarrassing in public. He is like this all during the week but come Sunday morning he is up and might I say dressed very sharp and ready to go to church. The people in my neighborhood look at him as a hypocrite. He wants to go around telling everybody God bless you,and as soon as he comes out of church he starts getting high. I am sick and tired it has been 4 years and he hasn’t changed. He will not admit he has a problem, he puts all the blame on me and he is not accountable for anything he does.I am tired of money being spent every day on drinking an drugging. I have been drug free for 5 years and it is only through the grace of God that I am still clean. Like I said he is a good man but when he starts drinking I forget about everything he does for me and I say it’s not worth me staying. At my age I want peace of mind I don’t want all this unnecessary nonsense in my life, it’s not like I have another 55 years on this earth. He says he loves me but then why doesn’t he go get help to save his marriage? I don’t know whether to leave or stay.He’s my best friend and I do love him but his drinking is changing me. I have become physically abusive to him.He says things to me that are untrue and my insides just start boiling and I lash out at him. I don’t want to be this way. Can someone please give me some advice and encouragement.

    • First of all age does not matter in your marriage what matters is your relationship, surely the devil is abusing your husband but he has not won yet. All is well because he is going to the sanctuary with you, continue to trust in God and plead the blood of Jesus upon your husband and declare that his body is the temple of the Lord and therefore it should be kept clean according to the word. Cry at the altar , in your house and ask God to remember him for the good things he does for you and that he will be set free. Ask to speak to your pastor privately about him and he can pray for him even without telling him . God will surely hear you, fast and pray without focusing on his behavior and pray that God will give you the grace and patience to wait for your husband to be set free and that you will continue to love him despite his sins. You should hate his sins of course and speak the word of God against it. Look beyond your husband’s mistakes and pray your way through. God put you together for a reason . What does your church say about alcohol , do they preach the word of God about alcohol or they are afraid to challenge these issues. If they do not speak against these things then its not a good place for him, you should go to a church which does not water down the word of God and discourage people from drinking and taking drugs. I know some churches with pastors who drink alcohol and they think alcohol is alright. The house of the Lord is still sacred and alcohol and drugs are a no no to Christians no matter what other people think but the word of God stands. I pray that God will set your husband free from this demonic attack and that he will desire to fellowship with God more than anything else. Philipians 4:8 encourages us to do think pure thoughts and do excellent things how do we do them when we are drunk? I speak the Blood of Jesus upon your husband and pray that you will stand in the gap for him and trust in God always. God bless you my sister.

  19. Thank you for this encouraging testimony. I realize I am not alone and that this too shall pass and my manage is salvagable. My husband is healed, delivered and set free from alcohol in Jesus mighty, majestic, marvelous, miraculous name.

    • Great stuff Praise God for his Faithfulness I was deliverd back in 99 from drugs and Alcohol God blessed me with a great wife that Loves Jesus and have been happily married fouteen years after many years of serving the Lord the pull of the world became stronger than my walk with God I started slipping with my devotional life and was really struggling with occasional binge drinking that started effecting my business and even wound up getting a dwi Glory to God my license was restored and I have been steadily getting back to my walk with Jesus I say all this to say there is always Hope in any situation as long as you are looking to Jesus for he answer testimonies are such an encouragement for God bless you all

  20. Thank you Jesus O my lord for bringing me in this site. As because I am too suffering the pain for wouldbe going to husband. As we are going to marry soon but things are not falling right for us due to his alchohol addiction. Our wedding is getting delayed n delayed. His health is deteriorating , his family hates him , he has lost his respect at his work place. He is completely into the severe desire of drinking.
    O God please help me so that my friend gets healed from this severe desire of drinking.

  21. I’m going to try this and any additional prayers from anyone would be greatly appreciated my brother marc has lost everything his children his wife his home and his job because of alcohol he is also at great risk of going to prison as well if he violates his parol he will go for 6 years I have payed his fines given him a place to stay and now his alcoholism is threatening me and my family. I honestly feel Jesus Christ is our only hope

  22. All I can say is “Wow!” and “Thank you, Heavenly Father” for leading me here and reminding me of the power of intercessory prayer!

    I did as you suggested – I prayed that I stand in the gap for my boyfriend and in the name of and under the authority of Jesus Christ, I plead the Blood of Jesus over him directly against the disease of alcoholism and directly against his desire to drink.

    All I can say is that God works fast. I cant stop praising Him today.
    Thank you again!

    • I am battling with my husband drug addiction. He is a man with much knowledge of the Word of God but refuses to apply it to his own life. This battle is not mine however it is affecting my marriage. I ask that you would make intercession on behalf of my husband Everett. I would not wish this on anybody. It is a unpredictable spirit that controls his mindset.

      • How do you pray the Blood of Jesus over a son or husband?

        • Just go in your heart and talk to the Lord, there is no special verse or ceremony in doing so. The Lord already knows what is in your heart, what troubles you before you even know. I myself would just go to Him and tell Him everything you’re worried about in your life and ask for His help and to intervene, just simply say to Him that you’ve not got the power to do this on your own and that only with His help can it be done. All you would do is say what you are concerned about and simply ask that your prayers be heard in the name or blood of Jesus, after that it is in the Lord’s hands if the problem gets fixed or not, even if you pray the Blood of Jesus, does not mean the problem will be fixed or ever fixed as each of us have our fates in life and is all a part of Gods plan that we should accept. At the end of the day it is down to the Lord whether He answers or not, we cannot demand it of Him, but it doesnt hurt to ask 🙂

          • (continued from above)…dont give up hope though, keep praying even if you dont see a change. Ive been praying for months now that I be set free of the demons of drinking alcohol in Jesus’s name, but yet still drink heavily daily. Im hoping the Lord will show mercy on me and cure me of this addiction because Ive confessed to Him I cant do this on my own, I need Him to step in and fill the gap in my life that leads me to turn to the bottle..time will tell what the Lord’s plans are for me.

  23. Larry, have a similar friend who has bought alc for me since I was 15, and now 20 years later I’ve been the one buying alc for him because he is disabled and completely without any hope in life but only likes to party. I’ve been really fighting the whole alc addiction thing the last 18 months, even after having my first son and second baby a girl on the way. Got saved at 16, stayed in church till I was 18, and fill like I have thrown the last 16 years away by not committing my life to Jesus as I should have. Came here because I know I have got to turn around from this sin in my life. Wanted to tell you that there is, according to the Bible, pleasure in sin only for a season, it sounds like your season has ended in regards to your friendship with her, and you know that sin only leads into more sin and it sounds like she really has to get things right in her life.

  24. Thank you very much God Bless you all, this was refreshing.

  25. Have been looking at your site and like what I see. I have a friend(girl) who has a problem with alcohol and I use to help her with money to buy booze. I contributed to her addiction and I suspect that she is on pain pills also. She has jealouseys to the extreme. Her mouth is can be very abusive and physically also. I also suspect multiple personalities in that she changes very violently. It is a shame for I want her to come out and be set free; at first, it was fun but now it worst. What is this?; partnering with evil, now is evil coming and going after having partnered with the evil?

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