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TBN Testimony #1 – Stand In The Gap

Per all of the articles that we have done on how to Plead the Blood of Jesus, how to form out battle prayers, and how to stand in the gap and be willing to go into intercessory prayer to save someone else from falling off the end of a cliff – below is a dramatic testimony I heard awhile back ago on TBN that perfectly illustrates all of the above things I have been talking about recently.

Stand In The Gap

This woman was shopping by herself in Home Depot when all of a sudden God gives her a vision in her mind’s eye of a man walking into her husband’s office with a gun and getting ready to kill her husband.

This woman had to immediately “stand in the gap” for her husband, go into prayer warfare and engage with the demons who were influencing this man to kill her husband. This is a perfect example of true prayer warfare in action.

I will recount her entire testimony below, and then end the article with some things I feel we can all learn from this powerful testimony.

Not only can we learn from our own stories and those of our friends, but we can also learn from other people’s testimonies that we do not know.


This woman’s name was Alice Smith. She appeared to be a very anointed woman of God and I had a very good witness coming in from the Holy Spirit that her dramatic story was true and that she truly was a woman of God.

She has recently written a book titled, “Beyond the Veil: God’s Call to Intimate Intercession.” In this book, she talks about how each of us can get beyond the veil with God to draw much closer to Him to establish a much more closer and intimate personal relationship with Him. This book can be ordered through

Also in the book is a section on how to “stand in the gap” and how to be used by God to go into intercessory prayer – especially for emergency type situations. She said that God will give you these types of “prayer assignments” – but only if you are open to receiving them from the Lord, and only if you are willing to immediately stand in the gap and go into intercessory prayer for someone else like she did this day for her husband.

This kind of deeper and heavier activity with the Lord is not very appealing to many Christians today. It seems too much of a hassle in our frantic, hectic, and fast-paced lives. However, the rewards for those of you who would like to venture into this kind of deeper waters with the Lord will be enormous.

If you are willing to allow God to use you with this kind of heavier activity – you may not only be involved in saving other people’s lives – but you may also get a prayer assignment from God the Father that will save someone else’s life that may be very close to you – such as a spouse, one of your children, a close friend, or possibly even yourself.

In these types of emergency situations, God will prompt you to stand in the gap to start praying for someone else. Sometimes He will show you who and what you are praying for.

Other times He will not. You will receive an immediate burden from the Holy Spirit to start praying. This burden is a manifestation that comes directly from the Holy Spirit. This is not a manifestation that is coming out of your own emotions or out of your own mind.

When the burden from the Holy Spirit comes in on you, you are to try and get away where you can be alone if it all possible and immediately go into prayer with God until the burden is lifted from you by the Holy Spirit. When you feel the burden has lifted, you have “prayed it through” with the Lord. You then end the intercessory prayer at that point with God.

Sometimes you only have to pray one time for something and you will be done with it. Other times, you may have to pray several times before a final release is given to you by the Holy Spirit that your prayer assignment has now been fully completed.

When you have to pray for something more than one time when using this type of prayer with God – it will come in waves. You pray until you feel a release from the Holy Spirit that you are done on the first attempt.

The Holy Spirit will then bring the burden back up another time when it is time to go into round two and again, you pray on round two like you did on round one until you receive a release from the Holy Spirit that you are now done.

God will let you know how many rounds you may have to go on a particular prayer assignment before you are finally done for good. In this particular testimony, this woman only had to pray one time for God to move in and save her husband’s life.

When you go into intercessory prayer for someone else under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, the actual amount of time you spend in each round may vary. It could be anywhere from as short as 2-3 minutes, 5-10 minutes, 20-30 minutes, or as long as an hour or two for those who are conditioned to go that long with God.

For those of you who would be interested in allowing God to use you in this dramatic type fashion – God will arrange and orchestrate in your normal busy schedules the time and opportunity to be able to do this.

It could easily happen on the way to work or on the way home from work. You simply turn off the radio so there is no distraction, and you start praying there right in the car until you receive a release from the Holy Spirit that you are done.

Since this woman had been doing this with the Lord for about 20 years, God was able to use this woman not only to save her husband’s life, but also the man who was going to kill her husband. The man who was going to kill her husband was also going to take his own life after he had killed her husband.

This woman was asked by the host to give an example of God using her to stand in the gap for someone else. She then starts to give this incredible testimony. She said this event occurred about 8 years ago. Here is her testimony.

The Testimony

1.  Her husband is a pastor of a church. He had been counseling a medical doctor who was suicidal and who was at his rope’s end. Alice did not know about this man when all of this occurred.

Alice said she went by herself to Home Depot one day. She said she was just going about her normal shopping when all of a sudden she receives a closed vision from God the Father. A closed vision is a vision that God gives you in your “mind’s eye.” An open vision is where the vision is giving directly in front of you and you see it with wide-open eyes.

In the vision that was given to her by God in her mind’s eye was Alice seeing her husband sitting behind his desk at the church and a man walking in with a gun. Alice gets an immediate knowing from the Holy Spirit that the man with the gun is going to attempt to kill her husband.

Alice then gets an immediate knowing and prompting from the Holy Spirit that she is to immediately stand in the gap for her husband since he has no idea that this attack is getting ready to come his way. Alice said she actually started praying right there in the middle of Home Depot.

She immediately checked out with what she already had in her basket, and then went straight home where she got down on her knees to continue the warfare praying. She said she was praying in the Spirit, using both her gift of tongues and her own natural English. She was quoting battle verses against the man with the gun, against the demons who were operating behind the scenes influencing this man to kill her husband, along with quoting the battle verses directly back to God the Father asking Him to move in on this situation.

She said she continued to pray until she felt a release from the Holy Spirit that she had prayed it through and that God had heard her prayer. She said she felt the burden of the Holy Spirit lift from her and that was how she knew she was done praying. She didn’t say how long the entire prayer lasted, but if I were to take a rough guess by the way she was talking, I would say it lasted anywhere from 15-45 minutes.

2.  After praying to God on all of the above, she said she waited awhile before calling her husband. When she called her husband later at work, she asked him if anything strange or out of the ordinary had happened to him that day. He then proceeded to tell her a very dramatic story that had just occurred.

He said he had been working with a medical doctor who had been suicidal and was not making much progress with the man. The doctor was not saved. That day the doctor came into his office and told him a bone-chilling story.

The doctor had just come from a motel. He had a gun in his motel and was planning to come over to kill him, and then he was going to kill himself after shooting this woman’s husband.

However, as the man got ready to leave the motel to do all of this, he all of a sudden “forgot” to bring the gun with him! When the doctor came into the pastor’s office, he broke down and told the pastor exactly what he had just been intending to do. The power of God then moved in on the man and Alice’s husband was able to get the man saved right there on the spot!

The doctor then gave his life to the Lord and apparently God was then able to get the man straightened out. However, one year later the doctor died of natural causes. However, since the man got saved one year earlier in his office, both Alice and her husband feel that this man is definitely in heaven right now.

As a result of Alice’s perfect obedience and willingness to be used by God with this type of heavier prayer assignment – she literally saved three lives that day – the physical life of her husband, the physical life of the doctor, and the spiritual life of the doctor since he got saved that day and thus made it into heaven when he died a year later.

Had Alice not been open to being used by God in this dramatic fashion, both her husband and the doctor may have died that day and the doctor could have ended up going straight to hell.

Her reward is the fact that she saved this doctor’s immortal soul from an eternal death had he gone through with what he was planning to do in that motel room. She had also prevented herself from becoming a widow had her husband been killed that day.

I do not think there is any question that it was God Himself who made this man forget to bring the gun with him when he left the motel that day. This is what you call God “running interference” to keep something bad from happening.


1.  The above story is a dramatic example of how God can use anyone of us to help save someone else’s life.

It was obviously God Himself who did the actual rescuing and delivering of both her husband and doctor that day. But for whatever reason, God has it set up sometimes where He will not move in on a certain situation unless we first pray for Him to move.

The Bible says to ask – and then you will receive. But the Bible also says – “you have not because you ask not” (James 4:2). Put these two verses together and the message is that God will not allow or bring into manifestation things we may really need unless we first ask and pray to Him for those specific needs.

I believe God has it set up this way in an effort to draw us closer to Him in the personal relationship that He wants to establish with each and every one of us. It causes us to completely and totally depend upon Him to make it through this life in one piece.

2.  Per all of the articles I have done on Pleading the Blood of Jesus, warfare type praying, standing in the gap to pray for someone else’s need, and forming out battle prayers to God the Father – the above story is just another dramatic example of those principles actually being put into action in a real live “combat situation.”

And look at what happened as a result of this woman being willing to go on the offensive against the dark side. She saved three lives that day, not to mention saving her own marriage life with her husband.

For those of you who are really interested in treading into this type of deeper waters with the Lord, I will be doing additional articles in the near future on how to really walk with God’s anointing and how to allow God to use you in these types of “rescue and deliverance missions.”

The more of God’s Word that you have in you, the stronger your anointing will be in your walk with Him.

For instance, in the above story, Alice was quoting specific battle verses that she had memorized from Scripture. Had she not had those verses committed to memory, she could not have used them when she needed them on the spot to pray for God’s power to move on this situation. If she had not committed those verses to memory, the Holy Spirit would have had nothing to work with in bringing those verses back up to her remembrance when she actually needed them.

I have over 95 of the best battle verses from the Bible collected on index cards. I will be doing an article shortly giving you all of these verses so you can have all of the ammunition to go into this type of intercessory prayer if you feel like you want to give it a try. God will be more than happy to work with each and everyone of you if you want to tread into these types of deeper waters with Him.

Alice said after conveying the above testimony, that God is really looking for soldiers – for prayer warriors who would be willing to learn how to engage with the enemy using spiritual warfare.

We are so spoiled in this country with all the materialism and self-gratification that people seemed to be so consumed with. Learning how to be a real eagle, a real warrior for God to set the captives free like Scripture tells us to do – all seems to be too much of a hassle, too much of a responsibility, and too much of a burden in our fast paced, self-centered world.

As a result, there are some in the Christian Body who could not pray themselves out of a paper sack if they ever got caught in one as they have no real personal relationship established with God, no real working knowledge of His Word – no real knowledge of the enemy, his tactics, and how he likes to operate – and no real knowledge on how to pray or stand in the gap for anyone else to get God to move in with His supernatural power to bring freedom, healing, or deliverance.

As a result, millions of Christians throughout the world are living defeated lives with no real joy, peace, or power operating in their lives with the Lord. Various types of storm clouds keep coming into their lives totally defeating and beating them down.

They have not learned how to get themselves fully protected with the Lord to keep a lot of this stuff from ever coming their way in the first place – and then when it does come their way, they do not know how to get out of it because they have no knowledge on how to use spiritual warfare with the Lord.

God and His supernatural power is the only answer to all of our life’s problems that can come our way. Only God can prevent or deliver you from these attacks when they do come your way.

Your job is to:

  • Establish an intimate, close, personal relationship with God.
  • Fully surrender your entire life over to the Lord so He is fully free to guide you into His perfect plan and destiny for your life.
  • Spend regular quality time in the Word to learn more about the Lord so as to increase your knowledge base about Him and all of His ways and how He likes to work and operate.
  • And then put this knowledge to actual use in the battlefield of life. The Bible says that faith without works is dead. You have to take this knowledge and do something with it.

The above story is a perfect example of a woman doing all of this. Her life was in a full surrender with God the Father, she had established a very good personal relationship with Him, she had spent regular quality time in the Bible learning the ways of God, how to pray, how to quote Scripture verses for what is needed, and how to stand in the gap and pray for someone else’s deliverance.

And then when the time came when all of that was really needed to meet a real life emergency head on, both her and God were ready to immediately move in to prevent a real catastrophe from occurring! This is what being a real eagle for God is all about.

Just as eagles are master fliers because they know how to mesh and move with the wind thermal currents to fly higher than any other bird can – so too can Christians learn how to walk with the anointing of God to meet the storm clouds of this life head on to achieve total victory.

All of the above is not a guilt trip that I am trying to lay on anyone. I am just stating the facts. Part of the problem is that many of the churches are not teaching this part of the walk to the believers.

The Bible says that God’s people will perish for having lack of knowledge – and not knowing how to spiritually defend yourself against all of the different types of storm clouds that can come against you in this life is a perfect example.

Had Alice not known how to spiritually defend herself with the storm cloud that was getting ready to come her husband’s way – her husband could have lost his life that day.

How many Christians are dying before their allotted times are really up with God the Father?

How many Christians are seriously injured and have to spend the rest of their lives with some type of physical disability because they did not know how to get God’s full protection on them before the attack came, or get healing and deliverance once the attack had come in on them?

How many Christians are in severe depressions because demons are playing mind games with them and tearing them up on the inside – all because they do not know that it is demons and if they did, they would not know how to get rid of them.

How many Christians are committing suicide, becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, abusing their spouses, cheating and scamming others just to make an extra buck – all because they have no real working knowledge on who God really is, how He works, and how He can set you free from any dilemma – no matter how bad or hopeless the situation may appear to you in the natural.

God’s people are getting killed and beat up because they lack the real working knowledge about God and how He operates.

My friends and I have personally seen God supernaturally move time and time again to help someone out of a dire situation. The Bible says that God is no respecter of persons, which means what He will do for one, He will do for another.

We have just all learned how to pray, how to fully surrender everything over to Him, and how to move with the leadings of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis.

I will continue to pass additional information on this subject in future articles, along with more stories to show that this kind of knowledge really does work if you will just seek to learn about it and then apply it in real life combat situations when they do come your way in this life.

The stories that I have passed on to date are fruit – they are proof that God can become very active in your life if you are open to flying like an eagle in this realm with Him.

As I am sure you can tell from reading my articles, I seek after bottom line-knowledge with God and what the real meaning of Scripture is and how it can apply to our daily life and walk with the Lord.

The Bible is truly the “real word” of our Holy God and it is full of “working knowledge” on how to properly live this life and how to live it victoriously – and it is all there for the taking for those who are smart enough to seek after it.

I will leave you with one last thought. Alice made one more comment after giving the above testimony on TV. She said God gave her a powerful word one time and the word was – “You can have as much of Me as you want.”

Think about this! There is a Scripture verse that says “deep calling unto deep.” God is deep and He is calling all of us to come into these deeper waters with Him.

Going deeper with God will give you a:

  • Stronger and much more intimate personal relationship with Him.
  • And an incredible release of knowledge that will be given directly to you by God the Father through the Holy Spirit who already resides on the inside of you.

Now that’s an incredible one-two punch that can’t be beat!

Jackery-Lin Burgess

Saturday 29th of February 2020

I have over 95 of the best battle verses from the Bible collected on index cards. I will be doing an article shortly giving you all of these verses so you can have all of the ammunition to go into this type of intercessory prayer if you feel like you want to give it a try. God will be more than happy to work with each and everyone of you if you want to tread into these types of deeper waters with Him.

I would be bless to know the 95 verses. I have been standing in the gap for my family and friends and strangers.

Silas Dapia

Friday 30th of October 2020

`You can have as much of me as you want` . What an eye apener. As the deep desire for God is created in my heart I will have more of Him day by day.


Tuesday 6th of August 2019

I am extremely grateful that I came accross this article and page. I'm at a point in my life where I feel I need to seriously stand in the gap for my husband, entrusting him to God daily and interceding for him fervently. However, I desire to do these with a heart of faith that God hears me, pushing out every form of fear and doubt. In essence, i desire to build an intimate relationship with God so I can soar at the level of a victoriousted Christian. I will look for a copy of Alice's book as her testimony is a greatly inspiring one which makes me want to draw more from her evidently life of faith. I pray to help save people that I know and do not know as I embark of this journey of standing in the God. Thank you.


Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Loved the article. I am really going through a great trial in my life and truly understand what God has called me to do as an intercessor. He has me standing in the gap and praying for my marriage of almost 25 years - (one week short). My husband who was a minister walked out on our marriage after 24 years. I was devastated, yet I now know that this was an attack and the Lord was waking me up to go higher in Him. He gave me an awesome prayer and has helped me into the darkest hours of my life. God has been using me to intercede on others behalf and I love it. I know He has called me to grow higher in this, at last I understand more of who He wants me to be. I am very thankful for intercessors everywhere who undergird the Body of Christ. I have decided I WILL NOT take satan's attacks lying down!!! The Lord has not left us defenseless, spiritual warfare is key to moving forward in Christ, I love it and want to learn as much as I can, praying the scriptures is the way. God is moving in this situation as I know my husband's deliverance is very near. Thank you again and I solicit the prayers of the saints to pray for our marriage, my husband's deliverance, my resolve and strength in Christ as well as our family. Thank you and God bless you all who stand in the gap, it is a truly priceless calling.


Tuesday 17th of July 2018

Greetings I come into agreement with what you have lifted up concerning your husband. In Jesus I speak complete restoration of his life in Christ. So complete restoration of the marriage can be sealed in God. I encourage you Mona, to shift gears in your prayers and begin to speak the things you believe has already happened in the spirit realm. Also as you speak remain in Thanksgiving mood, with expectation of the manifestation of Gods supernatural power. Anthony.

Isaac Edith

Thursday 9th of November 2017

I bless the name of the for opening my eye to more true about standing in the gap


Thursday 23rd of June 2016

I am glad to be on this page and am so blessed by what I love praying for people and am always burden and sometimes cry for them when am praying for them because i want God to intervene in their lives.

I believe i am an intercessor and will be grateful to be coached and nurtured on what exactly God expect of an intercessor.