Testimony – God Restores a Broken Marriage

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One of the more frequent type of emails we have received over the years since we have been online is from married couples, where one of the spouses has left the other one for another partner. The one spouse who has been left behind then starts praying to God to bring their spouse back home.

The pain adultery causes in a marriage relationship is extreme and traumatic, as a broken heart is one of the worst kinds of pain you can go through. For those of you who have been on the receiving end of adultery, you know exactly what I am talking about. You feel like your whole world has been shattered and that you will never be able to trust your spouse again, even though you are asking God to bring your mate back to you as you cannot stand the pain of that broken heart.

For those of you who are still praying to the Lord for the restoration of your marriage, below is a powerful testimony we have just received from a woman by the name of Crystal. Crystal had what she thought was the perfect marriage when all of a sudden her husband tells her one day he wants out of the marriage, as he had been having an affair with a woman online.

As you will see when reviewing her testimony below, Crystal was determined she was not going to lose her good marriage over something like this, so she stormed the throne of God asking Him to move to bring her husband back. Here is her word-for-word testimony, and then I will point out a few key things she did to get God to move on this extreme situation.

My name is Crystal and I’m here to let you know that with man it may seem impossible……but with Almighty God…..NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…

I made a promise to God and to myself that WHEN he restored my marriage, I would testify and tell the world….I would share EVERY single detail no matter how shameful and embarrassing it would be, in the hope and knowledge that I would someday be able to bring some kind of hope for a hurting wife or husband who would’ve been going through what I once was.

I’ll try to be as brief as possible but I really don’t want to leave any detail out….no matter how small, because it may be the very thing God wants to use to inspire and encourage a stander or prodigal spouse.

I don’t want to apportion blame too much here but suffice it to say we had some in-law issues which contributed greatly to our demise….but that is another story and I want to concentrate on how God showed up and showed off in the mist of my situation. Today is March 16th 2011…. My husband of 1 year and 5 months left me on November 30th, 2010… .BUT…. all thanks and all praise be to Almighty God, he is now back home and we are rebuilding a marriage that from all counts and to the naked eye in the natural realm was dead.

As far as I could see we were the perfect couple……went out together…….stayed home together……laughed, joked……..we were like two peas in a pod……of course we had our regular marital problems….no marriage is perfect……..in addition to the above we also….. argued and sometimes told each other some harsh words…….LIKE EVERY OTHER COUPLE……it isn’t right but it happens…..

In spite of all this , I believed he loved me just as much as I loved him……you could imagine my surprise and heart break when one day after a short disagreement……and I mean short….lasting no more that a few minutes…..my beloved husband packed his clothes and walked out of my life…….

All this happened on Nov 30th 2010…..I held off from calling him because I was still upset and I figured I didn’t do him any harm…..he was the one that stepped out in our marriage and on our marriage…..ours wasn’t a physical stepping as in outside sex….it was an on-going 5 month relationship on the internet, with someone he had been previously involved with.

The days went by and he didn’t call so on December 5th 2010….I called him…..he refused to take my calls so I texted him only to be told that he wasn’t interested in me and I should go on with my life….that I should never call or text him again……..that was like a dagger through my heart……I felt as though someone had literally ran a knife straight through my stomach and was twisting it repeatedly…..but that isn’t the worse yet…..

I persisted in calling him that same day and eventually he picked up the phone…he was as cold as ice……I felt frightened even listening to him……he told me….I NEVER LOVED YOU……I AM SORRY WE GOT MARRIED…..I FELT TRAPPED IN THIS MARRIAGE…..I DON’T LOVE YOU LIKE A MAN SHOULD LOVE A WOMAN…..THE FEELINGS I HAVE FOR YOU IS THAT OF A “GOOD” FRIEND……I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND YOU SHOULD GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE…..I’M

I have never felt pain like I did then in my entire life……..it is amazing when you are down on luck how quickly you remember that GOD does exists.

I was a regular church goer and I tithed but I still didn’t have that personal relationship with God…..well God has a way of getting our attention in ways unimaginable….and he got mine.

I cried DAILY AND HOURLY……I felt all hope was gone….I mean how do you get someone to love you again when that person is saying I never loved you at all…..YOU CANT….BUT GOD CAN……

I had built my life around my husband and now he was gone……I felt like I lost the better part of me…..I couldn’t eat….I couldn’t eat ….I didn’t want to socialize and I forced myself to go to work…..but God had a plan…….even though all seemed lost……God was turning my situation around even as I was hurting…..what the devil meant for evil God was turning around for good.

I enlisted the help of three persons…….a Prophetess, an Apostle, and a church Pastor…..these were all spiritual people I knew……and strong men and women of God……I knew I wasn’t strong in my spirit and my faith was way less than even that of a mustard seed.

I still cried every day but I also engaged in some radical and spiritual warfare for my husband…..I spoke the word of God over my marriage EVERYDAY and I prayed hedges of thorns around my husband EVERYDAY…..I pleaded the blood of Jesus over him and claimed my marriage in the name of Jesus.

Remember I wasn’t rooted in God so my prayers wasn’t as flowing as other people but everyday I gain more and more strength and my faith began to soar…..I prayed that God would soften my husband’s heart and remind him of the love we once shared……I asked God to send Godly people in his life to speak to him even when I couldn’t and God heard me….

I think I either bought or borrowed every book on marriage…warfare….prayer…you name it ….every website I could think of…….. And I just wrapped my husband up and prayed what ever pray I could even verbatim from some of those same books…….I became like a one man army…..

At times the devil whispered in my ears and unbelief and doubt settled in….I would call my prayer warriors for encouragement and go to God crying and in a few hours would be right as rain and ready again to go up against the gates of hell for my boo. To make a long story short……Sunday January 16th 2011….I got a text from my husband….who accidently had AGAIN on the 14th January 2011…..told me he felt the same way and I should go on with my life.

He said he wanted to talk and wanted to know if he could come by the house…he wanted to know if I could forgive him for what he did and for us to try again at our

I had released my husband and my marriage to God and I knew God was going to do something…. but I thought it would be perhaps a Hi hello…how are you….or perhaps a few weeks down the line he might drop in a call or something……….I had no idea that MY GOD was bringing my husband home that day….that instant…

He told me that after he spoke to me on Thursday….he went to God himself and talked to him and asked him to speak and show him what he should do……..he said from the time he said that everything just went crazy…..everything he saw reminded him of me….. when he went to sleep his dreams were constant replays of our life together….. he started thinking about stuff that happened before and after our marriage that were nothing short of miraculous…..

In short…..God was speaking to him all along but he was too proud to just walk back and admit that he was wrong but he wanted to so much….. He wanted to give our marriage a chance and he loved me and wanted to be with ME.

I give all the thanks and praise to God for what he did……it doesn’t matter what your situation looks like….it doesn’t matter how impossible and dead it seems……it doesn’t matter what your husband or wife is planning……..we plan but God is also planning and he works EVERYTHING out together for those that love the LORD..

DO NOT GIVE UP….THE DEVIL AND EVEN YOUR OWN MIND IS GOING TO TRY TO TELL YOU TO MOVE ON…LEAVE HIM/HER ALONE…HE/SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU…..THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO…..THERE IS NO ONE THAT CAN HELP YOU NOW…..DO NOT LISTEN……even in your tears….cry out to God….when you don’t know what to say…..just say JESUS….nothing more……tears is a language God understands and he is going to work it out…..

This isn’t every single detail of what happened there are parts missing…but my short journey has been nothing but incredible and miraculous…but I want you to know that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…

Be encouraged

Notice several key things Crystal did to get God to move on her behalf.

1.  The first thing she did was to fully surrender the entire matter into God’s hand. Notice she said she had faith less than the size of a mustard seed when she first started to approach the Lord for His help.

As we have showed you in our article titled, “Bible Verses on Faith,” the Bible tells us that faith the size of a mustard seed will move mountains. This means that you do not have to have large amounts of faith with the Lord to get the show going with Him. God will take whatever level of faith you are operating at with Him and then move to help you out with your current situation as long as you are directly seeking after His help and are willing to fully surrender the entire matter into His hands.

2.  The next thing she did right was to enlist the aid of three powerful prayer warriors to help her with her prayers to the Lord. This is what is called the prayer of agreement. We already have an article on how powerful of a strategy this is with the Lord. The title of this article is, “Prayer Secret #6 – The Prayer of Agreement.”

3.  Also notice she went into a very heavy seeking mode by searching out every good book she could find on marriage, prayer, and spiritual warfare. The Bible says to “seek” and then you will find what you are looking for. And this woman went into a very heavy seeking mode. I believe when God sees this kind of intense seeking activity, He is really moved, and sometimes that is what will get Him to move to answer the prayer.

4.  Another thing she did when she went on the offensive was to plead the blood of Jesus around the situation. If you have a spouse that has left you for another person, it would be our recommendation to plead the blood of Jesus around them, and then plead the blood of Jesus against any demons who are trying to get in the middle of this, along with pleading the blood of Jesus directly against the person they are having the affair with.

All in all, as you read her incredible testimony, the thing that stands out is her fierce determination that she was not going to let her marriage go, and that she would take a hold of God and keep praying to Him until He brought her husband back home to her.

We want to personally thank Crystal for allowing us to release her testimony on our site, as it will help show others that God can move to restore broken marriages, no matter how hopeless things may look in the natural.


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  1. My husband and I separated in March 2017 because I forced it upon him. I asked him to move out repeatedly, and 2 years later, he finally did. He’s been out of the house since April 2019. God has really worked on my heart since then. Now I’m the one who wants to work it out, but he has moved on. He doesn’t want to try to work things out. He refuses to even go to counseling. He said it’s over. He has a girlfriend now too. They’ve been together since November 2018. They are very much in love. I still think God can heal our hearts and our marriage. Please pray for restoration.

  2. I have people tell me that my marriage is far to gone for God to restore. But am just like Crystal here. My wife told me she just didn’t love me anymore. I have read books on how to honor her as Gods child. We are both saved and we’re going to church.She got caught up with the wrong crowd. Am crying out to God to touch her heart and make that call for me to come back home.

    • I stand on behalf of David and his wife, in the courtroom of heaven. I present this case to you, Most High Honor, and I stand on their behalf to repent for all of their sins, I repent for things that were said about them from others, I repent for what they’ve said about one another, and I ask that any legal grounds the enemy has on their bloodlines, from Adam to David, and from Adam to David’s wife, to be annulled and washed clean by the blood of Jesus! Thank you Your Honor Most High God for your jurisdiction today! It is done! The enemy has no legal grounds on their lives any longer.

      I ask to take their case into the throneroom of grace and mercy where you remove the veils, scales, and idols off of the eyes of their understanding. Renew their hearts and minds, remove their hearts of stone and give them hearts of flesh. Do whatever is necessary to bring about the conditions for the restoration of their marriage and renewal in their daughtership and sonship in you Father God! Send all the help from your workers, from your angelic canopy, and from your Holy Spirit to surround them, guide them, minister to them, feed them your Word, and bless them. Let your glory shine through in their lives! In Jesus’s name, amen!

  3. I’m truly thankful for Crystal sharing her testimony. I have been married for 15 years and my husband has left the martial home. He has hardened his heart towards me. We both have have done hurtful things in our marriage towards each other but he blames me for the dismantling of our family. When he left the covenant was removed from our family and the children began to exhibit behaviors that are heart wrenching. I’m praying for God to restore my family holistically. I’m praying that God restores my marriage. I’m praying that God softens my husband heart and change his heart and mind.

  4. Very powerful story, I read it over and over and hit the floor on my knees. Am going through the same thing. I got 2 books The Love Dare and The Resolution for Men. And she was happy to see me read these. Please keep us in your prayers. David &Kelly

  5. Thank you Crystal. I read your testimony with a Fresh wound and tears no one can ever understand.
    I introduced my fiance in a colorful function last year 24.11.2018. This is a man I love. This is the man i did everything I could do for a companion for. He cheated, I forgave.
    I am prayerful but honestly I feel worthless, I don’t even onow if my tears are being seen. Crystal if I could measure the amount of my tears, I swear to God I must have already cried 200 Liters of tears between February 2019 and today 30.06.2019.I loved my husband, and I still do that’s what hurts me most! God!

    After starting our traditional marriage journey, he even suggested dates for our formal wedding as 10.08.2019 which I don’t really know will ever come.
    On the 07.02.2019 I got a miscarriage and lost a 4 week preg. All was well till that day, he never showed up at hospital, I was discharged went back home and 4 days after he came to my apartment and all was well…. Though he arrived in the night about 9pm and left after a day (We always lived 4 hours apart because of work) and were planning to start living fully together after our wedding.

    Hardly a week, I called him, only to tell me, the relationship cannot work. Does anyone know what this mean? You’ve lost a pregnancy and even before you heal, you’ve lost your marriage…. God in heaven, save me!!!
    I have begged and begged, I’ve prayed and asked God… I didn’t have a good childhood background and I shared my story with him when we had just met…. These are the things he is apparently using against me!!! Crystal… I am hurting… I’ve been accused, I’ve been abused I’ve reached a point in life where I just can be seated and my mind is a billion miles away. My mom and dad weren’t married they separated when I was 6. Today all this is my fault….! My family is the worst according to him…. I have asked myself all sorts of questions if my baby had stayed…. Would he have stayed? I wish I had power to choose who gave birth to me but just like any other person I was born in my family… Why all this came up now… I also don’t know!!! God…I don’t want to have a broken marriage… I just neeeeeeeed you.

  6. Thank you Crystal and all of your comments.Iam hurting so much,my husband not only Left me.but fatherd a child just after I miscarried.and things were never the same we argued a lot,he also has a sec and drug addiction.i didn’t know how to forgive him .my pain was so great and still is.i was so angry,that I said so many things .but then I realized how much he meant to me so I tried to let it go my husband won’t even let me meet,the child.i have cried and am still praying that God will restore. Our marriage he has other grown children and family members who interfere didn’t know whathat to pray anymore.if you are strong in the Lord please help me to pray I’m so tired.

  7. Same here.. My Ex and I broke up 2 years ago, she left with my 3 children. We co parent and do things together but still she wants no part of getting back together. Plus I found out she has a guy friend that might be getting serious. I still love her with all my heart, and pray daily for them to come back home. I still have faith God is going to restore my family even though she’s lost in her ways. Please Father take the sword that the enemy placed in my family, and fill it with ur Holy Spirit. With God anything’s possible in Jesus name Amen.

  8. I can relate with Crystal’s story on so many levels. My husband and I are both born again and we got married in our early 20’s. Ever since we got married, we have always fought about the interference of his family in our marriage. He did all he could to try get the family to understand that we need space to grow our own little family but they never respected that decision. The bible says therefore a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife and the two shall be one. His family never fully released him to me and I also feel he never fully left too. On the 1st of May 2019, I discovered a very disturbing conversation between my husband and my mother in law. He had been asking that she tries to accommodate me but my Mom-in-law told him that she will try but I must know my place and that I can never come in between them. She even advised that my family is spiteful and unappreciative and that he should stay away from them. After expressing to my husband how seeing those messages made me feel. He responded by saying, we have always fought about this one issue and that he doesn’t see a future with someone who doesn’t like his family. He also said we argue a lot and that our relationship had become unfulfilling for him. And just like that, while I was at work he took all his belongings and went to stay with his parents. He never called or texted me. His family also refused to see my family to talk through our differences. His friend advised that I move on as he no longer wants me. 4 weeks after he left he sent me a settlement agreement. I have not signed it yet as it doesn’t have a deadline, I’m taking this time to seek God’s face concerning my issue. He led a group of young people at church and was also a musical director, his own purpose has been put on hold ever since he made his decision. Its now almost 2 months since he left. The sad thing is we are not fighting about our own issues but external factors. I still believe in God’s ability to turn things around. I know that WITH HIM, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

  9. I read this when my husband left me and said the same things her husband said to her. I read this stuck by it in Nov 2015 to May 2016 and believed and put faith into my prayers. I cried each day. Those few months felt like years. And one day just like that. He restored my marriage. In March on 2016 I tried to end my life. The pain was unbearable and I just wanted the hurt to go away. I struggled daily. I always reached out for others to pray for me. When all along I had it in me to change my life around. I wanted God to just make it better in a hurry without examining my self and taking note where I went wrong. One day in the behavioral facility I was transferred to, I looked outside and heard Gods voice say “ Let me show you what I can do”…. I had peace that day and I was able to go home after 4 days after being hospitalized. It didn’t happen in a matter of days. It happened May 31st my whole life got twisted upside down. You see I prayed for circumstances to occur in my spouses life and to bring him to his knees. I prayed it a lot not knowing exactly what it would entail. My husband was sent to jail for a horrendous crime and in 1 week exactly. My husband changed his life around. He went from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. I saw him cry for the first time in years. He didn’t look dark anymore. I could see the light in him again. Within that one week he read the Bible prayed like he never did before. You see God hears our prayers. He examines our heart. He gives us only what we can handle. In 1 week the DEA dropped his case. Which rarely ever happens. The person who filed charges against him confessed it was a lie and they released him before his attorney knew. No one will ever convince me it wasn’t Gods hand that moved in his circumstance. He came out the man God Intended him to be. It’s been two years since that awful but bless full day In our lives. I thank God it happened just as he intended it to. My Husband is a God fearing man and we have a new profound love that only Jesus gifted us. I’ve been with this man for close to 20 years. We are so in love we attend church together and the love I have for him is so pure. I give God all the honor and Glory for restoring myself my husband and marriage. Don’t give up. When things get hard know that God moves mountains. I knew he would do something in our lives I just didn’t want to wait and wanted to fix it myself and that got me nowhere. Have faith and trust God. He works it all together for his good. I hope this gives someone hope not to give up. Things can be restored. Thank you Crystal for your testimony that gave me hope….

  10. Good evening my name is Claude, thank you Crystal for sharing your testimony with us, my wife has also left me along with my two sons, she’s had an affair with someone soon after we were divorced and im constantly praying that she returns its truely an unforgiving feeling to be heartbroken in this way, i pray that the holy spirit guides her back to me someday, ive put all my faith in God thank you.

  11. My name is Devin and my wife took both our daughters and left me and has already began to be with someone else rather quickly. When this happened i started doing all the things Crystal did by seeking god and praying that he bring her back. I claim my marriage my wife my children my home back in the name and blood of Jesus. This gives me hope that God does restore and that with God even the impossible is possible. I am praying for my wife and having this faith with God! Amen and thank you Crystal for the testimony.

    • God has already answered your prayer. stay faithful do not give up and keep pleading the blood over your marriage. your wife will return in Jesus mighty name! God bless you and your family 10 folds.

    • In Jesus Name I pray that she gets touched deeply in her heart and reconsider her decision. I pray that she returns home and have a blessed family… In Jesus Name, Amen

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