Pleading The Blood Against Alcoholism

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I just had another real good story called in once more showing the unbelievable power of Pleading the Blood of Jesus against something specific.

A woman I used to work with called this in. When she first told me about it, I had no intentions on passing this story around due to the very personal nature of what had occurred in it. However, after she told me what just happened, she literally asked that I pass this on to the rest of you.

She said if this story could help others who may be having the same type of problem she was, that she would be all for releasing this story, as it once more dramatically shows the power of intercessory prayer, especially when combined with Pleading of the Blood of Jesus against something specific that you want taken out.

Here is her story and how fast God answered her prayer.

The Testimony

About 6 months ago she told me her marriage was in trouble and that she was thinking about at least separating from her husband. I had met her husband several times and he is a really nice guy and they seemed to be very compatible. The news of her marriage being in trouble really shocked me.

She then proceeded to tell me that the source of their marital problems was that her husband had been abusing alcohol for the last 8 years and things were going from bad to worse. It was really starting to affect his health. He was starting to prematurely age and his entire family was really starting to worry about him. They were all afraid he was literally going to die.

He apparently had been suffering from unexplainable, panic-anxiety attacks and started drinking to try to alleviate these panic attacks. The alcohol obviously did not work and just made things worse. This woman had been trying to get him to go to counseling but he would not do it. She said her husband is a very proud man and does not like to admit defeat or weakness in anything. He is also a real outdoorsman and literally cannot stand to be cooped up inside for too long of a period of time.

I think he was afraid to go to counseling for fears that the doctor would want to have him admitted for the alcoholism. One of his doctors had him on some medication to try and alleviate the panic attacks but the medication was not working. With the medication not working to alleviate the panic attacks, with him being too proud to admit defeat to go to any type of counseling, and the abuse of the alcohol continuing on an everyday basis, my friend was at her wits end and did not know what else she could do to stop all of this.

When she first told me about this 6 months ago, I told her if all else fails on trying to get him to counseling – to try “standing in the gap” for him with God, Plead the Blood of Jesus against the alcoholism and any demons who might be behind the scenes influencing him to continue to drink, and then to ask God to move into the situation to break this addiction off him and to get him cleaned up so she would not lose her marriage over it.

I told her that since her husband had no real working knowledge about spiritual warfare and how to use it in a real life combat situation – that God would honor her standing in the gap for him and that she could go on the “offensive” by Pleading the Blood of Jesus directly against the alcoholism. I told her to do it in secret, that she did not have to tell him that she was going to pray for him.

Six months had gone by and with there being no improvement on this situation, she decided to try and Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against his abuse of alcohol to see if God would move in with His deliverance power to get him to clean up his act and set him free from this horrible addiction. Here is what happened after she went into the gap for her husband.

They were set to go out of town on a vacation on a Monday afternoon. My friend decides to pray and Plead the Blood against the alcoholism the night before on a Sunday night. She went ahead and Pleaded the Blood and asked God to move into the situation to set her husband completely free from the alcohol.

The next morning on that Monday, they were sitting at the breakfast table. They were due to leave for their vacation that afternoon. Then all of a sudden her husband looks at her and asks her if she really wanted to go out of town on this vacation. He then proceeds to tell her that he has better things to do than to go on this vacation.

My friend then tells him that this vacation will probably do him good and that he needs a break from all of the work that he does. She then asked him what else does he have better to do than to go on this needed vacation.

He then looks straight at her and says that he knows that he has a real problem with his drinking and that he now wants to do something about it before he loses his marriage with her. He then proceeds to tell her that he would be willing to have himself checked in and have the doctors and counselors work with him!

My friend said she just about fell out of her chair. She had been pleading with this man over the last 8 years to get professional help and he would not do it. She then goes on the offensive, Pleads the Blood of Jesus one time, and then asks God to move in on the situation. Twelve hours later, her husband all of a sudden has a complete change of heart about the entire matter, decides he really does have a drinking problem and that he does need professional help.

Mind you, her husband is a very proud man, does not like to admit defeat or weakness in anything, and cannot stand the thought of being locked up for any length of time. By having himself admitted to an alcohol rehab center, he knows he is going to be locked up for at least 4-6 days. All of this goes against his normal behavior patterns.

That is the typical length of stay at a rehabilitation center, while some centers even offer longer treatment periods.

Within 12 hours after his wife Pleads the Blood of Jesus against his alcoholism – this man all of a sudden has a complete change of mind on his drinking problem and is completely willing to have himself checked in, when over the last 8 years he had refused to accept any type of help. Coincidence? I don’t think so. This complete turnabout within 12 hours shows how fast God can move on certain situations.

My friend then proceeds to have him admitted to an alcohol treatment center. He was in there for 6 days and had no physical withdrawal from coming completely off the alcohol. After he gets out, he tells his wife that he does not want to lose her over his drinking problem and that he will try and defeat it. He said he saw quite a few people in the treatment center that had completely lost everything as a result of their drinking – their families, their marriages, their jobs and all of their friends.

He felt like God was showing him that this was the road that he was traveling on and that if he did not clean up his act, that he too would lose everything like some of these people had done.

He has had no drinks since he has come home from this 6-day stay. However, he did tell his wife that the desire for the alcohol was still there and that he was still tempted to want to drink. I told her the next step is to Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against the desire to drink. God has to take out the desire for the alcohol. If He does not, then her husband will continue to battle his temptations to drink and could easily slip back into it.

When God completely delivers someone from alcohol or drug abuse, He usually takes out the desire for the drugs or alcohol. Testimony after testimony from people who have been set free from drugs or alcohol all say the same thing – that when God delivers them from their addictions, He totally takes out their desire for the alcohol or drugs. If He didn’t, the temptation would be too great and too strong and many of these people would fall back into their addictions.

Hopefully, this powerful move by God will stick and he will not go back to his drinking. I feel if my friend Pleads the Blood directly against the desire for the alcohol, then God will finish what He started and will have completely set this man free from his abuse of alcohol that had been going on for the last 8 years.

Again, another powerful and dramatic testimony once more showing how powerful Pleading the Blood of Jesus can be if you are willing to go on the offensive with it like this woman did.


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  1. This resonated with me. I had been a drinker for over 40 years. The last 10 being the worst and most debilitating with all kinds of physical problems. In June of 2017 I lay my face on the floor and committed myself to Jesus with complete surrender. He delivered me from alcohol and took the desire away. I praise His Name because He has developed a wonderful relationship with Him and a reconciliation with my family. Jesus delivers and sets captives free!

  2. I am blessed to have found this site and read all the prayers and problems of people who are related to alcoholics…my boyfriend drinks everyday and says he is not a full blown alcoholic…and I believed him. Now after reading these prayer requests I know better. Please pray for him..his name is Victor…I plead the blood of Jesus over his drinking and desire for it..In Jesus mighty name I pray. I have noticed in our relationship that he is not consistent with things caused by his alcoholism. May God bless all and may Jesus intervene in our situations.

  3. My son is having a drinking problem, when he started drinking he can’t stop. When trying to talk to him, he denied that he is having a drinking problem, as of now he sees me as an enemy as I always trying to talk with him about his behavior, when he drinks he forget everything. I know that my Lord you can, what is impossible for us, it is possible for you my Lord. Please pray because his marriage is on the rock due to that problem

  4. I’m sitting here at my son’s home once again having made the trip up to help my younger son try to put his older brother back on his feet after a long drinking bender. They live together and my son, who just turned 40 has been an alcoholic for many years. He lost his marriage and now his two beautiful children…a son and daughter who want nothing more to do with him. Our son by the world’s standards would seem to have everything going for him…he’s handsome, very intelligent…with a college, but sadly doesn’t see it. He suffers from severe anxiety attacks and depression. He’s been on all kinds of medication, with no good results. If not for his younger brother who moved in with him years ago…to try to help him conquer this battle…he would be on the street, in prison or dead. My younger son is now pretty much the only financial provider for the household…being that my older son can’t work most of the time due to his addiction. My husband is 72 and I’m 62…both retired and living on a budget. We have tried to get him to go to rehab…but he won’t. We also help our younger son financially when we can. The saddest thing is to see how it has affected my younger son’s life and ours. This horrible disease is a joy snatcher…it literally sucks the life out of you. Our younger son…who loves his brother just can’t bring himself to kick him out. He always says, “I couldn’t bear the thought of him dying on the streets or going to prison after I kick him out.” I read the testimony above and all of your prayer requests…and I ask that you please remember our sons and our family in your prayers and I will definitely be praying for you as well. I will be pleading the Blood of Jesus directly against the alcoholism and the desire for him to drink. God bless each of you and know that Jesus loves you and so do I.

  5. Please pray big prayers for me.
    I have relapsed so many times and each is worse than the other. I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS…God please heal me Father.
    Today I claim victory over this viciousness and rebuke the devil in every way.
    Amen and Amen. …in Jesus powerful name!

    • Dear Maria may God bless you in the name of Jesus.Please start watching Derek Prince on spiritual warfare,it helped me heaps.He has many sermons on addictions.Also start playing music out loud in your house or wherever you can ,old school worship songs ,like Worthy is the Lamb ,by Brooklyn Tabernacle,also Lord I need you.Also ,yes I know by,Gaither band.Play the shofar out loud.Bless yourself daily with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.Play audible Bible on YouTube.Also please speak out loud to satan , remember he has power ,we have authority in the name of Jesus Christ.Also Jesus spoke out loud to him by quoting Holly scripture.Say out loud many times a day ,I command the spirit of alcohol to leave me in the name of Jesus Christ.I am no longer in agreement with the spirit of alcohol nor doI have the desire to have any alcohol ,in the name of Jesus Christ you must flee from me and never return.You are no longer welcome here,and any and all spirits that are from the evil one and have crept into my life ,sadness ,anger , insecurity,depression ,unforgivness,I command into the abyss never to return,in the name of Jesus .Say all these things with authority.I belong to Jesus Christ.I am a child of God.Also please declare openly to anybody else that you are a sinner.That you believe Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose 3days later Then call his name,ask the Holly Spirit to come to you.Start reading the Bible ,start with new testament if it helps ,read Psalms everyday .Listen to Amazing grace.Also I recommend Pastor JD Farag Bible study and Bible prophecy.I don’t know you dear Maria but I came across your comment and believe God wanted me to write this .I love you like a sister in Christ and want you to feel his love and forgiveness over your life because I know how heavy the burden is to carry without Jesus .God bless you .

  6. Thank you Father God that I may give this testimony for my fiancé Michael. I plead the blood over his drinking addiction and ungodly living habits. I stand in the gap for him and plead the Blood of Jesus against his desire to defend and justify his drinking alcohol or any addiction. Lord God I’ve been praying for 3 years and believe a breakthrough is on the horizon. God would you break this curse of addiction? In Jesus mighty name. I break every demonic generational curse that would try to touch our children or our household by the Blood of Jesus Christ. I declare and decree that Isaiah 54:17 lives over my household that No weapon formed against us will prosper in Jesus name. I seal our godly destinies with the Blood of Jesus. I thank you for it right now In Jesus name.

  7. Hello friends,

    My husband has underlying Mental Health issues which is self medicates by drinking. I am so done with the ups and downs of this struggle. He’s very kind when he doesn’t drink. However, when he drinks, he focuses on everything negative in life. I not only desire for the drinking to stop, but I pray that my husband gets healing for his mental health issues.
    Please pray for us. I plead the blood of Jesus over my household. Amen!

    • I am praying for you as I am in the same position. Praying for your husband and please pray for mine so my house hold can finally be in peace❤️

  8. Thank you Father God for this life giving testimony and On behalf of my husband Eric I stand in the gap for him and plead the Blood of Jesus against his desire to defend and justify his drinking alcohol or any addiction. Lord God I’ve been praying for many years and believe a breakthrough is on the horizon. God would you break this curse of addiction? In Jesus mighty name. I break every demonic generational curse that would try to touch our children or our household by the Blood of Jesus Christ. I declare and decree that Isaiah 54:17 lives over my household that No weapon formed against us will prosper in Jesus name. I seal our godly destinies with the Blood of Jesus. In Jesus name.

  9. I come in to agreement with the works of God and this powerful testimony in the most wonderful and powerful name of Jesus & i stand in the Gap for my uncle Ian who has been battling against fear , & alcoholism. I Plead the blood of Jesus over the alcoholism and stand in the gap for him declaring a d decree that the chains and bandages set up from the enemy may be broken & he will be totally set free from any demoinc strongholds I also plea the blood of Jesus over his desire and fear to get seizures off drinking. In jesus most might and majestic name it is Done amen.

  10. I am at my breaking point, my husband’s mother and my father were both alcoholics; I broke my generational curse my husband did not. We have been together 43 years that’s not married. He has had three major operations in 1996, 2009 and 2017 each with stays in the hospital over 20 days. I took very good care of him. I am recovering from broken elbow surgery, my second. He is not working, no problem with GOD’s grace we are making it. GOD sent me to this site: When drinks he is evil and I was partially sleep Wednesday {when he started drinking} and I saw a demon attached to him. My Faith is sufficient: GOD I come boldly before your throne of Grace standing on behalf of my husband Marvin. I plead the BLOOD OF JESUS, from the top of his head to the soles of his feet to cover him and deliver him from and remove the taste, desire and want for any type of alcohol in all forms also at the name of JESUS the demon of alcoholism shall flee from his mind, body and spirit. I pray and plead the BLOOD OF JESUS and in JESUS’ name, this is your servant’s prayer. AMEN, AMEN and AMEN

    • Evelyn,

      There is hope. Wait on the Lord and you will see that he always keeps his words. Trust and depend on him – don’t be discourage. Hold on to his promises. This too shall pass! May God grant you his strength and peace in this storm.

      • Amen and Amen!
        I needed this as well… There is hope…we do recover if we stay close to God!

  11. Plead the blood of Jesus over my son, Jess. His alcoholism has a hold on him. He has been told it has rewired his brain. He’s now had seizures. I know this is painful for Him but it is also breaking my heart. He lives in another state and there are times that I don’t even have contact with him. I try to be strong, pray and have faith…however I am only human with emotions and a great love for my son! Please intercede all prayer warriors.

  12. My husband started to drink every day. He is not an alcoholic. He say that he knows how to control it. I worry that it can get worse. Both our fathers were alcoholic and abusive. Both our parents got divorce due to that situation. I don’t want that curse to be in my household. I pray that the blood of Jesus stop his desires to drink. In Jesus name, Amen.

  13. Amen, thanks to God for the power in the blood of Jesus Christ! Please join me to pray for my only brother who is an alcohol addict for over ten years now, is is now doing drugs also, causing worry to his wife and the rest of us, I plead the blood of Jesus over this situation, and I request you pray with us for his deliverance

  14. Pls help me pray for my boyfriend. He drinks every time he gets opportunity. It is effecting the his kids and mother. At times he drinks the whole weekend without sleeping. I really need to help to get him away from this problem

    • Candace, I completely understand how you feel. My ex girlfriend who I still love has a problem with alcoholism. We are becoming really good friends but I am very concerned for her because for the last past 5 days she has been drinking with very little, if not anything to eat. I am very concerned about her and her health. I have been crying out to God for her but I worry and I feel overwhelmed doing this all by myself. Someone please help me pray for her!

  15. I take the gap to plead the blood of Jesus over my husbands alcoholism. I pray that through the blood of Jesus that he overcomes his addiction and heals. I plead the blood of Jesus that his desire for alcohol disappear and that he can walk the ritous path that God intends. Please help me pray for my husbands healing and release from the bondage and desire of alcohol. AMEN.

    • I on behalf of my brother who has been drinking since he was 16 n now he 47 . I stand on his behalf ask blood of Jesus to wash him of desire n dependency on alcohol. For years we have been praying as he is getting worse n violent. N it’s effecting the family. Thank you Lord Jesus. I feel so lost n alone

    • Amen Julie I am praying with you. And I ask you please to intercede, I need this exact prayer over my husband too. Both free, amen in Jesus’ name

  16. Please pray that my son who is only 28yrs old an is a Alcoholic. We need prayers for him so that he stop this n lead a proper life. As he is a married man. He does not fight but it upset everyone. His wife does not like this at all n ends up in a fight.

  17. This testimony is so inspiring,
    I have two brothers of mine undergoing through the same situation.
    It is my prayer they get cured from alcoholism , Jesus give me the grace and strength to stand in there gap by pleading the blood of Jesus .I have faith this problem is gonna be wiped out from the core.

    Thanx Jesus

  18. My nephew has been struggling with addictions since his teenage years. He is now 39 years old and in a very bad way. He just went back into rehab again. I pray the blood of Jesus over Him to be delivered from his addictions and that God take the desire to drink or take drugs completely away from him.

    • Please Jesus I pray for my son to please stop drinking he is ruining his life his health and hurting himself and hurting his family he a good person a good family man a good son and a hard worker and would do anything to help anyone his addiction to alcohol is making him lose all that.He gets very argumentative when he’s drinking. He loses patience with his son and his work schedule is not what it used to be. He tells me he can’t live without it. I pray in Jesus name he can.

  19. Please pray for my husband we are only married less than two weeks and he is drinking daily again… I’m praying for him to leave this addiction he has attempted to give up a few times but always falls back onto drinking… Please help me pray him out of this.. He is starting a new job next week and I want our lives to grow.

    • I know there is nothing I can do without God, Lord Jesus Christ. I have been with my hubbie for over six years. I have begged, pleaded, cried and have found myself to be in a increased trigger state. I know Lord that you can take care of this issue and I need to respond by asking through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Help me Lord. I beg of you. Help my Man by removing this addiction and keep me focused. I Love you God, Lord Jesus Christ. I humble myself to you forever and may my Family lie under the protection of “Your Blood”.

  20. My Husband also has a drinking problem. Every time he drinks he comes back home and he quarrels about everything even though I don’t say anything a bout his drinking he will shout and quarrel about anything that crosses is mind. One day he was so drunk that he even lost self control and he would walk the whole house necked and we don’t stay alone that was so embarrassing to and remained talking to home self like someone who is demon possessed.
    Last night the same thing happened, he even threatened to beat me up in front of my young brother just because I asked him to lower his voice. Today morning he asked for forgiveness and promised he would change but since he has been doing the same and each time he asks for forgiveness and says he will change. I didn’t take it seriously. I need someone to help me pray for him

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