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Suicide Attack – Pleading The Blood

Many in our world today are suffering from depression. The number one selling prescription drug for the last several years has been antidepressants. There are millions of Americans battling this problem. With some of these cases, thoughts and compulsions of suicide are quite common. And demons are only too anxious to move in for an attack when they see someone down and out.

Not everyone who is depressed and battling thoughts of suicide are coming under a direct demonic attack – but some are. You will need proper discernment from the Holy Spirit to know when you are really dealing with someone whose thoughts of suicide are really coming in from demons.

This case, and the three to follow, are perfect examples of four people who came under a direct demonic attack with demons literally trying to get them to kill themselves. Watch what happens when they go on the offensive and Plead the Blood of Jesus against the suicide attacks from these demonic spirits.

Suicide Attack - Pleading The Blood

The Testimony

This first case involved a girl I used to work with. Awhile back ago, she had suffered a mental breakdown. She was undergoing a lot of stress on her job and she simply broke down one day and could not take it anymore. She had herself checked into a hospital for about a week to help her get a grip on things. When she got out, she started counseling, along with her doctor prescribing some fairly strong antidepressant medication for her.

I did not find out about all of this until after it had actually happened. One day she called me up to tell me what had happened. She said she felt that she was on the road to recovery but that she was still battling one other thing in all of this.

She then proceeds to tell me that she has been hearing voices inside of her head telling her to try and kill herself. She said the voices were very specific on how she should do this. Not only were they telling her how to try and kill herself, but she was also getting pictures in her mind’s eye on some of the different ways she could do it. She said the pictures in her mind’s eye were very graphic and horrible.

She at first thought the voices were just a product of her own imagination, but when they would not go away and actually started to get stronger, she started to get really scared. By the time she had called me to tell me about all of this, she said the suggestions she was receiving from these voices were now starting to get much stronger to the point that she was now getting actual compulsions to try and take her own life.

She had told her doctor about all of this, but all he did was adjust the medication that she was taking. The adjustment in the medication and the additional counseling that she was receiving did not stop the voices. That was when she called me and told me she thought these voices might actually be demons. She said nothing like this had ever happened to her before and the messages that she was receiving from these voices did not seem to fit in with her normal thought patterns.

After she told me all of the above, I received an immediate knowing from the Holy Spirit that the voices she was hearing were definitely coming in from demonic spirits, and they were doing the best they could to try and get her to take her own life. My friend was a born-again Christian, but she had no real knowledge about spiritual warfare, how to directly engage with demonic spirits, or how to Plead the Blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection. Here is what I told her she would have to do:

  1. The first thing she would have to be willing to do is to enter into a full and complete surrender of her entire life with God the Father. The Bible tells us that we first have to be willing to submit to God before we can resist and engage with the devil. Being willing to submit to God means that you are willing to enter into this full surrender with Him. I then gave her the full surrender prayer to go to God with, and to make sure that she said this prayer at least once or twice a year for the rest of her life so that God would continue to have complete control over her life.
  2. I told her that she would then have to directly engage with the demons in order to get them off her. I explained to her about the Pleading of the Blood of Jesus, along with the Scriptural grounds that would give her the legal right to be able to use it against these demons. I then drew up a very specific battle command that she could use to war against these demons.
  3. I told her she would have to say this battle command out loud since the demons could not read her mind or thoughts. I also told her to hold out her right hand when saying this battle command against the demons. I explained to her that the right hand is the hand of power and deliverance of God the Father and that she has the legal right, as a born-again child of God, to be able to use it for this combat situation that she now found herself involved in.

By holding out the right hand when engaging with these demons – you are showing them that you mean serious business with them and that you are coming against them under the authority and power of God the Father and Jesus Christ. I also told her that she might have to say this battle command several times before it would work. I told her be guided by the Holy Spirit as to how many times she would need to say it.

The Battle Command

Here was the exact battle command that I had given to her to take these demons head on and drive them off her for good.

“I now come against any and all demons who are either on the inside of me or on the outside of me.

I have now fully surrendered my entire life over to God the Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. From this point on, I have entered into Their perfect will for my life. You no longer have any more legal right to stay attached to me. I now belong to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and He, and He alone, is my Lord and Master from this moment on.

Demons, I now come against each and everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ. I now Plead the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ against each and everyone of you. I repeat, I now plead the blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ against each and everyone of you. I now command you to leave me right now and forevermore, and you are to never, ever come back on me again!

Your legal right over me and my life has now been fully and completely broken. All of your strongholds have now been totally demolished under the power of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over my entire body, over my entire soul, and over my entire spirit. I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over my entire house, my entire car, and my entire workplace. I have now formed out a perfect bloodline over myself and over my entire life with the blood of my Savior Jesus Christ.

Demons – all of your strongholds have now been completely broken and completely severed. I am now under the perfect protection of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ with the Pleading of His Blood over every area of my life.

Demons, I now command you to leave me right now in the name of Jesus Christ, and you are to never, ever come back on me again. Go now, in the name of Jesus Christ! I repeat, go now in the name of Jesus Christ and do not ever come back on me ever again!

Father, I believe that the Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ has now driven these demons away from me for good. I ask, that from this moment on, that You grant me perfect physical protection from any demons or from any humans who may want to try and harm me in any way.

Father, from this moment on, You, and You alone, are my Rock and my Salvation. I will look to no other.

Thank you Father.
Thank you Jesus.”


My friend called me back several days later and was ecstatic with what had happened next. She said she felt led by the Holy Spirit to say the above battle command three times. After the third time, she all of sudden felt the weight and oppression of these demons lift off her, and all of the voices, the images in her mind’s eye, and the compulsions to kill herself immediately stopped after saying the above battle command directly against these demons.

The demons have not been back since and all of this took place about a year ago. I told her to make sure that she was Pleading the Blood on the basics on a once per month basis so as to keep her safeguarded against any future attacks.

She had told me that these voices were on her for about 3 months and that they were increasing in frequency and intensity. She told me that she had been under very severe torment with the way these demons were harassing, tormenting, and attacking her.

I wonder how many other people are battling the same kind of problem, but have no idea that the voices they are hearing are really demonic spirits. The way these attacks immediately stopped after she had Pleaded the Blood of Jesus directly against them definitely showed me that the voices she was hearing were really coming in from demons and not from her own imagination.

Abel del Rio

Sunday 1st of August 2021

I am a retired pastor, however, the enemy has been attacking me for quite some time. There are times i feel as following this demonic instructions. I call on the name of Jesus but at times they seem more powerful than me. They put suicidal thoughts in my mind. I'm afraid I might give in to their demands. Please help me.

truth sets you free

Saturday 24th of August 2019

To Michael Bradley or any Christians who have biblical knowledge in Jesus's love:

I am a new believer wanting to seek God's truth in the bible, and I would like to ask,

(1) Is committing suicide a sin? And if so, why is that a sin according to the Bible or Jesus's healing and deliverance?

(2) I used to have a Christian friend of mine who has died to suicide. When the church told her parents that her daughter will go to hell forever because committing suicide/suicide is an "unforgivable or unpardonable sin", her parents were devastated and dejected.

Then her parents went to another church and asked if her daughter would be in heaven or hell, this church believed that her daughter would go to heaven because Jesus can forgive all sins and she already believed in Jesus and accepted Jesus as His savior and Lord before suicide.

I am concerned about this matter and want to seek the absolute biblical truth in the Bible so I prayed to Jesus and searched on the internet.

There's a Christian article said, "They will say that suicide allows for no repentance of the sin committed and therefore is an unpardonable sin.

Although it is true that a person who has committed suicide cannot repent of the sin [[[[ unless they repented ahead of time for what they were about to do ]]]], it is not true that the Bible teaches suicide is an unforgivable sin. The Bible never teaches this. In fact, the clear and consistent message of the Bible is the complete and full forgiveness of sins (past, present, and future—known sin and unknown sin) through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Repentance itself does not seal us into the heavenly kingdom—the Holy Spirit has given us such a seal (Eph. 1:13, 4:30). Although confessing our sins before God does increase our fellowship with him, it does not seal us any more than we have already been by the blood of the lamb.

Additionally, who will really have the time to confess every single sin before we die? Some of us will die instantly, without warning. "

I hope anyone who is truly knowledgeable in Jesus's healing and deliverance and answer my questions.

Thanks for your help in advance. God bless you in Christ Jesus.

truth sets you free

Saturday 24th of August 2019

In addition, before she died to suicide, my Christian friend had been going through counselling & psychotherapy for 12 years, and she also used to do prayer healing & deliverance for 4 years. I still remembered before she committed suicide, she was telling me stuffs like, "Life is just a row of new problems happening consecutively or simultaneously. What's the point of life? People try so so hard throughout life but you end up dying sooner or later anyway. Why people don't just die now?"

I didn't know what to say so I replied her, "Sorry, I really don't know the answer." Then she's gone now.

Just seeing and hearing her parents were so devastated not knowing the biblical truth whether her daughter actually went to hell or heaven due to suicide, I felt sorry for them and I am concerned for my friend too. I knew she had been endeavoring to change to improve herself, to read the Bible and scriptures, to worship God, to pray, to try her best to rely on Jesus to obey friend really worked hard and tried her best to cope with depression so I have mercy for her, so I really want to know the biblical truth :

Does a christian committing suicide and die mean that he/she will go to hell or heaven?

Thanks for the biblical truth and answer!


Thursday 4th of January 2018

Hi all . What happened to me. I was cherful girl helping people and receiving good thing from god. Then one of my friend told me to read bible to understand who god is and why good things happens to me. I never read this book and came from country where nobody was teaching you about religion at that time. I strarted reading it, everything was great till one morning I woke up with a voice in my head cursing me , wishing me death , saying horable things about me , god. I was terrified . My mind got literally tormented by the voice and all negative thoughts . I stopped sleeping and during day was battling the voices cursing me, insulting me, make me speak thing about myself , god that I never would say to anybody or wish on anybody. It’s been two month. I feel my heart is broken from all this. I realize it’s some kind of spiritual war but a boy how do I get out of it, alive.


Wednesday 14th of September 2016

life is real beyond what we see every day .we are angels send to show Gods power if we dont wake up and form Gods army our brothers and sisters are going to fol down. all those that are aware of whats happening please in Gods almighty powers be alert and help the weak.evil is taking shapes and forms to advance and its on what ever it takes concept.lets come to self awareness of who we are not by definitions we told by the world and start asking much deeper questions of why we exist and ask God creater to show us what we carrying on the inside of every one of us so we can come together to help out .I col out to jesus to give guidance, as he truly came out to demonstrate to us the power of the spirit of the one that created every living being.Be in faith that will never be shaken even on your weakest col on to God in the dark col on to God


Saturday 13th of August 2016

I have had suicidal thoughts and attempts since the age of 12 and now I am 27 and they haven't gone away. I have schizophrenia I hear voices constantly telling me to kill myself and I imagine of ways to do it. I am on medication to but sometimes I feel like its working while other times I don't feel like its working. I ask that you pray for me because it doesn't matter if things are good or bad in my life I still want to kill myself and just get it over with. I know there are people out there like me who understands how I feel. All I ask is keep me in prayer. thanks and God bless


Monday 3rd of September 2018

Hi Briani, I totally understand you. I have Bipolar Schizophrenia and suffered torments in the mind for several decades. Torments of suicide are real and draining. Stay strong keep the faith call out upon Jesus name. I am a practicing Catholic and have found going to mass everyday helps me. I pray for your deliverence and healing. Read psalm 91 for Gods protection.


Saturday 12th of August 2017

I will pray for you. I suffer from depression and have moments to where I'm thinking suicidal as well; however, the best thing is to ask God for a deliverance and to read his word and fight these unwanted spirits with the word. Don't think because you ask to be delivered once those demonic attacks will just go away you have to keep an armor of protection over you and use the word against it. Please the blood over your life, your mind, and your spirit. In the bible it mention how the enemy will come back seven times stronger. Also, build your relationship with God so that you can recognize when you're under the attack; therefore, you can call it out and resist it. But you gotta know what you're fighting with because sometimes it could be the music that you listening to the words in the song you could be speaking evil over yourself, it could be fornication. If you're fornicating that is a big issue it will have you depressed because you're exchanging souls with someone and sleeping with all of the people they've been sleeping with which can be all kinds of spirits that you may pick up this is why God honors marriage.