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Testimony on the Power of intercessory Prayer

In the Prayer Secrets Section of our site, we have an article titled, “Prayer Secret #7 – The Power of Intercessory Prayer.” In this article, we explain to you exactly what intercessory prayer is all about, along with showing you how the Holy Spirit Himself can at times suddenly prompt you to do it with the Lord.

We also showed you that not only can the Holy Spirit Himself prompt to you to all of a sudden start praying for someone you may know or a complete total stranger, but He can also do it for your own self – especially if you have an impending tragedy getting ready to hit you full force.

Testimony on the Power of intercessory Prayer

We just recently received an email from a man who had the Holy Spirit all of a sudden have him to do an intercessory type prayer for his own self right there in the middle of a job he was working at – as he had a severe accident getting ready to come his way several hours after he ends up doing this intercessory prayer with the Lord.

This powerful testimony is a perfect and classic example of how this type of powerful prayer can be used by the Lord to literally save someone’s life, or prevent someone from getting seriously injured or hurt.

This man has given us permission to release his testimony for this article. Here is this man’s word-for-word testimony as he gave it to us in an email:

“I cannot tell you how much finding you and your site meant to me.

You see Mike, I have completely emptied myself out to the point where there is absolutely nothing left of the Man I used to be. Our Great Father has completely taken charge of my life with my full surrender.

I have been washed clean by the Love and ultimate sacrifice of Jesus and turned away from my former cherished sins forever. In other words I am a vessel for him to use freely and completely.

When I was led by the Spirit to you and your words on intercessory prayer it was like the lights went on in the stadium.

I in fact have hands on experience of this subject, but not from the angle of someone praying for me, because I suppose nobody was available at the time, I was commanded to do it for myself quite literally.

I was bricklaying at the time on a 3 story apartment. I was cutting bricks on the floor when I was as I said commanded by the Spirit to drop to my knees and pray exactly what was told to me. Word for word I said and I remember:

“Thank you, Father for the Angels you put about me to care for me in all my ways, to lift me up in their hands lest I dash a foot upon a stone.”

What was so amazing about this was is at that time I wasn’t an active Christian and I had no known knowledge at the time of where that verse came from. I later learned it came from Psalm 91. It was as if I was pushed down to the ground, “Say this!” and I did.

A few hours later I was standing on the edge of the top scaffold when someone shouted to me and warned me.

When I spun around a large stack of concrete blocks was already tumbling over on top of me. I had nowhere to go but down, but they literally parted in the middle and fell smashing down 3 stories plus the length of a very steep driveway. Mike, this is as true as I stand here alive today to tell about it.

As I said, I was working right on the edge and I heard the shout of warning from my colleague who actually had walked around the corner and stepped on the plank of wood that the blocks were stacked on. It was slightly warped so it twisted and because the stack was obviously piled up too large, it tipped over.

We both watched the stack split in half and fall on either side of me. He actually said to me … “How did that happen?” in wonder because the whole thing sort of defied the laws of physics.”


Notice several things on this testimony:

1.  This man had no idea this tragedy was getting ready to come his way, but God obviously did. As such, God could have allowed this tragedy to hit him full force, but God sovereignly chose to save this man’s life instead.

God then had the Holy Spirit immediately prompt this man to all of a sudden pray this very short intercessory prayer for himself right there in the middle of his job so God could move several hours later to prevent this accident from ever coming his way.

2.  After reading this man’s testimony, there is no doubt in my mind that it was the Holy Spirit Himself who prompted this man to do this very short prayer for himself, as this man stated that he was not an active Christian at the time it had occurred.

There is no way he would have conjured up something like this on his own, especially since he was too busy concentrating on the duties of his job at the time. And then when the accident was supernaturally prevented from coming his way – again, more proof that this entire scenario was fully orchestrated by God the Father to occur as it did in order to save this man’s life or prevent him from getting seriously injured on the job.

3.  The other thing that occurred so you know that this was truly a supernatural miracle from the Lord, was the way the blocks of concrete were prevented from directly falling on him. He said they were literally “parted in the middle” before they could hit him, defying what he thought were the laws of physics by the way it had occurred. Again, no doubt in my mind that it had to be the Lord who parted those concrete blocks so they would not directly hit him.


As we explained to you in our article titled, “Prayer Secret #7 – The Power of Intercessory Prayer,” God the Father is actually looking for intercessors, for people who are willing to stand in the gap to pray for others, especially if an emergency situation is getting ready to unfold and hit someone like what had occurred with this man.

These types of powerful prayers can actually save lives and alter circumstances and events, not only for others who God may have you pray for, but they can also be used to save your own self from any kind of impending disaster getting ready to come your way like this man had.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit Himself can “make intercession for us” – and this was a perfect classic example of Him actually doing this for someone. Except in this case, He also had the man pray for his own self to stop this impending tragedy from hitting him full force and possibly killing him.

Here is the verse from our Bible that will show us that the Holy Spirit can actually make intercession for any of us from time to time:

“Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.” (Romans 8:26-27)

If there are any of you out there who have not had this kind of heavier supernatural activity come to you from the Lord and you would like Him to open up this kind of realm for you, just simply go to God in direct prayer and tell Him that you would be willing and open to be used by Him for these types of prayer assignments.

Tell Him you will be willing and open to be used by the Holy Spirit Himself if He would ever want to prompt you to start praying for either yourself, someone else you may know, or a complete total stranger.

If you put this kind of special prayer request before the Lord, He will take you very seriously and He will then start to give you some of these kinds of heavier prayer assignments. As we said before, sometimes they will be initiated direct by the Holy Spirit Himself.

And if the Holy Spirit is prompting you to start to pray for someone, sometimes He will tell you who you are to pray for and what you are to pray for, but other times He will not.

But in either event, what you will receive is a strong unction, a strong knowing and prompting, to all of a sudden want to pray for a person or a particular situation. If you should ever receive this kind of heavy prayer burden from the Holy Spirit, just pray the prayer all the way through until you get a release from Him that you are now done.

As you can see from this man’s testimony, he was told to do just a very short prayer on his own behalf. And look what happened as a result – his life was literally spared and saved by the Lord!

We want to personally thank this man for allowing us to use this very dramatic testimony for this article. If God is no respecter of persons and He was willing to do this for this man, then He can also do it for anyone of us anytime He will want to do so. This kind of testimony is a great faith-booster, as it once more shows us how God can supernaturally move to help someone out when they will need His direct help.


Thursday 29th of November 2018

What a great testimony. May the good Lord continue to intervene in the affairs of men in Jesus name.

Martha Letsoko

Thursday 20th of July 2017

There were times whereby something will drop in my mind at times will do but most of the times i dont. the reason is i am not 100% sure if that is the Holy Spirit. my prayer is may i hear him clearly and do as im told. Please pray for me to hear well. as i know i am not perfect but i want to do God'swill


Wednesday 4th of September 2013

Love it!