Testimony – God Restores a Broken Marriage

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One of the more frequent type of emails we have received over the years since we have been online is from married couples, where one of the spouses has left the other one for another partner. The one spouse who has been left behind then starts praying to God to bring their spouse back home.

The pain adultery causes in a marriage relationship is extreme and traumatic, as a broken heart is one of the worst kinds of pain you can go through. For those of you who have been on the receiving end of adultery, you know exactly what I am talking about. You feel like your whole world has been shattered and that you will never be able to trust your spouse again, even though you are asking God to bring your mate back to you as you cannot stand the pain of that broken heart.

For those of you who are still praying to the Lord for the restoration of your marriage, below is a powerful testimony we have just received from a woman by the name of Crystal. Crystal had what she thought was the perfect marriage when all of a sudden her husband tells her one day he wants out of the marriage, as he had been having an affair with a woman online.

As you will see when reviewing her testimony below, Crystal was determined she was not going to lose her good marriage over something like this, so she stormed the throne of God asking Him to move to bring her husband back. Here is her word-for-word testimony, and then I will point out a few key things she did to get God to move on this extreme situation.

My name is Crystal and I’m here to let you know that with man it may seem impossible……but with Almighty God…..NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…

I made a promise to God and to myself that WHEN he restored my marriage, I would testify and tell the world….I would share EVERY single detail no matter how shameful and embarrassing it would be, in the hope and knowledge that I would someday be able to bring some kind of hope for a hurting wife or husband who would’ve been going through what I once was.

I’ll try to be as brief as possible but I really don’t want to leave any detail out….no matter how small, because it may be the very thing God wants to use to inspire and encourage a stander or prodigal spouse.

I don’t want to apportion blame too much here but suffice it to say we had some in-law issues which contributed greatly to our demise….but that is another story and I want to concentrate on how God showed up and showed off in the mist of my situation. Today is March 16th 2011…. My husband of 1 year and 5 months left me on November 30th, 2010… .BUT…. all thanks and all praise be to Almighty God, he is now back home and we are rebuilding a marriage that from all counts and to the naked eye in the natural realm was dead.

As far as I could see we were the perfect couple……went out together…….stayed home together……laughed, joked……..we were like two peas in a pod……of course we had our regular marital problems….no marriage is perfect……..in addition to the above we also….. argued and sometimes told each other some harsh words…….LIKE EVERY OTHER COUPLE……it isn’t right but it happens…..

In spite of all this , I believed he loved me just as much as I loved him……you could imagine my surprise and heart break when one day after a short disagreement……and I mean short….lasting no more that a few minutes…..my beloved husband packed his clothes and walked out of my life…….

All this happened on Nov 30th 2010…..I held off from calling him because I was still upset and I figured I didn’t do him any harm…..he was the one that stepped out in our marriage and on our marriage…..ours wasn’t a physical stepping as in outside sex….it was an on-going 5 month relationship on the internet, with someone he had been previously involved with.

The days went by and he didn’t call so on December 5th 2010….I called him…..he refused to take my calls so I texted him only to be told that he wasn’t interested in me and I should go on with my life….that I should never call or text him again……..that was like a dagger through my heart……I felt as though someone had literally ran a knife straight through my stomach and was twisting it repeatedly…..but that isn’t the worse yet…..

I persisted in calling him that same day and eventually he picked up the phone…he was as cold as ice……I felt frightened even listening to him……he told me….I NEVER LOVED YOU……I AM SORRY WE GOT MARRIED…..I FELT TRAPPED IN THIS MARRIAGE…..I DON’T LOVE YOU LIKE A MAN SHOULD LOVE A WOMAN…..THE FEELINGS I HAVE FOR YOU IS THAT OF A “GOOD” FRIEND……I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND YOU SHOULD GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE…..I’M

I have never felt pain like I did then in my entire life……..it is amazing when you are down on luck how quickly you remember that GOD does exists.

I was a regular church goer and I tithed but I still didn’t have that personal relationship with God…..well God has a way of getting our attention in ways unimaginable….and he got mine.

I cried DAILY AND HOURLY……I felt all hope was gone….I mean how do you get someone to love you again when that person is saying I never loved you at all…..YOU CANT….BUT GOD CAN……

I had built my life around my husband and now he was gone……I felt like I lost the better part of me…..I couldn’t eat….I couldn’t eat ….I didn’t want to socialize and I forced myself to go to work…..but God had a plan…….even though all seemed lost……God was turning my situation around even as I was hurting…..what the devil meant for evil God was turning around for good.

I enlisted the help of three persons…….a Prophetess, an Apostle, and a church Pastor…..these were all spiritual people I knew……and strong men and women of God……I knew I wasn’t strong in my spirit and my faith was way less than even that of a mustard seed.

I still cried every day but I also engaged in some radical and spiritual warfare for my husband…..I spoke the word of God over my marriage EVERYDAY and I prayed hedges of thorns around my husband EVERYDAY…..I pleaded the blood of Jesus over him and claimed my marriage in the name of Jesus.

Remember I wasn’t rooted in God so my prayers wasn’t as flowing as other people but everyday I gain more and more strength and my faith began to soar…..I prayed that God would soften my husband’s heart and remind him of the love we once shared……I asked God to send Godly people in his life to speak to him even when I couldn’t and God heard me….

I think I either bought or borrowed every book on marriage…warfare….prayer…you name it ….every website I could think of…….. And I just wrapped my husband up and prayed what ever pray I could even verbatim from some of those same books…….I became like a one man army…..

At times the devil whispered in my ears and unbelief and doubt settled in….I would call my prayer warriors for encouragement and go to God crying and in a few hours would be right as rain and ready again to go up against the gates of hell for my boo. To make a long story short……Sunday January 16th 2011….I got a text from my husband….who accidently had AGAIN on the 14th January 2011…..told me he felt the same way and I should go on with my life.

He said he wanted to talk and wanted to know if he could come by the house…he wanted to know if I could forgive him for what he did and for us to try again at our

I had released my husband and my marriage to God and I knew God was going to do something…. but I thought it would be perhaps a Hi hello…how are you….or perhaps a few weeks down the line he might drop in a call or something……….I had no idea that MY GOD was bringing my husband home that day….that instant…

He told me that after he spoke to me on Thursday….he went to God himself and talked to him and asked him to speak and show him what he should do……..he said from the time he said that everything just went crazy…..everything he saw reminded him of me….. when he went to sleep his dreams were constant replays of our life together….. he started thinking about stuff that happened before and after our marriage that were nothing short of miraculous…..

In short…..God was speaking to him all along but he was too proud to just walk back and admit that he was wrong but he wanted to so much….. He wanted to give our marriage a chance and he loved me and wanted to be with ME.

I give all the thanks and praise to God for what he did……it doesn’t matter what your situation looks like….it doesn’t matter how impossible and dead it seems……it doesn’t matter what your husband or wife is planning……..we plan but God is also planning and he works EVERYTHING out together for those that love the LORD..

DO NOT GIVE UP….THE DEVIL AND EVEN YOUR OWN MIND IS GOING TO TRY TO TELL YOU TO MOVE ON…LEAVE HIM/HER ALONE…HE/SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU…..THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO…..THERE IS NO ONE THAT CAN HELP YOU NOW…..DO NOT LISTEN……even in your tears….cry out to God….when you don’t know what to say…..just say JESUS….nothing more……tears is a language God understands and he is going to work it out…..

This isn’t every single detail of what happened there are parts missing…but my short journey has been nothing but incredible and miraculous…but I want you to know that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…

Be encouraged

Notice several key things Crystal did to get God to move on her behalf.

1.  The first thing she did was to fully surrender the entire matter into God’s hand. Notice she said she had faith less than the size of a mustard seed when she first started to approach the Lord for His help.

As we have showed you in our article titled, “Bible Verses on Faith,” the Bible tells us that faith the size of a mustard seed will move mountains. This means that you do not have to have large amounts of faith with the Lord to get the show going with Him. God will take whatever level of faith you are operating at with Him and then move to help you out with your current situation as long as you are directly seeking after His help and are willing to fully surrender the entire matter into His hands.

2.  The next thing she did right was to enlist the aid of three powerful prayer warriors to help her with her prayers to the Lord. This is what is called the prayer of agreement. We already have an article on how powerful of a strategy this is with the Lord. The title of this article is, “Prayer Secret #6 – The Prayer of Agreement.”

3.  Also notice she went into a very heavy seeking mode by searching out every good book she could find on marriage, prayer, and spiritual warfare. The Bible says to “seek” and then you will find what you are looking for. And this woman went into a very heavy seeking mode. I believe when God sees this kind of intense seeking activity, He is really moved, and sometimes that is what will get Him to move to answer the prayer.

4.  Another thing she did when she went on the offensive was to plead the blood of Jesus around the situation. If you have a spouse that has left you for another person, it would be our recommendation to plead the blood of Jesus around them, and then plead the blood of Jesus against any demons who are trying to get in the middle of this, along with pleading the blood of Jesus directly against the person they are having the affair with.

All in all, as you read her incredible testimony, the thing that stands out is her fierce determination that she was not going to let her marriage go, and that she would take a hold of God and keep praying to Him until He brought her husband back home to her.

We want to personally thank Crystal for allowing us to release her testimony on our site, as it will help show others that God can move to restore broken marriages, no matter how hopeless things may look in the natural.


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  1. My name is Devin and my wife took both our daughters and left me and has already began to be with someone else rather quickly. When this happened i started doing all the things Crystal did by seeking god and praying that he bring her back. I claim my marriage my wife my children my home back in the name and blood of Jesus. This gives me hope that God does restore and that with God even the impossible is possible. I am praying for my wife and having this faith with God! Amen and thank you Crystal for the testimony.

    • God has already answered your prayer. stay faithful do not give up and keep pleading the blood over your marriage. your wife will return in Jesus mighty name! God bless you and your family 10 folds.

    • In Jesus Name I pray that she gets touched deeply in her heart and reconsider her decision. I pray that she returns home and have a blessed family… In Jesus Name, Amen

  2. Me and my wife are married since 1995. We had good and bad times together, but always pulled through. That all changed in December 2018 when I found out my wife had a affair with another man. Confronting her, we talk it out and I decide to forgive her. But since then, nothing want to work out. In February she told me she do not want to go on with our marriage, as she never loved me the way she should. It was devastating to me. We never got separated though, and I start praying everyday to God to fix my marriage and give my wife back to me I so much love. It went ok for a while, but everytime we going through a bad experience or something bad happen to us, we are back at talking about seperating. Till today we did not separated yet, and I continue showing my love to her at the best of my ability, helping her, trying to won back her love. I pray every day, sometimes 3-5 times a day to God to give me back my wife and to save our marriage. I will continue praying till she leave me and it is the end. I know God gave us Free Will, and will not force her to love me as I love her, but I still believe he can do miracles too. He can wake up the dead, let the blind see, let the paralyzed walk, so I still believe he can let her love grow for me and can fix things. Please Keep on praying if you are in the same situation, and include me in your prayers too.

  3. My heart pains from reading these stories and my prayer for everyone who’s going through the pains of loosing a loved one is; may your faith not fail. God knows and sees everything but remember this my brothers and sisters not everyone of you are in God ordained marraiges some of you might be unequally yoked. This is why I strongly encourage what the author of this testimony did which is to join forces with someone who has a prophetic gift to find out what is God’s perspective on your situation….God wants to speak to us and guide us but it’s a journey and I pray that you all come out stronger than you were.
    God bless you all.

  4. My husband and I are from different countries, and we got married last June before he went to Australia to study (he is 38 and I’m 34). I quit my job and followed him there, but we had to go back to his native country at the start of this year due to his father’s health. It was difficult living with his mother as he has always taken care of them and are very dependent on him, which I don’t mind but he doesn’t know where to draw the line between myself (his wife) and his mother. She refuses to let me help within the house and puts me in a bad light in front of my husband.

    Aside from those, my husband’s stress has been escalating since — worrying about my pass to stay in his country (I couldn’t work without a work permit so I didn’t know how else to help him), renting because they already sold their house, starting a new demanding job, not being able to buy a house yet as he just started working, his father’s worsening dementia. It seemed like he was doing it all alone, and one night over an argument on helping around the house, he zoomed in on my small legs and it was all a blur but just because I mentioned polio of my father when he was little (which was a threat but he didn’t have it), he accused me of lying to him all along and was so angry.

    I decided that I needed to go home to my country first as I was staying illegally in the home they were renting, he was worried with the finances and I had to find a way to get checked so I can prove to him that I didn’t have polio or any of the other diseases he suspects. When I got back home last March, we were still talking on the phone and sending texts, but after a heated argument over the phone, he stopped altogether. He was very cold and in fear of him abandoning me, I started telling him that I’ll make plans aside from going back to where he is so we can start a life elsewhere and since the application for my longterm pass seemed impossible. He was angry and wouldn’t talk to me, and I got angry too and we exchanged some hurtful words, which I deeply regret.

    I continued texting him, to which he was very cold but still replied with sentence or two. He said he needed time and space to sort out his life. A week ago miraculously, my pass was approved and I paid for it immediately thinking he would welcome the idea of me coming over so I can work and help him, but he got angry again that I went ahead without asking him and said he didn’t want me there for now, didnt want to see me for now, that he doesn’t trust me or anyone, doesn’t want mine or anyone’s help, doesn’t feel anything anymore, he’s in danger of losing his job but didn’t want to tell me anything else.

    I asked him what he meant because to actually stop this pass for us to be together seemed like a major decision. I asked if he wanted a divorce or annulment, and he said “if that’s what you want,go ahead. I can’t answer any of your other questions right now”.

    Needless to say i’m at a loss. I’ve been crying out to the Lord every day and night and I’ve asked my Mom to pray for me. I also pray for his mother to become a good influence as he doesn’t talk to anyone anymore but her (he doesn’t talk with his siblings either and has withdrawn from friends since returning). Can anyone please help me in prayer, and if you have any insights as to what i should do? Everyone except my Mom and my best friend is saying that I should just forget about him and move on by myself, but I know in my heart he is just hurt and very problematic and I was not blameless either. Please, please, if anyone can give me some Godly advice I would be so grateful. It feels like I’m drowning everyday and only God is keeping me afloat through people who care about me. Thank you!

  5. My name is Phil, we would have been married 22 years in July. Last November my beautiful wife took our 16yr old and 9 yr old son and moved out and we are now divorced. I have made mistakes in the past and allowed my anger to say and do things that was not respectful. My wife had cancer and survived, major back surgery, our last son was born at 1.9 pounds and survived. God has been with us. I pray many times in the night and night that God may soften her heart and help us to find the love for one another we once had. I love her and those boys more than anything. Please pray for us.Thank you.

  6. This spoke to me. With out going into detail I hurt my partner. I did not cheat but I did lie and do something to hurt him. He said he is not in love with me anymore but I know that it’s a lie and he is just hurt. I have been literally in bed calling out of work for 2 weeks . He finally started talking to me here and there and more and more through out the past couple days. I know he is hurt I can tell, I know him better than anybody has ever known him, besides God. I just really really needed this today and it made me break down in tears, it gives me hope.

  7. I don’t know if this comment section is still going. I need everyone that comes here for testimonials and support to just pray for my husband Tony. He’s been gone 28 years and we’ve been talking now 7 months. That’s all I have to say for now. God is working it out!

  8. I read the testimony above last week because at that point my husband and I were separated. It was not a mutual decision. I was away for a couple months for work, I came home and he said he was staying with a friend because he didn’t miss me anymore, I was gone too long and that we would have to ease into things in baby steps. I gave him all the space he needed ad he still pulled more and more away over a 3 week period. Every day since I read this article, I followed everything Crystal did. Finally on 4/13/19, just 3 days ago, my husband sent me an EMAIL of all things, telling me had made the decision to end our marriage with no explanation other than we had grown too far apart. I’m sure you can imagine the devastation! Even in the face of that, something told me to keep praying. I went to church the afternoon, I was sobbing during Mass because I could not help it. I was brought to my knees! Anyway, I still decided to plead the Blood of Jesus over this and I told God that I still believe He wants to save our marriage, I will settle in and wait for God’s time and ultimately I surrender to His will. Well, that night I slept at a friend’s house. I woke up at in the middle of the night and asked God if I should still keep praying. I looked at my phone which has a picture of Jesus on it, and I saw that it was 3:33am. That number to me is a sign of the Holy Trinity, so I sat up and began to pray. fifteen minutes later, I get a text from Husband saying “You Awake?” He asked ion he could come over to talk!!! I said yes. I got in my car and drove home. When he arrived, he sat down and confessed to me that he had been having an affair with a friend of ours. It was all sex and alcohol based and she also played on the fact she knew we’ve not been able to have a child so far. They got an apartment together 2 weeks before I had returned home from my job overseas. There were SO MANY LIES involved! I was DEVASTATED. She left her husband for my husband. She’s been married twice and it turns out that she stole both of her husbands from their wives and now she was trying to steal mine!! Anyway, he told me that he woke up suddenly at 3:33am (the same time as me!!), he was suddenly terrified at the reality of losing me, he prayed for guidance and then he remembered he still hadn’t read the final letter I gave him. After he read the letter is when he texted me asking if I meant everything I had written. I said yes, and then he asked if he could come over. He was home by 5am on 4/14/19! This was truly a MIRACLE!! One of the many promises I made to God was that I would share my story once he restored my marriage. We have a lot of healing to do, but God is with us and our 20 year relationship is worth more than this disgusting affair.

    When I tell you that this has been the battle of my life, I am not exaggerating. There were times like I felt I was doing battle with Satan himself. (and maybe I was because when I told my husband that he seems like he’s out from under a spell, he said “Wow, every time she and I argued, she’d say “Shh – Don’t break the spell”) I prayed like a warrior and I plead the Blood of Jesus everyday since I read about it, ad I followed the steps that Crystal took, and I am here testifying that God is great! God is real, God answers prayers God is with us and THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS POWERFUL! Amen and thank you for this site and Crystal’s testimony.

    • God is good!!! I am going through the same thing. My husband has been out the house for a year now staying with this woman he works with. I’ve been constantly praying too. I finally told him yesterday that I was going to move on with my life and move out of the house we rented. I really don’t know why these married men go stay with these women and act like they never was married. This woman knows he’s married but she still carries on with him. We’ve been married for 19 years and together for 27 years. I would rather try to work my marriage. God knows I’ve tried so I don’t know what else to do. It’s not easy at all.

    • UPDATE: My situation was worse than I could have imagined! The devil was really hard at work! After endless conversations, doctor’s and therapy appointments, it turned out that this woman is a narcissistic sociopath! She had been drugging my husband (in the drinks she would serve him or food she would bring over) to start and continue the affair. She had complete control over him, had him isolated from all family and friends and he was living in a zombie-like state. She kept announcing that HER husband (who is wealthy) was going to die soon (professional opinion is that she was trying to set that up) and every time my husband said he wanted to go back to me, she would threaten to harm me. It even appears that she tampered with our car after my husband came home. We were very lucky not to get into a very serious accident! Anyway, this has been quite the traumatic experience. When I said before that I felt like I was in spiritual warfare, I had no idea how true that really was. I am SO GRATEFUL for this website and for Crystal’s story which inspired me and gave me the guidelines on how to plead the Blood of Jesus. The day after my husband came home, he said it was like he had been rescued from a nightmare that he couldn’t get out of, and each day that passed, his mind became clearer and clearer and he is absolutely mortified by his actions during that time. He is taking responsibility for his actions and we are keeping close to God. We have been going to therapy and went on an amazing Christian marriage retreat, all of which have helped immensely. We still have a lot of healing to do, but with God’s help and continuing to plead the Blood of Jesus, we will have a stronger marriage and faith than ever before.

  9. I’m not going to lie, this all seems like a joke. My wife left me last year for another man that she met at her work. We are both saved believers. I have had my home taken from me, one of my dogs taken from me, my entire reputation tarnished by lies, and this entire time I have been praying for God to restore my marriage. I have had family members stop talking to me and friends leave me because of a bunch of lies. I am now divorced. It has been over a year since she left and no communication whatsoever. And quite frankly, stories like this really tick me off. I have cried and prayed day and night for my wife to come back. I have read the bible more in this past year searching for gods help in my hurt, and I have went and found every book on prayer I can find and tried to implement them into my life and still no progress on my wife coming home.

    • It will not happen on your time but on Gods time . Pray and leave it to God . Wait patiently for the Lord . Wait . Gods timing is perfect . He uses are time of waiting to draw us closer to Him . To get to the place where He and only He is first in your life . He loves you and will give you your hearts desire . In the time of waiting ask God to show you areas you need to change and or improve in .

    • Christopher i am so sorry for your loss and pain. I am very familiar with you desperation to have you wife home. What I have found in my 29 years married, 7 years stand and 2 years divorced is that God’s timing is not our timing and that it was time for me to work on my spiritual growth. I am so thankful for that time with The Lord. Standing is about you and your spouse retuning to Christ and his righteous. Hang in there my brother it will all work out for your good. Praying for a supernatural healing and restoration.

    • Keep praying. Satan is a liar. The bigger the struggle, the bigger the testimony. Remember Job’s struggles. Praying for you. God IS faithful.

  10. We’ve been together for over 20 years married for what woulda been 15 years when I found out that he was having an affair with someone younger prettier and of course our boss for some time now! I had this gut wrenching feeling that something was up and low and behold it was true. I caught them they denied everything but it all came crashing down. I was devastated and still am! It’s been a year of praying battling for our mates but he continues to keep her closer than his wife. I found out that he bought her flowers for valentine’s and I got nothing. We have 4 beautiful boys and he was my high school sweetheart. He’s all that I’ve known more than half my lifetime and I did all that I could do as a wife and mother of his children. I never left his side when things got rough and he was at his lowest point of his life with his own demons and struggles. I did what every wife could do and stick by his side and I got blind sided by another. I broke down and asked myself why I even tried to take my own life for this man! He doesn’t know my worth up until this day. Over a year has passed answer and I’m still trying. I just live my life for my boys and still make it a point to try and not to disappoint him in any way but it’s just not enough I ask myself each day what am I not good enough for you! What am I missing?. I pray each day read books on marriage but I think he should be also at the mercy of God as I am. Please pray for our marriage! I am weak scorn, broken and I’m down on my knees!

  11. My husband never seemed fully committed to me. He came from an abusive mother and alcoholic dad. His views on many things looked like an Archie Bunker rerun. Nevertheless. I love him deeply. We have 6 children..6 grandkids. It was me that fell. The worst. He would be gone working. Fir weeks at a time. Now combine this with his nonchalant ways in our relationship…I became devastated. Crying all the time. Then satan showed up. I HATED living like a single mom while he was gone. I wasn’t strong enough to do that. Repeatedly told him so. He was tempted by the money. The hi income. But satan did the same with me. While he was gone. I allowed shopping to be my panacea. So now we were both money-holics. I’m so ashamed of my behaviour. 3 times I maxed out his credit cards. Took my mother’s money. Even took money from my brother. This last time was terrible. We split for a few months. Then he let me back in. His mistrust if me ruled out existence. He also has an addiction to playing poker. And he was planning a trip to NY for a televised game. I had made arrangements to be off work. Then only days before we were to leave. He decides to tell me. The dates are wrong. I blew up. I was tired of holding onto the marriage. Tired of trying to hold onto him. We got I to a huge fight. We slapped each other. Then he saud he was done. That the relationship was too toxic. He was “moving on”. That life with him was ‘ my way or the highway’s. I moved into an apartment in subsidized housing. Since that day in Oct 2015. I have done nothing but pray for my husband. Asked God for forgiveness for MY sins. I have forgiven my spouse. For all that hurt. I lift him up to Gad non stop. I’m constantly praying for him. But I am Very Lonely. I write him letters. He doesn’t respond. His family is very dysfunctional. The mother is still abusive to the child that never left home. I pray always fir the generational curses to be broken on both of us. But the loneliness is unbearable. Ts been so long since I’ve had living arms around me. I pray hedges around him. That the scales be lifted from his eyes. That God send a laborer to him. But it’s like nothing happens. I get NOTHING from him. He feels justified in rejecting me. Never realizing or admitting g that it was the original rejection that broke me to begin with. I am hurt and lonely. I do go to therapy. Am on meds for anxiety and depression. But we were high school sweethearts. 40 years together. This is nuts!! Please. Pray for both me and my husband. Our marriage, relationship..and family. I never thought I would ever wind up alone and ths lonely. In fact. I worked HARD at preventing that Very Thing! I do apologize to God for putting my husband before Him. Put I was to naïve to know better. I just want my Love of my life back. I can handle many things but not this. I need my husband’s live. His respect. His caring… Praying is good. But the loneliness is terrible

    • My situation is almost the same except its my wife of 38 yrs left due to my selfishness. I s ince have repented and realized that God is the only way. Ive ask repeatedly for forgiveness from my wife, nothing yet but i know God is working things out. But at times i get all depressed and wonder how much longer before God moves her back in my life. I love her more than maybe i should, i do my best to put God first but its so hard and lonesome. I will never give up, but i cant take this much longer, shes been gone 18 long months, i cry everyday, i cant think, and have no close friends to go to. I just have God, i know He has a plan, but He moves slow sometimes and this gives the devil a playground in my mind. All i know is God is on my side.

  12. My husband and I met under miraculous circumstances 18 mths ago. Though we lived 9000 miles apart, God brought us together and blessed us in marriage. The issue of leaving and cleaving soon arose as He shared Everything with his Mum, once he left home and wouldn’t open up to me emotionally. A pattern of lying and cover up developed. I wrongfully became more suspicious, less trusting and monitored his communications which I told him. The more I tried to talk the more he retreated. We eventually got to a point where I was angry and he couldnt handle the outburst nor my silence.( 3days). The next day he left without warning and didn’t contact me for 3 weeks. He had returned to his parents on grounds of anxiety and was never returning. We finally started to talk and he agreed I could visit. The reception from his friends and family was hostile but he was initially fine. He suggested talking about compromise options for our future which we did. Within 24 hrs he changed, on grounds of anxiety re our future, ended the marriage and told me to return home. I haven’t heard from him since then, 3 weeks ago but apparently he’s living a singles life over there pretending he’s not married and finding new work etc. I know we both love each other but why he refused to work at marriage I dont understand. His parents support his decision saying he’s happier over there.. Our personalities are too different. I would appreciate your prayerful advice.

  13. How do one recover from the rejection? After being there for him trough cancer? And he just packs up his bags and decided to live with the x in law’s? My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. That time we weren’t married yet. I stood by him. And thats during the time of his treatment we got married in 2016. We lived completely in faith. For I also lost my job back then. I can testify of how many times GOD provided and sending people to help us. After a lot of prayer and fasting and trusting God. GOD HEALED him. And he could start working again. Things went well. Except for my husband going back to old ways. Growing futher away from God Until one day 2018 December after a small argument he packed his bags and just left. To my surprise he moved in with his x family in law? He treats me like I am worthless. It hurts to think of how many nights I sat up with him when he was in pain. Caring sometimes carried him to the bathroom because he was to weak after treatments back then. Being strong for his sake. Through that time. And today he could act like it never happened. Like God and me never mattered. I pray for him every day. Doing the spiritual war fair. Asking God to help me get over the betrayal. Pray with me so that this hardened hart of him get worked on.

    • Sorry for what you are going threw I’m going threw a similar situation although I am a very religious person I just didn’t go to church regularly because of all the hipacrits and after almost 10 yrs with my wife she kisses me good bye on her way to work fri. Feb 15 2019 with no warning comes home full of pure evil that I have NEVER thought was possible in her and packs up and leaves although I am not PERFECT by no means I have NEVER MISTREATED or DISRESPECTED her not talking about in the heat of an argument I cherished the ground she walked on and treated her as the Child of GOD that she is with that said 5 months ago she came to me saying that she was fighting between her heart and mind that she didn’t know if I could give her what she wanted out of life and up until this point we had NEVER argued but I messed up and became complacent trying to please and satisfy her that I lost myself and wasn’t putting GOD 1ST so since she’s left took me a cple days to pick head up and started putting GOD 1st which is where to many ppl to think go wrong the ILLUSION that we are in control is just that an ILLUSION So I have been PRAYING not just for MY MARRIAGE BUT EVERYONES THAT IN SIMILAR SITUATIONS Hold your head up and may GOD BLESS YOU

  14. Mrs. Crystal, Thank you but I really don’t know what to do ? I pray for my ex fiancé but he has gotten worse leaves comes back now supposedly got married left him in Colorado while I came back to Fort Worth. He cheats all the time I was the only one lasted long 4 yrs on and off and he doesn’t stop or protects himself please help us!!

  15. My wife of 8 years blindsided me with a divorce a few months ago. She said she has been unhappy and couldnt go on any further. She is now in an a affair with a woman and were not even divorced. She said that she doesnt care what anyone thibks not even God. I am praying for her salvation. I am deeply hurt in many ways and want to quit altogether but i have this never ending hope that we can be restored. I will not lie though, my faith is taking a major hit and i feel sometimes as if i cant go on. I dont know what to do besides prayer and fasting. I have enlisted prayer warriors and i pray multiple times a day for her. Im frustrated, weary, tired, hurt and discouraged. Please pray with me.

  16. Please pray for my husband and me. I had an affair,because I was weak and not walking with God. I was not strong enough to stop it. I am ashamed of my actions and wish I had never met the other person. During the affairtime, I ran from the other person, lied to him because I did not want to see him or talk to him. But, satan weakened me and I would again talk to him or text him with inappropriate messages. I love my husband and have asked both God and my husband for forgiveness. I confessed my sins to a pastor who prayed for me and my husband. A few days ago, my husband told me he would never forgive me. God, I ask that Jeff cry out to you and be healed. Please pray for our healing and for a restoration of our marriage.

  17. My wife and I have been married over 20 years, I got caught up in the technology of my phone ended up having a affair it took my wife two weeks to move me out , that was four years ago , I’ve prayed almost every night since then , all I know is to keep praying and believing god will put us back together, I’m so lonely and miserable without my wife my best friend

    • I just read your comments. I understand completely. I was married 20 years. He left with two words on the phone “we’re finished”. He had been ahving a second affair. This time with a woman in his office. 30 years youngr than himself. We lost everything in the divorce. The lawyers got it all. And she took the rest. I have been alone since 2015 when the divorce was final. I hope everyday he will call me and tell me he is sorry for what he did. Just to ask forgiveness will be a helpful path to revocery for me. I dont think i will ever recover from what he did

  18. My husband told me on Tuesday that he wanted a divorce. We have been struggling these past couple of month due to my trust issues but I was blindsided. On Sunday he told me that I was his everything. Then on Tuesday he told me that he wanted a divorce and that he was going to send me papers. This was my fault. I got jealous and told him I wanted a break on Sunday and didn’t call or text him until he told me he wanted the divorce. I had a mixed array of emotions for the next couple of days. Until Friday came and an idea popped in my head to drive down to where my husband lives. (We live 2 hours apart). I just had this sudden desire to go see him. I no longer felt pain, just an overwhelming sense of peace. I told myself this had to be God. On my drive down there I called 3 godly woman and asked them to pray for me and our marriage. When I got here, he wasn’t home. My heart was crushed and I wondered if I was fooling myself for thinking he would be here to embrace me. I got slightly discouraged but I decided to stay and wait. And hoping I’ll see him the next day. As I lay here, I began to feel that sense of peace again. I started looking for hope/inspiration of others that had their marriage restored and I came across this one. This story is so similar to my story. Even the part where she enlisted the help of 3 powerful prayer warriors. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I am going to trust Jesus and WHEN he restores my marriage, I’m going to share it with the world.

  19. In October my husband of 16 years told me he had a girlfriend and promptly moved out. He has traded her and her children for our son. We are heartbroken and I don’t even know how to pray. Please pray with and for us. I want my husband back. I believe that God has a plan for us and that HE CAN bring healing and restoration!!! Thank you!

  20. I’ll admit my current situation is entirely my fault. I was an abusive husband both physically emotionally psychologically and spiritually. I have no excuse and no one to blame but myself.
    My wife and I have been married for 7 years. We are both Christians who love and serve God. We dated for 2 years before getting married and are the best of friends. When we got married things were good. Although we had to live long distance because of her job, I didn’t mind. I had faith in God. Still do. I will admit she always had a jealousy problem. But to me it was her one and only fault. I guess it got to the point I got tired of it. So we got into so many arguments because of being constantly accused of cheating. Which I never ever have and never will. So when she finally resigned and came home, things were good again. But the problem started to escalate, to which I started to become very abusive. I know what I did was absolutely wrong. But she always forgave me. This would go on once a week for 2 years. At one point her dad intervened and that it would be best if she went back to work overseas again. So we both agreed. Our relationship got a little better. We both were busy but secure. Not so many jealous tirade so less fighting. It would only happen once or twice every two months. Although those arguments do tend to be bad. We would fix it after a few days. What I tend to do was ignore her for a few days to cool off. Cut off contact until I was ready to talk. But her approach was to talk it out. I did promise her I wouldn’t ignore her anymore, but I still did. Till a few months ago we got into another typical argument of jealousy. This time I ignored her for the longest time of 5 days. So when I finally decided to talk, that’s when she said she doesn’t wanna be married and wants to divorce. All of a sudden she’s numb, no feelings of love or intimacy. A complete 180. It’s like I’ve never met this person. So she cuts off communication for 4 mos and comes home from her work overseas only to tell me of wanting to file for divorce.
    I know what I’ve done and perhaps this is ultimately my punishment. But I still love her and don’t want to lose her. We are both Christians and still believe in His word. Although my wife seems to have backslided so very far. I wants us to get back on the right track. I keep praying for God to change her heart. I don’t know what else to do or say to her. She’s always been my best friend. Now I’m just a friend to her. I pray to God to fix this relationship. And pray for strength to carry on. I need your guys’ prayers. I need biblical advice. I pray for God to be the one to direct my wife’s every decision. I want to surrender everything to God

    • Action speaks louder than words. Why can’t your love melt the ice of the water you caused to freeze? You are full of excuses. And you sound narcissistic. Until you go and get help you’ll never get her back. With God all things are possible. But if you can’t love your own wife how can you love God? You need to find yourself and ask God to change YOUR heart, to give YOU a clean heart and renew a right Spirit within YOU. She may miss the you she fell in love with yrs ago. But not recognize who you’ve become. Silence for 5 days? How many times per year? This woman wants to BE loved not have a husband who tells her he loves her. You’ve got to do things differently my brother. You’ve exhausted your hand. And now she’s through.
      Get yourself a Spirit filled Pastor who can in turn lead you to the river of life. In hopes that you will get filled with the Spirit of God. And prove yourself to be the leader and provider that you’ve been ordained to be. Stop focusing on her and telling God what to do with her. Stand in his presence and declare: It’s me Lord standing in the need of prayer. Repent and confess your wrong. And he will forgive you. And wash you, and fill you. And you’ll never be the same. She’ll know
      I’m praying for you.
      God Bless You. For he is able!!!

    • You need to ask God to work on you first. Then you will be the man she loves again. You cant iove her the way God intended til you put God first. Same with her, she must put God first. Hard lesson I’m learning right now. It’s very painful. God bless and prayers for your restoration. I’d like to ask for prayers too. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Hi Crystal
    I just want to thank you for your encouragement. Your testimony gave me so much hope,as I’m currently going through the same experience. I am a christian but in my opinion I was one of those Luke warm Christians. I gave my life to Jesus on Saturday and I started fasting and praying to get my wife back. I also asked two men of god to pray for full restoration for my marriage. I believe that god is working in the background and I agree 100% with you when you say that your minds constantly playing games with you telling you that its impossible she wont come back because it tends to make you look at the nature of the situation in the natural. It is an extremely painful experience and I have never cried so much. I’m so touched by gods word and if i can so it myself have became a prayer warrior. I firmly believe that god will fully restore my marriage as well as my wife’s feelings for me. I constantly battle to stay quite when she tells me that she will file for divorce regardless of gods healing. It does touch me and it is definitely testing my faith but when that happens I call the two guys that helping me for encouragement. I love my wife to bits and I just refuse to let her go and I will keep praying until something happens. I just hope that god does not get tired of me asking him for the same thing because I know that he also want me to completely leave it in his hands to allow him to work the situation.

  22. My husband of 28 years and High School sweetheart left me a month ago out of the blue. I was totally blindsided. We have always been close and best friends, but this last year has been a very difficult one. He lost his job of 19 years and his boss made it very personal. At the very same time our oldest daughter moved back home with her two children 7 & 2 along with our youngest daughter who still lives with us and her 2 year old daughter. On top of that my husband and I had to start caring for my mother and grandmother who had been left by all of the other family members to go “live their lives”. We both work full time. He had gotten a new job , but has not been satisfied, the stress of the kids living with us was constant because I was also babysitting every night while the daughters worked and then the weekends were taking care of the kids and grandmothers. He started to express that he couldn’t take it anymore, but in a group setting with our daughters and it just appeared that he was venting like I was at the frustration. Long story short I found pictures of another woman and confronted him and he had been “texting” another woman from work who had persued him and they were working out at the gym together. He was going to the gym three nights a week for the last three years. He has been on a weightloss journey and looks great. However, this woman saught him out at work and they started working out together. He told me about a month ago when I confronted him with the pictures that he didn’t love me anymore and that I broke his heart putting everyone else first which was totally news to me. He was along side me helping with the family the whole time and when he came home from work or gym each night I would make sure to spend time with only him. We are both Christians and I think he feels so ashamed that he cannot forgive himself because his father cheated on his mother and he swore he would never do that. I have told him I have forgiven him and God can make something beautiful out of this. He does not see it or want it. He is so closed off and within the month has sought out an attorney for a disillusionment. I DO NOT want this and want to be with him. I am praying and believing in complete restoration. The Lord also laid it upon my heart this morning to start a 21 day fast. I am praying to draw closer to the Lord, to gain insight and for forgiveness for my husband and that any evil plans of satans and his demons with be stopped in it’s tracks and this woman will be removed from his life. In the name of JESUS I plead the blood over my husband and my marriage and plead the blood against this woman and every evil tool of satan and that this disillusionment would not succeed and our marriage restored.

  23. In June, my husband of 13 years said he loved me but wasn’t in love with me anymore. He wanted to still care and take care of our family, but wanted out of the relationship. He traveled for years with work and now finally had a job at home, but still traveled a little. During this time, he has tried to get the love back somewhat but his determination is not there. I’ve prayed and improved myself, and he admits that I’ve come a long way and now it’s just him. It’s no longer me. He says he’s done trying. He now has stayed away for the last 2 months seeing if separation will help feelings come back. The last time he was home he was going to end it and tell our three precious children he wanted a divorce, but he couldn’t. I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed with others for his mind, body, soul, and spirit. For the scales to fall off his eyes that satan has put over them. This is a man that used to tell me that he would never leave me no matter what I did. This is a man that brought me to church as we dated and served the Lord through music, but now he has a different attitude. I know he loves the Lord and I know he still seeks him. Now he’s gone for five more weeks, missing Thanksgiving for the first time with us. I need your prayers that during these five weeks the stronghold on his heart is shattered and the lady he’s talking to actually tells him to come back home to his precious family that God has given to him, but most importantly pray he surrenders his all to God.

  24. In March of 2018, I found out my wife had cheated on me. I instantly thanked her for telling me the truth and forgave her, telling her we could work through this and that I loved her. During the next few days and on one particular day she was screaming yelling and cursing at me really hurtful words which turned into an argument and I left to my parents house because I needed time to process everything. A couple days later I came home and the guy she cheated on me with was inside my house with my wife and children and she had him change the locks so I couldn’t get in.

    I continued to stay at my parents while my wife was lying about continuing to see him and eventually when I found the truth out I filed for a divorce. I sought the Lord heavily, after about a month I could not divorce my wife. I eventually found out that she got an incurable STD from him. I went to war for my wife, praying like I never had before, searching everywhere for prayers like the women in the article. After about 2-3 months I forgave my wife again of everything, and moved back in. Over the course of the next few months my wife was regularly going out multiple times a week and not coming home until 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning sometimes not until the afternoon. She would regularly show up with bruises all over her body one time even on her neck. We had regular arguments about it and she would not stop.

    Eventually I left, again, back to my parents house. She is currently sleeping with other men and bringing them around our children which I have 70% of the time. I’m still going to war for my wife although not nearly as heavily as before, maybe 10-20% in comparison. I feel drained and broken in spirit most days. Jesus never gave up on the church and if I am to follow his lead I won’t give up on my wife. This is a spiritual battle. And I need to exhaust every avenue.

    About a year before she cheated God sent me a dream showing me that she was going to cheat on me and after a period of ten years (10 is a time of testing) her and I would be reunited. In the dream I saw her in the future and she was beautiful, more beautiful than I have ever seen her and she looked at me with so much love in her eyes it still makes me teary when I recall it. God has remained faithful to his word and has strengthened me through this whole thing and following his lead I have remained faithful to my wife.

    This article made something jump out to me about the “prayer of agreement” which when recalling my dream I believe God left a clue in regards to that prayer for me.

    Thank you and may God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ bless your marriages.

  25. I left my husband on July 5th that night so it’s been a little over 4 months. I got with another guy not long after, it wasn’t anything serious at the time I’m not gonna lie he treated me better than my husband had I felt in a long time gave me more attention and made me feel important and loved. We both agreed to end our short lived relationship maybe lasted a month because we both had just got out of a serious relationship me and marriage which I am still married and him I believe was with her for 6 years. ( they aren’t married ) He ended up going back to her actually. I believe they are together now. My husband texted me one day in August and said there is someone who would like to meet you meaning his girlfriend. We have a 17 month old and a child on the way so he kinda had to be in my life. I ended up not meeting her that day. I can’t remember why, and I’ve still not met her. She comes with him to pick up and drop of our son most of the time, but I’ve never actually met her. I do not believe they were talking before the separation but I can’t be certain. Maybe a week into this new girl being with him I literally begged I mean I was in my hands and knees crying my eyes out kind of begging for my husband to let us try again and he said even if he wanted to he wouldn’t, the only reason he would come back is for the kids and he said he wouldn’t do that because it isn’t right. Which I agree. So I still was trying to get him back when I would see him or I would send little text saying have a good day or be careful. One day his girlfriend messaged me and asked if I was gonna keep trying to get him back and I said yes. Maybe 2 hours later I get a text from him telling me he never loved me he doesn’t love me nor care about me to quit chasing him that he wasn’t coming back or taking me back. He told me many times in the messages that day he didn’t love me. 3 days before this we went to the baby doctor for our unborn child and he told me when I asked that he just couldn’t right now and that he would always love me, but now he is completely and utterly in love with this new girl and beyond happy. I’ve been praying and praying and praying for my marriage to come back to life. I know there is still hope. Just like Crystal I’m not giving up on my marriage. I’ve asked God to forgive me for my sins and to show my husband something he can’t ignore to seek him and to come home to his family. My husband does seem happy now, he looks very happy, but he is still my husband. We aren’t divorced we are just separated and honestly have been for very long. Oct 7th made 2 years of marriage the 22nd will make 3 years together. We were best friends before we became a couple. I’m asking for pray to restore my marriage and bring my husband back to me and our family. I ask that you pray that he forgives me and that his heart is softened towards me and that he realizes divorce isn’t an option we got married for a reason pray to remind him why. Please.

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