Testimony – God Restores a Broken Marriage

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One of the more frequent type of emails we have received over the years since we have been online is from married couples, where one of the spouses has left the other one for another partner. The one spouse who has been left behind then starts praying to God to bring their spouse back home.

The pain adultery causes in a marriage relationship is extreme and traumatic, as a broken heart is one of the worst kinds of pain you can go through. For those of you who have been on the receiving end of adultery, you know exactly what I am talking about. You feel like your whole world has been shattered and that you will never be able to trust your spouse again, even though you are asking God to bring your mate back to you as you cannot stand the pain of that broken heart.

For those of you who are still praying to the Lord for the restoration of your marriage, below is a powerful testimony we have just received from a woman by the name of Crystal. Crystal had what she thought was the perfect marriage when all of a sudden her husband tells her one day he wants out of the marriage, as he had been having an affair with a woman online.

As you will see when reviewing her testimony below, Crystal was determined she was not going to lose her good marriage over something like this, so she stormed the throne of God asking Him to move to bring her husband back. Here is her word-for-word testimony, and then I will point out a few key things she did to get God to move on this extreme situation.

My name is Crystal and I’m here to let you know that with man it may seem impossible……but with Almighty God…..NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…

I made a promise to God and to myself that WHEN he restored my marriage, I would testify and tell the world….I would share EVERY single detail no matter how shameful and embarrassing it would be, in the hope and knowledge that I would someday be able to bring some kind of hope for a hurting wife or husband who would’ve been going through what I once was.

I’ll try to be as brief as possible but I really don’t want to leave any detail out….no matter how small, because it may be the very thing God wants to use to inspire and encourage a stander or prodigal spouse.

I don’t want to apportion blame too much here but suffice it to say we had some in-law issues which contributed greatly to our demise….but that is another story and I want to concentrate on how God showed up and showed off in the mist of my situation. Today is March 16th 2011…. My husband of 1 year and 5 months left me on November 30th, 2010… .BUT…. all thanks and all praise be to Almighty God, he is now back home and we are rebuilding a marriage that from all counts and to the naked eye in the natural realm was dead.

As far as I could see we were the perfect couple……went out together…….stayed home together……laughed, joked……..we were like two peas in a pod……of course we had our regular marital problems….no marriage is perfect……..in addition to the above we also….. argued and sometimes told each other some harsh words…….LIKE EVERY OTHER COUPLE……it isn’t right but it happens…..

In spite of all this , I believed he loved me just as much as I loved him……you could imagine my surprise and heart break when one day after a short disagreement……and I mean short….lasting no more that a few minutes…..my beloved husband packed his clothes and walked out of my life…….

All this happened on Nov 30th 2010…..I held off from calling him because I was still upset and I figured I didn’t do him any harm…..he was the one that stepped out in our marriage and on our marriage…..ours wasn’t a physical stepping as in outside sex….it was an on-going 5 month relationship on the internet, with someone he had been previously involved with.

The days went by and he didn’t call so on December 5th 2010….I called him…..he refused to take my calls so I texted him only to be told that he wasn’t interested in me and I should go on with my life….that I should never call or text him again……..that was like a dagger through my heart……I felt as though someone had literally ran a knife straight through my stomach and was twisting it repeatedly…..but that isn’t the worse yet…..

I persisted in calling him that same day and eventually he picked up the phone…he was as cold as ice……I felt frightened even listening to him……he told me….I NEVER LOVED YOU……I AM SORRY WE GOT MARRIED…..I FELT TRAPPED IN THIS MARRIAGE…..I DON’T LOVE YOU LIKE A MAN SHOULD LOVE A WOMAN…..THE FEELINGS I HAVE FOR YOU IS THAT OF A “GOOD” FRIEND……I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND YOU SHOULD GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE…..I’M

I have never felt pain like I did then in my entire life……..it is amazing when you are down on luck how quickly you remember that GOD does exists.

I was a regular church goer and I tithed but I still didn’t have that personal relationship with God…..well God has a way of getting our attention in ways unimaginable….and he got mine.

I cried DAILY AND HOURLY……I felt all hope was gone….I mean how do you get someone to love you again when that person is saying I never loved you at all…..YOU CANT….BUT GOD CAN……

I had built my life around my husband and now he was gone……I felt like I lost the better part of me…..I couldn’t eat….I couldn’t eat ….I didn’t want to socialize and I forced myself to go to work…..but God had a plan…….even though all seemed lost……God was turning my situation around even as I was hurting…..what the devil meant for evil God was turning around for good.

I enlisted the help of three persons…….a Prophetess, an Apostle, and a church Pastor…..these were all spiritual people I knew……and strong men and women of God……I knew I wasn’t strong in my spirit and my faith was way less than even that of a mustard seed.

I still cried every day but I also engaged in some radical and spiritual warfare for my husband…..I spoke the word of God over my marriage EVERYDAY and I prayed hedges of thorns around my husband EVERYDAY…..I pleaded the blood of Jesus over him and claimed my marriage in the name of Jesus.

Remember I wasn’t rooted in God so my prayers wasn’t as flowing as other people but everyday I gain more and more strength and my faith began to soar…..I prayed that God would soften my husband’s heart and remind him of the love we once shared……I asked God to send Godly people in his life to speak to him even when I couldn’t and God heard me….

I think I either bought or borrowed every book on marriage…warfare….prayer…you name it ….every website I could think of…….. And I just wrapped my husband up and prayed what ever pray I could even verbatim from some of those same books…….I became like a one man army…..

At times the devil whispered in my ears and unbelief and doubt settled in….I would call my prayer warriors for encouragement and go to God crying and in a few hours would be right as rain and ready again to go up against the gates of hell for my boo. To make a long story short……Sunday January 16th 2011….I got a text from my husband….who accidently had AGAIN on the 14th January 2011…..told me he felt the same way and I should go on with my life.

He said he wanted to talk and wanted to know if he could come by the house…he wanted to know if I could forgive him for what he did and for us to try again at our

I had released my husband and my marriage to God and I knew God was going to do something…. but I thought it would be perhaps a Hi hello…how are you….or perhaps a few weeks down the line he might drop in a call or something……….I had no idea that MY GOD was bringing my husband home that day….that instant…

He told me that after he spoke to me on Thursday….he went to God himself and talked to him and asked him to speak and show him what he should do……..he said from the time he said that everything just went crazy…..everything he saw reminded him of me….. when he went to sleep his dreams were constant replays of our life together….. he started thinking about stuff that happened before and after our marriage that were nothing short of miraculous…..

In short…..God was speaking to him all along but he was too proud to just walk back and admit that he was wrong but he wanted to so much….. He wanted to give our marriage a chance and he loved me and wanted to be with ME.

I give all the thanks and praise to God for what he did……it doesn’t matter what your situation looks like….it doesn’t matter how impossible and dead it seems……it doesn’t matter what your husband or wife is planning……..we plan but God is also planning and he works EVERYTHING out together for those that love the LORD..

DO NOT GIVE UP….THE DEVIL AND EVEN YOUR OWN MIND IS GOING TO TRY TO TELL YOU TO MOVE ON…LEAVE HIM/HER ALONE…HE/SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU…..THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO…..THERE IS NO ONE THAT CAN HELP YOU NOW…..DO NOT LISTEN……even in your tears….cry out to God….when you don’t know what to say…..just say JESUS….nothing more……tears is a language God understands and he is going to work it out…..

This isn’t every single detail of what happened there are parts missing…but my short journey has been nothing but incredible and miraculous…but I want you to know that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…

Be encouraged

Notice several key things Crystal did to get God to move on her behalf.

1.  The first thing she did was to fully surrender the entire matter into God’s hand. Notice she said she had faith less than the size of a mustard seed when she first started to approach the Lord for His help.

As we have showed you in our article titled, “Bible Verses on Faith,” the Bible tells us that faith the size of a mustard seed will move mountains. This means that you do not have to have large amounts of faith with the Lord to get the show going with Him. God will take whatever level of faith you are operating at with Him and then move to help you out with your current situation as long as you are directly seeking after His help and are willing to fully surrender the entire matter into His hands.

2.  The next thing she did right was to enlist the aid of three powerful prayer warriors to help her with her prayers to the Lord. This is what is called the prayer of agreement. We already have an article on how powerful of a strategy this is with the Lord. The title of this article is, “Prayer Secret #6 – The Prayer of Agreement.”

3.  Also notice she went into a very heavy seeking mode by searching out every good book she could find on marriage, prayer, and spiritual warfare. The Bible says to “seek” and then you will find what you are looking for. And this woman went into a very heavy seeking mode. I believe when God sees this kind of intense seeking activity, He is really moved, and sometimes that is what will get Him to move to answer the prayer.

4.  Another thing she did when she went on the offensive was to plead the blood of Jesus around the situation. If you have a spouse that has left you for another person, it would be our recommendation to plead the blood of Jesus around them, and then plead the blood of Jesus against any demons who are trying to get in the middle of this, along with pleading the blood of Jesus directly against the person they are having the affair with.

All in all, as you read her incredible testimony, the thing that stands out is her fierce determination that she was not going to let her marriage go, and that she would take a hold of God and keep praying to Him until He brought her husband back home to her.

We want to personally thank Crystal for allowing us to release her testimony on our site, as it will help show others that God can move to restore broken marriages, no matter how hopeless things may look in the natural.


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  1. Where to start , my ex emotional abused my for years , I can’t even believe some of the things he did to me , let alone understand them . I truly struggled for years with my faith vs leaving our marriage. My ex humiliated me over and over forcing me to stand outside his mothers house , being ignored like I was worthless to a mountain amount of lies including lying about my fathers adddress which prevented me seeing my father for 20 years , finally when I found my father he passed away with my ex refusing to help me bury him . In all of this I’ve tried hard to forgive my ex , understand he is angry and quite childish.

    My ex then used our child to embarrass me at his graduation getting his new girlfriend to follow me , once again I knew my ex had to care to even want this level of hurt , but what I never understood was my ex did everything he could to get a Divorce, he treated me like well rubbish , he had no respect and would rather I died then leave what was a lie . I have no idea if my ex was faithful, but I know he did much worse from the start refusing to accept my worth in the relationship or even his children’s respect.

    My ex often gets our child to lie to set me up just to humiliate me , why woukd he ever do this? My ex lies even to this day about the abuse he put me through, the problem is now I can’t tell my brain to feel nothing, I can’t even look at my ex , I have no respect for him, his taken everything. My ex even got his Mum to lie regarding a house , both were trying to get me to give him everything, because for them both this is now about money , I am no longer worth even breathing . Hw can two people who believe in God , go to church, do this . I ask God please help me to forgive a man that lied about my own father , took every chance to allow me to speak to my Dad , while I was going along to his families home being ignored and treated pretty discussing, his mother or sister woukd take turns to ignore me , or say something creul of course my ex woukd always act like he never saw it , he woukd never say anything until I asked and even then I was made to stand outside , like a dog . I had no self worth , I died , I don’t even know who I am anymore but all I know is. Deserve better . Why then can’t I move on, why do I need my ex to acknowledge what he did to me .

    My ex has done everything you can think of , yet I love him , I ask God to help him , when I am in so much pain because of what he has done , and his not even sorry for it .

    From the start this man never once asked me my needs I had no one st my wedding his family took over , I so wanted them to accept me , yet that killed who I was , just another tool for him to abuse . I know my ex can’t move on completely, he drinks to cope with what his done and yet he never ever just accept and acknowledge it because a part of him know that I will be able t finally find happiness. I regret being married, allowing him to take my trust and destroyed it , believing God will heal him , all to see this man is completely disrespectful and woukd rather someone dies then allow them the decency of the truth.

    I have so many questions, my faith been tested far to much , not one piece of stability from childhood until now . There is only so much you can take

    • I am praying for your healing….I too was married to an abuser and he never hurt our child and we have been separated for 5 years but now he has a new girlfriend…at least thats what our 7 yr old tells me. He said its his cousin and that our daughter is confused but I know its a lie since every week he is taking our daughter to her house. Now I want him back I dont want the split co parent family. I want my family. Im praying for you…go to Youtube and google affirmations for a broken heart….play it while u sleep….great healing therapy….says things like I am healed…I am full of love I am beautiful ❤

  2. What hope is there for me? My husband left without warning that he was even unhappy with me a year and a half ago. Less than a year had gone by and he’d already divorced me to marry the one he left me for. I’m still in agony and pain, living a life that his choices created for me. I hate this life and miss him and us so much. I still pray and ask God to restore, but have very little support. Seems even Christian friends think a marriage license in the natural, man created, not God blesses no way, still trumps our God blessed marriage. I can’t believe God even looks on them as married. I believe God still honors our marriage and will restore by a miracle. Can I hope? Can I be guided to prayer warriors who will stand with me?

  3. Hello everyone on September 20th 2018 my husband and I got into short argument and it was about him talking to another woman and with that topic was brought up he denied everything and he insisted to leave Neglected three kids his marriage for a chick he just met I’ve been crying I have an eaten I haven’t slept I just feel lost I’ve been crying and reading scriptures leaving it in gods hands I just want my husband back we’ve been together for five years but married 2 and he has done nothing but cheated and lied to me but I know it’s something that can be fixed I still love him the same way when I first met him I just need prayers please!!!!

    • I will pray for you from my heart. I am in a similar situation but its 17 years my wife tells me she wasted 17 years of her life. I have faith in the Lord. please keep praying keep the faith God will help us both I truly believe. God Bless You

  4. Hey prayer warriors, my name is Joseph and my wife name is Rosie and we have been separated for over a year now 15 months to be exactly. But am believing and trusting God for the reconciliation and restoration for my marriage because in the book of Joel the Lord said he is going to restore all the years that the locusts have eaten.
    Crystal testimony have been an inspiration and encouragment to me to let go and let God do it because he can fix our marriage and make it better than what it was before.
    Am from North Carolina and my wife is from Michigan so I know it was God that brought us together two people from two different states.
    She left me on June 17,2017 last year and came back to visit on July 14, 2018 – July 18,2017
    Now although she went back to Michigan I still know the power of prayer and “The Word of God” is not bound by geographical locations.
    God can reach and touch people heart no matter where they live.
    I take complete ownership for my marriage separation and ask your prayers for my wife to forgive me and come back home soon.

  5. After a very long separation, my husband has recently asked for a divorce. He has even sent me a form to speed up the process. I believe he’s trying to marry someone else, however, I really would like to restore my marriage. I was the one who asked for the separation years ago, and I am constantly regretting my decision on a daily basis. Please pray that the Lord finds a way to restore our marriage, family, and guide us on our journey.

  6. Hello,
    My husband and i have been married for 23 yrs. 21 of those years we have been in the church & my husband has had an affair with ministry. I say this because my husband will treat others in the church with encouragement, love, empathy but i do not receive the same. During this time we have seen numerous counselors, read marriage books, went through prayer lines, deliverance ministries, marriage seminars all the while my husband participating, but as soon as these things were over he would retreat back to his old self. I have seen God close several ministry doors because of the condition of our marriage. However, he refuses to see it as that and only blames the reason the door was closed(such as someone having an issue with him) God has even told him in the last 2 yrs at 2 different times he has killed the marriage. Only to do nothing about it. He has people in the the church so fooled that I have no support system. I have even been told by a person in the church that i needed to grow up. But my husband can openly admit that he doesn’t value me and if he was to step down from ministry he would be stepping out on God. Now i am not going to say i am miss innocent in this. My mouth, pride , and anger has many times gotten the best of me. However, when you see others being loved on for you only to get the opposite, well! I have my good days and my bad days. But its hard. I have recently June 22, 2018 given him until Oct 8, 2018, to get accountability for our marriage, step down from prison ministry and read this book by Ken nair or i was moving out. He refused and has done nothing. If i move out my world will be upside down. I work part-time, would need to go f/t, the only place i would be able to stay isn’t positive & is 45 mins away from my work now, not including having to take all my stuff and dog. Now how is this even fair? My verticle relationship has increased with the Lord. I just have health issues i am dealing with also, so i am feeling overwhelmed in this fight! Appreciate the prayers!

  7. I walked away from the Lord and married a non believer even though I could feel God say no. I believe he has many narcissistic behaviors andalso a drinking problem. Due to the toxicity, I asked for a divorce in June. But, then God began to expose my sin and fault in the marriage so I sought to reconcile. I asked my husband and his children for forgiveness for my part but my husband said no…he wants a divorce. I began the Armour of God Bible study, watched war room and made myself a war closet. Daily, I go in and fight for our marriage, our kids, and my husband. The house sold and he is moving back to his town and I’ll have to move back to my home town to be near my family. My depression is too much and I need support. I am praying for reconciliation because I know God is capable! But, it seems like the answers I am getting is not for reconciliation… Every scripture and visual I get is about forgetting the past and moving on. I don’t want a divorce but my husband has shown no desire to work on our marriage and seems smug that I’m hurting. Any perspective would be welcome. Everyone believes I need to leave so I have no support or prayer for reconciliation. Thanks!

  8. Good Afternoon all,
    I’m lost, I’m heartbroken and I’m devastated! My husband told me almost a month ago, he wanted a divorce! He doesn’t want to try to work on our marriage! He’s had time to think about it, it wasn’t a easy or quick decision for him. Counseling isn’t an option because we went through pre-martial counseling and I didn’t hold up to my end of the bargain so he feels counseling would be pointless! He feels any changes that I make will be temporary! He doesn’t feel that he would even be open to allowing me to try to make the changes so staying wouldn’t be fair to me. He feels he will eventually want his cake and eat it to. He doesnt want to hurt me or our son with infidelity. He’d rather end things on a good note vs bad. What truly ended our marriage was my family coming to stay at our house due to some home renovations needed. My family coming to stay with us put the nail in the coffin! My sister was extremely disrespectful to my husband, she even called him out his name. I didn’t kick her out because she’s the caregiver of my grandfather, who has Alzheimer. My husband feels “my” family will always be my priority and I FAILED him during this situation! He’s extremely hurt, he continues to express how he wants a divorce. He’s going out more! He said that his love hasn’t changed but he’s checked out. We are currently still living together, sleeping in the same bed and we are still sleeping with each other. He’s told me several times,he doesn’t want to confuse things because his feelings/want hasn’t and will not change! He doesn’t want to force me to have the “Talk”, he will wait until I am ready to discuss divorce and figure things out.

    I am constantly in prayer, I’m back in church stronger than ever. I’m rededicating my life to Christ (baptizism). I’m trying to block out the negative and doubtful thoughts that Satan is throwing my way! I want to save my marriage! I am COMMITTED to saving my marriage, It’s very hard to keep my faith when my husband is saying all these discouraging things! I know anything is possible through Christ! It’s just a struggle to stop all the doubts! I’m fighting for my marriage that my husband continues to say he doesn’t want! I need all the praying hands that I can get during this difficult time in my life! I pray every day for a VICTORY! I need God to intervene with my husband, he needs God fearing people in his life, to help lead him down the right path!

    • DON’T stop praying and believing! God still does miracles and if you give him the situation, your entire life, and have faith in our amazing Lord, I believe he will restore your marriage. On Monday September 3rd, my wife told me she did not love me nor did she want to be married to me. She refused to sleep in the same room so I slept in the living room. She was very adamant that she hated me and wanted nothing more than for me to be out of her life. Every time I brought up anything about God or having faith that he could restore our marriage she shot it down and became angry. I put everything I would in praying. I first made sure that I confessed EVERYTHING and came to the lord with a clean spirit. I cried out to Jesus and gave him everything and claimed the victory over Satan and his demonic forces that were coming against my marriage. I refused to give in. What I began to realize that Jesus was drawing me closer to him through this situation. I began to feel his presence more and more when I would pray to him. Well GOD BE GLORIFIED! On September 8th on our anniversary she told me again that she loved me! I am not promising it will happen in 5 days like my miracle and I am not saying it will take 2 years.. I just want you to know that God can do ANYTHING and if you have faith and honestly give him EVERYTHING and draw close to him you may be surprised what happens
      God bless and I’m praying for you

    • Fast and pray, rebuke all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions

  9. I want to first pray the blood of Jesus surround all of the people who have posted before me with marital issues. I pray that they will continue to seek him and trust in his plans in the midst of their struggles. I would also like to request prayer as my marriage is in a dark place. My wife and I have had issues for years, I have never cheated on her but I never stepped up and took a more active role in our family like she had so desperately wanted. Now, even though we are still “married” and living in the same house, she has told me she does not love me and does not care if I die. She said she hates me and will only be fake for the kids sake and that nothing I say or do will ever change this. I am so heartbroken and crying as I type this. My was not a christian, so man good things have happened in the past year.. she started listening to christian music, she started going to church, she went down to the front of the church and publicly accepted Christ. But I fear that Satan has stole that away as she has not changed her insults, bad language, or the way she thinks, and now has completely written our marriage off. I believe with all of my heart (and even before she took steps toward Jesus) that God has a plan for her life.. I believe he wants to use her in a way that will reach others. I also believe that he will restore our marriage. I believe he allowed it to be completely broke down so he can build it back up with him as the foundation and for his glory and I also know that it has drawn me closer to him and now I can’t wait to escape to my quiet place at lunch and speak with my father. It’s only been a few days since my wife told me this but I am trusting in the Lord and I encourage everyone to do the same. This is the same God that closed the mouths of lions, protected 3 boys from a fiery furnace, raised people from the dead, parted a sea, sent his son to die for US and then was resurrected. The bible says “…What God has brought together, let no man separate” and I refuse to let Satan, who has already been defeated destroy my marriage. To GOD be the glory and when he restores my marriage and uses it for his glory and changes my wife and I’s life for his divine purpose, I WILL TELL THE WORLD OF HIS MIRACLE!!!!!

  10. Prayer warriors, like Crystal, I too have been operating in faith the size smaller than a mustard seed. I am currently separated and my wife left me. She stepped out of the marriage and is currently seeing someone else. We have two small babies also which is what I am mostly worried and scared for their future. My prayer request is that my family, myself and especially my wife to be washed over by the blood of the Lamb and also for me to keep a daily reminder that through him all things are possible and to keep my walk in faith. I am trying so hard to cast my fears and worries to Him but it is one of the hardest things to do when nothing feels like is going right and my family’s future seems doomed. If you can, please pray for us. I thank you all in advance.

  11. Hi I need a prayer worries to pray for my spouse to return to me .I did some thing wrong and I just left her and came but I also know that she is having an other relationship behind my back..its been a year now and she has not forgiven me and she is in an other relationship.I really love her and want her back so please any prayer worriors who could help pray for my spouse to return to me

  12. I need prayer please. It happened five months ago my husband had given into temptation. He was off working and she well details are not necessary. He tried physically. And then moved on to messaging other women. I prayed daily for him to come home. Even made myself a war room. And had my supporters and prayer warriors. 30 days later he came back to me. I was excited the love of my life was home. In the mix he found Jesus and started church. But I am having a hard time moving on and letting him in. I love him I deeply do. But the fear of that pain again. Can I really bare it?

  13. Hi,
    My name is Nyssa and this testimony gives me a little sliver of hope. I’m 3 months pregnant with our first child after struggling with infertility. We had our issues but Matt was never open to couples therapy. He said I was the only one who needed it. A few weeks ago he went on vacation to Europe to visit his daughter. I was on bed rest so had to cancel my trip. It looks like he had a fling there. He called me from Europe and said he wanted a separation and that we would never be together again and he could never love me romantically. He blamed all the marriage problems on me. I went into major depression and it’s effecting my pregnancy.

    We went to couples therapy twice but he refuses to go anymore because he feels the counselor is on my side. That’s not the case it’s that he refuses to see anything from my point of view. I flew back home to Texas and we are still fighting. He isn’t open to saving the marriage at all. I pray constantly for Satan to leave us alone but nothing seems to work.

    I’m trying keep hoping for a miracle but most days it doesn’t seem possible because he is so closed off. His family and best friend think he has a mental disorder and self medicates with alcohol and drugs. Even despite all the pain he is putting me and our unborn child through, I want to save our marriage and make it better than ever. PLEASE say lots of prayers for us that God can work a miracle quickly. If not, I have to go back to Chicago next month and pack up my stuff. I just can’t understand why he chose to do this AFTER we got pregnant. I need prayers for a forgiving and compassionate heart and to keep my temper in check. Pray Matt has a forgiving heart as well and gets a desire to save our marriage. Thank you in advance.

  14. This testimony gives me a glimmer of hope in my despair. My husband and I tried for over a year to get pregnant and I’m now 3 months pregnant with our first. A few weeks ago he called me from a trip I Europe and said he wanted to separate and can never love me romantically. It’s now at the divorce stage of discussions. There’s a high chance he cheated on me during his trip too. He’s been emotionally abusive during the 2.5 years we’ve been married but he is broke from past experiences and still has a wonderful side to him. I’m literally in despair that he doesn’t want me anymore. We are separated and it kills me. The thoughts consume me 24/7. Can you pray for us as well as encourage my faith? I constantly tell him I don’t want divorce but he says I’m delusional bc it’s over. How fast have your miracles been? I know this is a spiritual battle but I don’t want to lose my husband in it. Please pray he has a change of heart. Any words of encouragement would help me right now. Thanks!

  15. Hi my name is jay. I live in key largo FL. I was married 38 years. Eight years into the marriage I sinned and broke my vow. We had three young kids so she forgave me.
    We raised our kids and they all grew up well. But three years ago I walked in the kitchen and she said I’m leaving you and I’m not going through my golden years with you. I failed to mention three years before she left I got disabled on the job and lived the next five years on opiods. She did the best she could but she had to go. I beg and pray night and day for God to bring her home. She recently got married. I think more for support.
    I tell God I don’t want to live anymore and I want to come home. He won’t take me home. I don’t want to live. I want my wife back. Please help me.

    • Please keep your head & don’t think like that god has a plan for you.. I’m going through something in my marriage is well but I’m giving it up to my god

  16. I’m a widower, I waited seven years to remarry. But in the remarriage, its been unbridled adultery, lies and deception. She was also a widow, she refused to bear my name after our marriage, she still bears her late husband’s name. Secondly, she was having an affair with her Pastor before I met her. When we got married, my wife and the Pastor were still very close, he even sometimes comes to our house. When I got to know what was between them, it was the last straw. There are other signs of adultery with other men. I finally walked out of the relationship about a year ago.
    I’m in my mid fifties, my children are in university, definitely leaving home soon. Definitely I can’t be alone for the rest of my life, I will like to remarry again. What is your advice?

  17. Hi, my name is Sunnie I NEED prayer warriors PLEASE!! To be honest i’m truly broken and in need of help and healing. I made a HUGE mistake and got divorced 6 months ago, only hoping it would wake my husband Russell up and try harder.(Not that I was perfect, I made A LOT of mistakes in my marriage.) Instead things have backfired. We were together almost 9 years and married for 7. He was really hurt by me and my daughter. So unbeknownst to me, he started talking to an old friend because he was lonely. Now he’s already saying I love you and that he’s getting married. We have a 6 year old son together and I want our family back together. My daughter is refusing to go back. I’m so torn and hurt and just want my marriage back.

    Please pray for us.. I ask that EVERYONE and ANYONE pray too, before it’s too late.
    Thank you, God Bless!!

  18. Hi my Name is Lisa, I need prayer warriors to pray for my husband and our marriage. We haven’t talked in several months. Our marriage seemed fine..we had our ups and downs like all couples do. The day we got approved for a home loan he blew up and shut me out. After a month of him ignoring me I left. When I did he changed the locks and said he wanted a divorce. He hadn’t talked to me since. He won’t discuss reconciliation or divorce. I had been praying for his salvation for months before all this happened. I feel Satan is trying to destroy our marriage to keep my husband from God. Please pray for him and our marriage!!!!

  19. Hi,
    My situation is a bit complicated. I have been separated for 4 months now. I was the one who left, I took my one year old daughter with me. I left because my husband was very critical of me, yelled a lot and I basically got to the point where i did not feel appreciated. To tell you the truth, it;’s the third time that I am walking out and he has always come back. I fear this time he may not as he has indicated that he will never come back and the biggest thing is, he has actually moved on to someone else. I realized it happened right after I left, so I am almost sure that this relationship was somewhere in the background and came to light when I left. You may ask yourself why would I want this marriage restored? I am not even sure myself. I feel like my husband was hurt that i left him and cast himself wholly and souly in this relationship to kind of bury his hurt and pain of me leaving. He was married before with 4 kids, by the way. I do want to be reconciled as I realize that I have done things to push him away and make him feel like he does not want to save it. I am deeply sorry for all the hurt I have caused him and I think I spent too much of my marriage complaining instead of appreciating him more. I am praying that he comes to his senses and that the Lord touches hiim as I am praying for him daily. He needs the lord himself as he does have abusive ways. Any advice for me? SHould I just move on and maybe wait for a divorce or what?

    • Hi,
      I have a similar situation. He doesn’t have another partner but is reaching out to his ex-girlfriend. He is cold to me, and tells me we won’t work. He yells at me sometimes. I find Christian music lifts my spirit. I pray. I just seen him, we have two kids together. I had thoughts of moving on. I am waiting patiently, If he wants a divorce he will file. I am praying and “getting a life” of my own without any emotional or physical attachments to other men. I deleted my Facebook, we used to share one, and I made my own, it was like sharks smelling blood in the water. I know I could move on with another man, but it is not what God wants. My husband is not a Christian but believes there is a God. Only God knows if I will save him. If I can not, he will file divorce papers, and I will accept them. I am patiently praying, jamming to Christian music, and staying kind. When you feel so angry and want to let him know turn that music on girl. Listening to Hard Love by Need to Breath right now <3 I will say a prayer for you!

    • DON’T GIVE UP!!! If you want your marriage, fight for it. Fast and pray and tell God what you want. Cast your cares upon him for He loves you and hears all of your prayers. Don’t be afraid to tell God what you want. Also, be willing to do the work necessary to make the marriage work the second time around. While the two of you are separated, take that as an opportunity to work on becoming a better wife and whatever areas that might have caused strain in the marriage. That way, once the marriage is restored (and it will be restored), you will be in a better position to make it work. Also, if your husband tells you that he wants a divorce, you speak just the opposite. If you dont want a divorce then let him know that you don’t want a divorce and that you want to fight for your marriage. Meditate on scriptures related to marriage, reconciliation and forgiveness. Your marriage is worth it. Keep fighting. God will see this and your diligence will be rewarded. Once your marriage is restored, give God all the glory and be willing to share your testimony with others who may want to throw in the towel. Your testimony will give them hope. Hang in there and don’t give up.

  20. 2 years ago, my husband stumbled upon a movement called the Hebrew Israelites. SInce then he has become cold and callous toward me. He treats me like a possession, like I should be seen and not heard, or have any sort of opinion. He won’t listen when I talk to him about our marriage and how I feel.
    God gave me a word over 2 years ago that my husband would come into relationship with Christ. I have prayed and prayed for this. I believe the devil brought this false religion is as a distraction or a ploy to stop God’s plan. I have tried to fight the good fight but it’s been a long hard journey. I have to admit I’ve given up a few times. This article is very encouraging. I just don’t know where to start in fighting this spiritual battle for my marriage and for my husband when everything and everyone around me says leave him. Please help.

    • I pray that you get close to God, build up your relationship with God,
      Put him first in all you do, desire to get in his presence.
      God is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Ps. 34:18)
      Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart (Ps. 37:4)
      And as you delight yourself in God you will find peace, contentment, love, acceptance and Joy in his presence. Which will give you the strength to wait as God moves on your behalf and changes your husband…
      May God Bless, Do not give up hope!

  21. Today marks 8 months married and 4 months separated, 3 months since we last saw each other, 2 months since we talked and 1 month since I declared God has restored my marriage. I need all the prayers I can get. I’d like to know where I can find an apostle and a prophet/prophetess. I live in Missouri, but I feel hundreds of miles away from my beloved wife who told me its over and we’ll never be husband and wife again. I gave my heart and marriage to God on March 14 this year. I pray I’m welcomed home very quickly. Please pray for myself and my wife Clare.

  22. I am just going through this. My husband of 17 years tells me he wants a divorce, then says he wants to work on things. He said he needed some time to pray and talk to God. I pray this is true and God opens his eyes. He didn’t come home last night like he said he would. Please pray for me and my 3 daughters. They will be devastated. Pray God brings my husband to clarity. To leave the woman he has been seeing. The only reason I feel I don’t end it is for my girls. Please pray for me!

    • Keep praying and have faith. I went thru similar situation. My husband of 16 years asked me for a divorce on May 2017. He was having an affair with a neighbor. He asked me to leave the house because he was the one paying the Bill’s. For 10 months I could not recognize the man I married in 2001. My 3 children and I had to witness him spending time at her house with her kids, even spending the night. When he would come home he all I would get was rejection and verbal abuse. He even stopped giving me money. Didn’t care if we had food. I asked God to bring him to his senses and restore our marriage by God Almighty’s Grace, he has came to his senses. We placed our house for sale, he broke his relationship with her with me present. 4 months later we were still having problem, he continued to stay out late but promised it was with friends and not her. The devil continues to try and break my marriage telling me I’ve been thru enough and he is never going to change. But I was being ungrateful not thanking God how far we have come. I was asking and asking God to continue to change my husband and was forgetting to thank him how much he has done for me. Last week I refused to let the devil win. I’m never leaving my husband. I continue to pray for my husband and this week I’ve seen big changes day after day. He has promised not to go out again. And has begged me not to leave him. He is praying with me for our restoration. GOD can make all things possible. Dont give up and keep praying. Philippians 4:6-7 “Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

  23. Hello Josua, good to hear that you are now Christ follower. Trust God, pray for your wife. Be good to her, but don’t force her. Do not give up no matter how the situation will be. With time she will understand how serious you are and will accept you back. Always be apologetic to her. God will work out everything. Trust Him.

  24. Wow! this message by Crystal mirrors my situation in the bits of detailed she has described. I have cried so many days and nights because my wife tells me she does not life or love me. She has turned her kids and my son against me! I love all of the kids just like I love the one we have together. She has allowed her mom, sisters, and friends to influence her to be against me. Even when I tried to move on, God would not allow me to. God has had me to pray for my wife! I love my wife and I want our marriage. This has given me the confirmation that all I have been doing to fight for my marriage are the right things. I pray for her, I have other ministers praying for us, and I am constantly letting her know I love her despite all the other things.
    I believe God is working on it even now!

  25. Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

    Psalm 27:14 (NASB)
    Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.

    I came upon this site a few months ago in despair for my marriage restoration and until now it still is a working progress of the Lord and he is perfecting it until the day he comes!

    Galatians 6:9 (NASB)
    Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.

    Anyway, reading Crystal’s Testimony had encouraged me to seek the Lord closer and also through this site, PTL! I was led to another site and tools that are and still helps me in this journey i know we are all familiar with.

    If you have troubles with your marriage and already sought God but still feel you dont have a deeper and intimate relationship with him, theres no harm in going and trying Restoreministries.net

    Its founder Erin Thiele, also author of the books which had helped me understand better my situation, that what we are going through right now is a spiritual battle and we have to have the right tools as aids, had gone thru the same things as we are going through right now and together with the many ministers, will guide you in overcoming this test for it to become a wonderful TESTimony of the Lords wonderful works.

    Theres nothing else to lose but we have so much to gain once we seek intimacy with the Lord and obey willfully his principles. I can guarantee you, no matter how much you are hurting right now, (I still didnt have a restored marriage, yet, but i know it will happen soon!), you will learn to have peace beyond understanding and contentment in your current situation because you will become closer to the Lord.

    I can say so much but i want you all to experience this firsthand so i urge you not to waste any of your time and devour into Gods words as they explain it to you, one after the other and how these will help you not just restore your marriage but establish it in a rock foundation.

    God bless you all!

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