Pleading the Blood Against a Home Attack

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For those of you who believe in the power of pleading the blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection, we just received a very good testimony from a woman in S. Africa.

Long story short, she received a very strong unction from the Lord one day to walk around her house and plead the blood of Jesus as a bloodline around her house. She at first was not going to do it, as the lawn had not been mowed yet and she did not like walking in the long grass.

However, knowing that she was receiving a leading from the Lord to do this, she went ahead and obeyed and walked around her house pleading the blood of Jesus so she could have His protection around her house. This was done at 18:00 S. African time.

6 hours later, which would have been at midnight, she found out the next day that her next door neighbor’s house had been literally broken into right at that midnight hour. This woman was also having a dream right at midnight of a demon called “breaking in” sitting on top of the gate leading into her house.

This woman is sure the Lord prevented these criminals from breaking into her house by the way all of this took place literally 6 hours after she had just got done pleading the blood of Jesus around her house as a hedge of protection.

This woman has given us permission to release her word-for-word testimony for this article. In our article titled, “How to Plead the Blood of Jesus for Deliverance and Protection,” we talk about pleading the blood of Jesus around your property as a bloodline. There have been documented cases of Christians having their homes spared damage from earthquakes, etc. as a result of doing this with the Lord.

This testimony is just another good example of God protecting one of His own as a result of her obeying His leading to plead the blood of Jesus around her house as a protective bloodline.

Here is her word-for-word testimony.

May God Bless you for this website and for educating us. I have a testimony to share regarding the pleading of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

I used to stay in Benoni, South Africa and I just started walking around my house pleading the Blood of Jesus. This day I did not want to go out and do it. I thought that I will just do when I pray. But I felt an urgency on my spirit to actual go outside and walk around the property and plead the Blood.

The time was about 18h00 South African time, and my lawn was not mowed so I do not like walking in the long grass especially when it was getting dark, so I thought no I will plead the Blood the next day. But I had such a conviction to go out that very same day. Eventually I went out and run around the property pleading the Blood.

That same night I had a dream somebody waking me up and telling to look outside towards my gate. When I looked I saw some funny thing sitting on top of my gate, and I asked the person who woke me up what are those things sitting on my gate.

The person told me that those were demons for “breaking in” that there were going to break into my house. Then suddenly I woke up and then I realized that it was a dream. When I looked at my watch, it was 24H00(midnight). I just prayed and slept.

The next morning I was told that some people broke into my next door neighbor’s house at midnight the exact time I was having that dream. I thanked God because I realized then that If I was disobedient and did not plead the Blood, it would have been me, they would have broken into my house. So people it works.

I thank you for this article because now I know more about the pleading of the Blood and will pray these prayers.

God Bless you.


When you analyze this testimony, you have to ask yourself – what are the odds that she received a leading from the Lord to plead the blood of Jesus around her house as a bloodline and then literally 6 hours later, her next door neighbor’s house literally gets broken into. Coincidence? We do not think so.

And then to have a dream at midnight, at the exact same time her neighbor’s house was getting broken into, of a demon named “breaking in” sitting on top of her gate. Again, another coincidence? We do not think so.

And then to top it off, this woman initially did not want to obey the leading to do this, as the grass had not been mowed yet and she did not like walking in the long grass, especially with it getting dark outside.

There are 3 big tells in this testimony to show that this was not a coincidence, but a real leading from the Lord to actually do this. As a result, it looked like she prevented her house from actually getting broken into by these criminals.

I know pleading the blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection is a big controversial issue in the Body right now. But for the record, we still believe in it and will continue to pass on more good testimonies to show that this form of offensive prayer really does work.

As a closing remark, this woman responded back with a little more information on how she had used this in the past with both herself and her children. Again, here is the word-for-word email she had just sent me:

Good day,

Yes, it is more than OK. It is good when we testify. It shows or demonstrate that we are grateful and thank the Lord for delivering us out of those situation, and we thank Him for His mercy and love towards us and our family.

In actual fact, I have seen the goodness of the Lord in my life and my children on many occasions. It just that after reading the testimonies on your website I became more convinced that it was because of the Blood of Jesus that I and my children have been protected from circumstances and accidents that could have claimed our lives.

I used to offer a prayer like this every night – “Thank you Lord for your precious Blood that protects us against accidents, violence and any sorts of evil.”

My younger son was once ran over by a car, in front of my very own eyes on his way to school in full view of all other people who were at the bus stop waiting for a bus.

That day we all saw a miracle as the driver of the vehicle stopped the car and we were frantic looking for this child underneath this car,(because we all saw him go under and then just went over him). Then he called us on the other side, no harm came over him, not even a single scar, no bleeding, not even a single mark.

And I myself have been in a car accident, was driving and my car overturned and I came out clean, no harm came over me, A truck once ran over me and even then the Lord still kept me safe under His wings and shelter.

My elder son Thando, it will be correct to say he died and the Lord brought back……………………..Thank you for your website. Thank you Lord Jesus for shedding your Blood for me and my family.

So the Blood of Jesus is our shield. He is our Shield.

I saw your website as I was searching to find and to know more about the Blood of Jesus. I have Joyce Meyer’s book, Benny Hinn, Baxter, and I want to know more and experience the deliverance.

Remain Blessed.


If there are any of you who have a good testimony showing that pleading the blood of Jesus really does work, please post your testimony on the comment section below like this woman did.


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  1. I was looking through old papers that I printed out from online a while back and I had printed out things about the blood of Jesus and some of it was from this inspirational web site so that I could go over each point and thoroughly absorb the teaching, as I often do. I knew a lot about the blood of Jesus, but it’s good to refresh yourself on all the benefits of the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus has never lost it’s power, and it never will. I believe that the lady Anna did right by pleading the blood of Jesus over her home. She didn’t know what the enemy was going to do. I do believe we can pray and ask God to protect our neighbors when we know any storm or evil is happening. God will answer our prayers and praise God for the powerful blood of Jesus for us and our families. We are forever blessed.

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