Battle Prayer Against an Unjust Lawsuit

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This story happened about 8 years ago. What happened to this woman could happen to anyone of us at anytime. We live in a very litigious claims conscious society. People and unscrupulous attorneys are filing lawsuits on the most insane things. All you have to do is watch the regular news to see some of the ridiculous things people are filing lawsuits over.

This again happened to another girl I used to work with. She called me up one day and told me that she had just been named as a defendant in what she felt was a very unjust lawsuit.

Long story short, she was a board member of a condominium association and she and five others got pulled into this lawsuit. Several of the tenants, under the goading of a very unscrupulous attorney, decided to file this lawsuit to see what kind of money they could get. I will not go into all the particulars, but after she told me all the gory details, there was no doubt in my mind that this definitely was an unjust lawsuit and had no business being filed against any of them.

The insurance carrier for the condo association was not going to take up the defense of the lawsuit for each of the board members, so each of the defendants had to retain their own attorneys at their own expense to fight this lawsuit. The weight of this lawsuit was really weighing on her like a huge anchor. The time and monetary expense she was going to have to incur to proceed with the defense of this lawsuit was completely unsettling the normal flow of her life.

As she finished telling me what had happened, I had an immediate leading from the Lord to give her a strong battle prayer in which to approach God the Father with and to ask Him to take her out of this lawsuit ASAP!

This type of prayer is rather unique, as it is giving you a different angle in which to approach God the Father. According to Scripture, we actually have several types of relationships with God the Father.

  1. One is our basic Father-child relationship with Him. He is not only our God, but He is also our Father and we are considered His children.
  2. We also have an Employer-employee relationship with Him. He is the boss and we work for Him. The minute you come under a full surrender of your entire life over to Him, you are no longer in control of your life. God will now be the Captain of your ship and He will now be the One to direct your life in the direction that He will want it to go in.
  3. However, there is also another type of relationship we have with God that many Christians are not fully aware of. According to the Bible, God is also a Judge. Not only will God be judging all of us after we die and cross over, but He is also actively judging things on this earth right now, and at times, actually rendering His judgments. On some of these issues He is rendering judgment right now and not when that person dies and faces Him for his own personal judgment.

What this means is that when the situation dictates taking this kind of approach with God, we can approach Him as a Judge and plead our case before Him just as a defense attorney would do in a courtroom of law. After we plead our case before Him, we then ask Him to render His judgment on the matter, and then ask Him to carry out His judgment just like they would do in a regular courtroom of law.

You obviously have to have something unjust coming against you before you can approach God on this angle. If you have been named in a lawsuit and you deserve to be named in that lawsuit, then you cannot approach God on this angle because you are reaping what you have sown and you will now have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

God can still deliver you, but you will have to approach Him on a different basis. You will have to confess and admit your wrong doing before God as a sin, ask Him to forgive you, and then ask Him to help you in whatever manner He will deem appropriate for the situation that you have just fallen into.

However, if you have just had something completely unjust come against you like this woman did with this unjust lawsuit – then you can approach God as a Judge, plead the specifics of your case before Him, and then ask Him to render and carry out His judgment on the matter in order to get you delivered out of the mess as soon as possible.

I went ahead and formed out the battle prayer below for my friend in order to give her a different type of battle strategy in which to approach God the Father with. Here were the basics of what I had in this prayer:

  1. She will at first approach God the Father as Judge and plead the specifics of the lawsuit before Him. She will literally name all of the people coming unjustly against her.
  2. She will then quote back to God several good battle verses from Scripture to back up her position with Him – that this particular battle belongs to Him, and that she is now completely turning the entire matter over to Him for His handling and that He will now take up this battle for her.
  3. She will then Plead the Blood of Jesus against each one of the people coming unjustly against her.
  4. She will then ask God to render judgment on her behalf, and then for Him to execute and carry out His judgment against this unjust lawsuit in order that she get completely dismissed out of it as soon as possible.

I told her to say this prayer several times to God the Father to show Him that she meant serious business with Him, and that she really wanted Him to move on this situation as soon as He possibly could within the time frame that He wanted to operate in.

She later told me she said the prayer several times, and each time she did, she felt a lot of power and a lot of focus coming in from the Holy Spirit. She felt like she really connected to God with this petition, that He had heard her loud and clear, and that He would now move within His time frame to take care of this unjust lawsuit.

In this prayer, I also had her ask God to grant victory to the other 5 defendants that were unjustly named in this lawsuit to see if He would possibly pull all of them out of it at the same time. Here is what happened.

The Victory

1. This woman did have to retain her own attorney to get the ball rolling.

2. On the very first day of trial, my friend and the other 5 defendants all gave their testimony before the judge. Before she went up, she said the battle prayer one more time before God the Father.

After everyone’s testimony was in, the judge immediately dismissed her out of the case that day, but he did not dismiss the other 5 defendants. God gave this woman complete and total victory on the very first day of trial – but not to the other 5 defendants.

3. It was then decided on that same day that another one of the defendants would pick up her attorneys fees – so she ended up not having to pay one dime to her own attorney for all of the work that he had already done on her behalf!

She thus walked away scot-free from this lawsuit not having to pay one dime of legal fees on the very first day of trial!

This case was then continued by the judge and still has not been settled. If God had not delivered my friend out of this lawsuit, it would still be hanging on her, along with the pressure and uncertainty of all of it, not to mention how much money she would have ended up paying for her own legal expenses.

To this very day, my friend truly believes that God had delivered her out of this lawsuit with a complete victory. She still does not know what the specific reason was as to why the judge dismissed her out of the lawsuit but not the other 5 defendants, since they were all basically in the same boat.

My best guess was that this woman’s battle prayer was only going to get her delivered from this lawsuit. I guess the other 5 defendants did not got delivered like she did since none of them had approached God in prayer like she had done.

Again, this is another story of how powerful prayer can be and that God can and will answer prayers if you properly approach Him with your petitions and requests.

I will go ahead and give you the exact battle prayer that I gave her to approach God the Father with. If anyone of you should ever find yourself in this same kind of predicament, whether it be an unjust lawsuit, an unjust claim, or an unjust charge or accusation, try this approach with God the Father – with Him being approached as Judge and with you being the defendant pleading your own case before Him – and then asking Him to render judgment on your behalf, and then for Him to carry out and execute His judgment on the matter.

Now here is the battle prayer. I will leave out the name of the law firm that filed this unjust lawsuit along with the names of the others who were bringing this lawsuit. I will substitute other fictitious names in their spot so you can see exactly how this prayer was worded. I will also substitute other fictitious names for the other defendants since this lawsuit is still pending.

The Battle Prayer


In the name of Jesus, I now come before You on a lawsuit that has been unjustly filed against myself, John and Joan Smith, Phyllis Smith, John Doe Co. and John Smith Realty Co.

Father, I believe this lawsuit is frivolous, unjust, and without any merit. Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that you render judgment on behalf of myself and the rest of the defendants and ask that you take this lawsuit out in whatever way or manner you deem most appropriate.

Father, I now come directly against attorneys Joe Smith and Ken Luger and the other plaintiffs Richard Lotto, Karen Wilder and Donnie Payton. Father, in the name of Jesus, I Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against these two attorneys and the other three plaintiffs. I also Plead the Blood of Jesus against any and all demons who may behind the scenes influencing them in any way to bring this unjust lawsuit against us.

Father, You have said in Your Word:

  1. That “no weapon formed against you shall prosper.” (Isaiah 54:17)
  2. That You are “my strength and my shield.” (Psalm 28:7)
  3. That You “will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me …” (2 Timothy 4:18)
  4. That You alone are “my rock and my salvation … my defense …” and that “I shall not be greatly moved.” (Psalm 62:2)
  5. That You go before me to “make the crooked places straight.” (Isaiah 45:2)
  6. That You go before me “as a consuming fire” and that You “will destroy them and bring them down before You – that You will “drive them out and destroy them quickly.” (Deuteronomy 9:3)
  7. That “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” (Exodus 14:14)
  8. That “You will stretch out Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand will save me.” (Psalm 138:7)

Father, I now ask that you honor Your Word, take this battle up for me and the rest of the defendants, and proceed to completely take this lawsuit off the face of the map! I ask that you give me and the rest of the defendants complete and total victory!

Father, I have complete faith and trust that You will answer this petition and request.

Thank You Father.
Thank You Jesus.”


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  1. I am so happy to have found this battle prayer since I am at wits end with unjustified suit against me for canceling out on sales contract of my house due to misinformation from the reality company and real estate agent. I did my best to do everything I could to find a place and then it comes out the contract the realtor had printed out did NOT put in their contingent due to I find a house. I looked and tried my best and cant move due to financial reasons and mis representation by my realtor. My lawyer isn’t really supporting me on this matter and its very heartbreaking since they are suing for 25k which is totally unjustified. Im willing to pay all the lawyer fees from the buyers but not going to pay realtor commissions since THe closing never happened nor did I sign anything to complete sale of the house. I pray that m offer of 10K is going to be enough to end this case and move on. Please heavenly father hear my prayer and help me though this horrible ordeal. Thank you Amen

  2. Thanks a million for this prayer and testimony. It has given me hope for my family. I and my husband, we both are facing false charges. I have two daughters, aged 6 and 8years old. I felt really weak as to how to approach God for our rescue. I have decided to keep my case in front of Triune God Almighty…I will testify back to you all very soon. I believe in God and his gracious help. Amen.

  3. Thank you very much for the battle prayer. I pray it to God twice to three times a day. The lawsuit towards me is that an ex disgruntled employee is suing the school where I work as a principal. They are in the prosses of sumoning us to court. Please keep me in your prayers as I am the represantetive of the school.

  4. My name is Sabby…I was laid off from work due to lies colleagues ganged up to lie about me…they were 5 in number..They told the board of directors that I had stolen school properties amounting to huge price based on that I was laid off…The accusers accusers are now rejoicing because I am out of the place…God should punish

  5. Pray for us. My husband just retired and I am still working. We worked hard all our life to have money for our cerebel pasly Daughter where she would be taken care of when we passed. We sold our home. The people put a law suit on us saying we new the home was unstable. We lived there for 21years and never knew this. Between our attorney it’s emptying our retired account. The lawyer said it could be another year it’s already been a year. My husband and I fight so much now. We are very unhappy people now. We don’t know what to do anymore. It’s hard to be happy.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful battle prayer, this is what I really need and praying for the lawsuit to be dismissed.
    I have been sued by my ex husband for not able to get his name off the joint mortgage, and even with my best efforts I could not get it refinanced under my name solely by a deadline he gave me.
    He wanted the divorce, he chose this path, and then he said he wants to make m life miserable. He bought a house after our divorce, then he said he wanted me to pay for the mortgage interest difference of 8 years on a house he bought, and I need to pay for his loss.
    I have tried very hard to pay for all the bills, tax, insurance and raising 2 boys on my own, while he paid his “basic child support”.
    I am so worn out at this point of my life, as the lawsuit has been pending for more than a year. Court date got reset twice, and he kept throwing more surprises by demanding more financial statements, and deposition, and wrote 12 pages of “amazing add-on accusation summary” against me. I was dumbfounded and shocked when I saw it, as many are not true, but just his words of twisting and to make me look guilty.
    It is as if he was God and I had to obey him all these past years of my life.
    My legal fees are piling up, and I still can’t see an end to it. I pray for God’s mercy and God’s healing for this to be over. I pray the case be dismissed and no more legal fee bombs at me. Dear Lord, please be my judge and may the judge and attorney who represents me have the clarity of mind and the wisdom to defend and to dismiss my case as I petition to you. Please pray for me, thank you

  7. God will give youv what you need when you need it! I was also led to this site. A law firm claiming to represent Bank of America is trying to sue my husband and I for a home equity line of Credit from 2008 on a home that we no longer own after they have already charged the debt off and have collected the insurance money. We sold the home in 2016 and was cleared to sales as the equity linebif credit was at a zero balance due to the charge off. Now they are trying to serve us papers to sue us for a debt that they wrote off over 4 years ago
    I ask that you stand in agreement that this law suit is dismissed before it can even be brought against us!

  8. God is good. I was lead to this sight. What a mighty God we serve. I am in the process of divorce, divorcing an Ahab with a Jezebel mother as his advocate. An unjust lawsuit has been started against me, my daughter 3 years old has been removed out of my care and giving my soon to be ex husband primary care for the interim. I have gone to the heavenly court the verdict that God the judge gave was that I get full custody and that my daughter will be raised with me. The battle however is long, tiring and emotionally draining. I am battling extreme emotional witchcraft. Please pray for me, interceding for me and my daughter Mikyla. Please pray for my father as he is carrying the weight of the legal fees. When the emotional witchcraft attacks started was in February 2016, I did not know what was happening to me, the attacks was so severe that it forced me to resign my job where I received an extremely good salary being 1st in the company. I lost everything and my daughter and I had to move back in with my father. Slowly the Lord started revealing to me what I am going through. God is faithful.

    Thank you so much for obeying the voice of the King.

    God bless
    Monique and Mikyla

    • God bless you Monique… you a d your darling little girl and your dear father, are fervently in my prayers. Your situation sounds very similar to my own, in so many ways though for very different background reasons. I too am in the midst of a vicious battle and I am the victim of a witchhunt by an extremely dangerous sociopath with much time and money on his hands.
      God is all powerful and He will destroy those who carry out the work of the devil and we will pray this amazing prayer all the time and our Soverign Lord will defend us and raise His hand agsinst those who persecute us. We pray through Jesus’s strong name.

    • The expectations of the wicked shall never be met in your life. God will fight for you.what ever the enemy stole from you, you shall recover them all, in Jesus name. Claim and receive now in Jesus name.

  9. My husband and I are being sued for breach of contract on a home sell. The Buyer is claiming ridiculous and outrageous claims against us. He is trying to gold dig with everything he can think of. Please brothers and sisters….with all you have….PLEASE pray for us to prevail. Please pray to Lord God to release us from this attack by the enemy and to raise us to VICTORY! Pray for Kevin, the buyer, to go away. Pray that he will cancel everything and retreat. God is completely trustworthy and I put all of my trust in HIM. Praise God on the hightest. He is King, protector, comforter and we have righteousness in HIM. Lord God hear our prayers. Amen.

    • We will be praying for you

  10. I’have a testimony my husband receved a letter suit at taught that it was because a car Acc I have last yr, even everything match that was about the accident day,well I found your testimony a the prayer against law suit I.did.exactly pray over and over x 3 times a day and today my husband pick up the.paper on court and it was not related to me.or the.accident ,it was about my husband old. credit card.I.THANKS THE LORD AND I PRAISE.THE LORD FOR HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER !!!!.AND I BLESS YOU FOR HELPING ME.AND.OTHERS IN LAW SITUACION .THANKS.

    • Amen! Thanks be to God!

  11. I am being unjustly sued for 10 million dollars for online libel. I will be saying this prayer everyday. I had prepaid legal and they turned down my request for an atty. I am very down.

  12. Thank you for this article! It’s a good reminder that we as Christians need to stop feeling so powerless.

    I will pray for you Kathy!

    My husband, seven kids and I are also in a bad situation. When we exposed our former landlord for real estate fraud, they filed a lawsuit against us demanding $500,000 for 12 violations. The suit was filed by a fictitious person claiming to be the owner of the property, using a fictitious address and fictitious phone number. They obviously lied because they managed to get their filing fees waived. Since it’s all bogus, we wanted to just ignore it but that’s taking a HUGE risk! So far, it has cost us about $4,000 and a whole lot of stress to defend against a bunch of garbage. We even have emails from the landlord (who has never done anything legally) stating that they were going to drive us to bankruptcy. I want to end it and run but then what about all of those other people they have scammed and ruined? I feel a responsibility to help those people get justice. But I’ll be taking on a giant to do it as these people seem to be a pretty large racketeering organization.

  13. Hello,

    I am in an awful lawsuit where a bank agent Vice President, Alan Weel stole 300,000 dollars from me in a fraud.

    To keep it simple they stole it from an equity so please pray for me Kathy Gomez Chicago and pray that God hear my plea to bring a connection between Alan Weel and Raul Marrero on the loan and any other unjust unlawful schemes that there may be proof that the judge can see and cannot push aside!!!!!

    Please pray for me brothers and sisters so that I may give money back to the church where it belongs.

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