Battle Command Against Demonic Spirits

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As a result of the curse of Adam and Eve that is still in full operation on this earth, we are all stuck having to deal with the reality of demonic spirits. It has been estimated that as many as 25% of the miracles Jesus performed were Him casting demons out of people.

Like it or not, we have all been born into a war zone as result of what happened in the story of Adam and Eve. And not only are we all stuck having to battle with people who have chosen with their own free wills to live this life on the dark side, but we are also stuck with having to do battle with demonic spirits from time to time.

For most Christians, the most demons can try and do with us is to start playing their mind-games with us from the outside. Unless you have a major hole in your hedge and have given a demon some kind of legal right to be able to enter into your body – the most a demon can do to you is to try and attack you from the outside of your being, not from the inside of your being.

For those who have the problem of literally having demons living and operating on the inside of them, they will have to go through an actual deliverance process to get rid of those demons. You will first have to find out what the legal right is that allowed the demons to get in there in the first place. And then you will have to properly take care of that legal right with God the Father before you can cast the demons out.

Example – if you have drawn demons on the inside of you as a result of engaging in heavy drug activity or getting heavily involved in some type of occult activity – you will first have to confess this sin out before God the Father and then renounce it by telling Him you will never go back to it ever again. Once that has been properly done, then you can go after the demons on the inside of you and start casting them out.

However, for most Christians what demons will try and do is attack you from the outside. And they are very good at playing mind-games with you from that outside position.

The Bible says that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. Our minds are thus the battlefield in the area of spiritual warfare. Both God and demons will come after your mind. God will try and renew your mind through His Word, and demons will try to pull you down into their dark and evil ways of living in this life.

Many Christians have been lured into some of the dark and evil ways of these demons, and as a result, many of them have either died before their time was really up in the Lord, or they have been forced to live with the extreme consequences of some of the bad choices they have made.

I believe that many Christians who have committed suicide may have been operating under some kind of heavy demonic influence. We have 3 specific testimonies in the “Testimonies” section of our website where 3 girls came under direct demonic attack with demons literally trying to get them to take their own lives.

In each case – all three girls were very close to actually doing it until we showed them how to directly engage with these demons. In all 3 cases victory and deliverance was secured very quickly once they turned around and directly engaged with the demons who were trying to get them to take their own lives.

This is why the Bible tells us in the following verse:

“BE SOBER, BE VIGILANT; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. RESIST HIM, STEADFAST IN THE FAITH, knowing that the same sufferings are experienced by your brotherhood in the world.” (1 Peter 5:8)

You do not want to get so paranoid and spooked that you are seeing demons around every possible corner – but you also do not want to go to the other extreme where you become completely ignorant of their existence and the ways in which they will operate in this world.

If you look closely at the wording in the above verse – you can really feel the solemn warning the Lord is trying to give to us. The verse starts out with 4 very powerful words in that we are to “be sober” and that we are to “be vigilant” in dealing with the reality of Satan and his demonic spirits.

It then goes one step further and says that we are to “resist him” by being “steadfast in the faith.” Resisting the devil means you stand, fight, and directly engage with him and his demons if you have to.

As I stated at the top of this article, we are all living in this war zone and we are all called to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ, no exceptions.

Demons will come after any Christian where they think they might be able to get some kind of foothold on. If God the Father allowed His Son Jesus Christ to be tempted by Satan while He was in the desert for 40 days – then you can bet the chances may be very good that you may have to deal with the possibility of having to directly engage with a demonic spirit sometime in your life.

When demons try to attack you from an outside position, they will basically try to do one of two things:

  1. They will either try and hinder you from being able to progress from point A to point B in your walk and call for God.
  2. Or they will try and start playing mind-games with you in an effort to try and throw you into some kind of mental torment and sever your spiritual connection with the Lord.

When they move in for an attack in order to try and start playing mind-games with you – they will try and throw you into a depression, try to steal your joy and zest for living, and try to get you to start thinking very critically and judgmentally towards others so as to cause dissension and disunity among family, friends, and co-workers.

They will also try and tell you that you are not really saved, that you have committed the unpardonable sin of blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, and try to dissuade you from reading your Bible and continuing to grow in the knowledge and ways of God.

They will also try and run interference in your prayer life with God, and try to sever the inside spiritual connection that you have forged with the Lord. If you are not wise to their schemes and how they can play this kind of a mental, mind-game with you, they can really make your life miserable, especially if you do not know that it is really them that is doing all of this to you.

Their mission is simply to “seek and destroy.” The above verse literally says that Satan is looking for those who he can “devour.” The word devour is an all-encompassing word. It means total and complete destruction and annihilation on whoever they may be coming after. Demons have absolutely no mercy on their victims. Their goal is total death and destruction on the ones they are attacking if they can go that far with it.

I believe that many of the teenagers who are committing suicide and killing one another in some of these high school shootings are operating under heavy demonic influence to commit some of these horrible acts of murder.

Demons first start coming in on these teenagers planting their thoughts, desires, and compulsions to do these kinds of horrible acts. After a period of constant bombardment from these demons, some of these teenagers literally start to act out on these evil thoughts and suggestions – not fully realizing that these evil thoughts and suggestions are coming in from an outside source – demonic spirits!

It simply amazes me that so many of these people, both teenagers and adults, will act out on these murderous thoughts – knowing full well that it is wrong in the eyes of God and wrong in the eyes of society – and that they will end up in jail for the rest of their earthly lives if they get caught. This shows you how easily some people can be led, even to the point of literally being able to commit some of the most heinous acts that a normal person would never think about doing.

Demons know this and that is why they try to pick their victims accordingly. This is why many of the high school shootings have not been committed by the bullies, but by the people who have been picked on and made fun of during a good part of their school life. They specialize in looking for vulnerable and weak-willed people who can be easily led and persuaded to buy into their demented and evil ways.

Demons cannot make you do anything. All they can do is try and convince you to do what they want you to do. They can plant their suggestions and thoughts into your mind to kill someone else, but they cannot actually make you do it. They can also give you strong inner compulsions to try and kill someone – but the final choice will always remain with that person as to whether or not they will actually pull that trigger.

Demons cannot “make” a person pull the trigger – but they will do everything in their power to try and “persuade” that person to pull the trigger on his own.

The fact that so many people in our country are committing these horrible acts of murder shows how powerful mental persuasion can be, especially if it is coming in from an outside source – either from demonic spirits, or from other bad and evil people who may also be trying to influence that person to kill someone else.

As Christians, we have something that the nonbeliever does not have. We all have the full power of God operating on the inside of us in the Person of the Holy Spirit Himself. We also have the fact that demons are already a defeated foe. They have all been totally defeated by Jesus on the day that He was crucified for all of our sins. We are thus dealing with an already defeated foe.

However, for many Christians, the subject of demons and spiritual warfare is too scary and frightening to deal with and they would just prefer to keep their heads buried in their sand. As a result, demons are literally getting away with being able to tear some people apart with all of the murders, suicides, drug use, alcohol abuse, divorces, spousal abuse, abortions and thefts that is occurring across this country on a daily basis.

And most of this kind of dark side activity starts with a simple mind-game that the demon will start playing with the one that he has targeted. This is why the above verse says that we are to be “vigilant” and “sober” in keeping our eye out for any kind of demonic activity that could easily set in on either ourselves, our families, or some of our close friends.

Again, you do not want to get so paranoid and out of balance that you are seeing demons around every possible corner – but you have to realize the reality of demons and the mind games they will attempt to play with either you or someone who may be close to you.

In this first area of spiritual warfare, I have found something so simple, but yet so extremely effective in dealing with demons who have targeted someone to start playing their mind-games with from the outside. It comes off the saying of nipping something in the bud before it even has a chance to sprout or grow.

Once you sense the presence of a demon trying to mess with you and your mind from the outside – you immediately, I repeat, immediately have to engage with him and drive him off you before he even has a chance to work his claws into you to form out any kind of a mental stronghold. So how do you do this for those of you who do not know how to directly engage with a demonic spirit?

You directly engage with a demon by using “verbal warfare.” The Bible tells us that the “Sword” of the Holy Spirit is the “Word of God.” In other words, the Words of God operating in your mind and spirit that can be released out of your mouth is the Sword that you will use to go into actual combat with this demon!

Since you are a now a child of the Most High God, saved through the Blood of His Son – you now have the legal right to be able to use the appropriate command words from the Lord to verbally engage with any demon who may attempt to come against you – operating under the full power, anointing, and authority of God the Father Himself to be able to do this.

The Word of God is your Sword. Keep that Sword in your sheath – and do not be afraid to take that Sword out to chop off the head of any demon who may come after either you or any of your close loved ones.

You are a soldier of Jesus Christ! Realize this fact – and directly engage with the enemy if that enemy should ever attempt to attack either you, anyone in your family, or any of your close friends.

You do not have to become a punching bag for the darts and attacks of these demons. God has already given you His power in which to totally defeat this enemy. It’s just a matter of every Christian realizing this fact and not being afraid to directly engage with the demons by saying the appropriate command words against them to drive them off them.

Before I give you a good, simple, battle command in which to engage directly with a demon who may be attempting to come against you, I want to release a personal dream that God gave to me several years ago on not being afraid to directly engage with a demon.

I then want to release a very personal testimony that I had with another girl who put all of this in full operation against a demon that had come in on her 6 year old daughter as a result of something that her husband had done to open the door of their house to this demon.

Personal God Dream on Engaging with Demons

In this dream, I am walking down a very dark alley. I then cross the street to get to the other side of where there was a sidewalk area for me to walk on to. I had just crossed the street and was just about ready to step onto this sidewalk – when all of sudden I sensed something very evil following directly behind me.

I looked behind me to see what it was. I see a dark, hooded figure standing about 20 yards ahead of me getting ready to cross the street where I had just got done crossing. This hooded figure was looking directly at me and he was wanting to come directly towards me to attack me. I then tried to look directly at his face to see who it may be and all I can see is complete blackness. I could not see his face.

I then received an immediate knowing from the Holy Spirit that this figure was a demonic spirit wanting to come directly against me. As soon as these words are received, I then started to feel an immediate sense of panic and fear set in. I realize that I am no match for the physical strength of this demon and that I cannot defeat him operating in my own strength.

As soon as this fear and panic completely envelopes my entire body – I then feel the presence and power of the Holy Spirit rise up in me and He then says to me:

“Do not be afraid of this demon. I want you to show him that you have no fear of him. I want you to take 3 steps towards him and communicate to him that if he takes so much as one more step towards you – that you are going to directly engage with him and cast him out by the power and blood of Your Savior Jesus Christ.”

After the Holy Spirit says this to me, I then feel His boldness rise up in me to give me the courage and boldness to move towards this demon to release this battle command.

I then take the 3 steps towards the demon. After the third step is taken, I then say to the demon – “If you take so much as one more step towards me – I will hold out my right hand against you and Plead the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ directly against you.”

After I communicate this statement to the demon, I can then tell that the demon knows that I know who I am in Christ, that I know how to wield the power of God through the Sword of the Holy Spirit, and that he has no intentions on trying to come against me.

It’s as if he was calling my bluff to see if I knew who I really was in Christ and if I knew how to really wield the Sword of the Holy Spirit. As soon as he saw that I meant serious business with him, his whole being literally disintegrates in mid-air, just like what you would see in a science fiction movie.

This dream was like a simulation type training exercise. What this dream taught me was that I am to have absolutely no fear if I ever have to go face-to-face with a demonic spirit to drive him off either me or anyone else I may be helping.

As Christians, we all have the power of God operating on the inside of us through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Demons are no match for any Christian who knows who they really are in their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – and who knows how to wield the Word of God as their spiritual weapon!

Personal Testimony

This testimony is a perfect example of a girl who put all of this in actual operation against a demon that had entered into her house as a result of something that her husband had been involved in. Here is what happened.

All of this happened to a girl I used to work with. One day she called me up and wanted to run something by me that was really starting to trouble her. She was married, had 5 children – 3 girls and 2 boys. The youngest daughter was 6 years old.

She then proceeds to tell me that her youngest 6 year old daughter started to manifest some strange behavior. About 4 months ago, her daughter all of sudden started to want to talk more about boys. She was wanting to try and wear heavier makeup and was constantly talking to both boys and men in a very flirtatious manner. My friend stated that this change in her behavior literally started to occur overnight.

Before this started to occur, she was a completely normal, pure, and innocent little girl for her age of 6 years old. This sudden change of behavior was not at all like her. My friend initially thought it might be some type of strange phase that she was going through and that it would only last for a short period of time. However, when it kept going on and on for a good 4 months, she knew there was something wrong and that something else was triggering this, but she really did not know what it was or how to stop it.

She then called me up to see if I had any thoughts about what may be going on, especially in the spiritual realm. All of her children were active church-goers and they were all being properly brought up in the Lord by this woman.

The first thing I asked her was if any of the other children were exhibiting any of this strange behavior. She said that none of the other children had any noticeable changes in their personalities and that it was only the youngest girl that was manifesting this weird, flirtatious behavior.

I then asked her if either her or her husband were engaging in any activity that could be opening up any doors for a demon to enter into the house. I got the immediate impression as she was telling me this story that there was something “on” this little girl.

She then tells me that her own personal slate was clean as far as any door opening activity to the dark side – but that she could not say the same thing about her husband. I then asked her to tell me what her husband was doing that could have possibly opened up the door to the dark side.

She then proceeds to tell me that her husband has been actively involved in surfing the internet for pornography and that he had been doing so on a very regular basis and for quite a long period of time. I then told her that it did not take to much to put one plus one equals two on this situation in that her husband’s continued and heavy usage of the pornography right in the middle of their house could have opened up a hole in their hedge allowing this demon to enter in.

I told her that it would be very easy to test this out to see if this is what the problem really was. Here is what I told her she would need to do. I told her to wait until everyone was out of the house to do this. I told her to go into her youngest daughter’s bedroom when everyone was out of the house.

I then told her she would have to go in there and speak out loud to the demons – telling them that she knows they are in there, that they have jumped on her daughter as a result of her husband’s involvement with the pornography, that they have no direct legal right to be attacking her daughter since she was completely innocent of being involved in the pornography, and that they would all now have to leave her in the name of Jesus Christ.

She then asked me exactly how she should word this kind of battle command. Here was the basic battle command that I gave to her to drive these demons off her daughter for good:

“I am now coming against each and every demon that has come onto my daughter as a result of my husband’s involvement in pornography.

I know that you are all in here. I know that you have contaminated my daughter with your evil presence. My daughter is completely innocent of these charges. You thus have no legal right to be attacking her like you have been doing.

I now come against each and everyone of you operating under the full authority, power and anointing of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against each and everyone of you. I repeat – I now plead the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ against each and everyone of you.

Demons, in the name of Jesus Christ – you are to leave my daughter right now – and you are to never, ever come back on my daughter ever again. GO NOW – in the name of Jesus Christ. I repeat – GO NOW – in the name of Jesus Christ and be forever banished from our presence!”

My friend went ahead and did the above battle command one time. She said when she initially entered into her daughter’s bedroom, she felt “electricity” manifest in the air, much like what you would sense when two fighters in a boxing ring are getting ready to square off in an all-out slugfest.

She then said when she woke up the next day, her youngest daughter was all of sudden back to her old self. No more talking about boys, no more asking to wear anymore makeup, and no more flirtatious behavior with the young boys and men that were in her life. Before my friend went toe-to-toe with these demons, she said her daughter was manifesting this weird, flirtatious manner every single day.

After she did the above battle command one time against these demons, she said her daughter immediately reverted back to her old self the very next day and there have been no further problems since.

This is a perfect example of a Christian mother who was being very sober and vigilant over her young children, and sought out immediate help when she knew there was something not right – and then was not afraid to go into battle to take these demons out once she knew what the real problem was.

She said she had tried to get her husband off the porn long before this all started to take place, but she has had no luck in that area. What is really scary about this story is the fact that her husband’s involvement with the internet pornography apparently was enough of a door opening activity to allow these demons to enter into their house and then to be able to jump onto their youngest daughter.

I wonder how many other husbands are putting their children at terrible risk if they are regular users of internet pornography right in the middle of their own homes.

The Battle Command

For those of you who are either battling the possibility of demons harassing and tormenting you, or if you should ever run across this problem anytime in your future – here is a good, simple, battle command that you can use to cast the demons off from you. This type of battle command is for demons who are attacking you from the outside.

However, if you have demons living and operating on the inside of you, then you may have to seek out someone who knows how to do an actual inner deliverance, since the demons have some type of legal right in which to continue to remain on the inside of you. You will need help in handling this kind of deeper problem.

But for those of you who may be dealing with a demon or a group of demons who are just tying to test you, and trying to attack you from the outside without any type of real legal right to be doing so – this type of battle command should easily do the trick for you in getting them off you.

Remember – you do not have to become a punching bag for these demons and allow them to mentally harass and torment you. You can drive them off you very easily and very quickly by taking up your Sword – which is the Word of God – and verbally speak out loud to them that they now have to leave you in the name of your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You will have to say this battle command out loud as demons cannot read your mind or your thoughts. I would also hold out your right hand when speaking out this battle command. The right hand of God is His hand of deliverance and power. As a born-again believer and representative of God, you have the legal right and authority to be able hold out your right hand while operating under His authority, power, and anointing when engaging with the dark side.

Here is the battle command. Feel free to add any additional words that will fit the specific situation you may be dealing with like the girl did in the above story. Also be very sensitive to any specific words the Holy Spirit will want to give you when you start to engage with the demons. You may also want to consider writing this out on an index card so you can have it readily available should you ever have to face this kind of battle situation.

“If there are any demons who are attempting to attack, harass, or torment me – I am now coming against each and everyone of you in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am now coming against each and everyone you operating under the full power, anointing, and authority of God the Father and Jesus Christ.

Demons, in the name of Jesus, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against each and everyone of you. I repeat, I now Plead the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ against each and everyone of you.

Demons, in the name of Jesus Christ – I now command you to leave me right now – and you are to never, ever come back on me again. GO NOW – in the name of Jesus Christ! I repeat – GO NOW in the name of Jesus Christ!”

This is the basic gist of a good battle command. Notice that you start off by telling them that you are coming directly against them in the name of Jesus, and that you are operating under the full power, anointing, and authority of God the Father and Jesus Christ.

By making this kind of statement right at the very beginning with them – you are showing them that you are not attempting to come against them in your own power or in your own natural strength. You are letting them know right off the bat that you are coming directly against them operating under God’s power and authority, not under your own power and authority.

Once they know that you know who you really are in Christ and whose power you are really operating under, they should leave very quickly without too much of a fight. Demons are no match for any anointed believer who knows who they really are in Jesus and who is not afraid to directly engage with them by using the Word of God as his Sword.

Remember – the Word of God is your Sword. Do not be afraid to take that Sword out of your sheath to take these demons head on – and cast them off either you or anyone else they may be attempting to come against.

Remember what David did with Goliath. He was able to kill that huge, evil, blasphemous creature with one well-placed blow! You can do the exact same thing with any demons who should attempt to come against either you, any member of your family, or any of your close friends.

Always remember – you are a good soldier of Jesus Christ! Do not be afraid to directly engage with the enemy if he should ever attack you or any of your close loved ones!


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  1. The past five years of my life have been extremely rough. Several trials and tribulations have come upon my life, I am a christian and I know about spiritual warfare, i just can’t shake the BAD “luck”. These turbulant years began with the divorce of my parents, my mother left my father for a man who we later came to find out used ancient witchcraft on her. GOD freed her from the grips of this individual and needlss to say he is now in jail but since then my own personal family has been experiencing lots of turmoil, not supernatural, just detiriorating health, financial troubles…etc. He is also related to my spouse, I am begining to think that he has cursed my family! What can I do to undo this curse? I pray and go to church regularly, I’m just starting to weaken from all that we have had to endure. I LOVE GOD and I know he is faithful and he will prevail, I just want life to get better….whoever listening had has time please pray 4 me and my family and if U have any insight please respond!

    • You need to go through the steps of forgiveness, breaking soul ties, confessing sins of your family especially witchcraft. Your mother or other family members, may have tried her hand at it for whatever reasons, in the even to break or return these curses. Break off the possible new generational curse of witchcraft now hanging on your family. Ask your mom to reveal why she was attracted to such a man, and/ or if there is a history of witchcraft, abortion, murder that she is aware of.

      You must not curse your enemies or the demons tormenting you- this weakens you. DO NOT TALK TO DEMONS OR DEMONICALLY POSSESSED. ONLY SAY OR DO WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT TELLS YOU TO DO. DO NOT TALK TO THEM IN YOUR MIND OR IN YOUR DREAMS WITHOUT THE EXPLICIT GUIDANCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ALONE. To do so is like opening the email with a computer virus in it. Do not seek help from angels, Mary, or saints. You will be talking to demons.

      Find a deliverance ministry- even online. Regular prayer needs extra reinforcements in the warfare with witchcraft and false religions.

  2. I need help with an interpretation of a dream I had recently. I rarely dream, if I do dream at all I do not remember my dreams. About a year ago,- this is an aside to what I want to say – my son (who had just turned 15 at that time) told me he heard me scream one night when he had woken up to go to the bathroom around 2ish -3ish a.m.,a very scarry screaming, so he said. He said after he got back to his room he prayed to Jesus for our protection and immediately he heard a very clear male voice ask him; “Do you trust me?” I can totally agree with him regarding the screaming because in the last three or four years I have caught myself once or twice suddenly jumping off the bed as one would do on seeing something scarry and imposing.But to tell you the truth I do not even remember what caused me to jump off the bed like that.Can somebody help me to understand this? – But I digress.

    Recently I had a dream. It was on the night of the 9th of March this year. The dream was strange. I saw myself standing on a sidewalk but on this sidewalk there was no concrete paving, it was just grass. I was standing slightly to the right of a post on a slight hill, it could have been an electric or a telephone post, I don’t know. As I was standing there I was looking at what was happening in the middle of a wide street. There was water gushing out from under the street right in the middle of it and it was very brown with mud. So, as I was standing there waiting for a moment to cross the street suddenly small missiles started coming out going with the water sliding on the surface of the street. After a few minutes just as I thought they were done coming out and I was ready to cross the street much bigger and heavier ones started coming out and they were slightly in the air about three or four feet off the ground and one of them headed staright at me, somehow I was able to duck under it. I waited to see what was going to happen next. They disappeard after sometime and the water disappeared as well. At this time I was able to cross the street. When I got across the street I found a very dilapidated looking place with a cluster of bandoned houses which were entangled with dry-dead-looking creeper plants and there were people living in some of these houses. The people looked strange also,I only saw those who appeared to be males, their bodies were hairy and at the same time appeared to be hollow from the stomach down, these were the ones that were in one of the houses.They were talking and at times screaming at each other. There was one on the outside of the house whose lower body appearerd to be rolled as though it were a thread or a rope of some kind and he was lying on the ground. When I tried to find out what this place was they gave me a name which sounded like a name from another country other than the US. At this time the alarm clock went off and I awoke.

    If anybody could help, please help me understand this dream as I don’t dream that often or perhaps do not remember my dreams.

    • You have strong demonic activity in your house.
      The demons are frustrated and terrorizing you, because God is giving you some protection. Is there a history of witchcraft, occult, abortion involved in family history, or in this house? What was the house built on? History of property? What time of year do terrors happen? The time of night , between around 2-3 ish is classic for demonic activity and dreams.

      You should try to find an experienced deliverance ministry to speed things up, even online.
      This website is excellent for outlining what you need to do to free yourself. Resolving unforgiveness is crucial- start praying earnestly for your enemies if you are struggling to forgive them. Break family curses and negative soul ties, DO NOT SEEK TO TALK TO DEMONS. Do not converse with them in your mind or dreams, EXCEPT BY PROMPTING OF HOLY SPIRIT. Do not seek help of angels, Mary or saints. Obviously, do not seek help of anyone that offers solutions outside the EXPLICIT WORD OF GOD,

    • Your dream may be indicating that the land you live on is cursed- past or future war. The creatures you saw may be nephilim creatures. See also ancient predeluvian world/ now on bottom of sea. No stomaches- no souls, spiritual barrenness, and only men, again, unable to reproduce. Ropelike tails/ tied or bound to ground, grounded spirits, demons.

  3. This is to JONAH P.!!! From what it sounds like, this “Goat-head” demon is associated with Witchcraft and/or the occult. Have you been experimenting with spells, Ouija boards, tarot cards, black magic, pagan rituals, or has someone in your home? If so you must renounce it at once in Jesus name! Ask Jesus for forgiveness of your sins, and do away with any of these pagan practices. Ask Jesus into your heart as your Lord and Savior, and when the Holy Spirit fills you, you are then given the anointing and authority of Christ through the blood of the Lamb. Command the demon to be cast out of your home or you in Jesus name. Demons have no power against the blood of Christ. They must obey. Any demonic paraphernalia must be throw away/destroyed for they can house evil spirits. Get into a good bible-based church, and ask an elder or a pastor to bless your home. They can further educate you on the matter of spiritual warfare. Keep praying for the Lord to guide you, and when you are at battle, you must speak it out loud, and with authority, “I rebuke you evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! You have no authority here, I am forgiven of my sins and I renounce all practices. Jesus has given me the anointing and authority over you through his sacred blood, you must obey! I command you in Jesus name to leave now!” You can use plenty of other battle commands in addition. Read up and scripture and use it against them. God says that are offensive weapon against the enemy is scripture, repeat it out loud and cast them away. If there is someone in your household practicing occultist activities, you must tell them of your experience and urge them to stop, otherwise the demon(s) have legal rights to enter your home. But given these tools you can keep them off of you. You may also want to state out loud that you break any generational curse through the blood of Jesus, both on your Mother’s side and Father’s side, 10 generations back and 10 generations forward. So that these demons wont pass on to any other family members. Renounce and be bold, Jonah! I’ll be praying for you. Take care and God Bless.

  4. Elizabeth, you may also want to read some books on Spiritual warfare that may give you some more insight. On this website there are a number of recommended books, but I bought several recently, and a truly informative one is by Richard Ing – “Spiritual Warfare”. He has tons of battle commands and coinciding scriptures that are specified for each case. He is highly experienced, and the Holy Spirit seems to work through him in such a powerful way. It’s an absolutely great book and a wonderful source to have. Check it out.

  5. Hi Elizabeth. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. Whatever you do, don’t stop praying! This is truly spiritual warfare at hand. These evil spirits sense your prayers and are now fighting harder to refrain from being cast out. Ask your daughter if she has allowed anything in her life that may have brought this spirit to attach itself to her. Tarot cards, witchcraft, Ouija boards, New Age practices, drugs, pornography etc. Even objects such as jewelry can be cursed and wreak havoc on one’s life. It could be prevailing attitudes like unforgiveness, strife, pride etc. Whatever it may be, she has to ask for forgiveness of her sin, and renounce said activity, breaking all demonic legal rights. Has she accepted Jesus into her heart? If not, it would be detrimental for her to learn about Jesus, read the bible and genuinely accept Christ. Ignoring these spirits will not make them go away. They will remain! You already said they have been present with her most of her life. Has she been having any nightmares? Intrusive thoughts? These too are an attack of the mine by evil spirits. You should bring her to a Bible-based church, and talk to a pastor about her experience. They should be well equipped in handling spiritual warfare. They will pray over her and God may even bring a discerning message to the pastor in regards to what has brought this spirit forth. For all we know it could be something passed down the family line. A generational curse or what have you, often associated with our ancestors delving into the occult. I know she is scared and maybe embarrassed to talk to a Pastor about this, but in reality we have all dealt with spiritual warfare whether we recognize it or not. Even devout, tongue-speaking Christians who seem to have their lives together are subject to the worst kinds of demonic attacks. This is about setting her free and living in God’s peace. I promise, with time, these things will be cast out of her life. She just has to take the first step into sharing her experience. Satan wants us to isolate ourselves when we are experiencing horrific things. He lies to us and tells us that people will judge us or hate us. Don’t believe it. A bible-based church knows all about this stuff and will help. Please pray that she will let down her guard and share this with a pastor. I went through a very similar thing. I kept isolated till I could no longer take it. When I spoke to my Chaplain, I felt free, and my spiritual attack lessened and lessened over time. I hope this helps even the slightest measure, and yes, I would be more than happy to pray for you and your daughter. God Bless you both. 🙂

  6. This is very difficult for me to wrap my brain around what is happening to my daughter. I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was fighting an invisible force from taking my daughter from me. It was very frightening, so much so, the next morning, I shared this with my twenty year old daughter. She opened up and shared with her dad and myself that most of her life, she has had a presence that is around and it scares her. It isn’t daily but definitely a few times a month. She copes by ignoring the presence and praying. It has never done anything that we know of to physically harm her, but she has a definite uneasy feeling. She has been told randomly by three different strangers, that there is an evil spirit that has attached itself to her. She doesn’t want my husband and I to share this with others in our family. She thinks people will think she is nuts and most do not believe in spirits. With her permission, I have talked to a friend and my sister. We have been praying non-stop and since we have been doing that, this entity is around her more often. My daughter feels that if we continue to aggravate it, things will get worse for her. She feels that if she ignores it, it will go away. I did print off the battle command for her and even offered to stay with her and confront this entity together. She is a full-time college student (lives two hours from us)and lives with several roommates. She is worried they will find out and not want to live with her anymore. I would appreciate any advice you could give us and I would appreciate the prayers from anyone who would be kind enough to pray for her. This is our first experience with anything like this and it almost feels like a scary movie.

  7. Shanelle, I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I’m all too aware of struggles, confusion, and bound up thinking. I pray you feel a change real soon. In the meantime, continue to ask God for guidance and that He will lead the way for you during these times of strife. God bless you.

  8. I have a lot going on in my life and in my mind. I realize many of the circumstances I’m dealing with are a direct result of my ill decision making. I try to remain positive, knowing in my heart that–when no one else seems to–God still cares. But, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be enough sometimes. I know it’s ridiculous, that’s the complexity of the predicament I am in. I know God is in control, yet these unseen forces are so heavily influencing my way of thinking that it’s like I can see my salvation, but I am so bound up by sin and wickedness that I can hardly get one foot ahead of the other in pursuit of my salvation. I just ask that those of you who know God and who know the use of prayer, please keep me and all others like me in your prayers. Thank you.

  9. Every Christian should bookmark, I wish I had this web site 3 years ago when I came under intense spiritual warfare, I resisted and fought with all my might, every night I was afraid to sleep in my own bedroom, the hairs on the back of my neck would raise up just entering the room, it was my own fault for playing with a Ouija board twenty five years ago.
    It all started twenty years ago when I was trying to sleep a negative force completely surrounded my very being, it seized me and would not let go until I prayed,I could barely say the words I was so frozen in fear “dear God help me” it then seemed to get stronger and left, simple battle cry, but it worked.
    So there it goes, for twenty years I have fought off this demonic invasion with prayer and trying my best to ignore it, until one night three years ago I decided to confront this demonic force with a simple question…”What do you want with me?” big mistake, now instead of a visit every other month it was happening every night, my spiritual battle was about to intensify to the point I thought I was loosing my mind.
    Demonic spirits can speak to you in the spirit and can invade your dreams, I have personally spoken to and communicated with a variety of different demons both male and female, the female spirit was the last straw for me, I told her to leave me along because I was a Christian only to be told “Hah but you sin so well” she then started to sing what I thought to be a lullaby and then switch to a very frightening chant, I prayed and cried out to God like a little child calling for help, the last words that I could understand from this chanting demon was “we shall enter into his lungs” Jesus, his Angels, and The Holy Spirit fought for me right there and then, I was simply a observer as the Holy Spirit yelled “I repel you, I repel you, I repel you over and over, I coughed up three smokey black evil spirits.
    The next day I phoned a local Christian church who showed up within minutes they went into my bedroom and prayed and rebuked any demons who were tormenting me, they had me pray and ask for forgiveness of my Ouija board playing and asked God to protect me…well three years later and I am free, Thank You God for helping me. Remember to always ask God to forgive you of your Sin, and do your best to stay sin free…God Bless You.

  10. Funny. I had a dream more than a decade ago where I was being followed by a cloaked figure, black hood covering his face but immersed in darkness. It captured me and I became catatonic, listless and unaware. He was assaulting me as I laid there lifeless. Suddenly there was an ariel view of the accosting and the autumn leaves were blown away by the coming winds. What it uncovered was a large circular piece of concrete with a large engraving on it. I saw myself and the demon attacking me while laying in the middle of a pentagram. I woke up frightened, but did not have any concept of spiritual warfare at the time. Some years later, demons began attack on my mind in full force. Paranoia, low self esteem, obsessive compulsions, and trepidation. I had intrusive thoughts that I could not control on my own, horrible nightmares filled with gore and destruction. These thoughts would cursed God, day and night. I heard them while awake, I even heard them in my sleep. These thoughts targeted the people I loved as well and would “say” the most horrible things about them. They were utterly relentless, taking no rest from their tasks and attacking me with overwhelming guilt. They would try to convince me not to go to church, telling me, “Who are you to attend church with everyone praising God while you sit and blaspheme Him.” They nearly convinced me I would burn in Hell for it, because like this article said, I was partaking in the unpardonable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. They even brought to my mind, repeatedly, to pledge my allegiance to Satan. And on occasion it would even put the thoughts of suicide in my head. One night I fell asleep and dreamed of Hell fire. I was slowly waking up when I felt a presence near me, and it whispered in my ear, “We are welcome to have you.” I was terrified, for it never manifested itself quite so “physically” before. Yet another time I woke from a nightmare, as I sat in bed, the word, “Trepidation” sounded off in my mind over and over. I believe this was the Holy spirit informing me that there was a spirit of fear and anxiety upon me and I must rebuke it at once. But I didn’t feel strong enough to do it on my own. These intrusive thought told me to never tell anyone what I was enduring, that other Christians would judge me or accuse me of delving into the occult-which none were true. About 10 months later I could no longer bear it. I contacted my church Chaplain, and he prayed over me, came to my home and blessed it. By the time I left his office, I felt Victory! I knew the Holy spirit had taken a hold of the situation, I just needed to share my suffering so my fellow church member could help me, since he knew what he was doing. Not everything vanished instantly, but I was free, and I had to continually rebuke any outside attacks from the enemy. I was a Christian at this point in my life. I did not delve into any type of witchcraft or pornography or new ageism etc. But I do believe these attacks were brought on from my backsliding. I allowed myself to be distracted and drifted from God, thus weakening my walk with Him and leaving me spiritually weak for demonic forces to attack and render me ineffective in my walk with God. Let this be a warning to you. God is our protector, and he has a plan for us. He wants us to pursue his Will for His kingdom, but the enemy will seek to render you useless. Keep your focus on God, study the bible and be steadfast in your faith. God Bless you All.

  11. ASHLEY!!! I hope you see this soon. I read your story. Yes, it very much sounds like you were possessed. Possibly someone opened the spiritual doors in your household when you were young and the demons targeted you! When people began to pray over you, were any of them people well educated and experienced in spiritual warfare? This could be incredibly helpful in case we don’t fully understand how this works. Secondly, if the demons were removed, you then have to fully renounce all activities that may open the spiritual doors for you to be attacked again. Any and every occult activity, Goth, and a plethora of other things that lead to sin and the weakening of the spirit. And lastly you have to except Jesus Christ in your heart as your personal savior! This is the most important. And it must be genuine. If you do not, the demons will return, possibly in stronger numbers. Many times when a deliverance is performed, some demons are cast out, and you feel a physical and emotional difference, thinking you are rid of all of them, however, some remain. They hide only to attack later on. This is why when deliverances are performed, the spiritual warfare solider must test the spirits! Meaning, in order to decipher if ALL the spirits are completely cast out, he will tell you to verbally say out loud, “I accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior. I ask for the Lord to forgive me of my sins and wash them away with the blood of the Lamb. That I may be renewed in Jesus and be a righteous child of God.” Or something to that affect. If you cannot say this, that means there are demons still residing inside and resisting the blood of the Lamb. No demon wants nor can accept the blood of the Lamb coming upon them. They will fight back! This is when the deliverance preacher or whomever, will begin another attempt at fully delivering you. Remember, you must renounce the demons, renounce all activities that can open spiritual doors and ask Jesus into your heart as your Lord and Savior, accepting his Blood and His grace and forgiveness and being renewed in Him. If I were you, I’d go to a bible-based Christian church and speak to a pastor about your situation. They should begin praying over you and ready for spiritual warfare. I hope this helps you, Ashley. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless you.

  12. thank for this site I have a witness that demons are really.but its until you understand it that you will be delivred from them.first to move out of there trap you need to receive Jesus in your heart and to those saved mantain holiness fill you self with the word of every game or voice from the enemy have a right rev 12;11 says they defeated the enemy by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony

  13. it my old house one night i had a dream i was sleeping in my bed then there was a guy with a goat head in a black robe he had the unholy star on his head an he had like some weird knife he spoke in a language i didn’t know i have had some dream with him in them some he was occupied by 3 men i could see there faces but they had a newborn once in the unholy circle with the star with some other markings around them if any one know whats happening and what to do ive bin having some weird things going on in my house i hear walking when im alone and running i some times see doors shut slowly what should i do im really scare im only 11 please i dont know what to do this things following me every wear i feel like hes every wear school,home,store,and even friends house JUST I NEED SOME HELP

  14. my friend was attacked by a demon i spoke to the demon and i learned its name and it took my friend to hell and back now he doesnt remeber a thing now if it ever starts to happen again i will be ready for it.

  15. hello every one im glade im not the only one with demonic problems…..since i was a kid around 4 years old i started seeing and hearing things all the time but i always try to ide from it even if i know they would find me…as i got older it got worse i remember the first time i hurt my brother i was 4 years old i put the bed he was sleeping in on fire because of the voices in my head….as i got older it happened more because of it i hurt my brother 4 times all times he needed to go to the hospital…i could never understand why i was doing all of it….it got to where i tryed to hurt other people as well….as i got older i was not a happy kid i never was told about jesus…i always looked at others as i looked at myself with hate…..i always see a man following me any place i went he was always in a long black coat and his hat looked like a cowboy hat…. it seemed he would never go away…but as i got older i started to get into the whole gothic thing i do remember that one night i was playing the bored game and asked what it wanted it speeled out my name and also spelled out it wants me….i did not care at the time i was so depressed after a while of seeing spirits and talking to them that i was just going to give in for in return some power over people…i dont know why i did it but it said it will help me but i needed to promise myself to him,so i i got older it continued but after a while i stoped seeing it and stoped hearing it for a long time but then when i hit my mid 20’s it started again but now it was always bothering me hurting me it would leave me burn marks on my body..and it also hurt my boyfriend…my kids are starting to see them as well ……i started going to church and tats when it got even worse..i had a prayer done at my home and my kids had to be out in another room because when thay prayed on me i started acting up…when they asked my boyfriend to help and hold my hand thats when i felt anger and after that i dont remember but i was told i started to scream and yell at them telling them to burn in hell they continued with the prayer and then i started trying to twist my body tryed to hurt them also cursed at them telling them to go away the one thing i really got scared about is when they asked it to let me go it told them no she is mine…finally after a long prayer and fight wit it i woke up and felt better ….but now its starting again just not sure what will happen now im always afraid to sleep so now i have sleeping problem…..cuz i always se them in my sleep they always trying to stop my breathing……i need help what else am i to do plz tell me…..

  16. The main goal is make an individual understand that he or she has a soul. Once this understanding is made then a whole new realm of realization develops in the persons mind. This is why Psychology is a fraud because it is not the brain but rather the soul which is being harmed…..the only way to rejuvinate the soul and to remove these harmful evil spirits is by calling on Jesus..literally speaking to Jesus as you would to a person standing next to you.

    I had such demonic oppression that my eyesight was literally being toyed with. I had black spots in my vision and images were being magnified. These stupid spirits even tried to get me to harm myself and other people. When Jesus freed me my vision has become like high definition, everything I look at is so sharp in detail it amazes me. I am living proof that demons exist because I when these things were casted out of me, the overall change in my physical and mental state was extremely noticible and obviouse

    • God bless you I have had spiritual problems since being a little boy i am still being attacked due to ancestral and family involvement but I keep battling on the best I can but I find faith can move a mountain and praying helps alot but I am still under attack due to family and do go to very dark places even in every day life moving from A to B is very difficult for me my social life disrupted my name dragged through the dirt and still find I come up against more of the darkness people as there are so many but going to church helps and have been able to help others

  17. Hello. I have had several dreams, one of which I can’t figure out. I have been trying to figure out what it means. If anyone is good with discerning dreams and their meanings please let me know what it means. I think I know but am not sure: I am 26 now but I had this dream when I 11 or 12. I went to bed one night and I thought I had woken up, so I don’t know if it was real or a dream. I was walking through my house and it was night time, and I went through the living into the kitchen and out of my back door. When I looked out into the drive way and saw two figures standing in it. One to my left and one to my right. I was so frightened that I ran back to bed. I kept having the dream until one night out of no where I asked God before I went to bed to help me if I had that same dream again. That night I had the dream again and this time my Grandpa was standing at the back door asking me who was out there. I told him not to worry and that I would take care of it while picking a yellow broom handle with out the broom end on it, and that it would be okay and told him to go back to bed. I walked outside and over to the figure to the right and it was dressed in a blue robe, and standing really tall. I couldn’t see who ever it was face because it was blurry and distorted. I poked it’s robe and it seemed to vanish and rise into the air. After that I turned to face the other figure. It was dressed in a black robe, and it’s head was a goat head that was as white as limestone. It’s eyes were completely black and had weird symbols carved into it’s forehead between it’s horns. This time it had a twisted contorted wooden staff in it’s hand. I could feel it wanted to kill me, and I swung at it and it disappeared and re-appeared to my left. It shot something at me and missed and I swung again hitting it in it’s side and it then completely disappeared and to this day I have never had any dream like that ever again. The only problem is is that I can still see that figure in my mind at times following me where I go. It can be on a landing of stairs at a distance, or standing in someones yard, etc…
    please help me know what this means, anyone, please and thank you. I will pray and ask God as well, it’s just that I have asked before, but I still haven’t got an answer yet. 🙁

    • Andrew,

      It sounds like the figure in the dream is a demonic spirit. If he is
      following you around, have you done anything on your end that would give
      him a legal right to follow you around like this?

      If not, try telling it to leave you in the name of Jesus – and say all of
      that out loud to him.


      • What do you mean by legal right? I have a daughter 25 who is reestablishing her relationship/faith in the Catholic Church and I’d being attacked/tortured she says, she is afraid all the time, believes it’s got something to do with people she had spent time with and the priest thinks it’s got to do with trying interference with her relationship with God, either way I don’t understand “legal right” as you say for demon to bother her? Please explain so I may understand.

    • The broom handle that you used represented your resistance against an evil spirit which the Word of God which says “resist the devil and he will flee from you” Thanks be to God who has destroyed the works of the devil through our ever victorius Jesus ! See you at his throne !!!!

  18. God bless you.I have been struggling with demons in my mind that i had even started believed i had blasphemed against God and lost the desire of you demons,in the name of Jesus,am coming against you!

  19. Hey Mike,

    Ive been asking our Lord to help lift a recurring heaviness that i couldn’t understand. One night i happened upon your site. What a blessing! I have learnt so much, and exactly what I needed to know. Praise God. Always at the right time, never early and never late.

    I used the Battle Command and the charge that surged through my body was incredible. I had hairs on end and goosebumps all up my legs and my arms and neck and face and ears. Thank you for sharing this knowledge. May our Lord bless you and keep you.


  20. I really want to thank God abt everything I learned from here. I was living under (witchcraft) demons attacks, bt after reading dis and applying it I was able to destroy every demons that were attacking me. All glory to God.

  21. This information is so desperately needed. We recently had a murder of a 19 yr. old girl in our little town. It took place on Halloween night, and it strongly appears that this was a demonic act. It continues to amaze me how few Christians understand any of what this site teaches. If it’s mentioned, as you say, they cringe in fear and prefer not to acknowledge it exists. The enemy wins. “My people perish for lack of knowledge”

  22. hey
    some things are going on in my life at the moment and i have been over them many times scrutinizing them as rationally as i possibly can but in the end what’s going on i can only relate to the enemy.

    i am 17 and have only been saved for 6 months but after what happened to me last night i truly believe that the enemy is trying his hardest to get me off track.

    yesterday leading up to church i was in agony with headaches and cramping. i started to doubt whether i would be able to go to church because i was so violently ill. i managed to go though and i noticed that my headache and cramps were gone! (but i did feel extremely hot) i mentioned this to someone i was sitting with and they said to me the enemy will do anything to stop you…

    i thought nothing of it at the time but once i got home my grandmother randomly said let me show you something so i said ok as long as it doesn’t involve me, so she went to her room and came back with a crystal on a chain and held it over my bible so i grabbed it quickly and held it as tightly as i could. i felt within me that it was not right and that it was of the occult so is of the enemy.

    i told her it was evil but she didnt understand how, i then prayed briefly.

    after that i was freaked out. it seems strange though as many years before i was saved i played with ouija boards that i made in secret when i lived with my mother.

    i also used to handle tarot cards that my grandma bought and i never thought anything of it. (she says she is a christian?)

    but now that i am a christian i just have this weird feeling and sense that its really not right at all.

    so anyhow i went to my room eventually and gave jesus authority over my room and prayed and read out romans 8:37-39 and played christian music.

    when i left my room the next morning i just felt like something was wrong, i cannot honestly explain it but even know when i walk out of my room i dont feel safe, i feel insecure and not my self.

    i then got to thinking about what that person said to me at church and i realised…

    that whenever i am in this house i am always very cold or extremely hot no matter what. that whenever i am in the house i feel sick, have headaches and cramps. that CANT be explained by a doctor
    that i feel paranoid.
    that no matter how much sleep i get or what i try i NEVER feel rested and that sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night i can feel evil at the end of my bed and i can see them as a black shadow in my room.

    i honestly dont know what to do as whenever i pray out in the rest of the house it feels ok at first but then it just goes all creepy again.

    im starting to wonder if my grandma is being influenced by the enemy as i have noticed she has been saying very strange things lately such as… “i can baptise you myself if you want” , “im a miracle from god that has come to look after you” (she then refers that the bible even states this) she also says other herisies. she also talks and understands of her self in third person. i have also noticed that she finds it absolutely impossible to tell you how she feels, she will instantly change the subject and avoid it and delves into how you are feeling. its as though she CANNOT say or understand how she is feeling

    i hope that you can help me as i dont really feel safe in this house anymore.

    there are other things thathave happened within my life and if someone can help me i will share them too if it will help for a better understanding of whats going on

    i hope someone can reply as soon as you are able

    thank you and god bless

    • Remember that any time you allow fear to manifest itself you are giving away some faith. Sound faith in Jesus Christ and what was done at Cavalry will trump any demonic spirit including Satan himself. 1 John 4 : 4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

  23. i read that you had a dream that maybe god was trying to speak to you. well, i had a dream a little while ago and it started with me feeling really good with a warm feeling in my chest then i heard some music in the backround, nothing you hear on the radio but music that just made me feel really relaxed and happy it started getting brighter and brighter and then i found myself looking at the gates of heaven as soon as i got a good view of everything i fell straight down and i woke up

  24. I have an unbelieving cousin who has an unemployed boyfriend living with her, her sick mother, and two young children. Her boyfriend practices Wicca. I’ve shared Christ with her and the dangers of being involved w/ a Wiccan. She is only 33 y.o., has been hospitalized twice and doctors’ diagnosis stated that she was under a great deal of “stress”. Now, she’s under intense pain in her tooth or jaw. She has broken up with him before, which is when she was hospitalized. Now he is back in her life, living with her and her family. I believe she is under a great deal of stress due to demonic attacks and bad choices. She’s going through a divorce, not doing well at work, smoking, drinking, car trouble, financial trouble etc. What can I do as a Christian? I’ve been praying for her and showing her acts of kindness. I’ve also let it be known that my husband and I refuse to have him in our home during family gatherings during the holidays to protect our children and others. Our aunt (her mother’s sister), has told me that I’m being judgmental. I believe I’m being discerning. Do you have any advice? Thank you and God bless you for your knowledge and wisdom.

  25. Nice and very resourceful article.

    “since the demons have some type of legal right in which to continue to remain on the inside of you. You will need help in handling this kind of deeper problem.”

    Can u please tell more in regard of the demons possesing person from inside,what kind of things be done to drive them away.

    • Go to our article titled, “Battle Prayer to Break Legal rights of Demons” for more information on how to do this.


    • Biblically, there is no way a demon can poess a christian. They can only oppress. Demons cannot indwell where the Holy Spirit resides. It doesnt mean that we cannot create strongholds by dabbling and opening doors for demonic oppression.
      Think about it this way, nothing is more powerful than the father in heaven. If He doesn’t force his way into a life, neither can a demonic spirit. And since a believer in Christ is filled with the presence of God, demons cannot subvert the Spirit of God. They can only cast imaginations

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