Warning – Do Not Taunt or Revile Demons

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For those of you who would like to enter into the deliverance ministry for the Lord where you will let Him use you to cast demons out of people, one of the first things you will need to do is to learn all of the rules of this kind of game with the Lord

If you do not learn what the rules are on of this kind of intense game with the Lord, then you could easily set yourself up to be attacked by these demons.

But learn the rules of this game and how to navigate these kinds of waters and you should have no problems in being able to help set people free from any kind of demonic bondage they may be under, as God will help keep you safe and out of harm’s way if you stay under His direct leadings on how to do all of this.

In this article I want to give you one of the first basic rules that you will need to abide by.

This particular rule is not talked about very often, so I thought I would do this short article for our Spiritual Warfare section so you will know exactly what this rule is all about and to make sure that you never violate it.

This first basic rule is that you should never try and taunt, bad-mouth, or speak down to the demons in any kind of reviling or condescending type way. Here is the verse from our Bible that will give us this first basic rule of spiritual warfare:

“Yet, Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, when he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a reviling accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” (Jude 9)

In this verse, there are three key words to key in on. The first word is that the archangel Michael was “contending” with the devil. In other words, he was directly engaging with the devil over the body of Moses. And then notice the next set of intense words, that he “dared not” bring against him a “reviling” accusation.

The key word in all of this is the word “reviling.” The word “reviling” means the following:

  1. To speak of another abusively
  2. Verbal abuse
  3. To humiliate
  4. To use abusive or contemptuous language
  5. To call bad names
  6. Railing or scolding
  7. Rebuking angrily
  8. Quarreling noisily
  9. Disparaging remarks

Then notice that Michael “dared not” to try and bring a reviling accusation against the devil. The words “dared not” are again two more extreme words that the Lord is using. These two extreme words from our Lord are telling us under no circumstances are we to try and talk down to our enemies with any kind of abusive, humiliating, or condescending type language.

The Bible seems to indicate that Michael the archangel is one of God’s highest, if not the highest of all of His archangels. And if Michael was not allowed to speak out any kind of abusive, reviling, or demeaning words direct to the devil himself, then we as good soldiers of Jesus Christ should do the exact same thing if we are ever forced to directly engage with any demons in this life.

In other words, we are not allowed to bad mouth and speak down to the devil and his demons once we start to directly engage with them in any kind of spiritual warfare, whether it be to protect ourselves or to protect someone else.

To put this spiritual warfare rule in our every day language – we are simply not to tell the devil and his demons that they are stupid, low-lives, morons, idiots, imbeciles, scum, wimps, etc. We are to boldly, courageously, and forcefully engage with them, telling them what they need to do and where they need to go, but we are not to talk down to them, ridicule them, or make fun of them while we are directly engaging with them.

Jesus Himself also abided by this rule when He was casting demons out of people. Jesus forcefully and with great authority told the demons what they had to do and where they had to go, but at no time did He ever talk down to them, ridicule them, or talk to them with any kind of demeaning or condescending type language.

Though Satan and his demons are already defeated foes and have now all descended down into the lowest levels of evil and depravity, they are still all created beings by the Lord Himself, and as such, we are to never talk down to them or try and maliciously demean them in any way, even though they will try and do that with all of us.

Bottom line – if both Jesus Christ Himself and one of His highest archangels did not speak to these demons in any kind of a reviling and condescending type way, then we all should do the exact same thing and follow their lead if we are ever forced to have to deal directly with them on our end.

For the record, there have been documented cases of deliverance ministers coming under direct attack by demons once they violated this basic rule of spiritual warfare. What got some of them into major trouble with the Lord is that they started to make fun and light of the whole deliverance process.

From there they started to make fun of the demons and started calling them names like wimps, morons, idiots, etc. Once they realized what they had done and then went before the Lord to confess and repent, then God put back up their walls of protection and the demonic attacks then stopped.

I recall one case in particular where the demons were allowed to literally enter in on the inside of a minister’s body as a result of him making fun of the demons and the defeated condition they were all in with the Lord. He was abusing the authority that he had with the Lord to cast demons out of people and as a result, he had to go through a full scale deliverance to get the demons out of him. Needless to say, he learned his lesson the hard way and he told the Lord that he would never, ever do something like that again.

If you will notice in all of the professional sports that we now have today, that it is not cool to try and taunt or rub it in the face of your opponent when you do make a good shot or score a good touchdown. In some of these games, players can actually be penalized for going too far with any kind of taunting or abusive behavior displayed against their opponent.

In the same way, God expects all of us to treat our opponents and enemies with courtesy, kindness, and respect in any kind of game or conflict we may have with them. He does not want us trying to taunt, humiliate, or demean them in any way.

Bottom line – whether it be natural warfare with our fellow human beings or spiritual warfare with demonic spirits, we are not allowed to treat them with any kind of abusive, demeaning, or humiliating type language or behavior.

Let both Jesus Christ and Michael the archangel be our examples and role-models on how we are to directly engage with the enemies that we will face in our lives, whether they be human or demonic enemies.


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  1. Thank you for a great explanation. Before, I thought, if I’m gonna say something negative, I’m gonna say something negative to a demon. Now I know, be like Jesus and don’t do that. We should say things to lift one another up.

  2. Religious spirits are demons also. What do you say to someone who’s name means deceiver and his mind is under constant attack and he is bipolar Jesus was accused of having a demon and being told the He casts out demons by beelzabub sound like me and Him have a lot in common they called Jesus the deceiver also

  3. This sort of thing actually happened to me before. Then the demon tried to force an apology out of me (obviously I refused). What am I supposed to make of that?

  4. I do not know where I fit. As a young man of 17 I was into all kinds of spiritual warfare and anointing stuff. At 20 I got a shock. I was full of demons by a means Jessie Penn Lewis calls passivity. wah. It started a long long journey of seeking deliverance.
    journey was progressing very slowly for the next 23 years! I cannot even explain what kind of deli erance they do at Jesus teaching ministry in nairobi under a preacher called Peter Manyuru.
    His pastors did lengthy deliverabce prayers for me.
    what had taken over 20 years seemed to clear in about 3 years. Still long but changes were much much quicker. it’s not yet cleared for me but the healing is like coming out of a muddled mindset of a mad man.
    anyone here can Google jtm fire or jtm Peter manyuru to see the deliverance YouTube videos of what happens there.
    I have no way of classifying those deliverance or even whether they are biblical. but the people who took me to witchdoctors too and those who sacrificed me to Satan for riches were not using the Bible either. the point is I do not know how the hell I got possessed and neither do I know how the hell I got delivered!
    in jtm almost all possessing entities are people someone know especially relatives who have done some rituals in witchdoctors houses.
    manyuru prayed for me in person on two accasions.
    the first occasion I tried to fight with him and fell down.it was the first day I went to tha church.
    When the pastor prayi g for me asked the talking spirits… are you lucifer? I was horrified to hear myself having a disdain for lucifer before replying…. mimi ni shetani mkubwa. in English. me I am the big satan.
    anyway I am much much better now.
    still not sure what deli erance are. anyone Google Peter Manyuru deliverance and see the kind of deli erance I went through.
    Regards all.

  5. Over 50+years of being taunted, physically pawed that has always born a physical mocking by demons and I never got it into my mind that it was something thing about me that bought it all on until four months ago ( September 2018 ). NOW, It’s every hour of day and night which is so driving to going mad…..I just have no other option but to stop and regroup my faculties. Be it at the Movies, eating in a restaurant, Church meetings, walking along streets, cooking food in the kitchen, sitting here typing this out, exercising in the gym: nowhere is safe and free from this DAMN tormenting of demons that love stroking my hairline and my eyebrow and eye lashes. IT IS SO MADDENING! I wanted out to go to the Rifle Range when it hit me that I am not the only one in this demented experience with demons. Thank you so very much for the guidelines and references to this matter of fighting back at demons, YOU HAVE NO IDEA OF HOW GRATEFUL I AM!

  6. While I understand what you are trying to say can you help me reconcile these instances:

    1) we have authority and stand in higher authority than angels.

    2) 16″Those who see you will gaze at you, They will ponder over you, saying, ‘Is this the man who made the earth tremble, Who shook kingdoms . . Isaiah which basically saying; scarce believing what they saw, and as wondering at the sudden and strange alteration, and yet in an insulting manner:

    3) Jesus called the Scribes and Pharisees “fools, hypocrites, blind guides, whited sepulchers, murderers, a generation of snakes,” and many such epithets. Jesus called them “hypocrites” seven times in one chapter.

    4) When the Pharisees asked Jesus, “Why do you’re disciples…?” Jesus didn’t softly answer they’re question, rather He retorted back with, “Why do YOU…?” Jesus was never on the defensive, but always on the offensive. Using the vernacular, He was “IN THEIR FACE!”

    5) Do any believe Jesus was referencing farm animals when He said not to cast pearls or give what is holy to “the DOGS and PIGS?”

    6) Jesus referred to the recalcitrant Jewish leaders as, “an EVIL and ADULTEROUS generation,” “SERPENTS and SNAKES,” and “children of the DEVIL.” Why He even told the Scribes and Pharisees regarding the royal and mighty King Herod: “Go ye, and tell that FOX [that JACKAL]…”

    7) there are about 12 more of those

    8) then there is this one, “And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud: for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is on a journey, or peradventure he sleeps, and must be wakened.”

    I would suggest that it is far more plausible to understand Jesus’ extreme language to be illustrating the biblical mandate to speak “the truth in love” If the Pharisees were in fact as steeped in spiritual darkness as Jesus claims, then Jesus’ offensive language can be understood as a desperate, love-motivated attempt to shock them into realizing there dire situation, not unlike a parent who screams to get they’re child’s attention to keep them from danger.

    anyway, just some thoughts to ponder on while I try and reconcile how Jesus spoke to demons.

    • The core truth is this: Only enemies who view the other as someone to fear, will taunt them. It’s a self-mind-game… we try to make ourselves feel stronger, by getting the other angry. And if you feel you can make someone else angry, you feel you have mental control over them. Those mind games might work between humans, but not with demons.

      When we taunt the devil, we are actually trying to make him angry. That’s immature and completely counter-productive to the process of taking authority of him.

      It’s like an adult taking control of a child. A parent who is in control does not taunt or revile the child. He just takes the child in hand, and makes him obey.

      1. Yes, we do have higher authority than angels, but only in Christ. Not in ourselves.
      When we taunt the enemy, we are not acting “in Christ”, but in ourselves.
      2.The verse you referenced will take place in the future, when all of mankind sees exactly who the devil is. Because all he has is a lie. This is not a taunt, but a recognition of the truth.
      3. Jesus was not taunting the Pharisees, to try to make them angry. He was telling them what they actually were, because the truth set the people free.
      4. Again, Jesus was not taunting the Pharisees, when he said, “why do YOU?” His response was to show them the actual condition of their hearts. Not to make fun of them, or bully them. Remember, God loved the Pharisees just as much as anyone else. He wanted them to repent, too.
      5. Yes, he was. Just as we do not throw our valuables in front of vicious or ignorant animals, even so we are not to present anything other than the pure gospel message to scoffers. Too many go in front of unbelievers, and pray in tongues, and get all worked up… and it never works. That does not belong in the face of the public, but in the prayer closet. Often, it’s a religious spirit that drives people to show off their spiritual stuff before humans who despise it.
      6 & 7. All of these are true, spiritually. Jesus was not taunting, trying to get these people angry, as a school playground bully does, to pick a fight with them. That’s the difference between taunting and standing tall and strong spiritually. An adult doesn’t need to taunt–when he stoops to taunt, he loses leadership power.
      8. Elijah was taunting the prophets of Baal, as they were losing steam in their efforts to call down fire. It was a “teachable moment” with the people looking on. Elijah utilized a taunt as a teaching tool, at a precise moment. They had lost.
      This is far different from taunting a demon you are taking authority over, in the process of forcing him to leave. Wait until the fight’s over, and the devil has obviously lost. THEN you can tell the people around, that the devil’s a loser. That’s not a taunt. that’s not reviling the devil. That’s helping the onlookers see the truth about him.

    • Trust me I am a Christian, do not taunt these entities, they are highly skilled, Tactically trained soldiers and they will make u feel safe until they have their chance. Be strong in faith and say the lord Rebuke you or lord Jesus rebuke u never I rebuke cause that don’t work, and I’ve seen em all. Every type and kind God bless u

  7. Thank you for explaining this having strong faith and being spiritually gifted knowing that we have dominion over all demons I guess I felt cocky and in a sense abused the power that was given to us by falling into calling his minion cowards and bad-mouthing him himself for a moment I thought I was losing my mind but with each battle God still let me know that he was there by my side for the days of calling him an idiot boy and a coward are over thank you once again

  8. I regularly conduct sessions with spirits using a spirit box. I try to help the ones that are miserable and empty by discussing how they feel and how they departed from their former lives. Though I have sadly acquired the interest from a Demon called Chloe. Chloe comes in disguised as a spirit but chats for longer and replies in a very intelligent manner. Chloe admits that she is a demon and has tried to join with me. I of course said no and tell her to leave. My resolve is strong and I always ask the lord for protection. Chloe’s presence is not liked by the other spirits and they move away when she is present. This often forces me to abort my sessions. My conversations with Chloe are merely to ask why demons have such contempt for mankind. Chloe has actually offered some reasoning to these questions. I do not hate Chloe but maybe I should have no conversation at all with her? Or should I allow her visits in order to learn more about why demons have contempt? Maybe this information can help all of us? Chloe has already told me that Demons actually have a soul, just like us. This is already information that I have not found from any other source!

    • The demons are trying to deceive you.Do not even speak and listen to them.They will give much wrong information.

    • Sir, read the book of Enoch. I learned alot about evil spirts. Pray about it. I would not recommend having conversations with them, or using a spirit box. That sounds like occult and it is offensive to the Lord, possibly a abomination and worthy of hell. Obey
      Acts 2:38. Receive the holy Ghost. Acts 19:2-6. Different from divers tongues gift. Read Jude 19-21. Pray in holy Ghost and stay in Love of God.
      Be well sir. Prayers. I am grateful for this article. I was having conversations with the evil spirts and reviling them as well as they mock me etc. Alot of warfare.

  9. I thank you VERY MUCH for this article. About 9 days ago (if I remember right), a pastor at my “secondary church”, which is “non-denominational”, but has Pentecostal overtones, kindly corrected me on my thing with badmouthing the devil and demons. She (the pastor) explained that even Michael the Archangel didn’t speak badly against satan. She felt like by badmouthing such, I was opening myself up to being attacked. I decided to do some research on this and came across your site, which built onto what this pastor explained. Yes, I did repent of it, hoping that Jesus will have mercy on me, for I was acting in error (not realizing that I was doing wrong). I also found that this can be a vicious cycle. By badmouthing them, I was opening myself up to attacks, which may result in more badmouthing, and so forth.

    I also found out that when a person focuses too much on the devil and/or demons, he or she can take focus off of Jesus, and this is not a good thing.

    Anyway, I thank you for your great article!

    May God’s peace be with you–in the name of Jesus!

    From John Nozum

  10. Many Christians are revilers. They know not what it means to revile. They have no idea that to revile means to blaspheme God.

    One day walking down the road the still small voice of God said to me look up revile in 1 Cor 5 in the Greek, where else it is used in the bible and its synonyms and antonyms.

    The most obvious is John 9:28 it can be so subtle. Just yesterday on Facebook a deliverance minister posted a picture of a politician done up as the devil. this is speaking evil of a dignitary it is to revile.

    I was met with:
    touch not the lords anointed
    who are you to judge
    get the plank out of your own eye
    God will tell him

    These are all spells of manipulation. touch not the Lords anointed in context means do not do Gods servant harm where as they used it to mean do not hold me accountable or him accountable. Who am I to judge – well I did not condemn Jesus also said to judge with just judgement. The issue is not being an accomplice. As for my plank – he can point out my plank but i cannot point out a speck? Do as I say but not AS I DO??? And as far as God will tell him. God makes it clear through out scripture if you see it and don’t tell them you ARE their accomplice he requires their blood at your hands!

    Matt 7:23 is serious. to saved believers of a church paul told them they were in risk of not inheriting.

  11. Please give me the strength to live life. Something is tryin to steal my soul. I’m not going to let it take it, but I’m running out of strength. Whatever this thing is……it gets even angry everytime Last week was horrifying. I felt like I was going to have a stroke. It tried to take my soul from my core, my head, arms, feet. I swear I was sleeping head near the headboard but was pulled until my feet touched the foot board. Right before this happened, at the start of it I heard a young girl screaming “Help me!” It was as if somehow my soul was going through her brutal death in form of a vision. .

    • Decide to do whatever the bible says,(repent) sing worship songs that moves your heart to acknowledge God’s power, plead the blood of Jesus over your sins. With strong believe in your heart start calling upon the holyghostFire upon your life till u start feeling it upon you, forget about what happens next, holy spirit will take over from there

    • Any updates on this situation?
      Fear is our downfall
      Know that God is the only one who can crush our soul or cause it a brutal death. Not devils (Hebrews 10:26-35)
      Perfect Love casts out fear
      Seek Love find Love and the enemy shall flee in the name of Jesus.

  12. Hello. The scripture you gave as your main text Jude 1.9 happened before Jesus came on the scene and from the scriptures; we know angels understand authority and adhere to it. Prior to this time, the devil had stolen Adam’s authority and was functioning with this and this authority was greater than the angelic authority that the archangel Micheal had thus he could only rebuke the devil with the authority of God who is the creator of all. Then please note that the ONLY reason Jesus never caused out demons during his ministrations is because he never had and does not have curses in him only sovereign authority expressed in Love and Judgement…I mean he is God; he never relates with anyone like a man. Demons are not to be feared or respected…we are to exercise our rights and dominion by casting them out of a person or a home in the name of Jesus; that’s all that is necessary, there’s just no need for abuses or curses all those are physical and they are not physical beings…read Ephesians 6.12. I hope this helps

  13. As followers of Christ, we don’t use vulgar or obscene language in any circumstances.

    Jesus did make a public spectacle of His enemies, but not to stoke His ego.

    And having spoiled principalities and powers, He made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it. (Col 2:15)

    The Psalms say that God laughs at His enemies:

    He that sits in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision. (Ps 2:4)
    The LORD shall laugh at him: for He sees that his day is coming. (Ps 37:13)

    And God tells us in Isa 14 to take up this proverb (taunt) against the evil one. In Ezekiel 28, He tells us to take up this lamentation against him.

    We are allowed to rebuke (correct) him and point out to him the errors of his ways. But we don’t sink to his level and wallow in the mud with him.

  14. N.S says:
    December 1, 2013 at 12:03 am
    Dear Prayer Partner,
    Please pray for God almighty to give my favor with my coworker Mrs. LaPerre. I am an excellent male employee. Therefore, I am praying that Mrs. LaPerre does not become jealous or envious of me. In addition, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over this prayer so that demonic spirits can not hinder it In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  15. Dear Prayer Partner,

    Please pray for God almighty to give my favor with my coworker Mrs. LaPerre. I am an excellent male employee. Therefore, I am praying that Mr. LaPerre does not become jealous or envious of me. In addition, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over this prayer so that demonic spirits can not hinder it In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  16. You don’t want to chat them up, you want them to leave not, play patty cake with you. Yes, you can hurt them!! All you have to do is say Jesus/Yeshua, over and over, and they will beg you to let them leave. These things hate humans, they look at you as the lowest of the low. Their biggest thing is that no one believes they are real, but people are waking up. Stay away from what you don’t understand.

  17. good question….Im thinkin no….cant think of a scripture off hand that would difinantly answer that. God is the judge, and executioner, so it would make sense that any “hurting” will be His call. By expelling and resisting, is a victory, that is not a real hurt, because the demon will continue to prowl the earth for another victim until judgement day….

  18. Is there a way we can actually hurt a demon?

  19. hi sihle….from experiance, ive never had anyone who was being controlled by a demon, actually respond with a name or an assignment. In fact, the person who is being controlled will not stay around long enough, to allow questions to be asked. 99 percent of deliverances will only take 10 seconds or less. Theres alot of “dog and pony shows” that exist, so be aware of their antics. The word (scripture} is the spiritual weapon of choice. Not holy water.crucifixes,or bibles. Of course as with all warfare, theres more than just scripture, like, armour, tactics, other weapons, curses, backup etc etc…In theese times the devil and his troops are more prevailant than ever, so keep your focus on Jesus, and youll be alright.

  20. I have a question on something which I usually see happen mostly a Crusade in tents were a Pastor when delivering a demon possessed person or devil worship, he would ask that demon to talk and say who send in case of witchcraft of what their specific duties are all what they do and operate in a case of a devil worshiper, and all this must be done during the whole church service and at time all the former devil worshiper will have to take the stage an tell the people how they use to kill people and how satan operate, can anyone explain to me the purpose and goal of all this?

  21. additionally, we are ambassadors in chains. and should speak bodly in the spirit.For the glory of god

  22. we all know the devil is a punk. the thing is that we do not negotiate with evil. every response should b scripture, nothing else. the sword is the weapon. not small talk…good or bad

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