Trials and Tribulations – The Testing of Your Faith

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This next topic is a very unpleasant one for many in the Body of Christ to talk about, much less ever fully accept in their walks with the Lord. Whether we like it or not, and whether we ever want to fully face up to this reality in this life, every single one us, saved or unsaved, will have to face a certain amount of trials and tribulations as we journey through this life – with absolutely no exceptions to this cold, hard, brutal fact.

As a result of living in a fallen, cursed, and imperfect world as a result of what happened in the story of Adam and Eve, every single one of us will have to face a certain amount of trials and tribulations as we journey through this earthly life.

Many Christians have either lost part or all of their faith in the Lord as a result of getting hit with some severe torpedo shots. And unless you have a full understanding as to why God will sometimes allow bad things to happen to good people in this life, you can have your personal faith levels in the Lord shaken to its very core depending on the severity of the storm cloud that may have just struck you.

The Bible tells us that God’s people can perish for having lack of knowledge – and not having the right kind of knowledge to fully understand why bad things can even happen to good people in this life, especially to Christians, can cause you to perish in your own personal relationship with the Lord if you ever end up losing your faith in Him as a result of not being able to fully understand why He may have allowed some severe adversity to hit you in the first place.

Per the other articles we have in the Spiritual Warfare section of our site, I believe that you can learn how to keep some of the adversity that may strike you in this life away from you if you can learn how to properly plead the Blood of Jesus for deliverance and protection, along with learning how to walk with God’s anointing.

The Bible tells us that we have to learn how to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ. If you can learn how to become a good soldier of Jesus Christ and learn how to walk with God’s anointing in your life, then you can either keep a lot of these storm clouds from ever hitting you in the first place, or you can quickly defeat them once they do come knocking at your door.

However, as a result of living in this fallen and cursed world, even the best of God’s true soldiers will still have to face a certain amount of conflict and adversity in this life from time to time. There is simply no getting away from it.

And until we get the New Heaven and the New Earth after the millennial rule of Jesus from the city of Jerusalem, the curse of Adam and Eve will still continue to stay in place on this earth, and as a result, we will all have to face a certain amount of storm clouds in this life – with no exceptions to this cold, hard, brutal fact and reality.

What gets many Christians in trouble in this part of their walk with the Lord is not having a full understanding as to why this has to happen to them in the first place, especially since they are now born-again believers who are serving a God who is supposed to be all-good, all-loving, and all-merciful.

The first question many Christians will ask when they are hit with any kind of a trial and tribulation is why? How can an all-good and an all-loving God allow me or someone else close to me get hit with such a severe trial or tragedy?

How can God allow some of His own, especially the ones who are faithfully serving and following Him, get hit by something that at times will literally come right out of the pit of hell itself?

If God is our true heavenly and loving Father who has nothing but our best interests at heart, then how can He allow some of the following kinds of torpedo shots to come our way in this life:

  • Your 16 year son has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has only been given another 6 months to live.
  • Your 25 year old marriage is now dissolving because your spouse is trading you in for someone else.
  • Your 18 year old daughter has just been murdered.
  • Your 4 year old son has just been abducted.
  • You have just lost all of your life’s savings as a result of corporate fraud and greed in the company you have been working for most of your working life.
  • You have just lost three members of your immediate family in a fatal car crash or some kind of natural accident or disaster.
  • You yourself have been the victim of some kind of random and senseless crime such as robbery, or assault.
  • You just happened to be born into an evil and dysfunctional family where the father will severely verbally and physically abuse you during part of your growing years in the family.

I could go on and on with some of the severe adversity that can hit anyone of us at anytime. No one on this earth is perfectly safe and immune from all of the different kinds of storm clouds that can come our way in this life.

When you really stop and think about this, and look back on some of the pure evil that a certain amount of people will have to face in this life, it is only natural to wonder how God Himself could allow some of these bad things to happen, especially to some of His own that have already been saved under the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ.

How can God just sit up there and watch some of His own take these kinds of pure, evil, torpedo shots?

If God is all-powerful, and there is nothing that He cannot do, and He sovereignly operates on this earth, then why doesn’t He protect more of His own from having to deal with some of these kinds of heavier trials and tribulations?

I believe there are three main reasons as to why God Himself will “allow” a certain amount of adversity to come our way in this life. And unless you have a firm and solid grasp of these three basic reasons, you could find your own personal faith levels in the Lord being shaken to its very core every single time you have to deal with one of these heavier types of storm clouds.

As I said at the top of this article, I believe that you can help keep quite a bit of this heavier dark side activity from ever coming your way in the first place.

We have plenty of good articles in this site giving you the specific information and knowledge you will need to keep yourself at least partially protected from the pure evil that could come your way in this life like learning how to live in a full surrender with the Lord, learning how to fully trust Him with every aspect of your life, learning how to be led by the Holy Spirit, and learning how to engage with the enemy by using appropriate spiritual warfare operating under God’s anointing and leadings to be able to do so.

However, even the best of God’s true soldiers will have to face heavy adversity in this life from time to time.

Just study the lives of some of the greatest saints in the Bible, and look at some of the severe adversity that each one of them had to personally face in their lives.

The apostle Paul is a perfect example. In my opinion, I believe Paul was the greatest of all of the New Testament apostles, and he literally had to face hell and high water – and that was after he was saved and working full time for the Lord!

The revelation and knowledge that is in these three basic reasons and verses I will list below is once again something that every Bible-believing Christian Church should be preaching and teaching about on an occasional basis.

There are some Christians who are living defeated and joyless lives in the Lord because they could never understand why God has allowed some of these trials and tribulations to come their way in the first place.

Their personal faith levels in the Lord have been severely shaken and they are no longer able to fully trust the Lord with the handling of their lives.

As a result, many of these people have either lost their true calls in the Lord, or they have never found out what their true calls may have been in Him since they no longer fully trust Him to lead their lives.

And all of this is occurring because no one has ever attempted to take the time to sit down with them to try and fully explain this part of our walk with the Lord and why it has to occur in the first place.

Valleys, trials, tribulations, conflicts, and adversities are all a part of this life and all a part of our walk with the Lord.

As such, this should be something that should be talked about and taught on so the flock can be properly prepared and equipped to handle any kind of adversity that may come knocking on their doors – no matter how uncomfortable this topic may make others in the congregation.

I will first give you the three main reasons as to why each Christian will have to face a certain amount of trials and tribulations in this life.

I will then end this series giving you some of the specific Scripture verses which will drive home the points mentioned in these three basic reasons, along with giving you three specific battle strategies you can use to take on any type of trial and tribulation in this life.

Conclusion For Trials and Tribulations The Testing of Our Faith

When you put all of the Scripture verses together on this subject like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle, there is no question what the Lord is trying to tell us. Bottom line – each and every Christian will have to go through a certain amount of trials and tribulations in this life with no exceptions.

I know this a real hard pill for many to swallow and accept in this day and age, especially in a world where many of us have been spoiled to a certain degree with all of the creature comforts we now have with the incredible advancements made in technology.

Suffering of any kind, whether it be mental, emotional, or physical, is not something that most people would easily gravitate towards in this day and age.

But not only are trials and tribulations all a part of this life as a result of the Adamic curse that is still in full operation on this earth, but the Lord Himself wants to use some of these trials and tribulations in order to test our faith levels in Him from time to time, along with using the heat and intensity of these trials to burn good, godly, and saintly qualities into the very cores of our souls and personalities as part of our sanctification process in Him.

This now leaves each and every Christian with one of two possible options when faced with any kind of trial and tribulation in this life:

One, we can either throw in the towel, run off the playing field of life as a result of fear and intimidation, and bail out on God with what He wants to do with this trial for our life.

Or two, we can take our trial and tribulation head on in the exact same way that David did with Goliath, and step out into the battlefield and be led by the Holy Spirit as to which battle strategy to take and use against the storm cloud.

Sooner or later, God will personally test you out in this realm if you have never really been tested before. No one will come out of this life untouched and unscathed from some of the different trials and tribulations that can come our way.

If and when this ever happens to any of you, or if you already in the middle of one as you are reading this article, really study and meditate on all of the above verses.

All of these verses are giving us major knowledge and revelation as to why a certain amount of adversity will be allowed to come against us in this life, and this is even as we are walking in a perfect full surrender with God the Father.

As I said at the top of this article, too many Christians have either lost part or most of their faith in the Lord as a result of not having the knowledge as to exactly why God will allow a certain amount of tribulation to come our way in this life in the first place.

Why bad things will happen to even good people in this life is a major fundamental question that most Christians will ask from time to time, especially when they themselves have just been thrown into a major storm cloud.

As a result, this topic is something that should not be afraid to be talked about and taught on from time to time in every good, Bible-based, Christian Church.

The flock needs to hear the exact reasons as to why God will allow a certain amount of suffering, pain, and tribulation to come their way from time to time.

Without this kind of valuable knowledge on this hot topic, many Christians can perish in their own personal relationship with the Lord since they can no longer trust a God who could allow something like this to happen to either them or any of their close loved ones.

As hard as this pill is to try and swallow, these types of trials and tribulations are actually for our own good and for our own benefit.

They will help strengthen our own personal faith levels in the Lord since our faith is what is going to be tested in the first place, and they will also help to work good, godly, and saintly qualities into the cores of our personalities.

As a Christian, I believe this now leads us to one final conclusion on this entire subject matter. We simply have to develop the mindset that we have to learn how to become good, brave, and courageous soldiers of Jesus Christ.

We have all been born into a real war zone as a result of the Adamic curse that is still in full operation on this earth, and as a result, we will all have to engage with a certain amount of storm clouds in this life.

All of the above Scripture verses are as plain and as clear as they can be.

They are giving us perfect knowledge and revelation as to why things are the way they are, and why every single one of us will have to engage with a certain amount of storm clouds in this life before we can finally depart to be with our Lord and Savior for the rest of all eternity.

And until that day comes, put on the whole armor of our God and take on your trials and tribulations as a good and mighty soldier of Jesus Christ.

If you are willing to take the storm clouds of this life head on like David did with Goliath, you have no idea how many other people you may be able to save, touch, heal, and deliver in this life – as well as increase your own personal faith levels in the Lord and improve yourself as a true man and true woman of God.

The rewards will eventually be enormous for those who will not be afraid to step out onto the real battlefield of life from time to time to take on the real Goliaths of this world.


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  1. I myself I am puzzled with this phenomenon about trials and tribulations. I know many people who are good and born again Christians who suffered a terrible death like severe accidents,lots of sufferings and pains before death, Brain cancer with lots of screaming every single day as a result of unbearable pain. One example in the time of Jesus Christ where in one of the apostle who was crucified invertedly with head down and died that way and another one was beheaded. I am really sometimes wondering why God even allowed this to happen to His most precious followers. Any comments about this?

    • No one to God is more precious then another. We are all loved by Him perfectly. Also, have you ever read the verse ‘count is all a blessing when trials and temptations come your way…’. It’s when you aren’t being tried that you should be concerned and ask yourself if you are really saved. The devil won’t waste too much time picking on you if he already knows you are an unbeliever and plan on staying that way.

  2. We never know God’s reasoning for doing things sometimes, but I am a firm believer that if He brought you to it He will bring you through it. It is like the article says sometomes when He allows trials and tribulations to come into one’s life, He is trying to bring you closer to Him. You have to stop and be still in Him and ask Him what is that you want of me if you do not know. Trials and Tribulations are not about you they are about the glory of GOD! Hope this helps

    • But we do know why He does what He does. It’s because He is refining us to be prepared for the kingdom of heaven!

  3. It’s very good thing to suffer like a good soldier for Christ, it’s a blessing.

    I had a demonic snake wrapped around my body for over twenty three years, it robbed me of my life, if I tried to get on with my life it would stop me, or if I tried to read the holy bible it would stop me each time. I suffered terrible.

    I was in the care of angels; an angel told me it’s good to suffer like that? What was wrapped around my body transformed me to become more like Jesus changed me on the inside, when I pray Jesus hears me, I am writing out my testimony for the conversion of sinners and unbeliever’s, and I realise that I have suffer to bring other people to Christ.

    So as I realised it was good to suffer like the way I did, I prayed to Jesus with my heart always pray in this way. And I prayed to God our father asking him can I suffer even more, I really wanted to suffer even more if it is the will of God, Jesus then took the demonic snake away from me, then I thought to myself God does not want me to suffer any more. That was the will of God as I ask for.

    I had six vision from God in those years, first one God showed me I was going to hell he saved me, second I went to heaven, the third vision I heard a voice telling me do not be afraid they cannot harm you and they no that so don’t worry the most gently the most peaceful voice I have ever heard, those words help me over the next twenty three years, and the forth visions I saw an angel, the fifth vision I was in water with Jesus, when started to read the word of God had a six vision, this is it

  4. in 2010 When I realised what Satan’s demons were doing to me I went into a room to be on my own, I was praying on my knees and being in anguish I prayed more earnestly I, closed my eyes and cried out to Jesus, by saying the Lord’s prayer. I said to Him: “I am chained to Satan and his ways because of my sins.” I prayed to the Lord and asked: “Break the chain Lord and free me of all his ways.” I screamed silently to myself screaming in anguish, and then something extraordinary happened. As I had my eyes closed I saw a sun there were no clouds and in front of my eyes there was a blanket of mist. As I stared at this sun, I felt glorious joy and happiness I had a flash of it and there with God I did not need anything to eat or drink. The only thing that mattered was the relationship I had with him, nothing else. And this world and everything it has to offer is absolutely nothing compared to what God has in store for us, and as I am starring at this sun I realized how much I loved Jesus. I love Him more than anybody on this earth.

    when I finished praying I heard a still small voice it echoed and it was in front of me telling me (you don’t need it) I was sitting on the floor in shock because (it is not the will of God my heart desire,) what I wanted in life it is not God will I had to make a choice it scared me a little, there were two doors, I could go throw either. Keeping the house was about seeking money and wealth, the other was about giving up worldly possessions so I sold the house and the money went to those who needed it. Everything I ever wanted for myself, I gave it all up, to follow Jesus.

    For many years I contemplating what was wrapped around my body and what caused it I could not get rid of it no matter what I did, then God shown me.

    As I am Reading the word of God, I see but a poor reflection as in a mirror I was filthy dirty and what was wrapped around my body was my perverse heart.

    Grieved me to see the person had become because of sin. I cried out to God because of it.

    God change me on the inside in a very short time, I hated the person I had been. I wanted to change, but I couldn’t stop sinning and I needed help and now I have the Holy Spirit dwelling within me.

    The devil caused me to desire wealth, so to distance myself from him, rejecting him, I had to give up materialistic way,I surrendered my life completely to God.

    The vision only lasted seconds, but it had a profound effect on me
    I cannot blame anyone for my sins only myself.

    After the vision I become hyper sensitive to evil I could recognise sin whereas before I was blind to it?

  5. This was beautiful and enlightening for me, I am grateful to have been able to read it. I failed my furnace of affliction testing, I was looking for information on what would happen to me now and came across this article, I wish I had been directed to it in the midst of my tribulation perhaps it would have helped me to understand and endure. I pray it serves that purpose for someone else.

  6. Thanks so much for this article. It helped me a lot as I’m in the midst of the most severe trial of my life. I have resorted to fasting prayer to grow closer to Jesus as only He can bring this to an end.

  7. I asked to seek God’s presence one day in prayer, because I was going through so much, I was stuck in a rut and I was so stressed; thinking of people who did me so wrong, and being stuck in the past. After asking to seek presence, I started to get ready for bed. I ran my bath water and left to get my clothes ready. When I came back in the bathroom, I turned off the water, and I saw the most amazing thing. I saw a heart in the water, somehow the water formed a heart, and there was another heart at the middle/end of the tub. I then knew it was God, because I asked to seek his presence.
    I think that was his way of telling me that he loves me and everything was going to be all right as long as I have him, and that’s absolutely true! That is my testimony. I can think wayy clearly now because of that. That’s proof that God is extremely close to the broken-hearted.

  8. I googled and found your article. I had been serving Him faithfully all these years and have had many many trials and through each He would help me come out and I kept waiting for Him to bring me to a believer man. I stumbled and fell but the Lord picked me up and rescued me from making a mistake of marrying someone who was not a believer. Then I went through a serious operation and the Lord healed me. Then I married a believer but I have entered a severe trial of my life that I am so weary and being given anti=depressent pills. My husband has no job and I just dont have the strength to keep going and I want to lie down and go to Him. I feel I have no strength for another trial. I have been asking Him to come home but He still causes me to wake up every day but it seems like this trial is much too much for me.

  9. eM,

    My sister in Jesus!! I celebrate your love for God and for your life. Let me tell you that you have gone to the depths so that you will be able to carry many others in your strong, strong prayers of faith in the not far off days. My husband lost his job and God put him to work growing food. He was in the insurance field! hah! God has a sense of humor!!
    Be strong and of good courage for your salvation is near!!

    I did not read everyone’s input so as not to change what I heard but will read them in a minute.
    Thus, having said that, I would like to say that sometimes we have to walk along with someone else who is in a trial which is needed for a complete unfolding of events. Such a time as this requires we be patient and not try to circumvent the unfolding process which can be difficult.

    When in Genesis Joseph required his brothers to go fetch their father Jacob after having “set Benjamin up”, this was an unfolding and was needed to bring about God’s perfect will.
    Many times I have asked God why He allowed me to “walk” in a certain way meaning to have very little knowledge and the answer was so that an unfolding would take place and thereby His healing or revealing could be manifested.

  10. Thanks. In the midst of my trial this has been of help.

  11. Most excellent article! Thank you!

    Humility, forgiveness, and the sacrifice of praise to a perfect Father in the name of Jesus will help sustain during the difficulties of this life. Everyone seems to be wrapped up in their own rights, whether rights in a family, church, business, or civil liberties. Jesus gave up all His rights so that we may have forgiveness and freedom from sin. Paul gave up all his rights for the sake of the Gospel. What is more important civil liberty or spiritual liberty?

    “Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2 Corinthians 3:17 NKJV).

    It is not what we are going through, but how we react to each and every difficulty. A proper attitude, correct perspective, and faith in God will help each of us endure to the end.

    We may very well have our civil liberties taken as this world moves quickly toward a one world government, one world religion, and one world economic system, but can anyone truly take away our spiritual liberty? Only sin, rebellion, and hardness of heart can do this. We are responsible for our spiritual liberty in this life. Jesus gave all He had so we can be triumphant. All those listed in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs probably lost their civil liberty, but their liberty in the Lord will endure forever.

  12. Wow I thought it was just me. In the last 2 weeks I’ve had my emotions ripped apart with 2 episodes one with my son getting attacked and the other getting wacked on the head by my ex wife and swore at by my sister ! I was totally distraught but god did bring healing only because I went on my regular long prayer walks which work better because I fall asleep wen I pray in my room !

  13. Besides my parents dying while I was young I became stuck in alcohol addiction for such a long time. I still believed in God after my parents died but I turned my back on God in the midst of my addiction because I felt so ashamed in His eyes that I knew He was watching me and I refused to acknowledge Him. When I became so desperate to stop I felt why me? why me? Despite my best efforts to stop I joined AA but I knew I wasn’t ready to stop. Well the next 5 years were pure hell for me. My job, my relationship with my wife and my friends were non existent. When I physically got sick from this disease, I almost died about 4 times. I was put on life support because of my heartbeat, my liver function was at 5 % and my kidneys were failing. My wife and our family was falling apart from this all because of my addiction. My team of doctors said I needed a new liver and my chances of survival were very slim with out it soon. I stayed in the hospital for ten weeks. “But for the grace of God go I” Even though I left the hospital and was very weak I still had the obsession to drink. I knew right then that God had brought me through this ordeal only to be still powerless. My family doctor suggested (strongly) that I go to a long term rehab. I was still on the fence over it but I felt a “push” from something so I said yes I’ll go.I know now it was God behind that push. So I went for six months to this rehab and I started to listen and learn. I still wanted to drink but that was my stinking thinking. I prayed to God with all my heart and gut to remove this obsession once and for all. I fell asleep that night and had some weird dreams with people that I knew but didn’t understand why they were there but the next morning something was different. The sun shown through the curtains and I was free. I couldn’t explain the dream but I lost the obsession to drink. I knew God had something to do with it because nothing was happening to me being in rehab but the message that stuck in my mind was “you are free, now change!!” This is when my recovery began and is still going after 17 years. In hindsight I realized God was always with me with my whole life but the addiction was of my direction path and I was saved from hell. I may not be guaranteed a trip to heaven but He let me out of hell. Thanks be to God. Amen

    • Hi Richard,

      What an amazing story indeed. You are so blessed to overcome such addiction, my fiance is going through this addiction, but not knowing it, i dont know how to help him, all i do is pray for him every day of my life…

      Thank you so much, and one thing i know our Saviour died for us, and took away our pain and suffering, and our sins as well, so whatever happened you are forgiven because Jesus has washed all your sins away, and has promised eternal life for you and has saved u a seat un Heaven…

      God bless you…

  14. I wish I did came across this post before. I have being suffering from witchcraft and demonic possession for 2 years. I don’t know why. I did not understated what was happening to me at that time. I was under spiritual attack and the Lord did spoke to me, in my dreams, but I did not understand. I always had a pure hart and could not believe the people around me could harm me this way. I became another person, all my sacrifice just went. I lost my fiance, my job, money, my mental health, I start drinking, smoking, I became addicted to tarots, did not care anymore. I was a child of God and suddenly I start to see ghost, demons, and once being raped in my dreams by some evil men in a church. I still don’t understand why all of this happen to me, I used to work hard, save money, I always cared for people, my family was proud of me.I don’t know what is God will for me , but I do pray to him, no matter what. I pray to Jesus to undo every chain done to me and to restore what the devil has taken from me. I know is a long journey and I am not the same person anymore. I was an innocent child, I loved this world and all the beauty God as create. Every day I am fighting just to be alive.

  15. In the last two months, (like in Abraham/Isaac story and Job’s) I had to surrender my child to God (she’s a grown up, but not a believer), then I lost almost all of my clients of 4 years for virtually no reason (I’m a translator), then my computer broke and I couldn’t buy a new one, shortly after I fell sick and ended up losing 40% of my blood and got severe anemia with extreme fatigue and weakness. On top of this, I couldn’t pay my rent, but the Lord inspired my landlord to offer me 2 months free. Few days ago, after the two months period of free rent, I had to pack few belongings (giving away everything else) and move out with $160 in my pocket. I went to a youth hostel. I thought God would deliver me at the last minute but he did not. I felt betrayed by God but through incredible pain and despair, I realized I was sharing God’s feelings when Lucifer and the fallen angels betrayed him, and when Adam and Eve
    disobeyed Him and betrayed Him as well.To put me more to test and see if I would give up on God, I’ve been harassed by demons in such ways I thought I would lost the battle. I was close to it and decided to commit suicide but God gently guided me through it, showing me through the Scripture, one day at a time, that He was still there for me in this darkest hour. After three days, I went to Church and the sermon was about the crown of life given to those who
    persevere during temptation (to deny God). I am still in the Youth Hostel, I have enough money for one more night, but all pain is gone, no fear, just peace. I know God will take care of me. I won the battle, all demonic forces are gone. I am now in a state of joyful expectation, The Crown of Life … (James 1:12)

  16. How do u know when u have the holy spirit

  17. As a child of God, we all out to go through trials and tribulations in order to be worthy to go to paradise. I say this because I’ve been faced with many trials and tribulation since I got married on February 14, 2014. I decided to get married because the bible states intercourse should be between a husband and a wife. I visited my husband Jamaica for three days and as I was on my way to the airport to return to the states, my life changed forever on Easter Monday, April 9, 2012. To tour bus drove into the vehicle I was in which nearly killed me. To clarify my injuries: my body was thrown into the metal objects which broke the metals and it cut my forehead, upper and lower right eyelids all the way done to my chin; the metal missed my eyeball by less than an inch; my tear drop in my right eye got damaged; the lens around my eyeball got cut with the metals; all the bones in the right side of my face got fractured so they placed screws and plates in my face; my jaw got broken in 8 different places and I have wires throughout my mouth, which enables me to open and close it; my skull got fractured and my brain got severely damaged to the point I had a brain hemorrhage; my brain was swollen and they had to remove my scalp so that the brain could shrink; I have cysts growing on my brain as we speak; the tube behind my right nostril and my right ear canal got damaged so I would go deaf off and on in a different ear each day; my retinal got detached from my right eye so I am blind. I have to sleep in wrist bands because sings of carpal tunnel shows to be growing in my wrists; My lumber spine has four disc bulge so my paralysis has started on and off.
    I’m alive, I’m alive, Thank you great healer Lord Jesus (Yeshua) I’m alive! This accident occurred 56 days after getting married. As it turned out my husband and his cult family caused my accident in return to collect insurance money. I filed for him to come to the states and our Heavenly Father revealed his secrets. This man hit me and caused the plates and screws to move out of place, and the wires burst through my jaw, etc. Since the accident, I take up my cross and read my bible a min of 12 hours a day. I have hundreds of testimonies of other trials and tribulations I’ve faced because the enemy wants to take me out. This world is temporary and my goal is to go to the mansion so yes I’ll forever take up my cross and bible. My husband is now with a friend who betrayed me for him this pass December. Him along with his family are sending satanic attack to get me out of the way. I cast all my cares and burden up to my father in heaven because I’m very humble, loving and faithful. I only want to go to that promise land. It doesn’t matter what I’m faced with, it’s not the end of the world. I will forever to brush my problems off and hold my head high. I was promise one thing in life and that’s the mansion. This world is temporary so I’ll not let anything get to me. I’m a soldier of Christ, he will forever carry me through. These trials and tribulations has showered me I’m brave, courageous, forgiven, etc. I love God and I’ll forever fight to prove my enemy cannot pluck me out of his hand.

    • I am praying with you.

  18. may the Lord God Almighty be praised!!!!

  19. funny..scipturally when he was accused of testing someone,the lord actually claims that he tests(tempts) no man..and makes it pretty clear.but I think what bothers me are testimonies wherein god performs a miracle for someone and they include in their testimony how they NOW do nothing but pray and read the word,in all their free time,as though being exreme was somehow the resolve in the first place.Do they really believe that i’ts necessary 100% of all their free time..reminds me of a man I knew who truly believed this was the lord’s command for every Christian and if you weren’t living like that ,you’re being disobedient.

  20. wow just read all you guys testimonies…and i am moved and still stay believing that God really is a God that sees us through all our problems attacks and heartaches….he says in his word wait apon me and lean not on your own understanding…but i do want to admit myself at times you feel ..Where are you Lord …but trust me when that questions comes up…hes just next to you wanting you to fully trust him and him alone…am suffering from a virus but i fast every 2nd day i pray every 2 nd hour ….in a day i praise God …i tell him everyday how awesome he is for am still alive….and i tell him i will not let any illness hinder me from serving him…and believe you me ..i have faith that all God allows in my life to happen he will take me out…..but One has to keep believing and serve him with all they have… Hope you all be blessed …our God is the answer to all..Gods children will suffer sometime but not for long…for our saviour really lives..

  21. Sometimes when life situations really get me down I wonder if God cares. I question the fairness of his mercy. I obey all of his commands and commit myself establishing his kingdom, they why am I the last child to enjoy his glory.

  22. For I am already being poured out like a Libation ,and the of my departure is at hand. I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith. From now on the crown of righteousness awaits me, which the Lord, the just judge, will award to me on that day, and not only to me, but to all who have longed for his appearance. 2 TIM 4 TO 6

  23. God bless you tremendously for this marvelous article. You have succeeded to a large extent in addressing my major concerns as regards this matter. I have pass through unimaginable things in my life. Thanks so much.

  24. Hmmm… this message is a real blessing to me. I feel so refreshed right now. Thank you so much. Now, I am a Christian and currently passing through some turbulent and trying period in every facet of my, but I always get assurances from our loving Father in heaven that ALL is well! Jesus told me several times : “All these battles are mine; and I will fight them for you. Prove me with these words.” I believe this. Yes, your message is just a confirmation of God’s assurances to those you keep faith in Him. Thank you for this wonderful message and God bless you real good.

  25. My wife & i have in a perpetual state of trials for 12 years (since she was pregnant w/ our first). My wife has PTSD and is nearly always angry, disrespectful & undermines my authority as a father.

    If that wasn’t enough she has to have total control of everything AND gets very easily scared, calls the police then restraining orders– rendering me homeless and separating me from my children (unbelievably, I am once AGAIN separated from my children and homeless as i type this; i’m now on month #4 & losing faith w/every passing day!). I become more and more depressed knowing how much my son (11) & daughter (7) are being affected/ damaged without their father in their lives! I ask in Jesus Christ’s holy and precious name, and in total desperation that you please, PLEASE pray for my wife, our marriage & children!

  26. When we don’t fully have the knowledge of Christ and are faith isn’t fully into the Lord we will go thru the storm clouds.. until we fully have the knowledge that will help guide and protect us watch out for that next dark cloud coming.and at times we have not , because we ask not. When life is to unbearable,ask God to take away negative thoughts.
    And in due time He will replace thoughts, the memories will not go away but the holy spirit will allow you to handle/ cope with each situation that will arise. The key” is knowledge” The Bible teaches you how to react to unjust, unfair, unloving situations,circumstances. God will give you forgiveness, guidance, peace , love, honesty, so with out the knowledge and tools needed from the holy spirit you cannot fully live in Christ Jesus.

    • Agree without knowledge, and for sure being filled with the Holy Spirit we cannot fully live in Christ Jesus. So I keep praying to be filled so that I can fully live for Jesus. However even if I never receive what I need from God to serve him. I will never not believe in God/Jesus/Holy Spirit . There is nothing that will ever convince me that God is not real. I just hope that as much as they do for me , that I could do more for my Lord that created me.

  27. The death of my teenage son, my relationship with my other son has disintegrated and watching my husband fighting for his life against cancer is a test that I’m failing

    • Hi,

      I just prayed for you and your family. As a parent myself, I can only imagine the pain & hurt that you’re going through. It takes phenomenal mental & physical strength to fight each day as it is.

      I am going through an extremely difficult time myself which might affect my entire family. I am leaving all my pains & problems to our mighty God, the same God that parted the Red Sea, the same God that created this universe.

      I pray that our loving God will give you strength, comfort & peace to take good care of your husband, that God will remove every cancer cell in his body so that he may recover fully. And that relationship with your son will get better & better. Through the mighty hand of our faithful God, all things are made possible.

      God bless you & your family.


    • Be strong and corageous, I have lost my dad to cancer, we have no control over life or death, its in our Lords hands, hand all over to Jesus, remember if our loved ones are saved we will see them again, its easier said than done, do what you can and let God do what you cannot.

    • “Just me” I’m praying that everything will and has worked out for the best for you. I don’t know you but I sense and feel your pain. Prayers that you & your son restore your relationship with each other because you need each other more than ever right now. Prayers that the holy father gives you the strength you need to move forward during this most difficult time. Peace & blessings to you and your family

    • I hope the peace and contentment that only our almighty Father can give is with you now.

    • Hey, I lived in my car for a whole year after my sister was killed by a drunk driver only to have my father die on my birthday of a heart attack two years later…jobs come and go… family is forever and so are our relationships…I’m sure your husband will find work again…be grateful for what you have…so much can be taken away from us in this life without our consent and it never seems fair but I still have faith in God…I have to…there is no other choice in the matter

  28. I have noticed that when God is about to do a new thing, there use to be opposition, and most of those things that we are running from are the things that God uses to make us stronger. Hallelujah! That’s why The Bible says we should count it all joy when you are been faced with trials and tribulations. God allows them for our good and for His Glory!

  29. My husband has lost his good job 3 years ago.he got a good job a month ago, and it came to a end in 3 weeks. I’m asking for prayers I don’t know what or why all this is happening in our lives, it’s been a struggle for so long.i know we all have to go thru trials and tribulations we have had more than our share. I hope this dark cloud will move on

    • Dear family in Christ Jesus please know that this to will pass. For the trying if your faith is but for a little while. (16 years of it and through it all I have learn to trust in God the more after blaming Him, being angery with Him, and questioning WHY! ), I have learn to say” Lord I want what you wand” even when I didn’t wand it!, He gave me the strength to HE NEVER LEFT ME! And He children of the most High God- Yahweh ! Will never leave you. Nore forsakey you- TRUST HIM. Feb. 16,2019.

    • The Scripture Verses For Trials and Tribulations
      By: Michael Bradley
      The verses that I will now list below all really need to be meditated on, grounded on, believed on, and burned into our memory banks for all of eternity as God is very serious on making sure that we can stay true, loyal, and faithful to Him for the long run.
      God does not want any more repeats with what happened to Satan and one third of His original angels up in heaven. He wants all of us stay true, loyal, and faithful to Him for all of eternity, and He will make sure, at least down here on this earth, that each and every one of us be put through some of these testing fires from time to time to see how serious we really are about Him and the personal relationship that we have initially established with Him.

    • That happened to us. I begged God to reveal His plan to me so I could pass the test. He gave me a dream, actually a couple dreams, where he showed me how to praise him, thank him for the adversity. We agreed that we would thank God for all things, 1 Thes. 5:18, knowing ALL THINGS work for our good, Romans 8:28. We began to thank and praise His Name for every little aggravation, seeking gratitude and grace, joy and peace. Soon we had the delight to praise and glorify him in harder situations. We almost lost everything. Then all of a sudden work came our way. More work than we could do.
      We Bless His holy faithful, Just and Righteous Name more now, In every situation, good or bad. Our gratitude for His faithfulness is so wonderful.
      Lamentations 3;22,23 his compassions fail not, his mercy is new every morning, Great is HIS FAITHFULNESS

  30. Brethren, as we encounter trials and tribulations let us put in mind that heaven is for over comers. (revelation 3:21). whatever we are going through, never blame anyone.

  31. thanks so much i,m praying for the lord to provide for my needs, my current job is not well paying and i,m always in debts, pray for me to prepare myself for the new job as i will be preparing for resume pray for my sick mo9 pray also for me to get a responsible spousether and brother

  32. We are to think on things above.. The good things.. I believe that we form and create our life by our thoughts. It starts first here. Hence Jesus said just think about wanting another woman and that is adultery. As it all starts in the mind. Control your mind and your views of this Paradise and all things are possible. So if you want to believe in a life of hardship then go ahead and create that life for yourself. Joseph was sold into slavery did he view that as hardship? The accuser would love us all to think this world is going to blow up and most will go to Hell.. As you perceive you create.. God wants us to think life more than abundant, he is with us always.. Nothing is to difficult. Believe in the one who he has sent and you will have Eternal life..

    • Good point! Don’t focus on the trial, focus on the Deliver, sustainer, helper, God who is our strength in weakness. Jesus, whose grace is sufficient.

      • Amen Amen was facing some trials at work I prayed about the battle I knew God was going to deliver me as He did with The children of Israel God Is Able

  33. Trials and tribulations constitute part of the narrow way to eternal life. Therefore, it is not out of place to face it as a child of God.

    • Thank God for this message that come through you by Holy Spirit more grace in the Lord Jesus. In a situation were God has answer one petition and He told you that i have answered for long, which now show you a shocking revelation of who HOLD the answer happen to be his wife and she refused one to get to the promised land of TESTIMONY. What is the next step to take on that issue?
      Physical approach she denied, and every revelation from every direction is on her what is next to be done.
      Why did God give her such power to act on the saint?

  34. I came to this site looking for an answer on(how to break family curses) however after reading and totally understanding and completely forgiving and asking the Holy Spirit to forgive me of my own trespasses & transgressions toward believers & non-believers. I could actually feel the weight of bitterness, regret and resentment lift off of me. I also was reminded that I need to put on my full suit of armor always through good & bad times, because w/out the protection, wisdom and word of God I am unable to win this spiritual warfare battle! Thank you Lord for your mercy & your grace in Jesus holy name Amen

  35. “….every single one us, saved or unsaved, will have to face a certain amount of trials and tribulations as we journey through this life”. Is it for everyone? Or only to those who want to lead a godly life? What I understand is that the trials and tribulations by God is to test our virtues, to examine our hearts, to give fruits according to our true intentions of our deeds (I think the 9 gifts) , to test our level of faith and thereby to strengthen us to fight against devil’s temptations, to award the crown of life to the righteous. You have said everyone has to undergo trials. Is it because of the verse Romans 8:35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? If so, there is one more category of trials. Another, Job 5:19 He will deliver you from six troubles; in seven no evil shall touch you. What is the meaning of this? God is restricting the satan to test the righteous upto 6 times by different types of sufferings?

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