3 Reasons Why God Will Allow Trials and Tribulations

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I believe there are three main basic reasons why each person will have to face a certain amount of trials and tribulations in this life. Each Christian really needs to get a firm grip on each one of these three basic reasons.

Having the right kind of knowledge on why bad things will happen to people in this life will not only help you understand why these events will happen to everyone in the first place, but this kind of knowledge will also help you to be able to weather these types of storm clouds and then eventually get through them when they do come your way in this life.

1. The Curse of Adam and Eve

As I said on the first part of this series, and in many of the other articles in our site, the number one main reason why we will all have to put with a certain amount of turmoil, conflict, and adversity in this life is all as of the result of the curse that Adam and Eve brought down upon this earth as a result of both of them directly disobeying a direct command from the Lord not to eat any fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

I believe that Adam and Eve represented all of mankind that would come after them when they were first tested in the Garden of Eden.

And when the both of them could not obey God’s direct command to stay off this one tree, they and everyone that would be born after them would all have to be born into and journey through this cursed and fallen world before we can make it into heaven.

As a result of the earth now becoming cursed, we now have all kinds of bad things that can happen to anyone of us at anytime. Our physical bodies are now subject to the death process. Sooner or later, every single one us will have to physically die before we can cross over to be with our Lord in heaven.

And not only will our physical bodies eventually deteriorate, corrupt, and eventually pass out on us, but they will also be subject to being able to receive all kinds of diseases and illnesses in this life.

Another consequence that we all have to put up with as a result of this curse is all of the natural disasters that can occur at a moment’s notice.

Earthquakes, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, and volcanic eruptions can strike anywhere at anytime killing thousands of people at a moment’s notice. And on top of all of the different natural disasters that can occur in this life, we also have to deal with just natural type accidents that can occur such as house fires and auto accidents.

As a result of every man and woman being born into this world as corrupt sinners in the eyes of our God, this now opens all of us up to the evil acts of others who have no regard for anyone but themselves. We thus have to put up with with a certain amount of people who will break some of God’s laws in order to get what they want.

We thus have criminals who are out robbing, raping, assaulting, and murdering other people in order to satisfy the dark desires of their flesh.

As a result of a certain amount of people in this life who will always be choosing to live this life on the dark side, we are forced to have local police departments to provide us with local protection, and each country also has to have their own armed services in order to protect them from other countries who would like to try to invade and control them.

Man has thus been warring with one other from the beginning of time, and it will not cease until Jesus comes back to set up His Millennium Kingdom from the city of Jerusalem. And until that glorious event finally occurs, we will all have to put up with a certain amount of evil from some of these bad and evil apples.

And then to top it all off, we still have to put up with Satan and all of his demons who are still allowed to roam this cursed earth to try and influence as many people as they can to do their evil bidding. As long as we have fallen angels and fallen humans who will refuse to get saved and sanctified through the blood of Jesus Christ, we can never have any kind of divine order on this earth.

This is why Satan, all of his demons, and the rest of unsaved humanity will not be allowed to live with us in the coming New Heaven and New Earth kingdom.

This Adamic curse that we are all stuck with on this earth fully explains why bad things will happen to everyone – including all of the good people in this life who have never harmed or hurt anyone, and all of the Christians who have been saved and born again through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

This is why you will see some of the most godly, saintly, righteous, and good people in this life go through some of the most horrible and traumatic ordeals imaginable.

Though we have all been created equal in the eyes of our Lord, not everyone will get equal dealings in this life. Some people end up making a lot of money in this life, others will live in poverty for most, if not all of their lives. Some people will go through this life with not much physical illness or disease striking their bodies, and other people will fight one sickness and disease after another.

Some people will become victims of some type of crime and abuse, and others will go through this life and not have a hair on their head ever be touched or harmed. Some people will die and depart from this life at a very young age, and others will live to a ripe old age.

As a result of this Adamic curse, our earthly lives have now become very uncertain and completely unpredictable. We do not know what will happen to us two minutes from now, much less what will happen to us two weeks or two years from now.

As Christians, there is something that we must really grab a hold of with this curse factor now firmly and solidly in place on this earth.

Though we are now all new creations in Jesus Christ as a result of our conversions to Him, and though we all now have the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of us to help empower and lead us through this crazy life, none of this will remove the Adamic curse factor that is still in full operation on this earth.

What this now means is that all Christians can get splashed from time to time with some of these bad and evil things that can develop and occur at a moment’s notice.

Our bodies are not going to stop aging. Some of us can still catch different types of illnesses and diseases. Some of us can still end up being at the wrong place at the wrong time and thus end up being the possible victim of a crime or natural accident or disaster.

As a result of these curse factors still being fully in play, every single one of us will get hit with a certain amount of adversity in this life. And for some, some of these adversities could end up being very severe and traumatic. There is simply no getting around it or running away from it.

We have all been born into a war zone as a result of this curse factor. This is why the Bible is telling us that we have to learn how to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ. Good, brave, and courageous soldiers will battle and engage with any type of adversity when they are faced with it. David did not run from Goliath when he appeared on the battlefield. He stood his ground, engaged, and then defeated this huge giant when the rest of the Israelite army was too afraid to engage with him.

So if you want to know why bad things will happen to good people in this life, look no further than the Adamic curse that is still in full operation on this earth as a result of what happened in the story of Adam and Eve.

As a result of our fallen and sinful natures, we all have to be born into this cursed and fallen world and try to make it through this life in one piece before we can finally depart to be with our Lord in heaven.

And one of the consequences of being born into this fallen and cursed world is that we will all have to deal with the ups and downs and uncertainties of this life.

Though God is totally sovereign in the ways that He works and operates on this earth, and though He can sovereignly choose to protect us from time to time from some of the bad and evil things that can come our way – we have to realize that God cannot stop every single, little, bad thing that could possibly come our way.

If He did, this would then fully remove every single Christian from the Adamic curse, and as long as we are living in this fallen and cursed world, this can never totally happen. As a result, every single person, including every single Christian, will have to face a certain amount of adversity and conflict in this life.

So the next time you see something bad happen to either you or someone else, realize that God is not causing most of these bad events to occur.

These bad events are all occurring because of the Adamic curse that is still in full operation on this earth, not because our God is a mean or vindictive God.

2. For Our Sanctification in the Lord

This next reason is not going to be a very popular reason for many Christians – but it is a very powerful reason nonetheless – and it is all for our own good and benefit.

The second main reason God will allow different kinds of trials and tribulations to come our way in this life is for our own sanctification in Him.

Per the article we have titled, “Sanctification,” God’s ultimate and highest aim for all of us is our sanctification in Him. God wants to make us into a better and more holy people.

He wants to transform us into the express image of His Son Jesus Christ. He wants to consecrate and set us apart unto Himself.

God is the Potter and we are the clay. He wants to mold, shape, and transform us into godly, righteous, and holy saints. But this shaping, molding, and transformation process can be a very painful process at times. And at times, a certain amount of adversity and conflict is what God will use to help shape, mold, and transform us.

Some of the verses I will list below are very extreme, but very powerful. In the wording of some of these verses are some very profound and powerful revelation being given to us by the Lord as to why He is allowing some of these storm clouds to come our way in the first place.

A perfect example of this type of sanctification in action has to be with some of our soldiers who are returning back home from our war in Iraq, with many of them coming back home with some very severe injuries. Some have literally lost arms and legs. I just recently saw two of them interviewed on TV.

When asked if they were bitter and mad as a result of the serious injuries they both had received, both of them responded back with some incredible statements. Both of them said that the serious injuries they had sustained actually helped them to become better people.

The one girl interviewed said before she had received her serious injuries, that she was a very judgmental and critical person.

They both had taken too much of their lives for granted and really did not appreciate the little things of this life. After sustaining these types of serious injuries, both of them said they are now much more appreciative of every little thing in their lives.

They now no longer take their lives for granted like they used too, and they now see where their priorities should all be set at.

They now see what is most important in this life. They now have a fuller and deeper appreciation of the value and sanctity of human life, and they will never again take for granted what time they still have left down here to do something very meaningful and purposeful with their lives.

Instead of letting their serious injuries totally crush and destroy their personal lives with what little time they still have left down here, they are both using their personal trials and tribulations as a spring board to become much better people – not only for themselves, but for their families and friends, and for the goals and aspirations they want to pursue from this point on.

Adversity has a real way of humbling you. For those who are operating in too much pride, severe adversity has a way of knocking most of it right out of you

. Once you see how powerless you really are against the real severe storm clouds of this life, and that you really need God’s help and guidance to make it through this life in one piece, many people can be brought completely down from their high horses with one or two good torpedo shots.

This is why God will allow a certain amount of trials and tribulations to come our way in this life.

These trials and tribulations will either make you or break you in your own personal walk with the Lord. Put someone through the fires of a real testing and you will find out very quickly what they are really made of.

Some people make their greatest strides in spiritual growth in the middle of these types of severe storm clouds.

There is something about severe adversity that will either cause you to spiritually grow and mature in your walk with the Lord very quickly, or it will cause you to quit and throw in the towel on both Him and with what He wants to do with the rest of your life.

Here are some of the positive qualities that can literally be burned and molded into your personality as a result of going through some severe storm clouds:

  • Bravery
  • Courage
  • Boldness
  • Patience
  • Steadfastness
  • Tenacity
  • Perseverance
  • Humility
  • Self-control
  • A kinder, softer, and more caring heart
  • Greater empathy and compassion for others
  • Greater appreciation of the sanctity of life
  • Greater appreciation of the other people in your life 
  • Increase your faith and trust levels in the Lord

In addition to being able to mold and burn these kinds of positive qualities into your personality, trials and tribulations can also serve to burn out some of the negative qualities the Lord really does not want operating in your personality such as:

  • Pride
  • Haughtiness
  • Arrogance
  • Callousness
  • Self-centeredness
  • Narcissism
  • Self-righteousness
  • Hard-heartedness
  • Bad tempers
  • Mean and vengeful spirits
  • Verbally and physically abusive spirits
  • Manipulating and controlling spirits
  • Know-it-all attitudes
  • Judgmental and critical attitudes

Again, I know this is not a real popular piece of revelation being given to us by the Lord, but as you will see in the Scripture verses I will list below, this is one of the main reasons that God will allow a certain amount of adversity to come our way in this life from time to time.

3. The Testing of Our Faith in the Lord

The third main reason why God will allow a certain amount of trials and tribulations to come our way in this life is for the express purpose of testing our faith levels in Him.

It’s very easy to have high levels of faith in the Lord when everything is going good and great, but let any kind of severe adversity come knocking on our doors, and many Christians will start to lose their high levels of faith in God once the going starts to really get tough.

In some of the verses I will list below, you will see that God is making no bones about it.

From time to time, He will personally arrange to have all of our faith levels tested out in Him.

Smith Wigglesworth, the great apostle of faith, had a very catchy saying.

He said from great fights will come great faith. In other words, you cannot develop great faith in the Lord unless you first have had your faith tested and developed with some great fights.

This is one of the ways that God will use to help increase your faith levels in Him – by sometimes having you go through some severe trials and tribulations.

These trials and tribulations are thus being allowed by the Lord to come your way to see if you will hold fast to Him, to see if you will keep your faith in Him no matter how bleak and hopeless things may look to you in the natural.

The Bible tells us that we are saved by grace through “faith.” So if we have already shown enough faith and belief in the Lord to accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior, then why does God have to test our faith levels in Him from time to time? Why can’t God just accept whatever levels of faith we are currently operating at with Him and not have it tested out with any kind of trial or tribulation?

I believe there is something very profound that is occurring with all of this that many Christians are not fully aware of. God is not testing our faith levels in Him just to be playing some kind of sadistic game with us.

There is a very definite, specific reason that He will be doing this with each and every one of us from time to time.

Again, it is absolutely imperative that each Christian get a firm and solid grip on why God will be testing each one of us out from time to time.

If you can fully grasp what I am about to tell you, and learn how to ground on this reason when you do have to face any kind of storm cloud – it will not only help to get you through your time of testing in one piece, but it will also help to keep your faith levels operating at the same levels as they were before the storm cloud had arrived, and from there, possibly help increase your faith to higher levels as a result of making it through the storm cloud with some kind of victory or deliverance.

Here is what I believe is occurring behind the scenes in the spiritual realm when God does decide to test our faith in Him from time to time:

The first class of beings that God created before He created the human race was the angelic host. In the Sanctification section of our site, we have another article titled “Pride Will Come Before the Fall.”

In this article, I give you several verses from the Old Testament that give us partial information and knowledge as to what had occurred to get Satan and one third of the angelic host cast right out of heaven.

Long story short, Lucifer was apparently given quite of bit of wealth and prosperity from the Lord, and then over a certain period of time it all literally went right to his head. Pride and major stupidity eventually entered into him and he then tried to literally exalt his own personal throne above God Almighty Himself.

Once he got to this kind of point of no return with the Lord, that was going to be it. God pulled the plug, and cast him and one third of the other angels who were willing to follow him in this direct open rebellion right out of heaven with no chance of ever being able to make it back in again.

Satan and one third of the angels who were willing to follow him are now lost forever and will eventually spend the rest of their eternal lives in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone after the millennial rule of Jesus has passed from this earth.

What is most amazing about their story is that they were all living up in this perfect heaven direct with the Lord. They were all created equal and good in the eyes of God, and they were all given an equal chance to make good in this perfect heavenly environment with the Lord.

There were no other corrupting influences tempting Lucifer or any of these other angels when they were first set upon this perfect heavenly environment in which to live, walk, and work in.

Lucifer was the first one to obviously go bad, and he somehow managed to convince one third of the rest of the angelic host to follow his insane plan to try and exalt his own personal throne above the throne of God Almighty Himself.

The point for us to really grab a hold of is what happens next with the big picture.

Sometime after the fall of Satan from heaven, God obviously made a decision to create another class of beings – the human race. But instead of giving us the same chance as He gave Satan and one third of the angels to be able to live up in heaven like they were all given, God ends up creating another place for the human race to be born into and that is our earth.

God first starts off by setting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. But when they proved they could not abide by His one, simple, little command to stay off one, simple, little tree, God is then forced to cast them out of this perfect garden, and now our earth becomes cursed as a result of their one sin and transgression against Him.

What this now means is that the rest of the human race has to be born into this fallen and cursed world before we can make it into heaven. We are not given the same chance as Satan and one third of these angels were given. We do not get to try and make it up into God’s third heaven where He and Jesus live and dwell in.

Why didn’t God give us the exact same chance to make it up into His third heaven like He did with Satan and the rest of the angelic host?

Because He knew a certain percentage of mankind would eventually fall and rebel against Him just like a third of His angels eventually did. And He simply was not going to have this same type of scenario repeat itself once again up in heaven.

So the next plan for God to implement and carry out is to test all of mankind by having them born into a cursed and fallen world after they had already proven to Him through the story of Adam and Eve that they could not pass their first test in the Garden of Eden.

In other words, God is going to be turning up the heat as compared to what He first did with Satan and one third of these fallen angels up in heaven.

If you do not believe that God the Father is personally testing each one of us out from time to time in this life, wait until you see the specific wording in the verses I will list below.

This life is a major testing and pruning ground with the Lord, and most people are wandering aimlessly throughout this life, totally clueless as to what is really going on behind the scenes with God the Father.

God is watching very closely every single person that has been born into this world. He is watching who will accept His free gift of eternal salvation through His Son Jesus Christ, and He is recording every single little thing that we say and do, along with recording all of the works that we are doing down here on this earth.

And one of the things that He is definitely watching and recording as far as all born-again Christians are concerned is whether or not we will all hold fast to our initial confidence and faith in Him.

The verses I will list below are very intense in the way they are worded. God has already lost a third of the angelic host that He had created as a result of them not being able to stay true, loyal, and faithful to Him for the long run.

And now He has to do the exact same thing with the human race. He simply has got to prune out all of the bad apples from all of the good apples. As a result, this earthly life is a major testing ground for each and every person that has been born into it.

If more people knew what the real eternal stakes were in this life, and what is really going on behind the scenes with our Lord for the battle for our souls, more people would try and find this one and only awesome God of ours.

But as we all know, and as the Bible has already told us, not only will Satan and one third of the angelic host be forever banished from heaven, but a certain percentage of the human race is also going to suffer the exact same fate, and eventually will be thrown into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone with Satan and the rest of his fallen angels at the end of millennial rule of Jesus from Jerusalem.

What this now means is that God will personally test all of His own from time to time with some of these trials and tribulations. And as the verses below will specifically tell us, the main reason that God will be doing this is to personally test our faith levels in Him, whether or not we will continue to hold fast to Him, and whether or not we will continue to walk in all of His ways and obey all of His commandments.

Will we stand and hold fast to the Lord when any type of adversity comes knocking on our doors, or will we get mad at Him, walk out and bail out on Him just like Satan and one third of the angelic host manage to do in their own personal relationship with Him?

What this now means is that each and every Christian has to take these types of trials and tribulations very, very seriously – as they are all being used by the Lord to test our own personal faith levels in Him.

If we can’t stay true, loyal, and faithful to the Lord with whatever amount of adversity may come our way in this short lifetime – maybe God will wonder whether or not we can stay true, loyal, and faithful to Him for the long run – which will be for all of eternity in the coming New Heaven and New Earth. Satan and one third of the angels could not stay true, loyal, and faithful to the Lord for the long run, and look at what happened to all of them!

In another article we have in our site titled, “Holding Fast to the Lord,” I give you some very extreme and powerful verses all showing us that once we have become saved and born again through the shed blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – we can never, ever, turn our back on Him, leave Him, or lose our initial faith and confidence in Him.

We must each make an eternal commitment to the Lord that we will never, ever lose our faith in Him – and that we will never, ever consider bailing out on Him, leave Him, or forsake Him in any way, shape, or form – whether in this life or the next life to come.

Now on to some very heavy, extreme, and powerful verses that will back up the above three reasons as to why God will allow a certain amount of trials and tribulations to come our way in this life.

This article on Why God Will Allow Trials and Tribulations is part of our series on Trials and Tribulations – The Testing of Our Faith. Here are the other parts:


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  1. I want to thank you personally for a job well done. I am confident that your work here will help many in the King’s business. I am deeply grateful to God for your Ministry and pray for the possibility of a partnership as we co-labor at that end of our world.

    I am Pastor G. Wesseh Bestman of The Greater Grace Ministries, Inc. We are based in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. We are involved with planting churches and christstian schools. We are presently established in two counties (Margibi and Bong) out side of Montserrado. I have a TV Program – The Greater Grace Hour, during which we answer Biblical questions and counsel people in need. It is a one hour call in program. I also host a one hour call in program on radio every Sunday morning. These are held on Sky 107 FM and Sky TV Channel 6 3:10 – 4:10 PM and 7:00 – 8:00 AM (Radio).

    • I have read this message several times. It is definitely an inspiring message. Thank you for taking the time to uplift me, as well as all the others, reading your message. To God be the glory. I have asked all of my sisters to take a moment to focus on it, and I am certain that they will have a change of heart after reading it. Perhaps, they will be drawn closer to our heavenly father.

      I have never understood why the world is the way it is. I have always questioned why innocent people and people who worship God and devote their life to him, always have trouble and unnecessary problems.

      I have questioned why people hurt innocent children, rape, murder, steal, worship idols, deal in the devil, etc. When a natural disaster or a man-made disaster happens, I always ask God why? How can you allow this to happen? After reading your message, I found the answers to all of my questions.

      Thank you and God bless you.
      Gail from Norway

      • Thank you soo much for the time and effort you have invested in the research for this article and the many great articles on this website. Various articles on your website have helped me personal with my walk with the Lord. This specific article has helped me immensely to clarify many doubts I used to have still as a Christian. I still had soo many questions which caused so much anxiety in my personal walk with the Lord. I thank the Great Lord that most of my questions are now being answered and I definitely know that the Holy Spirit has led me to this site and specifically to this message. Praise be to the Great God we serve, he is the author and finisher of our faith, He has done everything in His power to save us and reconcile us back to Himself. What an Awesome God we serve who love and care about us soo much.

  2. What do you mean that Jesus is not God?

  3. Yes I enjoy this Articles.There is no Game about the Gospel.Its preaching the GOOD NEWS,or not.I read it going to do it in Jesus name.Thanks I appreciate you of letting the Holly Spirit to use your Intelligent,and Knowledge to give me the GOOD NEWS.I receive all in Jesus name with no doubt.My Brothers,or Sisters.Love you all.May you all stay Protected under the Blood of Jesus.

  4. To God be the glory, I am a pastor and the name of our church is the city of the lord, in west bromwich/ uk, I am so blessed for your ministry. On saturday, sept 30 2014, in my sleep the lord was talking to me about, in this world we shall have tribulations, and went to cheek in the bible, john 16:33. I am so grateful to you for all your studies that help me a lot. We are a new baby church, may the great I AM continu to inspire you more and more for his glory. We will continually pray for your ministry and partner with. Gof bless you.

  5. You are correct in your thinking. At one time the world consisted of two individuals, Adam and Eve. They were the whole entire world whom the devil deceived. See, there is nothing new under the sun cause he’s still at it and we just keep falling for it, but the point is to not give up and to struggle on, to keep the faith and let the Lord, God be your hope. I look at this way, if Levi can tithe while in the loins of Abraham, then every last individual on this earth today was present in the Loins of our first parent at the time of the fall. As a result we live on a cursed earth. Though heaven and earth pass away, our God is steadfast. He is all that is good, faithful, righteous, holy and true. How many do you know that would put on flesh, leave his glory, and come down to the very earth he cursed to redeem you at such a price? Every trial and every triumph that we go through he is right there waiting to carry your cross if you are heavy burdened. Stands on his word and then performs it. Gives grace no one can ever be worthy of, shows mercy where punishment would have been carried out by any other in authority. He never ask too much of you, gives according to his riches in glory which are unending, and all he desires is obedience and compassion and for us to know him and his son, and to revere his Holy Spirit so that we may have life more abundantly. Go through your journey, take your test, never be ashamed of your struggle, put the Angels in tears by saving a soul, reach out to an orphan and a widow, and keep your garment clean he comes any day now, smile when you’re hurt, cry when rejoicing and praise his holy name. Stay humble and keep watching. Can’t nobody loves us like the Lord, our God. Go into the closet of your soul and tell him that I sent you, don’t worry because he knows each of us by name. The the Lor bless you all without end and me also.

  6. Thank you for a very inspiring message. I agree completely with its content and reading it has help me get through my storms. I have read it several times and glory be to God for his compassion towards us that he cares enough to teach us, mold us in the imagine of his Son through many trials and tribulations. This is the truth and I believe with all my heart that all things work for the good of his people.
    Thank you and I see things more clearly.

  7. Hello author of this brilliant article, please put the actually part of the bible, the quotations that are amongst your writings as it helps brothers and sisters in Christ by following along with the Word of God….


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