The Interpretation of Tongues

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This next gift is where the Holy Spirit will give you the interpretation of the tongues that you have either done for yourself or when they are being done by someone else in a church setting.

Here are the two main verses telling you where the gift of interpretation will come into play with the gift of tongues:

  1. “If anyone speaks in a tongue, let there be two or at the most three, each in turn, and let one interpret. But if there is no interpreter, let him keep silent in church, and let him speak to himself and to God.” (1 Corinthians 14: 27-28)

  2. “Therefore let him who speaks in a tongue pray that he may interpret. For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful.” (1 Corinthians 14:13-14)

The first verse has to do with others interpreting a tongue when it is done in a church service. The second verse is showing you that the Holy Spirit can give you the interpretation of your own tongue as you are praying in it all by yourself.

Again, another very powerful gift that you can ask to receive from the Lord if you would like to tread into these kinds of deeper waters with Him.


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  1. This is wonderful exposition. I have never heard or read an explanation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit this clear. These articles have brought it home to me. I now realise that I have been experiencing a number of these gifts without knowing it. Thanks a lot.

  2. These teachings are amazing. Please keep it up for the up coming saints.
    We need more emphasis by examples in each giftings.
    The Church really needs this understanding.
    God bless you.

  3. When God calls upon you Follow him and let him lead you for he has called upon me a little over a month ago and lets just say His TRUE and REAL followers will see the REAL truth about Jesus not what people want to believe or what they think is true THE REAL TRUTH things you have not even noticed before, things that you will look at from his perspective the real ways of sin….

    When he calls you you will see ALL there is to see in time…For me it’s only the beginning and I have seen a lot over this weekend for God is showing me what he wants me to see THE TRUTH and it’s very sad sad to see how many deceivers there are in the world ….I used to think this because I was taught this that all you have to do to get to heaven is be saved believe in the word and believe his truth and that’s all nothing more that’s where people are VERY WRONG….

    Jesus says that only FEW people will make it to heaven….People are NOT living the way they should be for the Lord AT ALL….distractions everywhere Sin is in TV RADIO electronics all round us and people continue to live there lives like nothing is wrong with it because Jesus loves them and they’re going to heaven no matter what they do.

    I have seen all the sin that goes on in my house things I didn’t even notice or thought was sin ..WELL for those who have not been called upon yet will not understand what I mean when you get this calling YOU WILL SEE ALL TRUTHS please do not reject God and take the calling when it calls upon you BELIEVE ME YOU WILL KNOW WHEN IT “S GOD CALLING UPON YOU!!

    Today 10/21/17 My lesson from God today was studying the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit …It amazes me what the holy spirit can do to you…I did not know of these things nor was I like hmm I am going to see what the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit are The Holy Spirit told me to type in the 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit and study them and that’s how I found this article and I loved and thank you …For I have been keeping track in a book I have all my moves and my journey with God for this is only the beginning for me He has a mission for me which is why I was called but I am only being taught the truth and learning what I am to be learned by God before anything else occurs I have a long way to go I am sure but Alot has happened for me this weekend through the Holy Spirit…Not just anybody can get the holy spirit The holy spirit comes to you and it’s up to you to accept it or deny I however would advise you not to deny The Spirit 🙂 Amazing Amazing for me

    May God bless you all and I hope when the Spirit calls upon you you will follow and let the Spirit guide you for the Spirit teaches you many things

    • Tausha, glory be to God for your experience! I agree with you 100%. I was also called and I can not believe the change it has bought over my life. Everything about me is still changing. It is the best feeling in the world! My senses are being heightened at a level that amazes me. I have already been gifted with several gifts from this list and they are becoming stronger. I am so grateful to have read your comment because it was EXACTLY what I was directed to! Blessings be to his name. I appreciate you and I am so thankful for your post. Please continue to walk your walk and trust his process. It is so many souls being awakened and the times are near that we need to stand strong in his ways and let his will be done. Blessings be to you!

  4. I think,interpretation of tongues is equal to the gift of prophecy and similar to that gift. Prophecy is the same thing only without the tongues preceding it. Wouldn’t prophecy without the tongues be better? Whatever the Holy Spirit prefers at the time is best. Tongues preceding a prophecy get more attention but God may see that there is someone present who would benefit more by a message of prophecy without tongues preceding it. Someone could think a person was testifying, just giving a word of exhortation, praying out loud or just talking without actually knowing that the testimony, the word of exhortation, praying out loud or just talking is the interpretation of tongue. I also think one instance in the bible is the exhortation given by apostle Peter after the Holy Spirit came upon them which led them into speaking in tongues and three thousand soul were saved

    • Prophesy is speaking/declaring from God, by His Spirit, directly to people (even to ourselves) or to anything in this realm. Tongues is speaking/praying to God including, glorifing/praising Him for who He is what he has done or is able to do, declaring to Him, from our hearts, inspired/motivated by the same Holy Spirit.

      Again, simply, Prophesy is declaring, proclaiming to this realm. Tongues is praying or praising God.

  5. Great work here by explaining to an in depth manner the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, it has helped me to know my gifts from the Holy Spirit and how best I could manifest them. More Grace upon you for more of such Expository Work…

  6. What an amazing discription of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit! I too found this site extremely helpful and beautiful, as well as easy to read and comprehend! I will definitely pass it along.

  7. I am so grateful that my friend and fiancé gave me this to read, and I pray that God blesses me with the gifts He wishes me to have. I thank you for this website. And may God bless and keep you.

  8. I recently done fasting and praying for 3days. I noticed and observed the word of knowledge, visions and the holy spirit giving me messsages for people.
    This website has me understand with examples because i was thinking where are these coming from, it was new to me. I also got confirmations for these messages. I had no knowledge of these gifts.
    I speak in tongues and interprete through the help of the holy spirit, but was not aware it was a gift.
    Some prophecies i have not shared them with the individuals because of fear and not knowing how to pass the message across to the individals, and also because it’s all new to me.
    I prayed for spritual growth but i dn’t know what it meant.
    The website has really help me understand with bible verses backing them.

  9. Thank you for the teaching on the 9 gifts of the holy spirit. It is clear to understand them and how they operate. I now can be able to identify them when at work and what to do.
    A wonderful website, continue advancing the kingdom of God through this way.God bless abundantly

  10. This is really mind blowing may the great Lord use you more to open up His secrets and cover you under His blood when exposing satan and his demons.

  11. Hi

    I would like to add my thanks for your shared insights to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    I have a question pertaining to Acts 19:1-10 where Paul ask the Ephesian believers if they had received the Holy Spirit since they believed. At face value this would seem to imply that they were born again…had received the forgiveness of sins…the blood of Christ had been applied to their hearts and the Holy Spirit had baptized them into Jesus Christ. (1Cor: 12:13). As the text continues, Paul laid his hands on them to receive the Holy Spirit. So, if a person was concerned if they had been baptized into the Holy Spirit…an activity that only Jesus would perform (see John the Baptists message) where are the men today who possess the Holy Spirit, that have the faith to lay their hands on someone with the manifested gifts you have just expounded on?

    Thanks for your time

    • One could understand the Acts passage differently. The baptism of John was one of general repentance and pointing forward to the messiah. Their baptism was not into Christ’s name and not unto salvation, which is evidenced by vs 4-5. “John indeed baptized with a baptism of repentance, saying to the people that they should believe on Him who would come after him, that is, on Christ Jesus.”. Now note carefully, “when they had heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. That is, when they heard the full gospel, and came to believe in Christ, they were baptized in His name. I do not believe these people were born again prior to this. The scripture is very clear that all who are saved, who have Christ, also have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside as a deposit.

      I do not believe that we need apostles or modern equivalents to “impart” these gifts. The Lord God is the gift giver, not men. We, His children, have His Spirit. I think this is why Paul urges believers to stir up the gift, or don’t forsake the gifts, I believe we all have gifts given by our God at conversion. We were saved for a purpose, and that purpose I believe is to minister, preach, teach, heal, advance His kingodm etc… I would urge you to seek the gift giver and an area of service, and I believe our God will Fully equip you with His gifts by His Spirit to achieve all His purposes.

  12. Thank you for this wonderful interpretation about the 9 gifts. From time to time I have experienced at least 3 gifts from the lord. This knowledge base has given me a greater insight into His devine power. Thank you and God bless.

  13. I search for an article for I want to understand more on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I was longing for the answer of what had happen to me days ago and in your article I was delighted because I found some answer. I was grateful and thankful for the gift the I have recieve from God and the Holy Spirit. This is the third time that I experienced the gift of interpretation of tongue. I want to know more about gift of interpretation of the tongues. Is this controllable? Someone tells me to control but I can’t. Hope you can email me back for more understanding about this gift. Thank you.

  14. This was very educational.I didn’t knew all the gifts of the Holy I thank you for your explaination.It is greatly appreciated.

  15. Thank you for this article and the series. May I make a suggestion for the article on the interpretation of tongues? To “interpret” is to get to the gist of that which the Holy Spirit is praying about with the gift of tongues. For example, I may pray in tongues for 30 seconds before I feel the Spirit’s release and conclude praying, but the interpretation may be just a few words, such as it was a prayer for a loved one to be set free from the fear of man. Conversely, “Translation” is a word for word rendering of what was spoken into a person’s native language. I have on occasion met people who are unfamiliar with the Spiritual gifts who expect a translation of tongues rather than an interpretation, and who discount the validity of an interpretation simply because fewer words were used in interpretation than the tongue that was originally spoken.

    Again, thank you for this article series. Jack

  16. This teaching has really given me great insight about the 9 gifts of the Spirit. I can now clearly identify the ones I have. God bless you for this teaching

  17. This teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit is so helpful, clear and easy to understand. This is a wonderful website. Please continue the good work!

  18. I was blessed enjoyed the study.I pray that in the next edition or the revision of this, many Biblical examples of the manifestation of each gift be given. May His grace abound in your life. Amen

  19. I want to thank you for all the wealth of knowledge the Holy Spirit has imparted to you. You are a blessing and are truly called by God. I will continue to learn through your articles and ask the Holy Spirit for the gifts He wants to impart to me. I thank you but most of all thank the Holy Spirit for using you. I pray I will be a vessel for His honor and glory!
    GOd Bless!

  20. I thank you very much for the advice you are giving us,surely God bless you and rain more anointing on you.Amen.I have to say I operate through many of the gifts you have listed.lately am going through a lot of critism from the members of my church for telling them I hear God speaking to me audibly.most of the times I find myself under scrutiny that it’s witchcraft.Please I beg you to write more on this subject and inform people that the God of Abraham,isaac,Jacob,Joseph,moses,Paul etc is the same God today,and if he so chooses can find favour in his children today and loudly proclaim his existence.I need prayer to stand firm in what I am with the Lord.He is surely coming soon.hallelujah.

    • Thankyou for the massage about the fruits of the blessed with this wonderful massage and my spirit has been nourished.Thankful may God continue. to use you.Shalom.Veronica chaile

    • Faith,
      I realize that it is now three years later.
      But please don’t be discouraged.
      Obviously you are referring to a non believing church.
      Time to change.
      I have spoke many times in Tongues at a men’s bible study, and it has been interpreted by others.
      This last Sunday I spoke a message in tongues when we were praying for healing for a lady, God also had me interpret the message.
      Please listen to God, and not man.

    • Be strong the True anointing will bring attacks from religious minded believers.
      Not many believers live in unity with the word so as to hear the divine voice of God…be strong.

  21. What an incredible wealth of knowledge that you have imparted! I am going to start earnestly praying for God’s revelation of the gifts I should be operating under in my role as a Church Elder. I feel motivated to do more with this fresh understanding. Thank you so much and may God give you more insights to share with His children.

  22. Many preachers are criticizing these gifts when they should be teaching them (They have not experienced them) this article is a confirmation by divine wisdom. May the Lord reveal mysteries to make you a well of divine knowledge AMEN.

    • I cannot recall an instance in the New Testament where someone interpreted someone speaking in tongues. Is there an example in the New Testament I can point to? Thank you.

      • Hi, I was reading this article and came across your question. Acts 2:1-12 talk about the Holy Spirit coming upon the people and they began to speak in tongues. The group outside heard them and said in v. 11 that they were praising God in their native tongues.

        • Boyce, this is my understanding also. There were around 30 different cultures there. GOD allowed each culture to hear HIS Instructions in each own language. This article makes it sound like Speaking in Tongues can be conjured at anyone’s whim. Paul say “to one, the gift of… and to another.. .”. There is NOWHERE WHERE PAUL INDICATES THAT EVERYONE CAN SPEAK IN TONGUES. These Gifts are given by GOD for Edifying and NOT ALL PEOPLE CAN HANDLE EVERYONE OF HIS GIFTS. Now I question the REST OF THIS INFORMATION. It is important to TEST THE SPIRIT OF WRITTEN DIALOG as well.

  23. I greatly enjoyed the article about the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am filled with hope that my comings days are going to be brighter under the Holy Spirit leadership. Thanks a lot

  24. I enjoyed reading these 9 gifts of the holy spirit, it really made me feel anxious to be filled with the holy spirit. It is my long time desire that I be filled with these gifts especially of praying in new tounges, I pray to God that the promise be fulfilled in my spiritual life. Amen

    • He will just speak it and pray for it.

  25. I enjoyed the knowledge and understanding that I received.

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