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Per my telephone conversation with you the other day, you said you had a friend who was hearing voices. You said it got so bad at one time that she had herself checked into a mental hospital. You also mentioned that she apparently believes in spirit guides.

Tom, if she is using the word “spirit guides,” the voices that she is hearing are demonic spirits. Spirit Guides is a New Age term and comes right out of the occult.

There are some people who literally make contact with what they feel are “good spirits.” These good spirits are really demonic spirits masquerading as angels of light.

If this woman is a Christian, then she is headed towards very dangerous waters if she is still hearing these voices and have gone as far as to make direct contact with what she feels is a good spirit guide.

If she has made contact with some kind of spirit being – then there are only 3 possible things it could be:

  • Jesus Christ
  • One of God’s angels
  • A demonic spirit

I will give you two Scripture verses to give to her so you can give her fair warning as to what she is really dealing with.

Scripture Verses

1.  This first verse tells us that either Satan or one of his demonic spirits can literally appear to us masquerading as an angel of light. Here it is:

“For Satan himself transforms himself into an ANGEL OF LIGHT. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.” (2 Corinthians 11:14)

This verse tells us that not only can Satan himself actually do this – but so can his other ministers, which I believe are either demonic spirits or other people who are operating under his direction and influence. This is why you have to test out any spirit that would suddenly appear to you.

The first thing you have to find out is if the spirit appearing to you is one of God’s angels or a demonic spirit. This now leads us into the next verse which will tell us exactly how to do this.

2.  This next verse specifically tells us not to believe every spirit, but to test it out as to whether or not they are really from God. Here is the verse:

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, BUT TEST THE SPIRITS, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.” (1 John 4:1-4)


Tom, per all of the above, I would tell your friend the next time she hears any voices coming at her, or if one of these spirits should suddenly appear in front of her, I would tell her to do two things:

  1. Ask the spirit who his Lord and Master is. The spirit better say his Lord and Master is Jesus Christ. If the spirit cannot confess that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Master – then he is not an angel from God.
  2. I would then tell her to ask the spirit to confess to her that Jesus Christ has come to our earth in the flesh. If this spirit cannot make this specific confession to her – then this spirit is definitely not from God!

I believe the reason a demonic spirit cannot confess that Jesus Christ came to our earth in the flesh is due to the fact that Jesus totally defeated Satan and all of the fallen angels when He came to our earth in the flesh and died on the cross. This is called the Incarnation when Jesus came down to us in the flesh, which means He was fully Man and fully God when He was walking down here on our earth.

If this spirit cannot make the above two confessions to her – then your friend has just made contact with a real live demonic spirit. At this point she should immediately command the demon to leave her in the name of Jesus Christ!

Tell her to tell the demon that he has now been fully exposed, that she now knows that he is not one of God’s angels, and that he is to leave her now and forevermore, and that he is to never, ever come back on her again.

Tell her to do the same thing every time she hears those voices trying to talk to her. Tell her to simply speak out loud to the voices, telling them to stop and for them to now leave her in the name of Jesus Christ.

If the above does not work – tell her to plead the Blood of Jesus directly against the demons. That should take care of it unless she has engaged in some kind of door opener activity that has allowed the demons to come in on her in the first place.

If that is the case, then she will have to confess the door opening activity as a sin to God, and then renounce this activity before God – telling Him that she will never, ever go back to it again.

Once she has fully confessed and fully renounced the sin before the Lord, then the demons will lose their legal right to be able to stay attached to her, and they will now have to leave her if she commands them to leave her in the name of Jesus Christ!

Tom, I do not know how far you will be able to get with this woman, either now or somewhere down the road. If you need any further help on all of this after you talk to her, let me know, and I will be glad to answer any specific questions she may have about all of this.


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  1. I think im lost. I gave everything to my family my self and everything i can do. But everytime i ask for help or support my wife always reasoning with me and i think shes just making them to avoid listening to me. Im just lost and i need help if shes true because i cannot move forward as long as she keep showing me this behavior. As if she was more on helping her family than me her husband and my 2 yrs old son.

    • I am married as well and i can kind of relate as in to say sometimes as women wehave a hard time with that due to trying to make everyone one happy we forget to take in consideration that we may be neglecting ourselves and our househould as well…and when my husbands says the same as you feel or felt it makes me feel terrible but it was never intentionally done. I hope it works out and remember to focus on each other family can have a way of causing confusion and a lot of decisions should be made together, ask God for Guidance and resoulution He will see you too it.

  2. I believe you missed the boat slightly when you quoted the verse to test the spirit. The Bible says any spirit that says Jesus is come in the flesh is of God. The difference here is subtle but all encompassing. Is gives us Jesus in in the present tense. If you ask a demonic spirit if it believes Jesus has come in the flesh it will answer you to the affirmative because he knows He did. The demon spirits know Jesus and tremble at his name. Better to give this lady a KJV and study it with her than try to fend off demons with reference to a poorly translated book.

    • Is it not it better to ask the demonic spirits do they love God. They could not answer that question.

      • what makes you all think demonic spirits won’t lie? I think it’s better we just ask God and read upon his word. Something this serious is better not left to chance.

        • They do lie but the Bible says they tremble just hearing the name of the Lord. They certainly will not say his name.

    • God the Holy Spirit has given us this scripture to test spirits of whether they are from God or the devil, but arrogance, stubbornness, rebellion in or outside you have the audacity to not just question, and dismiss the scripture, but God Holy Spirit the author of the bible Himself !
      Do you realize that this question is not from you Lady?
      In Jesus Christ name I pulled down all satanic strongholds in you. I cast down imaginations reasonings speculations arguments knowledge and knowledge understanding thought and every high thing that exalts itself above and against the knowledge of God, and I bring it into captivity every thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ.

      • Andile,

        While I understand you’re trying to help here, you’ve actually just caused more damage. You attacked this woman for simply asking a question, and you used the Bible to “beat some sense” into her, as it were. Jesus has never attacked people as you just have, and if you’re doing this in the real world, you’ve sadly become part of the problem.

        She was simply asking a question, just as children do, so they can learn and grow. Jesus says in Mark 9:42, “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea.” Attacks, and accusations of demonic influence that you’ve also included, are the reason people can’t stand Christians. True Christians are being lumped in with those who enjoy the title, but refuse to live like Christ, and the title abusers are those who cause others to turn away from God.

        I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you would be able to get a clear look at yourself, repent of attacking others and that you would allow Jesus to fill you with the love that He has called us to give to others.

    • agreed. The answer is lurking somewhere raising its hand & nobody notiicng but want to avoid answering the question. Kinda motivates me to no longer be Christian ! Churches are a business; therefore, unreliable as usual. How I know they got a textbook college degree not a Montessori fully engaged college degree. This info was totally un-helpful. Just saying. Wasting my time on reprobate.

    • No, I am a deliverance minister and deal with demons all the time in people. Quoting the words “Jesus Christ is come in the flesh” is not the way to test the spirits. The demons will say it if you press them hard enough during deliverance, they dont like to say it but will, they will even say “Jesus is Lord”, because He is.
      I see deliverance minsters misuse this verse when doing deliverance, if the spirit says it then they say its an “alter personality” or another persons spirit or an angel. No, this is Unbiblical and we do not have power to split our spirits, God will not allow it, Satan cant even do this.

      The verse is talking about the spirit a Prophet is speaking from, and how you test it? Does he confess The Lordship and deity of Jesus Christ on earth. To confess Jesus as God, who came to earth in the flesh, was crucified, died & rose on the 3rd day and now sits at the right hand of the father with a name above all names, does he confess Him as Lord and Savior?. If He Does not exalt Jesus as Lord…. the next verse (1 Jn 4:3) says if he does not, then its the spirit of AntiChrist. The word “spirit” in this verse is different, it gives title the THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST, not just any demon.
      This verse of testing is not about ask demons to say ‘Jesus Christ is come in the flesh” because they will and you will be deceived. Must read the verse in context. I know deliverance ministers that are deceived and believe in alter personalities, all they are doing is huritng the person they are ministering too. Demonizing them more.

      • I test the Spirit in me daily by asking it theee questions:
        Do you bow down to I AM THAT I AM? Do you bow down to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua Hammaschiac? The Living Son of God? Do you bow down to Brauch Hakodesh The Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth, The Spirit of Life?

        Always works because if there are demons or spirits present I just command them to tell me their name and cast them out under the authority that Christ in me has given me before I get into my conversations with Eloheim daily. That simple. It works and it aligns with Scripture. Yet churches and pastors don’t teach this when the word of our father in Heaven says that we are to test the Spirit daily. Google the topic…How to test the Spirit and you’ll get a million hits on teachings on how to test the Spirits outside of us, in other people, in pastors, in a message, in a prophetic word on and on and on AND not a single one will teach us how to yield to the Spirit that already dwells INSIDE of us once you’ve received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and teach how to daily Test the Spirit INSIDE you. Great disservice to deliver the flock or to perform deliverance over people and Children of God and then not give them the tools they need to learn how to continue to cast out spirits principalities demons rulers of the air out of themselves on a daily without needing to depend on someone else for it. And those pastors that preach that once you’ve been delivered you don’t need to be delivered again just don’t know The Word of God or scripture or know God personally and don’t know what they are talking about and are leading their flock astray.

  3. What does it mean when a person is self righteous? What are the characteristics of self righteous? What does it mean when a person pray for someone & the devil sends an attack to them what does that mean?

  4. I hear spirits that are bad. I was confused as to what I should do about my second marriage. they would not acknowledge jesus only say they were god themselves. I prayed and said that I would not accept anything but what God has told me to do. I told Him I needed a messenger. one day I heard a voice behind me say I am Jesus Christ. he then went on to let me see the hurt I was causing my daughter and the fact that I was in sin cause I was rejecting His forgiveness. I never receive visitors but I received a phone call immediately after this happened from a woman at my old church. she said that God had pulled her to minister to me about God’s love. she came over to do this. she told me how great the love was and then I received a phone call from my daughter that she had just been in prayer. she later told me that she prayed about our family and shed a couple of tears but cried in her heart. I think this is what Jesus allowed me to hear. God knew I had read about testing the spirits and wouldn’t believe just anything. I didn’t ask this spirit if He believed that He came in the flesh. I just knew it was Him. I believe that He sent the lady immediately afterwards to further the reality of what He told me. some say it’s an unforgivable sin to be remarried and that you have to leave. at the time I wasn’t believing anyone who said I didn’t have to leave and that i’d been forgiven. I was set on leaving my family and teaching this to others.

    • Jennifer – I really want to know what Jesus taught you about remarriage. This is an issue – that is on my heart – that I want and I feel you’ve been anointed to teach. Do you mind sharing, – being obedient to the Lord – and your word – and teaching this to myself? (And others?)

      ‘some say it’s an unforgivable sin to be remarried and that you have to leave. at the time I wasn’t believing anyone who said I didn’t have to leave and that i’d been forgiven.’
      it sounds like Jesus was saying go had to leave? – could you either confirm / or teach a bit on that? 🙂 Kindly,

      • Sounds like she’s saying she wasn’t believing people who said she didn’t have to leave, she was set on leaving breaking her daughter’s heart and then Jesus showed her that her son was not believing she was forgiven. To not believe we are forgiven for our sins is the same as not believing in the resorection. You want to know if your forgiven for being remarried? Simple. Ask yourself this.
        What did Jesus come here to do? Why did God give his only begotten son to die on that cross? Who was that for?

  5. What if the spirit confess only half of those recommendations?

  6. test every spirit first off like to ask are we talking in this verse about people or spirit beings I’d like to answer that well not me but the bible has the answer and it is people that the teacher here is talking about. just remember that every spirit not of this world not only knows who jesus is but cannot deny who he is take a look @ many passages where jesus tells the demons to be quiet because of the fact they know who he is also so many incase you missed them get in the word. be sure of this jesus sits @ the right hand of the father and has been given all dominion in heaven and earth believe me and God s word when it says test the spirits it is talking about those you listen to those you get taught from those you might even trust in put your trust in the living God and in his son whom by means of the Holy Spirit can make known all his truth to you if you have a willing heart pray that his light his truth would shine and give true revelation on these matters
    my prayer for all who would be by the grace of God open for revelation would see not only this truth many more from which man has spread false teaching on

    • Hi Paul, good point.
      Of course, the main reason Yeshua silenced the unclean spirits when they announced who He was was because He did not need testimony from a demonic entity. The holy Spirit was all He needed to prove who and what He was/is/and always will be.
      God Bless My Friend and the Peace of the Lord Be With You and Yours.

  7. Good morning, regarding false spirits, do we have to at times insist on asking the same questions as per the above? I have found that when ministering to people and asking them the above questions in the beginning they nod their head or say yes in a very low voice but when I insist and ask them to talk to me about it it has happened that the demons where then revealed because in the beginning they where hiding. Have you ever heard this before? and if yes please explain why this happens? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  8. Hello.
    There is one specific healing touch program out there called “Reiki”. It entails getting several attunements over your head, back and hands. Your suppose to get spirit guides and the source is supposed to be from God. No mention of Jesus and you don’t have to believe in God to practice it. I went to the highest level of this program and always had my doubts about it. But because Churches and now hospitals practice it I figured it was all right. Then Jesus revealed the deception of it and the spirits and the whole program a counterfeit to hook the people in. I repented and renounced my involement with it. I’ve prayed that the mark from the attunements have been healed from my soul. Jesus is the only way, truth and the life. He is the great physician and we are to lay hands on people in his name. Reiki means universal life energy but it really brings death to the person who practices it.

    • Hi Vicki, an ex excellent point and I am so pleased you are now walking the Lord’s Path.

      When one realises under whose control the world is in and has been for the last 6,000yrs or so, then everything else becomes clear. Consider: (and please, test this)

      Again, the devil taketh Him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth Him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;
      And saith unto Him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.
      Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan; for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thy serve.
      Then the devil leaveth Him, and, behold, angels came and ministered unto Him.

      Notice Vicki, that at no point did Yeshua dispute who the earth belongs to. He didn’t turn around and say, “Hang on a minute Bud, who do you think created this place? What right have you to it?

      The whole point of the cross was to take back the deeds of the world from Satan’s grasp and He bought back those deeds with His blood and His life. When He called from the cross, “It is finished” the more literal translation of the original Hebrew is. . .”Paid in Full. . . .”

      God Bless, Vicki and God’s Peace be Upon You and Yours.

  9. Hi i’m demonically getting attack and the devil took my right skull…. and i need to be delivered back to the living God….. soon please help me…. And demon people been attacking me…. since november now its march. 318 214 2040 Natchitoches LOuisiana 1510 amulet street. Need DEliverance New Spirit MAN rESTORATION please ASK yaweh LIVING GOD can you help

    • Hi Keisha.
      The only thing I can say to this is first of all, confess all your sins to Jesus. Do it with a humble and sincere heart and ask His forgiveness. Invite Him into your life and heart and ask Him to abide in them.

      Then, find a good Christian Church as close to you as possible but keep away from the main stream religions such as The Roman Catholic Church and her daughters, The Protestants, The Presbyterians, The Anglicans and The Methodists etc. Having found the church, go to regular meetings and fellowship with other Christians. Tell them, especially the Pastor or the Elders, of you plight and ask for help. Trust me, they will pray for your deliverance and despite what most people tell you, PRAYER DOES WORK. It’s our main and only offensive weapon and it is by far, more powerful than anything the other side has.

      Then, if you haven’t already got one, obtain a Bible. The church will give you one. Study it regularly but preferably daily, but ALWAYS pray before reading, for God to unveil it’s mysteries to you. And lastly, when you go to bed or when you feel the most vulnerable, leave it open at the 23rd Psalm. Demonic entities both hate and fear this verse.

      • What church is left? I go to Protestant and church of all different people. I spoke in tongues and I had no control over my body or voice as I was on the ground like I was praying but was mumbling I have no clue what I was saying then I would sit up and tell loudly and I still had no control it happened multiple times and I remember a pastor, multiple Pastor’s there, looking at me and people saying keep it going and the look on his face I’ll never forget it looked like he’d seen a ghost then I fell to the ground shaking! I don’t know what to believe anymore.

        • Dear Penny: I would have to have more info on you. At times we have made commitments with other spirits and they do to wat to let go so soon. There is a book out there called Steps To Freedom In Christ by Neil Anderson. It takes you to 7 areas in which the devil establishes his strongholds and by repenting and confusing you actually undo any vows you may have knowing-ly or unknowingly made. I also got confused on why not go to a Pentecostal church, I guess it depends on the pastors. Some do not like to deal with spiritual matters. Neil Anderson also has a book called Bondage Breaker, great book.

    • Keisha-
      I’ve prayed for you to be delivered from this evil. I love you.Thank you for reaching out for help. Keep praying!!!!!

  10. Just a side note: Satan and his demons do acknowledge that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh but do NOT “confess” Him as Lord. Evil spirits readily recognized Jesus during His earthly ministry. See Mark 1:24, 5:7, and James 2:19. The test should be all she needs to know if they are of God or not.

  11. I keep u on my home page to study

  12. Thank you so much for this information on testing the spirits… and I didn’t realize when I agreed to be someone’s girlfriend that that was an opening of the door for the evil one. I have confessed this as sin to God. Thank you.

    • I don’t understand why is it bad to say your someone’s girlfriend, your talking a guy dating a girl, right? I didn’t see where they mentioned anything about that.

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