The Sin Of Adultery

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I know this next topic is going to be a very sensitive one for many in the Body of Christ. Not only are there many unbelievers who are engaging in this sin and transgression against God, but there are many Christians themselves who are violating and breaking this one specific commandment from the Lord.

With the sexual imagery that is now invading our lives from just about every media outlet, many people are battling serious problems with lust. And instead of getting their sexual needs properly met in their marriages, many people are looking outside the boundary lines of their marriages for sexual fulfillment.

As a result, you have many Christians who are out cheating behind their spouse’s back and are literally sinning and transgressing against God Almighty Himself.

I cannot even begin to count the number of Christians I have personally met throughout the course of my life who have regularly cheated on their spouses.

I have heard many of the men say that their lower half has no conscious, and if they find a pretty or willing woman, that there is no way they could ever say no or pass it up.

Others are not getting their sexual needs met or fulfilled within their marriages. Communication has shut down for different reasons, and as a result, their love life starts to get shut down right along with everything else.

As a result of not getting their sexual needs properly met, many of these men start to wander, and before they know it, they have fallen head first into a hot and torrid adulterous affair.

For those of you who really want to know what God the Father thinks about this particular sin, I will give you some very interesting verses from the Bible letting you know exactly what He thinks about this transgression and why it is so deadly in His eyes.

As with all of the rest of the commandments God has given to us through His Holy Word – these specific verses are being given to us for our own benefit and for our protection.

Many Christians I have met who are operating in this transgression on a regular and frequent basis have no real fear of the Lord or any respect for His specific commandments on this issue.

As you will see when I list out the specific verses on this topic, this is a very serious offense against the Lord, and many of His own will becoming in for some very severe judgments on this issue once they depart from this life and cross over into the Judgment Seat of Christ for their own personal judgment with the Lord for everything they have ever done or said in this life, whether it be good or whether it be bad.

Consider the following:

  • God has the sin of adultery listed as one of His special ten commandments – “Thou shall not commit adultery.”
  • God says that the sin of adultery will be one of the main sins that will keep you out of heaven. I will give you two verses below that will show you that adulterers will not be entering into the kingdom of heaven. Does this edict include Christians?Can a Christian possibly lose their salvation over this one sin by the way these verses are worded if his transgressions in this area have been deemed to be severe enough by the Lord?
  • The Bible says that God hates divorce, but that He will allow one spouse to leave the other within a marriage union if one of the spouses has been unfaithful to the other.
  • Back in the Old Testament, the sin of adultery warranted receiving the death penalty by way of stoning if one got caught in it.
  • Back in the Old Testament when God’s chosen people, the Jews, were abandoning Him and chasing after other gods – God the Father would call them “harlots and adulterers” because they would not stay true, loyal, and faithful to Him.When God calls you an “adulterer” straight to your face in your own personal relationship with Him, you are being called one of the worse things that He can possibly call you.

I personally believe that there is an “angle” on this particular sin that many Christians are not seeing or realizing. Not only are you hurting yourself, your marriage, your spouse, and your children with this deadly sin and transgression, but you are also seriously hurting and damaging your own personal relationship with the Lord Himself.

Here is the angle that many Christians who are regularly operating in this sin are not seeing:

If you cannot stay true, loyal, and faithful to your spouse, to your marriage, and to your children – then maybe God will wonder whether or not you could ever stay true, loyal, and faithful to Him for the rest of your eternal existence once you enter into heaven.

Satan and one third of the angels could not stay loyal and faithful to God for the long run, and look what happened to all of them – they all got cast out of heaven with no chance of ever being able to make it back in again.

The Jewish people back in the Old Testament could not stay true, loyal, and faithful to the Lord in all of His dealings with them, and again, look what happened to all of them as a nation and as a people near the end of the Old Testament.

God called them harlots and adulterers, pronounced judgment on them, and tells them that they will be dispersed to the four corners of the globe until the end of time where He would then bring them back to Israel and re-establish them as a nation.

I believe that marriage, and the vows and promises that go along with it, are taken very, very seriously by the Lord – and from there, He will personally watch you as to how you handle the sanctity of your marriage, how you treat your spouse and children, and if you will be tempted to stray and cheat behind your spouse’s back.

Too many people end up taking their marriages for granted after a certain period of time.

I believe marriage, and the close personal relationships that should develop between husband and wife, and between parents and their children should only be second to their own personal relationships with the Lord. It should be God, family, and friends – and in that order!

Family – with a beautiful wife or husband, and with one or more beautiful children, are the greatest blessings and treasure that God can bestow upon you in this earthly life next to Him, His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit.

And yet as great as this blessing and treasure really is, there are so many people who are willing to discard it, sever it, and cheat on it once they hit a few minor speed bumps in the marriage.

To those of you who are married and are either thinking about committing adultery behind your spouse’s back, or if you are already doing it – study the wording, the tone, and the straight forward messages that are coming out the verses I will list below. Study these verses very, very carefully.

Once you read these verses, you will have been properly warned by God Himself through His Word, and you will know, without any other possible interpretation, exactly what God the Father’s opinion really is on this issue.

Bottom line – if you are having any problems in your marriage, commit your life and your marriage back into God the Father’s hand, and ask Him to help heal, restore, and straighten out any thing that needs repairing.

Be guided by the Holy Spirit as to what steps you should be taking on your end to get the marriage back on solid ground with you, your spouse, and with God. Tackle your problems and issues head on, operating under God’s knowledge, guidance, and wisdom.

Jumping into any kind of an adulterous affair will only make matters worse, and eventually could lead to the complete destruction and dissolution of your marriage if your spouse ever finds out about it.

The pain you will cause your spouse and children will be extreme, traumatic, and possibly fatal and final if the transgression has been deemed to be severe enough by your spouse.

If God has completely severed His personal connection to Satan and one third of the angels due to their infidelity and rebellion against Him, and if He will allow a full marriage union to be completely broken, severed, and dissolved if one of the spouses becomes guilty of committing adultery – do not tempt the fate of your married life for a few moments of fleshly and carnal pleasure.

The gamble and the risk is simply not worth it – either for you, your spouse, or your children.

Now part 2 on the Sin of Adultery will show you very interesting verses from Scripture as what God really thinks about this specific sin and transgression and my conclusion.


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  1. I know of a husband cheating on his spouse – What do I do according to the bible?

    • Pray for them. Seek Gods council. As Christian’s, we are to hold one another up to God in prayer. God takes care of issue’s in his way. We are not God and we cannot sit in judgement. Love in the body of Christ is dying because of the sin of pride, which is the root of all other sin. Take it to Jesus and leave it at his feet. You are required to do nothing more. God is still on the throne.

  2. Hello everyone, I think it needs restitution; that is going to confess to the woman’s husband to get his forgiveness, for example if you’re a man and had an affair with another married woman..

    you need to confess to the woman’s husband because you stole what belonged to him .

  3. I am a married Christian man of 20 years. During the first 15 years of my marriage seemed to be on off on off. My wife started expressing herself by yelling arguing all day long. I felt not respected and appreciated a hard working man making good money to support her and our children. I meet a co worker who acknowledge my hard work efforts. Our company had a after work event. Some how she and I starting talking all night until I slept with her. I knew it was wrong but she made me feel young and appreciated. I tried to read the Bible to find that divorce was ok to GOD. No one in the Bible ever divorced the clause given by Moses was to protect a man marrying a virgin. In those days it was wrong to sleep with a woman until marriage. I continued reading verse after verse, then I read ‘ I Hate Divorce’ The Lord Says that was enough for me. My wife seperated from me for a year I prayed to GOD for forgiveness and my wife to come back. I promised never to be selfish and cheat again. After a year , my wife came back home and saw the change in me. It has been six years after my affair and our love seemed to be stronger. I date her 4 nights a week and become best friends again. GOD has worked miracles on my marriage but we most make a commitment to remember our vows and keep our marriage pure. I love my wife very much and realized when I hurt her I hurt myself my children and disappoint GOD. No more yelling and arguing its funny when you give your marriage to GOD what can happen

    • My husband and 2nd marriage left me for another woman. I fell in love with my husband when I was still married to the 1st one. It’s not excuse and I’ve repented for my sin, but my 1st husband had mental issues and was very unstable. I never fell in love with him and married him because of pressure at home. My 2nd husband I loved and I’ve been suffering a lot for years since he left. I’m a Christian and I’ve been praying that God reconciles us. I now know how painful it is to be betrayed. I feel lost and I wish that I had never laid eyes on my 2nd husband, even if I loved him dearly. It’s not worth the pain of consequence. I still love my 2nd husband and I don’t know what God’s will for us is? My 1st husband has since remarried and is still in that relationship. I want is my relationship with God to be mended and to be sweet again… I don’t hear my God’s voice anymore and I pray and talk to Him daily. I know what the Bible says but I know that God looks on our heart and that we can never be good enough on our own. We’re human and that is why Jesus had to come to redeem us from the law. The wages of sin is death – (disconnection from the source God, spiritual death) Jesus was the 2nd Adam and he was able to give us holy spirit gift and that gift remains in us. I just don’t understand my disconnection?

  4. I just want to tell everyone to keep praying and having faith. Me and my husband separated for three years I left with the kids to another city.he told me he moved on and we all ways had arguments on the phone. I kept praying and trusting God and today we are best friends and working on our marriage.I had to change also God let me see some things I did that was wrong. Trust him no matter what it look like

  5. I have been reading here today as I have a friend who has fallen into this area a few times. I am a born again christian and believe gods word. I also think pretty straight. I don’t believe every teaching out there. I do agree with scripture. In proverbs we are told the type of people to seek and hang out with and the type of character to display. Jesus came and re stated all of these things because people weren’t being treated properly and he restored many to the father. It says adultery is grounds for divorce. Yes god hates divorce but god gave us a life to live free from these dramas holding us back from loving an unsaved world. I have been married for 19 years and the first 10 years my husband and I didn’t even have sex. He couldn’t I didn’t know that before we were married. However through prayer I kept going in the marriage I caught him checking out women regularly and I slapped his face one day when he tried to deny it. I told him I would leave him if I caught him again. Blow people trying to tell me you must stay and pray. RUBBISH! The Lord died for sin not to excuse it. We have a great marriage today and even have great sex but it became a choice on his behalf. If your partner doesn’t want you get some self respect and walk away that isn’t love that’s an insecure controlling spirit. Love and forgiveness go hand in hand. Paul wrote in the gospels to put immorality out of the church. My gosh if we lived as we should we would be so much more effective. I believe the church would be a place people would want to be cause it’s safe. And marriages would be safe. Hebrews chapter 6 says it’s impossible for those who have tasted the good things of The Lord if they fall away to renew them to repentance they put Christ to an open shame but we are told to leave them that we are to move forward. What message do the kids get. Further it says verse 11 keep on loving others then you will not become spiritually dull and indifferent. Seems to me all this sin is making some of you dull and indifferent. So where is your life then supposed to be hid in Christ with a joy contentment to be in your circumstances. So come on don’t be afraid of outcomes we aren’t responsible for people who don’t want Gods ways there are too many others out there to touch. If you stay in the marriage do so accepting it’s your choice don’t get upset with God when it doesn’t go the way you think it should you are living with someone who is clearly living out their free choice God doesn’t go against anyone’s free will so neither can you. if you leave for something better because of unfaithfulness do what the word says you will be blessed and maybe your spouse will return if The Lord wills it. Either way this is not Gods problem it’s the choices we make due to bad teaching that has serious consequences one of which God doesn’t always bless it. You have to do what you feel in your heart is right with you and God. Remember Amos he married a prostitute because God told him to and his life was difficult and when she finally did return they weren’t intimate for a very long time. So I guess if God says stay it doesn’t mean it will be what you want it will be extremely difficult but if god says do this he will give you the strength to keep going. Either gods grace is with you or it’s not. There is no right or wrong way to go through this journey just keep Christ and his word at the centre and you will be ok if you are unsure what to do. Do what the word says not man.

  6. My husband and been married 9 years. In February 2014 he said that he was going to spend time with his mother and sister. He came back and told me 3 days later that he wanted a break from each other because we fight allot. The man I was talking to me wasn’t my husband. So he left back to California. He started marriage counseling in LA. He recently he came back to talk to me and I had a feeling that he was talking or seeing someone. So he told me that he had an affair. I felt like I died when he told me that. This woman is recently separated too with small children. She told her husband too. Her husband is verbally abusive with her. My husband met her children already. A bunch of things been happening to my husband since he left. His SUV engine blew outside LA, he’s tires needed to be replace, he told me about this affair and recently he has been laid off from his job. I call this KARMA. We spoke on the phone and we spoke deeply how much I love and adore him . He started crying he said what have I done! Now he is having second thought about to make this work. The problem he still has contact with this woman. He hasn’t seen her but still talk to her. I don’t know what to do. I prayed and asked The Lord please provide me a sign to save my marriage. A couple of days ago I was getting ready for work. I saw a tape. I picked it up and it was a video of our wedding with our name on it. Soon our anniversary on April 23rd we will be married 9 years. Please help me save my marriage

  7. I’ve been married for just 5 months now and my husband is being very unfaithful. but I leave it to god and his judgement that he will give, nothing works better than prayer. for the wages of sin is death but the gift of god is eternal life. Everyday I ask god to forgive him for he knows not what he is doing. keeping faith in god that by his will and by his grace to help me to make the right decisions.

  8. I wanted to comment to tunde, Hi, I started off with this site because of the pain of what has been going on with my marriage, I would never ever wish that pain on anybody, but it’s that pain that has caused me to grow as an individual. I never wanted to grow I was forced. I would like to give my opinion on what your comment states, and please know it’s just my opinion. If you fell, it’s ok, you don’t have to think that because you fell it is over. If you forgive yourself in my opinion is the first step. If you made an error, because that is what sin means, to miss the mark. It’s ok, we are human and born to error, sometimes our best is others worst, but the point im trying to make is, Learn to love yourself first, when we do than that will help any of us to become a stronger person and than when what could be temptation comes across our paths we will recognize it. If you feel guilty for the error you made, let it go and know there is not one single perfect person in this world. If it hurts, than recognize that is not something that feels good to you and it will help you to be aware of what repeating this error would feel like. I love the Lord with all my heart, and have felt angry with him in so many ways because I didn’t understand if he loved me how he could allow the grief of what happened in my marriage to occur, however I am aware now that the anger was not directed in the right place, free will means we all have choices and it’s not his fault if we choose something that hurts others. If you learn to not allow judgements to hinder Gods love towards his children, than you will realize that he is so Grand and Loving and if you ask him to forgive you and lead you, he will. Others will judge you but I think you judge yourself much harder than you should. Love yourself, forgive yourself, think about the choices you will make in the future and keep pressing forward, no matter how horrible of a mistake, error, ect.. you have made, as long as you have life you can try again.

  9. rey says:
    November 25, 2012 at 3:29 pm.

    well, i’ve been together with my wife 22 yrs. married 20 yrs. and she has committed adultery on my several times.this past recent four months has been the she is with this loser.ive claimed scripture over and over we are not perfect, and ive made my mistakes but ive also asked for forgiveness as also I have forgiven where does god’s word return not void? ive been struggling with this for a while now.wanting to believe and stand on his word cause deep down I know he’s true. his word is alive, and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword.piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, and joints and marrow. just last night I started doubting gods power, but I repented. I prayed for my wife all of the she is with this jehova witness who claims to know the word, but obviously doesn't care about it either. my children are sticking to gods word that there mother is coming back. I want to believe it too, but it doesn't seem like it anymore. now when I see her, she just sickens me to my stomach.she disgusts me, i cant even look at her let alone talk to her. what I miss is my wife, not this woman who looks like my wife. its hard to move on. people have told me, its going to get better, I was given word that all is going to be restored, but my wife remains gone. she has no shame in her sin, parading her hickies around our children. Does God exist? I believe so. why does he allow this to happen is beyond me. I can only hope for the best, cuz I know this battle is not over…….it’s just beginning for me…….

    First of all I want to say how truly sorry I am that this had to happen. 20 Years of marriage is a long time. I want to ask you what was her family background like? Think about it. Did her mother or father commit this kind of sin? It is possible since she is commiting it. This possibly is a family curse. What she's doing is something beyond her control. What you can do is forgive her like you said you did, but you still harbor anger, resentment and a broken heart. You need to acknowledge those things. Fast even if it's for 3 days. Take some of that time out for yourself. You need to earnestly seek G-d and during those times you need to know you have the authority and by the blood of Jesus to bind up those evil spirits and loose healing. Ask G-d to pour out love instead of anger, peace instead of resentment, compassion, the oil of joy and kindness. In the bible it states,"If anyone claims, "I am living in the light," but hates a Christian brother or sister, that person is still living in darkness."—1 John 2:9. When you truly let her go and give her to G-d and move on with your life. In the torah you must seek to do kindnesses. We live in a broken world so when we do kindnesses to others it breaks the hold that others have over us. You can be that good example for your children. Because the sin your wife committed is passed onto your children unless you break the curse. Adultery is another spirit that needs to be broken as well. You need to seek spiritual counseling with your pastor as well so he can help you. You need a good, solid, Christian friend to hold you accountable for your actions. When your Christian brothers and sisters are there for you it can put a better perspective on things.
    Talking bad about the guy she is with only shows your children how to act in situations when they've been wronged. Your children mimick everything you and your wife do. So what they learn from watching is what they do. What you tell them to do they won't do because if your sinning and telling them to do right it doesn't mix. If you need anymore help then I suggest 2 things to look into. 1st of all is I found a good solid online ministry that G-d has lead me to. I learned more about the bible in 3 months than when I went to church.

    G-d loves you. He is for you. He is always with you, Rey. I have sent Kim and Alberto a prayer request in the comment section before. I want to say that the very next day my life changed. Where my heart had been broken for so long the very next day out of nowhere I just started laughing. I felt this intense love in my heart. I was so full I couldn't contain that love. It made me weep. I am so in love with G-d now more than ever. I serve Him and worship Him. He is my first love. Never leave your fisrt love. He is a very jealous G-d. Where man will fail you G-d never will. He loves you with an everlasting love. If you commit adultery with G-d by not keeping Him first in your life then everything will fall apart. Put G-d first and all things will fall into place. My life is awesome! <3 I love you, my brother, keep your eyes focused on your First Love and your children will do the same thing. 🙂 <3 Shalom.

  10. Dear Jim (posted January 8, 2013)
    I disagree with anyone telling you to confess to you wife. Confessing yo the Lord your God is sufficient. You are obviously truly sorry and that is what God requires to forgive. You obviously have turned away from the sin, will never do it again, and that is what is required as well. Telling your spouse may result in her never trusting you again, resentment and divorce. Imagine what this one mistake you made for 2 minutes would do to your children’s lives forever? The devil is the great accuser and loves the fact that you are agonizing in guilt 24/7 over this and would love nothing more than to see your family torn apart over this. Don’t let it happen. Read this which explains in much greater detail the harm it can do to your family to confess to them as well as why God’s forgiveness is sufficient for you:

    Then I also recommend you read “The Strategy of Satan” by Warren Wiersbe and you will learn in Chapter 4 how to let go of your guilt. By the way, go back and reread this article here. You are not denied heaven if you confess your sin to God, are truly sorry and will never do it again. This is the “good news” of Jesus- we are forgiven of these sins as he has interceded for us. Our God is a loving father, slow to anger and merciful. Now go tell your wife how much you love her, treat her like a queen, be a great father, do something special with your family. That is how you defeat Satan and your sin. God’s grace can take something terrible like adultery and turn it into a positive by making your family stronger. Pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. God bless!

    • Amen in the name of JESUS !!!! You are right Jim you will be forgiven repent to your sin you don’t have to tell your wife just our Hevenly Father Jesus is our saviour

      • @ Rachel Please read your Bible before making fleshly comments and tying in scripture with it. Be careful what you say bacause you don’t want to cause someone to fall.

  11. @Jim
    My prayers are with you and your family during this tougb time. I believe that the reason u have no peace is because u are still hiding what u have done from ur wife. As a Christian you must confess this sin to God first and then your wife. Yes it is going to hurt but it s the right thing to do and the bible says the truth is what sets uu free. You have to stop having this pity party and deal with this. I dont eant to sound harsh but i have to be honest with you. As for your relationship with God i want t to encourage you to really get to know Him and His Word. I am praying that a true man of God will speak to you Nd give you sound advice about this situation. Suicide is not an option when u say u are a believer, it s a cop out. It will also effect your family in a bad way. Honesty and repentance is the answer. Truzt God to see u through this. It may be tough as we do reap what we sow but doing whats right is the right way to go. GOD BLESS YOU AND BE ENCOURAGED JIM.

    • I agree with you Cheryl. Keeping it from his wife is NOT wise. God talks about the secrets we keep and how Satan lives to use them against us. I think he needs to get into counseling with her and work through what happened. YES, it may take some very hard work for his wife to be able to trust him, but if he NEVER tells her, he will not be totally free to be who he needs to be in Christ and if his wife ever finds out apart from him, it could destroy any possibility they may have had prior. He will have to PROOVE himself trustworthy, bending over backwards but HE was the one who did wrong not her. Blessings.

  12. Not sure if anyone will ever read this but I sure could use some words of wisdom. I cheated on my wife and I have had this feeling in my stomach ever since…. I think about it constantly and feel horrible. I consider myself a christian but honestly I don’t go to church or read the bible, although I talk to God now and then and I no I love God and I want to go to heaven with my wife and children one day. I no what I did was HORRIBLE and I couldnt feel any worse than I do at this point, I was even considering ending my life to make the pain go away. I wish it was all a dream and I wish I could take it back. I was crying like a little girl earlier begging god to not let her find out and for him to forgive me. We have children together and if she finds out she will divorce me, there is no question about it. I don’t want to lose her, I love her with all my heart and then some. I was drinking and it happened for maybe 1-2 minutes and then we stopped, we did not finish the act but I still started…… I would never do such a thing sober and I dont even want to drink ever again due to what happened. I just feel so horrible I don’t know what to do. If I tell her it’s just going to hurt her and the children, not to mention she is kind of close with the girl it happened with. Any advice would be appreciated. And yes I no that I am a piece of crap for what I did so please don’t rub it in. After reading the article above I see that I am now going to go to hell with no chance of ever getting into heaven. I promised God this would never happen again and I mean it, I will never make this mistake again. I love her and our children so much…. I am lost right now and honestly death seems like a better option than anything else. I am not going to end my life due to this, I am just so unsure of everything I honestly don’t know what to do. Confessing to her will cause pain and the children and her don’t deserve that I almost feel like I should take it to my grave with me. I don’t want to hurt them but I already have and they don’t know it….. I don’t have anyone to speak to about it, I stopped talking to all my friends and I’m just depressed now. Please don’t just try to make me feel better with nice words, I would like the honest truth of whatever you feel the need to say to me. I no what I did was wrong and have asked God to forgive me many times already but I don’t think ke has. I always said I would never cheat on my wife when I got married and then one stupid night runined that, it’s my fault and now I trult believe that alcohol is the devil. The worst thing is that I really didn’t mean for this to happen, it was a drunken night but that will never happen again I am done getting drunk. Please help

    • Jim, if you are truly repentant, God forgives. It is important to get into His Word and start PROVING your love for God. Words are cheap, actions speak louder than words. Same for your wife. You also should start going to church and get involved with accountability partners, a group of men whom you can talk to and be encouraged in doing the RIGHT thing. Truth is ALWAYS the right thing. However, there is a right time for everything. You said that it was the drinking. It may have pushed you over the edge but it is something that goes much deeper within you than the alcohol. So you also need to get into your own personal counseling to figure out the root cause. Maybe, once you can deal with THAT and you become stronger and are working on your marriage also, that your wife will be at a place where she can see for herself all the effort you are making to want to keep the marriage going. That will prove your love for her more than anything, especially empty words.

  13. well, i’ve been together with my wife 22 yrs. married 20 yrs. and she has committed adultery on my several times.this past recent four months has been the she is with this loser.ive claimed scripture over and over we are not perfect,and ive made my mistakes but ive also asked for forgiveness as also i have forgiven where does god’s word return not void? ive been struggling with this for a while now.wanting to believe and stand on his word cause deep down i know he’s true. his word is alive,and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword.piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit,and joints and marrow. just last night i started doubting gods power, but i repented. i prayed for my wife all of the she is with this jehova witness who claims to know the word, but obviously doesnt care about it either. my children are sticking to gods word that there mother is coming back. i want to believe it too, but it doesnt seem like it anymore. now when i see her, she just sickens me to my stomach.she disgusts me,i cant even look at her let alone talk to her. what i miss is my wife, not this woman who looks like my wife. its hard to move on. people have told me, its gonna get better, i was given word that all is going to be restored, but my wife remains gone. she has no shame in her sin, parading her hickies around our children. Does God exist? i believe so. why does he allow this to happen is beyond me. i can only hope for the best, cuz i know this battle is not over…….it’s just beginning for me…….

  14. @ Sofia
    I am so sorry to hear about all those horrible things your husband did to you I know your Pain my now ex-wife did something very simualar to me and i can say their isnt very many things that hurt as much as that did by reading your post it sounds like you may be blaming God for what your husband did gods word will always stand true God gives us all free will we are either conforming to our own evil desires or we are being formed to the likeness of our Holy God when a person decides to sin that is their choice and their free will it breaks Gods heart just as much as it does yours God allowed Hitler and his Natzis to murder millions of Jewish people and he didnt stop that why he allows things to happen only he knows but we have to believe it is all for his purpose for he is sovereign and holy I wish he would of stopped my wife in her tracks while she was committing adultery but then he would be taking her freedom of choice away from her and that is one thing God doesnt do just like our faith we choose to beleive in Christ or we choose not to either way we have made a choice just remember this one scripture Hebrews:9:27(It is appointed to man once to die after this come his judgement) we get impatient and want God to judge people right now for the hurt they cause us be glad God is mercyfull or we all would have judgment coming to us … God Bless

  15. @ Sofia

    The message you have posted really saddens me. I want to first advise you that i have been in your shoes regarding my marriage. I want to caution you on the fact that because of a choice your husband has made you habe chosen to no longer believe God’s Word. You cant allow your emotional state to take over. This is right where satan wants you while God wants you to trust
    him tegarding the outcome. God gives each of us a choice and
    your husband has made his and will be dfdealt with for it

  16. There was a time when I actually believed everything that scripture said, not anymore, its been 6 months since I separated from my Husband because he was with another woman, 6 months of agony, some good days and some bad, hearing everybody and their opinion of what I should do, well not only am I the one caring the hurt, the betrayel, but also the one whom he took everything I had and gave it to her, whom by the way nicely told me you had your time, now its my time with him and repeatedly told me he does not love you. Well I was able to at the time stand on Gods word that Adultery is a serious crime and that knowing your in the middle of a marriage brings nothing good and that whether she believed in God or not his laws still applied, according to her she didn’t believe in the Bible, but just positive energy. well today I spoke with him and of course she answered the phone, and he was happy as can be, they both laughed and I told him its been 6 months and he giggled and said what do you want, he asked me for an address and let me know he was going to have the papers mailed for me to sign all while he repeated every word to her and let me know my pets were now hers. I broke down and asked him me giving you those years of my life should at least gain the respect to have my pets and he said no, at least an apology for all the pain he has caused and again he said no… so therefore all my prayers, all my beliefs and all that I claimed has been false, it is proven that I stood on words that were just words, because I was faithful during the marriage and even during this separation and still I get pain again, and the pain hurts just as much as it did the first time, and hes with another woman, while still married to me, he is happy and she has all my things, therefore I have lost all my beliefs on justice, or that Adultery is even as bad as I was taught to believe it is, so when the papers come i will sign them, but my beliefs will definately never be the same.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I only read your one post,but I wanted to let you know that God will make a way for you. I have already seen that,but I have held back,but I also know my hope is still in the Lord. I look to the mountains for my help,where does my help come from? it comes from the LORD,JESUS.

    He will make a way when there is no way……
    Jesus Bless you

  18. Murphy,
    I would like to clarify a few other things. I believe that I should never have married my second husband. I met him a number of years after I was divorced.I want to make it clear that I believe that both marriages to my 2nd husband were wrong. Now,I see that and have felt convicted of it several times over the last few years,but I’m almost always convinced by others (pastors, brothers and sisters in Christ,as well). One pastor told me that hurting my husband by divorcing him would be a bigger sin in God’s eyes. I believe the Holy Spirit continues to convict my heart,as again,I keep coming back to this place,and now I am on this board. I also became ill within one year of being married to my present husband. I do believe that I need to leave this marriage,but this is going to devastate my husband,and he takes it as if I’m rejecting him. He is going into the hospital Thursday for open heart surgery. This is such a difficult time. I am retired but also disabled. I have very little money to make a move,and my husband will need help after he gets out of the hospital; I have so many concerns and questions. I pray for Father to give me wisdom in all of this.My husband is so angry and thinks this is all against him,that I don’t want him. I sent him scripture about what Jesus said,but he refuses to look at it. He can get very angry,and it is frightening to me.
    Thank you for being here in my time of need

  19. What I heard today was , “seek ye the kingdom of god, and all will be added unto thee”. So for ME what I got… As the adulterous in bondage ( being turned over to a depraved mind … See Romans ) is that I NEED to stop trying to figure this out . Stop. Stop asking questions and dig into the word. Faith come by hearing hearing the word of God. Simple. Give my burdens over. HE will work this out. Davis has been on my mind…. He repented. There is forgiveness even though I believe I am the worst of the worst. I/we can make the decision….. To make God our first love. Just stop!! That’s where I am at. I’m not well…. But I want to believe . And I know, and have seen, experienced, and felt Gods power. God can restore what the locate have eaten. The bible is for the sick, not the well. So here I am daddy, I can do this, I love you and Im sorry.

  20. No,Murphy-I apologize as I was rushed when I wrote to you. There are so many things going on in my life that I find it difficult to even explain things. I actually divorced my first husband. I was unfaithful to him; I need not try to even justify it,since there is no excuse. I then remarried and my second husband left me,got involved with another woman. I am also sick with a pain condition that makes it difficult for me to function many times throughout the day.My husband was tired of my illness and my lack of being a wife and was involved with another woman. He divorced me. Later that year,he and his girlfriend broke up,and I remarried him. I do believe that back then I used to hear the voice of the Lord,and I heard for me not to take him back,and I did. I have been both disobedient and am an adulterer. I have tried to talk to my husband about this since soon after we remarried,but he gets very angry with me.I have consulted others who say that our God forgives all sins,but in my Spirit I felt that it was so wrong,especially this 2nd marriage to my 2nd husband. My husband went to a pastor and convinced my husband that God forgives us of all of our sins. I have read the passages,and I now believe that Father details that this is unacceptable. I am not a well person,but I will do whatever I need to do. I have been hoping to hear Father’s voice again,so I would know which way to go,where to go and heed to HIM. I also fear that I have lost my salvation,but I don’t want to believe this.
    I hope I made myself a bit clearer this entry.
    Thank you so much for your guidance
    Jesus Bless you and all of you here,

  21. This has to be one of most solid articles that I’ve read regarding the sin of adultery. The message presents a clear warning for the dangers of this specific sin, but the approach is one of Godly compassion. From the emotional responses, it also seems to deliver on its promise to be very sensitive to the Body of Christ. @justin and @sheila: Sofia’s counsel is very much on-target. I’ve been on the receiving end of this betrayal as well. And I came close to being utterly destroyed when I tried to repair the damage on my own power. Forgiveness is there for the asking, but from His writings, it takes more than confession. It takes true and actual repentance. @justin : I pray that you continue to be patient as your wife deals with the painful healing process. @sheila: I pray that you summon the strength to repent from a sin that you acknowledge is destructive. It is very understandable to claim unhappiness is the root of the transgression. But also remember, the marriage that “needed to be ‘flushed’” was ordained by God Himself. As the author so clearly points-out, the sin of adultery runs deeper than the betrayal to your husband. It runs into your relationship with God Himself. There are many examples of how God has used our shortcomings to teach and mold us. But He is also not in the business of blessing sin. So, just as Jesus + nothing = Everything, I also believe that confession without repentance does not equal forgiveness. Please, please find the strength to repent if you are still engaged in an adulterous relationship. I’m not sure how the bible addresses this specific issue, but even if you have divorced your husband, I can’t believe it is favorable to continue in a relationship that started while you were married.

  22. @ John,

    Amen!! Amen!! Then Peter said unto them, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST, for the remission of your sins and ye SHALL receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!” I’m thankful and proud, to be chosen by Him! I’m glad to know, who HE really is and what HIS name is! He is, the Father! He is, the Son! He is, the Holy Ghost! He is, JESUS CHRIST! Hear ye Israel, the Lord our God, is ONE! HALLELUJAH! Praise be to JESUS! Amen!! Amen!!

  23. @ Peggy,

    I’m a little confused… Are you currently married to your first husband, that had left you for another woman, but afterwards he came back and you remarried him, although you felt it was not the Lord’s will for you to do so? If that is correct, are you now feeling as if, you’re committing adultery with him because you remarried him, when you felt it was against the Lord’s will?

  24. I know Father wants us to love one another and love HIM with all of our hearts,minds,and souls.with this in mind,I am hoping to get some guidance,prayer,and peace. I am in my second marriage whom I married two times; he had left me for another woman and I remarried him. At that time,I believe the Holy Spirit told me not to take him back ,but I disobeyed and remarried him within a couple of months. Pastors and sisters and brothers in Christ told me that God could forgive me for what I’ve done,both the adultery,but somehow it always seem to come up in me that it was wrong,and I would attempt to discuss it with my husband. I had gotten to a place where I no longer could be intimate with him as a wife,but recently I felt a need to leave. Because this has been an ongoing issue,my present husband gets so angry with me that he scares me. He told me that we’ve been through this too many times,and that a pastor married us,and that I’ve gone too far with this. I sent him scriptures which I believe supports our marriage being one of adultery,but he has exploded again. He also has a very severe heart issue,but I really have not intentionally set out to upset him. Yesterday,I discussed with him my concerns,and he was very receptive and calm,but as soon as I sent him an email with the info from this site and another site that supports the scripture about the adultery,he flew off,and even threatened me.
    I do not want to harm him in any way,but I love the Lord. I know Father doesn’t want us to harm anyone,but I am concerned very much for his welfare.
    This is only a brief summarization of many concerns.
    Please, help me. Pray for me ,for my husband,jeff. This is more than I can bare. I stand in the shelter of Father.My trust is in the Lord.

  25. I was just going to promise to God and to myself that I won’t ever do it again!!! I am a repeat offender 🙁 this scares me so much, I feel so far away. How can I ever get back. God help me to be sincere. It feels like I got so deep into this sin that I can feel the demon oppression, like when I sleep I feel like I am being crushed or it is sexually touching me. That cant be a good sign. I used to be SO on fire for the Lord. I am an awful person. So I have made the decision to seek the Lord and confess to my husband that I have been unfaithful AGAIN!!! ugh. I need to have faith that if I do what is right and REPENT with a right heart he will guide me. I feel so hopeless in the grips and bondage of sin. I dont want to go to hell……where is my first love? I cant feel anything.

    Thank you for writing this article …….

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