The Sin Of Adultery

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I know this next topic is going to be a very sensitive one for many in the Body of Christ. Not only are there many unbelievers who are engaging in this sin and transgression against God, but there are many Christians themselves who are violating and breaking this one specific commandment from the Lord.

With the sexual imagery that is now invading our lives from just about every media outlet, many people are battling serious problems with lust. And instead of getting their sexual needs properly met in their marriages, many people are looking outside the boundary lines of their marriages for sexual fulfillment.

As a result, you have many Christians who are out cheating behind their spouse’s back and are literally sinning and transgressing against God Almighty Himself.

I cannot even begin to count the number of Christians I have personally met throughout the course of my life who have regularly cheated on their spouses.

I have heard many of the men say that their lower half has no conscious, and if they find a pretty or willing woman, that there is no way they could ever say no or pass it up.

Others are not getting their sexual needs met or fulfilled within their marriages. Communication has shut down for different reasons, and as a result, their love life starts to get shut down right along with everything else.

As a result of not getting their sexual needs properly met, many of these men start to wander, and before they know it, they have fallen head first into a hot and torrid adulterous affair.

For those of you who really want to know what God the Father thinks about this particular sin, I will give you some very interesting verses from the Bible letting you know exactly what He thinks about this transgression and why it is so deadly in His eyes.

As with all of the rest of the commandments God has given to us through His Holy Word – these specific verses are being given to us for our own benefit and for our protection.

Many Christians I have met who are operating in this transgression on a regular and frequent basis have no real fear of the Lord or any respect for His specific commandments on this issue.

As you will see when I list out the specific verses on this topic, this is a very serious offense against the Lord, and many of His own will becoming in for some very severe judgments on this issue once they depart from this life and cross over into the Judgment Seat of Christ for their own personal judgment with the Lord for everything they have ever done or said in this life, whether it be good or whether it be bad.

Consider the following:

  • God has the sin of adultery listed as one of His special ten commandments – “Thou shall not commit adultery.”
  • God says that the sin of adultery will be one of the main sins that will keep you out of heaven. I will give you two verses below that will show you that adulterers will not be entering into the kingdom of heaven. Does this edict include Christians?Can a Christian possibly lose their salvation over this one sin by the way these verses are worded if his transgressions in this area have been deemed to be severe enough by the Lord?
  • The Bible says that God hates divorce, but that He will allow one spouse to leave the other within a marriage union if one of the spouses has been unfaithful to the other.
  • Back in the Old Testament, the sin of adultery warranted receiving the death penalty by way of stoning if one got caught in it.
  • Back in the Old Testament when God’s chosen people, the Jews, were abandoning Him and chasing after other gods – God the Father would call them “harlots and adulterers” because they would not stay true, loyal, and faithful to Him.When God calls you an “adulterer” straight to your face in your own personal relationship with Him, you are being called one of the worse things that He can possibly call you.

I personally believe that there is an “angle” on this particular sin that many Christians are not seeing or realizing. Not only are you hurting yourself, your marriage, your spouse, and your children with this deadly sin and transgression, but you are also seriously hurting and damaging your own personal relationship with the Lord Himself.

Here is the angle that many Christians who are regularly operating in this sin are not seeing:

If you cannot stay true, loyal, and faithful to your spouse, to your marriage, and to your children – then maybe God will wonder whether or not you could ever stay true, loyal, and faithful to Him for the rest of your eternal existence once you enter into heaven.

Satan and one third of the angels could not stay loyal and faithful to God for the long run, and look what happened to all of them – they all got cast out of heaven with no chance of ever being able to make it back in again.

The Jewish people back in the Old Testament could not stay true, loyal, and faithful to the Lord in all of His dealings with them, and again, look what happened to all of them as a nation and as a people near the end of the Old Testament.

God called them harlots and adulterers, pronounced judgment on them, and tells them that they will be dispersed to the four corners of the globe until the end of time where He would then bring them back to Israel and re-establish them as a nation.

I believe that marriage, and the vows and promises that go along with it, are taken very, very seriously by the Lord – and from there, He will personally watch you as to how you handle the sanctity of your marriage, how you treat your spouse and children, and if you will be tempted to stray and cheat behind your spouse’s back.

Too many people end up taking their marriages for granted after a certain period of time.

I believe marriage, and the close personal relationships that should develop between husband and wife, and between parents and their children should only be second to their own personal relationships with the Lord. It should be God, family, and friends – and in that order!

Family – with a beautiful wife or husband, and with one or more beautiful children, are the greatest blessings and treasure that God can bestow upon you in this earthly life next to Him, His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit.

And yet as great as this blessing and treasure really is, there are so many people who are willing to discard it, sever it, and cheat on it once they hit a few minor speed bumps in the marriage.

To those of you who are married and are either thinking about committing adultery behind your spouse’s back, or if you are already doing it – study the wording, the tone, and the straight forward messages that are coming out the verses I will list below. Study these verses very, very carefully.

Once you read these verses, you will have been properly warned by God Himself through His Word, and you will know, without any other possible interpretation, exactly what God the Father’s opinion really is on this issue.

Bottom line – if you are having any problems in your marriage, commit your life and your marriage back into God the Father’s hand, and ask Him to help heal, restore, and straighten out any thing that needs repairing.

Be guided by the Holy Spirit as to what steps you should be taking on your end to get the marriage back on solid ground with you, your spouse, and with God. Tackle your problems and issues head on, operating under God’s knowledge, guidance, and wisdom.

Jumping into any kind of an adulterous affair will only make matters worse, and eventually could lead to the complete destruction and dissolution of your marriage if your spouse ever finds out about it.

The pain you will cause your spouse and children will be extreme, traumatic, and possibly fatal and final if the transgression has been deemed to be severe enough by your spouse.

If God has completely severed His personal connection to Satan and one third of the angels due to their infidelity and rebellion against Him, and if He will allow a full marriage union to be completely broken, severed, and dissolved if one of the spouses becomes guilty of committing adultery – do not tempt the fate of your married life for a few moments of fleshly and carnal pleasure.

The gamble and the risk is simply not worth it – either for you, your spouse, or your children.

Now part 2 on the Sin of Adultery will show you very interesting verses from Scripture as what God really thinks about this specific sin and transgression and my conclusion.


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  1. @ John,

    Amen!! Amen!! Then Peter said unto them, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST, for the remission of your sins and ye SHALL receive the gift of the Holy Ghost!” I’m thankful and proud, to be chosen by Him! I’m glad to know, who HE really is and what HIS name is! He is, the Father! He is, the Son! He is, the Holy Ghost! He is, JESUS CHRIST! Hear ye Israel, the Lord our God, is ONE! HALLELUJAH! Praise be to JESUS! Amen!! Amen!!

  2. @ Peggy,

    I’m a little confused… Are you currently married to your first husband, that had left you for another woman, but afterwards he came back and you remarried him, although you felt it was not the Lord’s will for you to do so? If that is correct, are you now feeling as if, you’re committing adultery with him because you remarried him, when you felt it was against the Lord’s will?

  3. I know Father wants us to love one another and love HIM with all of our hearts,minds,and souls.with this in mind,I am hoping to get some guidance,prayer,and peace. I am in my second marriage whom I married two times; he had left me for another woman and I remarried him. At that time,I believe the Holy Spirit told me not to take him back ,but I disobeyed and remarried him within a couple of months. Pastors and sisters and brothers in Christ told me that God could forgive me for what I’ve done,both the adultery,but somehow it always seem to come up in me that it was wrong,and I would attempt to discuss it with my husband. I had gotten to a place where I no longer could be intimate with him as a wife,but recently I felt a need to leave. Because this has been an ongoing issue,my present husband gets so angry with me that he scares me. He told me that we’ve been through this too many times,and that a pastor married us,and that I’ve gone too far with this. I sent him scriptures which I believe supports our marriage being one of adultery,but he has exploded again. He also has a very severe heart issue,but I really have not intentionally set out to upset him. Yesterday,I discussed with him my concerns,and he was very receptive and calm,but as soon as I sent him an email with the info from this site and another site that supports the scripture about the adultery,he flew off,and even threatened me.
    I do not want to harm him in any way,but I love the Lord. I know Father doesn’t want us to harm anyone,but I am concerned very much for his welfare.
    This is only a brief summarization of many concerns.
    Please, help me. Pray for me ,for my husband,jeff. This is more than I can bare. I stand in the shelter of Father.My trust is in the Lord.

  4. Praise be to the Lord our God Jesus Christ. Adultery is when you became unfaithful to your spouce in whatever manner or ways you can call it.

    Adultery breeds in the flesh (body)it is there since we are conceived from the womb because of the sin of Adam in the garden of eden.

    You need to find a way to cut this curse off from you. We can not save ourselves and the only cure is to repent from our sins be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ as in the book of Acts 2:38 so your sins is forgiven and received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

    This is the way which Jesus mentioned in the New teatament…”Iam the Way..Truth and the Life” Once you received the Gift of the Holy Spirit you have to walk in the Spirit of God daily and keep on keeping on until Jesus Returns.

    We must walk in the Holy Spirit daily and with that we will be able to endure, perservere and remain holy always.

    Jesus loves us as in John 3:16. May God bless you.

  5. @Cheryl
    Amen! Amen! I agree, with your interpretation of scripture & the advise you’ve given to May. However, I’d like to add to that, if I may…. Gentleman, its not about leaving a woman, (your wife/spouse) and replacing her with a new one. We all know it works & goes “both” ways. The sin of adultery knows both male & female and the pain & suffering associated with it, is felt on both sides of the fence. I know from my own situation and suffering, that most males have a hard time expressing their feelings. Although we seem to have a harder time, with openly discussing our experiences & pain, I have found we are equally effected and we experience the same amount of pain. Yes Cheryl, that is what the world usually does, is separate and look for another. I can’t say, in every situation we should stay, but I know there’s many that should. We should at least give God time to work and seek His will for our life. W e should at least try to weather the storm and allow God to strengthen us by going through it. Obedience, is right on! I would suggest reading & meditating on the book of Hosea. Allow God, to speak to your heart and direct your path. Not my will, but thy will Lord, be done! God bless you all and I pray the Lord will comfort & strengthen those who’ve been victimized by this deadly sin. Amen…..

  6. I would like to add the importance of knowing the Word of God. The Bible says we are free to remarry if our spouse dies. Yes, if your spouse has commited adultery and your heart has become hardened you are free to divorce. But it also says God HATES divorce and that it was not this way in the beginning. No where in the Bible does it say that God will give you someone else because you were unhappy because your spouse did not do right. It does say that if you are married to a nonbeliever and they leave you are not bound to those circumstances. What it doesnt say is that you are free to marry someone else. This is not God and we are not supposed to operate the way the world does as believers. Remember your vows “for better or for worse”? The better always feels good, but what about the worse? The worse doesnt feel good at all, but will you obey God during the worse? yes you will look like a fool to the world but God honors obedience & will carry you through anything you cant deal with. The problem is when our life is full of turmoil we are so consumed with our mess that we cant hear God and sometimes we dont want to hear Him. God has the final say in all that we face in this life.I want to encourage you all to study God’s Word and work on obeying the Word because at the end of the day nothing else matters. Yes, your spouse may have cheated or left you and your children and it hurts really bad. Our responsibility is to pray for them while in darkness and allow God to do the rest. Vengence is God’s and only His, not ours. yes we want them to hurt the way we hurt, but the Bible says we must forgive to be forgiven. If you dont have peace in the midst of the mess then you have not TRULY forgiven your spouse. This is so much deeper than us and our emotional cup. Yes God cares about our feelings but there is something He wants us to gain from our storms. Will you stand and obey the Word or will you continue to consume yourself with the past that you cant change? We are in the last days and there is no time to pick in choose what scriptures we will obey because in the end we will all be judged. Please take the time to study marriage and divorce and ask God for His wisdom and how He ordained marriage & hates divorce. I am not speaking on anything I havent been through and I am still going through myself. I battled with it for sometime and almost lost my mind in the process, until God took me to the root of the problem, which was disobedience. I married him knowing he wasnt ready for marriage and have been paying the price for it every since. I used to be really be angry hurt and bitter toward him. Thanks be to God, the last thing on my mind is divorcing him to be with someone else. In fact I dont even want another man, I still love my husband and I pray for him daily & believe me when I say he has done plenty. I knew I had to forgive him. The Lord is still healing me of my hurt & He has me in a place of acceptance. I have accepted my wrong in all this and this has taken my focus off of pointing the finger at him. When we focus on their wrong it takes our focus off of our wrong and we become the victim. We must be true to ourselves and stay focused on God. I know this is not a feel good message but as believers WE MUST OBEY GOD!!!! If someone prophecied to you that God has a better man for you, while you are still married or have filed for a divorce THAT IS NOT GOD!!!! God doesnt contradict Himself. Ladies its not about leaving a man and replacing him for a new one, this is what the world does. Please study the Word because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. If he left you for another woman, allow God to fill that void. God is my sustainer, He is my everything!

    • Completely biblical advice from Cheryl – lovely to read it from someone who really knows the truth from the Word. ‘If ye love me obey my commandments’.

  7. Dear May their is one very important thing missing with the confession that is repentence the meaning of repentence is to turn away from sin it is like saying I know I did wrong but I am going to do it anyway so confession without repentence their cant be forgiveness because they are in continued sin of adultery unless they truly repent hope this helps

  8. if the adulterers confess and admitted their sins..but did not go back to restore their marriage instead move on with their new affair, still abandon the wife and children leaving them with hurts and hopelessness, does it mean God has approved and forgive this pair of adulterer?

  9. The Bible teaches us about how all of our souls thirst everyone has a hole in there soul and GOD wants all of us to fill that hole with him and his love that is what God dsires but there are times in our lives that we feel empty and in pain it could be from a broken marriage or a troubled childhood when your spouse commits adultery against you it rips your soul apart and sometimes instead of allowing God to fill that emptiness we try to fill that void with other things and alot of times those other things are sinfull things we want to grab anything that we think might stop the pain the problem is it may lesson the pain for a short time but those sinfull choices only make matters worse and furthering the distantce we have with God who is really the only one who can truly heal us. So when we are hurting and feel empty we have the choice to fill our selves with Godly and good desires or fill ourselves with sinfull desires unfortunatly our flesh wins out over our spirit alot of the time it isnt easy to walk in the spirit instead of the flesh like the Lord tells us to do so with all of this we can see why we make some of the choices that we make … God Bless

  10. @Justin, I read your post and I wanted to tell you that If you truly repented and turned away from that sin whole heartedly, Praise God, I don’t know what it’s like being on your end, only on the receiving end. I would never wish that kind of pain on anyone, but I think it’s important to understand how deeply you hurt her, you basically killed her, emotionally, spiritually and unless you let her clear out all that garbage without making any excuses for what you did, she will not fully let it go, Listen to her, understand that all that hurt and dissapointment she feels is valid and be there to help her get through it, Please don’t feel in any way that I am judging you at all, I am only able to express what I would want, from my husband whom caused me the same pain. If you Love your wife then don’t take it personal, but accept her for what she feels, if you were to say it’s the past, or have an attitude like get over it already, than that’s truly not accepting how serious the sin you caused against her was, just hear her out and be strong and know that you not trying to defend or make the sin any less than what it truly was will show her some comfort,then with prayer and the Lords help she will get through it, because the same man that caused her so much grief is actually putting an effort and accepting some of the pain by allowing her to release all that garbage that has been stored up from the betrayel. This is only my opinion and I truly do hope and pray for your marriage, because if you are both willing to make it work, than give it your all, and don’t give up. Eventually the garbage will be all out and than the love can grow again, I pray the Lord Blesses your marriage, and you never fall into temptation of an adultress again in Jesus Name. I will pray for your marriage and for you to have wisdom on how to deal with this situation, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away, keep your faith and speak life over your situation and your wife and Love her by understanding and listening and when she says things that hurt don’t hold on to it, release it to God and I know things will get better.

    • Very good advice from Sofia for Justin. There are consequences to our sins even when we are repentant and have been forgiven by the Lord. You are going to have to be patient with your wife and keep on loving her and praying for her for as long as it takes. She has been very hurt and it all takes a lot of time to recover trust again.

  11. My husband who was supposed to be a christian has also been unfaithful repeatedly over the last 6 years accordng to Matthew 5:28. I forgave him, moved forward, forgave and we worked at moving forward again and again. I finally asked the LORD what HE had to say about it and the Holy Spirit said let him go. This was confirmed one night at a church where a prophetess who I didn’t even know spoke somethings to me that couldn’t nobody but the LORD have revealed to her. One of the things she said was you’re going to have to let somethings go. Not to mention my aunt who is a minister had already told me about 2 years prior that she beleived the LORD had someone better for me. When I began to prepare my heart to leave, since he didn’t want to move out GOD made provision for me that I would not have otherwise been able to obtain such as money for a place, being approved for the new place and income to be able to meet my expenses without my husband so I left. Now that I’m gone it seems like my husband is trying to get his stuff together but after 6 years of deceit and this rollercoaster I’m not convinced just yet. To tell the truth I’m just watching, praying for GOD to continue to expose him and waiting over the next 6 months to 1 year to see what happens, whether he will straighten up and we can have a fresh start if I even care for him at that point or until he is exposed again so I can forgive him but cut him off for good and allow GOD to bring a real child of GOD into my life that will love me as Christ loved the church and he knows it. If more women would seek counsel from GOD and only stay when HE tells them to and leave when HE tells them to they would find themselves in a much happier place. After all how many times does the cheater really stop cheating and don’t alot of these cheaters end up leaving the faithful party for someone else anyway? As Cheryl stated they will stop when they are ready. Obviously their flesh, not their wives is what they love so why keep praying, fasting and waiting for GOD to change someone who knows exactly what they are doing and loves every minute of it? Aren’t they getting their cake and eating it to? Doesn’t sound like a spiritual attack to me. Where is the scripture that says the Devil attacked them and made them do it? Just like it felt good when they’re in a position of one flesh with you it also feels good to the cheater when he or she is in a position of one flesh with someone else. Don’t you know the scripture in 1 Corinthians 7:15-17 that states 15 But if the unbeliever leaves, let it be so. The brother or the sister is not bound in such circumstances; God has called us to live in peace. 16 How do you know, wife, whether you will save your husband? Or, how do you know, husband, whether you will save your wife? (If they leave let them go, move on, you’re not bound, be happy and if the LORD sends someone else your way pray and fast for GOD’s direction and if the Holy Spirit lets you know this is the one then why not be happy).

  12. hey guys loved the article. i had an 8 month affair against my wonderful wife 6 years ago. Until Christmas 2011 I had kept it a secret for fear of losing her. In 2009 we had our daughter and she is the light of our lives and that caused me to bury my dark secret even deeper. During the last holidays I became so infected with conviction that I was becoming physically ill. I finally gave up fighting God and told her everything, to my suprise she stayed around saying she loved me. No understand before I had the affair I had cheated orally with girls while we were dating in college twice and then when we got married with the one. We had only been with one another and now I can no longer say that and it has destroyed her. Since confessing to her and God we have started going back to church and have both given our lives back to Christ. Yet, we have grown so much closer spiritually she still is going through moments of deep depression and hatred toward me. One minute she loves me and the next she tells me that I disgust her and she cant even look at me. I dont know what to do. I mean I feel christ has forgiven me and that life is behind me and I have not as much as thought about cheating for 6 years. I will never again, but it is all so fresh to her that i feel like i am just running in circles. I just feel so lost, and now I am feeling as if god is wanting me to help others through his love, but how can I when I cant even help my wife. I lover her with my whole heart and am ready to spend eternity with her thanks to Christs blood. But we have trouble reading the bible because of all the adultery verses, and she thinks I am getting off to easy because of christ sacrifice. I am just so confused, any advice and especially prayers would be appreciated.

  13. @Huntherdan, I am so extremely sorry for the pain and tears you are going through, If you don’t mind I really wanted to comment on your post. Each of us are able of knowing right and wrong, We cannot put blame on anybody else for choosing to make choices that we know are wrong. A Marriage is not a game or something to pass the time, its sacred, If you received an email stating you were to blame for his adultery, then its only him trying to make himself feel better about the ugly sin he is involved in. If you had been the worst wife in the world according to him, he had the choice to be a man and talk with you and figure out how to work together on fixing something that is so important, Please never take the blame for his adultery, if you had problems like all marriages do, you can take the blame for your part and he needs to take the blame for his part, but Adultery is each individuals choice, we have free will. I pray that you are comforted from head to toe in every area in your life, and I pray that the lord guides you and all that you do. God Bless you Always

  14. First off I want to thank all of you for being so open with something so personal as what this kind of sin causes, I am the victim of a spouse whom has commited adultry and refuses to repent, My husband was deported and it was devistating to me but I chose to move to mexico with him to be at his side, I have been married with him for 9yrs and I was the beliver and he was just someone whom said he believed in God, I watched him get babtized in jesus name may 2nd of 2011 and then maybe a few months after he changed on me, completely, later after much prayer I found the strength to confront him and he denied any of what I was feeling to only later admit he had found a friend, well this ended up being his adultress, and let me tell you the pain and agony I have felt and still feel is much worse than anything I have ever experienced in my life, He chose to slaughter me as the wife spiritually stating in his mind I am not his wife and put this woman on a pedistool, I reached out to many sisters in the Lord. I watched my husband change not only in appearance but the actual person was a stranger to me, I stayed 3 months watching him treat me as I was the other woman,, and believe me every night I was on my knees praying, I fasted and prayed like never before, I finally left jan 19th because I felt I was being slaughtered daily, he had no remorse and actually bragged about it to me, he completely erased me and everything that had to do with me, to my face. I heard everything from this woman being someone whom let him be him, to she was fun, to shes just a friend. I never felt so alone in my life, so much pain, so much hurt, and so much confusion as I have these past 4 months, he moved in with this other woman, claims that shes possibly pregnant and states he is doing nothing wrong because in his mind im not his wife. I have no words to explain what this has done to me only that everything the bible says about adultry is true, I praise god for the ones whom have commited this sin and have repented, and for those struggling and are being tempted please turn away, run and don’t look back because honestly if it had not been for gods hand, I would have died from the spiritual murder this sin causes. I still pray for my Husband because I know the man he was and saw the man he became, I pleaded with him many times on the pain adultry causes and how god hates divorce and to repent, but he was so trapped by the sin I no longer existed to him. I want all of you to know that last week I recieved a call from him, im now back in the U.S., and he let me know that he was in an accident with a gas tank exploding and burned half his face and arms, It hurt me deeply, but he also wanted to let me know he will not stop his sin, and that he will continue to be with this woman and later the adultress sent me a picture of her with my husband and the comments hahahahahaha, I spiritually have been beat up over and over and I still pray for my husband and I ask for all you to pray for me as well. My heart goes out completely to all of you whom have dealt first hand with the pain this sin causes, and I Thank all of you whom truly realize how vicious it is and have repented.

    • I am sorry for what you have gone through. I understand completely about him suddenly being a totally different person. At first I didn’t understand, but I looked into my ex husband’s eyes and though his eyes were blue, I saw only darkness. He wasn’t there anymore. After 7 years of struggling with depression and dealing with other losses in my life (the loss of both my parents), I finally came to the point to let go and let God. I could continue to pray for him, but in doing so, it’s only keeping me from moving on with my life. I’ve neglected my own happiness and have focused too long on the pain over a man that has been overtaken by his own fleshly desires. I finally said goodbye. Don’t get me wrong, I wish him well, but as he once told me, it’s between him and God. I can only pray the Lord has mercy on him (for it is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God…). There is no fear of God, because Christians believe in the once saved always saved teaching. But if Angels fell from grace, are we truly immune from the same judgement? That’s not a question I would want to test its truthfulness. Most of us commit sins in ignorance, but I pray that I never commit a willful sin against my Lord and Saviour, who shed His blood for me.
      People see what the want to see in scripture. God removes the veil and places it back on those that turn from Him. The Word is conveniently changed in order to justify ones actions. But unlike man’s law, there are no loopholes in God’s law.
      Only God can remove the veil. He has mercy on whom He has mercy…
      I no longer care to know if my husband has benefitted from his decision to commit adultery or not. I don’t care to know his whereabouts or even think of how he’s doing. My focus is now on my own well being. Divorce brings on a lot of emotional pain, especially when there is no closure. And it’s time, I started praying for my healing and stopped concentrating on the people that caused it.
      I pray for you as well, and hope you find peace in Christ to move on and continue in His love.
      God Bless.

  15. @Murphy, Your wisdom and depth is such a blessing, please continue to encourage people as I can see and feel the Holy Spirit in your words. Whatever has happened in your life has truly drawn you closer and given you such profound depth in the Lord! May you continue to seek the Kingdom of God and do his Work thru encouragement and building up of God’s people in their time of distress. I thank God for adversity for it has as well grown my family up and closer to the Lord. What the enemy meant for harm, God set us up for it to be for our God. Remember your set back is your set up for your come back in the Lord. Thank you Lord that I’m not what I use to be and I’m striving & yielding to the Lord to be the woman of God he wants me to be. God won’t leave us nor forsake us. God sticks closer than a brother. I will continue to fight the good fight of Faith! I plead the Blood of Jesus over every part of my life and I trust God to do exactly what he said he would do in his word!! Thank you Lord for the Victory in you!! The enemy has no dominion and has to flee!! Trust God and EVERYTHING WILL BE MORE THAN ALRIGHT!! BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY IN ALL OUR LIVES!!

  16. Cheryl
    I agree with what you are saying about praying for our marriages and I know God hates divorce, but when the enemy has taken a person’s mind and heart and they are fullengaged in the sin of adultery and they are not willing to yield and surrender, I believe it is time to let go and the word of God says that if a spouse chooses to end the marriage due to this sin, that God will allow it. I deeply respect your determination to keep praying for your spouse and marriage and I pray that your prayers are answered. But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord and move forward and not wait on a man who has failed and turned his back on us and God. I see no point in going on with that. If a person has made their choice to dwell in sin and not turn to God you can pray until your last breath but it ultimately is a choice and a point of acceptance and I have reached mines. Adultery erodes the ability to love, a man that doesen’t love you isn’t going to return and turn from his sin. But God won’t fail and he won’t committ adultury on me and my children. God won’t fail like man has so many times over. I pray for all who have committed this sin against their wives and husbands, may God have mercy on them and their souls for such a destructive wicked demonic sin that kills and devestates!!

  17. Murphy do u have a word for me?

  18. @Sandra Odom……… I’m sorry to hear about your situation and I know it must be hard. I pray for the Lord to move in a way that will reconcile your family back together. Regarding your grand-children, check with your local county chancery court and ask about your right-to-visitation as a grandparent. Most states have laws in place to help assist with these type situations. I felt to mention this to you for the possibility or opportunity, to not only gain the relationship back with your grand-children you lost, but to possibly shake & move your daughter into realizing the kind of choices she has chosen to make in her life. I hope & pray for the best and may the Lord keep & shelter those precious children in His mighty hands. God Bless You & Your Family………..

  19. @Cora……… Amen! Amen! I know how you feel and I feel the same about my wife. I pray the Lord strengthens you and increases your faith, in believing that ALL things are possible through Christ Jesus. I will continue to remember you in prayer. Don’t let the doubters or those who are weak in faith, bring you down or steal your blessing. If the Lord has promised you victory, claim it in the name of Jesus! If He has promised you victory, you can take it to the bank! He will not & He can not, let you down! He has never let me down and He has always kept His promises. God bless you……

  20. @Manny…… please understand, I am not judging you, for the Word says, judge ye not, that ye be judged. Athough you may not like hearing what I have to say, its not meant as judgment of you in anyway. Know this, I love you in Christ as my brother and by our Lord’s command, found in His’ Word, I’m required to do so. Be ye notified, if the spirit of adultery, which satan has cast upon you both, still remains currently active in your life (mind,body,soul,spirit), I believe through the power & wisdom of the Holy Ghost, that you need to immediately step down from your position as the acting Youth Leader/Pastor of your church. And that’s whether or not you still remain actively involved with your Pastor’s wife. I pray the Lord will continue to convict you and in return cause a great desire inside your heart, to seek complete deliverance from this satanic spell. I pray the Lord will give you the strength & courage to follow through with gaining complete & utter deliverance and I pray He will help you re-build & re-gain the LOVE & CARE you once had for your precious wife. I pray He will strengthen & comfort your wife & children and place a spirit of forgiveness in their hearts. This tragedy, which satan is proud of, can become a slap & spit upon his face, if you choose to follow the voice & path of our Lord Jesus Christ. With hard work and continual commitment from you, to lead & live a 100% Christian way of life, I believe you’ve been given the opportunity of turning this travesty into something you & your family could look back upon with a spirit of thankfulness, giving God all the Glory. That is all up to you! We do have a choice in our life of circumstances & situations. Its not all destiny. Its been said, life is a lot like a card game. You are dealt a hand of cards, but you have no decision upon or choice of what they are. But once they’re dealt out, you have the choice of picking them up and playing the best hand you possibly can. The cards have been dealt, you picked them up and you chose to play your first hand this way. But even now, after seeing your BIG mistake, the game isn’t over and you still have a lot of choices to make. Now its up to you again to choose which cards you’re going to play and whether or not you will keep making the same mistake. I pray that you and your family will become stronger, wiser, closer and that each of your heart’s will be filled with an abundance of love for each other. I plead the Blood of Jesus over this situation and each and everyone of them alike here today and in all the victory, to GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! Amen……

  21. Why is it that i feel like there is a kurse over me
    I was born and raised without a father, he abandoned my mother at 7 months pregnancy
    My mother later met another man and i lived through domestic violence from as far as i remember until the age of 11
    During those 11years i was molested by an uncle, moved from school to school 2-4

  22. Oh my, this is hectic Sandra. Take it to the Father our Almighty Yahua (God). Unfortunately her actions will impact her children. God has given children to us as a reward and blessing and expects us to take care of them according to His will as in His Word. May Yahua our Elohim hide them under the shelter of His wings. Pray for the children, not soulish prayers but declare His Word upon the children, His Word accomplishes what He has set out to accomplish. May Yahua give you strength as grandparents and wisdom and revelation. As for your daughter, she’s caught up in a deadly game. Read Prov 1 – 5 to her. Yahua’s Word does not return to Him void and faith comes by hearing His Word. I pray that she heeds the voice of our Elohim, repent and turn to Him. She must make a choice. Choose life or Death, blessings or curses. May you have peace that surpasses all understanding knowing our Father is in control.

  23. I just looked the posting ‘ Death and Life is in the power of the tongue’ and I will read it fully later.Thank God for you Mike this website has been a blessing.

  24. Jeann – Thanks for your words of encoragement, everyone of us on this site which are struggling with the memories or the temptation needs all of your encouragement and prayers.May God our Father bless u.

  25. The reason you keep on going back to the persons you had an affair with is because of the soul ties that were formed. Until those ties are broken its a continued cycle. Seek deliverance and ask God to sever all ties and be set free. I mean All. Remember you caught in the soul web of all the people your adulterous partner slept with. If you struggling with temptation, call your pastor or praying friends to pray with you and RUN the opposite direction. Its unfortunate that technology has made it easy for old flames to connect. If you can’t control yourself, stay out of it.

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