Signs of Demonization

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What Are the Signs of Demonization

Per all of the articles we have in our Spiritual Warfare section on how to deal directly with demonic spirits, the first thing you will need to do once God leads you to work with someone who may be demonized, is to make sure that it really is demons who are attacking this person and not something they are imagining or conjuring up.

If demons are attacking someone from the outside position and they are not actually in that person’s body, this is what you call basic demonic “oppression.” These types of cases are much more easier to deal with than an inside case. Just find out what their legal rights are, properly break them before the Lord like we have showed you how to do in our other articles, and then command the demons to leave the person in the name of Jesus.

However, when demons are literally living on the inside of someone’s body, this is what you call “demonization.” But again, the rules are the same. Find out what their legal rights are, properly break them before the Lord, and then proceed to cast them out in the name of Jesus.

However, these inside cases may be a bit tougher and there may be some additional things you may need to do, depending on how many legal rights the demons are operating on and how long they have been on the inside of that person in the first place.

In this article, I just want to concentrate on the very first thing you will need to do if you are working with someone who has demons living on the inside of them. And that very first thing is to determine if there really are demons living on the inside of them.

Here are some of the basic signs and manifestations you may come across when dealing with someone who has demons literally living and operating on the inside of them.

Since we cannot see demons with our natural eyes like we can see people and material objects in our natural realm, you will need some of these types of signs and manifestations as guideposts so you can determine whether or not you are dealing with a person who is really being demonized from the inside of them.

1. The Person Will Already Know They Have Demons on the Inside of Them

The first “sign,” the first “tell” you will have on these types of cases is that the person many of the times will already know that they have demons living on the inside of them. They will tell you they can sometimes hear voices on the inside of them and at times can actually feel or sense the demons moving “in and out” or “up and down” in them.

Many of these people may at first be very reluctant to admit this to anyone for fear that they will either be misunderstood or thought of as being crazy.

But by the time the Lord leads you to these types of cases, many of these people will be ready to work with you and they will be more than willing to tell you anything and everything on their story so you can properly work with them to get them completely delivered, as many of them have been bound up and under torment from these demons for quite a long period of time.

So the first thing you will need to do is to not turn these types of cases away when they do first come your way, as there is always the possibility that it is God Himself who is guiding this case your way so you can try and work with them to get them completely delivered from these demons.

Just listen very carefully to the person’s entire story and then be led by the Lord and His discernment on the case so you know whether or not you are dealing with the real thing.

One of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of discerning of spirits. And part of this gifting is where the Holy Spirit Himself will give you the supernatural ability to be able to see or sense if this person really does have demons operating on the inside of them.

2. Look For These Basic Demonic Manifestations

As you are listening to the person’s entire story and how they may have gotten these demons on the inside of them in the first place, look for some of these basic demonic manifestations in their story. And also do not be afraid to ask the person if they have ever had some of these basic manifestations occur with the demons.

Now here are some of the basic manifestations that demons will do with the people they are inhabiting.

One or two of these manifestations may not be able to stand by themselves, but when you get someone that has quite a few of these manifestations occurring on some type of regular basis, then the chances are very good that they really do have demons literally living on the inside of them.

  • Hearing voices on the inside talking to them. These voices may also refer to the host in the third person.
  • Feeling or sensing the demons moving on the inside of them. Feeling pressure and movement in the head and stomach areas. Demons can also attack the central nervous system so it feels like the person is going crazy at times.
  • Having bad and frequent nightmares, sometimes with the same bad and horrific nightmare being repeated over and over again.
  • May have seen some of the demons in an actual vision.
  • Can sometimes smell the demons, who have a very putrid and toxic smell to them. Demons can also smell like burning sulphur at times.
  • Will have strong, inner compulsions to do bad things that are not in their normal behavior patterns like having bad thoughts of suicide and murder. Can also have very strong addictions to things like drugs, alcohol, and pornography.
  • Abnormal fascination with the occult or any type of criminal activity.
  • Abnormally strong feelings of rage and hate in them that are not a part of their natural personality and makeup. Demons can also transmit heavy feelings of despair, hopelessness, depression, and that they have committed the unpardonable sin of blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.
  • Irrational fears, panic attacks, and phobias on some type of a regular basis.
  • Periods of having loss all sense of time from minutes to actual hours and can sometimes end up somewhere and not knowing how they got there. Also, regularly doing things for which they have no memory of actually doing.
  • At times, can sense an evil presence on them, in them, and in the houses they live in.
  • Will feel cold spots in certain areas of the houses they are living in with these cold spots not being by any open windows.
  • Will sometimes see dark shadows running across some of the rooms in their houses, especially in their bedrooms.
  • Can have poltergeist type phenomena occurring in their houses such as material objects flying across the room, doors opening up and slamming shut all by themselves, drawers opening up on their own, hearing footsteps shuffling across the floors and scratching type noises on the walls, along with the electricity going on and off and material objects actually disappearing.
  • In the more extreme cases, the person can literally find themselves levitating right off their bed at times.
  • May have the ability to speak in a foreign language of which they have no natural knowledge of.
  • Can be capable of great, abnormal, physical strength.
  • Can receive mild to strong trembling and shaking sensations on different parts of their bodies. Can also receive choking sensations and a tightness around their head and eye areas.
  • Abnormal amounts of dizziness, blackouts, and seizures.
  • Very heavy, uncontrollable twitching type activity on certain parts of their bodies like their face and their arms.
  • May have had some out-of-body experiences, especially in cases of sexual abuse and satanic ritual abuse.
  • Have a very hard time in praying and reading from their Bibles. Can also have an actual revulsion of the Bible to the point of wanting to try and tear it apart or burn it.
  • A compulsive desire to want to curse and blaspheme God and Jesus.
  • Can have multiple personalities in them which are known as alters.
  • May have tried other kinds of treatments and medications from other psychologists and psychiatrists with no real help or relief ever being given to them.
  • The demons can at times take control of the vocal cords and speak right out of the person’s mouth. When this occurs, the tone of the person’s voice could change, like a woman speaking out in a man’s deep, husky voice. Demons can also emit animal like sounds out of a person’s mouth and vocal cords like the hissing of a snake, the growling of a lion or tiger, or the emitting of a baying type howl like a wolf. They can also let out very loud screams and yells, especially when being directly confronted by the deliverance minister during the actual deliverance itself.
  • The demons can also manifest in the person’s eyes where you can see them literally looking at you. What you will see when this occurs is pure evil and pure hatred looking at you. You will also see this look from the demons being captured in some of the person’s past photographs, as some of these demons love to show themselves in the person’s eyes and countenance when photos are being taken of them. Another type of look you can see when the demons are looking out of someone’s eyes is what I call the “hollow look.” When you see this type of demonic look, it is like you are looking into someone who has no personality. They will look “soulless” and “lifeless” to you when you see this type of look coming out of their eyes, and you will also know that it is not the personality of the person you are looking at.
  • Different types of facial contortions which no longer look like the person, such as glazed eyes, blank stare type eyes, eyes rolling backwards where all you see are the whites of the eyes, and stretching the skin of the face into a contorted, hissing like expression.
  • Different types of bodily contortions like people slithering across the floor like snakes, getting on all fours and barking like dogs, growling like lions, or howling like wolves. Abnormally stretching out their spines, fingers and hands locking up and going rigid, and demons grabbing a hold of a person’s throat in order to try and stop them from talking with you. The demons can also whip the head in a very rapid side-to-side type movement, stretch the neck out as far as it will go, along with jolting portions of the body causing those portions to move in a very rapid side-to-side type movement.

If the person has had any of this type of activity in their background, or if any kind of this activity surfaces or manifests while you are talking or praying with the person, then there is a very good chance that you are truly dealing with a person who has demons living on the inside of them and they will now need a full scale deliverance from the Lord.


With many of the churches still not doing enough in-depth teaching on this subject matter, you still have some people sitting in many of the churches across the world who are being demonized like this on the inside and they feel totally hopeless, helpless, isolated, and alone.

They feel that if they try and speak out on their conditions, that people will either not believe them, or if they did, they would think they are evil or that there is something mentally wrong with them. They also do not want to deal with the possible stigma of having demons attached to them.

As a result, they slip underneath the radar screen in most of the churches they belong to and no one, including most of their close friends and family members, even knows they have demons living on the inside of them.

Sadly, most of these people go on for the rest of their earthly lives and never get set free from their demons. This is why every single church should have some type of basic teaching system in place on this part of our walk with the Lord so people like this will not be afraid to try and reach out for help.

This little website alone has stirred up some of these hornet’s nests, with people coming to us with demons being attached to them, but with them being too afraid to go to their own pastors for fear of either ridicule or disbelief because this subject matter is never talked about or taught on in the churches they have been raised up in.

Once you start talking about these kinds of issues, and give people some basic working knowledge to fully understand it, then they will be willing to come out of hiding and seek help because they will then feel that someone will understand what they have been going through.

But if you never talk about it, then they will assume that you are either not interested in it, you don’t believe in it, or you are too afraid to deal directly with it yourself. As a result, most of these people will never get delivered, and they will then have to battle this inner torment for the rest of their earthly lives.

1.  To any of you out there who feel like you do have demons attached to you, but have never sought out help for some of the above reasons, it would be our strong recommendation that you read our article, “Looking for a Deliverance Minister,” and then follow the logical and straight forward steps that are in there to try and find a good deliverance minister in your area who can work directly with you to get you set free.

As we have said in that article, God is raising up more of His people to be able to do deliverances, and there is a very good chance you can find someone in your area who will be able to deliver you if you will just put for forth the time and effort to try and find this person if you are not confident enough to try and do a self-deliverance on your own.

Ask God to guide you to this person and where they are located at, and the Holy Spirit will then move to guide your steps so you can find the right minister who will then be able to set you completely free from these demons.

2.  If by chance you know someone who does have demons attached to them, but they have never sought out help for some of the above reasons, do not be afraid to approach this person and offer them your time, help, and assistance to try and find a minister who will be able to set them completely free if you do not feel comfortable in trying to do this yourself.

Again, go to our article, “Looking for a Deliverance Minister,” and follow the straight forward steps that are in there and God will then move to take up your case and use you to help get this person delivered if they are too bound up or too afraid to try and do this on their own.

We have a testimony of that actually occurring in this article. A woman’s roommate was being seriously demonized on the inside of her as a result of her engaging in white occult magic. She then decided to take on her case and got her roommate fully delivered from the demons by seeking after the right deliverance minister who could get the job done for her.

She had to go to three different pastors, but the third pastor she found was able to get her roommate fully delivered from her demons. And all of this all got accomplished because she just took the time to do this for her roommate, since her roommate was too afraid and too bound up to try and do it for herself.

I have seen God move time and time again on these types of cases if people would just step out of their safe boats and take on these kinds of deliverance assignments from time to time.

As we have said in our article, “The Great Commission – Save, Heal, Deliver and Disciple,” one of the main ministries Jesus is calling all of us to do for Him is to get people delivered from demons when we do come across these types of cases. You can either learn how to do it for yourself, or you can help guide these people to the ones who will know how to do it for them if you are to afraid to try and learn it on your own.

But either way, we should not be having people with demons tearing them up on the inside sitting in our churches when this type of subject matter could be easily taught on in every single church – especially with Jesus Christ Himself telling us to include the deliverance ministry as part of the Great Commission that He has asked all of us to do for Him.

We hope this article will help educate and enlighten some of you on some of the basic demonic manifestations people will experience when demons are actually attached to them, especially with demons who are living on the inside of them.


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  1. May you please help me. I always feel heavy shoulders and some things moving in my body. Sometimes around my waist i feel hot and sensational in my stomach. When this hapens my feet gets hot. As I speak right not my right shoulder muscle is pulling towards my neck and feel like something is compressing the muscle. My stomach, I have tried medications varying from Doctors and even Prayers from many man and women of God, both face to face and online but nothing has help. Many times I have dreams that show my things getting blocked. If I plan to do something I do not need to discuss with my wife. Once I speak about it, that is the end. I can feel a movement on top of my heard but if you touch, there is nothing. i can have people’s dreams that pass possitvely but mine many time are negative, since I was young.

    From what i got form you, I do not need any site neither anyone to pray for me or guide me except you. Please advise, as I have lived with this propblem for more than 8 years. Please help me be delivered.

  2. well I beg to differ, first sicknesses is from the pit of hell. there are many people today suffering from one sickness or another but if you do tests you won’t find anything but the sufferers knows it’s there, I am a living witness! lots of things written here is so true!! I have done couple of tests but doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me, they where able to diagnose typhoid fever but I knew it’s much worse. I keep getting sick every now and then almost every single day some of them are life threatening!

  3. Some of these things can only be revealed through the gifts of the Spirit. Dealing with hierarchies depend on our ability to come up higher in Christ and absolute direction from Him.

  4. A lot of what you are describing can also be attributed to mental illness and physical illness. It is wrong to dogmatically assume everything is demonic. Jesus Christ healed people of many conditions, demonic possession being only one of them. Due to family religious indoctrination, I used to believe the panic attacks I was experiencing were demonic attacks, and that it meant I simply was evil and bad. This made the attacks exceedingly worse. I found out later I had panic disorder and PTSD, much different conditions. Jesus helped/is helping me through these symptoms. But I had been mis-labeling them for years. People experiencing any of what you describe above should seek medical attention.

    • yes, I certainly agree to getting medical help.
      many conditions have their basis rooted to medical conditions.
      prayers and asking GOD’S HELP to cure together with appropriate medication from qualified doctors is the best way to recovery.
      If God did not want us to have better quality of help, then He would not have given us Doctors, Medical Centers, Hospitals, Nurses, Medications and Research.
      Also certain jobs,and family and friends interactions can put us under tremendous stress, this later develops into further illness brought on by worries and self neglect.
      Daily ritual of self care combined with discipline, prayers, acknowledgment of God’s will for us and gratitude help in the road to recovery ,
      I am on that path. My faith is steadily growing in leaps and bounds

    • Jesus brought the *kingdom*(check greek definition) of God against all sickness, disease, illness, evil spirits, and set the captives free. Who were they held captive by? Leprosy healed, blind received sight, lame walked, mentally ill restored to sound minds.. JESUS prayed for all who would believe.. thst WE would be ONE just as HE and THE FATHER ARE ONE. think about that deeply EVERYDAY.

      JESUS himself prayed the FATHER that WE (you, me, and all born again believers would be ONE.. just as Jesus and FATHER are one. The body of Christ gets that revelation.. then we will see the works he did in our very own lives.. but this may be blocked by the flesh/carnal mind/unbelief.. and may require diligent prayer meditation on the scriptures and fasting.. look at the great commision.. luke 18 dont stop knocking on that door until it is opened.. PERSIST like the widow with the unjust judge. Never give up.. pray without ceasing.. meditate in his words deeply and pray his prayer… THAT AS HE AND FATHER ARE ONE… YE ALSO BE ONE.

    • I finally told someone about my voices. My last suicide attempt I was determined to join Gods legion to fight demons. I was diagnosed with DID. I’m getting worse. I feel what is in me is foreign. I am planning a trip to church to speak with Father.
      Medical plan is to integrate all these different parts of me to make a whole. I don’t want this in me anymore. It’s not me that I feel inside.

  5. I’ve never seen anything as described above except on movies such as The Exorcist, The Three Faces of Eve, or The Village of the Damned. What was portrayed was an exorcism. A much different situation than deliverance. Mental illness as per edict, must be ruled out first.
    According to the Gospel we are to “take the log out of our own eyes…” So to distill and apply this we do self deliverance as taught by the gospel.

  6. Good night everyone. I have been delivered. I got involved with a guy who was involved without my knowledge. He would prophesy so I thought he was genuine. I thank God for those He had praying for me so that I could finally see the guy for who he was. I didn’t realise that I was living in a bubble, the guy would do things contrary to scripture and I would make excuses but they were signs all along to show me how deceptive he was. To reconnect I did a six-day pray and fast and I meditated on scriptures daily that were very specific to the issues in my life. I am so happy to be finally with Jesus, knowing Him in a real way. My situation propels me to never be deceived again. Test the spirits…they are out there. I am now in Ministry and I won’t go back because I am ever grateful.

  7. The signs that people with demons inside them displays, are rightly mentioned. When you suddenly turn your face and look them in the eyes, you’ll capture an “I hate you!” face. That changes quickly to a calm look. You catch them in that look frequently. You might think “what have I done to him/her to fill her with this much hate?” Hey…its not him/her, it’s the demons, and demons are that way. Understand and help.

    • Yes , I remember a friend, while God was trying to deal with her, she looked in the mirror and saw her own eyes looked back at her and they were demonic, Praise God Jesus set her free.

  8. My brother has definite possession of demons. When i texted and asked the number he texted me in code and said 9 then corrected himself and said 8. He was in a relationship with a women who dealt in the occult. Every time he tried to leave her, he couldn’t. Things got worse. Now, she left the state and he goes into these catatonic states and we have toBaker Act him because he won’t eat for days, even weeks. It’s c clear possession. However, when he is the calmer that he could be, we offer him prayer, but he says he don’t want that… at least the spirits say it for him. He’s more afraid of them than his deliverance. He told used to say that we make it worse when we pray and not to worry (before things got real bad). Now his neck jerks, and you can physically see the demons moving. Once we prayed for him and he fell to the ground. Another time we prayed they pulled knives and threatened the minister. My question is, he clearly wants help, but I know he’s afraid. Everyone keeps saying he had to accept Jesus first, but I’m conflicted because I’m thinking the spirits will NEVER let him do that. It’s getting to the point that he is dodging us because they don’t want him around us. They are trying to pull him farther and farther away. He said to my sister, why won’t y’all let me go home? why y’all keep saving me? He does call for help though, like food and water. Spirits won’t let him keep a job. He told me they tell him not to go to work. It’s a vicious cycle that had been going on for about 3 years and ies getting worse. People tell me he needs to accept Jesus first, but they have total control. I feel like we still need to pray until total deliverance happens and t the curse and spirits are lifted. Please ley me know what should be done.

    • Paul never ask Simon the Sorcerer if he want to be saved or permission to cast out the demon, Apostle Paul just got fed up and turned around and commanded the demon to come out and if you are saved you can do the same thing…. It’s Bible!

    • I think you should fast if even for 1 day. The Lord will show you. What is his name and i will pray too.

    • Maybe if he won’t go to a deliverance minister maybe a deliverance minister can go to him. Perhaps he needs spiritual food for spiritual strength. Perhaps he needs to read the gospels. And Joshua 1:8. His eternity is at stake. I’m sure if he could think clear he would choose the way to everlasting life which is Jesus. I’m sure he’d not want to spend the rest of his eternity burning in the lake of fire. He needs to sacrifice this life for the next one.

    • Pray and Fast… Both of you. You and your Sister… If you have other Believers of Christ in your Family… All of you do this at the same time. Are y’all all Believers Baptized? Anoint your Home Daily. Anoint where he sleeps, take him to church but dont tell him. Make sure the people, pastors that are praying for him as well have been praying g and fasting…. Christ said it himself. This kind can only be cast out by prayer and fasting. You are more filled up with the Holy Spirit. If you absolutely cannot get him to church… It’s safer there. Demons cannot enter. Do it there…. Then have all the church come to you. Fast and prayer. There is Power in the name of Lord Jesus Christ….Say His Full name.

  9. I asked Jesus into my life when I was about 14 but at about 17 I turned away and prayed “Get out of my life God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit”. Fast forward another 10 years and I started going back to Church. Since then (for another 10 years) I have been tying to come back to God. I attend church but I can’t say the whole of The Lord’s Prayer, I can’t sing certain hymns; when I have asked people to pray with me I feel physically tense, start clenching my fists or clawing with my hands and get jittery. If people tell me I’m already a Christian I feel angry, I sometimes find myself wanting to rip pages out of the Bible and I shake leading up to communion. When I go up for communion I can’t take the bread or wine as it’s almost like there’s a voice telling me not to so I usually just have a blessing but whilst I am having that I feel sick and shaky and like I want to run away from the communion rail. I have tried to ask Jesus into my life but cannot physically get the words out. I sometimes wonder if it is just me stopping myself from asking Jesus into my life again but now I wonder whether it is something else. I would appreciate any thoughts?

    • Break the words you cursed yourself with when you told them to get away. You need deliverance and I believe you will get it

  10. I can relate to everyone’s comments about demon possession. I first felt them in my stomach but since have felt them move in and land on my back, legs, face and head. I can tell how they are going to manifest by where they land. I hate living this way. The worst part is doubting my salvation because God feels so far when they are so near. I’ve been through a deliverance but they come back and I’m not sure of my open doors. The confusing part is that I operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I need help.

    • I am so sorry you are hurting at the hands of Satan. Your pain is real, but you are blessed by the Holy Spirit because His Spirit is actively speaking to your soul and informing you the nature and the cause of your pain. The biggest part of this fight for your soul is awareness of the condition of your soul. Like an alcoholic/addict, I have 2.5 yrs sober time, most of the battle is in the awareness and admission of the problem. I can see the contortions and the writhing pain in people afflicted by demonization. I’m not a deliverance minister but I’ve recently been activated in the prophetic and I’m overwhelmed by the suffering that satan causes in many people that I can now see as readily as I can see the sun. Most of them don’t realize the source and are, therefore, living in blind obedience to evil and can not see the hope and peace waiting for them on the other side of repentance. I spent 1.5 yrs in the study of my own personal deliverance from the demonic influence of addiction and promiscuity. I spent hours every day in the presence of God through scripture and Tony Evans (youtube). In praising the Lord and in thanksgiving, I felt demons flee from my soul every day. When God tells us to submit to Him and the devil will flee, He speaks absolute truth. You are now in a unique, even blessed, position to study the Word for your own deliverance. On the other side of this you will walk in a power and authority over satan that few others can learn to embrace because you will have intimate knowledge of both yourself and your enemy. Self deliverance is arduous and painful, but I’m living proof that it’s possible for all who are aware of their own demonization. If you choose to take this path to Christ, buckle up because you’ll be starting the biggest adventure of your life. I feel blessed that I had been demonized because, as a result, I can readily see them in others. I can cause them, because I can see them, to turn tail and flee from my presence. May the Lord bless you and keep you as you step in to the light of His Word, His Life, and His way.

    • I’ve got an impression of you having spirit of doubt & unbelief. No offence, I suggest to ask the Holy Ghost for Godly sorrow for doubting and repent because He is offended and that gives the demons a legal ground to attack you. Plead for the Blood of Jesus for forgiveness and protection. Ask Jesus to give you Godly hate for this bastard spirits and begin taking authority in His Name and rebuke them. Submit to Him first, humble yourself, resist then they will flee. God bless.

  11. Very interesting thank you… hope I can leave a few thoughts as well 😉

    A HUGE part in all of this is to confess your sins. Sin is how they get in, and if you clean house but have no repented of sin then there is easy access again. So you need to confess all sins, this is why a person who is maybe a good Christian and goes and gets delivered will still deal with demons later on. This can be heart wrenching as you feel “oh no why did the Lord not deliver me of all of them” or you may think it is just you (since you were delivered so recently). So there is really nothing that can be done and you should be glad that you were delivered and you are now clean… untrue!

    Then thing is. Oftentimes you have sins you do not know are sins, for example you think that lust is fine and okay, but so this demon is left behind, or is thrown out but his bed not with him, so he goes back. He knows you welcome him and do not mind him being there. You may like him.

    After all is it not good to lust after your husband for example? hmmm, is it? I dont know, do you give him a hard time when he cannot perform (or not in the mood) or when he is not all that sexy as you like him to etc? He does not do it perfectly or whatever. Because it is lust it is not right. Are you attracted to him to love him or is it a physical desire or urge for yourself, one that just keeps coming again and again? Yes right “he gets the benefits” you think, no not relly, because that really is not how it works. Lust is selfish and demonic. Wanting and loving is another deal altogether.

    I mean there are women (and men) out there that think their demons are the best part about them. “God just made me a very sexual person” so they will use all sorts of excuses.

    So look into you heart, confess, all of them, and ask the Holy Ghost to guide you, and help you find unconfessed sins. Write them down or tape record all your inspired “speech”. Then renounce it, all of it and ask for Gods forgiveness and His cleansing. Confessing the sins is the most important part, the “forgive me” will naturally follow and you will cry undoubtedly as you hear yourself speak more and more sins, stuff you forgot. You will realize how much you have hurt others around you.

    If there is unforgiveness make sure that this is totally covered too. Not forgiving is a sin. Go over everyone you may have unforgiveness against. Then ask Jesus Christ to completely erase the sin they committed against you. Pray for them. You need to forgive totally and their sin cannot be used later. I am sure they have sinned against others (and against God), but you need to forgive all they did to you none the less. You know what? If you forgive you will actually be healthier, did someone do something against you as a child and you always forgave it and you were a very happy child inspite of all that happened (this is me) then later you started to hold on to it, the unforgiveness, you maybe acted out, you went out and partied and drank and then you felt all this anger? when you in deed were not that angry all the time when you were younger? Well the unforgiveness actually made you sin more and made you sick and bound. Naturally I am not telling people to stay in bad relationships etc. I am just saying that forgiving stuff from childhood is extremely powerful and you feel happier about your childhoood as a result, you will remember yourself as a happy child and remember the good stuff. It is a huge part of healing.

    Are you clean after deliverance by say a video with Derek Prince?

    You will see it in your eyes. They get cleaner, you will see a great difference there. It takes time, it may take years for you to realize all your sins and clean house and the furniture of all the demons you have picked up through your life. Each and everyone will be a such a relief so it is all worth it!! Dont get discouraged after the first time when you feel your eyes are still a bit dim. Keep on keep on keep on. Then also remember that you will still get angry even if the anger demon is out, everyone gets angry, but it is not a sign that it is back okay? Keep your chin up!

    God is so proud and happy about your progress. Would you even shock your own child by changing their whole character over night? Of course not. They sometimes need to hold on to some of the bad stuff for a while. They are still making progress.

    God bless you! Live a holy life!

    It is actually possible to go a whole day without sinning. It is mainly the demons that cause you to sin. “And the truth shall make you free” – but we are not bondservants, we are free men! – I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. (Jesus, somewhere in the gospel of John)

    I have been able to skip sinning for whole days, I mean where I literally at the end of the day can find nothing I did bad. It is pretty awesome.

    If you need to find a sin that you commited over the day think about all the people you met first and there is usually at least one there. Then there may be others, you may have even stolen something (yes yes a candy from the bowl at work that you know was someone elses and they would probably say yes but you didnt ask….)

    okay sorry how long this was!

  12. Hi Gordon. At times several personal belongings have vanished even under my nose and never were returned to me. In recent years I have felt the presence of a spirits in my other place where I used to live but for some reason I was not afraid. On one occasion when I was alone cleaning my kitchen sink a quarter was thrown to the sink but no one else was in my place six but me. My entire life as a Christian since the early 80s I have always had a hard time praying and reading my Bible. I have not been congregating in a local church for many years. Several months ago I was assigned a new dentist to supervise my medical treatment and the first time I met him and we started talking, a strange thing happened. I felt on the left side of my chest something came loose inside me and exclaimed with a loud voice “how beautiful he is.” This supervising dentist became obsessed with me, gave me prolonged stares near me when I was left alone, began to stalk me inside the facility, and offered to ask him anything to the point he was making me feel uncomfortable and I had to report him to his superiors and I asked to be transferred to another dental clinic. In 1986 when I was judging and condemning my ex-husband and was being very hard on him accusing him for all the things he had done against me in the past, i heard a heartbreaking voice inside me telling me John 3:17 ” I did not come into the world to condemn it but to save it.” Am I demonized?

    • Lady, yoU are fine. I hate to say this, but demonization is simply a way for sinners to reassure thenselves that they are not personally sinning. Calm down and ask your pastor for help.

      • Hi
        Totally disagree with the above reply, you have or had a spirit of lust, and need to cast it out and the scripture you were given towards your ex was the HOLY Spiirt. you can still and most do have evil spirits inside of them because the church has been hoodwinked by the devil to believe otherwise. Christians still sin and have the Holy spirit, it is the same principal. But yes don’t worry you have power over them but you must do your part which is the verbally cast it out!!!

  13. I have been demonized for almost a year now. I used to have dissasociations frequently and blackout for anywhere between 20 Minutes to hours. I’ve had people try to deliver me, me and some trusted friends ( a couple from my church), fasted and prayed for a whole day and it seemed to stop the dissasociations. But I still can’t sleep at night and suffer from nightmares and paranoia. I pray, I fast, I seek the Lord, I rebuke whatever I can…I am battered and weary…how long must I go on like this?

    • It is your faith that will heal you

    • Your problem is fear, which is the opposite of faith. You have to believe that Jesus is able to save you. Say “God, I pray to you in the name of Jesus, and I bind all demonic oppression. I cast all demonic spirits to the pit of hell that are trying to attack me or attach itself to me. Spirit of fear, I rebuke you. I command you to depart right now. I bind you and cast you out, in Jesus’s name. Imaginations and high things that exalt itself against the word and knowledge of God, I bind you and cast you down in Jesus’s name. Thoughts of obedience to Jesus, I bring you into captivity, in Jesus name. Jesus, I plead the precious blood of Jesus over my life. -2 Corinthians 10:5

  14. Hi. Thank you for this blog.i have my own experiences about the topic,I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one with such oppression and attacks which most people don’t understand or know. The funny part is that when I was still a sinner,i never had these demonic attacks.

    • It happens when you come to the Lord, the demons are mad. Be happy that means you are saved! Just need to resist sin follow God and they will go away in time or seek deliverance and have them kicked out faster.

    • Exactly… When I did not believe I was never bothered either. I’ve seen many demons and I was tormented from them for years after I was saved. I recently was baptized and since then have had a few amazing encounters with God. I have the Holy Spirit living inside of me now, and all torment has stopped. God has shown me His mercy and peace abound.

  15. Am glad to tell you gays my sevior symptoms and read to your responses !
    During night while am sleeping ; I feel like some force comes and ties my hands; legs: presses my whole body so that I can not move and closes my mouth not to speak. I KNOW that happening but i could not do anything. But repeat name of Jesus in my HEART then goes away. I suffer from continioud and terrible nightmares! And i feel very tired in the morning
    When I wake up !
    I have continious sens of vomiting and headache ! Sometimes in the stomach in the muscles and now my ears started to have strange sound and sens of closing !
    I am Very depressed; tired …..
    Almost Two years i visited different hospitals and result is ” you dont have anything ”
    Please can you gays advise me ? May God gives you long life!! I am eagerly waiting your advise!
    // Abraham

  16. Last week I underwent deliverance. I still have to go back for another appointment. The last couple of days I have been feeling restless, or should I say the demons that are still inside have been restless. Today whilst sitting on the couch I started to manifest. My back gets stretched out and I always end up coughing the demons out. This happened during the deliverance last week, but also before when I used to pray in tongues, I would suddenly start manifesting. However this was really strange today as I was not praying, just sitting on the couch and listening to a talk about prophecy.

    Is this normal? Do demons just manifest themselves whenever they want or only when they are being confronted.

    Or could it be that now that I have started the deliverance process, they can longer stay in hiding?


    • Believe me, you’re not alone. I have something going on as well. Years ago when I chose to walk with the Lord I experienced the same thing now as I did then. I have been driven by the Holy Spirit to rededicate my life to Jesus and walk the walk and talk the talk. And more so now I am totally committed this time to continue my journey.
      But in under attack AGAIN. I tell Satan that I am rebuking him and that Dear Jesus fill my soul with your holy blood. I will start singing hymnals, parts that I know, or just say repetitiously Jesus Jesus precious Jesus, just to get the voice, (my voice), from cursing Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit.
      The voices stop when I stray away from the Lord but pick right back up when I start to worship, pray, etc. When I try to pray at church it’s like I’ve totally lost what memory I have, I can’t get the words to come out.
      I have read and am still reading on what I need to do.
      Someone, of God, please assist me on this matter.
      Thank you and God Bless

  17. I’ve been doing this by myself for a very very long time (I’ve been perpetually isolated by everyone in this life). Here’s what I have discovered.

    Sin, or negative karma if you will, is the reenactment of an original wound and or trauma. So for example, if you were traumatized early in life you would have PTSD and could be suffering from a Demonic attack due to the reenactment (sin) of trauma. Everyone who has trauma reenacts. The person who gets traumatized will constantly [yet unconsciously] seek out reminders of the event. It could be something that is reminiscent of the specific antagonist within an event – or something that covers it up i.e. liking things that you don’t like because you can’t obtain the mastery [through direct reenactment, which wouldn’t help anyway] of the original trauma; so you try to gain mastery through things you hate but which contain a semblance of the antagonist – this is where Paraphilia and or other deviant sexual problems come in to play. This [you] becomes a sacrificial playground for what are known as Grey Aliens, Reptilians and other demons – they are predators that literally hunt human life energy; some [or all idk] are actually hyper-dimensional entities/demons that possess literal spacecraft (in the physical as well).

    If the person acts on these impulses s/he is sinning or is furthering negative karma, and only perpetuating the original trauma. This is where all hell can break loose as our society has only two options for these problems; the mental hospital and or prison. No one can or will help you, including the Church (maybe not all); in the worst cases we are virtually left for dead in shame, guilt, humiliation, rage and horror.

    The third option.

    In the bible He says, “be still and know that I am God”; in Taoism there is saying, “if you want to become whole, let yourself be partial.”

    A lot of these strange psychosomatic and anxiety disorders (and so-called ‘mental illness’) that people suffer with come from the fact that we are fundamentally disconnected from our bodies. We are traumatized (aka Soul loss in shamanism) and live in a compulsory society that only perpetuates this problem (due to taxation). What we need to do is to stop feeding the beast. We need to stop. We live without living, do without doing, speak without speaking; live without reaching and or contriving. We allow no coercion, nor do we coerce. No imposition over our will, or that of another.

    Once we have a safe place, where we can meditate by just being; this is when miracles start to happen. We back off fully from compulsion. In other words, by just allowing yourself to be, healing comes in it’s own time. Your soul and or life energy has a chance to return, giving you newly found energy, and life. Taoists call this the undifferentiated state. In Christianity, being one with the living God, in science [it would be called] the fusion of the triune brain.

    The body and mind are a welded unit. What affects the body affects the mind directly, and vice versa. There is a specific healing process that occurs when one surrenders to the present moment, unfortunately there is no space here to write about it. The body knows how to heal, let it do it’s job, and continue moving forward.

    One warning; this is something that I had to learn the hard way; if you ever make it out, do not ever go back to an immoral way of being. Do not reenact. If you do you will pay with suffering probably 10 fold what you already thought was hell on earth. This is not meant to scare anyone, and small mistakes are okay. Just do not allow temptation to grab a hold of you. I didn’t understand this whole thing fully and because I made this mistake, I got sucked into a whole new world filled with demonic horror – after just exiting well over two decades of perpetual misery, chaos and despair. You wouldn’t believe the hell that is my life – I look and appear totally ‘normal’. I lost everyone I know.

    Good Luck

    • Jimmy,

      You have truth mixed with falsehood, a typical trick of the evil one. Perhaps if you had stuck with Truth, that being the Christian God, you would have healed faster and better.

      Ask God to bring you to complete Truth through Jesus Christ. He will! Don’t try to do it though with any ulterior motives or wanting to rationalize any sin in your life.

  18. #nice write up sir……. indeed we need not to rule out the fact that all this powers exist…
    but why, all this procedure for deliverance when God has provided a better means…
    No 1…demons keep on oppressing you as a believer when you are ignorant of your authority in Jesus Christ…
    the name of Jesus,his blood and his word is your deliverance from satanic oppression and curses..
    Note: Ephesians 2:6 for God has raised us and made us to sit with Christ in heavenly places (far above all principalities and power) so no power has right over your life when Jesus is in charge..
    No 2… all the devil wants is to put in bondage,take away your authority and useless your life
    ##Galatians 5:1 freedom is what we have, Christ has set us free, stand then as free people and don’t be enslaved again…
    No 3….. give no rest, call upon the name of God daily, cry unto him until u gain total deliverance
    note: Jesus wants to be your saviour not only now but forever.. he wants to keep on saving you every day
    ………….give him a chance to save you again and keep on saving u

    finally, learn to rebuke any demonic attachment by the word of God.. it is your most effective weapon.of war fare..not in necessarily meeting a prophet

    revelation 12:11 *and the overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the lamb and by the words of their testimonies

    ####the blood of Jesus would save you all in Jesus name….

    please don’t heed to any deliverance procedure that is not in line with the word of God….. shalom

  19. I have a lot of these signs and it actually freaked me out.. but there are many explanations i think. I have had depression for a while now, which causes negative thoughts, I have anxiety, and my twitching comes from sleep loss. Bad thoughts like criminal activity and wanted to rebel God are very normal at my age, being a teenager and all. i think this website needs to push the fact that these issues may have different sources instead of freaking you out

  20. If you’re seeing a demon the Bible is fake and is not gonna help you. The god of the Bible sacrificed hundreds of thousands of innocent animals in the old testament and is a evil deity.

  21. Christians really should NEVER EVER JUDGE other Christians who were FORCED to get the families that they were born into completely out of their lives permanently, because trust me I LIVE IT my whole life already and I really honestly HAVE HAD WAY MORE THEN ENOUGH of all of them by now !

    This is really honestly not a HOLY way to live always dealing with all of these CHRONIC PROBLEM RELATIVES !

    • In everything– every new avenue or corner I come to, I wonder, “”What am I supposed to do here?”” And then later on, “What am I supposed to be teaching//learning from this?” The relatives can be such a drain or drag on you. Maybe we’ll never be the family we”d hoped for. Through alll of it– I still feel like I just can’t give up on them. It would be like I was abandoning them to such an abyss. No matter how bad it gets– I have faith in God’s ability to reach His children’s hearts in His own way, and I have faith that God gave me. So, with that faith, God’s intervention, and my belief in the tremendous POWER that LOVE has. I believe, (no matter what the devil shows me or wants me to believe), that love will find a way. No evil can take the constant shower of love it finds when it expects anger & sin. There is no delight in love– quite the opposite instead. The “heaping of coals over their heads” again & again, makes it very unlikely that evil will want to stick around. We all want a loving family. But, we can be only responsible for ourselves. So, by working with God on ourselves, we will know what to do, when to do it, & we will succeed at saving countless souls. I t is a lie to say, “We can’t.” With God, we can do all things.

      • I’ve delt with very bad demonic in laws, I had to forgive them , “ of course” but forgiveness is not a feeling. It’s a choice, when the thoughts rise up to dwell upon the negitives about them I cast them down, do I fall off the wagan yes, many times , does forgiveness mean fellowship when they have been cruel and would divide my family “in a heartbeat” without repentance and remorse.” Absolutely not” we are not doormats as Christians. But we have to forgive.

  22. My husband gained a degree and he was very successful business man his work taking him abroad. He slowly changed and became dominant, arrogantetc. I was put under the mental health. He used to stress me out. The treatment I had makes u submissive and flattens any feelings you have. I was always a loving thoughtful person. I was brought up in a Christian family. I had a strong bond wth my son, then I had a daughter and the bond was broken wth my son due to the medication. My husband shunned my son and made a lot of my daughter, because my son was good manually (he is a plumber/heating engineer) and my daughter went to university and did well. My son turned out a thief and has bn in jail a number of times. He hates my husband and visa versa. My daughter is married to a man, who is half Pakistani, he is a director like my husband. They have two girls, one is six and the other four. They always came to me, but I knew my husband didn’t like this and wanted to dominate them into his ways. They both go to their father now.
    We went to my daughters house a while ago, I was sitting there with my daughter and my husband was sitting directly across. I sensed my daughters fear, she is a gentle spirit. I saw something emerge from my husbands head, it was something quite monstrous. It happened it a split second. I go to Church regularly and say prayers twice a day, I do have a relationship with the Creator. I have been called in the early hours also. My husband drinks alcohol every night, and I know that he finds younger women attractive. I am worried because my son has five children all with different mothers. One of them, a girl, his first child, has turned out gay and has anorexia. My son had her when he was 18 and his girlfriend 17. My husband apparently took my son for a drink and told him he wouldn’t have anything to do wth his daughter when she was born. He then took over her and it was all grandad, I never got to have a relationship wth her either. He seems to b repeating this wth my daughters two daughters and I am worried that my husband might b demonised. How she I go abt dealing wth this?

    • You need to leave your husband and get away from that toxic environment. Show your grand daughters the Love of God and talk with them about how Jesus loves them. I hope you have a good Christian friend who can pray and hold you up at times you feel weak.
      I too have been through a lot, I get on my knees and cry out to God for my family. But sometimes you need to step away from the situation. Hope that helps

    • Whether your husband is possessed or not, which I highly suspect could very well be the case, you need to realize that you need to put some serious space between you both, at least until you can seek some support and become one in Jesus Christ through constant prayer and meditation on his word. The Holy Spirit will be strengthened within you and when you are ready, He will guide you to possible deliverance or show you how to find the right Deliverance Minister who just might deliver your whole family. I must tell you that what you describe is a man with a narcissistic personality disorder and you are suffering from Narcissistic Victim Syndrome. Google both of these and do some research. NPD has been thought to be directly linked with Demonic possession purely because the nature of the Narc is solely to torment and what do you think demons job is…tormenting humans. I would also tell you to be in a constant conversation with the Lord Jesus as if he was physically right next to you. You wouldn’t only address him twice a day and He longs to have a strong, close relationship with you. Your husband will not like that you are spending so much time with God because it is all about him. we are not to be submissive to the point where we lose ourselves and our loving personalities to our husbands. Many narcs make their partners feel like they are going crazy and are truly in need of psychiatric help. I went around feeling that there was something wrong with me but could not put my finger on it. I happened to go to a psychologist (both my ex and my sister had told me I need to seek mental help because of the fog I was in) to learn how my brain works and why I could no longer be on time to anything, why did I feel like I could not make any decisions on my own…Within 15 minutes he almost had me committed because I couldn’t put two thoughts together and I was so all over the place. He wasn’t sure how I was managing but he was able to calm me down and he told me I am a victim of domestic violence. He presented me with the Wheel of Abuse and I could not believe it cause I had never been hit or anything. But I was called horrible names, yelled at if he wasn’t happy which happened more and more, felt like my mind wasn’t working cause he would tell me one thing and then when I would bring it up later, he said he never said that (gaslighting), moved in on my family and my church and my daughters school to get everyone on his side and make me feel I was worthless and now is fighting for custody of my daughter which he never wanted until I wanted to move away with her to marry another man that I have known longer than him. And he is quite charming to others, so they believe him. But years ago I remember him telling me there was something evil inside of him and he just couldn’t shake it. He would be loving and kind and caring and I would see the real person until he would go back to work for the entertainment industry, and then he would turn mean all over again. Now he is teaching my 7 year old it is just find to be distrespectful to mommy as he is the boss. He even told her He was God which, bless her heart, made her fearful of being around him lest God should strike him down! She was confused about it for a while as up until last August, she was with me 93% of the time and was raised to believe in Jesus and lover her preschool and our church. Thankfully, she knows who God is and that it is not her father, but the more time she spends with him, the less often she wants to pray, she is disrespectful and says hurtful things that she heard her daddy say because it gets a laught out of him and ifr she makes him angry, he won’t love her anymore. Unlike mommy who will always love her no matter what. So now after doing my research, I am convinced that if NPD and being demon possessed are two truly different things, we are in trouble. Cause demons can be cast out, but unless a Narc realizes they are that way, they will never change and you need to get out of your situation before he messes up anymore children, especially your innocent grandbabies! please research what I mentioned. You will identify much and God bless you!

      • I must also state that I am not a psychologist and that all I have is my own experience, knowledge and extensive research which is why I am encouraging you to do your own and draw your own conclusions. Also, look up the consequences of having an NPD mate and a parent with NPD and what these children face in their adult lives and ask yourself if your children don’t fit this. I would encourage you to also reach out to a Domestic Violence center in your area and speak to someone and get more information or look on Facebook and find a group for domestic violence survivors or all of the above. Trust in yourself and your instincts. You said you were fine growing up in a Christian family so you are the exact type of person that Satan would love to see fall. He can’t touch you personally as you are a child of God. And so how would he be able to make you fall??? Mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually using the ones you love most to torment you like your husband and making you feel bad that you don’t get to have a relationship with your granddaughters. Don’t let Satan win. Please seek help and get away from your husband, especially if he cannot be delivered from his demons.

  23. Please help me I have demon living inside me
    Exactly you discrurbe that how they do me. They want me to serve them and not God. I had dreams seeing demon in my ear, that some famous Pastors were trying to cast out but I would manifest but the demon would not come out. The other Pastor try to deliver me but there was wound in my body and needed to be heal.

    Please help me to get my deliverance from these wicked demons

  24. this is really helpful,now help me understand this,i know this woman who when praying the voice changes and begins to say”i am god speaking this girl i like her,i warned her husband but the mother to her husband is a witch,she tied her son that useless and stupid mother i warned her ,i will kill her if she does not repent” .then now the voice of the mother inlow begins to speak through this woman and comfesses what she has done ,this voice also sermons other beings and begins to speak through her,this now becomes a conversation between god and the other beings.This last for not less than 60min .These voices are audible not in the mind.pliz help me understand this scenario.Is it truly God speaking through this woman or its the demon imitating God?does God scream when talking ? does he cry when talking,does he even mistaken the names of people? it is really happening to this woman?

  25. Can you please help me. i swear to god what im about to tell you is the whole truth . i used to buy presents for god when i was 15 years old and then i started seeing visions of angels, than after a couple of years i realized it was demons disguised as angels. what do i do to remove demons from my body and my home so i can be in peace. i never wanted demons to know me. why do they keep telling me the future, and the truth about what happens in a couple of years. all i was ever happy was spending my day thanking god and boasting about gods generosity. because he saved me from death. they have alienated me from family and friends . i cant take any more. i can see the future and im ill all the time. any suggestions of help please email me. thankyou.

    • Satan gives you half truth. That is a familiar spirit. Get into the word of God, write down all the scriptures on spiritual warfare and most definitely the authority you have in Christ as a child of God. Read them out loud daily so Satan can hear you. The word of God is truth. Whatever you feed will grow, whatever you starve will die.

    • Yes, get deliverance, you don’t have to live with them, at the name of Jesus Christ the must leave. You can google many good sites with prayers for deliverenc for any evil and every evil spirit.

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