How To Find A Deliverance Minister In Your Area

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This article will be serving as another follow-up to my article titled, “4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits.” If by chance you have come across this article before reading the above article, it would be my recommendation that you first read that article so you will know exactly what I am talking about in this article.

In the area of having to deal direct with demonic spirits, you have one of two basic strategies to try and take against them if they have launched any kind of a direct attack against either you or anyone else you may know.

  • If demons are personally attacking you, whether it be from an outside position or from the inside of your being, you can either attempt to do battle directly against them all on your own by way of a self-deliverance – or you can seek the services of another anointed minister who really knows how to do an actual deliverance to help you through it.
  • If you know someone else who has demons attacking them, and they do not have the knowledge or boldness to be able to deal directly with the demons on their own, then again, you have one of two possible options. You can either attempt to cast the demons off your friend all on your own – or you can seek the services of an anointed minister who will know how to do an actual deliverance.

In some of these cases, you can attempt to do a self-deliverance for yourself if they are attempting to attack you direct, or you can do it for another friend or family member if they are too afraid to do it for themselves. We have several good cases in the Testimonies and Spiritual Warfare section of our site of people taking on demons all by themselves and successfully being able to cast them off them.

All Christians have the Holy Spirit on the inside of them, and they thus have His supernatural power available to them to be able to directly engage with any demonic spirits who may be attacking them. Demons are actually cast out of people by the power of the Holy Spirit.

But though we have God’s power available to us through the Holy Spirit to be able to directly engage and defeat any demonic spirits who may attempt to come against us, we still need some basic working knowledge in this area before we can directly engage with them. You can give a soldier a gun, but if you do not show him how to actually use the gun, it will be of no use for him if he is ever faced with a real life battle situation where he will actually have to try and use it.

We have God’s power and anointing available to us through the Holy Spirit, but we still have to learn how to use that power, especially in the area of spiritual warfare. There are rules to any game, and the war games that are being played in the spiritual realm with demons are no exceptions.

The more knowledge and understanding you have on how to actually play this spiritual war game, the better equipped you will be to actually engage with any demons. Many Christians do not have good, basic, working knowledge on exactly how to deal directly with demonic spirits because many of the churches are still too afraid to talk about it and deal with the actual reality of it.

As a result, you have some in the flock who are getting torn apart by these demons in their personal lives and they are too afraid to tell anyone about it for fear they will not believed.

Many pastors are either too afraid or too apathetic to try and learn how to do this for themselves, as they either have their own fears of dealing direct with demonic spirits, or they have a more liberal point of view where they do not think demons really have that much of an active role in most people’s lives today. As a result, Satan and his horde of demons are getting away with pure, cold-blooded murder and mayhem among many in the Body of Christ.

God has already told us in His Word that His people will perish and go into captivity for having lack of knowledge in certain areas. And the area of having to deal direct with demonic spirits is definitely one of those areas where people are going into some type of captivity, or actually perishing as a result of not knowing how to directly deal with the demonic forces that have invaded their lives.

All you have to do is watch the daily local news to see how active Satan and his demons really are in the world today. So many people are coming under direct demonic influence to do some of the horrible things they end up doing. And in most of these cases, they have no idea that demons are really operating behind the scenes trying to get them to do the horrible acts they end up committing.

These people are sheep being led right into major slaughterhouses – and this is all because they do not have good, basic, fundamental knowledge of the war games that are being played out behind the scenes in the spiritual realm. Or if they did, they would not know how to directly engage with these dark demonic forces as a true, good, soldier of Jesus Christ.

In this article, I want to deal with one specific battle strategy that you can use if demons have either invaded your own personal life or someone else you may know. Though the Bible tells us that God wants all of His people to learn how to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ and learn how to engage with the enemy – whether that enemy be human or demonic – the real reality is that many Christians are never going to learn how to actually do this.

The reason being is they are either too afraid, too apathetic, or too caught up in the world to even care enough to want to learn how to do it. With many in the Body of Christ falling into this apathetic or fearful camp, we have a major shortage of Christians who really know how to directly engage with demonic spirits once they launch an all-out, full scale attack on someone and their life.

Bottom line – if you are too afraid and not confident enough in your own knowledge base in the Lord to actually be able to directly engage with any demons who may either be attacking you or someone else you may know – then what you can do next is to move into this particular battle strategy where you will then seek to find a good deliverance minister who will know how to get the job done for you.

I simply cannot stress enough how powerful this particular battle strategy is – and how effective and successful it will be if you will spend some good quality time seeking and searching for a good deliverance minister who will know how to get the job done for you if you feel that you cannot do it for yourself or for a close friend or family member.

When demons are attacking someone from an outside position, which is from the outside of their body, it is much easier to deal with them and drive them off them as versus when they have actually entered in the person’s body and have become deeply entrenched in there. If a person has given demons the full legal rights to actually enter in on the inside of them such as delving into different areas of the occult, you are going to have a much tougher battle casting them out as versus if they are just attacking you from the “air” outside of your body.

The revelation that I want you to take away from this article is that God Almighty Himself is personally raising up more of His good soldiers to be able to do actual deliverances – especially on some of the heavier inside cases where demons are more deeply entrenched on the inside of someone’s body.

What this means is that there is help and deliverance out there for you if you will be willing to seek and search for these anointed soldiers who will know how to get the job done for you. Some of these soldiers will be more anointed and skilled in this area than others will. Sometimes you may have to try several of them out to find the one who will have the anointing, the knowledge, and the expertise to be able to get the job fully done for you.

The Battle Strategy of Looking For a Good Deliverance Minister

Here are 8 basic common sense steps you can take on your end to try and find a good deliverance minister who will know how to get the job done for you with a complete victory and deliverance.

Though all of these steps are very simple and very basic common sense steps, what I have found from personal experience is that many Christians have never thought deep enough or hard enough to try and take any of these actual steps. As a result, either they or someone else they may know who is battling these demons, will continue to remain under major bondage from these demons.

Again, there is major help and deliverance out there for you if you will just spend some good quality time seeking to find that one, good, Christian soldier who will have the knowledge and the anointing to be able to get the job done for you.

1. Have the Boldness and Courage to Take the Assignment On

The first thing you will need to do is to first determine if you think you really have demons attacking either you or someone else you know. We have another article in our site titled, “What are the Signs of Demonization.” This article will help give you the vital information you will need so you can determine whether or not it really is demons who are attacking someone you may be trying to help.

Once you have determined that the source of the problem is really demonic, then the first major step you will need to take is to make sure you have the boldness and courage to take this deliverance assignment on. And this is exactly what this will be – a deliverance assignment direct from the Lord Himself, whether it be directly for yourself or someone else you may be helping.

The reason you will need boldness and courage is because of the criticism and ridicule you may get from others, which will include other Christians who do not have much knowledge and understanding of this part of the walk with the Lord.

Many psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical doctors are in the secular camp, and they will all have a very hard time in believing that demons are really causing some of the mental problems someone may be having. Your friends, your family, the medical community, other Christians, and possibly even the pastor of your own church may try and dissuade you from seeking out this course of action, telling you that drugs and psychological treatment will work much better, and that you do not need to try this more extreme approach.

But if you have a strong conviction in your heart from the Holy Spirit that what you are dealing with is definitely demonic, then I would draw your battle line in the sand, set your face like flint, and summon up the boldness and courage to take this deliverance assignment on – whether it be directly for yourself or someone else you are wanting to help – and proceed forward with the intentions that you will find someone who is anointed and knowledgeable enough in this area who will be able to get the job done for you with a complete victory and deliverance.

2. Ask The Lord to Lead You to the Right Deliverance Minister

Once you have received a good release from the Holy Spirit to be taking on this kind of heavier deliverance assignment, then the next step would be to go direct to God the Father in prayer and ask Him to lead you by His Holy Spirit to the deliverance minister that He will want you to work with.

God knows the exact person you will need to make direct contact with, and He will know exactly how to lead you to be able to find this person. If you try and find this person all on your own without first asking God to help guide you, you could end up trying to find a needle in a haystack due to all of the different churches and denominations that are out there.

If God is in the business of raising up these mighty deliverance warriors, then He will make sure to lead you to the one that He will want you to work with – whether it be for yourself or someone else that you are helping.

3. Plead the Blood of Jesus On You and Everyone Involved For Protection

I do not want to scare you with this next part, but it will be much better to be safe than sorry on this next step. This next step will entail that you plead the Blood of Jesus on you, on the one who will need the deliverance if it is not yourself, and on anyone else who may be working with you to set up this deliverance.

The reason being is that the demons, once they see that you are going to try to find help and deliverance for someone they are attacking, will try and stop you from doing it if they can get away with it. In the Spiritual Warfare section of our site, we have an article titled, “How to Plead the Blood of Jesus for Deliverance and Protection.”

It would be my strong recommendation that you plead the Blood of Jesus as instructed in that article to give you a full protective covering from any possible attacks from these demons. Once you go into this kind of a deliverance mission, you are stepping out into a real, live, spiritual battlefield and you will need God’s full protection on you to be able to tread safely through this battlefield.

In that same section, we also have an article titled, “Battle Verses of the Bible.” Feel free to take any of the battle verses in that article and incorporate those verses into the battle prayer where you will plead the Blood of Jesus on you for His divine protection. Quote these battle verses back to the Lord and tell Him that you are going to stand firm and strong on the promises of these verses.

Here is sample type battle prayer you can pray on you incorporating all of the above in it. I am going to use the example that you are seeking a deliverance minister for someone else you may know who has demons attacking them. What you will be doing is pleading the Blood of Jesus on your own body, soul, spirit, your house, your car, the person who will need the deliverance, and anyone else who will be helping you to set up the deliverance.

Both your body, house, and car could be subject to possible demonic attacks. By pleading the Blood of Jesus over both yourself, your house, and your car, you will go a long way in keeping yourself properly protected from any demons who may try to stop you from getting this deliverance.

Here is a good, sample, battle prayer you can use to get God’s full protection on you before you step out onto the battlefield to try and find an anointed deliverance minister to help deliver you or someone else you may be helping:


In the name of Jesus, I now approach Your throne of grace with a very special request. Father, in Jesus name, I come before you on behalf of my friend Robert. I believe that my friend Robert has demons operating on the inside of him.

I do not believe Robert has the courage, the boldness, or the knowledge to be able to cast these demons out of himself. I believe these demons are deeply entrenched on the inside of him due to the legal rights he has given them.

Father, Robert wants to be fully delivered from these demons, but neither he nor myself feel we have the appropriate knowledge to deal with this kind of a heavier case. We know that You have raised up other good soldiers in Jesus Christ to be able to do this kind of a heavier deliverance for us.

Father, in Jesus name, I now ask that you take this deliverance case up for us and lead us to the anointed soldier who will be able to do this deliverance for us. Father, You know exactly who this person will be and how to lead us to be able to meet with them. Father, in Jesus name, I ask that You please lead us directly to this anointed soldier by Your Holy Spirit. From here on in, we will go into a major seeking mode to find this good anointed soldier.

Father, I know the demons who are attacking Robert may try and stop us from finding this person. Father, in Jesus name, I now want to take one more step to make sure that these demons cannot attack us in anyway.

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, I now plead the Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ over my body, over my soul, over my spirit, over my personal car, and over my entire house. I now plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against any demons who may attempt to attack either myself or Robert. I now plead the Blood of Jesus against any other people who may try and stop this deliverance from occurring.

Father, in Jesus name, I also plead the Blood of Jesus over Robert’s body, over Robert’s soul, and over Robert’s spirit – and I ask that you give the two of us perfect safe passage to where this anointed deliverance minister is located. I ask that you keep these demons from attacking us, our houses, our cars, or anyone else who may end up being involved in setting up this deliverance.

Father, I have full faith, trust, and belief in You that You will take up this battle for us and lead us to the person who will be able to set Robert completely free from these demons. Your Word has told us that Your Son Jesus has come to set the captives free. Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that You set this captive free from these foul demons who are now holding him captive.

Thank You Father.
Thank You Jesus.”

This would be the basic gist of how to word this kind of prayer to God the Father.

As far as to how often and how long to stay with this kind of battle prayer, I would recommend that you do some semblance of this type of battle prayer on a weekly basis until you get the job done, since you are stepping out onto a real, live, spiritual battlefield between the forces of good and evil.

Just as a football player will never forget to put his helmet on every time he steps out onto the football field, in the same way you will need to apply your spiritual armor every single time you step out onto a real, live, spiritual battlefield.

4. Start With the Pastor of Your Own Church

In this area of spiritual warfare where you are dealing with a heavier case of demonic invasion, I believe that you should go through the proper chain-of-command in the Body to start out with. What this means is that you should first start out by approaching the pastor of your own church if you belong to a good local church.

God is raising up more of His pastors in this area of spiritual warfare. If your pastor knows how to do an actual deliverance, then you will not have to go into a major seeking mode to try and find someone else outside of your church. Your pastor, or one of his anointed assistants, should then be able to get the job done for you.

If however your pastor will not or cannot do this for you for whatever his personal reasons may be, then I would ask him if he knows of anyone else in his congregation who is knowledgeable and anointed enough to be able to do this for you.

If he does not know of anyone else within his church, then I would ask him if he knows of anyone from another church who will know how to do a deliverance. If he does not know of anyone else from any other churches in your area, then you will now have to move to the next step.

5. Make a List and Call All of the Other Churches in Your Area

If the pastor of your church cannot or will not help you with a deliverance, then your next step will be to get on the internet and/or in your local phone book and make a list of all of the main, non-denominational and charismatic churches in your area.

I would first start off with some of the more main, non-denominational and charismatic type churches as versus some of the more traditional ones, since they are more open to operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and operating in the supernatural realm with the Lord. Some of the older, more traditional churches will not be as open to this kind of heavier supernatural activity with the Lord as some of the more non-denominational and charismatic churches will be.

After you make a list of all of the available churches in your area, then I would start calling each one of them and talk with either the pastor himself or one of his assistants. Explain your problem to them and then ask them if they know how to do an actual deliverance. If they do, then ask them if you can make an appointment to meet with them in person so you can bring the person who will need the deliverance if it is not yourself needing the deliverance.

If they cannot or will not do any type of deliverance work for you, then ask them if they know of anyone else, either in their own church, or anyone else from another church who could get the job done for you.

If no luck with any of those options, then call the next one on the list, and keep calling until you find someone who knows how to do one and who will be willing to meet with you to actually give it a try.

6. Keep Trying Until You Find the Minister Who Can Get the Job Done For You

Depending on where you may live at, you may have to go into a major seeking mode to find the right person who will be able to get the job done for you. But do not give up – no matter how long it takes!

If you have turned this matter over to the Lord, and you have a good release from the Holy Spirit to be going on this kind of seeking journey, keep at it until you find the person the Lord will want you to work with. Sooner or later, you will find the right person who will be anointed enough and knowledgeable enough to be able to take on your heavier case.

7. Ask All of Your Other Christian Friends

Another good source will be all of the Christian friends and acquaintances you may have. One or two of them may know someone from another church or from another denomination that will know how to do this for you. All it will take is one person to lead you to that right person. Leave no stone unturned in your seeking of this anointed deliverance minister.

8. Be Open and Sensitive to Any Specific Leadings From the Holy Spirit

Once you embark on this seeking journey to find a good, anointed, deliverance minister, make sure you always keep your radars up and keep yourself open and sensitive to any specific leadings that you may receive from the Holy Spirit.

If you find any churches “jumping off the page” at you as you are browsing through the internet and local phone book, make sure that you mark those ones down and call the pastors at those churches. The Holy Spirit could possibly “quicken” the church to you that will have the minister who will be able to get the job done for you.

Personal Testimony

The following testimony is one that occurred through our ministry about 2 years ago. This testimony is a perfect example of a woman who did most of the above steps, and was able to get her roommate fully delivered from some really nasty demons that had entered on the inside of her body as a result of her direct involvement with an area of the occult.

This was a very heavy demonic case as you will see as I recount exactly what had occurred between the two of us and her roommate.

1.  I had received a personal email through our website from a woman who lived on the West Coast. She wrote in pleading for help with an extreme emergency situation that she was dealing with.

Long story short, she had a roommate who was a Mexican woman. This Mexican woman had drawn demons on the inside of her as a direct result of being involved in some type of white occult magic. Her roommate was a born-again Christian, but she apparently had drawn the demons into her as a result of continuing to engage in this occult activity.

In certain areas of the occult, demons will try to play good cop and bad cop, and try to convince you that there is a good type of white magic as versus a bad type of black magic. But the white magic is just as deadly and just as much of an abomination before the Lord as the black magic is. There is no difference in the eyes of the Lord with all of this. Any supernatural powers you receive from experimenting with any form of white magic is all coming direct from demonic spirits and thus cannot be accepted in any way, shape, or form.

This woman had actually developed some psychic powers as a result of her continuing involvement in this area of the occult, with all of her psychic powers obviously coming from these demonic spirits. The mistake this woman had made was that she was trying to use this supernatural power for good, but what she did not realize was that the source of her supernatural powers was coming directly from demons, and it was only going to be a matter of time before these demons would move in for an all-out attack.

What had recently started to happen was that the demons were now starting to violently manifest in her. She said there were times her roommate was literally speaking out in a man’s voice. Her roommate was threatening to kill both herself and her roommate. The woman writing into us was not only scared for her own self, but she was also afraid for her friend’s life since she was also threatening to kill herself.

She had taken her friend into the hospital for some psychiatric testing, but they could not find anything medically wrong with her. She was sure that her roommate really had demons on the inside of her and that they were going do their best to try and kill the both of them.

2.  The first thing she had asked me was whether or not I could draw up a special battle prayer like I had done with some of the other people in our Testimonies and Spiritual Warfare section of our site. She wanted to try and take the demons on herself.

However, after hearing all of the facts of her situation, I did not feel that was the wisest course to take. I did not feel she had the experience or the knowledge to be taking on this kind of an extra-heavy case. Her roommate had demons on the inside of her, and with these demons being directly linked to her involvement with the occult, there was a very good possibility that these demons were of a more evil and higher-ranking type in Satan’s hierarchy.

Many deliverance ministers have found from real, life, battle experiences with demons, that some of the more evil and stronger demons in Satan’s realm are those who are linked to the different areas of the occult. This is why it is so extremely dangerous for anyone to be dabbling or experimenting with any area of the occult.

After hearing how deeply entrenched these demons were on the inside of her friend, I knew the only possible solution to this problem was that she would have to seek out a good, anointed, deliverance minister in her area who would be able to do this deliverance for her.

3.  The first thing I asked her was if she had tried to have the deliverance done by the pastor of her own church. She said that she had already tried that approach, but for whatever reason, her pastor was not able to cast the demons out of her friend.

I then told her that she would have to go into a major seeking mode to find a good, anointed, deliverance minister in her area that would be able to cast these demons out of her friend for good. I told her to check her into her local phone book and the internet and to start calling every good, non-denominational and charismatic church in her area. I told her to keep at it until she found the one that would be able to get the job done for her.

I also told her to make a list of the legal rights these demons were operating on so the deliverance minister would know exactly what he would have to deal with.

4.  She then found a second deliverance minister, but he too was not able to get the job done. This particular minister then tried to solicit money from her and told her that her friend needed to see a psychiatrist when he could not get the job done for her. She left this minister with a very bad taste in her mouth with the way that he had personally handled this situation.

She then found a third minister through the internet, and this minister was the one who was able to get the job done for them. She wrote me back and stated that the deliverance was very dramatic and powerful. She said the demons finally left by way of her literally vomiting them out of her mouth, which is sometimes how they are expelled out of a person.

She said after the demons had been cast out of her friend, that her face was shining, and that a radiance and glow had emanated out of her face. This shining glow and emanation was the Holy Spirit Himself, who had moved up into her soul and filled her with His actual presence to let everyone know that the deliverance had been successful. She said her roommate felt the demons leave her and she knew they were no longer on the inside of her body.

5.  What was so touching and powerful about this personal testimony was the fact that this woman’s roommate was willing to take up this deliverance assignment for her until she found the right minister who would be able to get the job done for her.

Many people might have given up on the first two attempts, but this woman did not! She was determined to find the right anointed minister who would be able to do get the job done for them and sure enough, God led them to the right minister!

As a result of this woman’s continued persistence, her friend ends up receiving a full and complete deliverance from some really evil demons. What this woman did for her roommate can be done by anyone of you if you are dealing with this same kind of predicament.

As I stated at the top of this article, some ministers will be more anointed and knowledgeable in this area than some other ones will. As a result, you may have to try more than one of them out if you have a heavier type of case like this one turned out to be.


Again, if either you or anyone else you know is battling attacks from real, live, demonic spirits, do not be afraid to seek out a good anointed minister to take a look at your case to see if this is what the real problem is. If the minister determines that you really are dealing with a true demonic attack, then he will be able to set either you, or someone else you may be helping, totally free from these demons. You do not have to continue to remain in bondage and under torment from these demons.

There are true, anointed, Christian soldiers out there who can help deliver either you or anyone else you may be helping if you are not confident and knowledgeable enough to try it on your own. Do not be afraid to admit your own shortcomings in this area. Seek – then and you will find the right anointed Christian minister who will be able to set you free.

Per our article, “Prayer Secret #5 – Ask, Seek, Knock,” this type of adverse situation is a perfect example where you will have to put all three of these conditions into actual operation.

You will first have to ask God to take this assignment up for you and lead you to the right minister who will be able to successfully cast these demons out of your life. You will then have to start seeking and knocking before you can find that right minister.

And if you continue to seek and knock like the woman did in the above testimony – you will eventually find that right deliverance minister who will then be able to set either you or your friend totally and completely free from these demons if you are willing to properly work with him during the deliverance process.

As we head further into end time waters, things are really going to heat up. Not only are we going to have to deal with wars and the rumors of wars, but we also going to have to put up with demons ramping up their attacks on both peoples and countries. And when demons move in on individual people, only the supernatural power of God is going to be able to set these people free.

As a result, God will be one step ahead of all this and He will have the right amount of good, anointed, Christian soldiers in place who will know how to deal with these direct demonic attacks. Your job will be to find who these people are and seek them out if either you or anyone else you may know comes under any kind of direct demonic attack.

Ask, seek, and knock – and the Lord will lead you to the right Christian soldier who will be able to set you free.

As a postscript to the above article:

Since the above article was written, we have come across a very good ministry that has healing and deliverance rooms located all across the United States, along with being in other countries across the world. Please go to our article on who this ministry is and how to make direct contact with them.

Many of these people are trained in the area of dealing with demons, and you thus may be able to find your deliverance at one of their healing rooms. Here is the direct link to this new article: “Healing and Deliverance Rooms Across the Country”


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  1. Churches need to repent for “fear of man”. I’m still looking for help, I know others from past churches who will not speak up for the reasons mentioned in this article.

  2. God has blessed me with gifts in the area of deliverance ministry. Over the years, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I’ve been able to help many people. Initially, I learned from a book by Gordon Powell, called, “Christian Set Yourself Free”. This site has furthered my understanding and has many tools scriptures and articles to help people understand what they are dealing with. What I have found is that I’m met with fear, suspicion and skepticism within the church to a degree that borders on persecution. The churches fear of entering into offering this service to needy people explains why so many Christians remain in bondage and why the church often does not meet the needs of their congregation. I have often felt that to be able to be accepted and worship with a body of believers that I’ve had to hide my God given gifts or be ostracized. I would love to be able to help more people. I know that God is impressing that I need to pursue this, but I’m not sure how to go about it. I am now attending a church that does believe in deliverance ministry, and intend to speak with the pastor as to how I can help in this body. I’m hoping that I can reach out to more people this way, and be accountable and also kept ‘safe’ under the authority of this body. Is this the best way to proceed?

    • Hi Ruth, I believe you are on the right track in going toy our pastor, this is the correct way because you will not only want to be held accountable, you will want others praying for you b/c of the severity of the area you are ministering in. Btw, what are you are located b/c we do get people emailing us and if we get people in your area, we can have them reach out to you.

    • I pray someone would help me get delivered. Everyone wants money. when Jesus was casting out evil spirit, He didn’t tell the people to pay Him.

  3. I was really hoping for some straight forward ideas on how to locate a deliverance minister. While this article is interesting, I did not need further confirmation that myself and many others are probably in need of deliverance as I am well aware of the existence and constant ‘work’ of the unclean in the spirit world. Sounds like others here are expressing the same or similar feelings.

  4. I truly do not understand why a person has to keep asking, seeking and knocking the Most High for something that He should freely give. Also, a lot of the churches today, especially the non-denominational and charismatic ones are infiltrated by witches. They do a lot of harm and create offenses for the person seeking help. They want to keep the person in bondage. I think that the Most High should step in when He sees a long pattern of hindrances from the so-called ministers, pastors or leaders and deliver and heal on His own. A vessel should not be necessary all the time. He said that He would not give more than the person can bear. What is the measurement of how much a person can bear?

    • Remember Daniel’s 21-day fast (Dn 10)? The Lord had answered Daniel right away and sent his messenger to advise Daniel. Yet, the messenger was delayed because evil forces tried during 21 day to prevent the Lord’s message to reach Daniel.

      I think it’s the same thing when you’re looking for deliverance ministers. Boy, did I look for one! I remember meeting 2 good-for-nothing Catholic priests, one definitely not working for nor on behalf of the Lord. At some point, I just told the Lord: “These are the end of times. There are lots of deceivers, false prophets. You’re the only one who knows who really is with us and who comes in your name, please lead me to the right person.” He granted my answer, it was really a miracle.

      A few weeks after I prayed, the wife of my friend’s pastor contacted her on FB and asked her if I was still around because they had a woman with a ministry of deliverance, coming to their city. I went and the woman, a non-denominational Christian, plead the power of the blood of the Christ for protection over all of us. Then, she invoked the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of the Lord Jesus-Christ, severed any tie I had with the family member responsible for the demonic oppression I was going through. 2.5 mths later, the Lord confirmed with a word of knowledge from a stranger, that the tie was severed.

      The Lord did lead me to the right person after the devil tried first to thwart my efforts by leading me to those 2 priests.

      • May you help me with a loved one. My loved one has been under the power of a demon he has been possesed with other spirts I need help and I want you guys to help me because everyday the demon takes over and he makes him hit himself . !!

    • Anna, I read your testimony on how GOD lead you to a woman prophet who gave deliverance to your problem. Please , I have suffered for years vin the hand of false phrophets, and I have lost money and yet the problems are still there. Please I leave in Arizona and I am very eager to meet that woman prophet that helped you. Please how do I contact you and the woman prophet.

  5. Hi I have been looking for a Deliverence Minister for about 6 months. I live about 30 miles outside Philiadelphia, PA… No one knows what I am talking about. … I have talked to pastors…even church’s the are called ” The Deliverence ______ Church ” don’t know what I am talking about. Most churches don’t return my calls. Your prayers work. I know they are here because the refrigertors sqealls… then one knocks … one hard knock… or vice versa.. then both . as soon as I get to verse Deutertonomy 9:3… all is quiet.
    But it comes back, sometimes in the same day, sometimes the next day. And a new one has shown up that is making my bed vibrate. I really want these things out. I have done everything. Everything … I have even used holy water, salt, cross’s are hung on the walls. I really need help.

  6. After reading your passages I believe I have encountered this spirit on more occasions than I can remember. They never attack viciously, they always have lured me in with gifts and to make me feel comfortable with them. After not agreeing with talking about other church members or the church leaders they tend to retaliate. I tried several times going to the pastor only to be told that I was not lining up with the word of God. No one believed me and to this day this spirit has taken over positions, these people have attached several women in the church, they have lied on them. This spirit has gathered other people in the church to come against me and several other women,it seems as though they are in packs like wolves. This particular individual and/or individuals have laid hands on me and my children I have ended up sick in my body as well as my children.

  7. I just came across this article and you are right on track. Lots of great information and there are so many people out there who need help with this. The devil is extremely active these days and he is attacking everywhere. I belong to a spirit-filled Bible teaching church who believes in spiritual warfare and deliverance, but I am interested in helping folks who might not come to church so I am looking to start or become a part of a deliverance ministry in my area (Baltimore). The Lord has been preparing me for this for a very long time and now it’s time to put all of my direct experience towards His work and for His glory.

    • This sounds interesting. I believe that God has called me into that ministry as well. I live in Richmond, Va

      • i have a demon of the jezbel thankfuly the lord ask me to look and read more about her….came across your site i have problems finding the right help from christian people not only that theres more demons and devils..crazy but i believe this strong man may be this jezebel spirit and the rest maybe easy to drawn out with prayer and fasting,,well i did sell my soul to seven devils at one time when i was 16 years of age,,but problems started when i was really young when i could see this spiritual man in the sky i didnt know who he was and what was going on in my life kind of fell out with this spiritual being..had a lot of bad stuff happen to me..but worse when i was 16 …then i gain demonic powers in soul part of my being like what you said i could fell them moving but i didnt know what they were till i was 22v years of age i had a hell experince through what was inside Jesus pull me out of the fire 1 jude.1.23 but have problem with rejection from churchers well christians..not only that i seen this spirit and the anitchrist spirit at work in churches..and trying to get help at the same time its being crazy so am fighting the demons in side asking for God and christ to deliver me…getting attack from the inside and out side at the same and then from the demons at work with in the churches..crazy mess…still looking have you heard of the unholy triny because there the ones i sold my soul two..i have close doorways 1 john 1 9…but still see the spiriworld because i cant find help to get rid of this power demon that gives me the link to see into the spiritworld…the rebecca brown books have help it a pasrt were i cant get help wity the strong ones werein the past i had full manifestions even when the person being there prayering for me not even having discenrment that this has taken place..but the lord has show me a prayer plan in how to get rid of this hidden demon in soul and spirit….but its finding that christian person to help its lack of unbelieve in this areas…not only that am still getting people or satanis drawing painting curses on walls and stuff…yet i get come to our church or place of worship so we can help..get there to find they just want me there to fill there place and theres no help as they think your mad..then they dont come and talk to you and leave you sat there by your own pastors or edlers trying there best to avoid you..keep on keep on coming yet no help but rejection its so sad and crazy please do pray for us…

        • hello I just wanted to know if you ever got the Deliverance that you needed

  8. From reading all the messages I believe my boyfriend may have a evil spirit following him. It happened first at my old place. We were both sleeping thend all the sudden he screamed out my name. I woke up thinking he had a bad dream bubut he said saw behind my head this black evil image and evil. Happened again a week later and my cat had obviously seen it. She kept looking at a ain’t part of the living room and growling. My cat has never done anything like that before. My boyfriend said he felt heavy and he couldn’t move felt pinned down. He looked scared. Breathing heavy and looking around the room for something. I moved apartments due to lease was up. So nothing happened for ages to him so all thought was my old apartment was haunted. I have recently moved again. During his sleep he makes these little howling sounds. Made me remember my last place when he woke me up screaming my name is remember hearing the howling in his sleep. Moving again it’s started again. I’ve even noticed my cat isnt as comfortable in the new place. She was never comfortable in my old place. Even before my boyfriend had even been in the picture. But my second move both my boyfriend and cat were fine there. The new place not so much. Has it found him again? There has been a few times now he has heard me call out to him but I haven’t said anything at all. I don’t think it’s inside him but its trying. He said once it wanted him but because I was there it couldn’t. I actually believe that because a friend of mentioned he is a lot more calmer when I’m around him…..
    I need an explanation just to make more sense of it more. Hope hear back from you as soon you can…

    Thank you

  9. I am in San Diego California– can you recommend a highly skilled, full of the Holy Spirit Deliverance minister to me in the Southern California area? The testimony of the Mexican woman who was completely delivered from evil spirits due to dabbling in white magic was very enlightening. I have a family member in need of a serious deliverance (inside) I read your write up on the signs of being demonized and he has many of these signs unfortunately.

  10. I to live 30 miles north of philadelphia Pa. I have avery hard time finding help in deliverence from the occult ..IN the church I went to for 20 years… has not helped me in deliverence as a fact I got attacked by the occult in the church… my so called christian friends who are belivers and in wommans aglow and spiritfilled woman they call themsleves arein the occult when I started to share with my so called christian friends my need of deliverence from the occcult.. they turned out to be in the occilt witchcraft was done on me .. I was so betrayed by these so called spirit filled people.. I was cursed one wed.. night when I want to church… I felt the demonic as I walked under 2 doorways to get into the church… these are people in leadship on down to chori sunday school teachers clubl teachers day school teachers.. ect… I am still looking for help to get free from the occult… I am attack in my neighbor hood public places I get attacked… there is so so much to my story… I one night had to call my pastor because I awoke in my sleep being squeezed to the point I could hardly get my breath… I got a rebuke when I shared my story with him and why it happpen…I have a very hard time finding a church the occcult is sure in the church who is true anymore they say they know Jesus as personal savor…. the devil goes to church to .. My eyes are open as to how many are in high paces in the church…. I been looking for a true deliverence person… any help out there… Darlene I am very sadden …

  11. Please help me! I just had demonic attacks within last 4 ~6 weeks. It’s in the back of my head, getting deeper into the head. I had no idea what was happening until it’s too late. I live in Albuquerque, NM. I’m a Christian. I will travel anywhere in the world to seek help. If you know an effective deliverace minister, please help me!

    • Dear nami, my name is Sharon. I am 70 years old. I have been serving the Lord many years. I am very familiar with Albuquerque. I graduated from highland high. Lived in n.m.many years. I am very familiar with your problem. I had a dear cousin who committed suicide because she could not get help with demons. Her family did not believe that she could be demonized and those of us who were spirit filled were not allowed to help her. Several times she was admitted to the mental hospital which made the demons stronger. There is help for you please don t give up. The Lord is very real and he has a purpose and Destiny for your life. He wants you to be free and there are those who have the calling and ability to help you there. Please seek help. I will pray for you! May the Lord bless you.

  12. I have many sins I deal with and even though I believe in Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit and consider myself a Christian, I tend to think I am possessed and have blasphemed the Holy Spirit.. I don’t trust my church because I think they are in the same boat.. Help. I need someone with the Holy Spirit’s Power and the gift of discerning of spirits and casting out of demons..

    • Noel, I do not believe you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit. You would not be concerned about it if you had. That is a tormenting spirit that tells you that yo have blasphemed the Holy Spirit – it is the devils’ way of getting you to stop seeking the Lord and following Him.
      I had that spirit once and it was awful!! Thankfully, I got free.
      I renounced it and refused it, and eventually, that awful fear that I had committed the unpardonable sin, left me. You need to tell it to GO in Jesus Name.
      Do not waver.
      Ask Jesus to comfort youu with His Love.
      “Perfect love casts out fear, for fear has torment.”
      You may well be oppressed with a spirit(s), but even in the midst of all that, lift up your arms right now and say, “Jesus I love You.”
      Then say it again.
      Then say it again.
      His Love for you is stronger than all satan and his camp put together.
      I live in New Zealand, and you are likely thousands of miles away.
      If not, I would be happy to meet with you.
      I have done quite a lot of deliverances in times past..not so much nowdays.
      I love to see people set free.
      I need freedom myself in an area, and that is what brought me to this site.
      But I am still happy to reach out with what I can to help a brother or sister.
      About all those sins: never quit the fight.
      Have you received the Holy ghost SINCE you believed? (That is the question, Paul asked Believers in Acts 19:2.)
      Being filled with the Holy Ghost, gives you Gods’ Power on the inside to resist sin and live holy.
      May the Lord lead and guide you to what you need brother.

  13. Hello friends,
    I have felt called by the Lord into a Deliverance Ministry in my area. (I have lost many of my Christian friends once they learned of what I am doing.) People who feel they are being tormented by demons find me on my website and ask for help. Most have tried to get help through churches but get turned away. I have a fierce love for our Lord Jesus and was saved and baptized many years ago. I am not afraid of these entities as I know who I am in Christ Jesus. I go to their homes and using my skills as a retired police detective I determine if it’s a drug problem, alcohol problem, perhaps mental illness or if it is likely demonic. The first three I encourage them and find help for them. If it’s demonic I conduct a full investigation to understand the scope of the problem then start off with a very simple strategy. At its heart it is 1)confess your sins 2)repent of them and turn away 3)ask the Lord for forgiveness 4)ask the Lord for help. Then many of the strategies you’ve discussed I use and have been successful. The real point to my comment is about all the friends I’ve lost who listen to the rumor mill and think I’m dabbling in witchcraft or slaying goats under a full moon. I’ve learned who my real friends are.

    • Dear Robert,

      I have been called to a deliverance ministry, but have trouble finding a group of people to learn from. (I mean people who are actively involved in ministering under the control and in the name of Jesus Christ.)
      (I have been present at a few deliverances but was convicted by the way they were carried out in front of the whole congregation. Somehow it lacked respect for the sufferer)

      If we are certain that we are following the Lord’s leading could it be that we can expect to lose friends?

      I am in the UK.

    • You continue doing what The Lord put you here to do and do not mind what friends you lost. They were not your friends to start of, for they do not understand. I am pretty sure you will make more than friends; like brothers and sisters from those you deliver in Jesus’ name…Remember to protect yourself with The Lords armor when doing these deliverance. There are tougher demons out there that can and will attach themselves to you if you are weak or stressing in any situation. God bless

    • AMEN
      I agree …why are Christians so afraid of standing out, people should be delivered on the spot.

  14. I’ve been seeking help for years and because I’ve found none the love for God that was once strong is now very dismal. My body burns and feels sick when I seek Gods help. I need help. I’ve realised deliverance ministries in my region are either underground or non existent. I live in Maitland in the hunter valley and have considered traveling as far as Melbourne to get deliverance but I can’t affor it. Please help and not let this be another dead end

  15. Dear believer in Christ,

    My son is infested with the evil spirit and is tormented by the evil spirit for the past 8 months we are struggling recently recognised it and I started praying we are fasting and praying along with a few pastors and now the entire congregation of my church I have appealed for prayer for deliverance of my son.

    I need your prayer support with the power of the Holy Spirit and with the Armour of God to kindly pray for my son to be delivered from this evil spirit permanently and we can glorify the name of Lord Jesus Christ in a mighty way.

    the spirit has threatened to kill my son in the coming four months we are in prayer and I request you to kindly guide me as best as possible so that in my local vicinity if you have any of your preacher or delivery I can contact him my contact number in email is given below.
    Remember us in prayers for we are in need of Jain prayers to deliver us from the powers of witchcraft and evil spirit.

    In Jesus Name Amen.

    • Hello Ashish, I am a little confused. With all do respect. Do you want Lord Jesus’ prayers or Jain prayers? It is two different denominations an surely worships different gods; not the real God, who created us. One crusial question…Who do you believe in? I want to help you with The Lords Jesus blessing…

  16. Hello I’m need to get help for me and my son a deliverance I think I need
    I have fear, depression, bad headache, and I think maybe I open doors for bad things in my life I need help desperately

  17. I have been possessed for almost 7 years now. I want deliverance. i can constantly feel them inside my heart area . when they are bad it makes me lack patience and im full of hate. i believe i crossed the line with God when I was 20. For a whole year i barely got out of bed. i almost killed myself. after that i could barely work. My heart is soo filled with evil and hard and feels “clogged”. I want to be free again. I could go on for hours but won’t. I don’t see a future ( although I somehow have a decent job now ..parents prayers??) . I can pretty much feel the demons the whole time I’m awake. no joy, no peace. Like a snake living in the inside of me that drives me insane. I need help, but there seems to be none. I looked back once God had enlightened me. I was almost saved I believe, at one time I did trust in God for salvation (but was very nervous to confess it ). I wanted to serve him, but I cared ALOT what the “cool” world thought. Now I feel 100% dead in the inside. Insensitive, hardened, and if I dwell on it…. it makes you insane. The sad part is I want to fulfill my destiny but it is too late. I want to act out on the compassion I have for others but there is no power ( just torment ). I want to love my family and get right with the parents, but anger directly attacts me… I have no protection or really much hope. Please pray for me. I regret my whole life and reality is a nightmare for 7 years now. Sleeping is my refuge. Imagine if the enemy had access to crush your inner spirit. That is my life . regards, john

    • Hi going through a very similar plight. Im not sure where you are now in terms of revelation where Gods shown you more how to get freed..but if you ever want someone to pray with…im in the same boat.. so perhaps we can build a faith agremeent that we WILL be freed by His great love mercy and grace.. NOTHING is impossible to Him…

      • Hi Liddy
        I’ve been going thru something similar as you and John, but probably worse. However, the Lord has led me and my family to a GOOD church and to a local org that does deliverance (where I’ve had much help). I would suggest that you ask the Lord to first find a GOOD church to attend to, a church that manifests the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Lord. This way, the Lord can start to minister inner healing and personal revival. Then afterwards, deliverance or maybe even at the same time. I hope you find your deliverance.

    • Do you still need help my friend?

  18. I am writing you a second time about my problem with demons. I just started on this journey and I know these things are real and I cannot deal with them alone. I will ,with the help of the Lord, find the right person to help me send these things back to where they belong. Like some who have wrote, How do you know where to go? Follow the Lord is the only answer I can come up with. Please Lord Jesus, send the right person to me. Anything you can think of please let me know.

  19. Dealing with oppression and I have done everything I know to do. I was told that there could be several different things to deal with from the enemy. Constantly in prayer with no relief. Live with chronic pain. Can’t sleep. I live in Michigan. Please advise me. I know it demonic.

  20. Hi my name is Lee and i am a dedicated servant of the Lord. I have nightmares, sick thoughts inside, it feels like at times I’m about to have a heart attack, i can’t concentrate on the bible or on any sermons, there are voices inside, in the past ive almost commited suicide from this, I need help. I was sent somewhere to go in Austin for deliverance, but the enemy tricked me out of it. Please send me a place to go, I have a strong calling to do Gods will but i fight really really hard.

    • I just happen to get on this site and read your situation. I dont expect you to answer, since this was back in 1/23/2019. Did you finally get help from your situation? If not, how long ago this started?

  21. Five years ago, from the time I submitted this comment, I was romantically involved with a satanic man. To make matters worse, I also played tabletop games with him (Pathfinder and Vampire: The Masquerade), inviting the demonic into my life that has hurt other people in addition to myself.

    I confess before the Lord and before everyone who reads this that I HAVE sinned. I repent of my actions, and I want to be delivered of everything of what I did. In order to do that, I need to know the name of the demon(s) behind my sin. After all, Jesus asked Legion’s name before he cased him out.

    If you know someone who can help me with my problem, please let me know. If not, can you please pray for me? I’m asking for forgiveness for committing the sin and the procrastination to this point. I’m also asking that the demon(s)’ name be revealed and the demon be torn down and sent away completely, in the name of Jesus.

  22. I left a comment on this page and it is gone. I agree with you Monica. the church needs to repent big time. The bible says, buy the truth and sell it not. I need deliverance so badly everywhere I look people want money. Freely we received freely we are to give. will some tell me where I can get some real deliverance in these United States?

  23. Hi my name is linda i have 2 boys and just had a baby i need help it feels as if we all are being attacked by a entity that has latched it self on to all of us i cant remember the last time we were happy. I have had bad luck for most of my life. I have a aunt that i use to live with growing up she does witch craft also i am having the same dream over and over of falling of the clift i feel like something is watching me as well i know what ever it is it has been following me for almost all my life what ever it is is causing for us to never be happy bad things are always happening and its getting worse. We need help i know something is attached to me i can feel it. This entity does not want me to progress or be happy i am stuck struggling and i feel i cant move …. I live in tampa florida… I just want us to be free i would like to talk to a certified priest to cleanse us of any evil and also my home please help us

    • Hi Linda,
      I’m so sorry for you and your family’s suffering!
      Have you asked God for direction and protection, looked at the directory above, or tried calling local ministers for advice?

  24. Hello, my name is Benjamin, I live in Montreal and I’ve been bedridden for more than 8 years now by an ailment which arised as a result of my family’s involvement in witchcraft and idolatrous worship, the severity of the unexplained ailment was such that I had to stop working and studying. My symptoms are similar to those suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (encephalitis myalgia). I’m desperate for help with this deliverance but I have trouble finding a good minister who shall help me here in montreal. It’s hard for me to go very far as I’ve depleted all my means, infact I’m in debt right now and I’m too weak to travel to a remote area. If not for my mum helping me I don’t know what I would’ve done in this life, at least I’m grateful to the lord for that.

  25. Hello. I was saved in 1998 and the Holy Spirit immediately began to show me that there was occultism in my life which was holding me down. I immediately began to suffer from anxiety attacks which led to social anxiety and then to agoraphobia depending on circumstances. In March 2003, the Holy Spirit told me to fast and during the fast He revealed that my dad is an occultist who is the head of a coven of occultists which include relatives. He revealed that this coven has been cursing me and my three siblings but especially me and that all the anxiety and demonic issues I was struggling with was coming from them.

    My dad is a very high-level occultist (I didn’t know at the time) and is constantly monitoring me through astral travel and monitoring spirits who always let him know where I am and what I’m doing. As a result of the daily ‘prayers’ my dad and his coven do against me (a prophetic woman in a church who didn’t know me told me this), I have been homeless since 2003. I have not been able to hold a normal job or a job for more than two weeks. I haven’t had money to have my own place but have had to stay in homeless shelters which are open thoroughfares for the demonic which only aggravated things. I’ve reached out for help many times since 2003 in spite of massive depression and discouragement but have not found anyone. I hope to connect with some people on here so that we can at least connect through email, social media, or phone to encourage and support and pray for one another. People who are struggling with spiritual issues need support. God bless all.

  26. I have spoken with a deliverance pastor from another state on phone he did alittle deliverance on phone we found out since this has been going for lots and lots of years it 20 years and close to 20 years and 2 months i found out i had some unforgiven sins so i asked God for forgiveness. And i been rebuking these demons inJesus name been fasting and they keep manifesting the come out in Jesus name most of time at times
    They wont. I hear a voice in tounges loud.

  27. My son,Who is two years old is demonised,demon is speaking out of him,i dont now how to explain it,i really need help,a small boy u dont tell him what to do,he behave madly,the demon speak physically challenging me,even when am praying,the demon will be talking,i have tried some men of God,still noting happened,is even getting more worster,pls i really need Helpi really need help.

  28. I have been struggling with demons on the inside of me for at least 7 to 8 years if not longer, I have searched for many years to find help but no one wants to deal with the problem I have, I hear voices talking on the inside of me in my left ear and when all this started I went deaf in that ear. I can feel them moving on the inside of me I get tortured and tormented all day and can’t sleep at night because of this, I get irritated very easily and sometimes feel like I have no control over my own thinking, I just want to be free from this some days I think I’d be better off dead so I won’t have to go through this hell anymore, my family all thinks I’m crazy and I’ve tried physic meds for many years with no relief at all. I have called all the churches in my area and no one has ever dealt with this sort of thing so I’m pretty much stuck this way, I’m just so tired of fighting. can anyone help or at least point me in the right direction. PLEASE

  29. I have been fighting over 20 years this demon. It claims to love me and worship me. I keep casting it out in the name of Jesus Christ and by the blood of Jesus and it just says no. Please, I don’t want to go to hell. Please help me or direct me in the right direction. I didn’t want to spend any money, but I’m desperate, I’ll save whatever I can and spend it.

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