How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit

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In part 2, I discussed The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate. In the first part, I explained what is a Jezebel spirit

In this final part I’ll tell you how to handle a Jezebel Spirit.

1.  If you ever come across a person who has this kind of evil spirit on them, and this person is working close with you to some degree, whether it be at the church you attend, the church you work for, your place of employment, or if by chance it be with your very own spouse, the very first thing you must do is go direct to God the Father in prayer and get His direct advice and strategy on how to deal with this thing.

As we said above, in many of these types of cases, the person who is carrying this kind of evil spirit will have no idea they are actually carrying it. By the time you meet them, they may be so full of pride, they will never admit that they could have this kind of evil spirit operating in them in the first place.

If that is the case, then you will have to have God deal directly with that person and pray that He supernaturally show them that they really do have this kind of evil spirit operating on the inside of them.

Until this spirit is fully exposed to the person who has it, and this person is then ready to receive a full deliverance from the Lord, there will be nothing you can really do about it but continue to pray to the Lord that He show this person what the real truth is.

But if God does fully expose this kind of evil spirit to the person who has it, and the person is then ready to be delivered from it, you can then do the deliverance like we have shown you in the other articles in the Spiritual Warfare Section of our site.

You first will need to get good, detailed information on their past, and then find out what the legal rights are that allowed this spirit to enter into them in the first place. And then once you find out what those legal rights are, then get them properly taken care of and fully broken with God the Father.

Then once all of the legal rights have been fully taken care of and broken with God the Father, then move to bind all of the underling demons to the chief Jezebel demon, and then from there, proceed to cast all of them out of the person as one spirit.

For a full, detailed explanation on how to deliver someone from demons, please refer to our three main articles titled:

  1. Dealing With the Legal Rights of Demons
  2. Deliverance System For Casting Out Demons on the Inside of a Person
  3. How to do a Self-Deliverance

Each of these articles will show you how to set someone up for a true deliverance from the Lord.

2.  If by chance this person is not open to receiving any kind of deliverance and they are causing major trouble, strife, and dissension in a church, prayer group, or Bible study class, you may have to ask this person to leave so this evil spirit does not continue to attack the other people who are in the same environment with this person.

If you do not ask this person to leave, this spirit will set up shop right in the middle of your church or prayer group, and from there, it will start attacking everyone, trying to cause as much strife, dissension, and chaos as it possibly can. You cannot give any ground to this kind of evil spirit. If you do, it could end up eventually taking down your entire church, prayer group, or Bible study class.

3.  If this kind of spirit has infiltrated your work place, the supervisors will need to take charge and let this person go. Again, if they do not, this spirit could end up causing mass mutiny and disloyalty, along with seriously affecting the productivity of your entire work force.

This spirit and the person who is carrying it are toxic, and they will infect and contaminate every person they come into major contact with, as this kind of spirit is an attack dog and will viciously attack anyone who will get too close to it.

4.  If your spouse is carrying this kind of evil spirit on them, again, you will need to go direct to God the Father and get His specific instructions on how to deal with this if your spouse is not open to admitting they have this kind of evil spirit on them. God hates divorce, but at the same time He is not going to allow this kind of evil spirit to run rampant and unchecked in a family environment.

As we have showed you in our article titled, “Battle Verses of the Bible,” our God is a powerful Man of War and He will go to war for you and fight this kind of evil spirit if you will just pray for Him to do it for you.


As we said at the top of this article, the Jezebel spirit is without question, one of the most evil and vile spirits you will ever come across in this life. This thing is nothing but pure evil and hate, and all it wants to do is attack and kill everything in its sight.

This spirit has been attacking mankind ever since Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. And until Jesus comes back to set up His Millennium Kingdom and throws Satan and all of his demons into the bottomless pit, we are all going to be stuck with this kind of evil spirit being allowed to roam in the air seeking who it is going to try and attack and devour next.

And if by chance this kind of spirit ever comes into your neck of the woods, go directly to God the Father and get His immediate advice on what you should do and exactly how you should handle this kind of extreme situation.

Again, you cannot give any ground to this kind of evil spirit. If you do, it will establish a stronghold base within your environment and from there, it will launch major attacks on both you and anyone else that is in this environment.

This evil spirit must be resisted right at the outset if at all possible. If it is not, it can eventually end up destroying the entire environment it is working in, whether it be a family, church, prayer group, Bible study class, or an actual company or corporation.

Table of Contents:
1. What is Jezebel Spirit
2. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate
3. How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit


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  1. My girlfriend might have this. One time I tried to cast it out via what’sapp call, then it started to laugh, and line cut off, I believe it was the devil who cut the lines, but she called me back.
    So I have expose her once, but I can’t torture it by saying Holy Spirit fire on the demon. Nothing happens, even I have done it over 5 or 10 minutes a row, but what works always is renouncing the spirit, worship music and when I pray that Holy Spirit fills her whole body, she always starts to cry. Do you have any good advice more? In her church has a female lead pastor, I don’t like the idea. Bible teaches that women should not lead.

  2. My brother is in an abusive relationship with this jezebel spirit and just goes alomg with whatever she does. She is now slanderingmy name and no one confronts her. I need serious prayer bc i dont know what to do anymore. I keep praying but dont see anything changing,

  3. Now I know what it is and how appropriate the name. Went out of town on business and lost contact with my family at home, no one was answering the phone. Stopped by my wifes place of work and asked to see her. After waiting outside for some time,2 employees came out and asked if i was there to cause trouble!!! Once home I found that she and the 2 teens at home had left days earlier. The next day the sheriff delivered a restraining order on me, very clever as it dictates that i cannot go anywhere near her or the kids, because I am malicious!!!!Truly a liar!! This was followed by divorce papers. It knows that I know and no one else will do anything about it so it is causing me grief. But, I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST AND HIS HOLY SPIRIT you can run and you can hide unclean one but THE MASTER IS COMING- AMEN PRAISE BE TO GOD ON THE HIGHEST

  4. I believe the Holy Spirit has laid it on my heart that people who are narcissist and have personality disorders have the Jezabel spirit and possibly other spirits attached. I also feel that the Lord is not happy with the churches not discerning and helping the people to be set free of bondage. Back in Jesus’s days on earth it was and everyday thing to cast out demons. He don’t care what denomination you are it’s not important setting people free from bondage is. It’s not about denomination it’s about Jesus and doing his will and as a disciple of Jesus Christ if took up your cross to follow him you are discern and help people get set free of bondage. If your worried about running off church members your in it for the wrong reason. my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children. Hosea 4:6

    • I agree totally with you. I received Gods calling in my husband who gas been possessed by this spirit. He is a covert narcissist. My father was a malignant narcissist who died one month after he gave his life to Christ (grace at work). My spiritual eye was opened this year after all the years of torment and oppression. I contemplated suicide at a point before mercy found me and God started revealing this to me. These people need help. Let God make us a vessel for their salvation

  5. Just a quick question…I think I just encountered a Jezebel Spirit with someone new that was hired in my department which I am the head of. All the ‘character’ traits are there including stories about her I have subsequently heard. She disturbed my spirit big time and by God’s grace she is now gone! She has now tried another attack on me through emailing the big boss the most remarkable insane email asking to (demanding) to meet with him so she can tell him the home truths about how his business is going to run into the ground without this knowledge she acquired in her short time there… obviously me being the centre of this and ending off saying why allow 1 bad Apple to destroy your whole reputation. It’s insane! And he’s not biting thank you Jesus.
    So my question is do I need to do anything for myself, in my office etc to get rid of this thing that was there? Should I annoint the space with oil or should I perhaps be prayed for as I came into contact with it?

  6. I need guidance here and I hope someone can educate me as I am what I call “a baby Christian”. I began dating my husband 7 years ago and when we first started he told me about a girl he had dated for a few months who had been stalking him ever since they separated. I was going through a pretty bad break up with my son’s father and basically laughed it off, didn’t realize he was serious. The first encounter I had with her, AR, she came to my job and confronted me about dating my now husband. I brushed her off and asked her to leave but after making eye contact with her I knew something was off. She ended up becoming very close with his parents and told them all sorts of lies about me. I didn’t even know this woman. After a couple months she found out who my ex was and made contact with him. His older son had been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and she reached out to him under the guise of wanting to be supportive. She quickly convinced him I had been cheating on him and that if we had any contact with each other I would have him arrested with false claims. This resulted in my children, our son and myself being alienated through the illness and death of my son’s brother and our son not seeing his father for months at a time. Shortly after my husband and I got married we found out we were pregnant. His parents refused to participate in anything having to do with our marriage or new child. AR also reached out to my husband’s daughter’s mother, AH, and told her lies about me resulting in her withholding his daughter for over a year. At the funeral of my son’s brother AR announced smiling to a group of my close friends that her and my ex were pregnant and that they had purposefully gotten pregnant and were very excited about the new baby. My husbands parents were very excited as well and lavished them with gifts and praise. It was all a horrible experience and it still hurts to look back on how easily she manipulated and made a game out of everyone and everything, including life and death. Time went on and eventually I approached her and my ex to try to make things right for our son’s sake. This was a huge mistake. She immediately latched on to me and made herself overly available in every way. After I gave in suddenly everyone was back, his parents, my ex, AH and his daughter. Things seemed well for a bit until AR started expressing her love for me and telling me she wanted in our family, that she loved my husband and my kids also. Things got very weird and I was talked into things I was not really comfortable with. After that it all got so much worse. The discord and debauchery and deceit was rampant. I ended up finding out she and my husband were having an affair and other people were involved as well. We separated and for 6 months I went through hell as she taunted me while I tried to process what was going on and how. My husband and I ended up deciding to fix our marriage and for over a year things were on the mend and peaceful and lowkey. At some point AR found out we got back together and approached my ex to get back together as well. He started bringing our son around her again (which I didn’t approve of because she was lying to him in all sorts of weird ways also) but again I choose to face her head on and hash everything out for the sake of our son. Everything was fine for a bit and them little by little she started coming around more and more. She would go over everything from the past and I would tell her to stop and that I had forgiven him and everyone else and I don’t want to stay in that place. This would make her so angry but by this point I could see very clearly how she worked. Within this period I started noticing synchronicities and signs. I ended up giving my life to Jesus and it was like I could see everything clearly. When I told her this she became noticibly and physically agitated and made many attempts to tell me why I was wrong for believing in Jesus. I prayed for protection and for the removal of anyone or anything that was not inline with God’s plan for my family and I. She never stepped foot in my home again. She came to my house one last time ranting and raving about how she was divorcing my ex and she never wanted him, she couldn’t stand our son and wished she had aborted theirs. I was floored but so grateful for God exposing her. I thought we were finally free. No, she turned her sights back onto our family, my inlaws and AH, stepdaughters mother. She thankfully exposed herself to my inlaws and did divorce my sons father but she has done something to the beautiful relationship we had with stepdaughter and her mother-she has become hateful, vindictive, lying and has made many attacks against our family. It’s like watching a puppeteer work a puppet. We have not been allowed around my stepdaughter for over a year. My husband finally was allowed only a handful of times during a temporary mediation agreement which she has since ignored and refused to comply with. AR babysits his daughter. It’s an unbelievable mess. How do become untangled when they won’t let you go?? Everytime I think we are free she hooks another loved one. I don’t understand this. I pray for her, I pray for AH and SD. I pray for resolution and guidance. I’m sure God hears me but how do we break free….its been 7 years. There has to be a way.

    • WOW. I totally get it sister and know what it is for that spirit to be set on trying to infiltrate your spirit and family, but in the name of Jesus, continue to stand, in His authority, and RESIST the devil and tell him that through the blood of Jesus and power and authority of Christ that has been GIVEN TO YOU, that he must flee! And it will. That spirit of jezebel and ALL the demons that are attached to it, her hoard will go! It is the word of God and they cannot resist the truth. This unfortunately does not mean that there will be no warfare, there will be, but just KNOW in your heart that it will flee and you WILL experience SHALOM, peace that pars passes all understanding, that peace that comes from GOD. You are the one right now that is standing in the gap for your family. For your husband and children and their children’s children and all their siblings. Don’t grow weary in well doing. Don’t let just anyoneinto your close circle. CHOOSE VERY WISELY e with great discernment. Ask GOD to make it plain for you and ask Him to give your husband DISCERNMENT and to know he had a wife he can trust.

  7. So deal with this spirit ASAP, but what do you do when it’s the pastors daughter? This woman has her hand in every ministry in this church. Some people quit doing their ministry because of her not letting them do it like they feel God leads. So here’s where I am scratching my head, for two years she has told me I am suppose to be the worship leader. I prayed about it because I wasn’t so sure, finally God shows me I am the worship leader. Well guess who chooses the music , tells us how to sing it, etc? You guessed it, she does. Her father, the pastor even told me I was the worship leader. I told him God showed me I was and I was ready to step into position only to be dealing with this now. This is not my first time dealing with this spirit but idk how to handle this. Seems since her father allows her to do these things, there may be nothing I can do?! Help because I am very discouraged to be going through this again!

  8. Thank you so much. And i thank God for directing me to search and bring me to reading this article and it answered to all my questions deep inside. . . Please pray for me to have courage, strength and wisdom to stand against this kind of spirit in my church that i am attending. . .

  9. I got a lot from this. So much on my journey.

    I do recognize a bias with women being the jezebel spirit attacking men and “making” them be unfaith and practice infidelity because as you said, they can be cast out, don’t like spiritual warfare, and are manipulative. It would seem that the spirit of jezebel is within the man as well if he is pulled or driven to cheat or step out of his union. The woman has it to engage with an already formed union but I see the man as possessing that spirit on them as well, even before meeting the one they step out with. Just my opinion as I’m on my journey to understanding.

    • True. Men can lure as well. Especially thru spritual needs (i.e. Godly leadership, not anger and emotional/verbal abuse) not being met within the woman’s marriage. And the Jezebel spirit can twist it and abuse our faith. Certainly a wrong turn. Thank you Jesus my Lord.

    • I would have to agree with you. My husband is currently with a Jezebel but he did have a little bit if it in himself I believe as well. Nothing to the extreme as her, but just enough that he was so drawn to her because she could understand him like nobody else 🙁

    • With all due respect, the jezebel spirit is a specific set of attributes, not just unfaithfulness. My experience is that the majority are women, although my ex-husband had a jezebel spirit. There is no bias here, just experience. Manipulation and unfaithfulness are just 2 of many other characteristics. 🙂

  10. Many years ago I remember Derek Prince telling us that there were principalities over major cities in the world. He told us that the Spirit controlling Washington, DC was the Jezebel spirit. I have almost always lived in the DC area and I can confirm this to be true. I believe that this is the motivating spirit in the women’s movement and that it has brought about nothing but death and destruction, thru abortion, mental castration of generations of men, and the false placement of women over men in every capacity. Men are terrified to be men. In media, men are depicted as feckless idiots, dependent on women to help them make decisions for themselves. I do not think the church is generally aware that this is going on. And I do not believe the church is battling in the spirit against Jezebel. Look at our culture, our government, our world. Wake up!!!

  11. You are so right! Hailing Mary, doesn’t do a thing. She was just a human being chosen for a work, like any other prophet of God. They keep the Catholic people in bondage this way, to the false church, so that they will not have and know the true Power in the Name of Jesus, the Lord of All. They are really saying, “Hi, Mary,” and giving an evil spirit place to come into their homes and lives. Then, they wonder why bad stuff happens to them! Get the statues out, folks, worship Jesus ONLY. It’s Jesus plus NOTHING ELSE! Amen!

  12. I am going throw this attack also with two jesabel spirits. In the building I live in, it’s a lonely neighbor and an the building leasing assistant. They have vandalized my car that God has blessed me with three times. They watched me constantly and they talk to each other every day. They made people in this building think that they are the two sweetest people in this building. I am praying to the all mighty God for help .It’s like something I’ve never seen in my whole life.I’ve seen pitbulls nicer than these two spirit.I’ve stopped talking too them both .But thank God for his grace and mercy .I know how powerful God is and I know he is going to get the glory out this thing. They don’t realize that the curse of this spirit will curse their whole love ones too.In Jesus name father help us all.Amen Amen,Amen.

    • Cat, are you Catholic? If you are, do one Hail Mary for each of these characters everyday for at least seven to nine days and watch what Mother of Jesus our Ever-Virgin Mary and mother is able to do. Won’t hurt them but will show you and them what God’s Love is all about. Be careful to keep showing them love not hate! Remain blessed and ask God to grant those two the grace you wish them to have.

      • Unfortunately Oma, you have to realize that Mary -mother of Jesus was just a human. Therefore she won’t be able to do anything for you. The bible says not to pray to the dead. It is Jesus who IS GOD, and who is the only mediator between you and God. It is HE that can help you. NOT a human woman. Pray in the name of Jesus to God. Not to Mary. I mean to be respectful towards you, but it frustrates me when people pray to Mary and believe in her power but not God’s. This is another lie that needs to be exposed…

        • Many people are not seeing the manifestion in their life situations because Jesus Christ died on the cross and shed his blood!!!! for our healing, freedom, salvation, protection and so on…..
          Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge.
          When man lead you to the wrong highway, your lost by yourself. Mary is the mother of Jesus. BUT, Jesus paid the price for us!!!
          We have to study His word to get an understanding.
          Deuteronomy 31:8 It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.
          God bless you, again no disrespect. To know God is to know His word. Knowledge is power.

        • Truth!
          Go to the BIBLE for guideline of prayer, you will NEVER see that you’re to pray to MARY, angels, or saints!

        • Always remember the wedding at Cana, Mary The Mother of Jesus only points us to The Lord with her words “Whatever He says t you, do it” Never be afraid to pray the Hail Mary, it is the angelic salutation, Our Mother Nary hears and comes to our aid, she will make the voice if Yeshua clear for us to hear.
          Best of all demons flee at her presence, so you are safe to present your needs at the gates of heaven before Our Lord.

      • When you say the Hail Mary first ask your self is this prayer in the Bible and who made up this prayer ??
        Matt 6:5-6 forbids us to pray like the heathen and how do the pray? They do it with beads!!!
        Will our mother Mary contradic her son..??
        Wake up read the Bible throw out what is not according to the Bible traditions which are opposite to the word can it be from God??

      • Oma, You are being deceived. Marry cannot answer any prayers as she was a human just like you and I; praise the Lord that God used her! It is Jesus plus nothing equals everything. Mary cannot hear your prayers or answer your prayers, but Jesus can. God bless you as you journey to find Jesus who is your only advocate before God the father Almighty

      • Pray everyday to Jesus as he died and gave his life for you and through him you can have a relationship with him!
        He is the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!
        Respect Mary as his mother as a person but pray to the one is is your savior, Jesus!
        Saying this in love as I know Jesus is the answer:)

        I was brought up as catholic went to Catholic Church and once prayed to Mary……and now 30 years later I am pastors wife and pray everyday to Jesus my savior:) blessings in your journey of faith and May Jesus be the center of your life:)

    • I have left countless churches where this spirit is in pastors’ s wives who are clearly undermining their husband and his ministry by pretending to be a saint on the surface but exhibiting a very damaging attitude to members behind the scenes. The deception is incredible and involves a very accute form of schitzophrenia. People are literally being attacked spiritually by so called church leaders all over the world. We have to be praying and fasting in these very last days, trusting only in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who sees and knows everything. To God be the glory for his strength and continual faithfulness as Jezebel continues to be on the rise.

      • You hit the nail right on its head. We need prayer warriors against the jezebel spirit controlling at least 75% of evangelical/protestant churches.
        I don’t have words to describe how jezebel is powerfully attacking most of the innocent christians who do not understand how to handle an evil spirit in the church and forced them into accepting powerlessness and fear under the guise of false preaching and application of principles of love and forgiveness.
        In the book of Revelation, Jesus warned the church to deal with Jezebel.
        I am married to a Jezebel who knows who she is. I couldn’t find any pastor willing to confront her. I wasted two decades of my life just trying not to lose my sanity. God spoke to me clearly that I need to divorce her. I am going to divorce her. She doesn’t want to go away by herself as she doesn’t want to lose her power over me.
        Most christian people and pastors fear and obey Jezebel spirit instead of fighting against it.

  13. Thank you so much for this article. I recently went on a missions trip and I was faced with this demon. It was full of anger and rage directed at me. It was very accusatory. I called it a harassing spirit at the time because it just kept coming for me no matter what I was doing or where I was. She would scream at me and try to order me about. She would do malicious things to me trying to get me to argue with her. I pleaded the blood of Jesus against her one time and told her I wasn’t going to argue with her. She walked away saying “right the blood of Jesus.” Then it turned around and came back towards me while others are watching and I just started to sing praises to God and it walked away and didn’t say anything else to me it just kept using it’s host to do little taunting things to me during the entire missions trip. It wanted all the focus on her. No matter what the groups conversations would be about she always found a way to turn the conversation onto herself. She was very manipulative and wanted to play the victim with this woe is me attitude. Talk about murderous spirit! Wow I couldn’t believe she purposely leaned over and caught right in my face, not once but twice. I thank God I have His Holy Spirit living in me because I didn’t retaliate. I just started to bind up the effects of what ever germs or entity she was trying to pass off on to me. She was going for a third time but she realized that someone was sitting in the back with me so she quickly covered her mouth and turned her head back towards the front and caught in her hands instead. I have known this woman for several years and have never seen this behavior in her. I knew she liked to do things so she could have something to brag about so the focus could always be on her but taunting, argumentative, accusatory, being irrational, playing the victim and having a murderous type of behavior, I was in shock. I asked God how could she let herself be posed by these spirits. I knew she had to have an open door in her life with something she was doing. Through her own mouth God revealed to me that she was entertaining familiar spirits that would come to her in the form of a loved one who had passed away. I will continue to keep her in prayer, asking God to reveal to her that she has unclean spirits attached to her and to give her a heart to want to get rid of them as well as the familiar spirit.
    Thanks again for this information

    • Thank you Elnora for describibg Jezebel clearly.
      The Jezebel I am living with had a dad that worshipped the devil. Jesus called her into freedom and I found her in the church. After being married to her, I have absolutely discovered two personalties in one psrson.
      How long can I live with consistent attack from Jezebel? Of course, there were several reg flags that I ignored before being married to her. I don’t blame God for my suffering. I thank Jesus for helping me to survive alive while living in earthly hell with Jezebel.

  14. Brian the narcissism isn’t necessarily being selfish. It is the motive that drives even the most unselfish acts. It is doing the right thing for the wrong reason. For example being a great mom and spending time with the kids to one up dad and be the center of attention and be praised while criticizing and putting dad down a lot while he is in front of the kids so he looks bad she looks good. I’ve
    Dealt with more than one and many times your friends will love them . That’s their plan. To act one way and win the crowd so you seem crazy when you point out how prideful and dominating they are being. Hope this helps

    • True, I lived withit. Everyone sides with her and makes me think I am jeleous and hateful person. This continuous drama has no end and IT is he’ll on earth.

  15. Many times I have been call Jezebel but was not aware of the fact that there was two jezabels in the biblical days the one in which I asked the Lord to give me a great understanding of was the one that lived on the top of the mountain and later help the people to take over the city and was giving a spot to live with her family after the city was overtaken by the Lord’s people now this brings us to the other Jezebel which I was really unaware of until now which is Queen Jezebel I could not understand why this name kept coming back up man I have a better understanding of this from reading your article I’ve been affected by Queen Jezebel in the form of a he Queen Jezebel Trust and Believe I will take care of this with the Lord my father savior in Jesus Christ thank you and may God be with you

  16. I am so glad to have come by this article, I have also encountered two of these demons, one in the form of my sister and the other a co-worker. This monster has caused me a great deal of stress, anguish and suffering. Although I saw it, named and revealed it it continued to come against me. But you have to continue to call on and reach out to the Lord in order to subdue this demon. I have come to understand how to recognize this enemy and know that you have to work hard to reveal this vile and monstrous entity because it is relentless when it comes after you! As was said of this demon, it tries to destroy you. I couldn’t understand why my baby sister was doing the things that she was doing for a long time. I found that she was talking bad about and against me to any and everyone that would listen, trying to get them to dislike and hate me. All the while I was giving her my money and treating her very well. It was if she just wanted to hurt me, and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why. She had my sisters at each other’s throat and and about to throw hand at each other. She would go back and forth between to two talking about one to the other, and back again. I then saw the pattern and how that when the two of them would start arguing, how she would become absolutely still and quiet and her chin would drop to her chest without a sound from her. My baby sister always had something to say, just couldn’t keep her opinions to herself. Couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She knew everything, you couldn’t tell her nothing, she always wanted to be in control when she couldn’t even control her own life, not even her mouth! Didn’t want to hear anything about herself! I told her one day that. “she was so self-righteous that she couldn’t see her own wickedness.” Oh my God, why did I say that?! That demon really got busy at this point! I guess it realized that I had seen it for what it was! It all came to a head when I finally let it know that I wasn’t going to take it’s abuse anymore and I totally confronted it! It takes fire to fight fire sometimes, and I had had enough so the demon in me came out and when all was said and done, that demon in her couldn’t handle it. Mind you I didn’t and don’t curse, and/or go off, but that day, well………! Later I let her know that I was going to go with the Lord and I didn’t want nothing to do with her or the demon anymore. I haven’t heard from her again. I say this to say, the best thing to do when confronted by such a demon is to acknowledge that it exists, seek and talk with the Lord as to how to deal with it, and then expose it. These entities, just as with the devil, don’t like nor want to be exposed, and when you call on, seek the Lord and rebuke this spirit it will have to flee!
    The co-worker, well, I talked with Jesus about it and He told me what to do. I went to work and call as many of the other co-workers together and exposed him. I told them what was going on from beginning and that was that! So if you can, openly confront it by exposing this spirit, revealing the truth about it and the lies and/or whatever it is trying to do! God bless you all and fare thee well!

    • Wow, it totally sounds like my situation with my sister and our mom ! My mom is supposedly a Christian , however is very negative, prideful, judgmental and defensive, playing a victim while accusing me of just about anything. My sister is a total demon! Pretending to be so nice and good to everyone while threatening me after her husband physically attacked me and our mom and I got a restraining order against him- she threatened me with me losing my daughter and my job and threatened to kill me and burn me. Mind me- she is 60 years old ! I blocked my sister completely. No more contact. Mom has not contacted me for over a month now.
      I am so glad I read this article and realized about this evil spirit. I didn’t understand before how evil and distructive it was !

    • Cleveland, when you confronted your baby sister, I believe that was the Spirit of the Lord in you doing what we read in Revelation 2:20 — not to allow, permit or tolerate that Jezebel! It also worked with your co-worker, in that you did not cover for it, but finally exposed it to everyone. How do you deal with a bully? You stand up to it!!

    • I tried to get the supervisors and coworkers to listen and understand what was happening with particular demon who stole all my ideas, took them to the boss and got the credit, rose to a higher position on the strengths of myself and others, all the while gossiping, mocking, and deceiving. Well, I was the one to get let go not her and from what I know she still works there happily. I prayed to God the entire time! I got a better job. Thanks to God. However, I do not understand how no one was able to see through this person. It’s because it wasn’t any of them that she was attacking so exposure didn’t work for me in that case. You were lucky.

  17. Married to this. I’ve read about a narcissist and thought weird they have the same traits. Has to be more to it. Well one person said it’s a jezebel spirit. Science or an article I read, is now saying they are in a spectrum category. They note the traits ( I’m assuming) they say not curable but I’ve seen my husband do well when following god. I thought to look up jezebel dpirit, glad I did. I always ask for stratify and guidance. Mine also has dividing spirituality with me too. A thing about the last 3 years. He’s tried to get my adult kids on his side now our17 year old but this kid loves god and hears from Holy Spirit. This won’t continue to long as god knows it’s end.

  18. I really thank God for this information, I am a pastor and I’m still serving under my spiritual mother’s church. She has been attacked by this spirit, it’s so bad that the whole congregation has left the church only few people remain. And the ones remaining live under constant attacks, bad dreams, strange deseases and depression, even our children get attacks. The situation is still so worse that my spiritual mother is suffering from depression and has the spirit of death following her. The sad part is that despite all these her pride is beyond and she is in so much denial and saying that she is a victim for people hate her without a reason. She is very far from admitting that she needs deliverance and this spirit is closing in so strongly, it destroyed everything now it is planning to close the ministry. I pray for God to intervene in Jesus name

    • Dear Pastor, if this woman truly carries a Jezebel spirit, be very careful about continuing to call her your “spiritual mother”. It denotes and gives permission to this spirit entrance to your life. If it were me, I would repent of those words and renounce any spiritual inheritance. Blessings to you now.

  19. I left a church because this vile and evil demon was operating in the pastor. I felt like I was being examined by him to measure up to his standards continuously or be labeled rebellious and insubordinate. He was confrontive on what he felt were you’re spiritual failures and verbally told you so. No encouragement or building up the member, but always focusing on the negative aspects of your behavior. If you were making some headway to change, it was never enough and you needed to try harder. It got to the point that his authority over the individual became so intense, you would cower and do whatever he said in order to change according to his teaching and instructions. But no matter what you did, you were scolded with a failure attitude that continuously missed the mark. After spending a little more than a year in his church, I finally left. It was the best decision that I made. My only regret is that I didn’t leave sooner.

  20. As i read through this information it was as if I was reading about my ex husband and my life. Although we are divorced we have two girls 7 and 9. I struggled with so many of these charachter traits with my oldest daughter but since she was baptized and filled with the Spirit of God she is like a new child. But since then he has started to take them tto the Cathoic church with him every other sunday and my youngest daughter has been strugging with horrible tantrums even to the point of cursing God. My ex says i have to lighten up with the whole “God thing” with her. I was actually praying asking God to give me discernment of the spirits attacking my family and he led me here because as of yesterday i was even unaware about this being a spiritual thing. I started calling pp who treat kids with behavior problems. My litte girl has always been so sweet up until last year. I know kids go through phazes but this is destroying me and creating such chaos and division in our home. I know my ex will not admit to having this spirit on him to be delivered but my children are with him every week. What can I do besides pray for him and my kids?

  21. Brian- very interesting insight and troubling too. Im not sure if my wife has such a spirit or not. She does exhibit many of the sighs but is a Proffesing Christian but has a lot of defensive tactics. I can’t talk to her about anything without her debating and demanding that im wrong and strife, contention, condencending tones are always the outcome. To end the strife, I apologize then she says she is sorry after damage is done. I can’t stand to talk to her and can’t go anywhere with her because we end up in strife. I hate strife. No peace in our home. She does not have a narcissistic way about her though.

    • You may want to research borderline personality disorder. My ex husband has this disorder, and he would repeatedly cause strife and fighting in the home with my daughter and I, but then he would be sorry later. This is different than narcissism since there is some regret and apology.

  22. I’m living with jesabel spirit in my spouse. Like in hell on earth… Loosed everything in my life and myself after a normal life and marriage with her. Yes, it’s like living in hell. Making an monster of me. Showing it to anyone. But real monster is she. Jesabel. I just can’t fight anymore. It’s pure evil, satan by himself. Pray to Lord to save me each day. But it’s impossible with our law system. She is master of manipulation. Evil thing. And we are only humans. We will fall in this battle and our Jesus will not help us…

    • Read and believe the word of God. The Lord God is not a man that He would lie. His word is truth. He has told us that we do not contend against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of wickedness in high places – but we already have the victory, it was won on the cross by the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He and only He bought and paid for your deliverance and salvation. The devil is a liar , he comes only to steal, to kill and to destroy. It is a lie from the pit of hell itself that Jesus will not help us! He is THE SAVIOUR. He came to SET THE CAPTIVES FREE. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Pray, seek God, repent and confess sins, wait upon Him for direction. Remember that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper – if truly you are in Christ. He will bring victory – he is a faithful God. Trust in Him and do not despair. He loves you and gave his life that you might have eternal life. if we are in Christ we are not mere humans but we are more than conquerors, we are a royal priesthood, his beloved children.Praise God always and give Him thanks.

      • I was not aware of this Jezebel spirit. So many of these stories are very familiar!! SAD! Thank you Lady for conforming the word of God!! I am more than a conqueror! I am the righteousness of God! I am Victorious in Jesus name. Thank you God!!!!

  23. It was meant for me to read this article, as I am writing I believe my wife is being attacked by this spirit. I’m short period of time she went from a Christian woman to a cheating, lying, children abandoning stranger. She is now going to live w the man she is having an affair w and he is isolating her and she no longer has contact w anyone other than him on a daily basis. It’s as if she went to bed and woke up a different person. Her parents and siblings feel the same way – she’s a totally different person and this man is financing our divorce for her. I’ve been praying as we are all saved (in laws , wife and myself). My children are witnessing this and it breaks my heart but we pray nightly for her .

    • All cheaters and the one cheating with them has Jezebel’s control over them. Your wife has another type and the other man has another type. Well of course if they combine forces, Jezebel is more successful in ruining the God ordained marriage you have. The devil’s purpose is to kill, steal and destroy. Jezebel attacks marriages because it’s one of the most important relationship (second to our father relationship with God) out there that God made to picture his close and deepest love to His bride, the church. If Jezebel can destort that picture and make divorce acceptable and normal, then guess how many generations can she hit in one stone. Our Lord Jesus have mercy on us.

  24. Me and the man I was dating had a Jezebel spirit we where faithfully faithfully possessed as one soul but he got into a relationship behind my back and then I broke it off with him he got bad but I never called the police but I prayed and talked to god and told him to deliver me and he did I saw the spirit it gave me as I stood up to him face to face it was a horrible sight I never seen something so ugly and evil as I was casting him out I feared him I trembled then he told me you can’t get rid of me I think he said his name was Orias it made me mad I cast him out and he left and the other demons which was a witch and a warlock after him and the rest of the spirits out in me I’ve changed I fear for my life and I do fear god I still love him but he still has those evil spirits they have consumed him I pray god cast them out or put in me to cause I hate the way he going about with his life and he don’t even know it

  25. We must remember that as children of God, we have been given the authority and the power of the Holy Spirit over the enemy. He was stripped of all his authority 2,000 years ago when Jesus shed his blood, died and was resurrected again. The enemy roars around seeking vessels to use, as the only authority he has is ours-where we hand it over. We need to rise up as the church, get ready as the bride and stand firm. We have are covered by the blood of Christ and its our duty to go into spiritual warfare for our loved ones. We suffer from a lack of knowledge . I believe knowing who you truly are in Christ is essential and vital in spiritual warfare. If you are married to someone who you believe is under the control of the Jezebel spirit then you can stand in the gap as one flesh and come into agreement with the Holy Spirit to break them free. Keep making declarations of truth over them. God’s word does not come back void. Be persistent, even when it feels like it may be getting worse….God is always working ….and will never fail! I am currently going through this with my husband so I understand the frustration, trust me. I am consistently asking God to be the strength in me as some days I feel drained emotionally. I refuse to have conversations with any manifestation of the spirit. I take authority over the conversation and began to speak God’s word out loud. My husbands deliverance has been sloooow but have seen positive changes over time. Focus on God, his goodness and allow him to work through you as a vessel ….if we are finding our self weak and frustrated, more then likely we are battling in our own strength and not yielding to the Holy Spirit.

    • Amen Christina. No matter how strong these demons think they are, and may be in the devil’s realm, before the blood of Jesus they are powerless. We need to remember who we are in Christ! Thank you Jesus. Give us wisdom, strategy and discernment, please, Lord, as we use our authority to overcome these entities – authority You have given us. May Your Name be praised forever! JESUS is Lord! Amen. 🙂

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