The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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In addition to the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, the Bible also tells us that there are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

For the record, we feel that the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit are much more important than the 9 gifts are.

As the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit have to do with God imparting part of His divine nature into the core of our personalities to help make us into a much better and holy people.

God’s ultimate aim for all of us is our sanctification in Him, and part of that sanctification process has to do with the Holy Spirit Himself transmitting 9 specific divine qualities and attributes into our personalities.

But if the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit are the cake, then the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit are the icing on the cake.

Put these two together, and allow God to work with a believer with both sets of these 9 fruits and 9 gifts.

And you will have one mighty sanctified soldier of Jesus Christ, as the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit will give you some serious heavy ammunition to have at your disposal as you walk with God’s anointing in your daily life.

I call the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit torpedo gifts, as the Holy Spirit can manifest any one of these 9 gifts through any believer anytime that He will want to do so.

Each one of these gifts are major power gifts, and they are all direct, supernatural, miraculous manifestations direct from the Holy Spirit Himself.

And any Christian can get themselves in proper place to receive these 9 gifts, as the apostle Paul himself tells us not to be afraid to try and stir up these 9 specific gifts with the Lord.

Here is the direct verse from our Bible on the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit:

“But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.” (1 Corinthians 12:7-11)

Now I will number and bold each one of these 9 gifts of the Spirit so you can have all of them right at the top of this article at a very quick glance:

Not only does the Bible tell us that these 9 gifts of the Spirit are available to all believers, but then it takes it one step further and tells us that we can actually try and stir these 9 gifts up with the Lord.

Here are 5 very good verses telling us to not only desire spiritual gifts, but to also not be afraid to try and stir these gifts up with the Lord:

1. “Therefore, brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:39)

2. “… and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.” (1 Corinthians 14:1)

3. “Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise prophecies.” (1 Thessalonians 5:19)

4. “Do not neglect the gift that is in you … Meditate on these things, give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.” (1 Timothy 4:14)

5. “Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands.” (2 Timothy 1:6)

As such, every believer should go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to release these 9 gifts through them anytime that He will want to do so.

Let God know that you will be a willing vessel for the manifestations of these gifts, and that you will give Him a full and solid green light to manifest these gifts though you at anytime that He will want to do so.

These 9 gifts are a tremendous help and aid to not only you in your own personal walk with the Lord, but many of them can be also used to help other people out as special needs and circumstances arise in their lives.

Notice the very first line in this verse says that these 9 gifts are given to each one for the “profit of all.”

I will go ahead and break down each one of these 9 gifts of the Spirit into their own article so you can click on the link to read each one.  And then come back and read my conclusion.

As you reach each of the gifts  you can see exactly what each one of these 9 gifts are all about, and how important they can become in your life if you will only allow the Holy Spirit to manifest them through you at anytime that He will want to do so.

The Word of Knowledge – The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This first gift I will talk about is the one I believe will manifest the most in your daily life with the Lord.

With God having absolute perfect knowledge on all things, and with us having knowledge levels that are completely imperfect and limited, this means that we all need to receive words of knowledge from the Lord on a very regular and frequent basis in order to be able to safely journey through this life.

As such, I believe the Holy Spirit will really manifest this specific gift with a lot of frequency in your daily life if you can learn how to pick it up from Him when it does come in.

I believe that the Holy Spirit actually manifests this gift a lot more than people realize, but they fail to realize it or pick it up when it does come their way because they have never been taught that the Holy Spirit can do this for them in the first place.

The Word of Knowledge is simply the Holy Spirit transmitting His specific knowledge to you on something that you would have no ability or means to be able to know about with your own limited intelligence and knowledge levels.

It is supernatural knowledge and insight being given directly to you by the Holy Spirit Himself, not by your own mind or your own intelligence levels.

These words of knowledge that you can receive direct from the Holy Spirit can literally cover an infinite number of things in your daily life.

They can cover anything from something very trivial such as where you may have misplaced your car keys at, to giving you life-saving knowledge on how to solve an impending crisis or emergency.

Here are some specific examples of where you can receive a direct word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit covering just about anything and everything in your daily life:

  1. How to solve a math problem at school if you are a student.
  2. How to solve a specific problem at your place of employment.
  3. Where you may have misplaced your car keys at.
  4. Knowledge on what a certain Scripture verse may mean and how it can apply to your own personal life.
  5. How to properly witness to an unsaved family member.
  6. How to solve a marital dispute.
  7. How to start up a new business.
  8. Where to look for that next new job if you have just been laid off.
  9. Who God wants you to marry in this life.
  10. How to counsel someone who has just had an impending tragedy hit them full force.
  11. What your specific calling in the Lord is going to be in this life.
  12. Word of knowledge that God wants to heal someone of a specific illness.

As you can see from these kinds of examples, there is literally nothing that the Holy Spirit cannot get into in your own personal life where He can then give you a word of knowledge on how to properly handle something that you are currently dealing with, or give you a word of knowledge to help someone else out with what they may be dealing with on their end.

With our own knowledge levels being so limited, so imperfect, and so incomplete, we all need words of knowledge from the Lord on some kind of regular basis in this life so that we can make it through this life in one piece and get to where we need to go in our divine destinies with Him.

How exactly does the Holy Spirit transmit an actual Word of Knowledge to us? I believe the number one way that He will communicate a Word of Knowledge to us is through the inner knowing.

The Bible say that the Holy Spirit will bear “witness” with our human spirits.

This inner witness is what I call the inner knowing. All of a sudden, you will receive a without-a-doubt type knowing on the knowledge that He is trying to transmit to you. It can come in the form of a thought or an impression on your mind, or possibly come in the form of a vision or a picture in your mind’s eye.

I have found from personal experience that the Holy Spirit loves to communicate knowledge through these pictures, which are really visions in your mind’s eye. These pictures can be used to give you quite a bit of information and knowledge on what He is trying to give you knowledge on.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes much more information and knowledge can be conveyed to you by way of a simple picture rather than Him trying to give you all words or sentences, depending on exactly what you are dealing with.

The only problem with these pictures in your mind’s eye is that you have to learn how to discern the difference between when a vision is coming in from the Holy Spirit and when a vision is coming in from your own natural imagination, as your own natural imagination has the power and the ability to conjure up their own mental pictures in your mind’s eyes.

Over time, the Holy Spirit can teach you how to do discern the difference between the two if you would really like for Him to do this for you. This is something that you can learn how to do with Him through a process of trial and error.

Think of the ramifications and the possibilities with just this one special gift alone – that the Holy Spirit Himself can transmit His own divine knowledge to you on something that you cannot solve or figure out on your own.

This is why this particular gift is so important and so needed in this day and age, as most of us are always facing some kind of roadblocks or obstacles on a regular basis in our daily lives.

As such, we all need the knowledge of God flowing through us so we can make it through all of these obstacles, and then get to where we need to go with the Lord and fully accomplish everything that He will like for us to do for Him in this life.

That is why the Bible tells us that “without knowledge” we can perish and go into captivity in this life. And sometimes only the supernatural knowledge of God can help keep us out of harm’s way in this life, since our own knowledge and intelligence levels are so imperfect and so limited.

The Word of Wisdom – The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This next gift at times will work in conjunction with the word of knowledge. Sometimes all you need is a direct word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit and it will completely solve the problem or dilemma you are dealing with.

However, there will be other times that a word of knowledge will not be quite enough to solve the problem. This is where you will now need a word of wisdom. A word of wisdom will give you the ability to be able to properly apply the knowledge that you may already have on a particular situation.

In our article, “Seeking After the Knowledge of God,” we explain to you the difference between knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. For instance, if someone gives you a car manual that will show you how to rebuild a car engine, that manual will give you all of the actual knowledge you will need to learn how to do it. But all of that knowledge will not do you any good unless you first understand what you are reading.

If you can understand what you are reading, then the next and final step will be to have the actual wisdom to be able to actually rebuild a car engine out in your garage once you try and do it. All of that knowledge from the car manual, and all of that understanding of that knowledge will do you no good in real life if you do not have the wisdom to be able to apply that knowledge to a real life working situation.

This is why we all need words of wisdom from the Holy Spirit in our daily life, so we will know how to handle more complex types of problems or issues that can occur at a moment’s notice in our daily lives.

Here are some specific examples where we could receive words of wisdom direct from the Holy Spirit:

  1. You have just found out that your spouse has been cheating on you. You will now need God’s wisdom on exactly how to handle this crisis.
  2. Your boss has just given you a new tough assignment and you are not sure on how to get the job properly done. You will now need God’s knowledge and wisdom on how to get this new assignment successfully completed.
  3. Your finances have spiraled out of control and you will now need God’s guidance and wisdom on how to keep yourself out of bankruptcy.
  4. You have just been named in an unjust lawsuit and you will now need God’s wisdom on how to properly handle it.

As you can see, there are literally an infinite number of possibilities where you will need God’s wisdom to get you safely though the problem or dilemma you are now having to face.

Again, since our own human intelligence is so imperfect and so limited in its ability to apply real wisdom to handle and solve some of life’s real tough problems, we all need the wisdom of God flowing through our lives on a regular basis so we can handle and overcome many of life’s adversities that can get thrown our way at any time.

The Gift of Prophecy – The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This next gift may just be the greatest of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. The reason I say this is because the apostle Paul, in the second verse above, purposely singles out this gift when telling you to seek after the spiritual gifts.

He says in this verse to “desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.”

With him purposely singling out the gift of prophecy in comparison to the rest of the 9 gifts in this verse, I believe that this may be a tell to us that the gift of prophecy may be the greatest of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.

And when you think about exactly what this gift is all about, I believe that he may be right on the money.

The gift of prophecy is when you get a direct Word from the Lord to usually give to someone else. And when I say a direct word, I mean the message from the Lord that will be given to you will literally be word for word.

When you get one of these, you need to try and either write or type all of it out if you are in a place to be able to do so.

I do not believe there is anything greater than to be able to receive a direct, clear, prophetic Word from the Lord to be able to give to someone else in order to help edify and build them up, or to help them out with something specific they may be dealing with, with you being the actual messenger of that prophetic word to that someone.

As such, they all need to be recorded and written down if at all possible.

However, there will be times that you will not be able to record it.

All of a sudden the Holy Spirit will give you a direct, clear, prophetic word to give to someone else. You speak out the word to this person and then you will be done with it. It might be a very short word and it really does not need to be recorded or written down.

But there will be other times that you will be in a place to properly record it. And depending on what the Lord is giving you a direct message on and how long it is, you should make every attempt to get it down on paper, as they are real trophies and treasures when they do come in from the Lord.

The Bible tells us that God uses the gift of prophecy to speak edification, exhortation, and comfort to other people.

Here is the specific verse giving us this direct revelation on what the main use of prophecy is all about:

“But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.” (1 Corinthians 14:4)

Many times prophecy is also used to help confirm what has already been given to the person earlier on by the Lord. Sometimes God will confirm for you what He has already told you earlier so you will know that it really was Him all along giving you that specific message.

And one of the ways that He can confirm a previous message that He has already given you is by giving you a direct prophecy through another believer.

Prophecies from the Lord can cover an extremely wide range of situations and issues, covering everything from predicting future events like they use to do in the OT, to giving someone counsel, encouragement, confirmation, instruction, and possible correction when it may be needed.

Also, all prophecy needs to be properly tested, as the Bible tells us that there will always be false prophets walking among us, along with the possibility of well-meaning believers prophesying out of their own imaginations. Here is the verse giving us this direct warning:

“Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:19-21)

All prophecy always needs to line up with Scripture. If it does not, it should be immediately rejected. God will never go against His own Word when delivering a prophetic word to someone.

Again, any believer can have the Lord manifest this gift through them at anytime that He will want to do so. You do not have to hold the actual office of a prophet in order for God to manifest this gift through you from time to time.

The Bible tells us that in the latter days God will be pouring out His Holy Spirit upon all flesh and when He does, it says our sons and daughters will be prophesying.

This means that there are going to be many believers who are going to be getting this gift manifesting through them with a lot of frequency in the coming years.

When Paul says in the above two verses to “desire earnestly to prophesy” and to “desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy,” you know that this is something that the Lord would really like to do more of with His children.

Again, if you would like the Lord to manifest this gift through you from time to time so you can be a direct messenger for Him to someone else, just go to Him in prayer and tell Him that you would be more than happy to be a willing and yielded vessel for Him to manifest this particular gift through if He would like to do so.

And then keep your radars up, always being open and sensitive to the Holy Spirit if He will want to start manifesting this gift through you so He can use it to help build others up and bring some comfort, joy, peace, or direction into their lives.

The Gift of Faith – The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This next gift, the gift of faith, is something that comes directly from the Holy Spirit.

The Bible tells us that we all have a certain measure of faith that has already been given to us by the Lord. God has to give each person a certain measure of faith or we would not be able to get saved, as the Bible tells us that we are saved by “faith” through grace.

And then over the course of our walks with the Lord, our faith will continue to grow to higher levels as we continue to draw closer to the Lord in our own personal relationship with Him and increase our knowledge levels about Him through the study of Scripture.

However, there will be times that our own levels of faith in the Lord will not be enough to get the job done with what He may be asking us to do for Him. Here is an example:

Say God has been manifesting the gift of healing through you from time to time to heal a few minor ailments or illnesses on a few people.

Your confidence and faith levels are then starting to build up because God is now starting to use you in this manner and you now have had a few good successes on these smaller illnesses.

But then all of a sudden God tells you to walk up to a paraplegic, lay hands on him, and then command him to get out of his wheelchair and start walking.

All of a sudden you can immediately sense in your mind and in your spirit that your own levels of faith are not going to be good enough or high enough to try and do this, as you have never tried to heal someone of something this heavy before.

And this is where the Holy Spirit will now be moving in big time so this miracle can be fully accomplished for the Lord.

The Holy Spirit will then manifest His own divine faith right up into you so you can now believe and operate on that faith – so you will now have the actual courage to walk up to this person, lay hands on him, and then tell him to get out of that wheelchair and start walking.

Sometimes it will take higher levels of faith to pull down a major miracle from the Lord, and where our faith levels will not be high enough or good enough to be able to do this, this is where the direct faith of the Holy Spirit Himself will then move up in us and pick up the slack with our own imperfect faith levels so God can then manifest the miracle that He will be looking to do through us.

Sometimes God may ask you to do something that will be out of your comfort zone. Fear and panic will immediately set in because you have never done what He is now asking you to do.

If and when this should ever happen to you, just ask the Holy Spirit to manifest His faith, courage, and boldness up in you so you will have His faith, strength, and courage to do what God is asking you to do for Him.

This particular gift could be a lifesaver, depending on what God may be asking you to do for Him. If God is asking you to go into a burning building to rescue a child, there will be a very good chance that the Holy Spirit will immediately manifest His faith and courage right up in you so you can take on this dangerous assignment.

Firemen, policemen, and our military especially need this particular gift to help them do heroic acts, as many of them could easily let fear and panic set in on them, which would then keep them from being able to perform a major rescue operation.

Again, there are just a wide variety of situations and circumstances where you will need this gift to be manifested up in you by the Holy Spirit. That is why the Holy Spirit is called the Helper in the Bible, so He can help you with a lot of different areas in your daily life where you will have trouble in dealing with.

The Gifts of Healings – The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Per the article we just did titled, “The Great Commission – Save, Heal, Deliver and Disciple,” one of the things that Jesus is wanting all of us to do for Him to is pray for the sick.

And if we do, then many of the times they will “recover,” which means that He is going to heal them. So it should come as no surprise that we have the gift of healing as one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What this means is that at anytime the Holy Spirit can manifest this special gift through any believer so He can then heal someone of any kind of disease, illness, or sickness.

You do not have to have the gift of healing as any kind of a full time ministry to be able to have the Holy Spirit do this through you. Again, this can literally happen to any single believer at anytime with the Lord.

As such, this is another gift that you will definitely want to try and stir up with the Lord, because there are just so many people who need some kind of healing due to the fact that we still have to deal with all kinds of diseases, sicknesses, and illnesses on a regular basis as a result of the Adamic curse that is still in full operation on this earth.

Not only can the Holy Spirit directly heal you with your own personal prayers to the Lord, but He can also use you as an anointed vessel to manifest His healing power through to help heal someone else – if you will only have the courage to speak out what He wants you to say to that person, and then lay hands on that person for the healing power to be transmitted into their body to the affected body part that will need the healing.

Also notice that the wording being used in this verse is that this is the “gifts” of healing. The word “gifts” is plural, which means there are different kinds of healings the Lord will want to do.

What people who walk with this kind of anointing on a regular basis have found out is that some people will be more gifted and anointed in some areas than they will be in other areas.

For instance, some people may have more success with healing bad back cases, where another may have a stronger anointing to heal cancer cases. In other words, the Lord will sometimes specialize on the kinds of healings He will want to do through an individual believer.

Your part is to just tell the Lord that you would like to have a big part in this special gift, and then let Him decide as to how He will want to use you in this area and what areas you will be stronger in than other areas.

In the Spiritual Warfare section of our site, we have an article titled, “Healing Verses of the Bible.” In this article are 89 of the best healing verses in all of the Bible.

If you would like the Lord to use you in this specific area, it would be our recommendation that you study and meditate on the verses that are in this article, as it will show you that both God the Father in the OT and Jesus Christ in the NT were constantly healing people on a regular basis.

And if God does not change, and He is the same today as He was yesterday, then that means He will still want to continue His healing ministry in this day and age, and thus will anoint His believers with His healing power through the Holy Spirit from time to time when they will either need it for themselves or someone else they may be praying for.

The Working of Miracles – The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This next gift from the Holy Spirit is where you can get into some real heavy, jaw-dropping, knock-your-socks off type of supernatural activity from Him.

Some of the different Bible Dictionaries describe the word miracle as the following:

  • An intervention in the natural universe by God
  • A phenomena that transcends natural laws
  • A divine act by which God reveals Himself to people

Good examples of actual miracles from the Bible are the following:

  1. Jesus and the apostles healing and casting demons out of people.
  2. Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding of Cana.
  3. Jesus feeding 5000 people by multiplying 5 loaves of bread and two fish.
  4. God parting the Red Sea for Moses and the children of Israel.
  5. Daniel not being eaten by the lions in the lion’s den.
  6. Peter walking on water.

If you study the Bible very carefully from start to finish, it is literally one miracle after another with both God the Father and Jesus Christ. Our God is a miracle-working God and He still loves to do them for His people.

The Bible says that God does not change, and if both Him and Jesus were constantly doing miracles in both the OT and NT, then God will also be wanting to do miracles in our day and age.

And with this specific gift being listed as one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit, then you know that God is trying to tell all of us that He still wants to do them, even in the jaded and skeptical times that we are now currently living in.

Again, do not be afraid of this heavy gift from the Lord, and do not quench the Holy Spirit with any lack of faith or belief if He ever wants to try and do one for either you, or for any other people you may be working with.

Remember, the Bible tells us that absolutely nothing is impossible with God, which will include any divine miracle that He will want to perform.

The Discerning of Spirits – The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This next gift is one that is really needed in the dangerous and perilous times that we are now living in.

The first thing to notice about this gift is that the “s” in the word “spirits” is with a small “s.” This means that it is not referring to the Holy Spirit. The only other spirits that are out there that this gift is referring to are the following three kinds of spirits:

  1. Demonic spirits
  2. God’s angels
  3. Human spirits

What happens in this gift is that the Holy Spirit will give you supernatural discernment, insight, and knowledge involving these three kinds of spirits. Many of the times, this gift will be be used to fully expose what is really going on and operating behind the scenes with someone.

Here is how this gift will come into play with each one of these kinds of spirits.

A) Demonic Spirits – with demonic spirits still being allowed to roam in the air and interact with us to some degree in this life, we really need this gift in full operation today just to handle this one type of bad evil spirit.

As you know, many times demons can literally enter into a person’s body if they have the appropriate legal rights to be able to do so. But once they are in someone’s body, they will then try and hide and not show themselves.

They know if they get caught and exposed on the inside of that person’s’ body, they risk that person either finding Jesus if they are not saved yet, or if it is a Christian, that this person will then seek out a deliverance from another believer.

Since some demons are very good at hiding on the inside of someone once they enter in, God needs to activate this gift through some of His own so they can detect when a demon is on the inside of someone and expose its presence.

Once the demon has been exposed, then you can set the person up for a deliverance. But the first thing to be able to do is to discern and detect that the demons are already on the inside of that person in the first place.

There are several ways that this type of discernment can work in this realm.

First, the people who have this gift in operation from the Holy Spirit will sometimes be able to “see” the demons manifest through a person’s eyes. Sometimes the demons just cannot help themselves and they sometimes will rise up and show themselves through a person’s eyes. They will literally be looking directly at you through this person’s eyes.

When you see this kind of a manifestation happen, what you will see is pure hate and pure evil looking at you. You will be able to tell that this is not the person they are residing in. This kind of a look can also be caught on camera quite a bit, as demons sometimes like to show themselves when that person is getting their picture taken.

Again, you do need this gift of discerning of spirits from the Holy Spirit to be able to see this when it happens, but it is very easily seen by the people who do have this gift in full operation from the Holy Spirit.

Another way that the Holy Spirit will help you discern and sense demons in someone is through either a sense of smell or a sense of feeling. Some people will get a real sick feeling in their stomach, like they want to vomit when they either see or get around someone who has a demon on the inside of them.

I have a friend who has this special gifting on the inside of her from the Holy Spirit, and this is always one of her tells when she knows that she is sensing a demon on the inside of someone.

Other people will be able to literally smell their presence, and their smell is extremely noxious and toxic. The people who have this kind of gifting say it is the worse smell they have ever smelled.

What the Holy Spirit is doing with this kind of gift is pulling back the curtains in the spiritual realm and allowing you to either see, feel, or smell the demons in the person they are residing in.

Then once the demons have been exposed as being on the inside of that person, then you can move in to set that person up for a deliverance if they will be open to it.

Another way you can pick up a demon being on the inside of someone is just through a strong inner knowing or a strong sensing from the Holy Spirit.

You may not be able to see them in the person’s eyes when they do come up and manifest, or feel them or smell them, but you can get a strong inner knowing or a strong sensing from the Holy Spirit that this person does have demons on the inside of them.

B) God’s Angels – The Bible tells us that God’s angels are also spirit beings. They are ministering spirits.

Throughout history God’s angels have appeared to people many times. The Bible is full of these kinds of stories from the Virgin Mary, to Daniel, to the apostle John in the Book of Revelation.

However, the Bible also warns us that Satan and his demons can appear to us as angels of light. As a result, you will need proper discernment from the Holy Spirit if an angel were to ever appear to you.

The false religions of Islam and Mormonism are two perfect examples of demons appearing as angels of light to the two people who started these two false religions.

If those two people would have known how to properly test a spirit appearing to them, those two demon angels could have easily been stopped dead in their tracks and those two false religions could have easily been prevented from ever having started up.

If an angel were all of a sudden to ever appear to you, the first thing you will need to do is properly test it out. 1 John tells us exactly how to do this. Here is the verse:

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, BUT TEST THE SPIRITS, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God.

And this is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.” (1 John 4:1-4)

What this means is that you directly ask the angel to identify who his Lord and Master is. He better say that it is Jesus Christ. Then you ask him to confess to you that Jesus Christ has come to our earth in the flesh.

If the angel cannot make this direct confession to you that Jesus Christ has already come to our earth in the flesh, then you are dealing with a real, live, demonic spirit masquerading as an angel of light.

At this point, you should command the demon to now leave you in the name of Jesus Christ.

In addition to the above test, you could also receive a strong discerning of spirits direct from the Holy Spirit. You will immediately sense that something is not right with this angel, and you will then pick up with a strong inner knowing that this is not an angel from God.

If it is an angel from God, you should feel a sense of peace and comfort coming in from the Holy Spirit, as He should be bearing witness that this is one of God’s angels.

C) Human Spirits – in addition to angels and demonic spirits, the third kind of spirit this gift is referring to is just our own human spirits. For instance, someone could have a bad spirit of pride on them.

It will not be a demonic spirit giving this person this kind of bad pride, it will just be his own natural spirit, as we are all totally capable of having bad kinds of spirits build up in our systems without the help of any kind of demonic spirits, since we have already been born into this world as corrupt sinners.

Where this gift will really come into play is on discerning some of the real bad apples that are out there, especially those of the criminal type such as money scammers and swindlers. Pedophiles are especially good at seducing some of the family members so they can then work themselves into getting closer to some of their younger children.

That is why parents especially have to keep a sharp eye on any new people who come into their immediate circle of influence.

Just realize that this is a gift that the Holy Spirit can manifest for you and to always keep yourself open and sensitive to anything that the Holy Spirit may want to transmit your way if you ever do come across a few bad apples such as these types.

God the Father is very protective over His own, and He will not hesitate to have His Holy Spirit give you major warning signals if you ever start to cross paths with a bad and evil apple who is either targeting you, or any of your close friends or family members for some kind of an evil act.

Different Kinds of Tongues – The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The gift of tongues is simply the Holy Spirit giving you the supernatural ability to speak in a foreign tongue that you have no knowledge or ability to speak out on your own.

There are two types of tongues He can give you. One is a tongue of this earth. For instance, if your native language is English, then He can give you the ability to speak in Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish.

The other type of tongue that He can give you is a tongue direct from heaven, a heavenly language that is not of this earth. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 13 that there are “tongues of angels.”

But in either event, it will be a foreign language that you will not be able to speak out on your own, and only the Holy Spirit’s supernatural transmission of this language out of your spirit will give you the ability to be able to speak this language out.

And whatever tongue the Holy Spirit will give you, you will be able to use it 24/7, whenever you want. It will be your own personal, private, prayer language between you and the Lord.

The only problem with this gift is that for the most part, you will never know or understand what you are praying about when you go into this gift.

The Bible tells us that we will be speaking out “mysteries,” and only God the Father and the Holy Spirit will be knowing exactly what the prayer will be about on any given occasion when you are actually doing it.

So if we will not know exactly what we are praying about when using this gift, then why would God even want us to have this kind of a gift in the first place? I believe the reason is in the verse where it says that sometimes we will not know how to pray as we ought to.

Sometimes we will not be able to find the right words to use in our own personal prayers to the Lord due to our own natural imperfections in being able to properly communicate with Him.

Here is the verse that will show us that sometimes we will not know how to pray as we ought, and that we all need the Holy Spirit to come and help us out in our own personal prayer life with God the Father:

“Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.” (Romans 8:26)

I believe the Holy Spirit is the Master Prayer to God the Father and as such, He is allowing us to have direct access into His own personal prayer life with God the Father. In other words, He is asking us to play a part of and to share with Him on His own direct, personal prayers to God the Father.

Even though you will not know what you are praying about when you do go into your gift of tongues, at least you will have the honor and privilege of being able to pray direct to God the Father with the Holy Spirit.

And since the Holy Spirit knows how to present a perfect prayer to God the Father, then you can actually play a part in that perfect prayer to God the Father.

Another reason that you will want this gift is for emergency type situations.

I cannot tell you how may testimonies I have seen or read where the Holy Spirit will all of a sudden prompt someone to start praying in tongues, and then later on that person finds out that the prayer they were just doing in tongues was just used to save someone else’s life.

Since the Holy Spirit is God and Lord Himself, this means He can perfectly see into the future.

And if He sees a fatal accident getting ready to occur, He can prompt you to start praying in tongues to God the Father to stop the impending tragedy from occurring.

You have no idea how many lives you may be instrumental in saving if you will only allow God to give this gift to you and then go into it whenever the Holy Spirit will prompt you to do it.

This gift cannot only be used to save your own personal life from impending disaster, but it can also be used to save the lives of people who may be very close to you, such as your immediate family members, close friends, or co-workers.

For the most part, the gift of tongues will be used as your own personal, private, prayer language between you and the Lord. If it is done in a church setting by someone, then there should be someone who will have the interpretation of that tongue, otherwise no one will know what that person is praying about and it will not be able to edify the flock in the setting that it is occurring.

Now here are some additional verses on the gift of tongues:

  1. “For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries.” (1 Corinthians 14:2)
  2. “I wish you all spoke with tongues, but even more that you prophesied; for he who prophesies is greater than he who speaks with tongues, unless indeed he interprets, that the church may receive edification.” ( 1 Corinthians 14:5)
  3. “Therefore let him who speaks in a tongue pray that he may interpret. For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful.” (1 Corinthians 14:13-14)
  4. “Though I speak with tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I have become as sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.” ( 1 Corinthians 13:1)
  5. “Therefore tongues are for a sign, not to those who believe but to unbelievers…” (1 Corinthians 14:22)
  6. “Therefore, brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid to speak with tongues. Let all things be done decently and in order.” (1 Corinthians 14:39-40)

Notice in the first verse that it is telling you that you are speaking mysteries when you are praying in your tongue. The 4th verse tells you that your tongue will either becoming from men or angels, which means that it will either be a language of this earth or a language direct from heaven.

Notice in the 3rd verse that Paul is telling you that you pray to interpret your own tongue so you can understand what you are praying about, which will lead us right into the next gift, the interpretation of tongues.

Also notice that when you are praying in your tongue, that you are praying out of your spirit, not out of your mind. You are also praying in the Holy Spirit when you are praying in your tongue.

With our inability to be perfect prayer warriors with God the Father, I believe this is one gift that God would like all of His children to have.

When you find yourself wanting to pray to God, but you find yourself falling short in how you want to pray or what you want to pray about, you can just go into your gift of tongues with the Holy Spirit and then end up giving God a perfect prayer, since the prayer will becoming direct from the Holy Spirit Himself.

This a very powerful prayer tool to have in your own arsenal since you are opening yourself up direct to the Holy Spirit and His ability to perfectly pray to God the Father.

You are joining forces with the third Person of the Trinity who is God and Lord Himself, who is the Master Prayer and Intercessor with God the Father.

Just meditate on this mind-blowing reality, and then see if you will not want to go to God the Father and ask Him to release this powerful gift to you through the Holy Spirit.

The Interpretation of Tongues – The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This next gift is where the Holy Spirit will give you the interpretation of the tongues that you have either done for yourself or when they are being done by someone else in a church setting.

Here are the two main verses telling you where the gift of interpretation will come into play with the gift of tongues:

  1. “If anyone speaks in a tongue, let there be two or at the most three, each in turn, and let one interpret. But if there is no interpreter, let him keep silent in church, and let him speak to himself and to God.” (1 Corinthians 14: 27-28)
  2. “Therefore let him who speaks in a tongue pray that he may interpret. For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful.” (1 Corinthians 14:13-14)

The first verse has to do with others interpreting a tongue when it is done in a church service. The second verse is showing you that the Holy Spirit can give you the interpretation of your own tongue as you are praying in it all by yourself.

Again, another very powerful gift that you can ask to receive from the Lord if you would like to tread into these kinds of deeper waters with Him.


Just stop and think about what all 9 of these gifts from the Holy Spirit are really about. We are talking about God Almighty Himself coming down and manifesting a part of Himself through these 9 gifts, since God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are perfectly one with one another in the Divine Trinity.

This is what I call push-the-envelope kind of activity with the Lord. With every single one of these 9 gifts being direct, miraculous manifestations from the Holy Spirit, you are attempting to tread into deeper waters with the Lord. And that is exactly what God is asking all of us to do with these 9 special gifts.

When the apostle Paul, who I believe was the greatest of all of the New Testament apostles, tells us to “desire earnestly” these spiritual gifts and not to be afraid to try and stir these gifts up with the Lord, then you know God the Father is giving all us a big, fat, whopper green light to come after these 9 specific gifts.

Just think how many more people you can help and save if you will allow the Holy Spirit to manifest some of these 9 gifts through you from time to time.

Each one of these 9 gifts are major power gifts, and most of them are allowing the Lord to come in and manifest Himself to help someone else out.

Though Jesus is in heaven right now with His Father, we all still have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us. And through the Holy Spirit, both God the Father and Jesus Christ can still manifest Themselves into our daily lives and any situations that we will need Their help on.

God and Jesus are still in the rescue, help, and deliverance business – and if you will allow God to manifest these 9 gifts through you from time to time, you yourself can become an actual partaker in some of Their divine, rescue, deliverance missions.

You yourself can help carry on the divine supernatural ministry that Jesus left behind when He ascended to His Father.

Per the new article we just put up, “The Great Commission – Save, Heal, Deliver and Disciple,” these 9 special power gifts will really help you in being to able save, heal, deliver, and disciple other people in this life.

I call these torpedo gifts, because they are like bullets loaded in a gun, ready to shoot out of you at anytime under the control and direction of the Holy Spirit. These 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit are the ammunition you will need to go to war for the Lord to help set the captives free, as the Bible is telling all of us to learn how to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ.

Combine these 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit with the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit so God can transform and mold you into the kind of person He wants you to become in Him, and you will then become a truly sanctified, fully-loaded, God-warrior like King David and Joshua were.

Then you will be ready to take on the real Goliaths of this world with absolutely no fear, since you know now that you have the power of the Holy Spirit Himself on the inside of you.

Then along with these 9 special powerful gifts of the Spirit that can be manifested through you at anytime to help either yourself or any other people as different needs will arise in their lives.


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  1. Thank you so much for your explanation on the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. I have been searching for right meaning of all the gifts and now satisfied with your teaching because we have a Family Ministry and I have a few gifts like speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, Prophesying in the service, and prophesying to individual members (only when I pray for that person when I begin to prophesy to him or her) I did not know the real gift of prophesying to a believer but it always happen when I mention a believer’s name in his presence I will start to prophesy. All times in the meeting I will prophesy even at our home meetings I will still prophesy. Is it the Holy Spirit or some kind of demonic spirit. How would I know?

  2. Great insight and scriptural reference on the Holy Ghost, its purpose and gifts. Low blow shot on attacking Latter Day Saints. We all believe in the same Christ and his atonement.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. I was spiritually educated by this article. But could Mike expatiate on what he means by the legal rights “given” to the demonic spirits to possess supposedly born-again christians? Thanks as I await your reply – Rex

  4. Thank you for explaining the gifts. I have gifts but never understood them and was too afraid to use them to the full potential. I knew that I could only use them to do good and I knew that it was a bit supernatural. Now that I understand I can really help allot of people without fear. I know now that the Wholy Spirit will guide me through every situation.

  5. Hi, I have read all the comments. Now Could someone tell this verse is found, IWhile healing comes in many way: it is not always God’s will to heal our bodies: but we await new resurrected bodies. I got this number but not the chapter. 5:1-5. I have searched all the chapters mostly and still didn’t see it. I wont give up. So please help.I should have looked at the name of the chapter before i started writing the verse. Thanks Love ya.
    I have to come back in here again and read again.

  6. respected sir..

    the bible say if u speak against god and his son there is forgiveness ,but if you speak against the holy spirit there is no forgiveness.
    Thank you god for helping me to understand clearly your nine gifts on the holy spirit.

  7. In 1980, I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I had been in church all my life and a Christian since I was 7 years old. When I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I immediately began to speak in Tongues. As time moved on, all 9 gifts began to flow through me. I have seen and experienced great things from the Lord, none of which were from me, but from the Lord using me in ways I could not have ever imagined. Since that time, I have taught all about the gifts and helped people understand them and how to let the Lord move the gifts through them. You have to be willing to get out of the way and let the Lord do the work. You can’t let your pride get in the way and must give the Lord all the glory and praise. Don’t let anyone praise you, but turn them to the Lord and thank Him or pride will take you down.


    Thank you very much for your engagement with the Holy Bible,Because of that I can able to get more important information from you.Thank my GOD so much for you to building up my faith in CHRIST JESUS. — AMEN.

  9. Under your definitions of The Discerning of Spirits. You make reference to a born again believer with the Holy Spirit in them as being able to have a demonic spirit come into them. I believe it would be impossible for a demonic spirit to enter and reside along with the Holy Spirit of God.

    • Robert,
      On a demon being able to live on the inside of a Christian, this is another controversial issue. Here are our comments on this from one of our other articles:

      Can Demons Live on the Inside of a Christian?

      The first big area of debate that you will come across is whether or not Christians can actually have demons living and operating on the inside of them. Many will say that once you are saved and born again, that there is no way that a demon can enter in on the inside of you. We have now been bought back by Jesus Christ Himself and He now “owns” us. Thus, there is no way that a demon or a group of demons can enter in on the inside of a Christian.

      At first glance, this appears to be a very logical and valid argument. But in the actual fields of combat, the deliverance ministers who do this on a very regular basis, have found out that Christians can get demons on the inside of them if the appropriate legal rights have been given to the demons to be able to enter in.

      Here is their reasoning, and for the record, we do fully agree with this reasoning. The Bible says that we have three parts to our being – body, soul, and spirit. When we get saved and born again, the Holy Spirit comes to live in our human spirits. It is our human spirit that is instantaneously regenerated and born again at our conversions. Our souls and our bodies are not regenerated at this new birth, it is just our spirits. Please refer to our article, “Regeneration by the Holy Spirit,” on the actual verses on all of this.

      What happens in the spiritual realm is that if the appropriate legal rights have been given to the demons to be able to enter in, they will then move into the body and soul of the person. The demons will not be able to enter into the spirit of a Christian because the Holy Spirit is already living there.

      One deliverance minister uses the analogy of the Temple that the Jewish people built for God the Father back in the Old Testament to illustrate all of this.

      In that Temple built for God by the Jewish people, there were three main parts to it – the Outer Court, the Inner Court, and the Holy of Holies. The manifest presence of God was only in the Holy of Holies, not in the Outer Court or the Inner Court.

      In the same way with all of us, the Outer Court of the Temple represents our physical bodies, the Inner Court represents our soul, and the Holy of Holies represents our spirits. Just as the manifest presence of God was only residing in the Holy of Holies, in the same way the Holy Spirit is only residing in our human spirits, which is the innermost part of our beings, just like the Holy of Holies was the innermost part of the Jewish Temple.

      The Bible also tells us that our bodies are now the temple of the Holy Spirit. Some people believe that the word “bodies” means that the Holy Spirit is actually living in the human body itself. But if you use this Jewish Temple analogy, which I believe is analogous to our human-spiritual makeup with the Lord, I believe that our physical bodies are now His temple due to the fact that our physical bodies now actually “house” our human spirits where the Holy Spirit now lives in – just like the Outer and Inner Courts “housed” the Holy of Holies where the manifest presence of God was really at.

      This big debate on whether or not a Christian can have a demon living on the inside of them has been going on forever in the Body of Christ and obviously will never be resolved anytime soon until Jesus comes back down for His millennial rule and He then finally lets all of us know who had the correct interpretation on all of this. But until then, each Christian will just have to make their own call on all of this.

      After studying all of this at length over the years, it is just my own personal opinion that these deliverance ministers are correct in their assessment in that demons can enter into Christians if the appropriate legal rights have been given to them to be able to enter in. And this will now lead us right into the next topic of debate – the issue of legal rights.


  10. Its it possible for a beleiver to have all 9 gifts.

  11. Someone asked me why I wasn’t using my gifts, but can someone help me to learn what they are?

  12. Thank you Michael for so-o-o-o much information. I have received some of these gifts and I got on your website to find out more information about what God gave to me! I appreciate ALL the research you have put into this. You have made my walk and research a lot less tedious! I want to glorify God as much as I can and to “walk worthy of the call He has for me. Blessings to you and thank you so much for the wisdom and the labor you put into researching this topic. I decree that ALL your LABOR OF LOVE will never be in vain!
    God Bless,
    Lynne Marie

  13. Eye opener,i have knewn all these things but couldnt explain if i was told to do so,this is very clear for me to explain.thanks much team knowledge.@Coriner,I think thats the power of the Holy Ghost on you.Read Act 2.It said in verse 3 ….and it set upon on each of them (the power of the holy spirit) and remember Jeremiah said ” when the spirit move upon him he said,it feel like fire shut up within my bones(some person shake,move etc.)ask the fater to send the holy spirit to guide you through all this and sometimes it a form of physical santification processs.@Deborah, remember the prophet Joel said the young will dream dream and vision,ask the lord to send the Holy Spirit to manifest all these things you are dreaming about and also to grant you gift so that it will be benefitual to you and other,because confusion doesnt come from God but the devil.Remember that we fight against principalities and powers in high places.Lets pray for each other all.God bless and all the best for 2012.With jesus we will smile through the storm.

  14. I recently accept jesus christ in my life ever since I had visions, my hands.feet,arms and legs would at any time just start burning I would see things with my eyes shut. I have wonderful dreams I dreamt I went to heaven. I was on this round thing that went round and round I saw the weatherman when I came down I looked in a mirror I saw when I speak and blow I blew fire I saw a snake embeeded on my body I see angels bring me presents swords I see they show me presents I really don’t understand what it mean. I did not even know about gifts until I got saved I don’t even know how to use it I see ears when I pray I see words which I can’t read can someone enlighten me about this

  15. hello i was very happy and it about holy spirit, and the thins you have said , please can i ask you a question, about me want to know what can i do to stop the shaking all over my body especially my right hand side keep shaking , when the praises start to sing, ho great is our god keep shaking and falling down,what can i do to know what jesus want me to do.

  16. I have just finished reading your article and feel so blessed to start the New Year by reading this. I woke up this morning with the fruits of the spirit on my mind and decided to follow it up with seeking out the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This has given me a desire to seek these gifts and implement them into my life. Praise the Lord with God allllll things are possible.

  17. I have been told a couple of times by members of my prayer team that I have the gift of Mercy. I want to understand it more completly as I do interceed and pray for others during alter calls.

    • There is no such thing as a gift of mercy, Wendi. Do you see the gift of mercy listed in the nine gifts of the Holy Ghost? No. The fruits of the Spirit are “fruits.” not gifts. Buy a King James Version bible and study it. God has warned the church “My people perish for lack of knowledge……… Hosea 4:6 If someone in your church in a leadership position told you that you have a gift of mercy, you should leave immediately. You’re sitting under false teachers.

      • Please, Servant of God, allow me to comment in love on your response. After reading it it did not set well in my spirit. It sounded to me you were a bit judgmental and quick to deal out the accusation of a false teacher. While the gift of mercy may not be listed as 1 of the 9 gifts, I believe we need to check all things against the Word of God. We all need to strive to be more Christ-like and Christ definitely displayed mercy in all that he did, especially as the ultimate sacrifice.
        It may very well be that Wendi is especially gifted in that area. Should we assume this gift of mercy comes from satan? I would say not. And I believe all good things come from God. Mercy, being a good thing, an attribute displayed by Christ, I would say it was put in Wendi’s heart, and hopefully all our hearts from God.
        I am always reluctant to reject and discredit anything that may be the work of the Holy Spirit. I’m sure your aware of God’s Word warning us against that. For me to say this is not a gift from the Holy Spirit, is me putting God in a box and limiting what good things He can bring to us.
        I would tell Wendi to give all glory and honor to the Lord God Almighty for the gifting of mercy that she possesses and to keep blessing people with it.
        Sent in Love,
        From your brother in Christ

      • Dear Servant of God,
        My spirit was saddened when I read your reply. While I most definitely agree that the gift of mercy is not listed as 1 of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit, I believe that limiting the ability of God to only give those specific and exact gifts as we have listed them is putting God in a box.
        1 Cor 12:6 And there are diversities of activities, but it is the same God who works all in all.
        I did not read anywhere in Corinthians 12 where it said this was an all inclusive list. I believe we are to seek to be like Christ. And Christ definitely showed mercy throughout His life and death.
        If Wendi has an exceptional heart of mercy and shares that with others, I would say that is a gift from the Lord. I do not believe that to be of the flesh or satan. It’s hard to give something that you do not have. I would believe she is giving what she is receiving from the Lord. We cannot earn mercy form the Lord, therefore it must be a gift.
        I would like to encourage her kind and gentle spirit. Give glory to the Lord for her following of His leading.
        Love in Christ,

        • there are many, personalities, leaders, followers ,music ,comics, thinkers, gardeners carpenters, gentile spirt, angry spirit, genetics plays its part ,all gifts are who and what we are but there are those with gifts of the spirit ,discernment is not with all, nor healing, nor prophecy.Those 0f a gentle spirit are a gift to others…PeaceBWithYou

        • I agree with you Scott. My spirit was also saddened with the reply to the woman who said she had the gift of mercy. I know that mercy is one of the Beatitudes and that God is merciful, so it is a good characteristic to have and is talked about in the Bible. I believe we are showing mercy when we use any of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

      • Not necessarily. This statement is judgemental. Remember judge not yet ye be jugded. Also our thoughts or ways are not like God. Even if Mercy is not a gift or a blessing in the Bible, It is a tool to keep faih strong. Never disencourage someone to leave but to ask questions. This way both can agree to get a understanding.

        • Thanks to all the comments. I believe nothing is debatable if there is no scriptural reference to support it. However, we are not in the position to judge anyone. I try to search for it and what I saw in the bible is with the merciful thou will show thyself merciful(Psalm 18v25 and 2Sam.22v26). In Matt. 5v7( It says blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy). If we look at Psalm 103v8 and Psalm 145v8; we will see that mercy is the nature of Christ which every christian must imbibe. If we look at Matt 18v21-35, talking about the forgiven servant, we will see that Mercy is talking about forgiveness which I believe everyone that is born again and have receive forgiveness from God must do. I think from what I have read in the scriptures, Being Merciful should be a way of life for believers, with the help of the holy spirit it’s possible.

      • I believe SoG is a bit myopic. Just because mercy is not a gift delineated in 1 Cor 12 does not mean it isn’t a gift of the Spirit. Please enjoy your gift and minister to others as God provides. See Romans 12:8, Matthew 5:7; Luke 10:30-37; James 3:17; Jude 22-23. Blessings…

      • Not really, ‘ Mercy’s is the same thing as charity. The term charity in the Bible isn’t necessarily referring to monetary charity. It could be a charitable spirit…

    • “For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned. For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith; if service, in our serving; the one who teaches, in his teaching; the one who exhorts, in his exhortation; the one who contributes, in generosity; the one who leads, with zeal; the one who does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness.”
      ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:3-8‬ ‭ESV‬‬

      I believe acts of Mercy to be a Gift of the Father. All three members or attributes of the Godhead that are The Trinity have specific gifts to give each of us.

      Gifts of the Father
      Romans 12:3-8

      Gifts of the Holy Spirit
      1 Corinthians 12:7-11

      Gifts of the Son
      Ephesians 4:7-16

      Let us not be consumed by the gifts. Let us continue to seek them but as stated by Paul in his letter to the Philippians
      “Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you. Only let us hold true to what we have attained.”
      ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭3:12-16‬ ‭ESV‬‬

  18. I am grateful for this outstanding article!I am researching material to teach the youth of our church,to be released in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.I received such clarity and confirmation in my spirit from your article.I am spirit filled and operate in some of the gifts,but wanted help with scriptures and direction.Thank you so much!!!God bless your great service unto the Lord!

  19. i have gained a lot from this write up. I believe this is still the work of the Holy Ghost. I wish i can see any on new birth and end times.God s grace as continue in this good work. Continue looking up to eternity for that our reward. See you in Heaven.

  20. Sorry help me to know this, Is it necessary for the Apostles to put their hands to empower the the Holy Spirit to us during confirmation?

  21. I truly enjoyed this article and it helped me so so much. I pray for each gift i want them all i am greedy for more of God, so much more. I have been praying for more of him and i have been praying for years to see some of the things that happened in the bible to happen for us also. and this article has giving me hope. and on January 8, 2012 @ 5:00pm i will be doing my initial sermon and i have been praying that God bless me with these gifts so that they can be manifested in me while i preach. Thank you again for this article. keep up the good work.

    • with faith all things are possible, some people only believe that God exist but don’t have faith in him, remember faith without work is death.

  22. I feel spirits and it’s never really bothered me until just recently when I moved to Germany on orders and I felt a deep angry spirit. I am terrified to use my gift to let him in so I block it out as much as I can. I thought I was crazy and that it was all in my head until I read this article. I don’t feel ready to recieve this gift I’m scared of what I may come in contact with because without trying I’ve ran across a few evil ones. How do I manage this gift?

    • First of all, you do not have this gift, the gifts of the spirit are not forced upon
      you….period, You are being visited by some other ”SPIRIT’
      Pray for your release ………!

    • I think sometimes we have glimpses of what our gifts from the Spirit will be when we are ready to receive them, as a measure of preparation for when we are able to repent and step both feet into the manifestation of our destiny as the Lord has arranged it. I hope you are able to take your fears to the Lord in earnest prayer, Diana, He can help you! Much love and prayer to you.

    • The Lord is not going to give you gifts until he feels you are ready for them so don’t be afraid to open up to whatever gifts the Lord has for you.

  23. Yes, as a Believer you can ask the Father for these gifts. John 15:7 says, “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you will, and it shall be done unto you.” Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

    1 Cor 12:4 says, “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.”

    But Scripture tells us that the gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to those whom He chooses. In 1 Cor 12:11, it states, “But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.”

    I’m sure our Father delights when His children desire all of His gifts, but which ones you receive is up to the Holy Spirit, as well as the “measure” of the gift given. Blessings to you, Child of the Most High!

    • So far you are the only one who answered this woman question. And that’s not the only thing that makes your answer different. There is this sense of humility. There’s no ego, no sense if a know it all. Telling her what she should want and not want, do and not do, seek and not seek. Just an honest answer minus your own personal projection. Which btw you hit on the nail. Especially the last paragraph. Please continue to lead. We need leaders like you.

  24. I read the information provided and am left wondering if these experiences are not totally subjective. Meaning that a person who desires an experience with the Holy Spirit may just fabricate one. After all we do have really powerful imaginations.
    And I am concerned that this sort of biblical interpretation of healing has lead to many false promises and failed hopes. The proof is always in the numbers, and medical science seems to be the best bet. And it is a curious thing that all religions, Christian and non-Christian boast of their power to heal via prayer, incantation and touch. And all religions can cite cases of miraculous cures.
    There is a phenomena called ‘spontaneous cure’. A terminally ill person of any colour, creed, or religion is suddenly and inexplicably free of disease.
    In regards to healing there is probably myriad of factors that can never be explained. Especially difficult to explain is why ‘healers’ and ‘healing’ are so often unsuccessful.

    • in response to why “healers and healing” are so often unsuccessful, I have to disagree. I have been the one receiving divine healing in my body by our true Healer. God heals in different ways it is His timing and His glory. Believe and be healed give God all the glory. Jesus suffered on this earth, we too suffer but we know the story He died, He was buried, and he rose again, when I was healed
      my faith was increased my testimony then became the healing of others Praise to our healer

    • You must first of all repent and be saved through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Then you must work out your salvation with fear and trembling by making sure your repentance must bear the fruit of the Holy spirit such as love,kindness or charity,faith,peace,gentleness, endurance, longsuffering,meekness, and joy,Galatians 5:22-23.So,if you don’t repent and have your salvation grace with the fear of God and trembling. Jesus Christ through the Holy spirit can not give you any of these gifts.Except you you obtain from the evil spirits of Satan the devil like Simon the sorcerer in Acts 8:13-24 .Eve ,at the end you saw what happened to Simon. EVe,have you ever seen anybody getting admission into higher institution to obtain his or her first degree without passing through prenursery, nursery,primary and secondary schools? This is exactly what is happening in our Christian life.For you to receive these 9 gifts of H/Spirit as your degree, you must first have your own salvation from Christ Jesus through genuine primary and secondary school certificates of REPENTANCE first .Then, these gifts will be given to you.Eve,can a lazy man wardy of his wages and allowances as gifts.You must labour to receive your reward.And you must work diligently or very hard for you to receive enough and even have reserves as stores. Evangelist Ama

      • And what’s the difference between pastor, evangelist, apostle and teacher? Please expound this for me

    • Why don’t you want the other two? Always take everything on offer from God and leave the results to him! Go with the flow and let God have his will! He only gives good things to help us and you might have said “No” to the particvular one he had especially deigned for you! God bless – love from Sarah.

    • Eve, Divine healings are not about the anointing with oil, the laying on of hands, or in the words of the “healer” involved. It lies within the faith of the receiver… faith activates the power and the movement of God. There is a reason more healings take place in destitute, third world countries. Their people have absolutely NOTHING BUT a faith in God to call upon in time of need. I’m not saying that Americans lack the faith to invoke Divine healing. Not at all. What we do have are doctors, specialists, hospitals, diagnostics equipment and medicines that we can and should avail ourselves of also. Sometimes it is easy to have our faith tested by often shocking and heartbreaking diagnoses. Yet why shouldn’t God work through the minds and hands of doctors and researchers to help cure disease? If you believe in the Bible you know that the source of ALL our afflictions is the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. I know that the majority of “healers” on TV are charlatans, and they will have their opportunity to explain their wickedness at the Judgement. Yet healings still happen, just as other miracles occur every day that go unnoticed or ignored. My favorite example of Divine healing is the afflicted woman who just touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed. She had the Faith, and Jesus recognized it as soon as his garment was touched. Praise God in All His Glory, and let All who call upon His name be healed!

  25. As a believer, can I ask God through the help of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ to have 7 out of 9 Gifts? I would like to have the following gifts of the Holy Spirit:
    1. Gift of Faith
    2. Gift of Healing
    3. Gift of Speaking in Tongues
    4. Gift of interpretations
    5. Gift of Discerning of Spirits
    6. Gift of Knwlege
    7. Gift of Wisdom

    • Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy. 1 Corinthians 14:1

      You forgot profecy on your list. As christians we are ask to desire this gift.

      • SHALOM, for a prophet to be a real prophet his/her prophecy must come true, therefore it is important that the prophecy be tested and found truthful. Otherwise we have a false prophet, of which there are many. How many times have you heard someone say this person prophesied about something coming true in years past yet you can not find anything about what they said in the past. I can say that I prophesied about North Korea becoming a nuclear threat 20 years ago but if there is no record of this am I still a prophet, No I’m not a prophet. The words have to be recorded somewhere that I said them. Many people have come out and said that they prophesied about Trump being President years ago yet nothing can be found with them saying this. Real prophets are scarce false prophets are a dime a dozen. God Bless

        • First and foremost you have to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord . Like the scripture said the first gift out of the 9 gifts is Faith to believe and let God to the rest .
          The Holy Spirit will not force anyone’s to do anything and God give us the choice once we accept Him as our Lord and serve.

        • And other thing read the word of God for yourself. The scripture said try spirit with spirit and flesh with flesh.

        • The gift of prophecy is different from the office of the prophet which is one of the five-fold ministry offices: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. Not all are prophets, BUT all (born-again) may prophesy as the Spirit gives utterance. 1 Corinthians 14:1 Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy. Yes, we are to test those prophecies and there are many false prophets running around but God still has real prophets, just as He still has real apostles, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

        • The word “prophecy” is not to be confused with the word “prophesy”. Not everyone is called to “prophecy” which means one chosen by GOD to carry His Word to the people. Every Christian is called to “prophecy” which means teach/preach/tell the Gospel. Matthew 28:19-20

    • Carreon,remember the beginning of the bible passage “…for,to one is given,…to another,is given…
      This is to say that one can possess only one of the gifts. So,it’s not deficient to posses the seven that you desire neither is it excessive to possess the nine.It is all about your capacity to function in what you want.

      • Only GOD knows your capacity and , if GOD want to use all 9 gifts with HE will.

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