Do Not Abuse the Grace of God

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With the first definition of grace having to do with the unmerited favor and mercy of God toward us, and that this is the grace that we are actually saved by with our Lord – what will happen next with some Christians is that they will then try to start to take advantage of this grace. In other words, they will start to try and abuse it.

Once you realize that all of your past, present, and future sins will be fully forgiven under the blood that Jesus has already shed for you, it becomes very easy to want to get lazy and then be tempted to want to push the envelope with God the Father to see exactly what you can get away with and how far you can push certain things with Him.

The apostle Paul was way ahead of this possibility with the statement that he makes in these next two verses.

Here is the very solemn warning that Paul is giving us if we think we can go back to our old sinning ways again after we have been saved.

  1. “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not! How shall we who died to sin live any longer in it?” (Romans 6:1-2)
  2. “For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace. What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Certainly not!” (Romans 6:14-15)

Notice in the first verse Paul is telling us that though we have been saved by God’s grace – this does not mean we can go back to our sinning ways again. Paul is flat out telling us that we cannot use the grace of God that we have just been saved with as an excuse and a license to keep on sinning.

He tells us that we have now “died to sin” and thus should no longer live and wallow in it. God’s grace is not an open invitation to keep on sinning.

This second verse then tells us that God’s grace has now set us free from sin and the power it use to have over us. This verse is specifically telling us that “sin shall not have dominion over you” and that we cannot go back to sinning again just because we have now been saved by God’s grace.

When Paul tells us that sin shall no longer have “dominion” over us, what he is trying to tell us is that God’s grace and power can now help us overcome the desire to want to sin, and if by chance we do fall into a heavier sin area, then God’s grace and power can help pull us out of it and help set us free from its death grip.

No matter what kind of heavy sin area you may have fallen into – whether it be to a highly addictive drug, alcohol, or some type of criminal or aberrant behavior – God’s supernatural power can deliver you and set you completely free from the sin if you are willing to take God’s hand and work with Him during the deliverance process.

There is absolutely nothing that the power and grace of God cannot set you completely free from if you are willing to work with Him on it.

The laws of God give us the knowledge of what is sinful and what is not. However, the laws and commandments of God do not have the ability to save us from our sins, nor do the laws of God give us the power and ability to actually overcome any of our sins.

It is only the grace of God that will save us and set us free from our sins – and it is only the grace of God that will give us the power and the ability to be able to stay out of sin after we have been saved since we now have the Holy Spirit and His power living and operating on the inside of us.

As a result, no Christian will have any excuse on their day of judgment with the Lord if they have refused to pull out of some of these heavier sin areas before they die and cross over. God’s grace is available to every single believer. Jesus has already broken off the power that sin has over our lives at the cross. We all now have the power of the Holy Spirit Himself to take on any heavy sin area that we may have fallen into.

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  1. The message of grace is simple but very difficult for those that believe in performance based religion. People will sin anyway so their is nothing like license to sin here. When God the father looks at a right believing christian He sees christ, our sins have been handled over 2000 years ago. Christ became the only one who was able to keep the law, yet he bore the wages of our sin, hence when i am hid in Christ I am no longer bound by sin. Being born again does not mean you have a new character, it means you have a new nature and as long as that new nature in you is genuine and not faked you will progressively develope the urge and willingness to please God and to live for him, He works in us.

  2. Heather…if you are truly sorry, and it send you are, you are already repentant in your heart. That is what God reads, 1 Samuel 16:7. He understands our state as fragile, Psalm 103:14. This is why he’s quick to forgive, just like the prodigal son in Luke 15. He reads your heart. If you are truly sorry for your younger self, then trust He forgives you. Don’t let the power of sin hold you hostage. Seek the “sermon on the mount” (Matthew 5) and what it teaches us on what a Christian is. If you are lacking there then pray God help you figure it out (Psalm 139:23 & 24).

    Heavenly Father, I pray thru your wonderful grace that you see your grieving daughter and wrap her in your arms of forgiveness. Help her to know you and understand your requirements. We are all so unworthy of your grace. We submit ourselves daily. We repent of our sins. Help guide us away from everything you hate.

  3. I know how you feel. The one thing I was taught is that if you still feel a desire to reconcile with him then this is the work of the Holy Spirit that draws you to God. If you were turned over to a reprobate mind as the scripture says then the Holy Spirit would not be drawing you back. You would have no desire toward God. Seek God and ask for forgiveness and believe in your heart that he has heard you and forgiven you and you shall be saved. The only sin that will not be forgiven is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I believe if you did this you would know it and you would not feel a desire to reconcile with Christ. Week Him while He may be found.

  4. really wanna be saved to enjoy eternity with Christ in heaven. but i keep doing the things that i dont wanna do but not doing what i really wanna do and i cant help it. oh Lord please help me to do the things that i was created for.

  5. I strongly believe the message of grace and its impact in a believers life. The message or subject of GRACE as taught by the body of Christ has caused more harm than good. What it has portrays is that Christians can live anyhow and go away with their act of rebellion or sin. We never deserved the new life in Christ but Grace according Eph2v8 gave it to us unconditionally, apart from salvation in our work with God alot of benefit comes along the way which we are not deserving of but came as a result of grace. I think the continuous practice of grace is another dimension of grace the church is not teaching at all. Titus 2v11 teaches on the continous practice of grace by allowing the Holy Spirit to help us in denying ungodliness and wordly lust as we work with the Lord. The message of “Sin consciousness” which has been wrongly preached is the main reason preachers cannot tell members to flee ungodliness and wordly lust, when something is wrong it is wrong and shouldn’t be polished at all. Let us make a balance in our teaching so that we dont send people to hell.

    • I just read an article about a scripture where Paul said that if someone abuses Grace for example sins and is like I’ll pray for forgiveness later that he won’t forgive it? I did that when I was younger I just want to spend an eternity with God and Jesus what if anything can I do? I just want to be with Jesus and I wouldn’t have done that if I knew it could seperate me from him for eternity felt is was wrong when I was doing it but didn’t realize he wouldn’t forgive that nor did I realize it could forever seperate me from him for eternity. I did it a lot when younger I felt it was wrong but did it anyways. I didn’t really read the bible when I was younger just knew I believed in him and heard the word preached. As an adult I am trying to get right with the Father and live for him and do it the right way. I now know that verse and don’t want to do it ever again

    • I believe that most sins people struggle with are a form of self medication. A way to comfort one self. The problem I think relates to the verse in proverbs “those without vision perish” I once had a women pray for me about a negative relationship I had with my Mother. She stood in proxy of my mom for the things she did that were hurtful. Then she asked me to forgive my mom for the blessings she neglected to offer me. I was like a kid in a candy store. I simply had no idea how wonderful a Godly compassionate mom could be. Likewise, we see Jesus, and the Father as one we constantly need to receive forgiveness from. And due to our unworthiness, we feel we can not receive His limitless love, kindness, and compassion. If we did, our self medication would pale in comparison.

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