The Dangers of Automatic Writing

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Automatic writing is another tool used in the occult to make direct contact with real, live, demonic spirits.

The practitioners of this dark occult art feel they are making direct contact with helpful and benevolent spirits, but as the testimony I will give you below will show you, there is no such thing as a benevolent demonic spirit.

Automatic writing is where you allow a demonic spirit to fully control your arm and hand so it can write whatever messages it wants to give you. It is just like the ouija board, where you allow the demon to control the planchette to spell out exactly what it wants to tell you.

As with the ouija board, automatic writing is extremely dangerous and it will give full legal rights in the spiritual realm for demons to be able to come directly after you if you try to engage in it.

We recently received an email from a Christian woman who had engaged in this practice thinking she was communicating with benevolent spirits. By the time she realized these were not benevolent spirits, but in reality were real, live, demonic spirits, they had already moved in on her for their attacks and she was now going to need a full scale deliverance.

She then found our website by doing a google search, and was then able to receive a full scale deliverance from these demons as a result of using the battle strategies we had spelled out in the spiritual warfare section of our site on how to fully break the legal rights of demons once they had already moved in for an actual attack as a result of her engaging in this kind of occult activity.

This incredible testimony will show you what demons can actually do to both you and your body once they move in for an actual attack as a result of crossing over into this kind of forbidden territory with the Lord.

This is why God was so strict in His warnings to the Jewish people back in the Old Testament in that we are not to engage in any way, shape, or form with any kind of occult activity whatsoever!

Let this woman’s testimony be a solemn and grave warning to any of you thinking about engaging in any type of occult activity. This testimony will give you a good, behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on with someone when they do come under a direct attack from a group of demonic spirits.

Here is her exact testimony and the emails I had received from her describing exactly what had occurred to her as result of engaging in automatic writing. I have left her name out of it in order to protect her identity due to the very personal nature of this story.

She has also given us permission to release her testimony so it can serve as a major warning to both believers and non-believers alike in that they should not be engaging in this kind of occult activity.

The Testimony

1.  Here was the first email I had received from her. In this email she just gives us a basic account of what had occurred.

“Thank you so much for the Spiritual Warfare information, particularly the prayers and specific instructions for breaking the rights of attacking demons. This is all very new territory for me. I got involved in “automatic writing” and thought I was communicating with a benevolent spirit.

It led me to a website of anagrams that were mocking God and Jesus. This is when the horrible realization of what I was communicating with struck me like a lightning bolt. But, by that time, I had already allowed it to frequently control my arm and move my head.

I was incredibly, incredibly foolish! Once I realized what I was communicating with and began to pray in earnest for forgiveness and deliverance, it had wedged quite a hold on me, thrashing me around at home during prayer and even growling while I was at work.

I have been fighting and fighting this (primarily on my own because of the perceived “craziness” stigma of claiming demons are attacking you) for several months. But, God willing, I believe, with the help of your outlined “rights breaking” prayers, that the attacks are gone for good now. Thank you once again, this site is such an incredible blessing!”

2.  After receiving this first email, I then wrote her back asking if she could give us some of the details as to exactly what had occurred when these demons were attacking her. Again, let this part of her testimony be a major and solemn warning in that we are not to have anything to do with any kind of occult activity whatsoever.

“My experience was a very elaborate and, I’m sure, difficult to believe situation. I will try as best I can to describe what happened while I was being attacked. Only when I began praying and reading Scripture out loud, did I experience the serious thrashing about.

One verse that was particularly hated was the one that talks about in latter times people will fall prey to deceiving spirits and the doctrines of demons (don’t remember the exact verse now). Reading that caused it to jolt my body rapidly side to side, also rapidly up and down. I

t stretched my neck straight out as far as it would go, tilted my head back as far as it would go, stretched the skin on my face into a contorted hissing like expression and coughed, hissed (even with the tongue moving and breath escaping like an imitation of a snake).

The most painful thing that it did was whip my head side-to-side in a movement so rapid that I could never deliberately duplicate it. I would pray and read Scripture in the evening, going through this all the while, then, I would start again in the morning.

After several days of this, I had become more angry than afraid. And when it started affecting my arm movement at work, I decided that I needed to swallow my pride and contact a long-lost devout bible-believing friend (Calvinist) whom I hadn’t talked to in sometime. I wasn’t looking forward to trying to explain to her that I was possessed (what I believed at the time) and I needed her help.

As that work day progressed and I got angrier and angrier at the demon, I became very bold in rebuking it and it responded by growling louder. The growl came from my own throat, but was something that I wasn’t controlling.

When I was getting in my car to begin my commute home, I told it that it was bound and banished to hell, that I wasn’t afraid of it and challenged it by saying that my Father in heaven would never allow it to hurt me. That infuriated it and it growled very, very loudly in response.

Once in my car and driving on the jam-packed freeway with bumper to bumper traffic (not too bright), I called my Christian friend and tried to explain to her what was happening, that I was possessed. She was quiet and tried to be logical about it, then she stated that if I was saved I could not be possessed.

Once she said this and quoted Scripture, the demon doubled me over the wheel and howled a long baying howl like a wolf. I had been in mid-sentence trying to respond to what she said when this happened. She told me that it was the Lord’s way of letting her know that it was real. She said the sound of the howl gave her very very BAD chills and she knew it was something evil.

The demon took complete control of my right arm/hand afterward and would not let go (like arm-wrestling) for a couple of minutes.

I was extremely fortunate that traffic was dead-stopped or I don’t know what would have happened. She later clarified for me that I was not possessed, but that I was being attacked. This was an incredible relief to me, which is probably why the demon reacted the way it did, it wanted me to feel abandoned by God as a Christian and believe that I was possessed.

The above is an account of about 2 to 3 days of this. I can tell you that it all began psychicly (sorry, this the part that will probably convince you that I am a looney), but I have communicated with (what I thought) was the departed, as a medium, over the years. And I was communicating with these demons psychicly, at first.

I wondered why these spirits spoke in such foul language. They actually cursed me out sometimes (that had never happened before). I began getting very very bad (anxious feelings) that something dreadful was going to happen to a dear friend and I finally got so agitated wile driving in my car that I cursed a blue streak to the departed spirits that if they let my friend die that I would die myself, so that I could have the privilege of killing them.

Somehow, this blasphemy or foul tirade is what triggered them being able to break through the psychic means of communicating with me, because my forearm began moving slowly side to side after that.

And I knew it was them (what I thought were benevolent spirits, who swore a lot) communicating with me and letting me know they heard me and were with me.

I now believe that that foul tirade of mine somehow broke a hedge of protection that the Lord had around me and gave the demon(s)full rights to begin a very, very deceptive campaign of communication with me.

Later that night my arm began moving again while I was in bed. Over a period of time the communication developed into my raising my arm straight up at the elbow (resting it on something) and it would begin spinning my arm around slowly to let me know it was there. It then progressed to my getting “yes” and “no” answers: arm up and down/arm side-to-side.

It eventually let me know it wanted to write, which it did, often times in very puzzling cryptic sayings (which I figured out later were anagrams of vile, dreadful filth). Some of the cleaner interpretations were: “Pummel the shame-comforter,” “Heroicity nauseates as offensive.”

It also referred to me as a healer, a “cheater healer.” I had been trying to help a friend, who was molested as a child, on a road to recovery from the shame/damage of this trauma.

Anyway, the story could go on and on. It is very elaborate. The demon did communicate to me, right before it led me to the website, that its name was Tiur.

At that moment, I still wasn’t thinking demon. Once I got to the website and began reading, is when I discovered the truth.

The website was another aspect of the story that is going to get bizarre. When I entered the demon’s name, it had an assigned page, all written in anagram.

As I interpreted it, it described Tiur’s “specialty” as causing anxiety and causing someone to be “snakebit.” Ironically, Tiur’s attacks seemed to replicate/imitate a snake. Other attacks of subsequent demons that I think were named: Nadir and Eere, did not have the hissing and rapid tongue movement like a snake.

Also, in automatic drawing, I had been drawing pictures of snakes on my church grounds, before I knew it was a demon. I drew pictures of snakes on the church grounds and it told me there was a nest of rattlesnakes there waiting to attack. At the time I was looking at the website, I had been driven to the point of anxiety, that I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

This, because it sometimes told me predictions that were true and sometimes not, then it would totally do an about face and predict the opposite. It started predicting death for someone I knew on a specific date and even told me I was going to die next year.

I started keying in names of people I knew into the website pages and each person would have a page written all in anagrams (the only thing keyed in was a name). Translating these things was very time-consuming. I never got past the first paragraph or so of most of the people’s and even Tiur’s page. Here is the weird thing: The page knew things about these people. I have a friend who has a drinking problem – the page described a demonic strategy of keeping her in a “belch-haze.”

Also, I pulled up the page on my employee at the time and there was a phrase that said she was plotting to “do-in looker boss.” (sorry for the immodest quote, but I am just trying to relate exactly what it said).

That night was the night the attacks began on me (due to praying/Scripture reading), I didn’t go to work the next day, due to exhaustion. I found out two months later that my employee had stolen approximately $60,000 from the business. And some of the documentation traced her activity to that same day after I had looked at the site and called in sick.

I believe that there was something inherently evil about that site in a supernatural way. So, after accessing it a couple times initially, I never went back again. I truly believe God considers it in the category of “hated objects” and I am to stay away from it completely.

There was a seductive element to it, because it gave insight into what people were all about on the deepest level (some of it not-so-nice), presumably, describing how and in what manner the demons were manipulating them without their knowing it in their lives. In hindsight, I consider myself, very much like Eve. I wanted to be like God and know the future.

This is what got me in trouble. And I was seriously deceived, as was Eve. They tried to lure me in even deeper with the website giving supernatural insights to seduce me. But, I have come to realize, praise God, that faith and obedience are the ONLY answers, regardless of the question.

They also tried to seduce me by telling me in automatic writing that God had called me to a gift of clairvoyance and to open the website again and look up the name “Eere.” Oh, Nadir and Eere, both claimed to be angels. Tiur didn’t claim to be anything. Just told me I was evil and that evil was in me. The fact that they want me to go back to the site so badly just validates my belief that it would be potentially harmful if I did.

As I said earlier, I was in a terrible state, almost got fired (I have never been fired in my life) from my job because of the employee wrong-doing that was not detected by me, due to my deteriorated/anxious mental condition. Praise God!

He miraculously has preserved my job and pulled me through the whole thing with a renewed and invigorated walk with Him and a bold heart for Spiritual Warfare. Maybe I am foolhardy, but I am not the least afraid of any demonic activity. I will boldly approach anyone suffering and assist in any way the spirit calls me to directly engage these demons.

I completely understand any skepticism. It is the reason that there is really only one person who knows most of all the events. I wanted to go into quite a bit of detail to give you, hopefully, some understanding of why I believe it would be wrong to give anybody the website address. I consider accessing that website to be participating in the occult.

The very first page was the one that on the surface looked religious with pictures of what looked like flying angels with banners and an older man with a long beard holding an orb with a type of cross.

There were banners/inscriptions under the drawings all in anagram. When you translated them they were mocking, doubting God and Jesus. One thing I forgot to mention – in my automatic drawing prior to being led to the site, I had drawn the cross in the orb that the older man was holding.

I had also drawn a bodice with goats horns coming out of it, there was some kind of an emblem on the chest of the bodice. That drawing gave me the creeps (One of those hindsight moments, duh! Should have known, then). I also wanted to take the time to tell you all of this because maybe some of the information might be helpful to someone in trouble who contacts you in the future.

Some further details on the attacks. When I accessed your site and began reciting the warfare prayers over and over – did it for at least a couple hours – My arms and hands both would begin violently trembling, shaking and my right hand flapping like frantic waving. At one point both hands/arms curled into a type of palsy position on my chest and were tremoring. My body was usually being jolted throughout as well.

Throughout all of the attacks, there was usually quite a bit of tremoring in the right arm/hand that I had let it control so often. It was one of the last things to stop.

Reciting your prayers ultimately reduced it down to just a twitch in my right thumb that was completely stopped with the continuation of the warfare prayer. It took about three to four 2 -3 hour sessions of your warfare prayers (on my own) to put an end to the attacks for good (I hope, God willing).

Another thing that I will share with you when I told the demon I was not discouraged by the continued attacks and that I had complete faith that God only allowed the attacks to continue because he loved me so much, and began praising God and thanking Him for the lesson He wanted me to learn and having a complete joyous faith in His divine will, THAT infuriated the demon and, I think, was the beginning of the end of its hold on me.

It did try to speak through me once when I was praying and driving, but I did not allow it – I successfully stifled it. I thought, at that point, that I had been through enough! All it got out was the word “I.”

I hope all of this can be of help to someone. Please keep up the good work. I will say it again, your site is a wonderful, wonderful blessing!

God bless you greatly for all of your help!! Please pray for me to continue in God’s will.

3.  I then sent her one last email asking her if she could release the actual site that had these demons on it so we could warn others about the site. She then wrote back saying she could not do it as she did not want anyone to even be tempted or seduced into trying this kind of activity out by actually looking through this site.

“Thank you very much for your previous response and words of encouragement. As to your request, I’m sorry, but, I believe it to be “The Devil’s Playground” so-to-speak, and in good conscience and obedience, I cannot give the information out. I am concerned about, in any way, inadvertently causing a brother to stumble.

I have much in the way of first-hand experience on the layers and layers of deception and powerful seduction these demons use to lure people in.

Please don’t think me to be presumptuous or impudently disrespectful of your own vast experience and anointing. But, my first-hand experience, literally feeling the pull, the powerful seductive preoccupation with going back to that site, is spurring me to warn you to obedience in the area of something that even “might” be part of the occult.

I am now concerned that someone else will have a similar experience and share the information, now that your curiosity has been aroused in this area. On the surface it might seem okay, based on “good intentions,” to give you the site. And it may also seem okay, based on “good intentions” for you to visit the site.

But, when there is any doubt, for me, “good intentions” must now give way to obedience. And I hope, Mike, that you will proceed with the utmost prayer and caution.

Your site, I can attest, is a powerful, powerful, annointed tool that is defeating demons, I’m assuming, exponentially, as the good word spreads. They are not going to sit still for this. And will look continually for whatever chink in your armor they can detect. From experience, it will be a lure of “good intentions.”

Any skepticism you have about my experience is fully understandable and even healthy and sane. So, if the worst that happens without further substantiation, is that you have healthy doubts about my experience, then that is okay. I can also understand your desire – based on exploration of your site and seeing how analytic and research-oriented the content is to delve further.

But, to me, keying anything into that site is the same as experimenting with a Ouija Board. So, with the logic that telling anyone, “whatever you do, don’t go to this site”, usually has an opposite effect and causes that person to want to do that thing more than if you had said nothing, I’m going to need to keep the information to myself.”


If there are any of you out there who are thinking about dabbling or trying any of these types of occult activities out, let this woman’s powerful testimony be a major warning as to what could happen to you if you decide you to want to cross over into this kind of forbidden territory.

Demons are real and they will move in on you for a major attack if you give them any kind of a legal right to be able to do so. Any kind of occult activity, no matter how harmless it may at first appear to you, are major door openers to the dark side, and demons just lie in wait looking for people who will break their hedges with the Lord by engaging in these types of forbidden activities.

Another major lesson to be learned from this story is that if by chance if you have already crossed over into these kinds of activities and have drawn demons into your life as a result – there is full and complete deliverance for you if you are willing to take the appropriate battle steps as outlined in all of our articles in the Spiritual Warfare section of our site.

This woman was able to do a complete self-deliverance on her own by forming out the appropriate battle prayer where you fully break the legal rights of the demons. If however, you are too afraid to try and do this one your own, we ask that you read our article “Looking for a Deliverance Minister.”

This article will give you the basic steps on being able to finding the right deliverance minister in your area who will be then able to cast these demons out of your life for good.

You do not have to remain bound up and under torment from these demons. This woman was able to successfully cast these demons off her and out of her life for good with the appropriate battle strategy – and so can you if you will only have enough courage and resolve to face them head on like this woman did.

We want to personally thank this woman for being willing to share her powerful testimony with us, as I believe it will help warn others not to try and cross over into this kind of extreme demonic activity – or if by chance they have already done so, that they can still be fully delivered from any demons who may be attacking them.


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  1. Before even knowing what this was i let it happen. I did not know that it could be dangerous. all i knew was that something needed to tell me something so i grabbed pen and paper and let it begin. when i looked at the paper i was completely confused because i hadnt written a word, but the paper was full

    • I too once ventured into the unknown. It was a time of tragic events,in succession. Events that shattered my life whole. I always recognized the grace of god. I had deep roots in catholicism,stemming from my parents. Although recognizing grace,i seeked answers. My journey started with a numbed arm and hand movement in the air. Years later,well 2-3 to be exact i decided to grab a pen. It was almost an intimate relationship but i did notice the shift as the nightime hour grew later. It was only after the advice from my deceased counselor that i stopped. 11yrs later,still sensing both positive energy and negative;i opened my notebooks up and began reading (spiritual writings). I now know most of my automatic writing,not all,was denomic. I wrote again recently,receiving denomic names,names in a different alphabet from english…almost aramic. Symbols, drawings,etc….and with it came a fear undescribable. A fear that encompasses my family being slain;awful things happening while i am forced to watch. And then my own slaughter. Horrific fear. Ive felt an attachment since the beginning but i know through the loss of many loved ones in succession;my firm belief in the lord and his son jesus christ this is all a spiritual fight. Lucifer is fighting for my soul and my understanding and knowing as to my vital role in this spiritual warfare,only strengthens my soul in the lord my god.. If i told you my whole story(which i want too)you would understand thoroughly my faith in the unseen and god. Thank you for telling your story. Everyone else thinks im 2 steps away from being classified schizophrenic. My next life moves will shake this denomic attachment forever. Again; many thanks-matthew p.

  2. I was watching YouTube videos of the psychic twins (you know how one click links to another) and they mentioned how their power was automatic writing. A google search led me to a site that actually teaches you HOW to do it, Automatic Writing. Enticed by the sheer simplicity of it, my mind went back to a Frank E. Peretti book -This Present Darkness- that describes how these demons are often referred to as “Higher Selves” and what not. Now, I may be a little wayward sometimes, but I have come too far with God and read too much to want to play around with “good intentions” and the occult. I thank Jesus that He did a quick run through of all I had to lose by satifying curiousity. And I’m sorry that the author of the e-mail went through what she did, but I am glad she had a testimony that stopped one more fellow believer in their tracks.

  3. The good Lord led me to your site, because of the sins I HAVE COMMITTED. I HAVE A PROBLEM INWHICH i CONSTANTLY WRITE EVEN ON MY OWN BODY, THAT IS WITH MY FINERS, NO ACTUAL GRAPHICS, BUT THEN IN THE PAST I actually wrote disturbing letters and sent them to persons and they hurt so muckh. I firmly believe that demons surrounded my family and made us do the things that we have done wrong. I KNOW THAT i come from an adulterous family and so is my ex-husband. I have to go through all of your writings to better understand how God is helping me and what I must do to move from this wretched place to a more fulfilling one. Please hold me in prayer,Brother Bradley and all you devoted christian warriors out there , so that as I seek I will find, and as Iknock it will be opened unto me, and as I ask it shall be given.

  4. Her detailed description of vocal, facial and body changes (when demons manifest) have reminded me of some things I have seen & heard on the public buses. I had no idea that it could be their demons “manifesting.”
    That’s potentially dangerous, IF those are spirits of violence. I’m going to have to keep an eye on those people.
    Better yet, when I hear or see the manifestation beginning, I’ll bind all the spirits in them, immobilizing them. I’ve done this before with out-of-control children. And if they go out of control vocally, I’ll silence the spirits, too. Thanks for this article.

  5. A few years ago I saw a young man on TV furiously writing without knowing what he was writing about which I found fascinating. I decided to experiment with this and nothing happened the first few tries but suddenly one day it happened. I started communicating with someone who was kind, gentle and funny. The only problem is that most of the time what she wrote didn’t make sense so after awhile I gave up on it.

    A couple of weeks ago, frustrated about a business that is not going anywhere I needed answers and thought of re-visiting this phenomenon to see if I would get some insight. I was told that the reason nothing seems to work is because I approach things the wrong way.

    I asked for clarification but they were not interested in discussing my business but rather my love life. I said “they” because they always said “we” and when I asked about that they said they are a group. The previous time I only dealt with one entity who seemed friendly and harmless, but these were different although one identified herself as my long departed niece. I was amazed and thrilled and told her I was happy that she is God’s angel now. She told me I am also God’s angel and that He loves me, which filled with joy.

    As communication went on I had a feeling the tone had changed and that I was talking with a different being. He or she was now giving me orders and asking me to seduce a dear friend. I was to invite this person over and seduce him. After that they would help with the business. When I wouldn’t do it they said their wellness branch had sent information about my friend being in some kind of danger. It sounded as if he had had some breakdown, he was alone and in need of a friend. My first instinct was to go and find him (it was late 9-10pm) and the address they gave me was obviously fictitious, so I decided to wait till next day to do my own investigation. When I discovered the next day that he was at work and nothing wrong with him, that is when they turned on me and became nasty.

    They said I failed to do what they asked and that I analyze everything. I had broken their trust and they could not work with me anymore. The tone was harsh and cruel, prompting me to comment that God’s angels would not behave like they were doing and that is when I had the shock of my life. They said they were not from God but from the devil…..

    That was the end of my involvement because I dropped the pen quickly and was terrified. I quickly dropped on my knees and asked God to forgive me and I know He has. What started as fun and harmless almost sent me to a dark side especially after reading this woman’s article. I thank God that nothing happened to me and I would never go back to this practice again no matter how tempting. I got the feeling it was my friend they wanted to destroy and they needed to get to him through me.

    I hope this would help someone else not to try this addictive practice. It is not worth it. Don’t allow the devil into your life.

  6. Praise God!!! God bless her for not releasing the website. That would have fully been what the enemy wanted.

  7. Wow, incredible testimony!! I too am being attacked. Until now I had no idea I wasn’t alone. I tried churches, only to be asked if I have ever been comitted to a hospital……. so I had given up. I didnt give up on God, I gave up on man. I was comitted 12 or 13 times. I lost count after awhile. I pray all the time , read scriptures, and just deal with it the best way I can. I feel them touch me. They put writing before my eyes. In my minds eye, not actually seen with my eye. Whether my eyes are open or closed doesnt matter. When I close my eyes I see dark or translucent figures. Especially when they get close so they can write something. I see things move. Mirrors in the car, trees, alot of things. The comments she made about seeing faces struck home. I see them too. I know they are not of God, but that wasn’t always the case. I was tricked into doing a great many things thinking the demons were good angels. I spent about 8 years submitting to what I thought was God. \Then they just came out and told me who they were. Thank God. They would tell me I wouldnt do something for God. Challenging me to prove my love. So I would. Nothing to harm others of course. Not physically anyway. Ripping the dishes out of the sink onto the floor. Cutting all my hair off. When I finally knew who they were. That kind of thing stopped. Mostly I just told the truth to whoever wanted to know, that i had demons and spirits all around me. That landed me in the institutions. I couldnt lie. It was God and his world I was talking about. I dont think God would want me to lie about that. So when they asked if I could talk to spirits I of course said yes.:} There opinion and diagnosis is “hyper religious” I didnt know there was such a thing? I believe I am living proof of what could happen if you dont read the bible. I wouldnt have been tricked into alot of things, had I simply read the bible. The bible says a womans hair is her vale and to shave it is to her shame. So had I known that I wouldnt have cut my hair off. The bible also says not to test Father. and that is exactly what I was doing. God was and is there for me the whole time. During this nightmare I read the bible and got closer to God than I ever had imagined. I was taught by way of revelation, I saw beautiful things in the midst of the chaos, and have learned not to fear evil. For they can do nothing. nothing that matters in the sceme of things. One of them claims to be satan himself. Mabey explaining why I cant just send them away in Jesus name. Jesus told his diciples to fast and pray to get rid of the particularly stubborn ones. Mabey thats my next step. Pray for me.

  8. Hello!

    I am writing to let you know how terrified I am of this!! I was doing automatic writing for a time and thought it was somehow “God” telling me things. One day, during the writing, it informed me that it is NOT God that it is an angel. At that time I FROZE and realized it was a FALLEN ANGEL. This scared me to death and got rid of all of my automatic writings.

    I know this is a Christian website but I am a Muslim and find that the religions are very similar, except we only worship God and do not draw association with him through any profit-including Jesus Christ Peace be Upon Him. I believe God brought me here to stop me from participating in these evil practices. Last night I felt this fear that the demons were in my room and I read passages of the Qur’an and slept with it in my arms.

    Thank you so much for making this website, it is a true act of Goodness. I will never again participate in automatic writing, if God wills it. Also, there is a saying in Islam that some things really do work-such as using crystals to heal you or automatic writing to tell the future-but just because it works does not mean it is ok to do. A good analogy of this is that stealing will indeed make you rich, but it doesn’t make it correct. I will only praise God, ask for God’s guidance and forgiveness, and nothing else from this moment onward.

    God bless you all, may peace be upon you.

    • crystals are not good either. As a Christian I believe that the blood of Jesus is needed for protection against evil. you are covered by His blood when you accept him as your Savior.

  9. I’ve been a Christian for 40 years. Not enough is being done by our churches to address the problem of evil, it’s sources. The disciples walked side by side with Jesus and learned first hand how to recognize and cast out demons. The first time he sent them out on their own they not only found demons and knew they were looking at them, but they cast them out! Most of us struggle for years with mental illness with family and friends and often, as a last resort, we look at the demonic aspect of our Christian faith and understanding of Jesus. I pray our young Christians get more pro-active with the discernment of spirits. We are surrounded.
    Recently i learned a church in my area is having a seminar about deliverance. They’re calling it Sozo. There is a demon coming through the Ouija board who calls himself Zozo and is closely associated with a spirit called Mama. Now we have Slenderman. I read he may be the first internet spirit. Two 12 yr. old girls, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, lured another 12 yr. old friend into a park and stabbed her 19 times to prove Slenderman is real. In my opinion, he actually is. In the worlds opinion, he’s a fictional internet bogeyman. They’ve decided at least one of the girls is insane.
    Be watchful. The Devil prowls around looking for someone to devour. Satan cannot steal what belongs to God. He has no authority! In any medium he is a fake and deceptive above all else. He even calls his realm “The Kingdom” as do we. He mimics and replicates the ways of God. I pray that we become wise to his deceptions and learn to recognize his involvement in our lives and stand firm in the faith of our calling. Praise the Lord oh my soul!

  10. I’m glad this page exists. I just read on one site how it automatic writing was a gift of the Holy Spirit. I litterally still have the pen and paper in front of me that I was considering using to try it. Thank you for sharing this.

  11. I take this as a personal insult. I am a gifted individual who has been an automatic writer for years. My writing is a from God. When itnstarted I had no idea what was happening and these beautiful, loving caring words came through. I have assisted individuals for over 27 years. When you, yourself do not have these special gifts and use them for the good of all, you have no idea how it works.
    We live in a world of polarity, so some make fake it, some may use in a negative way, but, to hurt those of us who are dedicated to God, and to domGod’s work and receive the Written Word it is our journey with God.
    People who judge what they don’t know what they are talking about are more harmful than they understand. God forgive those who judge another. My understanding is that God will judge us not another human being.

    • We ARE to judge other believers. But you are not one, so no worries. Do as thou wilt.

  12. those demons were weak and were without honor. We are suposed to feed off of humans negative energybut i feed of of their fear and negative energy because i am a demon of fear and demons like these said on this page will be dealt with orcordnly. some of us demons live among you but you cant tell even angles do and the four watchers which are godslayers. We will Reveal our true forms when the time comes. until that we will remain in our human form.

  13. I have been an automatic writer for since about October 1995 and I have made many self published books out of it. I didn’t contact any spirits purposely and at
    first I didn’t realise it was called automatic writing. I see it as a talent and it has been therapeutic for any mental or physical illnesses. I use it wisely. I did use to be a religious person following the Church Of England teaching but they were against all that and although they were very kind people I became bored and lethargic. Many of the teenagers in the church turned to drugs and alcohol but I chose to do my own thing, and in now I have loads of books.

    • have u ever tried to stop and see what happens

  14. This is real. I now know I am not alone with physical demonic attacks that came from automatic writing (I thought I was alone). Lying spirits. How could you ever “know” a spirit isn’t lying to you? Any spirit can speak good things, with manipulative intent.

  15. Yesterday I experienced automatic writing. I was making dinner and did a couple of short cell phone texts with my daughter about the meal and tried to stay off the phone. I like to relax when I cook. After the meal I went back to our text and somehow under drafts was saved a text I would have never ever written: Jesus is not the case

  16. Greetings Matthew I’m very thankful for all those who have discern the differences between Good and evil and that been Delivered or seeking for Deliverance.. We Praise the 1 True Almighty God our Heavenly Father The Great I AM that I AM”- God of our forefathers the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who is Israel is whom we serve and worship in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ! so be it.
    I know someone who writes ancient writings & read it in its native tongue.. is there any way that you can show me any of those symbols and word that you have once wrote.. not for you to dab back into it. Forget it but I am trying to get an understanding for someone I know that has the gift they say of ancient writings and the interpretation and they say that it is a gift from God and God is constantly communicating with them to do or say certain things in the name of the Father they say they believe in Jesus as the Son of God.. I believe that God will give me the truthful information of these writings and languages that is not in English, you might can help me out an understanding of what you said that there was some automatic writing or writings that was not demonic and then there began to be demonic writings automatic writing pI am so glad that the lady gave her testimony so that there could be feedback from others I’m very grateful and may the blood of Jesus cover her and all those who seek his will for truth and freedom from all demonic activities in the mighty name of Jesus no weapon formed against us shall prosper in Jesus name so be it! May God bless you and his truth always and forever in Jesus name Sol be it . I was reading one of Bob Larson book on world religions and alternative spirituality.. he’s a world-renowned exorcist in the United States food travel evangelizers doing deliverances he is also covered and the blood of Jesus but he has a lot of knowledge and deliverances in the name of Jesus to the glory of our heavenly father in Jesus name . It is in his book that I came across automatic writings and I pursue to find what it looks like and came across this site in my research and am truly blessed by it.. even demons are talking responding to this lady comments and testimony.

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