Conclusion On The Power Of The Tongue

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1. Death and Life Are in the Power of the Tongue 2. Bible Verses For Power of the Tongue 3. Conclusion

The Golden Rule will really apply to this part of our walk with the Lord. The Golden Rule says that we should treat others like we would want them to treat us. If you apply this rule to this particular topic, you could then say that we should “speak to others in the way that we would want them to speak to us.”

As I said at the top of this article, every single one of us can flashback and recall all of the times that good words spoken to us in a positive, loving, and edifying manner have made us feel really good, and have helped us to build up our own levels of self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, we can also recall all of the times that words spoken to us in a hateful, condescending, and critical manner have made us feel as low as we could possibly go.

When those kinds of negative words start cutting right through you like a knife, they can penetrate deep into the heart and soul and cause major damage to the emotions and psyche of a person – especially if that person is not old or mature enough to be able to consider the negative source from where they are coming from – and then realize that his own self-worth as a person is not based upon what other people may think about him, but only what God thinks about him.

With the way the Lord has worded all of the above verses, you can really tell that this is one area that He wants every single one of us to get a good and solid grip on.

There is simply no excuse for anyone to be talking to other people in a demeaning, critical, and condescending way. If we are all equal in the eyes of God, then we should all be looking at everyone else in this life as an equal – not as someone who may be better or lesser than us.

If you really study the specific wording in all of the above verses, you will have more than enough knowledge and revelation from the Lord on how to clean up your speech, and how to properly express yourself to other people in this life.

This is one area where the Holy Spirit will move in on very strongly in order to give you a helping hand.

You will literally sense, and sometimes actually feel Him guiding some of your words and how you should be expressing yourself to other people, depending on the nature and the intensity of the conversation that is taking place.

Just learn to be sensitive to His leadings and guidance as to what to say and how to say it. You can learn how to flow with Holy Spirit in this area if you really have the desire to want to improve yourself in this area.

Remember – God the Father has given you a very powerful gift with the power that He has allowed you to have residing in your own tongue. You have the power of life and death in your tongue. Use that power wisely.

Use that power to bring life, love, encouragement, and edification into other people’s lives.

If you do, then not only will God be highly rewarding you once you enter into heaven, but you will also be receiving golden treasures down here on this earth – which will be all the good personal relationships you will be able to make and establish with the other people in your life – and all of those good personal relationships will then be permanent and eternal treasures that you will be able to carry over with you into the next life.

Nothing will draw people to you quicker and easier than you being able to talk and express yourself to other people in the exact same way that Jesus would do if He was still walking down here on this earth.

Let Jesus be your perfect role model. Study how Jesus expressed Himself when He was walking down here on this earth. Learn to pattern your own speech after the way He talked and expressed Himself to other people.

God’s ultimate and highest aim for every single one of us is to transform, shape, and mold us into the express image of His Son Jesus Christ – and part of this sanctification process will be the Holy Spirit coming after our word and speech life.

Let the Holy Spirit dig and get into your word life with how you talk and express yourself to other people – and I guarantee you that He will make some astounding changes in this area if you are willing to work with Him in the specific areas that He will want to target for improvement.

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