How to Enter Into the Sanctification Process with the Lord

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In part 2, you learned how to get God to move you into the Sanctification process

Though all of the above may seem like a tall order in the type of world we live in today, it really isn’t. I have personally seen God do a sanctifying work in several people I know, and the changes in these people’s personality have been dramatic and powerful.

They are no longer the people I used to know. They are now true saints in every sense of the word.

The Holy Spirit is powerful and He is God Almighty Himself.

Once You see Him really get a hold of a believer, and then start this sanctifying work in them to make them to become more holy and Christ-like in their souls and personalities – it is truly an incredible sight to behold! In my opinion, this is even more miraculous than watching Him heal someone of a physical ailment or disease.

To those of you who would like to tread into this type of deeper waters with the Lord, but are somewhat fearful of what He may do with you – the one thing that I can personally tell you is that you can completely trust God the Father to begin this work in you. He knows you better than you can ever know yourself.

Since God is totally and completely perfect in His very nature and personality, then this means He will know how to perfectly handle you with this sanctification process.

I will end this article with a very simple 4 step process that will lead you into this sanctification realm if you decide you want to give God a full and solid green light to start this process within you. However, what I cannot give you is exactly what God will be personally doing with each and everyone of you once this sanctification process starts up.

Everyone is operating at different levels of spiritual development with the Lord. Some people have more baggage to clean up than others. Some people will be more resistant to the Holy Spirit wanting to remove certain negative qualities than others will.

Some will progress at a faster rate of speed than others will because they will be more honest with the Lord and will be more open to receiving revelation on exactly what it is God wants to put in them and exactly what it is He wants to take out of them.

This sanctification is a process. It is not something that will done overnight. You can trust God to perfectly handle the time frame in which He wants to operate in.

He will not overwhelm you. He will give you plenty of reasonable time to work with the Holy Spirit once the Holy Spirit starts to impart revelation and knowledge to you on exactly what it is He wants to come after.

For those of you who would really like to get serious with the Lord on getting this sanctification process started in your life – here is a very simple 4 step process that will get you in if you decide you want to take the plunge.

1. Decide If You Really Want It

The first thing you will need to do is to make a personal decision as to whether or not you really want to enter into this sanctification realm with the Lord. Many Christians really do not want God to do any type of sanctifying work in their lives.

The reason for this is that they know He will be coming after some of their vices and character flaws, and they simply are not willing to give up some of these vices, or attempt to try and work with Him to change certain parts of their personalities.

So the first thing you will have to do is to make a personal decision as to whether or not you really want the Lord to begin this type of deeper work in your life. This is not something that you can go halfway with Him on. This is an all-or-nothing decision.

You are either going to go all the way with the Lord once He begins to do it with you or you are not. You cannot straddle the fence post with Him on this process.

If you do, then the Holy Spirit is not going to move with full force to help get you cleaned up and sanctified to the degree that God would really like to get you to in this life.

Once the Lord starts to move into certain areas of your life and personality, then you are going to have to be willing to fully work with Him on it or nothing is going to get accomplished. He has to have your full consent on all of this. God really respects your free will and He will not run against it.

If you decide you want to give the Lord a full and solid green light to begin this type of deeper work in your life after really thinking and chewing on the ramifications on what this type of deeper progressive work will entail, then you will now be ready for step 2.

2. Ask God the Father to Begin the Sanctification Process

To get God to start to move you into this sanctification realm will only require one thing – and that one thing is that you go before the Lord in serious and heartfelt prayer, and ask Him to start this sanctification process in your life through the power of the Holy Spirit. It really is that simple.

The Bible says to ask – and then you will receive.

The Bible also says you have not because you ask not. In other words, all you simply have to do is ask God the Father in prayer to start this sanctification process and tell Him that you will now be willing to work with both Him and the Holy Spirit once it starts up.

Once you put this initial request on His altar, I would keep reminding the Lord to keep this sanctification process going for the rest of your life at least once or twice a year for the rest of your life.

By reminding God to keep this sanctification process going on for the rest of your life, you are showing Him that you mean serious business with Him, and that you want the Holy Spirit to keep working with you in this realm as long as you are walking and breathing in this physical body.

The show never stops with the Lord, and He will take you as far as you will want to go with Him in this realm.

For those of you who would like a good sample prayer to go before God the Father to get Him to start this sanctification process in your life, here is a very good sample prayer you can use:


In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, I now approach Your throne with a very special request. Your Word tells me that You want to completely sanctify me through the special workings of the Holy Spirit.

Your Word tells me that You want to shape, mold, and transform me into the express image of Your Son Jesus Christ. Father, I now want to work in cooperation and in partnership with both You and the Holy Spirit to begin this deeper sanctifying work in my life.

Father, I now ask that You begin to completely sanctify me in both my body, my soul, and my spirit. I now give You a full and solid green light to begin this sanctification process in my life.

Father, I now ask that You hold nothing back once You begin this sanctifying work in me and my life.

I will now be willing to work with both You and the Holy Spirit in any area of my life and in any area of my personality that You feel needs to be cleaned up, sanctified, and made more holy.

Father, I now have full faith and belief that You will honor this request and will begin this sanctification process in my life in the way and manner You deem most appropriate at the level of spiritual development that I am currently operating at with You.

Thank You Father.
Thank You Jesus.
Thank You Holy Spirit.”

This would be the basic gist of wording this type of prayer for those of you who may have a hard time in wording some of your specific prayers to the Lord.

If you can truly approach God with this type of prayer, and you are really meaning it from your mind and your heart – then God will hear you loud and clear, and He will then begin to start this sanctification process in your life right where you are standing at the moment this request is put before Him.

3. Study the Word For the Knowledge That You Will Need

If you are willing to give God a full and solid green light in which to start this sanctification process in your life – then there are now two things you must be willing to do on your end to get this sanctification process moving into full gear. You will not be a passive robot in all of this, expecting God to do all of the work for you.

He will need you to do your part in all of this. This will now lead us into the last two parts that will complete what you will need to know in order to be able to work in cooperation with the Lord on all of this.

Your first part will be to study the Word on some type of regular and frequent basis.

As some of the above Scripture verses have stated, it is the combination of the Holy Spirit working with the Word and the knowledge that the Word will give you that will cause this sanctification process to move into high gear in your life.

As I stated part 1 of this article series, you have to have the actual knowledge on exactly what it is God wants to change about you. And the only way you can get this knowledge is by reading and studying from the Bible.

Study and pull from the Bible exactly what it is that God wants to impart into your personality, and exactly what it is He wants to take out of your personality that is not pleasing to Him – and then the Holy Spirit will start to move into those specific areas to help get you cleaned up and sanctified.

It’s the Word and the Spirit working in conjunction with one another that will take you on this road to holiness in the Lord.

However, your part is to get into the Word. The Holy Spirit cannot do this part for you. Many Christians do not spend much time in the Bible and this is one of the main reasons why there is not much spiritual growth occurring in their lives.

The Holy Spirit will personally guide you in this life as to how often and how frequently you will need to read from the Bible. You do not want to get into legalism and ritualism with how often and how much time you will spend in the Word. God Himself will personally guide you in all of this.

Just realize that God will be wanting you to spend kind of regular quality time during the course of your life in reading from His Word, and trying to understand and assimilate what you are reading as best you can.

The subsequent articles that we will have listed in the Sanctification Section of our site will be giving you many of the appropriate Scripture verses pertaining to your sanctification and exactly what it is God wants to impart into your personality and exactly what it is He wants to take out of your personality.

4. Work in Cooperation With the Holy Spirit During This Process

The last and final part to really being able to get this sanctification process started in your life is your willingness and eagerness to work very closely with the Holy Spirit once He starts to move in on you and let you know exactly what it is He wants to do.

Here are a few examples of what you may expect from Him.

The apostle Paul says that God wants to sanctify you completely – body, soul, and spirit. Do not be surprised if one of the things that the Holy Spirit will move in on is any particular vices you may have that could be harming your physical body.

Good examples of this would be smoking cigarettes, smoking pot, abusing alcohol, and overeating on the wrong kinds of foods.

Many Christians are addicted to smoking cigarettes. I have seen God move on quite a few of them on this particular vice.

Some of them have been successful in kicking the habit, and others have not. The power of the Holy Spirit is there to help break this addiction off you, but you have to really want to have this vice removed before God will move in to break this addiction off you.

Some people really do not want to give this up for the Lord. When that happens, God will respect your free will on the matter and back off.

However, I have seen Him come back in waves on that person, and every so often He keeps coming back and knocking on their doors, letting them know once more that He would really like to have this addiction removed from their lifestyle.

The same goes for those Christians who still like to smoke their pot. I have discovered there is some slack with the Lord on the cigarette thing, but there is much less slack with Him on the pot issue!

Every Christian who I have known that has smoked pot, and then really came into a full surrender with the Lord, have all had the pot taken out of their lives very quickly.

Bottom line – God will be letting you know very early on which of these vices He would like to have removed from your personality and lifestyle.

His divine power is there to help break these addictions off your back, but you will have to be the one to make this personal decision for yourself as to whether or not you will work in cooperation with the Holy Spirit to take these addictions out of your life for good.

I have seen God break many of these types of addictions off people and they did not have to go through any type of physical withdrawal during the weaning off process. God, through the power of the Holy Spirit operating on the inside of you, has the full power to be able to set you completely free from any vices or addictions you may have.

There is nothing that the power of God cannot totally defeat and overcome if you are willing to allow God to work with you in these areas.

Other areas of your life that God may want to move in on are some of your attitudes. If you are holding any unforgiveness towards others for things they may have done to you in your past – expect God to move in very strongly to try and get you to forgive these people and to let all of the wrongs they may have ever done to you into His hands.

Vengeance and payback in this life belong to the Lord, not to you or anyone else! God will be righting all the wrongs ever done to you in this life.

Your job is to forgive all of those who have ever hurt or wronged you and get on with the rest of your life.

If you are operating in any type of a judgmental, critical, controlling, or manipulating spirit – expect the Lord to deal very heavily with you on these issues. These kinds of attitudes and behaviors are poisonous and toxic to all of those who come in contact with them.

They are all unacceptable in the eyes of God, and the Holy Spirit will be moving very strongly on you with conviction and insight to tackle these kinds of attitudes and behaviors.

Bottom line – God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, will be letting you know very clearly what good, positive, and godly qualities He will want to try and “put on” into your personality, and what negative qualities and vices He will want to try and “put away.”

Once all of this knowledge and information has been given to you by the Lord, then it will be up to you as to whether or not you will want to work in cooperation with the Holy Spirit to get all of this accomplished.

If you are willing to work with the Lord in the specific areas that He will target – then the Holy Spirit will start to do the miraculous and supernatural work of removing all of the bad things that He will not want operating in your personality and life, and then impart all of the positive and godly things that He will want have operating in your personality and life.

And once this starts to happen, God the Father will then start to transmit and impart part of His divine nature and personality right up into your mind, soul, and spirit.

God’s love, joy, peace, patience, boldness, goodness, gentleness, and kindness will all start to move up and mesh into your personality, thereby increasing your ability to be able to walk, live, and operate in these saintly and godly qualities.

When this starts to happen, you will have officially entered into a true, progressive, sanctified state – where the very life of God Himself will now be flowing through you and out of you so that you can reach others with His message of eternal salvation, and His message on how to properly live this life the way He wants His people to live it.

The Bible tells us that God wants us to become fishers of men for Him.

You can become a much better fisherman, representative, and ambassador for the Lord if you are willing to allow Him to lead you into this sanctification process.

Nothing will draw others to the Lord more than a Spirit-filled, anointed, and truly sanctified saint who has the fruits and qualities of the Holy Spirit operating through their personality.

This sanctification process is available to every single born-again believer. However, it is up to each and every Christian to make this personal decision for themselves.

This is something that the Lord will not force on anyone due to the individual cooperation that is needed from each person to really get this process started.


I will leave you with one last thought on all of this. True holiness is God’s ultimate and highest aim for all of us. Getting saved and born again is just the beginning. Once you are saved, God expects you to spiritually grow and mature in your personal walk with Him.

After studying the Bible from cover to cover – I believe one of the main secrets that is jumping out loud and clear is that God and Jesus are calling us unto Themselves to become a partaker of Their own divine holiness.

They are calling us out to become separate from the world and the corrupt ways of this world.

As a result of Jesus personally dying on the cross for each and everyone of us, we now have direct access to the throne of God the Father Himself.

As a result of this direct access we now have with God the Father, we not only get to pray and communicate directly with Him, but we also get an open invitation to become partakers of this sanctification process where He can start to work, mold, change, and transform us into the express image of His one and only Son Jesus Christ.

God is holy – and He is calling each and everyone of us into His very holiness.

God Himself can start to transmit and impart, through the Holy Spirit, some of His very own divine attributes and personality qualities right up into the middle of our own souls and personalities if we are willing to enter into this sanctification process with Him.

To those of you who would really like to try and achieve any true sainthood in this life with the Lord – this progressive, sanctification process is what will lead you in.

This path and journey to holiness in the Lord is there for all who are willing to step into it and are not afraid to work with the Holy Spirit in the directions that He will want to take them in.

To those of you who are willing to take this dive into these deeper waters with the Lord, I guarantee you will find the most incredible state of well-being that you will never find in any of the material things or pursuits of this world.


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  1. this is real great my friend and i appericate it very much

  2. Two things I have learned is that once you have decided to go through with full out sanctification, your past path is removed and there is no going back and the other thing is God will remove from us habits and behaviors so we do not need to nag or be nagged. God created the world in 6 days not 1 so we need patience.

    Wonderful article.

  3. Im ready but scared/frighten at the same time.. Does that make sense?

  4. I believe I pray that I’m ready for this total sanctification. Thank you, for this article. It answered quite a few questions for me. I really want to Glorify God in whatever I do. This is a step closer. Hallelujah!!

  5. This is the ultimate challenge, what is your priority? who do you serve? I thank God for giving me free will. I believe that because I desired to be with him daily he has done the same for me. I could not have asked for any other friend greater than He. The Holy Spirit immediately remove my desire to drink alcohol, which I looked forward to on a daily basis. It’s been almost a year now and I have not thought twice about having a drink. Praise God, for He is mighty! and has won me for life!! Whatever he wants from me, he can have for he has set me free and I will always, always put him first.

    • Amen, and thanks for sharing. I also have a similar testimony in regard to alcohol. Will be sharing it on the site in the coming weeks.

  6. I read quite a lot of things on your website and sanctification is a lot clearer because it was simple to understand. This morning when I woke up I had a thought to look up a website with a title of: Deliverance and protection with the blood of Jesus Christ. So your website is the one I got on first. We don’t go to a church very often unless we know what the person is teaching. Not a lot out there. My husband and I have been in ministry for about thirty some years and it amazes me how the pastors have no depth of teaching. The people do not either. I do think when a person has a personal fellowship with the Holy Ghost the other things you teach on follow close behind. Don’t ask me why I have come this far but it wasn’t anything I did except to begin listening to the Holy Spirit. We, my husband and I, have always had people start conversations because they are pulled to us. We have the power of the Holy Ghost in us. When I was young I was very stupid and self-centered. Most of my young life was wasted and I lost my husband, my children and walked in a lot of darkness. Then I decided that I needed a husband that the Lord would pick for me. Six months later I was married to such a beautiful man. He loves the Lord tremendously. He received Christ about a year before we met. We have ministered to people from the beginning of our marriage. We are still going and so is the Holy Ghost power. You are teaching very needed info. Keep it up. You are very blessed. Shirley Wischmeier

    • I truly am very great full for this article on sanctification. I have being saved for many years and have gone through the sanctification process but there is one thing that i have struggle with for years, my personality is quite introvert and i believe it has hindered me for many years, even though i study the word very intensely. Reading this article i realize that i did not recognize it as a problem until i read this article. So i need to ask the lord for help in this area of my life.

  7. This site is really wonderful it really caught my attention, because of the fruits that God offers are good, he longsuffered for us because he loves us and gives free will to that we abuse badly. I saw all the things that i know and God knows that need to taken away and i am going to do the sanctification process to put them away. The is very needed site for all who love to read about all the goodness of Gods attributes and attitude towards us to live. Keep up the good work. God Bless You.

  8. Rosetta,

    Yes, your fear despite your readiness makes you perfectly human and perfectly normal!

    It is simply because you are not sure what the change in your life is going to be – will it mean losing your job? Or maybe a relationship that is bad for you, no matter how much you think you need that person? Might it mean a move away from family and friends?

    No matter how bad you (or your loved ones) think the change that God wants for you may seem, you can believe without reservation that His Divine Plan for your life is more than you could ever imagine for yourself!

    For the reasons I listed above, it is unlikely to be an easy process, but it is WORTH IT, you can trust me on that.

    Along these lines, I hope it’s OK with Bible Knowledge to recommend a movie to get you started: The Encounter (2010) with Bruce Marchiano (as Jesus), Hall of Fame wrestler Steve ‘Sting’ Borden, Olympic high-jumper Jamie Nieto, singer Jaci Velasquez and more. It helped kickstart my sanctification process BIG TIME. A gentleman I loaned the DVD to held it against his chest and said it’s the best representation of The Message he’s ever seen. I’ve watched it dozens of times, and will watch it dozens more. I even recommend watching it again with the commentary on, because there are even more gems of Christly wisdom to be found in Marchiano’s and the director’s dialogue! There’s a lot of biblical truth to be found in this film!

    Good luck, everybody, and God bless!

  9. Jam, thanks for the movie recommendation, I’ll have to check that out.

  10. Hey, Chris, no problem. Marchiano is such a great Jesus (he also starred in Road to Emmaus, The Gospel of Matthew and more), and he is truly a wonderful, godly man!

    My husband first saw it on TV late one night after I had gone to bed. At first he wanted to wake me up, but he decided to DVR it to watch again with me later, and I’m so glad he did!

    It is a fresh, totally updated look at The Word – it’s reality-based as it addresses some tough modern-life issues (along with an ancient one) – and answers them with the gentleness and clarity of the timeless Christ. It never once makes the viewer think that life in Christ will be – or even should be – easy, but that, in growing through our hardships by staying focused on God, redemption and everlasting life are our rewards (but we all know that here ;-). We have bought extra copies to pass around to loved ones, and we are now almost continually without a DVD of our own!

    I hope all who see it are as blessed by it as I have been!

  11. Oh, and by the way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this posting – it’s so clear and articulate and so obviously inspired by the Lord! I will certainly be digging MUCH further into this site.

    Thank you so much for being here for us all!

  12. Thankyou for blessing me with these advise.I think and i think its true that Holy spirit has led me to this site to gain some knowledge because im going through the sanctification process,for the last 2 weeks,i have purposed to seek,and deliberately and intentionally search for the looking for all materials to feed my spirit.i need to mature in not a baby anymore in the spirit.God bless you people and lets worship this big,invisible,immortal God.The messiah is coming,lets repent and keep Holy and righteous

  13. I am from Asia. I was introduced to the Living God of the Bible and His Living Word as a teenager. Today I am 80 years old and have lived in Canada for 40 years…half my life; but have never heard of Consecration and Sanctification in any of the Denominational churches, but theology!!! This has brought confusion to my family, but I have not departed from what I was taught as a child because the Word of the Living God has NOT changed for me in Canada! JESUS is the same for me yesterday, today and tomorrow! I am in HIS “processing machine,” no way of getting out until HE has done HIS work in me to be in the world and NOT of the world until the day I will see HIM face to face.

  14. May God bless you for giving us the truth of Holy Spirit to guide us to be like Jesus on one day. I aggreed with your teachings which is relevent to the born again Christians who is not serving the LORD as said in the bible.
    God Bless once agin.

  15. I have been trying this for almost 8 years now and i have not experienced any change in my persona. Ihave been battling with depression because of this. I also have low self esteem issues. I feel like giving up on Jesus now because i see no result after all these years of following Him. Maybe i am not one of His chosen to fellowship withHim. Maybe i am not one of the predestined christians which paul spoke about. Maybe i wasnt predestined to be a christian. I do really wish to die. I am totally in despair. God isnt real

    • Hello. I hope Simona (who wrote in February 6, 2014 at 5:29 pm) is doing well. I hope you were able to receive answers to your prayer for sanctification and to overcome your challenges. If you did, we thank God. If you didn’t, it is my hope that you sought for assistance from other children of God. Too often, when we engage in the journey of God, we face challenges, opposition, because there are wars and battles in the spiritual realm. Only that we do not see with our own physical eyes what great wars are being fought. The kingdom of darkness does what is commonly referred to as demonic ‘re-enforcement’ and when we pray, our prayers are blocked. This demonic re-enforcement is even more effective if we have not particularly confessed our sins and repented totally. Sincere confession and total repentance defeats the devil who perpetually accuses brethren before the seat of Heaven. When are sins are washed away, our prayers begin to attract the compassion of God and He begins to engage in battle on our behalf, then, our prayers begin to receive answers we so much need and want. The Holy Bible, the Word of God, is the one that, when we read fervently, will give us deep insights on building a relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. It is only through this relationship that we become cleansed and sanctified. Let us pray this prayer together: Oh Lord, let the fire of Holy Ghost enter me and burn to ashes everything in me that blocks the move of God in my life in the name of Jesus; let the power of the Holy Ghost take total control of me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ; let my faith not fail me, in Jesus name. Amen

  16. To simona who posted in February 6, 2014. I understand how you can feel that perhaps you are not a chosen one because you have not seen changes since asking Christ to come into your life. I have have those thought too, especially if I want to be rid of some disturbing thoughts that pop into my mind from time to time. I look at it this way, God wants me to go deeper into him because after becoming depressed for several day of prayer, to be released, I do get a release. I find that over time any particular thought may come back but it gets shorter each time. Maybe things that are ingrained deeper in us due to years of a particular sin it takes more time to get released. I have noticed that something’s that had been an issue with me have finally not come back, but I did not realize it until reading about this tic and peoples responses. I pray that you have come through your depression.

  17. I am ready for the Lord to start helping me thru the sanctification process. I have been going forth and backwards with my walk with God and every now and i will fall. I haveack of self control which affect mostly my marriage. I pray to God to me thru this journey. Thank you for the article,it gives direction on how to be in a closer relationship with God.

  18. I have been saved for many years I’ve had dreams and visions prayed for the simple illnesses and god has shown me miracles so really for years I have been going through the changes. I desire from him to go deeper. I’m not perfect but I try to do what he asks of me. He also heals animals that we love.I have a cool testimony and I could write a book of how wonderful he is and merciful. I accidentally found what this sight is saying but now I believe Jesus sent me. There are things in my life I need to abandon so I have been working on them.I’m not bragging but God has and is very good to me. I see all these people on TV sharing their experiences I would like that chance I have so much to say of Gods love for us.

  19. Reply to Simona.
    You attempted Sanctification but you lack FAITH. You must have Faith first, faith in Lord Jesus Christ is the beginning of the walk.
    Walk is the beginning of Life, Trust God and he will change your heart.
    Remember though NOTHING happens without Jesus, only Jesus can change you,
    it happens when you receive Holy Body of Jesus in Eucharist not once a year, month or even a week. He is OUR DAILY BREAD.
    Desire to pray will grow in your as you commit more time for Our Lord.
    God Bless you

  20. (To Simona February6) JesuS loves you,its not the matter of how many years you hve bn trying, its about u not giving up and going back to sin, that’s what satan wants. In ur state of depression and self pity, give thanks and praise to God,ask him to show u mercy and surrender ur all to him, don’t grumble, just speaK to Jesus he , listenS. I am a living witness to hiS mercies and glory. Stay away From sin for our body is the temple of the most high Jesus Christ of Nazareth,the one who shed his blOod for uS. Alcohol can make the holy spirit stay away and ask God to give u the Grace to overcome sin and every trials that comes ur way. Jesus loves u. Stay blessed. I love thiS post. No more alcohol for me.

  21. I was an addict of alcohol but when accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior I prayed that I will never take alcohol.That was early last year and now started 2016 clean from alcohol.I always feel like a very heavy luggage and burden was taken away from me.I thank the Almighty our Lord and am thriving for sanctification.

  22. I have just asked God to fully sanficty. Me. I have been carrying a heavy load for many years. I asked that those who read this will pray that i willkeep my eyes on God and follow his leading.

  23. Daisy- God save my life and with this sactification I have take I am ready to follow Jesus all the way. There’s no turning back I want more of the Holy Spirit and am not letting go. I love God Jesus and our Holy Spirit with all my heart and Soul. And yes i would’ve taken the nails off of Jesus’s hands.

  24. Thanks for the enlightenment. I have been crying for this. I want God to cleanse me for His purpose and will in my Life.pray for me

  25. I count myself blessed for coming across this wonderful site! Oh Lord im very much ready for the sanctification process. I yearn to have a close walk with d Holy Spirit, intimate relationship with my Lord and master Jesus Christ. God bless the author of this site. Amen

  26. The process, as you call it , is only the process of acceptance. Sanctification is immediate on the part of Christ’s finished work. He declared it inclusive when He spoke the words IT IS FINISHED on the cross. Acceptance may be a process for the believer but it is, like every thing from God, received by faith in what Christ has done. When you believe it you will receive it and ACT in that way. You will know the truth and it will make you FREE! John 8:31-32…IF you ABIDE IN HIS WORD!

  27. Praise be to God the Father Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, I am a new person already after reading this article. I’m officially starting the Sanctification process today as of March 13, 2019. Spiritually i believe this process started last year, just didn’t have label for it. Now, Clearly, I understand what God is doing with my life. All I can say is Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow. Thank You

    • Praise God! That is so wonderful! My journey started years ago and then sadly i fell away. BUT GOD! He called my heart right back to Him a few months ago and i will never be the same. He is truly a refiners fire and a fuller’s soap. He is washing me and its just so beautiful. I love the Lord and i won’t take that back! I’m so glad to rejoice with fellow believers! I’m alive again!!

  28. The sanctification process is there for all but what must be made clear is there is REAL pain involved. This is the element that scares many away and also the LEAST mentioned aspect of becoming holy. Many will want to run the gauntlet, desire to climb the mountain, will themselves to succeed in the deep waters but unfortunately will not make it. The realm of the spirit is truly most solemn and any journey to penetrate it’s depths in God will require courage as said in Joshua. It’s designed as a rites of passage where God can break us, wound us, and heal us. Before anyone is encouraged to pursue the deeper LIFE that goes beyond mere salvation, he/she must be forewarned about the preceeding DEATH & internal circumcision of the quivering flesh that entraps the soul of mankind. To mislead others that the process is lovely or wonderful is to err. The end RESULT is lovely & wonderful. Full disclosure is mandatory.

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