The Basic Tenets of Christian Faith

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For the record, we believe that all of the main denominations of Christianity are accepted and honored by God the Father.

As we all know, the Christian faith has been divided up into many different denominations such as the Baptists, Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists, Pentecostals, Charismatics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, etc.

I believe that denominationalism is actually an offense against God, as He obviously would like to have all of His Body to be unified as one with Him, not being divided up into all of these different denominations.

We only have one God and one Bible, but yet we have all of these different denominations. As a result of this big divide in the Body of Christ, we do not present to the rest of the world a perfectly unified Body.

The Bible tells us that we will only know in part while we are all down here, so it should come as no surprise that there are going to be some major differences between some of us on interpreting different parts of the Bible.

As a result of many of these different interpretations of the Bible over the years, the Body of Christ has now been split up into all of these different denominations.

But though the Body of Christ has now been split up into all of these different denominations, this should still not prevent us in making sure that all of these different denominations stay true and loyal to the basic tenets of the Christian faith.

We believe that as long as all of these different denominations stay true and loyal to the basic tenets of the Christian faith, that God will still continue to work with all of them.

But if any one of them ever start to get off into any serious error on any one of these basic tenets, they could then get themselves into serious trouble with the Lord, as I do not believe there is any slack with the Lord on any of these basic fundamental tenets.

In this article, I am going to give you 12 basic tenets of the Christian faith that absolutely have to be accepted, believed and incorporated into the basic teaching system of any particular Christian church or denomination.

There is no room for compromise or negotiation with the Lord on any of these basic tenets.

These tenets are the absolute bottom-line basics of the Christian faith – and any church, pastor, or denomination that starts to get too far away from any of these basic tenets should immediately be called out on it by the rest of the Body so they do not fall any further into serious error.

If any particular church or denomination starts to get too far away or too far off from any of these basic tenets, then it will not be long before they start to get too far away from some of the other basic tenets.

And before you know it, they will then end up teaching nothing pure heresy.

If this church does not accept any type of proper correction or counsel the Lord may end up sending their way, then God will have no other alternative but to remove His anointing from that church and from there, it won’t be long before the entire church could fold and collapse.

Here are the 12 basic tenets of the Christian faith so you can have all of them right at the top of this article.

From there, I will discuss each one of them separately under the individual captions below so you can have all of this information and ammunition right at your fingertips should God ever call any of you to properly defend Him on any of these basic tenets.

It is extremely important that each and every Christian have a firm and solid grasp on each one of these basic tenets, as the Bible tells us that in the latter days that there is going to be some who will be departing from their faith in Jesus as a result of coming under direct demonic influence.

And if there is going to be some who will be departing from the one and only true faith, then you can bet your bottom dollar that some of it will be starting with some of these basic tenets.

Here is the verse that is telling us that there will be some who will be falling away and departing from their faith in Jesus in the latter days, which I believe we are now all living in:

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.” (1 Timothy 4:1)

Notice that demons will be the ones who will be working to lead many people away from their faith in Jesus. As such, we should all know who we really are in Christ and from there, be able to defend any one of these basic tenets for our Lord at a moment’s notice.

I will now discuss each one of these basic tenets under the captions below so you can fully understand what each one of them are all about, along with having all of the appropriate verses from the Bible to back up each one of these basic fundamental tenets.

Though we have talked about many of these basic tenets in some of our other articles, I want to put all of them together for you in this type of an article so you can have all of this information right at your fingertips.

Due to the extreme importance of this topic, these basic, fundamental tenets need to be put into their own article.


With the rapid rise of the New Age Movement, the occult, and all of the other false religions that are in the world today, it is extremely important that every single Christian have a firm and solid grasp on each of these 12 basic tenets so they will not be so easily led right out of their faith with the Lord.

All of these basic tenets are very easy to understand, and they will all be the key for you if any other false doctrine or belief system ever comes your way in this life.

All you have to do is take any other false religion or belief system that is out there and compare it to all of the above basic tenets, and you will then be able to see very quickly and very easily how they will not fit in with our basic, Christian belief system.

The above 12 tenets will fully expose for you any of the other false belief systems that are in the world today.

These 12 basic tenets should also be burned into all of your children’s memory banks as you are raising them up in the Lord so they will not be so easily led astray by other false doctrines and belief systems once they leave your home.

Let these 12 basic tenets be the foundation of your belief system in the Lord, as every single one of them have been perfectly taught on in our Holy Bible.

Again, any other religion, faith, doctrine, or belief system that does not have every single one of these basic tenets in them cannot be trusted as being a pure, true branch of Christianity.

Just compare and analyze all of the other false religious systems that are in the world today in reference to the above 12 tenets, and you will see very quickly how every single one of them will fall way short of being a pure, true branch of Christianity.

Now, more than ever, these 12 basic tenets should be fully understood by every single Christian so they are never, ever tempted to depart from their faith in the Lord.

Many of our colleges have now become very secular and humanistic, with many atheistic professors now teaching in them. As a result, some of our children have either departed from their faith in the Lord by the time they leave college, or their faith has been severely weakened due to the negative and corrupting influence of many of these atheistic professors.

Again, each of these 12 basic tenets will help keep your children grounded and connected to the Lord once they leave home and have to face the onslaught of all of the other false religions and belief systems that are in the world today.

By having each one of these 12 basic tenets fully incorporated into their total belief system with the Lord, they will then be able to tell very easily when they are being faced with a false, demonic, belief system.


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  1. Read the book of James. If there is true faith there will be fruit. The fruit/works do not in any way save you or make you better or more worthy. Fact is we are NOT worthy. In James 2:19 there is a verse that says “You believe that God is One. You do well: the demons believe also and shudder”. Why do they shudder? Because their works show to whom they serve. They know judgement is coming for them. Unless Hitler fully repented like the thief on the cross next to Jesus, his fate is clear in scripture.
    “Do not be deceived. God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows he shall reap”. Gal 6:7

  2. My sharing is…none of us can proove there is God, other religions alike. Believing/Disbelieving and living with God is not the same. I’m a christian and have only my own experience to share but not hard or visual evidence. God has help me through difficult times and answered my prayers is all i can say. But sceptics can always rebut this by the term “coincidence”. Duh.

    I also feel that the Bible, like other holy books Quran, Dharma,etc. did not mention everything there is or was e.g. UFO’s, strange beings,mermaids or even werewolf!
    -My logic tells me i myself will not be able to mention everything about myself if i were to write a book. The point here is there are some ppl who simply disbelieve or rebutt God simply because there was something found to exist e.g.UFO or strange beasts that was not stated in the bible or “God existed since beginningless times and so what’s the purpose of creating life..with a speck of dust..Adam&Eve..etc”
    -Also, who would we call for help if we were stranded in the middle of the ocean, no radio nor food & water??

    • hi Lawrence I praise God for your having stood and carried on believing through difficult times. It never to our glory when we continue to stand having received Jesus as our Lord and Savior because many are the storms of life that can derail us from the walk of faith. I am however concerned by your statement that calls other books besides the bible as holy. The bible can never be placed on the same podium of importance, character, glory infallibility as the Word of God. in 1 Samuel 5:1-12, the Philistines placed the ark of the Lord next Dagon and the result was disastrous for that nation. So to ensure that your faith gets stronger and is sure footed and not be misled by world views, research topics under “christian apologetics” to help you to be clear in your mind about the fundamentals of christian faith against prevailing world views, liberalism dangers and muslim dangers

      • Hi Lawrence,

        I concur strongly with Concerned Christian that it is necessary for you to KNOW the absolute primacy of God’s word in contrast to other books that PURPORT to be holy. It is true that the Bible does not mention everything there is out there, and it was not intended to. The aim of the Bible is to reveal Christ and communicate God’s message to us. In it we can find words for righteous living, comfort, motivation, and so on. But the main message is Christ.
        Finally, here is a small way to test whether a book is true, for only then can you assume it comes from a higher being, namely God.
        The Bible is an extraterrestrial message given by a Being outside of time and He authenticates this message by declaring things before they happen. (Isaiah 46:10 Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things which have not been done…) Prophecy, then, becomes one way of authenticating and validating a message from a higher power. Revelation says “the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy…” and Our Lord Himself says “search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life, but they are they that testify of me..” This is one of the tests, the ultimate one will be to find the prophecies about our God and Saviour. Then research and see that He lived and fulfilled these. Once you have the proof then He authenticates the entire Bible. Lastly, look for smaller (in magnitude) prophecies scattered around the Bible, the most conspicuous being those by Daniel where he is given a detailed explanation of the shenanigans of the Greek empire post Alexander the Great. Other tests exist, such as consistency of message, truth of concepts, and so on, but I believe that this one is the most critical and strongest.
        Know that we should be ready “in season and out of season to give a defense of the faith…”
        May the Father of Our Lord and Saviour, the Great God and Coming King Bless You.

    • just as you have said…. remember most people in the bible especially paul, he would always cut words short saying “if i say all, it will be plenty” just as it is written,a word is enough for the wise

    • Lawrence I thank God for answering you in your times of need. In addition to the advice given by one concerned Christian, I want to tell you to first and foremost have a personal knowledge of Christ. You can know Him personally off the pages of the book. He is a living being that has called us for fellowship. There is no other God beside Jesus and there is no other Holy book beside the Bible.

    • To that I would have to say: we, as people of god are only required to present (Testify) the truth, after which it is then the power of Christ Jesus that breaks the yoke of bondages that hold many captive. For those that are full of debates and Skepticism, they were never interested in discovering the truth anyway and they are not your responsibility. What may be known of God is manifest in them for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse (Romans 1:19,20).

  3. I love the 2nd one: “We Are Saved by Grace Through Faith – Not by Works.” The eternal ‘get out of jail’ card. As long as Hitler believed, all is forgiven in God’s eye, according to this version of Christianity. He’s in Heaven enjoying God’s eternal grace simply because he believed.
    We are all free to be as rotten as want to each other, to kill each other, hurt each other…to be just like Hitler, but as long as we believe, God says “eh” and you receive “eternal salvation.” You can ignore all the commandments, all the teachings of Jesus Christ, but none of that matters, as long as you believe.
    If you are the kindest, caring, most generous person possible, but don’t happen to believe, then too bad, you’re outta luck. God doesn’t want you around because you didn’t believe in Him.

  4. If God has no beginning or end, what was the purpose of “creating” the universe?
    And why was it important to put life, on a speck of dust, in said universe?

    • Have you asked yourself what energy sustains you when you sleep and what energy propels you when you wake. Have you asked yourself why things have a definite pattern. Patterns like life-growth-death; good and evil; day and night; seasons. Who designed these patterns? It is obvious that whoever designed these patterns designed the world. If you live in a world designed by someone else, how do you date the existence of the person. Archaeologists will often refer to ‘billions of years ago’. These patterns are beyond human dating.It implies that whoever designed these patterns cannot be dated. You cannot know His beginning neither can you know His ending. He is a God of no dating.

  5. You mean to say that God wants catholic denomination to be unified under his one true body of christ faith? We all know that this church practices paganism. I wonder why you did not include it under your false religion section. Im even more surprised that you included it as one real christian faith in this article.

  6. Please people, do not be fooled by the Catholics. THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIANS!!! Their practices contradicts Scripture BIG TIME!!! I invite you to actually read The Word of God and look at the practices of The Roman Catholics. It can never be of the One True God. Rosary, Seven Sacraments, Venerating (praying) to saints, The Image of the Divine Mercy, all these can NEVER be found in the Bible. Show me were these things can be found in The Bible!!!! They aren’t!! The Pope actually said that he is God on earth!!!! Really??!? A mere man!? I challene anyone to prove me wrong!

  7. I have grown up believing in God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. it is only in this body i belive in and nothing can change the teachings in me.

    All i would say; i would rather live my life as if there is a God and die to find out there isnt than live my life as if there isnt and die to find out there is.

    am really blessed by the sharing.

  8. I have been richly blessed by this has helped me understand more about my God.I will definitely read again and again. Thank you.

  9. First of all the Church organized by Jesus Christ was a human organization that would be guided throughout all the ages until His second coming, through the Holy Spirit. These 11, who elected a 12th member after Judas committed suicide, were instructed to go into seclusion and pray and listen until Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came upon them like tongues of fire. This was the initiation of the Church to proclaim Christ throughout the world. Obviously, the New Testament scriptures would be writen over the next several decades. In fact,the New Testament scriptures that are considered accepted by all current Christians were codefied in at the Council of Carthage 397AD. So until the New Testament was the holy books accepted as inspired there were a lot of other writings that were not accepted as inspired. Regardless, though even before the written word was accepted, there was oral tradition. John21:25 tells of the wonderous deeds of Christ there are not enough books that could describe his essence. 2Thess2:15 sends early Christians to live their lives as Christians whether they were told by word or epistle. So yes, the Bible is the Word of God, truly inspired truely an authoratative resource, however it has to be understood there was a body of believers before the Bible was accepted that was unified in building doctrine, accepted worship. What happened during those early years? Jesus said His Church would prevail to the end of the ages and the gates of hell wouldn’t prevail against it. During those early years there were a lot of movements which the Church unified labeled as heretics, because they didn’t meet certain tenents of belief. In 325AD at the Council of Nicea. The Nicene Creed…I suggest you read it, because it sums up true Christian. The final lines state belief in “One, Holy, Universal, Apostolic Church” Now considering the language of the day was Latin and Greek the word Universal was called “katholikos” Did you know that this Church isn’t a denomination as the author describes, because it is the whole and not part of. Denominations began in 1521 AD and have ceased in unity ever sense. Jesus Christ started an earthly Church through a human organization which is guided by the Holy Spirit. So, not to rain on anybody’s parade, the basic tenents of faith go back many, many centuries. An issue our ancestors had too in recognizing what are the tenents of belief. Unfortuately, Martin Luther who was probably right in correcting the human failures of the Holy Institution he belong to, actually created a rebellious heretical movements that have subdivided thousands of times in watered down truths. Don’t be part of a denomation, be part of the Church, the Universal Church, Universal “katholikos” English pronounciation is Catholic. I welcome you to search for Truth…it’s never ending!

    • @Dan
      As a former Catholic, I understand very well the history of Catholicism. There is nearly 300 years of “oral tradition” between the death of Christ and the Nicene Creed. Are we expected to believe that the doctrine of Christ was kept pure during these 3 centuries??? No way!

      Study the history of the creation of these creeds. There was great dissension among the bishops that were invited (and many were not invited or excluded). So the final vote did not represent the majority view, only the majority of those allowed to vote. There is even evidence of locking up people they considered “heretics” so that they could not vote on the Creed. This is NOT how Christ ran his Church. The formation of the Creeds was a fine example of religious bullying, which is indefensible.

      When Jesus asked his disciples who they thought He was, they responded in different ways. But when Peter declared Him to be the Messiah, Jesus answered and said, ““Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven.” In other words, this knowledge came to Peter only by revelation from the Father. Jesus continues, “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church…” What is the rock? This is a play on words. Peter is one of the rocks. As the leading Apostle it was his duty to take over leadership of Christ’s Church. But the second rock is implied when the verse is read in context: it is the rock of revelation from the Father. Peter must lead the newly formed church by revelation from God. Any other way would be unacceptable. It is only under this condition that the promise that follows it can be fulfilled: “…and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” If the church ever loses the spirit of revelation then this promise is no longer valid. And that is exactly what happened after the death of the apostles. Even during the lifetime of St. Paul he bemoans that “all in Asia have turned against me.”

      It is clear, from historical documents, that Christianity fell into the Dark Ages after the first century and it was the Reformation that once again brought light to Christianity.

  10. You talk of faith and belief as a virtue.
    What is the difference of these tenets and any other professed beliefs?
    You have presented lots of self-serving evidence through the bible but no
    proof to convince a skeptic. Only through grace huh?

  11. I do not understand the contradictions, If God is all three, The Trinity, Then how did god send his only begotten son. If they are the same person did he just send himself. That takes away from the statement that “God so loved man that he sent his only begotten son to be tortured and killed my man so that through his sacrifice man could be absolved of his sin,.

    • There is one God. Who, for the relationship He has with the human creation functions in three persons. Elshaddi and Jehovah are the names He revealed Himself to Abraham and Moses and the rest of the Jews till it was time for Jesus…the Son(the second person) to fulfill what was prophesied at the garden after the fall….the seed of the woman… Jesus revealed to the Jews that Jehovah is His Father… He, Jesus was called the child of the Holy Ghost. For the purpose of the substitutionary sacrifice, Jesus was manifested on the earth. When it was time for Him to fulfill that purpose, He began to introduce the person of the Holy Spirit to His disciples. The Holy Spirit is God unlimited in the spirit of anyone who will believe in Jesus as the Son of God. Then receive Him as God’s ability to be a witness of Jesu’s resurrection.

      • @Flourish – I’m with Gerald. That’s quite a bit of mental gymnastics. This is one of my struggles with the Trinity. As a Christian I’m comfortable believing in one God: the Father, who sent His Son to die for us. It seems to be more Biblical than the mental contortions required by the Creeds. Jesus makes it clear to me in the Bible that there is a hierarchy and that He is subservient to the Father. It’s kind of schizophrenic to me to think that He’s subservient to Himself. The Creeds are outdated and need to be revisited; after all, they are the labor of man’s thinking 4 centuries after Christ. The assumption that they are inspired is too big of a leap for me to take. I’ll stick with the Bible.

  12. Although I am certain the author of the above does not need either my nor anyone else’s “affirmation”, I feel it important to say – “Awesome job! I was pleased to see a nice concise list of several (rudimentary) tenets the Christian faith; but was almost elated to see that each of the 12 tenets were further supported and cited. Kudos Da Bauz (a.k.a. Warren)

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