The Extreme Dangers of the Ouija Board

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Without question, one of the most dangerous and deadly devices used by people in the occult has to be the ouija board. We all know what this device is, as we have grown up with it being sold in all of the major department stores across our country.

We all thought it was just a harmless parlor game and that it was all just our minds and imaginations that was actually moving the planchette across the board.

And in most of these cases, that is exactly what was happening to most people. However, 50 people may dabble with this device and nothing will ever happen.

However, then the 51st person comes along, and he will then be the one to punch a hole right through his protective hedge and real live demons will then come in and literally start to viciously attack him.

For those of you who want to see just how dangerous and deadly this occult device really is, I would highly recommend that you read this book: “The Ouija Board – A Doorway to the Occult” by Edmond C. Gruss.

In this book are real, live, documented cases of people who literally drew in evil demonic spirits in their lives as a result of engaging with the ouija board – and in many of these cases, these demons actually entered into the person’s body.

This device is so deadly and dangerous, that even many mediums will not try and dabble with it. Mediums are those people who will try and contact the dead for the people who want to make contact with them. They conduct what are called basic seances.

The Bible tells us that we are not allowed to communicate with the dead and that if we try and do it, God will set His face against us.

This kind of occult activity is a complete and utter abomination before the Lord and none of His children are to try and dabble in it in any way, shape, or form. Please refer to our article “Dangers of the Occult” in the Spiritual Warfare section for the specific verses on this topic.

These mediums are not making contact with the real dead like they think are doing, as the dead have already gone on to their final eternal destinies – which is either heaven for the saved or hell for the unsaved.

What they are making contact with are real, live, demonic spirits who are posing and masquerading as dear, departed, loved ones. The Bible tells us that Satan and his demons can come to us and appear as angels of light.

In this dark side realm, the mediums are just being used and played like fiddles by Satan and his demons. However, even in this dark side realm where these mediums are living and operating in, they too have found out that the ouija board is one extremely dangerous device they do not want to mess around with.

Why? Because they have found out the hard way that this particular device is a portal that leads straight into the dark side where Satan and his demons roam. They have found out that this device will literally, and I mean literally, open up a door and invite in some of the nastiest, foulest, and meanest demons that are in Satan’s kingdom.

Once this kind of direct contact has been made with these demons, they will literally come right into the room where this device is being played at. And in some of these cases, these demons will literally come in and enter into the person’s body who has been playing with this device.

To all of you who are either still dabbling with this demonic device, or if by chance you are thinking about doing it anytime in the near future, we ask that you carefully read the following testimony that we have listed below. This is one of the most bone-chilling testimonies we have ever received since we have opened up this site.

Long story short, a 22 year old man was playing with a ouija board with his girlfriend one night. He was not saved and born again when he was experimenting with it.

One night as they were playing with it, a ghost all of a sudden appeared to him and started to talk with him. He then left his girlfriend’s house, but the ghost followed him all the way back to his home. When he got back home, the ghost would not quit talking to him. He said he got mad and tried to tell it to leave, but it would not obey him.

He then called up one of his friends who was a Christian and she told him that it was probably a demonic spirit and that he should command it to go to the light of Jesus Christ. When she pronounces out this specific command to the demon, this particular demon leaves.

But then all of a sudden a bigger and more evil, demonic spirit now starts talking to him, but this time this spirit is now speaking to him from the inside of his body. In other words, this demonic spirit has now entered into his body and has now taken up full residence in there. From this point on, this man now has a real live demon literally living on the inside of him.

All of this happened 4 years ago. He is now 26 years old. He just recently contacted our site telling us his story. He told us that he had tried to get deliverance from some other Christians, but they all kept telling him that he would just have to learn how to live with this evil spirit living on the inside of him.

Once he found our site, he saw that we actually believed in getting people delivered and set free from demonic spirits. He then wrote us several personal emails telling us exactly what happened to him.

After reading the information in our Spiritual Warfare section, he said he was not really comfortable in trying to do a self-deliverance on his own. After all of this happened, he did get saved and born again. We told him to keep looking until he found someone in his area who could do this deliverance for him.

What he will have to do is fully confess this sin out to the Lord, and then fully renounce this sin to the Lord – telling God that he will never play or dabble with this device – ever again! Once this type of sin has been fully confessed and fully renounced before the Lord, the demon will no longer have any more legal rights to continue to stay on the inside of him and he should then be able to cast it out of him with the right type of battle commands.

This young man has now given us permission to release his story to all of you so that you can see how dangerous this demonic device really is – and so you can also use his testimony to warn others who are either still dabbling with it, or who are thinking about doing it for the first time.

If any of you know someone who is either treading into these extremely dangerous grounds right now, or if they are thinking about trying to do it at least one time for the actual thrill of it, we ask that you give them a copy of this article – especially the actual testimony I will give you below. At least they will have been properly warned by you if something similar should happen to them.

Now here is this young man’s bone-chilling testimony of what exactly had occurred to him as he and his girlfriend were dabbling with this demonic device one night.

The Testimony

Here is this man’s word-for-word testimony taken from some of the different emails that we had received from him.

1.  I have been praying to God for guidance to someone that can and will deliver me from this evil spirit. A few religious people that I have talked to have said I should just live with it. That is REALLY irritating to hear. Would you not treat cancer if you knew you had it? Of course not! I want this evil creature sent back from where it came from!

2.  My story is pretty long, but here’s a short version. When I first used the ouija board with a friend, a ghost talked to us. We talked to it for 7 hours. Eventually she feel asleep and I wanted to be quiet, so I started asking the ghost the questions silently in my head.

To my amazement, it responded without me having to say it out loud, and without my friend’s hand on the planchette! When it was time to go, I told the ghost that it wasn’t allowed to follow me home. But it did. That night I had the most disturbed sleep I had ever had. But I was pretty fascinated by what this thing was. Ghosts and spirits were real, I had figured out!

The ghost wouldn’t leave me alone. It was always pestering me, wanting me to ask it more questions. Lights would always flicker around me, I was seeing floating balls of different colors, and hearing LOUD noises no one else was. The ghost would move my body without my consent, and my head was always filled with this new babbling – it was insistent that I ask it more questions. And that’s when I said enough is enough, this CANNOT be good. A GOOD spirit would never do something like this, I knew.

So a friend, over the phone, told this ghost to go to the light of Jesus Christ, and it did leave. However, it seems that this ghost was just a lackey for the real evil spirit behind it. After the ghost left, the lights never flickered around me anymore, or any of the other incidences. However, something was still moving my body.

One night this spirit started speaking through me. In a deep growling voice, it said it’s name (a name I had never heard and could not make up – yet it kept calling itself this foreign name), and said it was “the god of war.” It said it wanted me. It also said it wanted me to kill people and myself.

Completely horrified, I turned to, and started to really understand the power of Jesus Christ. This evil spirit tried getting me to worship Satan (honestly I had never really believed in Satan nor Christ before all this). It said I could have so many things, all I had to do was say I belonged to Satan. I started calling to Jesus for help, and I could feel the evil spirit going crazy.

I have tried exorcising it on my own, but it is way too much. It is the most draining thing I’ve ever done. My body thrashes around, I cough a lot, the base of my neck tightens up and hurts very badly, amongst other things.

I do not let the spirit speak through me anymore. At one point, I was asking it questions, trying to figure out how to get rid of it. How foolish could I be to believe anything the Father of Lies would have to say anyway? The last time it said I should kill someone I loved, I told it that it would NEVER speak through me again, unless it was being exorcised.

So now I am aware of this creature attached to me. I know it is pure evil, and I am on a quest to get it GONE. I reject Satan, I reject this evil spirit named ___________, and I embrace Jesus Christ. But I have always “known” that I needed an exorcism/deliverance, because it is simply too much for me to cast out alone. And it has told me before that it is never going to leave me. So it definitely needs to be booted out.

Everyday I am harassed as this demon makes different areas of my body spasm, almost non-stop. My right eye was twitching non-stop for about 2 months this year. People could suggest it is a physical problem. But I never had spasms before this. And the twitching, if I “let it go,” turns into the demon trying to speak through me and fully possess me.

Does this make any sense? I know my body, and I know what I am experiencing. But maybe you have some insight into what I could do?

3.  I did accept Jesus Christ into my life and body a few months after using the ouija board. I pray every night to Him and seek His guidance in my life. Please pray for me if you don’t mind, I can use all the help I can get.

4.  It has never physically attacked anyone but me. It seems to be attached solely to me, though one day it started naming off names of other people that it possessed/bothered. The names were real, coming from a source definitely outside of myself. It was really an eerie thing, and I made it stop naming them off.

Well it’s hard to explain. Like I said, I contacted a ghost spirit on the ouija board that I believe had this demon as it’s superior. I was able to get rid of the ghost. The first time I was made aware of this demon, I was aware that the ghost spirit was gone, but I knew that something bad was still messing around with me.

I was trying to figure out what it was, and out of nowhere the demon took over my vocal cords and said “I am (it’s name), god of war. I want you! I want you!” I have never seen it with my physical eye, though I have tried to. When I let it speak through me, it also takes control of my body (moves my legs, arms, whatever it wants).

So I do NOT let it speak through me. In the meantime, I have constant body twitches. That doesn’t sound like much, but have you ever had your right eye twitch non-stop for 3 months?? It’s draining. And if I don’t keep pushing it away, it will try to speak through me, etc. I never had twitches before I used the board.

For a bit, I was trying to understand what the demon was and how to get it rid of it by asking it questions. I now know better than to engage one of satan’s low-lifes in conversation. But the demon told me it wanted me to kill people, including one in my family that I love very much. I am not a killer in any way, so this disgusted me so much that I almost threw up.

I told the demon that it would never speak through me again unless I was being delivered from it! I realize this sounds like a big joke. Re-reading it, I would think I was nuts if I didn’t actually go through this all personally. I swear to God, I am not, nor have I ever, made up anything about my experiences with all this.

Back to your question, at any time if I gave control to this creature, it could speak through me, move my body, whatever. But I don’t and will not ever do that again! I am in control and this is my God-given body, not any demons!! So if I did that, I wouldn’t sense it’s presence in the room, it would just be around me.

It’s like it’s always attached on a spiritual level. Does that make sense? I do think that if I were to have a real exorcism done, it would manifest in ways that people would feel, hear and possibly see.

5.  I am 26. I was 22 when I used the ouija board, and this all occurred. I was raised Jehovah’s Witness, and in my disbelief of their teachings, I sort of decided that they were wrong about everything spiritually and otherwise. JWs teach that to use ouija boards is to summon demons, a very bad thing to do. I did not believe that, and I learned the hard way. Still, I do not believe I have to suffer for the rest of my life for it. I have learned from my mistake, and the time for deliverance is overdue.

It is just so hard to find someone to help me. Our society thinks possession is a big Hollywood joke, and that all demons really are, are psychological problems. I say maybe the demons are CAUSING those issues. Satan is laughing, we are so ignorant. The sad thing is that you really have to experience it in some form, to understand it.

Knowledge has a price. I am rambling now, sorry.


Let this man’s powerful testimony be a solemn and grave warning to any of you who are either still dabbling with this device right now, or are thinking about doing it for the first time just out of curiosity. Even just one time with this demonic device could break your protective hedge with the Lord and allow a demon to come after you like it did with this young man.

This man’s testimony is a perfect example of why God the Father was so strict with His warnings to the Jewish people back in the Old Testament in that they were to have absolutely nothing to do with any kind of occult activity.

There are certain spiritual laws that are in operation on our earth, and one of those laws is that we not go seeking, in any way, shape, or form, with any kinds of “spirits.”

If we do, we could easily cause a door to open up and then give an appropriate legal right to allow a real, live, demonic spirit to come directly after us. But it will not be a good spirit like this man originally thought. It will be an evil, demonic spirit who will then try to completely destroy your life and anyone else they can get you to directly harm on their behalf.

Parents especially should keep a close eye and watch on all of their children as they are growing up in the Lord – and make sure they do not ever try and experiment with this type of demonic device or any of the other occult devices that are out there.

We will keep in touch with this young man to make sure that he finds the right deliverance minister in his area to get him fully delivered. We have no doubt that Jesus will deliver and set this captive free once he finds the right deliverance minister in his area to work with him.


Right after releasing the above story, we received an email from a woman up in PA. She has given us permission to release her email to the rest of our readers as it once more confirms the extreme dangers of dabbling with any kind of occult activity.

She said it involved a woman who called a psychic hotline one day. This woman also drew a demon after her as a result of calling into this psychic hotline. She then had to call the pastor of her church over to cast the demon out of her house.

Again, let this kind of a testimony be a major warning on the extreme dangers of the occult, even dabbling with psychic hotlines. Here is her direct email to us. We will leave her name off this email in order to protect her identity.

“Message: I have a story very similar to the ouija board story. It involves a woman that called a psychic hotline to hear her future. After she made that call she was tormented by an evil presence appearing like a gray, foul-smelling mist that followed her everywhere.

After failures in her life, losing friends and her family becoming distant, she called our pastor to pray over her. When the pastor entered her home, she knew an evil presence was there. She commanded it to leave and anointed the home with holy oil and the presence left the woman’s home and she now lives in peace.

Our pastor has told the congregation many times not to mess with any kind of objects pertaining to witchcraft, the occult, soothsayers, etc. because they’re all portals to hell and if you open them, you’re headed for destruction.

Even as innocent as the Harry Potter books are, that’s still against the Word of God, and look how many children read them and watch the movies. Satan has a very short time to wreak his havoc and he is doing it in all kinds of ways, both gentle and violent. Now more than ever is the time to seek God with all of our hearts and feed our spirits with his word. Thank you for your time.”


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  1. These are very dangerous things. While I have never used an ouija board or anything like that. I have experienced the occult in other ways such as spells and incantations.

    It was a dark time in my life around 3-4 years ago now. I was depressed. Church seemed empty to me.

    I did things I’m not proud of. Things that still haunt me to this day.

    I remember one night, into a few months of my occult experience. I had a horrid dream of hell, fire, and demons. I awoke around 2 or 3 AM covered in sweat and had trouble breathing like something was strangling me. I didn’t see anything or hear anything but I knew it was not safe.

    It was horrible. The worst state of fear I’ve ever been in to this day.

    I remember clawing my way across the bed and grabbing a Bible on my bedside table. I held it in a death grip and started frantically reading and praying.

    I lost track of time after that, but my best estimate is I was like that for the next hour or so. The presence left, and I rededicated myself to Christ.

    I do my best to avoid anything of the occult today, and if given the opportunity, I’ll destroy any articles of it that I find.

    I still struggle with personal sins, and I have been in spiritual warfare on other occasions. None, however, were as bad as that night.

    It still happens sometimes. An almost overwhelming sense of dread. But I know Christ, The Holy Spirit, and angels are with me. I pray, and it leaves. Just like that.

    Have faith. And above all, pray.

  2. I have a problem, so a friend of mine is experiencing some paranormal things that started shortly after she had hung out with her friend. She does not dabble in anything used to speak to the other side, but a week or so before she saw her freind, her friend had messed with the board. Her friend told her nothing happened. Now every night my friend is experiencing things that are beginning to scare her. I tried to help (I battled my own things.. I experienced stuff at a very young age of three until I overcame it at the age of eleven) but the things are getting worse and worse, tonight she felt a cold chill only on the right side of her body, she felt as if something had stabbed her arm and as if something was grabbing her ancles and wrists. To make matters worse she had a horrible dream of someone that was possessed killing the ones she’s loved while making her watch. Could something have followed her friend until the spirit (or whatever it is) found someone vunerable? I’ve been trying to help her but I’m beginning to think this is past what I can do. Thank you

  3. i do believe that the Oueja is a bad omen. But I DO NOT BELIEVE that tv has anything to do with evil spirits. My personal opinion about TV depends on the viewers frame of mind. However I agree that young childrens viewing should be monitered. I also know that evil is all around us and that closer we get to GOD the harder the devil works to keep us from getting close to God. because he dose not like to win so in closing HANG ON TO YOUR FAITH GOD. Even if you feel like you giving up. DON’T. BECAUSE DOSE’NT BREAK HIS PROMISES. I hope this make since GOD BLESS US ALL

  4. I as a child saw my nan doing a quija board, I was only 7 , so me an two friends made one and being young we were being silly , asking silly questions, didn’t do any rules, I believe in god , as growing up I had few instanctes one where waking up my whole body was in the air I was holding on for dear life to bed posts , I was about 7 maybe 8 , through my life this happened on many accusations in my teens , then twenties, I’ve moved house 5 times, each house is the same , the last house things used to get thrown around in one room in the house, I moved to this house 16 months ago , I couldn’t believe it , it never showed it self to my children, it knocked on my 16 year old son door 2 in morning, next night it rolled a ball across the landing about the same time, 3 rd night , it trashed the bathroom, my 16 year old had to stay at my mums , I called a priest , he came blessed the house put holly water over me an my two sons , but that’s the first time it’s ever shown itself in front of my children, I don’t think it’s got any thing to do with the quija board , but after I read this site , There’s more that’s happened to me over the years , it’s confused me . Every house has been the same , an reading this article, but it’s in constant, please don’t give my email out many thanks

  5. Help me please. I found a Ouija board in my home. My son’s girlfriend brought it. I immediately put it outside and she has since taken it home. However my relationship with our Father and Jesus was strained before I found the board. It was very strong beforehand. Is there any possibility that a demon came into my home? If so what can I do. I Pray. Thank you, Toni-Marie

  6. I just want to know…….I had played Ouija with my friends…but nothing happened..but next 3days my sister got some evil appreance and something like that….but wat my Question is ,I played with my friends only,not even my sister participated in the game…she was in home town…

    It ‘ll affect her?!

    • Pray to Yeshua(Jesus the son of god) nothing else will help,
      and never touch the board again, when i was 16 i played the board with my brother and friends, the room became ice cold and it said it wanted to kill me. I threw the board out of the window, you could feel the evil in the air (the devil & demons).
      Don’t play this, destroy the board.
      You & your sister start accepting Jesus as your saviour, and pray earnestly from your heart, cause you’re a sinner like everyone else in this world. May Yahweh (God) bless you and your family. You will otherwise never get rid of these beings.

  7. When I was in my late teens, I was a “young” born-again believer. I was not familiar with Ouija boards. One day my roommate, also a believer, and I tried the board. When we touched the planchette, it very rapidly spelled out f— over and over. Neither of us would ever have used that word. We quickly stopped and gave the horrible thing back to its owner. This happened over forty years ago, and I still remember it clearly. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for protecting us from the evil spirits!

  8. Before I became a Christian, I had a bad experience as a result of “playing” with a ouiji board. I was living in an old farmhouse at the time with 6 other people. Three of us decided to play with the ouiji board one night. To our surprise, we did not even have to touch the planchette; it moved all by itself. My roommates played with it every night and recorded everything it told us & commanded us to do. We had a lot of poltergeist phenomena in our house. There were dead chickens in the yard, which the demon told us to bury. It knew the exact number. One man went “insane” & ended up in prison. I had no particular belief system at the time; I was an agnostic. Afterwards I definitely believed in demons. A few years later I became a born again believer in Jesus Christ. When I married & had children, I did not allow anything occultic in our home. I wouldn’t even let our kids watch the Scooby Doo cartoon show. Demons are very real & ouiji boards are extremely dangerous!

  9. I have always been against the Quija board being so accessible in stores, marketed as a toy. I went to a Christian Church as a kid and have questioned alot of what went on there. Having a belief so strong in God makes you vulnerable, a challenge to evil. I tested that once, I went to a friend’s house who had something evil around her as a child. She was amazed to find the same activity started right up again within an hour of me arriving. I’ve had alot happen in daylight, fear rising when it shouldn’t. I’ve never used a Quija board, I even fear prayer. Something will always answer even if your intention is to speak to good. The only time I have felt 100% peace is inside a Catholic Church. The worst of my experiences happened when I lived in my apartment and I couldn’t show any fear or else I could sense heavily whatever was around me. I’d constantly have horrible thoughts, feel an unearthly cold, have terrible anxiety, have horrible nightmares, and feel like I was rising from my body. I talk in my sleep, and say mean things or yell. I thought surely with being so loud that I’d wake myself but my husband would say I had my eyes open and be sitting up but have no conscious idea of what I was doing. I’d fall silent and sometimes he’d have to check if I were breathing. He became a light sleeper to make sure I wouldn’t leave the room sleep walking. I had my eye twitch for months. Whatever it was definitely fed off of fear and negativity. It’s all it needs. It never had an invitation, and to think of all the people giving them one is horrifying. I’ve had my body go still and heard my own voice in my mind. I’ve never thought it could be possible. I’ve been asleep and heard someone else’s voice in my head while feeling chills over my body. Even breathing exercises to relieve stress puts me in a state of mind that allows activity. I won’t even say what they are, I won’t even think them because that’s enough of a path. Light and positivity is not easy to have around when life treats you terribly, but it’s the only things that help. This may not seem like much and I didn’t say the other strange things that happened around me, but it is all true. And I hope it’s a solid enough of a warning.

  10. I had a few confrontations myself with a spirit although I was not dabbling with evil spirit stuff like the ouiji. I was praying at church and it was late at night. As I was praying I turned to a row of pews next to me and saw with details a demon crouching in the pews staring at me. I was dumb for doing this but I swatted at it with the back of my hand and it went away. That was not all, I felt this extreme chill wreaking through my body and then went away just as it came. I wasn’t surprised that while I slept that same night, I had whats called sleep paralysis come on me strongly but having faced this a couple times before I rebuked it in my mind since I couldnt move or speak and was freed from that.

  11. I was in a room where someone was using an ouija board but I didn’t participate. Am I in danger along with the person using it? (Depending on whether or not it worked.)

    • Hey Phoenix, God bless you.
      When a person plays with that board leave the room because the atmosphere at that moment is horrible. Demons, spirits will come whenever a person opens the door for them and in this case it’s the ouija board that is the door. Please plead the blood of Jesus over you when people play with things that are dangerous like this and don’t stay there and watch with that person even if the board didn’t work, the demons and spirits are already there, they’ll show their shelves whenever they want to (on the board or other games like that). Please get deliverance from those spirits, i’ll pray for you.
      Don’t worry, the Lord can help you in everything, he is greater than those evil spirits. (P.S. don’t bring the board to your house or let someone play it in your house, if you did do it please tell your Pastor)

  12. I have also had demon experiences with the oujia board I first played it when I was 9 of course too young to know anything about the dangers of it! But so many crazy things started happening after we had purchased one ! We didn’t know the real powers of the oujia board until years after we also bought 2 more oujia boards after still not knowing the dangers! We thought it was a harmless game . but creepy things started happening lights going on on off or flickering radios turning on by then selves a gum ball machine exploded out if nowhere my mom thought somebody had broke in and another experience a glass bottle mysteriously shooting into the ceiling (there is still a whole from the bottle! We decided to put recorders to see what we could catch we heard so many things voices a telephone we never heard a cmscary voice saying hello little kids laughing and running around when everyone was sleeping we now realize it was a demon mimicking little children to make us not scared my mom only played because the demons lied and acted like they were my moms brother who had passed just to get us close to then so they could attack each and every one of us in a different way! My mom got 3 scratches and they appeared out of nowhere right in front of my dad’s eyes they even have pictures !! And one day I woke up with two thumbprint bruises on both of my arms in the exact same place so weird !!!!!! And another occasion I heard some one scratching on the wall I didn’t know what it was but I scratched the wall and it was the exact same noise we have had very many experiences once I was texting I heard a hanger move in my close and i turned to look it looked like some touched my clothes not every shirt was moving just half of them freaked me out I have way more storied but I think I have shared enough DMONS ARE REAP I KNIW FIRST HAND I HAVE SEEN IT AND HEARD IT WITH MY OWN EYES. why would I want to waste so much time sharing my story !!!!! Demons are real and they are among us!! Invisible but very influenceing to your mind and body!! Every since my brother messed with the oujia board he has never been the same I know he has a demon he is a phsyco I love my brother but he is definitely not him self anymore we all regrt messing with that thing it is not good don’t ever get one you will regret it every time you useit your supposed to say goodbye if not it is a pathway for any demon to come in and out of BEWARE OF OUJIA BOARDS

  13. For the person who gave their testimony i can get you help and we can throw this EVIL thing out it will eventually gain full power in your life if you do not handle this mess email me back i am a baptist you may not agree with that but i know a local Pentecostal church that attends to these cases and would help email me if i will pray for you God bless you and he is all powerful,the demon knows that i used to mess around with this kind of stuff but ive been saved and learned better.

  14. my husband has told me that he and his friends used to ‘play’ with an ouija board as kids. i found several witchcraft books packed away in boxes a few months ago, which i immediately threw away. he receives emails from psychics, reads astrology, and has a collection of ‘haunted’ movies. in our 4 year marriage, we have struggled … which is a mild term to describe the turmoil. he says he knows God, but at times he makes statements like, ‘Jesus dies for nothing.’ i am sold out to Jesus, pursue a spirit-filled life and to be led by the Spirit in word, deed and vision. the attacks on my faith from my husband seem to blindside me … they are tucked in between short seasons of tender and peaceful togetherness.

    i am in search for answers. i believe God is trying to teach me how to discern spirits, at least to help my husband, but perhaps for a bigger reason. spirit of rebellion, spirit of mockery, jezebel spirit … these are all spirits that i can see parts of in my husband. any guidance would be appreciated.

  15. Before I read any of this I was watching clips on YouTube from paranormal activity and on the first clip the couple that lived in the house was arguing cuz the guy “borrowed” a ouija board from a friend and so while they were arguing I don’t remember for what reason they both went outside but after they didbthe triangle thing started started moving..and after like the tenth move it lit the board on then I went to Google looking for answers on what it means when a ghost lights a ouija board on that moment I sensed the spirit that is usually roaming in my home behind me at the door of my room staring at me but he usually harmless so I continued my research..then I found this site and while reading the testimony on the man I felt that the was getting closer to me.. And while I was reading the comments my stomach just started hurting and the pain was full blast.. I’m getting the feeling that he attacked me..y? Idk. Can someone clarify this?

  16. If you are saved already evil spirits cant posses you only opress you. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is already living within you as the Lord GTod Himself. Sometimes when christians are opressed thing of it as the story of Job. satan kept saying Job would curse God after all he went through but Job continued to Worship and thank God for all that happend. Somethimes the Lord allows us to go through these things as tests to improve the strenght of our Faith. And as fellow Christians it is our job to be in fellowship with one another. If someone is going through something pray for them. Speak with them give them Bible verses anything. All i can say is i have never played the game but i can say i have experienced possesion of one of my friends from my Church. It wasnt scary but afterward it happend all of the youth that were involed which was all of them we were all suprised for a while. It wasnt really fear because we were taking a curiculum of Jesus Culture which was always speaking about that which was amazing a forever life changer. But when the exorcism happend it felt like minutes but it lasted hours. The person had about 5 in her and the yuoth group casted out only 1litteraly in about an hour time. Just one. Then the second thrid fourth and fifth took about 2 hours most mabye 3 dont rember to well. That was either 3 or four year ago. But i know first hand because i have seen it and suffered from opression but i can say that with the power of Jesus there is freedom. I can tell you now that there is some right now that may be reading this right now that feel possesed or opressed but i tell you in the Name of Jesus you are free. No power from hell no darkness can bind you in chains. No peverty in the name of Jesus can hold you are control you. COnfess to the Lord he will never ever let you down.

  17. what are the problems of burning an ouija board??

  18. I had something similiar happen to me when i was around 13 which left my body when i was late 16 im now 20. Reading his story brought back many evil memories nobody believed me till way later my mom told me she saw something but didnt tell me cause she was afraid that i would get worse. I had delivered the demon by myself but i think it was easyer for me cause i was so surrounded by christians and amazing truth and i dont think i have ever been fully possesed i had the twitches and the growling in my throat, flickering lights, animals and childeren would stare at me as if they could see the demon. I get scared that it will come back in my future i pray all the time but i feel like god cant hear me or im left with a curse of silence from god im better and not possesed but i still need god i hope om wrong and that god is just being silent because he loves me and is guiding me in a way cant see

    • Don’t let the devil deceive you, talk with a trusted Christian pastor who can guide you with verses from the KJV (King James Version) of the Bible, you’ll know the Truth.
      He (devil, evil spirt)will leave you alone, Jesus has overcome the devil, and evil sprits.
      You’ll be o.k.

    • God will NEVER leave you no matter what the cause is. Read the bible. Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
      In Hebrew 13: 5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, for God has said: “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.”

      Be strong!

  19. Having actually been attacked by evil spirits, (they love 3:am by the way so if you find yourself staring at your clock radio exactly at 3:AM more often than you wish too I would really start worrying)they will subject your body to some sort of powerful submission spell and completely command your attention…in other words there is no ignoring them, Jesus Christ and his shedding blood on the cross will force these demonic evil spirits to go maniacal and increase there power for a short time…CRAZY is the word until GOD’S love takes over, if you know what I mean than there is no denying the world of spirits….DON’T PLAY WITH THE OUIJA BOARD….unless you love mind boggling frightening reality slapping you in the are warned my friends!

  20. I was playing another board game. A truly evil game about greed and back ally deals. I felt so much pride in myself for taking all my opponents had and leaving them pennyless and poor like those poor souls Jesus saved. I was soon after afflicted by evil spirits that worked on my greed and made me lose all my money at the Casino. I now preach the evil of all board games and witness to anyone I even hear mention Monopoly. We should burn all board games to prevent their evil from allowing our souls to be raped by demon spawn.

    • You must be mistaken. It’s foolish to think all board games are demonic. There is quite a lot that are but you are being biased. God doesn’t want that either. What if it’s a board game made by a Christian for Christians and it’s about glorifying God and Jesus? Is that demonic?

      • is there an game like that? there should be if not. why cant we contact god or Jesus through these or another kind it stands to reason if u can speak with evil u should be able to contact good souls as well . unless its forbidden which makes sense that it would be.

  21. God Bless every one,i’m a youth leader in puerto rico, and i have seen lots of things, especially in youth of 12 to 17 years, curiosity is something the enemy uses to make the person open the door. in the confrontations i had most of the youths participate out of pure curiosity and many ended up being host to something they dont want. Thanks to the mercy of the Lord, he has gave us victorios by the power of His grace, but is us who have to preach his words and we must very carefull with the weapons the enemy has. today trough tv , music, goverment(many things they use), billboards and many more, are instruments of the enemy, we that know who is the Lord and who saved us, Jesuschrist, must prepare because the time is near, and the enemy is pressing because he’s time is short. One things that i tell the yougns is that the enemy will always talk in first person, so you may think is your ownself speaking, thats why like the autor of this article says, and in the Bible, God told israel to never touch anything of paganism(thats why he told them to eliminate the ppl of canaan) today we must never accept anything of paganism in our life(shirts with simbols, collars and many more) there is a saying here that the curiosity killed the cat. But there is a truth more powerful that anything in this wolrd, Jesuschrist our omnipotent God, has the power to cleanse, save, to give liberty to the chained and to restore the life of those who call His name. The Power of His name is enough to give freedom to those in need Amen!!!. and the Holy Spirit is with us to always give us the corauge to the will to say no! and have the victory over the temptation! we are not alone, and we will never be! God bless!!

  22. i havened ever played this game but my mom bought my sister one time for her birthday but she thought it was just a toy so she found out it wassent so she through it out to the trash the very next day

  23. After reading that testimony I think I may be in trouble. I messed around with a ouija board with some friends, just playing around (so I thought at the time) years ago. I was with two other friends who at the time were touching the planchette as I was not. The ‘ghost’ that was moving across the letters was engaged in a conversation with my friends…nothing to do with me…when all the sudden it started making comments towards me. When my friends asked the name, it spelled out the name of my deceased mother. It terrified me and I haven’t messed with any of that stuff since. This occurred when I was 25-26 yrs old and I am now 30. I’ve never heard voices/felt presences, etc. but my life/spirit seems to be constantly suppressed and has become worse ever since. I have always been a strong Christian and in the past few years worked even harder to be so through constant prayer. I feel like a barrier is still up and I am now at a point where I am separated from my family/friends and pretty much totally alone. Deep down I know the issue is spiritual but have no idea who/where to ask for help. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • Go to our article titled, “Battle Prayer to Break Legal Rights of Demons” in the Spiritual Warfare section. Take the steps that are in there, and then command the demons to leave you after you break the legal right of playing with this demonic device.


      • Mike @ admin,

        The young 22 yr old man that experienced this, is telling the full truth! He spoke in the end of his letter, that, “You have to experience it”, and “satan is laughing at us”, are both true! I been experiencing it most all my life, both from not my own fault, to my own fault from stupid dabblings, to just plain falling short of Gods glory. I was 24 and living alone in a small apartment complex after a 6 month long bad ride of drugs and prostitution forced upon me by lifes unexpected battles to leave a bad relationship to trying to support 2 babies and myself. I fell into bad times and wound up there and demonically possesed, my upstairs neighbors thought I was possessed or crazy, and had a local nuthouse doctor come talk to me, not long after she spoke with me, she realized I was not crazy, and then next in my memory, I had a catholic priest trying to exorcise me, not a pretty memory at all, since then, my life has been hellish and a hard road, even simply sleeping to go to work and hold down a simple job was like pulling teeth without novocaine. And as far as my early childhood, I remember hearing and feeling things that a normal little child should NOT feel or hear, I know Im not crazy, because there is a HUGE difference between mental and spiritual voices. I remember being about 4.5-5 yr old walking in my backyard as little chlldren do to entertain themselves, searching or exploring when I suddenly heard something that made me stop dead in my tracks, I heard an arguement between two entities that apparently were adversaries regarding “ME”! okay, so I moved on and tried to brush that off as much as a little girl could do, but it didnt stop there. To make a long story short, That young man is telling the truth, I have many more stories to share but will not do it this way, he is right! ouijas are a bad medicine indeed! No matter who out there thinks they are strong minded, you wont think so when a nasty legion enters your precious vessel and controls you in ways you never imagined! and the feeling during all this mess is sheer terror, hellish. DONT play with these things unless you want to deal with getting rid of unclean spirits for several years or even the rest of your natural born lives!

  24. I believe I can help the man with the ouija board story if he has not already received help. Please email me back so he can be helped… if you could ask him to let me have his contact info (email). thanks

  25. I believe that sin alone is evil spirits. But demonic spirits entering a body is more terrifying than anything in this world! I have heard preaching’s and even seen possessed people. I know for a fact that with all faith and belief claiming the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST is powerful and that guys story about a christian actually telling the poor guy to just live with it is just utterly FOOLISH Jesus wouldn’t let his children be possessed if the guy fully repented and is walking with Christ and has the holy spirit, then such things wouldn’t live in him. He can be delivered, it does not mean that they wouldn’t try to come back but that’s where the armor of a christian comes in. Prayer, the word of God, Fasting, Holy spirit, living a faithful and clean walk with god. Doesn’t mean that one is sinless but still don’t give into sin yes god is a merciful god but he is also a jealous god. God bless you all.

    • I never had the demonic experience, thnk God, but I did try to play it alone once many years ago; I sat in my closet and asked if my mother was alive (my bio mom who I was told was dead) I could literally feel the piece begin to tremble it felt like electricity was going through it, I heard a voice saying “you’r e gonna die.” I got up put the game away and promised never to ever play again. I don’t why I came to this site today, but I did and thought I would share. God be with you all!

    • Get your facts straight before writing this! God warns against DIVINATION which is seeking guidance through the spirits, not just having a conversation, using the board. I’m sick of reading articles that attempt to demonize the Ouija and other talking boards. Yes they are a tool that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Used without selfish intent or to harm others and the Ouija is OK to use.

      Do I recommend their use by people who fear the Ouija or other talking boards, no but I also present both sides to them.

      Interesting enough, I’ve been a Born Again Christian for many years, I have roughly 17 boards in my collection and never had issues. If you respect them, they respect you!

      • I completely disagree with your comment. For one we are not trying to demonize anything, the board is satanic to think it´s not would be deceiving yourself. This is why I don´t fool with anything like that because I have seen first hand what it does to people. I have been baptized in the spirit and go to a spirit filled church. When I surround myself with things that bring God glory and are good, I strengthen my relationship and, my judgement of wrong gets way more potent. But if you partake in these abominable activities or watch things that carry the bad spirit you get cozy and comfortable with such actions. When this happens a blind fold is put over your eyes and the way you used to know which spirit gave you that bad feeling and other assurance numbs. Then, since you feel nothing bad it´s suddenly okay. And that’s where you fall when you condone the fact that those actions are okay in the spiritual realm, you´re lost and need to seek deliverance. And in your case…17 demonic boards I´d seek redemption immediately….God Bless.

        • The difference between them is that if it is spiritual then God would miraculously cast out whether evil spirit is inside me. But since my issues are all alternate rewiring of the brain and brain chemistry imbalance which of course is not what the bible says about demonic possession! >: ( But apparently you fanatic freaks are so willing to believe otherwise with mental illnesses due to your fanatical paranoia, naivety, and just plain utter stupidity! > : (

          • Idk what your mental illness is but my mom was in the psych ward a few times in a couple months she ended up being court ordered to take antipsychotic medicine and I honestly thought something just snapped in her she’s always been a prayer warrior with a strong faith in God but sense my sister passed she was hanging out in the lukewarm area but in a series of a few days God showed me some scriptures and I experienced demonic attack while I was sleeping (stopped instantly when I called on God) but there was so much and I told my mom what I had learned and she started getting up at midnight to 3am (the witching hour) and there’s a few references in the Bible where people have prayed at midnight too, but she would just hit the spiritual warfare heavy and she hasn’t been on medication for a few months now and she’s totally healed by the Grace of God! So I know it says in the Bible Christians can’t be possessed, but that’s a Christian living right, but even then demons will always be trying to oppress everyone why would the devil work to take down someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus they’re already damned as Christians we don’t have one demon after us we have many trying to turn us from God and take us to the pit with them misery loves company and they don’t have much time these are definitely the last days everything is corresponding with the scriptures and idk bout you but I don’t wana go down like Egypt! Praise God!
            * I believe Satan does have the ability to bock people’s spiritual senses to feel good and evil it says in the Bible that those who aren’t filled with the spirit aren’t going to be able to hear the word of God -actually get his message & will say us Christians are narrow minded & judgmental and will be practicing the new age religion — even when Jesus was on the cross Satan tried to make him come down and blocked him from God that’s why Jesus asked father why have you forsaken me? But Jesus yet without being able to feel the spirit trusted in God and resisted temptation from Satan and died so we could have the chance for eternal life —- so idk what your about and I don’t have all the answers but I do know you shouldn’t even have books about occult practices in your home because they can carry evil w them 7 OUIJA BOARDS?? Why so many? And why 7? I would take a good look at your life & get your bible out to do some studying I sure wouldn’t want to risk my life over “a game” I’d throw that crap out unless they’re more to you than that I don’t know?

      • Oh, please! Do you even read the Bible?

        How could the Ouija be anything but evil?

        • Listen you may not remember but it happened to you , bc I remember my name is also Michelle, and yes they’re evil , after my mother used it twice I was 5-8 year old my 2-6 yrs old we both had lots of accidents me my bro and my mom all had frequent visits to the hospital, I watched my sweet Lil bro turn to killing animals, he was bitten by a snake and fell down stairs , Ouija boards are no freaking joke

      • Girl bye…………………The bible warns us of all of these things. Magicians, psychics, tarot cards, OUIJA BOARDS! You are going to have to chose. Are you hot or cold? You can’t be lukewarm or HE will spew you from His mouth. Don’t put my GOD in your mess. You are with the “father of lies” satan himself!

        • LOL “girl bye”.

          But for real Micah G, I don’t know whether you’re trying to deceive people OR you really don’t know how harmful ouijas are or anything to do with the occult for that matter.

          Either way God knows you and your intentions, and He loves you. I believe He wants you to understand the graveness of your claim. So I pray you seek Jesus Christ with all your heart, repent, and accept Him as your Saviour.

          Satan’s pawns are very serious and are not to be played with. Satan and his pawns seek only to lie and destroy, they have NO respect for the creation of God, in fact they hate it. They have a short time to wreak havoc on earth because they will be thrown into the lake of fire when the end comes. Their time here on earth and their purpose here on earth is why they will stop at nothing (possibly even appearing to be innocent and friendly at first) to destroy.

          ALSO, it is very important you understand that you are MISLEADING people who are truly tormented by these spiritual forces and are seeking for help from Jesus.

          There are reasons God tells us not to associate with these things. We, humans, are not stronger than these forces; only Jesus can overpower them. You will be free from Satan’s chains once when you accept Jesus Christ into your heart sincerely. This is when you become a child of God.

          All these claims are not from me, they are in the Bible, if you search and study the Word of God you shall see.

          You cannot be on God’s side and the devil’s side.
          You cannot have dinner with both God and the devil.
          God ABSOLUTELY DETESTS ALL occult practices such as witchcraft, oujia, horoscopes, occult yoga (yes yoga awakens a demon), etc. Please have nothing to do with them!

          Addressing CHILDREN of God (believers of Jesus Christ):
          You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one (Jesus) who is in you is greater than the one (devil) who is in the world.
          1 John 4:4 (NIV)

          Jesus says:
          “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.”
          Matthew 6:24 (NIV)

          Jesus says:
          “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”
          Revelation 3:20 (NIV)

          God bless.

      • You are claiming Born Again Christian for so many years how did you walk with Jesus with roughly 17 Ouija Board boards?

      • The late psychic Sylvia Brown, also had said that those boards are dangerous. Any forms of occult can open doors to evil. Also, it’s possible that spirits from a deliverance can manifest or attack others present. God bless.

      • I total disagree in all angle. it happen to me when i was a very young lad and still have spiritual problem. I’m 65 yrs old and still seeking deliverance. i’m sick of getting torment everyday. you don’t know what it’s like to be possession by demons if it ever happen to you Micah. I’m still fighting and will not give up. I’m seeking to find a well experience minister who know what he doing through Yeshua Mashiah Jesus Christ

      • When I was 7 my mother played with the board. Asked it things and it answered her. My grandmother lived with us. She died and after her death I started waking up with some thing holding me down. I couldnt move. I was so scared. I would fight it. And I would knock it off of me. I would jump up and run as fast as I could to my mothers room. One night my dad yelled at me to go back to bed. My mother told him can’t you see she is scared. She came to my room and layed with me. I had fallen to sleep when I was woken up with the thing trying to hold me down. My mother woke up and seen me trying to fight with it. She seen it. She knocked it off of me. She stayed with me most nights. We lived in ohio. And we moved back to Ca where I had no more trouble with it. After I was married my husband died in our home and the demon came back. It touched me one day. I had been feeling like some thing was watching me for weeks. Feeling creeped out. I moved back to Oregon and it didnt come with me. About 3 years after moving to Oregon my father in law that had been living with me died of cancer. After his death the demon showed up. After moving to NE. I started taking the teachings of the LDS church. When I decided to become a member of the LDS church I was woken up one night being attacked by a demon that was hovering above me. It looked like a prehistoric bird and had a face like the thing on the lord of the rings. Gollum. It had hands with long claws. It was hitting me. I started fighting it back. After I yelled God help me. It left. No one can ever make me believe thst thing didnt come out of that board.

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