A Powerful Word For Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones

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For what it is worth, I thought I would pass this incredible testimony onto the rest of you. Awhile back ago on TBN, they had a middle-aged couple on one of their talk shows that were really anointed.

They had their own church and ministry, but I cannot recall where it was at. But part of their testimony was on the death of their young daughter.

Here they were, serving God full time with their church and ministry, and their daughter ends up dying at a fairly young age. I came in on the story right as they were talking about it. I did not catch the age of the daughter or what the cause of her death was.

The wife had really been wrestling with God. How could You take her away from us so early in her life, how could You allow this to happen, why didn’t You heal her, why didn’t You protect her?

Both the wife and husband were really having a hard time in getting over her early death with the Lord. They could not understand or get a direct answer from God as to why He allowed their daughter to be brought home at such a young age and rob the both of them the joy of seeing their daughter grow up.

After all of this wrestling with the Lord for quite sometime, the wife said she then received a direct word from the Holy Spirit that immediately set her free from her mental captivity. And boy did I get a whopper witness off this Word!

I will give you exactly what the Word was and an additional revelation that God gave the both of them on the death of their young daughter.

For those of you who have lost close, loved ones in your past – grab a hold of this direct Word from the Lord. This Word from the Lord has been used by this couple to set many other people free from the depression and anger they have slipped into as a result of not being able to deal with the death of a close loved one.

The wife said she was in the kitchen when she heard the Holy Spirit speak directly to her.

The words were: “Your daughter is no longer in the past – she is now in the future.”

Think about these words!

The wife said as soon as she heard these words – she immediately knew what God was trying to tell her and it immediately set both her and her husband completely free of the mental torment they were still going through with the death of their daughter.

God was telling them that their daughter was no longer in their past. She had died and she was now in heaven with God and Jesus!

God was telling them that they now had to move on with their lives, to let the past go, including the death of their daughter, and to continue to press forward into the divine call that He had placed on both of their lives.

Their daughter is now in their future!

When they both die, they will both cross over into heaven and be immediately reunited with their daughter once again.

God was telling them to change the “angle” with which they were looking at their daughter’s death from.

Instead of seeing her as being “dead in the past” – start seeing her as being “fully alive in heaven” – and understand that you will be reunited with her once again in a very short period of time.

Our time on this earth is not even a blink of an eye compared to the eternal time frame that is operating in heaven.

1.  You have to step back and look at the big picture. We are all going to die and cross over – no exceptions!

Some just go sooner than others. When you die is irrelevant.

What you do with the time that you have down here is what really matters.

It’s quality – not quantity!

When you really grasp the meaning of the words that the Holy Spirit spoke to her – you understand that they should actually be rejoicing.

Their daughter is now in the most perfect place imaginable and they are both guaranteed to be reunited with her once they die and cross over.

They should be keeping the picture of their daughter in front of them – in their own personal futures – which will also be heaven for the both of them when they die and cross over.

God was also telling them that if they did not quit wallowing in their past, they would eventually die in their past, and they would no longer be able to move forward for Him because they would end up staying stuck in their past.

Too many people are bound up with things that have happened to them in their past. They cannot let go of some of the bad things that may have occurred in their past.

As a result, their past slowly starts to eat away at them until they get to a point where they no longer have any joy or zest for living.

They then start slipping into depressions and then lose all of their desire to even want to live anymore.

2.  Shortly after receiving this direct revelation from the Lord and being set free, they came across a woman who had also lost her son.

Her son had died about a year ago and the woman had slipped into a severe depression. She had literally boarded up her house, closed all the drapes and curtains, and would no longer even go outside.

She had completely shut down due to the pain and heartache she was going through at losing her son at what apparently was also a fairly young age.

This couple had given their testimony on the above revelation to a church this woman had been attending. The testimony was taped and one of the church members then slipped the tape to this woman who had boarded herself up in her house.

The woman took the tape into her bedroom. She listened to it over and over again all night along, literally until the sun broke at dawn.

When the sun broke at dawn, she later testified that she knew God was speaking to her through this couple’s testimony on this tape. She said the message and revelation from this couple that was on this tape set her free from the mental captivity that she had placed herself under as a result of not being able to see the truth of her son’s death.

The Bible says that the truth will set you free and this is a perfect example of this biblical truth coming into full operation!

Once she heard the revelation given by the Holy Spirit to this couple – she knew she had been looking at her son’s death from the wrong angle.

Her son is now in heaven and she should be looking forward to being reunited with him in heaven once she crosses over – not dwelling on his death, which was now in her past.

Once she fully grasped what God was trying to tell her, and it apparently took all night for this revelation to really sink into her mind, she was finally set free and was able to start fully living again.

This couple said that these specific words spoken to them by the Holy Spirit has helped many other people deal with the death of their close loved ones.

Bible Verses For Death of Loved Ones

1. Here are 3 good verses from Scripture that will back up the words spoken to this couple by the Holy Spirit.

  • But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:62)
  • “… but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead. I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13-14)

Look at the words in this second verse: “forgetting those things which are behind” and “reaching forward for those things which are ahead.” This verse perfectly lines up with what the Holy Spirit was trying to tell this couple – to let the death of their daughter go, which was now in their past, and to look forward, to press forward for the things which are now ahead of them in their futures.

And one of the things ahead for this couple in their futures will be their own physical deaths and their own crossing over into heaven and being reunited with their daughter, where they will never be separated from her ever again!

2. This next verse talks about plowing forward in hope.

“… he who plows should plow in hope, and he who threshes in hope should be a partaker of his hope.” (1 Corinthians 9:10)

This verse is telling us that each one of us should continue to plow for God with whatever time we still have left down here on this earth – with the understanding that we will eventually be reunited with all of our saved loved ones who have gone home before us.

And not only should we continue to plow forward with this hope in mind, but we should also be a partaker of that hope. In other words, really believe that when you die, you will be reunited with all of your saved loved ones, and this time it will be for good – for all of eternity!

Heaven is going to be the final and ultimate reward for all Christians. The Bible tells us that we cannot even begin to imagine all of the good things that God will have in store for all of those who will be entering into His dwelling place. But one thing we do know for sure – we will all be given the two greatest rewards any human can ever hope to receive once we cross over to the other side.

  • We will forever be united with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and we will be able to have direct contact and fellowship with the both of Them for the rest of all of eternity.
  • And then to top it all off – we will forever be reunited with all of our saved loved ones who have made it into heaven, and we will once more be able to enjoy the friendships that we had established with each one of them while living down here on this earth.

Now that’s an incredible one-two punch that can’t be beat. And to top it all off, there will be mansions and who knows what else from God the Father.

For all those of you who have lost very close loved ones, you have to step back and see the real big picture – the real ending to the story.

So many people have lost the rest of their earthly lives because they could never get over the death of a close loved one.

And the reason they could not get over their deaths is due to the fact that they were looking at their deaths from the wrong “angle.”

The Holy Spirit gave this couple what I feel is a very powerful and liberating Word on this subject. He gave them a Word that was pure, solid, God-truth. And once you receive a direct truth from God the Father – it will set you free if you are willing to accept it and then work with it.

The other thing that happened with this couple is that before they received this direct Word from the Lord, they found themselves taking their daughter’s pictures and photos out of a lot of their family portraits because it was too painful for them to see her and to be reminded of her death.

After receiving the above Word from the Lord, they were then told to put all of her pictures back in with the rest of the family pictures.

He told them that she was not dead – that she was fully alive in heaven – and that they should all be rejoicing because their time would come when they would all be reunited with her once again.

They were told not to try and put her out of their memory. They were to keep intact all of her photos and all of their memories of her.

They were all to look forward to the future when they would once again be reunited with her in heaven.

When this couple received all of the above from God the Father through the Holy Spirit, they were then all set free from the mental captivity they had placed themselves under, and they were then able to pick themselves back up and get back into fully living in their present again.

The other revelation that the wife received from God the Father was on the question as to why – why did God allow her daughter to be taken home so early?

God basically told her there will be times when He will not tell you why He allows something specific to happen in your life, like the early death and departure of a close loved one.

Sometimes it may be better that you not know why God brings someone home so early. Maybe that person was going to have something really bad happen to them somewhere down the road and God wanted to spare them the pain of having to go through it – so He arranges to have them brought home early.

There could be many different reasons as to why God may have brought this person home early, and maybe with half of those reasons you are better off not knowing.

She finally came to the conclusion that if it was God’s will that she not know why He had brought her daughter home so early – that she would simply have to trust God that He did have a good enough reason to bring her home early and to let it go at that!

The Bible says that we can only “know in part.” We will never get all of the answers to all of life’s problems and dilemmas. God will answer many of our questions if He is properly approached.

The Bible says to “ask, and you will receive.”

But when God does decide not to answer a specific question you may have, then you have to accept the fact that He has a good enough reason not to give you His answer, trust that He knows what He is doing and what is best for the situation at hand – and then move on with the rest of your life.

If you don’t, you will run the risk of getting stuck in the misery of your past. And if you do not pull up out of the misery of your past, then you will never fully accomplish whatever God’s perfect plan and destiny would have been for your life.


For those of you who have had a very difficult time in accepting the death of a close loved one, really chew on the above Word given to this couple by the Holy Spirit.

For those of you who may know someone who is really having a hard time handling the death of a close loved one like a child, a spouse, a parent, or a best friend, give them a copy of this article and/or sit down with them and give them the above Word from the Spirit of God.

Share the above testimony with them on this couple and the other woman who had lost her son.

Pray that God will move in on them with illumination and insight so they can fully grasp and understand that even though the death of a close loved one is a very painful experience, that their loved one’s death is now a new beginning for them.

Their close loved one is now in the most perfect place imaginable and they will be reunited with them once again in just a very short period of time. This life on this earth is just for a very brief moment in the eternal scheme of things – but the life to come, where they are at now, will be forever.

Remember what the Holy Spirit Himself has spoken – your loved one is no longer “dead in your past” – your loved one is now “fully alive in your future” – which is heaven.


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  1. i lost my wife 11 years ago.i was at work i called her in the morning and said she had a little headache.i asked if she wanted me to come home she said no.about two hours later my son called me told me my wife had passed out and was not breathing.i told him to call 911 it took me it seemed like forever to get home.i went to the hospital and the doctor said he didn’t think she was going to make it my son was crying i was in shock they operated on her brain to relieve bleeding i stayed day and night praying at her bedside watching the brain scan not moving after three days they took her of the machine and she died.i was married for 25 years and she was my everything i have been alone all this time and no matter what is in the bible i can’t get a handle on it people drink smoke take drugs and live very long lives my wife was the salt of the earth and died at 54 years old no amount of words or prayers will make feel better i really need to see god in person to be able to understand why did this happened.

    • I understand that you are hurting, but by not trusting God and saying “no matter what is in the bible” you are telling God that He wasn’t in control and that NO matter Whom He sends to you, you won’t believe it unless you see Him face to face. That’s a very dangerous thing to say, because God could just take you up on that, and then who would be there to comfort your son??? There are some things you need to consider.
      You said that you sat by your wife’s bedside watching the brain scan not moving, and when they took her off the machine after three days she died.
      Had God allowed her to live, she could have wound up being in a vegetative state where she could no longer enjoy life, brain dead and just a shell with NO life. She could have become paralyzed, not being able to speak, or do all the things she could have before. She could have been trapped on a ventilator for the rest of her life, and would have had to have someone be there to give her around the clock, 24 hour care. God has His reasons and we are to Never question Him. Yes, it hurts when we lose someone we love, yes, it’s ok to get angry, however, we are to Never question God’s reason for what He does. We are HIS Creations, and the Creation does NOT have a right to demand answers or question the Creator of what He is doing.

      I am so very sorry that you lost your Wife and the Mother to your son. I am praying for you that you will come to trust God’s Will and that Christ will send the Holy Spirit to Comfort you both. But please remember, God knows what’s best and He knew what was going to happen. Life is never fair. But we can always rely on God being fair.

      Remember Jesus said, “That ye may be the children of your
      Father which is in Heaven: for He maketh
      His sun to rise on the evil and on the good,
      and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”
      Matthew 5:45

      Please remember, Your Wife is More alive now then she ever has been. You and your son Both will see her again someday. You MUST keep that in mind. Kepp your Faith, You prayed to God to let her live, so pray now that you and your son will be with her again someday in Heaven. Keep that hope. She would want you to.
      I am praying for you and your son. I don’t know if you will take any of this to heart, but please know that Jesus feels your pain and He loves you more then you will ever know.
      Remember, God gave up His only begotten Son, Jesus, to Die on that cross for all of us. He KNOWS your pain!

      • charlie, that was so beautifully said to that grieving husband. my husband was on a ventilator and trach in his throat for over 4 months and this made me cry because i imagine my husband could have been in this state the rest of his life and he didn’t want this. i had prayed for a miracle but God took him home 1 month ago and as i type this, i am crying because God knew want was best as he couldn’t move any parts of his body and in my mind i kept thinking that therapy would fix that. it looked like he was turning the corner, but God had been giving us signs for over 2 years that my husband would be going to his heavenly home and i just didn’t want to acknowledge it. we can’t focus on the past but concentrate on the future where my sweetheart is. thanks so much for the beautiful response you gave this gentleman because i was touched by it. God probably took my chester home because he didn’t want to be a vegetable the rest of his life. amen brother, amen

  2. Since my 21 year old son took his own life on May 5, 2016 I have held on to this truth. That he is with our Lord. He was saved at 7 years old and truly had a pure heart. He hurt for people who were lost. He simply couldn’t understand why people would not want to accept Christ’s gift of eternal life.
    He was not a perfect person. But he never caused me really much grief. I never ever would have thought he would do something like this.
    But every day I live with the truth. And I try to forgive those who I feel causes his heart so much pain that he could not take it any longer. And the fact he couldn’t see past this pain. He couldn’t see a life that could once again have trust and loyalty.
    TODAY…he has that restored and so much more. Today my son walks on streets of gold and has touched Jesus. He has been welcomed into Heaven by our Father himself! Can you imagine?
    I have always and still feel that taking ones own life is wrong and leaves people so hurt and with so many questions.
    It is not our decision in when or how we leave this earth. And just because we are “good” we will not see Heaven.
    But because I know my son gave his heart to Christ at 7. And because I witnessed his life for the next 14 years as a child of God I know, I cling to that he is with our Father safe and secure.
    I praise God for letting me have that comfort. Without it I don’t know how I would get through life little line the loss of my dear son.

  3. Thank you Lord for directing me to this article. I had just lost a son 2 months ago.
    Now am assured that he is no longer in the past but in the future with our Lord Jesus.

    He is enjoying a Heavenly peace with the Lord. He suffers no more but has eternal life. Praise the Lord! One day when our time comes, we will be reunited in Heaven.


    • Because we are human, we will all die if the Rapture doesnt occur first. I think its vital to remember that Jesus Christ, one third of the Trinity, also died! He was just hitting the prime of human life, but God chose, for His purposes, to send Jesus to the cross in his early 30s. Christ even asked that God remove the requirement of His death, but it was denied. If we can fathom that God allowed even His sinless, perfect, only Son to die a horrible death on the cross, that we should expect nothing less, but also that we should feel blessed to be in such good company as Christ. Faith in God’s perfect love for us will never fail even our imperfect belief. Thank You, God, for the gift of allowing Your Son to experience the same consequence of life that we humans do: death. But oh!, then!, life EVERLASTING.

    • I am new here. I just lost my husband of 12 years from a massive attack cardiac arrest and brain damage from lack of oxygen he passed away on Aug. 25 2019.He is and always will be the love of my life. I am taking it day by day.I talk to my husband everyday, kiss his picture goodnight and kiss him every morning. I tell him about my day when I get home from work. I miss my husband everyday.Nobody can take our memories away. Not one person can ever come between us. I know he is not here physically,he is here with me everyday in spirit, I totally believe in God

  4. But that little girl needed to be with her parents and god took her? why does god heal some and not others ? can he only heal certain diseases ? does he like seeing us broken hearted ? is there a kind of punishment as to why have to suffer the death of a loved one when we earnestly pray for healing ? If god loves us all the same why does he only choose to heal some and not others ?

  5. I buried my son on dec, 9, 2016. He was one week f rom graduation and his 19th birthday. God gave me a baby boy at forty, now I’M dealing with the grief of his friend accidently shooting him. I never got a chance to say goodbye, good kid, not perfect, but loved and was a giver. He confessed, that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Savior. I believe that he is with the Father. As a parent I think about, what I could have done differently, I prayed for protect of him and our family. I hard several dreams in the past few months, I convinced myself that I could sacrifice him, if God ask me to. Why was I thinking this? Maybe in my prayers, I should have chosen my words more carefully. My life changed and I will never be the same

    • Our lives have changed so much especially the ones who have lost children. There is no pain like losing your own child. I lost my son 3 years ago & it hurts so badly today as it did when it happened. I lost my husband (only 59 yrs old) 5 months ago. I believe they both believed in our Lord Jesus Christ but what if they didn’t or not enough? Can you believe in God but not be saved? I’m worried they are not together and with Jesus.

  6. I lost my Son on the 1st of October 2016,at the age of 7,the was a week in September the whole week,he asked me where do the dead people go,it was heavy for me to answer him at his age,I asked him where did he hear that from,he said from school. I understood it because it is a Christian school,then I asked him what did his teacher say about the dead,then he said his teacher told him that they go to heaven/paradise to be with OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,then said that’s true,he asked the same question from Monday till Friday,on Friday after asking about it,I asked him to pray over it,after praying he told me that when he dies he’ll go to JESUS,I never took his words serious as he was a very talkative and curious,we do combined prayers every morning and evening,even before OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST took him,he’ll pray with us,before he sleeps he’ll spread the blood of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST on his bed,I once asked him about it because we never taught him,he said when we are asleep our minds are unconscious therefore the evil one plays around,so by so doing that he simply protect his minds,I was in a shock, I couldn’t believe it,he used to tell me that sharing is caring,he’ll share anything,we taught him to be thankful of everything,when you give him anything,he’ll first say thank you JESUS and thank you afterwards,on the 30th of October in the evening, he told me how much he loves and prayed OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,on the first of October in the Morning,I went to the mall with him,HE TOLD ME THAT HE LOVES AND PRAYED OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THAT HE WAS AFRAID OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST AND I TOLD HIM THAT IS THE FIRST WISDOM TO BE AFRAID OF GOD,THEN HE TOLD ME THAT HE’LL LEAVE ME AND BE WITH OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST,I NEVER TOOK HIS LAST WORDS SERIOUS,I DIDN’T GIVE HIM MY FULL ATTENTION THAT DAY,HE LEFT A NOTE THAT’S WRITTEN: PRAYING EVERY MORNING WHEN YOU WAKE UP AND EVERY EVENING WHEN GOING TO SLEEP,AT TIMES I WOULD ASK MYSelf about my Son if I was imagining things about him spiritually or it was true that he had changed,grown spiritually,only to realise now that I was not imagining things,GOD was preparing him. Many things happened even to me after losing him.the same night I saw my spirit coming out of body,climbing white steps like clouds with two angels,on our arrival I saw a very beautiful,beautiful palace, it’s not comparable to anything on earth,woow that beauty I can’t explain it,I saw two chairs in the middle and the right side the was a glorious,very shiny I couldn’t see it,on the left side I saw my Son,but in a different way,in a heavenly way,still I can’t explain it,then when I wanted to step closer something powerful turned me over and I couldn’t even look back,then those two angels came to me and accompanying me back to the steps,till the white steps I couldn’t see them I reached home I saw my spirit getting back into my body, painful as it is,in the flesh,we just have to Trust and LOVE GOD more,praise,worship and be thankful of everything,Matthew 11:24,Matthew 24:43_44,psalm 20:7

    • How wonderful, that gave me chills, how did he pass ? Forgive me for asking. I lost my dad age 20, July13th. I hurt so bad.

      • Holly,I read through all the comments and yours was the last. I have been trying to cope with losing my beloved companion and have prayed to God for a sign that she was safe with him.I believe God has shown me several times and this is another. You see her name was Holly. Bless you and all who believe we will be with our loved ones once again.

  7. My wife died nearly 4 years ago, we were together for 48 years of complete happiness, God knows how hard I have struggled with this loss but it is so hard to forget her death, the day she died was a complete collapse of my life. Now at 73 years old I hope this reading shows me a different perspective of her and what I have to do to be reunited together again in God’s realm. Help me Lord to understand this..

    • I just lost my husband 2 months ago.
      He was the love of my life ,a wonderful Christian husband. I know exactly how you feel. I feel we must keep moving forward and allow our Christian light to shine. I know we will see each other again. We were married 52 wonderful years and I’m 70 years old. I pray God will give us all strength to get Thur the hard times. Love and prayers

  8. My daughter was killed 09/8/16. I don’t know if she was a christian, but when she was home, I would always hear her praying in the closet to God for help. She was my only daughter. I have nightmares of her suffering in fire and screaming out to me. I can’t sleep. She’s always on my mind, her face, her smile, her laugh is always in my head. I can’t let her go. I want to be with her. I know God could’ve saved her, I know He could have brought her back to life. I prayed for Him to bring her back, I still pray for it. I am not a devout christian either. I do believe in God and that Jesus did for our sins, but I am having a hard time understanding her death. I’m her grave site practically every other day, hoping she will be there waiting for me. Each time she’s not there and I ask God why. I don’t know how to heal this hurt in my heart, my mind, my soul…..I ache for her. Please help me understand she had to die and why am I still here.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. I lost my mother on October 5th. She was an enormous part of my daily life and a great friend. I miss her face, her voice and her warm loving presence. I feel great sadness, anger, regret and the like. But there is joy knowing she is in heaven and I will see her again. There is also times of a comforting spirit I cannot explain fully. I truly pray that God gives you that same comfort. That he eases your heart. And I’m sure when she prayed out to God, he heard her. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • I feel your hurt so much.My gorgeous daughter died may 16th.She was wonderful.
      The only thing that keeps me going(and that is so hard) is that i see her again.
      Every day is getting harder.So unfair that she is gone.
      Love you with all my heart x

    • Dear Grieving Mother:
      I too lost my only daughter to cancer on 12/21/16. I am so sorry for your pain and loss. The sadness of it all is unbearable at times. She just married, a year before and was expecting…this is how the cancer was found. She lost the baby and then her life. I dont understand forgiveness, or waiting to see her again. It just is so hard to “believe” these days. Believe in what??? How can we be left here to smile and carry on until we meet again – its a joke. 🙁

      • I too lost my daughter. I don’t think that this is a joke. God has taken our beautiful girls for his reason. I do believe that God has a plan for us all. Like the message before she is not in the past she is in the future. Don’t give up now on your belief, because we do not live forever. Wouldn’t you rather weigh on the side of seeing that beautiful daughter and grandchild. Keep your faith. Trust me I’m dead inside. It is a struggle to move into each day. I read and reread Gods promises. Gods word and Jesus as my savior , is the only reason I go on. I really do suffer the same pain as you . I am not any better than you. I wrote this because I am you. You touched my heart , because my heart is broken too. May God bless you and heal your heart. Until we meet in the future keep your trust in Jesus the way the truth and the light.

        • tana, that was so beautiful what you wrote to that grieving mother and you grieving yourself. i lost my wonderful husband of 40 years just 1 month ago and yes, it hurts badly, but reading this article, i can’t keep crying for he is no longer my past, he is my future and you wrote it beautifully that we have to keep trusting in Jesus so we can join our loved ones future. it is a struggle, but in time, I ask Jesus to heal my broken heart. i am in the ‘shock’ phase headed to the ‘acceptance’ phase. God bless you – linda

  9. The loss is so painful, at the sametime, we know this is my grandson getting to heaven, before us. It is true, we will see him again. I feel like he will greet me with that big o smile, awe granny you will love it here!

  10. I found this article very comforting and it also confirmed what God put in my heart since I lost my wonderful husband in June 2016..We both 35 years of age and have two young children, he was my school sweetheart ..We love the Lord so much and vowed to be together for our children till old age bt he suddenly left to be with the Lord.. I’m sure God had a purpose for this, He’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours and all good things work for those who love Him. I know my late husband is in a better place now. I only pray that God gives me strength to continue this life’s journey with the kids until we see our daddy that glorious day. Thank you for this article. God bless you.

    • Hi Miriam, sorry to hear about your loss.. i too just lost my husband on the 23rd of July 2016. It was a sudden thing.. he went through a minor operation but didnt wake up from the anasthesia. I am still struggling to accept it until today. My husband loved the Lord and i know for sure where he is now. But i kept questioning God about our relationship. We had a strong marriage, and same as you we had a lot of future plans for our two daughters… i need verses from the bible that says that our marriage bond still continues and we are not separated by death. I dont beleive in remarrying. I beleive when we meet, our sweet relationship continues…

      • Hi Christie,

        So sorry about your husband. My husband passed away 2-1/2 years ago. It was a nightmare. I knew my husband was with the Lord, but like you, I struggled with questions about our relationship. I really dug into the Word and prayed about it a lot. I have come to have peace that our relationships absolutely will continue in the next life and be even better. God promises that what we have given up for Him will be restored to us in Matthew 19:29 – “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.” In the beginning when God created man, the only thing he said that wasn’t good was for man to be alone. I believe in Eternity we will not be alone. No way will it be “less than” what we had on Earth. So, if it wasn’t good for man to be alone in Eden, then I cannot imagine it will good for us in Eternity either. Adam walked with God and had perfect fellowship with Him. Yet, God felt Adam needed a companion. In Isaiah 65:21 God talks about the New Heavens and New Earth – “They will build houses and dwell in them; they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit.” The Lexicon on bible.hub.com says the word for “and dwell in them” means to settle, to marry. I would encourage you to study this subject, comparing scripture to scripture, and ask God to encourage you. He will. Your post is older so I don’t know if you are still reading, but here are some books that have helped and encouraged me as far as relationships on New Earth. A couple of the authors below believe there will be no marriage, but that our relationships will continue. I personally believe we WILL have love and romance on the New Earth. There is nothing to indicate God has changed his mind on that. Hope this brings you some comfort. 1) Heaven, Randy Alcorn. 2) Revelations, Nic Dicenzo.(Her husband was killed in service and believes the Lord wants her to wait and be reunited with her husband). 3)All Things New, John Eldredge. 4)Visits from Heaven, Pete Deison. 5)The True Heaven, Joe Beam/Lee Wilson. 6)From Grief to Glory, Harry and Cheryl Salem (This is the couple from the article). 7) For Those of Us Waiting on That Day, Ann Dillon (Fantastic Devotional. Expects to be reunited with her husband). Also Song of Solomon 8:6 – “… For love is as strong as death.”

  11. God is good all the time. Our ways are not God’s ways. His ways are far above our understanding. I have lost loved ones also and it leaves a large hole in this realm that cannot be filled by any other. They will not come back to me; but, I can go to them when my Lord calls my name. God bless you all as you work through your grief. If you can, smile and try to be a light on your journey through this realm.

    • This article is helping me to say” my son is no longer in the past, my son is now in the future”. It’s true God has a new heaven and earth for His ultimate Glory. But until then, when a believer dies, he or she is absent from the body and present with the Lord. Even if a believer dies as a result of God’s discipline, it is so they will not be condemned with the world. Relationships will be better,not inferior.

  12. Thanks for this testimony my wife died at age 35 she left me with our 6 month old son.. We tried for kids for 4 years and finally got a baby boy which she was over joyed I was so angry with God why he did this to me and my wife longing to be a mum.. But I know now there is hope and a future to see her again..
    Thank you

  13. My loved ones died last May 18, 2015. Thank you that i was being redirected to this site as i am looking for messages and testimonies to comfort me. It’s really hard to accept the fact that they won’t physically with us and remembering the memories together with them is really painful. Honestly, i’ve asked GOD why he allowed it to happen, maybe some day i will understand the reason behind it. Right now, what’s in my mind is someday we will be reunited and we will never go apart. Thank you and GODBLESS to all of us.

  14. Hello. First I would like to send my condolences and thank you for your testimony ! In 1998 my daughter Tiara lost her battle and passed away in my arms. I was only 19 when this occured and I didn’t understand why this happened. Throughout the years I lived a life odmf destruction due to losing a lot of my loved ones. My grandfather passed away shortly after Tiaras funeral. Since then my cousin who was like my brother was murdered, a year later I miscarried another baby , 4 years later my sister was murdere,then my grandmother became terminally ill. I took care of her for 2 years until she passed away. Since then I lost my best friend , my aunt ,and 5 cousins. I have experienced a lot of loss in my 35 years on this earth. I think of them often maybe more then I should and I long to see them one day.Your testimony gives me faith that one day I will. I have a 5 year old son now and I thank God for him. He can never takethe place of my daughter but he is so special to me.You are really giving people like me a reason to smile throughout all of the tears. Thank you and God Bless !!

    • Sorry for your deaths
      Glad you somehow found strength through God to carry on..When we see our dead children one day come alive that’s peaceful for that day

  15. Thank you for your word of encouragement it is good to know that our loved ones are in the future and we shall join them one day. This has changed my view of the death of my partner who died of a heart failure on October /25/ 2013.

  16. This message came to me as I mourn the death of my youngest sister, that happened on 22nd Oct. 2013. The gave her life to Christ as a tenager, was in her 3s
    As I was going to office this morning, I was think about death and then behold this artcle gave me the comfort I needed. I have posted it to a friend to print and make available to my wife, brothers and sisters who are currently on the peak of the their mourning. Thank God for visting me this way.

  17. great article but what if you loved one was not saved you know you wont see them how does the lord do the peace and letting go same way

  18. This couple’s experience gave them “peace” that which comes from “Our Heavenly Father”. I lost my husband suddenly with a heart attack years back; I experienced bitterness, questions of “why” he was a christian the children and I needed him so. God reminded me that “he” my husband was a christian, and the events of his death were about “God and my husband” not about what I wanted or needed; as humans we are concerned with “what about me”,or “I need this or that” I began thanking God for the love we shared, as I continue on this journey until I too see “My Lord”.

  19. Wow, God definitely spoke to me through this. I’m 16 years old, my mom had cancer since I was 6, and she just passed away last year. I have been feeling so bogged down lately, and this just lifted my spirits. I can’t wait to see God, my mom, and every one else I have lost. I LOVE YOU, LORD!

    • Tell them to have faith in God And the son of God .I lost 2 boys of my own and a grandson and with out Jesus I would had neverade it May God bless you

    • I am 58 years old and my 82 yr old mom passed away 3 weeks ago. I feel like a big baby, but I miss my mama so much. If I could just hold her one more time. I know she’s with the Lord now. No more pain and suffering for her.
      Love you Mama!!

  20. This is a powerfull quote by Norman Vincent Peale. “I believe there are two sides to the phenomenon know as death,this side where we live, and the other side where we shall continue to live.Eternity does not start with death.We are in eternity now”.

  21. hello,

    i don’t know if anyone can help me but
    i’m looking for a quote that’s powerfull
    but short and have to do with your loved one’s death
    i’m looking for it for my grandpa’s, grandma’s and my aunt.
    can anyone help me with this?

    • Hello Karlien

      You can meditate on I Thesalonians 4: 13-18. It has helped me greatly during this hard times of the passing unto Glory of my mother

  22. I cannot say that the revelation made to the couple about their dead daughter is of much comfort to many who find themselves in different situations that are not comparable. I being one of those.

    My wife died about a year ago but the story behind that was brutal to say the least. There are people who God decides to take because He simply has it in His plan. God may choose to take a child for reasons beyond our understanding. I knew of one family in Holland who lost 4 of their youngest children to a fire a few years ago. There is nothing you can do but accept those kinds of events. But then there are those who incur the wrath of God and whose lives are cut short. I can testify for a fact that those who use God to justify actions that go contrary to His word can bring such a lethal judgement upon themselves that in some cases, death is only answer that God will give.

    Contrary to what most modern day Christians believe, God does indeed punish even believers with death. Judgement begins at God’s house. While a believer in Yeshua will be saved, all their works along with their physical life can be burned up. I have seen it with my own eyes and it was revealed to me before it even happened because God wanted me to know in advance that when it came to pass, it was His doing.

    To experience something like that can nearly destroy one’s faith in God but I am reminded that God knows our limits and for those who He leads through such horrific trials, He gives even more grace.

    It isn’t of much comfort knowing your beloved wife is dead and that someday you will see her again. Yes, I probably will see her again but she will never be my wife again and there won’t be that kind of relationship we once had in this world. And then there is the likelihood that I may never see her again or even recognize her. There is simply nothing in the Bible to justify the idea that families and children are reunited beyond this world. While it might be a wonderful thought for some, it probably isn’t for others. There are simply some people who have done so much harm in this world, using the name of God to justify their evil deeds, that even with forgiveness, I really cannot imagine sharing any personal relationship with those people beyond this world.

    You wrote “Heaven is going to be the final and ultimate reward for all Christians”. No it is not. That statement has no Biblical basis whatsoever. Yeshua clearly stated, “The meek will inherit the Earth”. Our ultimate destinaton is NOT heaven but the new Earth that God will create, and with it the New Jersualem.

    My wife left this world as a believer, but her life was not in order. I loved her dearly and while I am sad that she is gone, I choose to not wallow in my grief. I have come accept that this world will always be filled with tragedies and that it is over before you know it.

    • Johann,

      I found great comfort in this testimony, but reading your comment is unsettling. I recently lost my fiancé in a tragic accident. Can you elaborate on the “legal judgement” statement? You also state that your wife’s life where not in order, I can’t help but gather you’re saying your wife was somewhat punished for her actions or decisions she made. Forgive me if offended you or missed your point, I would just like to really understand your message. I know this is years later, but I just wanted to try and reach out to you. Thank you.

      • Nothing as painful as death of a spouse.my hubby got fatal accident 28th jan 2017 n guys nothing said on earth make me feel better we hav just celebrated 5 yrs of wedo.at his tender age i lost him ,i lost my world.all i have is infants to c n take care of.so i dont think God cant do such a thing.His mercies are new each morning and no one is better than em..its just by grace we stil alive….Not punishment

        • Gm! I lost my spouse of 30 years two years ago after a brief illness due to a doctors mistake. The pain of losing him have broken my heart so deep. He was not only my husband he was my best friend. My life have been truly bless because of God allowing our paths to cross. Unfotionarly, I can not not will I tell you I am over his passing. There are days when I am totally out of it. So grief and how we go through it is so very personal. Yes! The testimonies of others give of hope and allow us to see Gods great mercy toward us nevertheless, each situation is so personal. Time nor paper will allow me to write all I have to say. I will simply say continue to pray trust God 8n the mist of your struggle. As Abraham mourn for Sarah you will mourn your spouse. Than one day in Gods timing you will find peace in God that will help you. Please seek grief counseling having someone to talk with that have no clue to your situation helps because the will just listen. Know disrespect to be we love and those whom love us always have an opinion as to how we should be. They really mean no harm and truly want to help but your pain is so real. It is my hope that you have found some comfort knowing your not alone. I normal due not write any responses yet I felt compelled to respond. God bless and your in my prayers. Respectfully, submitted. your husband will always be a beautiful part of your memory and you can see him in the face of your children. My struggle continues and with each passing day i get strength knowing that in this life time I was blessed with a princes who shared both the good and bad times with me. And with the residue of his loving memory I will be able to smile again. I pray the same for you

          • Thanks so much for all the comments I have read of those who are going thru, I too now am feeling the sadness of the lose of my husband. Your comments is so encouraging to me, thank you for sharing. My prayers are with you all as we are sisters and brothers in Christ. I love you with the love of Christ.

  23. Denise, I can’t say thanks enough for your kind words. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. I have a very hard time everyday even getting out of bed but then I read what you wrote and look at the strength you have and I go on knowing we will once again be reunited with are loved ones in Heaven and I long for that day of hugs and no more separation. I pray on this Chritmas day you have peace in knowing they are with Jesus and what better place to be then with Christ on Christmas, thank you so much. Tera

  24. @ Tera, I just put my dog Maggie to sleep dec 22, 2011 @ 3pm. She was ate up with cancer. My heart & prayers go out to you. The LORD works in mysteriest ways. I too was having a difficult time with this. Also December 1, 2006 is also the anniversary of my middle sons passing. I remember knowing I would be with him again. With my sons death I still felt a strong need to protect him. I knew Darren wouldn’t want me to be devasted so I stayed strong. And I didn’t want to keep his soul in a bad place. So I would cry out to Jesus when it felt to heavy. And imeddiatly he would help. Yesterday I did the same and know today I google,too many loved ones dying of cancer. And the Lord lead me to this testimony. This is just what I needed to be reminded of too! I believe that it’s when were at our weakess God is at the strongest in our lives. All we have to do ask, seek and believe. Thank you Mike for this testimony and reminder. And thank you Lord for your guidance. GOD’S BLESSING’S TOO ALL, SINCERELY DENISE

  25. Thank you so much for your story and words of hope.I had my dog who is my baby and my very best friend go up to Heaven her name is Destiny and we did everything togather I cannot wait to be able to hold her again in heaven along with my other babies (dogs) Mykah,,Neska,Tazja,and Tyson and little Pinche and they are all looking out for little destiny, she is quite small.I am having a very hard time in dealing and your story and words help me very much in what I already know but need constant reminding. Thank you very much and God bless you and your families

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