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As a result of the curse of Adam and Eve that is still in full operation on this earth – disease, sickness, and illness are still part of the big picture that we all have to put up with. As we all know, anyone of us at anytime can get sick.

We all know the different things that can happen to our bodies that can cause them to breakdown, and in some cases, seriously disable us. Just about any part of the human body can get hit with some type of cancer, and in some of these cases, these cancers can be terminal.

However, as Christians, we have an all-powerful God who not only has the power to fully heal us from any specific ailment that may strike us, but that He actually does want to heal us many of the time if we properly approach Him in our prayers.

In this article series, I will give you 89 of the best verses from the Bible pertaining to being able to receive a divine healing from God the Father. As you will see in some of these specific verses, not only can God heal us, but many of the times He will actually want to heal us.

I will break these Scripture verses down under their specific captions below so you can fully grasp the revelation that God is trying to transmit to us on being able to receive a full divine healing from Him when we will really need one. We decided to make each section it’s own article. You can click on the following links and then at the end, I will give my conclusion.


Though there are times God will decide not to heal for whatever His personal reasons may be – there are definitely going to be other times that He will move in to heal if He is properly approached in your prayers to Him. Since God is totally sovereign in His very nature and in all of His ways, this means you never know when He may move in to heal someone.

This is why you should never be afraid to approach God’s throne boldly and with confidence if either you or someone else you know is needing a physical healing from Him.

You have absolutely nothing to lose in trying and everything to gain by pressing in. For those of you who would really like to get serious with the Lord on being able to get more healings to manifest from Him for either yourself or any of your close loved ones – it would be my strong recommendation that you type or handwrite out all of the Scripture verses listed in this article and put them on index cards.

If you are willing to do this, then you will have right at your fingertips all of the major healing verses of the Bible to use in your own personal healing prayers to God the Father. Just simply pick the verses that will apply to the specific situation that you may be dealing with, and then storm the gates of heaven asking God to move in to heal based upon the wording of many of these verses.

God loves it when you quote His own Word back to Him. This shows Him that you have been doing your homework, and that you are seeking to learn more about Him and this subject by studying and meditating on these kinds of verses. This kind of intense seeking activity may be just enough to get God the Father to want to heal you or the person you may be praying for!

Seek – and then you will find. Ask – and you just may receive!


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  1. i really enjoy reading these bible verses. and they give me hope that God still heals we, just have to lift our faith to him.. i am really in need of some divine healing.please pray for me..

  2. Good Morning: Thank-you so much for your teaching, for sharing what God has shown you,with us. i am also continuing to believe and receive Divine healing, creative miracle, for new bone and cartilage-new hip joint, and healing body,soul,spirit. i am ‘grabbing on to’, holding on to God,the Word, to HIM. God bless you all.

  3. The Lord Jesus Christ is real. I’ve lost my faith years ago. I have started to pray and read Bible verses. I know everyday is a struggle, but I have been a witness to God’s miracles. There is a GOD. He is everywhere. I pray I stay on the right track, I’m taking 1 day at a time. Thank God for love and forgiveness.

  4. I have a pulled muscle in my back that isextremely painful. I am a Bible believing christain and know God can take this pain away. Please pray with me for relief. In God’s name.

  5. Hello,
    FAITH = HEALING LUKE 8:43-48 (48) Then Jesus said to her,
    “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

    I have a personal relationahip with God our father and have been baptised in the Holy Ghost. I am not a Pastor. I am a child of God, wife and a mother.
    What I am writing is not based on religion but on fact, HIS WORD the Bible. God has blessed me with His wonderful gift of Healing. I have seen many healings and miracles. Thank you Jesus
    My faith goes back when I was a child of 6 yrs old and praying to God to heal my mom. I didn’t know scriptures or had begun to read the bible. All I knew was the song; Yes Jesus Loves Me and the Lord’s Prayer. My mom was healed and made whole. YES GOD HEALS, not me. My faith is unwaving because His words are Truth.
    God’s healing IS for everyone, God does not pick and choose.
    For those who believe and pray to Him for healing,you must have steadfast FAITH, which means NO DOUBT. Doubt is from Satan. Doubt is the healing breaker. This holds true for those praying healing upon someone. YOU TOO CAN NOT HAVE ANY KIND OF DOUBT. There can’t be any “what ifs” said or thought. Bottom line if you don’t have 100% FAITH in God’s healing please don’t pray of healing for that person.
    It’s easier for those not saved but believe in God to be healed because they want it so bad they will believe and hold onto the heaing like it was a million dollars,where as many Christians sway at healing, “not me syndrome”. How so very sad.

    • It is not helpful to say that if you have any doubt, you won’t be healed. That just brings fear. Better to encourage people on how to get faith.

      • Yes, so true. Jesus said the faith of the tiniest seed (mustard) is all that is needed. If you are saved, you have this much faith. The father who said, “I believe, but help my unbelief” had the faith of a mustard seed. It is also important to realize Jesus also healed people who had no faith. It is recorded in scripture. One example is the man on the terrace of the pool. Jesus bluntly told him to get up and go. He didn’t even know who Jesus was at that point. I guess you could say he didn’t have any faith at the time. Jesus healed many masses of people. Many were even healed BEFORE they received salvation. We are called to go and preach the gospel. The signs and wonders are to accompany us.

  6. Beloved sir, this is a wonderful work, in my opinion, the sovereignty of God in respect of all including timing is important, we need this knowledge to walk with him but as long as he has not replied us about the reason, it’s our duty to PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS.That is His command- pray until your joy is full. Also, if he declines in reply we can pray for mercy, just as the woman did when the Lord Jesus told her that child’s food is not to be given to dog, and King Hezekiah did the same. BUT also we should pray for the grace to live fulfilling life for Him after our healing.Please join your faith with mine for restoration of sights of my partner and healing of blood pressure.He has promised us it is done.Thank you and God bless.Amen

  7. Ive been studying healing for a while now trying to gain some clarity on the matter. I finally have it! Thank you.

  8. This compilation has been such a blessing .just pray that we are able to internalize all these verses so that all of us live a life in abundance .

  9. I am believing God for a great healing. My fiance has had diabetes since childhood and this has caused 2 heart attackes, 2 strokes, a pace maker ,difficult keeping good eyesight and is a BK amputee.But he is a good man who believes in God but has a hard time knowing that God can heal this . So , I am standing in the gap for him and asking for those who will belive in Al’s behalf to pray for him and I will post any manifestations
    of this issue. God Bless Bonnie

  10. His words were of great comfort to all of us, We have been healed and believe that the most positive way to accomplish these things has been a state of grace created by our maker and acceptance of faith that there is a higher power to heal all of us in our maker.

  11. Thank you for this great compilation of Bible verses on healing. These verses will provide comfort and inspiration to those who will need them, especially at a time when they are of utmost importance. May you be blessed for all the hard work.

  12. I SO much love the context it intresting and indeed a faith builder from what i have long known and just comfirmed i only need to thank him for my healing on the cross and just believe ernestly for the manisfestation of it surelly

  13. Thank you very much for taking the time to write this most valuable information. Many people give instructions but you have given it with scripture…Thank you! I am seeking healing for a loved one with Lue Gehrigs’s Disease (ALS) BUT GOD …

  14. Great and inspiring article on healing. I will meditate on these scriptures for my healing. I also say Amen to joseph’s petititon.

  15. This is a marvelous way to pray, pray in faith and you will receive it.

    LORD, as your child, have mercy on me and heal me. You have made provision for my healing at the Cross and declared that it is your will to heal me. By your grace impart into me the gift of faith—your faith—so that there is no striving on my part. With your faith comes a rest, a confidence, and a knowing. My efforts cannot make this happen, but you can. My part is to believe in your power to heal me. Your part is to impart into me the assurance, a know-so faith—your faith. I praise you that you have heard my prayer. Thank you for your peace and the certainty of your provision. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
    , “Father, in Jesus’ Name, I ask You for a manifestation of my healing. I believe I receive it now and I thank You for it.”

  16. New Creation Church Singapore
    My friend, you cannot lose your right standing because Jesus Christ is your High Priest. To lose your standing, Jesus has to lose His standing first. But we know that we have in Jesus a High Priest who is perfect and who cannot fail. So you need never be afraid or conscious of your faults when you come before God. Because your standing is completely wrapped up in Jesus your High Priest, you can come to God boldly and receive all that you need from Him!

    Unfortunately, the high priests of Israel often failed because like any human being, they were imperfect.

    Thank God that today, you and I have Jesus as our High Priest, who is 100 per cent Man and 100 per cent God. As our High Priest, His standing before God is always right. Jesus is always acceptable and pleasing to the Father. Therefore, we can never lose our acceptance with God because as our High Priest, Jesus only brings righteousness on His people.

    In heaven right now, Jesus our High Priest is seated at the right hand of God the Father. (Romans 8:34) This means that God does not look at you. He looks at Jesus. If Jesus is good, you are good. If Jesus is accepted, you are accepted. If God sees Jesus perfect, then He sees you perfect. If Jesus is righteous, then you are righteous. And we know that Jesus our High Priest is good, accepted, perfect and righteous, which means that that is how God sees us!

  17. When Jesus died for us on the cross he said IT IS FINISHED, that is he has paid the provision for believers this includes Health, salvation etc. It is because of our sin and Adams sins sickness has come into this world. God does not want any one to be sick he is a provider. So why be a doubting Thomas? Devil only attacks our faith, so our faith has to be like a mustard seed.What was the age when Abraham got Issac? Was it not his faith ? What is not possible to men are VERY VERY POSSIBLE TO OUR LORD Just have faith and believe he will do the miracle. God bless you guys.

  18. Hi there. This article is great and even faith building. The thing is, you should definately omit the last section 11 and change the conclusion as these actually do the opposite of building faith. Just my opinion. Otherwise this is a briliant article.

  19. thank you for the great verses, these will be very helpful when I come to the Lord in prayer. I will take hold of the promise He made to us saying that if we ask in the name of the Son, Jesus Christ, He will grant. “John 14:13- And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” I also believe coming to our Heavenly Father with the promise of what happened at the cross, Jesus, we already have a won battle because there is no better mediator than Him who cleaned us all.

  20. Thank you for this…I really enjoyed reading the versus and I loved your insight. This is very helpful to me in my time of need for healing. May God bless you and keep you. I also pray that all of you who need healing will be blessed and receive what you are seeking from our mighty Father God.

  21. I have found your site while searching for healing scripture for a friend whose son is very ill. He may die, this is sudden and the son is only 27 yrs. He has a heart condition called Pericarditis he is currently in Africa as he was doing volunteer work there when he fell ill. The doctors there say he will die if he don’t get surgery soon. I have been messaging his dad with healing scripture to pray over his son. They won’t do surgery without payment up front which is $15,000.00. Please pray for him. God can do miracles and this young man needs a miracle.

    • Look up MMS and study the history well. I believe Abba Father our Daddy wants us to also be informed & educated so we don’t parish by not having the 3 ways to get healing (Hosea 4:6), which are spiritual, mental and physical. I know of a powerful pastor that was healed by taking proper nutrition when God spoke to him, his name is Keith Moore on You-Tube. There are over 300 churches involved in promoting this product and over 1 million people have taken this product. Feel free to contact me for further information. All glory to God our Creator our Father our Healer in Jesus Christ name… Amen!!!

  22. I enjoyed reading your interpretations. I am a devout believer and prayer warrior in healing. It is also my belief that often times God’s way of perfect healing is death of the believer that he/she may be with Him for eternity. Our purpose here on earth is not for our benefit but to worship and glorify Him. His ways are perfect – whatever that might mean for us. That is why we when pray for healing, knowing and believing that He is more than capable of doing so, we must ALWAYS include that we want and accept His perfect will.

  23. Where does it say God doesn’t want us to be healed at any time? I think the verses are great and all the reasoning until your conclusion. If Jesus said “it is finished” then as he went about healing “all who were oppressed” He WILL continue in every case. His finished work and His will is what gives us the faith for healing. Good job!

  24. When Jesus was crucified 2000 years ago, he did realy die for all our sickness and deceases. Through Adam came sicknesses and through Jeasus came divine healing. There are NO cases where Jesus failed to heal if you just follow what you have to as per the word of God you will DEFINITELY be healed.He was a compassionate Lord it is his WILL whosoever comes to him will not go empty handed.Beleive me our JESUS will heal any one whether he or she goes astray after the healing is given.Thats why he died for us in the cross and said IT IS FINISHED.

  25. This is great, I wouldn’t put a disclaimer, God has no personal feelings to not heal. His word is Truth , not only that but he is no respector of person. If one hasn’t received, plz keep believing; Jesus didn’t go to the cross for some, but for all. Psalm 103:1-5, he has forgiven ALL INQUITIES AND HEALED ALL DISEASES. Great job otherwise. Another thing it’s possible to have faith and unbelief, and in a lot of cases , our unbelief is canceling out our faith. So we must renew our minds on the word . Andrew Wommack has some wonderful teachings. But again thanks, God bless your help.

    • We as Christian. Will. Be heal. No matter. What. On earth. Or in heaven. The Bible promise it.

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