Different Kinds of Tongues

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The gift of tongues is simply the Holy Spirit giving you the supernatural ability to speak in a foreign tongue that you have no knowledge or ability to speak out on your own.

There are two types of tongues He can give you. One is a tongue of this earth. For instance, if your native language is English, then He can give you the ability to speak in Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish.

The other type of tongue that He can give you is a tongue direct from heaven, a heavenly language that is not of this earth. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 13 that there are “tongues of angels.”

But in either event, it will be a foreign language that you will not be able to speak out on your own, and only the Holy Spirit’s supernatural transmission of this language out of your spirit will give you the ability to be able to speak this language out.

And whatever tongue the Holy Spirit will give you, you will be able to use it 24/7, whenever you want. It will be your own personal, private, prayer language between you and the Lord.

The only problem with this gift is that for the most part, you will never know or understand what you are praying about when you go into this gift.

The Bible tells us that we will be speaking out “mysteries,” and only God the Father and the Holy Spirit will be knowing exactly what the prayer will be about on any given occasion when you are actually doing it.

So if we will not know exactly what we are praying about when using this gift, then why would God even want us to have this kind of a gift in the first place? I believe the reason is in the verse where it says that sometimes we will not know how to pray as we ought to.

Sometimes we will not be able to find the right words to use in our own personal prayers to the Lord due to our own natural imperfections in being able to properly communicate with Him.

Here is the verse that will show us that sometimes we will not know how to pray as we ought, and that we all need the Holy Spirit to come and help us out in our own personal prayer life with God the Father:

“Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.” (Romans 8:26)

I believe the Holy Spirit is the Master Prayer to God the Father and as such, He is allowing us to have direct access into His own personal prayer life with God the Father. In other words, He is asking us to play a part of and to share with Him on His own direct, personal prayers to God the Father.

Even though you will not know what you are praying about when you do go into your gift of tongues, at least you will have the honor and privilege of being able to pray direct to God the Father with the Holy Spirit.

And since the Holy Spirit knows how to present a perfect prayer to God the Father, then you can actually play a part in that perfect prayer to God the Father.

Another reason that you will want this gift is for emergency type situations.

I cannot tell you how may testimonies I have seen or read where the Holy Spirit will all of a sudden prompt someone to start praying in tongues, and then later on that person finds out that the prayer they were just doing in tongues was just used to save someone else’s life.

Since the Holy Spirit is God and Lord Himself, this means He can perfectly see into the future.

And if He sees a fatal accident getting ready to occur, He can prompt you to start praying in tongues to God the Father to stop the impending tragedy from occurring.

You have no idea how many lives you may be instrumental in saving if you will only allow God to give this gift to you and then go into it whenever the Holy Spirit will prompt you to do it.

This gift cannot only be used to save your own personal life from impending disaster, but it can also be used to save the lives of people who may be very close to you, such as your immediate family members, close friends, or co-workers.

For the most part, the gift of tongues will be used as your own personal, private, prayer language between you and the Lord. If it is done in a church setting by someone, then there should be someone who will have the interpretation of that tongue, otherwise no one will know what that person is praying about and it will not be able to edify the flock in the setting that it is occurring.

Now here are some additional verses on the gift of tongues:

  1. “For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries.” (1 Corinthians 14:2)
  2. “I wish you all spoke with tongues, but even more that you prophesied; for he who prophesies is greater than he who speaks with tongues, unless indeed he interprets, that the church may receive edification.” ( 1 Corinthians 14:5)
  3. “Therefore let him who speaks in a tongue pray that he may interpret. For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my understanding is unfruitful.” (1 Corinthians 14:13-14)
  4. “Though I speak with tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I have become as sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.” ( 1 Corinthians 13:1)
  5. “Therefore tongues are for a sign, not to those who believe but to unbelievers…” (1 Corinthians 14:22)
  6. “Therefore, brethren, desire earnestly to prophesy, and do not forbid to speak with tongues. Let all things be done decently and in order.” (1 Corinthians 14:39-40)

Notice in the first verse that it is telling you that you are speaking mysteries when you are praying in your tongue. The 4th verse tells you that your tongue will either becoming from men or angels, which means that it will either be a language of this earth or a language direct from heaven.

Notice in the 3rd verse that Paul is telling you that you pray to interpret your own tongue so you can understand what you are praying about, which will lead us right into the next gift, the interpretation of tongues.

Also notice that when you are praying in your tongue, that you are praying out of your spirit, not out of your mind. You are also praying in the Holy Spirit when you are praying in your tongue.

With our inability to be perfect prayer warriors with God the Father, I believe this is one gift that God would like all of His children to have.

When you find yourself wanting to pray to God, but you find yourself falling short in how you want to pray or what you want to pray about, you can just go into your gift of tongues with the Holy Spirit and then end up giving God a perfect prayer, since the prayer will becoming direct from the Holy Spirit Himself.

This a very powerful prayer tool to have in your own arsenal since you are opening yourself up direct to the Holy Spirit and His ability to perfectly pray to God the Father.

You are joining forces with the third Person of the Trinity who is God and Lord Himself, who is the Master Prayer and Intercessor with God the Father.

Just meditate on this mind-blowing reality, and then see if you will not want to go to God the Father and ask Him to release this powerful gift to you through the Holy Spirit.


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  1. Thank you for this teaching, I started speaking in tongues, although I prayed for it, and that day it happened, I noticed I was speaking in tongues that night even while I was sleeping in my mind. But I still dont know if it’s just me making it up not knowing. I tried faking it in the past but I just couldn’t because it wasn’t flowing. This time, its flowing and sometimes, I find myself crying when I’m praying in tongues, sometimes, making laughter sounds even when I tried to control myself or stop praying, I just find myself going. I love and It’s what i prayed for. But sometimes i ask myself, I’m I faking it not knowing? It sounds like gibberish and it has different sounds and changes intensity. Pls I need answers.

    • Hey love I too in the same situation as you right not recently dream I was speaking it and I knew I was and got the gifts of tongues yesterday while in a quiet place. It’s normal as I was told from a Minister. Some of us don’t speak the same way and is different. Everything you said I dealt with aswell but trust it’s a woeful gift only from the Lord himself protect it and don’t let yourself go back to the worldly things judt the beginning for far greater things to come while being in the lord and praying to him personally with this great gift.

  2. When i first spoke in tongues, it sounded gibberish and to be honest it changes too. There are times i could almost point out the language and several languages.
    Other times unintelligible to me. There were times i doubt it’s the gift of tongues. Later it developed into words i could be sure of, like “Halelujah”, “Yehshua”, “Manna” and “Restoria”. And from earlier on i could feel the meaning of the utterances.
    Years went by, today, out of nowhere, during revival and deliverance group prayers, i have uttered”spirit” continuosly.
    It still amazes me.

    • Same thing is happening to me. And sometimes I doubts. I even told God if it’s not real pls take it away and give me the real thing… I love it but I just want to be sure. I wouldn’t want to play with the things of God.

  3. I have a small question… I started speaking in tongues almost an year,but now its started changing in to almost three languages now and other two languages is not there anymore. Is that normal?

    • It definitely is. I believe as we grow and mature spiritually, just like in the physical our tongues mature with us, so as they change i believe it is an indicator of growth. Mine has switched three times and i don’t even have a recollection of what my previous ones sounded like.

      • Hello Grace,I just came across this because the Holy Spirit has instructed me to teach on the gift of tongues,the are different kinds of prayer
        There are worship and repentory tongues,where sometimes tears will just flow down, you can even worship in tongues,I do that all the time,
        There are intercessory tongues and in these you can have different tones of your voice as you engage into deep intercession,
        You can tell you are destroying the Kingdom of darkness,
        There are human tongues ,in this case the Spirit wants you to communicate something to those people with that language,
        Why tongues?
        They empower you,
        Your eyes are opened, you have clear revelation,word of wisdom,word of knowledge,
        Clear decision making,draws you closer to the Father,the then a word comes easily and then you can pray with that,so we also need to know our word so the Spirit of God has something to bring back to us,
        Tongues open a way to other spiritual gifts,
        You can never run out of words,
        You pray the perfect will of God,
        You are a spirit and so us God, so to me this should be your native language as a spirit,
        GGalation 5,from 16 ,says then I say live by the spirit not by the flesh,because the Spirit is who we are,so this is our language. Praise the LORD!,I am doing videos on tongues right now.

  4. Why is that I can speak in unknown tongues like an on/off switch meaning anytime I want, but my spouse it only happens from time to time? Any thoughts? Also, to add to this question, my spouse has prayed for me and I have received healing, so I don’t think it is a “matter of her being not filled with the Spirit”. The reason I ask the question it is hard to find a group of 2 or 3 people to pray with that speak in unknown tongues. I thought perhaps if 2 or 3 of us gathered who can speak in unknown tongues, we could each take a turn speaking while the other 2 interpret privately, and after each person as spoken, share at the end of the session what we interpreted to confirm and see if we have the same interpretations.

  5. I am currently in my 4th Life in the Spirit seminar (over a period of 11 years). I have yet to notice any gifts from the previous baptisms in the Holy Spirit. I want to receive some kind of gift from the Holy Spirit. Everytime I try the tongues I just feel like I am faking it. The words don’t seem like like they are from the Holy Spirit, they are just words I make up. Paul does say that not everybody gets this gift, but there is so much emphasis on it. I have a strong prayer life and focus on God every day. I wonder if I should keep trying. Anyone have thoughts on this?

    • You just have to let yourself lose in the Holy Spirit and concentrate less on how you are sounding. I was asked this question in bible study and when i told the congregants that i didn’t know what i was saying some laughed at me, I had to point out the scripture that said “when i speak in tongues my mind is unfruitful”, however by faith you must believe that someone is hearing and acting according, check out Romans 8:26 “Sometimes we don’t know what to pray for or about but the Holy spirit will take over and give you the utterance to speak in the heavenly language”, don’t try to understand what you are saying just open your mouth and start speaking, the spirit will do the rest.

    • Actually I understand how u feel I once felt like this too. But just last week God showed me that all our prayers and trust in him isn’t in vain. Just keep praying and will praying believe. Remember it is only through faith one can please God. Also try to tell urself that is is not I who speak but the Holy Ghost through me. He will tell God my prayers for me.

  6. When the spirit falls upon me my mouth trembles and my toung has his way. The sound I hear is what some call a babble. Is this speaking in tongues? When this happens to me I feel such a peace that I can’t explain. If you know the answer to this please tell me as I am seeking the truth and with understanding. In Jesus Name.

    • Good morning,
      When the Holy Spirit ignites within, jaws can quake, mouths can tremble, sounds can repeat over and over. This is a form of tongues. As long as the tongue feels loving then there is nothing wrong with it. Tongues is a beautiful gift that is between you and God. It can be as simple as one syllable that is repeated, to a few common repeated sounds to full dialog in a language that you don’t understand.
      Blessings my friend.

  7. The preacher called everybody to the altar to pray. He prayed for everybody. Then he prayed for me. Then after a bit I started speaking in tongues. I don’t even understand. Is this out of order?

    • Hi Dean,

      This is not out of order Dean. just give the Lord all the Glory. He who speaks in tongues does not speak to himself but to God. even in the church that I attend I have seen the pastor calling people to the altar to pray for them to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. and some receive it immediately. The scripture says he who speaks in tongues edifies himself. Praise God

    • No this is not out of order.In my own understanding maybe you had something you needed something and you could not find the perfect words to say it or rather to explain it so the Holy Spirit found it neccesary for you to communicate to God or rather you have been desiring something so it came your time for you to receive it.

  8. Thanks for the teaching, I speak in tongue. What is the different between Speaking in tongue and Different kinds of tongues ? How will someone know that he not just only speak in tongue, but has the gift of different kinds of tongues

  9. Some say that there is a heavenly language which is different from speaking in tongues(speaking in different languages. they claim it as a like a baby language. Does one exist like that?

  10. Am so bless by these information of the different types of gifts cause am seeking God to speak in tongues for I feel left out at times.for many years I receive it but then I was told by a PASTOR not to speak in tongues for now it hurts me not to speak his language again.but I sincerely desire to speak again.thanks for the information God bless

    • Hi Rhonda, I saw your comment and I was disturbed. Why would a pastor tell you not to speak in tongues? Personally I would say, this is a personal, intimate relationship with God. Walk with Him and be real to Him, ask questions where you do not understand. See like the relationship between a mother and their child, that is how we are with God and even more. That is why we as believers, we have the promised gift, who is the Holy Spirit, Our Helper.
      Get personal with Him.

  11. Dear sir,

    I have a question that needs clarification. Is Praying in tongues different from speaking in tongues? If yes, how and what is praying in tongues.

    • The Holy Spirit freely gives the gift ounbelieversOur God is a God of awesome of awesome wonders, 1corinthians 13:1 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, the confusion most have is they think they are different tongues i.e speaking in a heavenly language is different or does not exist. On the contrary once you have the gift of tongues you are able to speak in the two, it’s the Holy Spirit who decided which one manifests according to His will. There have been pastors and various other people who have had testimonies of people coming up to them to ask if they understood what they were saying while they were speaking in tongues, as the people could understand it perfectly as the gift of tongues was manifesting as a known tongue (an earthly language), I might be incorrect but I believe the Holy Spirit uses this moments of the gifts of tongues manifesting as an earthly language as a sign to minister to people(1 Corinthians 14:22 Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that BELIEVE, but to them that BELIEVE NOT, Acts 2:4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance, Acts 2: 6; Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded because that every man heard them speak in his own language, Acts 2:11 Creates and Arabians, we do hear them speak on our tongue the wonderful work of God
      Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues

    • Yes there is an initial one which you get when you baptized in the name of Jesus Christ which is the promise from God

  12. When we pray tongues we edfy ourselves, this languege sattan can’t understand. Faith alone isn’t enough, my people are perishing because of lack of knowledge: knowle? When pray in tongues the Spirit prays on our behalf.

  13. The Romans verse quoted clearly states that the Holy Spirit, in this case, helps by producing “groanings which cannot be uttered” NOT languages that can obviously be uttered. I have spoken in tongues for over 40 years. Decades ago I asked the Lord to reveal to me what I’m saying. “Therefore let him who speaks in a tongue pray that he may interpret.” – 1Co 14:13 NKJV I believe that it works in a general sense. I don’t know exactly what I am praying but often I know what I’m praying about or whom I’m praying for.

    • Please, be more careful when you speak about such things without researching them. The tongues spoken in Acts 2 are clearly earthly languages.

  14. Thanks so much. This is a material I currently use for our Bible Study in the church. It is a profound material on this subject.

  15. Wow Thanks you have shed so much light on this subject fruit of the spirit!!I am overwhelmed with this.Thank you so much! TO GOD BE THE GLORY

  16. Thank you for this article. I had the experience of speaking in tongues this past Saturday and was unsure of the meaning and reasons it was happening. I feel blessed and privileged to have had this experience and I pray the Holy Spirit will continue His work in me to the glory of God the Father. Praise God!

  17. Tounges of angles are not spoken by men…this ALONE is the most misconstrued and abused form of defunked laguage in the church today.
    ALL the power of the holy spirit enters and empowers each and EVERY believer the VERY moment they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Walking and praying in the spirit is an exercise of walking in the truth of who we are as his children and has NOTHING to do with babbling like crazy people.

    • Have you read your bible ???
      I strongly encourage you to take this thought process that you have going on here to the Lord and ask Him to reveal to you the truth through His Word.
      John 8:32 Then you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.

      • Many has known the truth but they are not free but still under bondage why, because they don’t have the knowledge of the truth pray to have the knowledge of the truth and that is the one to set you free

    • I understand this, but there is one thing, 1 Corinthians 14:2 please explain, who is this person praying too? I don’t speak in Tongue! you can’t deny the Word!

  18. please ,at first I lack understanding of this tongue speaking but now I got understand. But I have not received the gift .please do I still have to everyday desire for the gift or it will come on me unaware ??

    • When I first heard of this gift I wanted it badly. I was in an abusive relationship and I was told by an Aunt that I could pray even in those abusive moments. So… I went to a church that, first of all, believed in prayer language. I had four young boys and I told the Lord that I wanted this gift. I prayed as I was walking to the nursery to drop off the boys “I will do whatever it takes to receive this gift. I believe you have brought me here so that I may get the understanding I need to receive. I will not leave your presence until I have that understanding.” I went up to the alter after the service and told the pastor that I wanted this gift. He summoned the elders, they prayed around me for about 30 minutes. I let go of all my burdens, surrendered completely to God and I came up off my knees speaking in tongues. I can now call upon that gift any time I want and even when I’m not paying attention my spirit is praying 24/7 with no effort at all. It is an amazing gift.

    • I am blessed to read your question. Perhaps, you have the gift by now and do not need my input. I hope so. Nonetheless, here is my answer.
      The gifts of the Spirit are given by God alone and He chooses to whom and when the gifts will be given. Perhaps, it is just not time for you yet. Perhaps you are not ready to receive the gift just yet. Maybe, you just need to relax, seek God and not a gift and let Him show you. Most Christians have several gifts. Have you looked closely at yourself to see which gifts you may have? Have you asked someone close what they believe your gifts are? I’ll bet you will be surprised at the answers.
      God bless you as you seek a closer walk with the Master, Louis

    • I think desiring it is most important…. you need to desire the gift

      • I don’t think desire is enough. It’s something I have wanted for years and it had never come to be. I’ve even begged God many times. I like the prior comment, “seek God and not the gift”. I’ll just do that and stop trying so hard.

    • That’s great that you now understand what speaking in tongues is all about. continue to meditate and pray to the Father in heaven to release this great gift to you through the Holy Spirit. The scriptures reminds in Corinthians chapter 14 verse 2
      “For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries.” (1 Corinthians 14:2)

  19. Hi thanks for your article.

    What I would like to say is that the Holy Spirit will prompt a person to speak in tongues, not that a person can just go into speaking in tongues (one cannot prompt the gift in this way) otherwise it will be their flesh operating, not birthed of the Spirit. God bless

  20. Unfortunately, spiritual discernment can not be accomplished with the mind of the flesh but the mind of the Holy Spirit.

    The order that must be maintained in services is a key to its acceptance by all.
    Leadership in the church has this responsibility but how many of our leaders today are unlearned or just ignore spiritual power gifts to increase church attendance.

    It is always refreshing to read a lesson or teaching on this subject but a lesson on improper use would be helpful in its uses acceptance.

    I thank God that I pray in tongues for when my mind knows not how to pray my spirit prays for me.

    This was very helpful when I rushed my wife to the hospital. They did not know or find out what was wrong with her but I just kept praying quietly and reading the word of God to her.

    After about 4 to 6 hours later after many test we left the hospital with her recovered or healed. The doctors did not have a clue what was wrong or could find a reason for her problems which seam to evaporate.

    This gift has been very helpful to me on numerous occasions when marital strife arises over nothing really.

    I have learned to just shut my mouth and pray quietly at a whisper and problems just seam to evaporate. I use it when their is a healing service or during an alter call for salvations.

    I have used it when I fell a presents of evil or a feeling prompted of eminent danger.

    I hope this blesses the reader.

    Jay D. Saunders in Ohio

    • Thank you so much for listening to the Spirit and writing this article. It seems lately I have been speaking in tongues often and not understanding, I would discuss with friends and family. Yet, no one could tell me they had similar experiences. There were times it would seem the prayer was intense like I was in battle so I would start to wonder of the evil and allowed my flesh to worry. Prayer in tongues would just occur whenever and even in my sleep as my husband has told me. I thought I must be a mess to be in so much prayer. Sometimes the prayer would be in a soft whisper or as a declaration and other times a person would pop in my head and my heart would start to hurt and I would find out the person was in deep sorrow. I just have to say once again this has been God sent, I have been wanting just to read something that would reassure me and it is okay if i do not know what exactly it is that I am praying about, because thar is exactly why we pray for we do not know what we ought to pray.

      • Angela, your comment is the one I’ve been looking for when it comes to the subject of speaking in tongues. I feel like your experience is almost simular to mine. When I am praying in tongues, I notice that I am speaking in different languages that I’ve heard before on this earth. Additionally, I hear and speak a language that I’ve never heard before when I’m praying. Sometimes, the tongues I speak are a mix of many languages. At times, I could be doing something like cooking, and I will hear tongues being spoken in my mind and in my spirit, and I’m not moving my mouth or speaking it, I just hear it. There has been times, I felt as though I were fighting in my prayer speaking in tongues. As I’m praying in tongues, or even after I finish praying in tongues, I’ve even heard in my spirit that God is hearing me and working on behalf of what I prayed…..I heard these actual words. Honestly, when I pray, I star with praying in my normal English language….and then as I’m praying, I can sense like a welling up of my spirit, like as if I was a well quickly filling up with water and about to overflow. And then, I overflow with this urge to want to pray in the spirit…and it just comes out. Most times it can be so overwhelming that I’m crying uncontrollably, or sometimes theres laughter, or sometimes there’s anger, mostly crying. At times when I think my prayer is done, I’ve had the spirit urge me to continue, like my flesh thinks I’m done, but the Spirit keeps pushing my spirit to keep going. So I find myself waiting until the Spirit says I’m done. Then when the Spirit is done, for the most part, I hear in my spirit that God has done it.

  21. This lesson or shall I say these lessons were an eye opener for me .There was a lot of things I was confused about but now I understand and believe.You made it sound plain and simple,nothing complicate to understand and I have never heard these lessons taught like that before.I thank God for the gifts He has given you to put them together. May God continue to bless .

  22. are you able to speak in other tongues through your mind? I asked my sister in Christ if you are able to do this. One more question: Can satan understands the language that you are saying through in tongues?

    • Satan can’t understand the tongues unless the person is speaking demonic tongues.

    • No, that’s the whole reason for tongues we will be speaking out “mysteries,” and only God the Father and the Holy Spirit will be knowing exactly what the prayer will be about on any given occasion. We don’t know what we saying but God and the Holy Spirit. We can Interpret the tongues. Satan doesn’t any way of knowing what we are saying he was kick out of heaven so he don’t no the heavenly langue what the Angels speaking.

  23. Dear Whomever I believe by faith only that God gives us the ability to pray in our prayer language as we pray out of spirit mind . There have been time in my life I did not know what I ought to pray or even how to handle a situation, or even how to overcome a situation. Yet the Holy Spirit which is God who is the third person in the trinity as I leaned and trusted in Him and not on my own ability by the Help of the Paraclete that is the Holy Spirit would deposit an idea in my spirit on how to handle a situation or the power within to walk as an overcomer. My former denomination believe it all ceased after the New Testament Church and some believe it is of the Devil which concerns me the most

  24. God bless you. This site really helped me in my Sunday school teaching. I’m now a great teacher. My teaching ability had greatly improved.
    Thank you very much .

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