The Benefits of Being Baptized in the Holy Spirit

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I could do an entire article on each one of these benefits, but to keep this particular article concise and to the point, I will just touch briefly on each one of the things that you can expect to possibly happen to you after you have received this gift from the Lord. I will be touching more on some of these benefits and blessings in future articles.

One last thing before I start listing out each one of these incredible benefits and blessings. In order to get any of these benefits to be fully released to you – you will have to do your part in all of this. You will have to seek to establish a close, intimate, personal relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. And you will also have to spend some kind of good quality time getting to know more about Them and all of Their ways by studying the Bible.

The Bible says that God will give back to us with the measure that we will use. In other words, if you want God to give you 100% from His direction – then you have to be willing to give Him 100% from your direction. Seek – and then you will find. Ask – and then you will receive.

If you do not seek – then the reverse is also true – then you will not find. I believe there are spiritual laws that are in operation in God’s realm, and God simply will not put forth any effort to show Himself to you in a wide variety of miraculous ways unless you are willing to do your part by pressing in and start to seek after Him.

Do your part, and watch what God will do in your life – especially after you have received the gift of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! Now here are some of the major benefits and blessings that should start to happen to you over the course of time.

1. Deepen Your Personal Relationship With God

As I stated above, when you receive this gift, the Holy Spirit will be able to draw you that much closer to God and Jesus since He is now living where you really reside at – your soul.

Since you will now be much closer to the Holy Spirit as a result of Him filling up into your soul – you will now be that much closer to both God and Jesus, since access to the both of Them is made “by, in, and through” the Holy Spirit.

2. Hunger for the Word of God

Since you will now be brought much closer to the Lord as a result of having received this gift, the first thing the Holy Spirit is going to want to do with you is to increase your knowledge base about the Lord. When you enter into a true, personal relationship with someone, the first thing you will want to do is to find out everything you can about them.

The Bible is the only true and accurate source we have down here that will teach us about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all of Their ways. So the first thing the Holy Spirit is going to want to do is draw you into the Bible so that you can then start to learn more about the Lord and all of His incredible ways. He will actually put a major desire and hunger in you to want to study the Word.

3. Understanding the Word of God

Not only will the Holy Spirit give you a major desire and hunger for the Word of God, but He will also help you understand what you reading from the Bible so you can start to get some of these incredible truths worked into your personal life. Many Christians, especially newborns, do not understand half of what they are reading when they first try to study the Bible.

You will find that the Holy Spirit will start to illuminate your mind as to what certain Scripture verses mean and how they can apply to your daily life and walk with the Lord. This is direct supernatural revelation and illumination that will be coming directly from Him.

4. The Anointing

With you now being Spirit-filled up into your soul area – you will now be in a better position to receive God’s anointing on your life. The anointing is the power of the Holy Spirit operating through you to accomplish whatever God wants you to do for Him. It will be God’s supernatural power flowing through you, not your power. Your powers are limited, but God’s power are not!

You will have God’s anointing and power to be the best at whatever He will be calling you to do for Him in this life. If God calls you to be a doctor, then you will have His supernatural power operating through you so you can then become a great doctor, not just an average doctor. This anointing will not only come on whatever your jobs you are going to be doing for the Lord in this life, but this anointing will also fall on the other areas of your life as well.

If you are married, then God’s anointing will be on you so you can become a much better spouse for your mate. If you are a parent with children, then God’s anointing will be on you so you can become a very good parent for your children. God’s anointing will also fall on the personal relationships that you will have with other people.

If you are open to receiving His full anointing in your life – then there is no area of your life that He cannot come into to give you a helping hand on. The Bible calls the Holy Spirit the “Helper,” and He can help you in every single area of your life, no matter how small or trivial the task or issue may be.

The Holy Spirit will also help you in establishing priorities in your life, along with helping you to properly organize things that need to get done on a daily basis so that you can fully accomplish everything that needs to get done on that daily basis. In other words, the Holy Spirit can help make your life a lot less stressful and a lot easier to manage if you can learn how to follow His leading on a daily basis.

5. Improve Your Prayer Life With the Lord

The Holy Spirit will also help you in your own personal prayer life with the Lord. You will learn how to “pray in the Spirit,” which means that both you and Him will be praying to God the Father on the same request at the same time.

With His presence and power now mixing in with your own personal prayers, you will now find yourself starting to get more of your personal prayers answered with God the Father. You will also start to feel and sense a much stronger connection to God the Father when you do go into prayer with Him.

The Holy Spirit will also help guide your prayers so they are properly worded to the Lord, along with showing you the different types of prayer strategies that you can take with God the Father in order to help increase your chances of getting more of your personal prayers answered!

6. The Holy Spirit Will Start To Teach You Things

The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will “teach us all things and guide us into all truth.” The Holy Spirit has been set up by God the Father to be our Teacher and Guide in this life. He will help teach and guide you through every area of your life if you are open to receiving this kind of direct help from Him.

The Bible tells us that those who are led by the Holy Spirit are the true sons of God. This is a Spirit-led life. The Holy Spirit will teach you how to be led by Him so that you can get to where the Lord wants to take you to in this life.

7. Renewing of Your Mind

The Bible tells us that we are transformed by the “renewing of our minds.” God wants to put right thinking into our minds. The Bible gives us all of the information that we will need for this type of renewal to take place.

However, the Holy Spirit is the One who will really help you out in incorporating everything that you will read in the Bible. It is the Word and the Spirit working together that will cause this renewal to take place in your mind.

8. Sanctification

God’s ultimate and highest aim for all of us is our sanctification in Him. God wants to mold, shape, and transform us into a better and more holy people. He wants to transform all of us into the express image of His Son Jesus Christ. Again, this is all done through combining both the Word and the Spirit together.

We read in the Bible what God wants us to be like. He wants us to be loving, good, gentle, kind, and humble people. However, the Word by itself will not get the job done. The Word gives us the knowledge of what God is expecting from each one of us – but the Holy Spirit is the One who will actually make us more loving, gentle, kind, and humble. However, He will not do this for us unless we are first willing to spend some kind of regular quality time in the Word learning exactly what God wants to teach us.

The Holy Spirit needs something to work with in order to be able to transform and sanctify us – and that something is knowledge – and that knowledge can only be received by reading and studying from the Bible. This is why you need both the Word and the Spirit working together through you, so you change into the kind of person God wants you to become in Him.

9. The Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit

This will lead right into the next topic – the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that there are 9 specific fruits that come directly from the Holy Spirit. These are His fruits – not ours. The 9 specific fruits of the Holy Spirit are love, joy, peace, self-control, faithfulness, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, and gentleness.

What this means is that His love, His goodness, His joy, and His peace will start to be worked and meshed into your personality so that you can then start to become a much more loving, kind, and gentle person. After having received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, these nine fruits will start to manifest into your personality much more quickly and much more powerfully!

The Holy Spirit will also be working some additional qualities into your personality such as the qualities of boldness, courage, confidence, and passion. Jesus says in the Book of Revelation that He will spew you out of His mouth if He finds that you are too lukewarm in your own personal relationship with Him. God is looking for passionate and intense people, and the Holy Spirit will help to work these kinds of additional qualities into your personality.

10. The Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In addition to the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, the Bible also tells us that there are 9 gifts of the Spirit. The 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit are the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, prophecy, the gift of tongues, the interpretation of tongues, the discerning of spirits, the working of miracles, the gifts of healing, and the gift of faith.

Any one of these 9 gifts will now be able to be manifested through you at any time to be able to help either yourself or someone else. You will have a much better chance of getting some of these nine gifts to manifest through you after you have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit than you did before you had received this gift.

11. Communication From God

After you receive this gift, you will be hearing from God with much more clarity and with much more frequency. God likes to supernaturally communicate to His children in a wide variety of ways.

The number one way is through the “inner knowing.” Other ways are through the inner witness, leadings, quickenings (where the Holy Spirit will jump things at you), visions, dreams, signs in your circumstances, etc.

Again, this will be another whole article, but suffice to say, you can learn how to hear from God, and the Holy Spirit will teach you how to do it. It is a skill which can be learned and taught.

12. Seeing Things More Clearly

One of the most amazing things that will happen to you over the course of time is that you will start to see things through the “eyes” of the Holy Spirit. You will start seeing things as God sees them, not as man sees them. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will help guide you into all truth, and one of the ways that He will do this is by allowing you to see things from His point of view and perspective.

You will start seeing the truth in the many different situations you will find yourself in. Not only will you start seeing the truth that is in the Bible, but you will also start seeing the truth in many different areas in your everyday life.

The Bible says that the truth will set you free. However, you first have to “see” what the truth is before that truth can start to work to set you free. The Holy Spirit will help make sure that you see what the real truth is on a wide variety of matters and issues in your life. Once you see what the real truth is on a certain matter, then you will know how to properly handle it.

13. Show You Things To Come

The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will at times show us things to come – and that is before they come. The reason He likes to do this is so that we can properly prepare ourselves for something that may be coming down the road, whether it be good or bad. He will do this in a wide variety of ways. Again, this will be another whole article.

14. Help Increase Your Intelligence Levels

Since you now have the Holy Spirit operating up in your soul area – He can now help improve your intelligence levels, which will also include improving your ability to remember things. He will help improve your memory and your ability to retain and remember things.

The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will help bring back up to our remembrance Scripture verses when we will need them on the spot. He can also do this with a wide variety of other things in your life – including helping you with your school work if you are still in school, and with the different things on your job at your place of employment.

15. Help Increase Your Energy Levels and Physical Strength

Since the Holy Spirit is now living up in your soul area – He is going to be that much closer to your physical body. Your spirit is located on the inside of your soul. Your soul had thus been acting as a bit of a barrier between your spirit and body.

Before you had received this gift, the Holy Spirit was just living in your spirit. But now that you have received this gift, He is now living up in your soul area and right next to your physical body. What this means is that His presence will start to overlap into your physical body. When that starts to happen, your physical energy levels may start to increase. Your physical strength levels may also increase due to the fact that His power may start to overlap into your physical body.

I have talked with numerous people who have reported that their physical energy levels had increased after having received this gift – and for some, quite dramatically.

16. Will Help “Keep You”

The Bible tells us that the Lord is our “keeper.” It is God’s job to help “keep us” protected and from straying too far from the straight and narrow road that He wants all of us to travel on. With God becoming much more active in your daily life after having received this gift, expect God to communicate to you with much more frequency and with much more intensity if you should ever find yourself headed for trouble or too far off the straight and narrow road.

God will also help keep you properly centered and balanced in your walk with Him. Some people seem to get too far away from Him and end up falling out of balance with Him. They then start to become too flaky in their walks with Him. Once this starts to happen, they then do not make the best representative for God when trying to witness to others. As a result, they end up chasing more people away from God rather than leading more people to Him.

After having received this gift, you will become much more sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leadings, and it will then become much easier for you to read Him and stay properly balanced in your walk with the Lord.

17. You Will Become More Compassionate

With the Holy Spirit now living much closer to you as a result of Him being in up your soul area, another thing that will start to happen is that you will start to find yourself having much more compassion and empathy for other people and their problems. You will start to feel God’s sorrow and pain for their conditions. The Holy Spirit will start to “tenderize” your heart, making it much more tender and compassionate.

The Bible tells us that God will take out our heart of “stone”, which is called a “hard heart,” and give us a new heart of “flesh,” which is a much more tender and compassionate type of heart. As a result, you will find yourself being able to cry more easily than you have in the past – and this will go for grown men too.

The Holy Spirit will help make you much more sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions – sometimes almost to the point of actually being able to feel that person’s emotions, pain, or grief to the same degree they may be feeling it.

18. Manifestations

After having received this gift, you will be open to receiving different kinds of manifestations from the Lord. Again, this will be another whole article. But many people are scared to death of this realm, and God will usually only show Himself in this way to the people that would really welcome it and not be afraid of it.

You can get “stirrings” on the inside of you, which are manifestations of the Holy Spirit’s presence on the inside of your soul and body. You can get the laughter from the Spirit on the inside of you which is God laughing through you.

Other manifestations would be getting goose bumps on your skin, getting drunk in the Spirit, getting slain in the Spirit, receiving what I call the “power shakes” – where the Holy Spirit will manifest His power on your physical body making a part or all of your body shake or tremble – fragrance manifestations such as the smell of perfume, roses, or other flowers – visions, dreams, prophecies, and supernatural signs in your circumstances.

Again, God will usually only do this for the people who are comfortable enough in receiving them. Do not let this supernatural realm scare you away from receiving this gift. The other benefits are too important and they are all needed in order for you to live a victorious and overcoming life in the Lord.


If you will really chew and meditate on all of the above benefits and blessings, you will see that they will dramatically change and transform the quality of your life. This is why I say this gift is the second greatest gift that God can give you down here on this earth!

With this gift, God will become much more active in your daily life and will start to supernaturally show Himself to you in a wide variety of ways.

This gift is a major door opener that will take you from the dugout out onto the real playing field where the real walk with the Lord is at.

This was the last part of our series on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.


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  1. Thank you very much for your article,it is very interesting, I have learned a lot from it, and I pray that you continue putting out lots of interesting information like this, in the future.

  2. I am a new, as yet un-baptized Christian (at the ripe old age of 47, I might add)! Thank you for giving me some clarity! I want to study this article. So much to remember and I struggle with memory! I ask for prayers of guidance.. Bless you, you are certainly anointed to do what you are doing, it shows!

    Kind regards,

  3. Thank you for this article, Confirmed and opened my eyes to many things i have been searching for. Power shakes, have had them, at first i didn’t know way, have started to think it was the Holy Spirit, now I know. Had them today as I was praising God in Church.

  4. Thank you very much sir. I’ve learnt a lot from this your wonderful post. May the good continue to bless you more and more in jesus name. Amen

  5. Thank you for explaining and teaching us that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is indeed a second action after getting Born Again . Many churches teach it’s a one time thing and at salvation you get it all at the same time. This is error and we need to pray that they are open to correction., l Timothy 3:16 “ All scripture is God inspired and useful to reprove( Convict or rebuke strongly), correction, and training in righteousness. AMEN!

  6. I love this write up because it is indept and most churches do not lay emphasis on the importance of confessing and renouncing heavy sin before receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
    We can cultivate the nine traits through abiding in Jesus Christ according to the gospel of John chapter 15 from verse 1. Personal intimate relationship with Jesus and submitting to the teachings and leading of the Holy Spirit makes the difference in our lives. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Yes, I was baptised in the Holy Spirit, and it is true that we become better even when we worked. I am 65 and i have never renovated a house by myself in my life. And i knew that when I did the renovations i was not alone. Before to be baptised there was no way for me to renovate , demolish a wall and put sliding doors, or to build my fire place….
    thanks so much God to call me by my name and saved me at 58 years old.
    Thanks for your words.

  8. Let me first congratulate you for these series on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I learned a lot. I recommend for the reader to understand fully what is being taught here. If you have truth, then it will set you free.
    Here’s my addition.
    The Bible says fruit of the Spirit, see Galatians 5:22. The Bible did not say fruits. This means that there is only one fruit of the Spirit. The nine character traits mentioned are all the nine traits of the person who has the fruit of the Spirit. When I learned this truth, I started to cultivate these characteristics, (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self control NASB, other translation will give different words with similar meanings). Note that the last character trait is self control. The Holy Spirit will not control you. He is a “Gentleman”. We have to submit fully our will to Him. We will know what are the traits that needed to be cultivated into us.. This is to remove the bad traits, see Galatians 5:19-21. Those bad traits if not changed will create problems as we grow and succeed in this life. The Bible says we will not inherit the Kingdom of God. For example, because of the love of money, Steve Job died at the age of 56, very young, with 7 billion dollars. The love of money is mentioned three time times in the Bible as the root of all evil The love in the fruit of the Spirit is the love of God the Father which should be number one in our life. The love of God the Father should be above all. We should be able to identify any idol in this life that we put first before God the Father. For God so loved us that He gave His only Son so that whosoever believed in Him will have eternal life. The eternal life is with Jesus and God the Father. The fact that we are still alive is for us to learn how to have all the nine character traits shining into our life. This is the confession and repentance part. We fight not to get the sin back. .This is where we confess any sin which prevent us from having the fruit of the Spirit. With any of the character traits missing, we don’t have the fruit of the Spirit. God cannot be able to use us.

    Hope this helps.

  9. This is a great work done here…. Please i was once baptised of the holy ghost whereby I hear voice in my dream after i was baptized of the holy ghost in an open crusade. But after a few days of receiving the holy ghost I took alchol and i noticed since I couldn’t here voice in my dream anymore. But I wish I could have the gift back. Please what should i do? Thanks

    • Dear YINKA,
      The Bible does not say that we cannot drink alcohol, it says do not be a drunkard. The definition of drunkard is being habitually drunk. Jesus also said, “15 There is nothing that enters a man from outside which can defile him; but the things which come out of him, those are the things that defile a man.”
      Because it does not enter his heart but his stomach, and is eliminated. God our almighty Father loves you and will answer all your questions….Never doubt always believe 🙂

    • I felt sad when the outpouring left. Fight the fine fight and rejoice! You were given that first mighty fine taste. So happy for you! While I experienced Holy Spirit moments, my second outpouring took 12 years. 12 years of not even knowing there could be a second. I thought my human weaknesses made it go. This is the antichrist spirit. Nothing can separate us from God. Just keep saying nothing can separate you. In my first outpouring I was told my children and I would have a difficult time. 12 years before they gathered themselves together, I remarried and all of a sudden, a second outpouring! I came here searching for information about this phenomenon being possible. Take Heart 🙂

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