Being Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind

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The Bible tells us that one of the highest, ultimate goals that God has in store for each one of us is our transformation in Him – and this transformation is accomplished by the renewing of your mind.

The Bible tells us that God wants to sanctify us and transform us into the express image of His Son Jesus Christ.

He wants to make us into a better and more holy people, both on the inside and the outside.

Here is the specific verse from Scripture that will tell us that this kind of transformation is actually done by the renewing of our minds in the Lord:

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2)

I believe this transformation process has 3 major steps to it. They are as follows:

1. Knowledge From The Word

The first thing each Christian must know is exactly what it is that God wants to change about us. If you do not know exactly what it is God wants to do with you in this sanctification-transformation process, then you will have a very hard time in being able to fully cooperate with Him once He does try to start the renewal and transformation process on the inside of you.

There are a million and one self-help books on the market, but there is only one Book that will tell you exactly what it is God wants to do with you on the inside to change you for the better – and that Book is the Holy Bible.

There are no other books out there that will tell you the specific and exact points that God is looking to target to make this transformation occur in the way that He would really like.

The Bible tells us that this sanctification-transformation process is actually done by the Holy Spirit.

However, the Holy Spirit will not start this transformation process in you until He has something to work with – and that something is knowledge – and that knowledge can only be obtained from the Bible.

God expects you to play a direct part in this transformation process if He is going to start to work it in you.

In the three steps that will get this transformation process going for you – you will be responsible for doing the first two steps.

If you are willing to put some quality time and effort in doing these first two steps, then God will do His part, and He will then actually do all of step 3 for you in order to make this kind of transformation really possible to achieve in this lifetime.

The first step will be to study the Bible for the specific points that God will be looking to target to change you into the kind of person He really wants you to become in Him.

Since many of these verses pertaining to all of this are scattered throughout the entire Bible, I am going to list, in subsequent articles, some of the most powerful verses in all of Scripture – showing you exactly what godly and saintly qualities God will want to work and impart into the very core of your personality.

King David tells us in the Old Testament that we are to meditate on the Word of God.

To meditate means to think about, to chew on, to try and figure out what God is trying to tell us in His Word – and then to try and see how these divine truths can be applied in our daily life, and how we can get some of these positive qualities worked and imparted into our personalities.

If you will spend some good, quality time really studying and meditating on what is in these specific verses I will be listing in these other articles in this Sanctification section of our site, you will then have right at your fingertips exactly what it is that God wants to start working into your personality.

And once you have the basic knowledge of what these positive and godly qualities are going to be that God will be looking to impart into you – then you will be ready for step two.

The reason I have the word “mindset” listed in the title of this article is because you have to know exactly what it is that you have to “set your mind on” before God can really kick this transformation process into full gear – hence the word “mindset.”

You have to learn how to develop “right thinking” in the Lord, but you cannot develop right thinking in the Lord unless you first know exactly what it is that you should be thinking right about.

The Scripture verses that will be listed in these subsequent articles will show you all the things that God will want you to think right about in order to help you with this renewing of your mind.

2. Put On Positive Qualities – Put Away Negative Qualities

You will find two key words that will be repeated several times in many of the Scripture verses that will follow in these other articles. These two key words are “putting on” and “putting away.”

The Bible tells us that we are the ones who are to try and “put on” the good and godly qualities that God will want us to have operating in our personalities, and to “put away” all of the bad and negative qualities that He will not want us to have operating in our personalities.

This step right here is where many Christians are missing the boat. They have been walking with the Lord for years and they wonder why there has not been many changes in the very cores of their personalities. Where is the love, joy, peace, sound mind, and self-control that the Bible promises me once I fully commit my life to the Lord?

Why is it that I still have a problem in controlling my temper, my cussing, and my critical and judgmental spirit?

Once you know the Bible tells you to have self-control over your bad temper and over your condescending and critical attitudes – then it will be your job at this point to make some kind of concerted effort to actually “put away” these kinds of negative and destructive qualities from your personality.

Example – say you have a problem with a bad temper. The least little thing will set you off. The first step, as described above, is to find the specific verses from the Bible on this topic so you can see exactly what God’s Word has to say about having bad and quick tempers.

Once you know what God’s opinion really is on the matter through His Word – then you will have the appropriate knowledge to work with in order to try and tackle this problem.

Once you see in God’s Word that He does not want His people having bad and quick tempers – then you will now be ready for step 2. Now here is where your part will really come into play.

Now that you know God wants your bad temper removed from your personality – He will now expect you to try and put away this bad and negative quality when it does want to erupt.

You will now have to start to engage with your quick and bad temper every single time you find yourself in a situation that will start to trigger its release.

You will now have to make some kind of attempt on your end to “put away” your bad temper and “put on” the quality of self-control.

Say someone has just cut you off in traffic. Your normal response may be to start cussing at this person and try to flip him off if you can get close enough to him to do it. Your bad temper has now been fully triggered like it does every time someone cuts you off in traffic.

At this point, you have to make the best effort you can to try and control the release of your bad temper. You may have to literally bite your tongue to keep all the cuss words from flying out of your mouth.

When your bad temper releases on you, it is like a fire that explodes out of your belly. Once this fire starts to explode, you have to make a very strong and concerted effort to neutralize it before the fire hits your mouth and causes you to start cussing.

You will have to try and put on the godly quality of self-control in order to try and douse the fire – like pouring cold water on a hot fire.

You will have to tell yourself, and give yourself a pep talk that you will directly engage with your bad temper every single time you find yourself in a situation that will trigger its release.

At first, you may not have much success, because the release of your bad temper has become such an automatic bad habit. It has become an automatic response to certain situations.

But if you keep at it, over the course of time you will start to get more self-control over it, and you will then be able to dramatically reduce the number of times that you will actually go off.

The reason your bad temper triggers so easily is because you are weak in the quality of self-control.

Self-control is one of the qualities that God wants to impart and work into your personality. You will see this positive quality mentioned numerous times in the verses to follow in these other articles.

By attempting to put on this very positive quality into your personality, you will have the live ammunition you will need to not only be able to overcome a bad and nasty temper, but other bad and negative qualities such as too much of a critical and judgmental spirit, an unforgiving spirit, and too much pride, arrogance, and haughtiness.

The quality of self-control can really help you “put away” many of these bad and toxic qualities that the Lord really does not want operating in your personality.

The same approach goes for trying to incorporate positive qualities into your personality. The Bible tells us that God wants us to be loving, kind, generous, and gentle people.

Some people do not have many of these positive qualities operating in them due to all of the bad things that may have happened to them in this life. What God wants you to do anyway is to try and “put on” some of these positive and godly qualities.

Try to the best of your abilities to become more loving, more patient, more kind – even if you do not feel like it. If you will make some kind of decent and concerted effort to do this on your end, then God will start to do His part – which will now lead us into step 3.

Each one of us only has a certain amount of mental and emotional strength in our own personal makeups. We can only go so far with step 2.

We can only get ourselves to a certain point in being able to become more loving, more kind, and more patient. Our best is obviously not going to be good enough to get this transformation process properly completed to the degree that the Lord would really like in this lifetime.

God wants to make us more loving, patient, kind, and peaceful than we could ever get ourselves to be by using our own natural strength. So how can the Lord do this?

If we have spent good, quality time studying the Bible in reference to the changes God wants to make into our personalities – and we have tried to the best of our abilities to put on the good, godly, and saintly qualities that He would really like to have operating in our personalities – then how can God get us up to the level that He is really looking for as you will see in the Scripture verses to follow?

Since our best is obviously not going to be good enough – how can God complete this transformation process to the degree that would really please Him in this lifetime? This will now lead us into step 3.

3. By the Power of the The Holy Spirit

As you will see in some of the verses to follow, this transformation process is completed “by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

The Holy Spirit lives on the inside of each believer and it is His job to mold, shape, and transform us into the kind of holy and righteous people that God the Father would really like all of us to become in Him.

Many Christians already know this. They then wonder why there has not been much change in their personalities after they have been saved.

Where is the Holy Spirit?

How come He is not removing some of my negative qualities?

How come I am still crabby, miserable, and depressed all of the time?

The reason there has been little, if any true changes in a believer’s personality after they initially get saved, is because they have not spent enough time doing their part in steps 1 and 2.

They have not spent enough quality time in the Word of God to learn exactly what it is that God wants to change about them – and then they have not made any real concerted effort on their end to try and change themselves for the better, to try and put on the godly and saintly qualities that God the Father wants them to have operating in their personalities.

If each Christian would do their part as described in the above first two steps – then God the Father would only be too anxious to complete this transformation process for you through the power of His Holy Spirit.

What will happen in this third step is that God the Father will then start to impart His peace, His love, His joy, His kindness, His patience, and His perseverance into your personality through the Holy Spirit.

And these will be His divine qualities and attributes being imparted into you – not yours!

You only have a certain amount of love within your own natural personality to give and to express to others.

However, once God starts to release His love into your personality – then you will be able to love others in the way that the Lord would really like.

Then you can really start loving your children, your spouse, and your friends to the degree that you would really like.

Once God’s divine qualities and attributes start to enter into your personality – then many of the negative qualities that you have in you will start to wash away.

Once you have God’s love, joy, and peace starting to flow through your personality – then you will no longer feel crabby, depressed, and miserable like you did before.

God’s love, joy, and peace will now be replacing those negative emotions. You cannot feel depressed and unhappy if the love and joy of God is operating in your personality through the Holy Spirit.

This is not to say we will never get crabby, irritable, or down at times. We all live in a fallen and cursed world and we are living in bodies that are slowly dying and corrupting.

But when God really kicks this transformation process into full gear for you, the down days will not last as long as they used to.

You will not have as many of them and when you do, they will not last as long as they use to.

With God’s peace now flowing through you, you will find yourself not getting as upset as often as you did in the past. You may still lose it from time to time, but not to the same degree and frequency that you use to.

One of the greatest accomplishments anyone can achieve in this life is to find true inner peace, happiness, and contentment in this life.

True happiness can only be found on the inside of your being in your connection and personal relationship with the Lord.

All of the material wealth and goods that are out there for the taking will not give you this kind of true inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment.

All you have to do is look around you and see all of the unhappy, depressed, and miserable people that are out there – especially those who are rich and supposedly have it “all.”

Ever wonder why so many of the Hollywood movie stars are doing drugs and seeing therapists?

They are finding out that all of their material wealth, fame, and notoriety are not giving them the true inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment they thought that this kind of life would bring them.

As born-again, Spirit-filled Christians, we all know that this true inner peace and happiness can only be found on the inside of our beings through establishing a close, intimate, personal relationship with the Lord.

There is no other way! Nothing else in this life will give us this kind of true inner peace and happiness.

However, many Christians are not finding this true inner peace and happiness. The Bible talks about it, the preachers talk about it on Sunday, but many are still not finding it.

Why? Once you get saved, that is just the beginning.

After you get saved, God expects you to grow, develop, and mature in your walk with Him.

Many Christians are missing out on this sanctification-transformation process that is available to them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This sanctification process is what will really lead you into true inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment that everyone is looking for these days.

However, God is not going to give you a free lunch on this process. You will have to be willing to do your part before God will be willing to do His part.

The Bible tells us that with the measure we use, will be the measure measured back to us. In other words, if we want God’s best, then we have to give Him our best.

When it comes to this sanctification-transformation process – we have to give God our best by reading and studying the Word for the changes that He will want to make with us – and then make our own attempt to put on the good and godly qualities that He will want us to have – and then to put away all of the bad and negative qualities that He will not want us to have.

If we give the Lord our best in doing both of the above, then God will give us His best – and God’s best will be when He starts to transmit and impart His saintly and godly qualities right up into the middle of our personalities though the Holy Spirit.

Think about this incredible possibility – that God Himself can literally impart and transmit part of His divine nature into our personalities through the Holy Spirit if we are willing to work with Him during this transformation-sanctification process.

One last point before I give you all of the power verses in other articles showing you the godly and saintly qualities that God will want to try and work into us. Once you read all of the qualities that God would really like to have instilled in us, some of you may get a bit dismayed and distraught after you read what is in these Scripture verses.

You may feel overwhelmed, realizing that you may be a long way off in being able to have some of these positive godly qualities worked and imparted into your personality.

Some Christians read these verses and feel so overwhelmed – they do not even feel it is worth trying for because these ideals just seem to be too high to strive for. The one thing we all have to realize is that every single one of us is flawed to some degree. We all have our character flaws and rough edges.

No exceptions. We all have issues that need to be dealt with, and we all need God’s transformation-sanctification process to occur in our lives so the Lord can transform us into the holy righteous saints He really wants all of us to become in Him.

This sanctification process is not done overnight. This is a process that will occur over the rest of your earthly life. If you are willing to work with the Lord in this process, God will then gradually and progressively transform and sanctify you to make you into the kind of person that He really wants you to become in Him.

Your reward for allowing God to do this type of inner sanctifying work in your life will be a joy, a peace, a love, and a zest for life that you never knew was really possible to obtain in this life.

You will find true inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment. You will find what everyone else is looking for these days and cannot find, and many people will be drawn to you as a result.

Many nonbelievers have stated that what drew them to certain Christians that ended up getting them saved was the peace, joy, and love that seemed to be operating through their personalities. They said they were drawn to those personality qualities like a magnet.

Not only will you be more happy and fulfilled by allowing God to do this with you, but you will also be a joy for others, and they will be drawn to the light of God that will be shining through you.

As a result, many people, including other Christians will start asking you what it is that you have operating in you.

Why are you always so happy and upbeat? How can you have so much peace and contentment in your life in this crazy and tumultuous world we now live in?

As a result of this kind of inner spiritual transformation, you will be able to lead many more nonbelievers into eternal salvation through Jesus, and disciple many other believers into a deeper walk with the Lord.

This sanctification process is available to all believers. God wants to do this with every single one of us. The problem is that many of God’s people are not willing to do their part in it. As a result, the Body has many flaky hypocritical representatives for God who are doing more harm than good.

They are turning people away from the Lord because they are not truly manifesting God’s nature and personality though their own personalities – and this is all due because God could not properly get the sanctification process started in their lives due to ignorance and lack of knowledge on their part on how to actually enter into it, or possibly due to open rebellion and stubbornness on their part.

They may not be open to admitting to God what some of their problems and character flaws really are. They may be full of too much pride and arrogance to admit they have any character flaws that really need to be dealt with, and God thus will not be able to properly reach them to start this sanctification process within them.

As a result, they will end up presenting a haughty, prideful, arrogant, and know-it-all witness that will do nothing but turn people off and away from the Lord.

If you decide you really want God to start this sanctification process within you after reading all of the Scripture verses that will be listed in these additional articles – all you have to do is go to God in prayer and tell Him that He has a full and solid green light from you to start this process.

Tell God that you really want this transformation-sanctification process to start to occur in your life – and that you will be open to allowing it to occur over the rest of your life down here on this earth.

Your job will be:

  • To get into the Word and study the verses that will give you the knowledge on what positive qualities God will want to impart into you and what negative qualities that He will want to take out of you. The verses that will be listed in the articles to follow will go a long way in giving this specific knowledge to you.
  • Make the best attempts you can to “put on” the good, positive, and godly qualities that God will want you to have operating in your personality – and then “put away” all of the bad, negative, and destructive qualities that He will not want you to have operating in your personality.
  • And then be open and sensitive to any communication that you may receive from God on any specific areas He may want to work with you on. God will let you know exactly what these specific areas are going to be and exactly how He will want to deal with each one of them.

When this starts to occur, it may be a bit painful at times. It’s hard for many of us to admit to anyone, including ourselves or to God, that we may have problems in certain areas of our personality. But let God do His inner surgery on you through the Holy Spirit and you will be much better off for it in the long run.

The rest of the articles listed in our Sanctification Section will arm you with the knowledge that you will need to really enable God to start this sanctification process within you.

Remember, the Holy Spirit needs something to work with – and that something is knowledge – and these Scripture verses will be giving you this knowledge. These verses are the major door openers that will get God to start the sanctification process within you and change your life for the better.


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  1. We have been looking at the presence of God as a series in my local church. Last week the word was Transformation and your article helped me to bring further important teaching to the lifegroup I run. Practical help is so important for us all and your article really helped in this area. We are all hungry for God, but need to be aware of the part God expects us to play by taking time in the Word, to explore examine and apply is essential. Yes, a positive nature , an important attribute to develop. Thanks so much – enlightening!

  2. your article is wonederful what of celebrating and renewing our ministries.

  3. The article ends without giving the scripture references for renewing my mind and I cant find the Sanctification section……

  4. I am very pleased with your article on renewing of mind for I have struggled a lot on this aspect and by reading the word of God and meditating on it,I believe i am coming closer to achieving it.I also like to give people teaching about this topic.Our mindset is what sometimes lead us to fall in to temptation and if we can do our possible best to always renew our thoughts most especially when negative ideas cross it by meditating the word then we will be free from falling in to sin.A man’s mind is always full of things and the things that we spend our time thinking are those things that we end up doing.As the bible says if we live according to anything the we will have our minds set on that thing.If we spend our time reading and meditating god’s word then our minds will always be on the things God want’s us to do.
    Thanks for your is a wonderful one.

  5. My pastor is preaching a series on the mind right now. I’ve been utterly disgusted with the way I’ve been thinking, to the point of self-loathing. I’ve spent so many years complaining, and blaming God and others for the condition of my mind. Now that I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m the way I am because I let myself be, I am regretful yet hopeful. Regretful that I allowed my mind to run hay-wire; hopeful that, because I know I’m the problem and not anyone else, I can change, with the help of the Holy Spirit. I know that God has been knocking at the door of my heart to help me, but my pride wouldn’t let Him do His job. I’ve excused my thoughts and behaviors, and … I really feel overwhelmed by all of this. While I shudder at the pain of the process of renewing my mind, however, I actually look forward to the day I can truthfully say, “I AM FREE!”

  6. I really liked your comments on renewing of your mind. I am a Celebrate Recovery teacher and Sunday school teacher. If you would, could you publish a list of scriptures or send me a list of scriptures that go along with the Renewing of your mind study sheets. They are mentioned but I cannot find them.

  7. Hi mike, this is a fantastic article. I was looking forward to the specific scriptures you kept referencing, but cannot find this link. Can you telle where to look? Thanks so much and God Bless

  8. Thank you for this great article. This morning I woke up feeling down. God set me from depression five years ago so when I feel down, I fight those feelings with a passion. I refuse to get depressed. I decided to stick to my morning routine: pat the dog on the head, greet my hubby, prepare a cup of coffee, set the timer & go downstairs for my 45 min quiet time. I sang a couple of worship songs, thanked the Lord for his presence, silently told him how i was feeling (he knows anyway) and confessed that I knew He was not the problem, read my chapter for the day and prayed. I said out loud: I don’t care how I feel, I’m not led by feelings, I am led by the Holy Spirit and I take authority over all thoughts that do not honor God and I cast them down”. (I didn’t feel any differently). Got ready for work, kissed my hubby and said goodbye to the dogs. I drove 15 miles to work while listening to a teaching on “Thanksgiving” which included the Pastor saying that “it’s never good to feel sorry for oneself” and “God’s grace is enough to help me today”. I said outloud “I believe God’s grace is sufficient for me” and “thank you Lord for your grace to make me have a successful day”. (I didn’t feel any differently). It’s not 5:30pm and I don’t know exactly when things changed but I am thankful that God has taught me to persevere and not give in to the lies of the enemy or to my own thoughts. I was able to do some extra stuff at work which others were thankful for. I was light and salt today. I am feeling just fine and look forward to spending a great evening at home with hubby. Be encouraged today and God bless!!

    • Bless you. You are truly and inspiration.
      A soldier for Christ. If we don’t reflect his image, how will his Kingdom be built.

  9. Hi,
    This articles really help me to become a Godly woman by putting away my bad qualities as i always have a shaken minded, never think, lack of patience, to do any thing which i have learn t a big problem because of my bad qualities. Because of the above verses it will help me through holy-spirit by putting away all my bad qualities and put on the qualities or the fruits of spirit which help me To become a Godly woman seeking to do thy will in my life.
    My unclean heart cannot serve God, as i am a sinner but Jesus blood will wash away all my sins and my unclean heart.
    Heavenly father, I come before you as a sinner please help me O lord to create a clean heart, O god, and renew a right spirit and teach me to do thy will.
    I seek through the help of holy spirit which will clean me heart and release the seven fruits of spirit to become a Godly woman.
    In Jesus name I asked. Amen

  10. Thank God he has opened your eyes to what is making people to stray away from the kingdom of God, I enjoyed this article, because it is an eye opener to the candidates of heaven. May the good Lord grant you more annointing, more inspiration to enlighten the world the more

  11. Definitely God is the one who lead me in your website to read this article. God has spoken to me in different ways about being renewed in mind and mindset, though I wasn’t do what I suppose to do. I do understand clearly today what it means and what I should do when I read this article. My life will never be the same.

    Keep blessing

  12. One of the most helpful articles I have read on the internet in my search for Christian articles to help in my faith walk with God. I am starting right away to work on my anger problem. With God’s help I know I will overcome. I am very grateful to you for this timeous article. Our Church Assembly theme for 2012 is “The Year of Transformation.” That is why I say the article is timeous.

  13. This has been so very helpful to me.I have had a problem with my mind,anger,etc.for a long time now.
    I so appreciate being able to read thia.I want to be closer than I ever was to the LORD.Thank you for posting this.

  14. I loved this article. It is all so true. So far,the Lord has helped me get rid of my anger, plus I no longer talk about people like I used to. I still have a lot of other terrible qualities that I need His help with. I realized from this article that I may not have been exerting enough effort to change on my own and too much effort talking to the Lord and asking Him to do it for me. But it does seem to help to tell the Lord how utterly helpless I am to change things without Him.
    I’d like to share a few other things that I do in hopes that it will help someone:

    I also tell God how much I love Him and that I don’t want this sin in my heart to keep me separated from Him. I also want to hear His guidance so that I can obey better, but this sin is making it so that He will not hear me or answer me. I think that God wants us to give up all our sins and will not help us if we are holding onto some secret sin. He wants us to “be holy” across-the-board. Motivation is important too, like “I want to be pure to serve You, to be like Jesus, to demonstrate my love for You, to please You and bring You great joy, to present myself before You as righteous and holy, to carry out Your will and not mine, to discover my preordained plan and to fulfill it, to glorify You here on earth, etc.
    I think God wants us to try to obey all the commandments, the entire Bible basically. As I am exercising great effort to do this, God seems to help me faster. I ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me at night my sins from the day and I confess them. Then I ask God to help me during my sleep to give me insights about these areas of sin and to please eliminate them.

    Prayer for purity:

    Heavenly Father,
    In return for Your great love which caused You to send down your beloved Son, and in return for Jesus’ great love which led Him to die on the cross for us, I can’t give You a holy life, because I’m not holy; I can’t give You a pure soul, because my soul isn’t pure. But there is one thing that I can give You: a heart that will never cease from this day forward, till I reach the grave, to strive to be holy and pure, to strive to be more like You, to come ever closer to You, and to root out any sin within me that separates me from You.
    Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. (Psalm 51:10)
    Teach me to do thy will, for Thou art my God; Thy spirit is good. Lead me into the land of uprightness. (Psalm 143:10)
    Make me to go in the path of Thy commandments, for therein do I delight. (Psalm 119:35)

    in Jesus’ name, Amen

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