The Word of Knowledge

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This first gift I will talk about is the one I believe will manifest the most in your daily life with the Lord.

With God having absolute perfect knowledge on all things, and with us having knowledge levels that are completely imperfect and limited, this means that we all need to receive words of knowledge from the Lord on a very regular and frequent basis in order to be able to safely journey through this life.

As such, I believe the Holy Spirit will really manifest this specific gift with a lot of frequency in your daily life if you can learn how to pick it up from Him when it does come in.

I believe that the Holy Spirit actually manifests this gift a lot more than people realize, but they fail to realize it or pick it up when it does come their way because they have never been taught that the Holy Spirit can do this for them in the first place.

The Word of Knowledge is simply the Holy Spirit transmitting His specific knowledge to you on something that you would have no ability or means to be able to know about with your own limited intelligence and knowledge levels.

It is supernatural knowledge and insight being given directly to you by the Holy Spirit Himself, not by your own mind or your own intelligence levels.

These words of knowledge that you can receive direct from the Holy Spirit can literally cover an infinite number of things in your daily life.

They can cover anything from something very trivial such as where you may have misplaced your car keys at, to giving you life-saving knowledge on how to solve an impending crisis or emergency.

Here are some specific examples of where you can receive a direct word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit covering just about anything and everything in your daily life:

  1. How to solve a math problem at school if you are a student.
  2. How to solve a specific problem at your place of employment.
  3. Where you may have misplaced your car keys at.
  4. Knowledge on what a certain Scripture verse may mean and how it can apply to your own personal life.
  5. How to properly witness to an unsaved family member.
  6. How to solve a marital dispute.
  7. How to start up a new business.
  8. Where to look for that next new job if you have just been laid off.
  9. Who God wants you to marry in this life.
  10. How to counsel someone who has just had an impending tragedy hit them full force.
  11. What your specific calling in the Lord is going to be in this life.
  12. Word of knowledge that God wants to heal someone of a specific illness.

As you can see from these kinds of examples, there is literally nothing that the Holy Spirit cannot get into in your own personal life where He can then give you a word of knowledge on how to properly handle something that you are currently dealing with, or give you a word of knowledge to help someone else out with what they may be dealing with on their end.

With our own knowledge levels being so limited, so imperfect, and so incomplete, we all need words of knowledge from the Lord on some kind of regular basis in this life so that we can make it through this life in one piece and get to where we need to go in our divine destinies with Him.

How exactly does the Holy Spirit transmit an actual Word of Knowledge to us? I believe the number one way that He will communicate a Word of Knowledge to us is through the inner knowing.

The Bible say that the Holy Spirit will bear “witness” with our human spirits.

This inner witness is what I call the inner knowing. All of a sudden, you will receive a without-a-doubt type knowing on the knowledge that He is trying to transmit to you. It can come in the form of a thought or an impression on your mind, or possibly come in the form of a vision or a picture in your mind’s eye.

I have found from personal experience that the Holy Spirit loves to communicate knowledge through these pictures, which are really visions in your mind’s eye. These pictures can be used to give you quite a bit of information and knowledge on what He is trying to give you knowledge on.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes much more information and knowledge can be conveyed to you by way of a simple picture rather than Him trying to give you all words or sentences, depending on exactly what you are dealing with.

The only problem with these pictures in your mind’s eye is that you have to learn how to discern the difference between when a vision is coming in from the Holy Spirit and when a vision is coming in from your own natural imagination, as your own natural imagination has the power and the ability to conjure up their own mental pictures in your mind’s eyes.

Over time, the Holy Spirit can teach you how to do discern the difference between the two if you would really like for Him to do this for you. This is something that you can learn how to do with Him through a process of trial and error.

Think of the ramifications and the possibilities with just this one special gift alone – that the Holy Spirit Himself can transmit His own divine knowledge to you on something that you cannot solve or figure out on your own.

This is why this particular gift is so important and so needed in this day and age, as most of us are always facing some kind of roadblocks or obstacles on a regular basis in our daily lives.

As such, we all need the knowledge of God flowing through us so we can make it through all of these obstacles, and then get to where we need to go with the Lord and fully accomplish everything that He will like for us to do for Him in this life.

That is why the Bible tells us that “without knowledge” we can perish and go into captivity in this life. And sometimes only the supernatural knowledge of God can help keep us out of harm’s way in this life, since our own knowledge and intelligence levels are so imperfect and so limited.


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  1. The information provided was explained not only in great detail but easy to understand as well.
    Thank you so very much for putting the time in to gather, and deliver this clearly for myself and others to understand.

  2. thank you very much for this messages because i think the lord startes to use me in this gift of the word of knowledge from the time i was young up to now although when i was young i didnt know it was called a word of knowledge but thank God for this message

  3. Thank you for this wealth of information on the word of knowledge. I realize today that I have experienced this and did not realize what it was. I will prayerfully ask Holy Spirit to give me the discernment to know what is from Him and what may be my own imagination. Again, thank you for this article.

  4. This made me cry… after i received the holy spirit i became too wise …. that i knew this couldn’t be all me … like without the holy spirit i would have sank during sad time…. I would have lost so much money. Thank you Holy spirit

  5. Thanks for this wonderful message. I can now see that over the years I have been operating on my LIMITED knowledge to solve problems which has led to further confusion in my life. We have long underestimated the power of the Spirit. We need knowledge on a daily basis to solve the issues of life and true knowledge comes from above. We need to open up ourselves for this gift and like the Bible said “earnestly desire” this gift and the other gifts.

  6. I loved your point of view – quite inspiring – cake vs. ice on the cake – what an analogy. Sanctification is what all of us should run for. Although difficult to do but we can try for we were made in the image of God and if he did do create us as such that means he believes that we can do it. Our church teaches us about faith, holiness and also to trust and believe in our Lord and every day our prayer is to ask our Lord to live faithfully, confess our sins which helps greatly in our journey to holiness. Jesus said “be holy as my Father is holy” sacred word – he knows that we can do it for on that feast day we can all be in Heaven with him as a big family. My brothers and sisters in Christ let us all continue to pray and maintain a close relationship with our Lord, our savior. Prayerfully yours.

  7. How can I discern the voice of the holy spirit?
    Sometimes I hear a voice in my head but I’m scared that it’s just me talking.

    • Ask the Spirit to speak. Tune to the flow and write it down. After you are done writing, you may ask 2-3 spirit-filled people if they think this is God! Another important test is to check if whatever you have written , goes parallel with the Bible! If it’s the Holy Spirit, then it should not contradict the WORD!

  8. Jesus used all the gifts, not tongues or interpretation of tongues. The power gifts are to minister to believers anywhere. The fruit of the Spirit comes in all at once when one is filled with the the Holy Spirit. I feel the power gifts are more needed today. The fruit does not grow gradually.

  9. 3 years ago I was asking God where should I apply to get a job and suddenly the “Emirates “ logo flashed in my mind. But I hadn’t considered that as an option at all. But I thought it’s very tough to get in there and definitely not without reference. I discouraged myself. While I was in church again it came to my mind but I didn’t respond thinking it was impossible to get in there.
    Was it God who spoke?
    I had several other instances where W.O.K worked in me and thru me. But the above instance am not able to decipher and while reading this article it came across.


    • Sure bro you may have missed the leading of the spirit. You see you need faith to act on the gifts of the spirit and as follow the leading of God. It surprise you how much doors will open to you.

    • Anna, you have wasted too much time doubting God and yourself though most of us do when we use logic to measure divine message.
      Please go ahead and apply without delay, God is still waiting for you to show Himself strong in your life.
      You can encourage yourself by telling yourself that the worst that could happen is your application rejected but what if it’s accepted.
      Victory is yours in Christ Jesus.

  10. Thank you so much for this loving and simple teaching. This was exactly what I needed.
    God finally got it through to me just this morning that He has been giving me Word of Knowledge often and I did not realize it.
    As a matter of fact, He brought me back to the day I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was 16 years old. Immediately after I invited Jesus, I got a word of knowledge about my own life and situation through a scripture (and I did not understand the bible very well then) but I had no idea that’s what it was..
    Also, I heard Him tell me that around the time my child graduated from school (this was the 80s and I had no child then or any idea when or if I would have a child) was the time when some of the things I was reading about in Revelation would begin and that I would really need to be listening for His instruction and do what He said. My child graduated hs in 2015.
    I have been asking and seeking Him in the last few weeks about His calling on my life and He’s been so faithful in making things clear to me and led me here and I’m glad He did.
    God bless you.

    • The Bible says we should study to be approved. I am Alex Lionel an asembly pastor and am happy for the knowledge. Keep doing more. I function in the gifts and most of what I read I have experience it knowing and unknowing. Your lesson increase my faith and knowledge.

  11. awsome i have moved in the word of knowledge and what the writer is saying is aboluty true.
    when it first started was one day i was speaking to someone about Christ. he was a believer. i spoke to him for about an hour and all that time a picture of a certain minister came up. i just put it aside until the man said ” i loved this certain preacher” then i realised it was the word of knowledge. eversince that, the word of knowledge are flowing so amzing to me.
    thank you!

  12. Thanks for the very well said explanation of holy spirit.I for one was amazed when i was baptized of the holy spirit and i feel God gave me the gift of healing.There are testimonies on the persons healed by God through me.I am also a cancer survivor and God really heals and His presence is real

  13. Thank you sir for shedding some light to these subject. If I may add, the word of knowledge can be explained as visions of the night according to the book of Job. God speaks to us through dreams. But not all dreams are from Him. He speaks to us through short visions, usually in a flash. Sometimes it also comes in pictures. The word of knowledge is a gift God has given to many of His children but, not many know its significance and how well to maximize its benefits. It will save us quite a lot of troubles in our daily earth walk if we understood how God leads us this way.

  14. I believe with all due respect, that a holy God lives in me. He is so holy that John fell on his face when he saw him. (Revelation 1:17)
    I believe that all we need to know is in the bible. There you find the words of knowledge. What i was reading here reminds me of the times when i dabbled with other religions and new age philosophies. Jesus warned us of false teaching in the end times. (Matthew 7:15) Please be careful and test everything you say and write with the scriptures . May God protect your soul.

    • Perfectly said! Always Check these things with scripture!!

  15. kike
    I thank God for the wisdom of the writer of the article and other contributors. However Sis Sherry with all dye respect isn’t the spirit according to 1st John be the one to ‘confess’ outrightly that Jesus came in flesh? I have never tried this method you have given and I am not sure I fully believe it yet. but all in all I believe placing the word of God for us against our lustful desires in the message of every ‘voice’ in our mind will do good every time when we know that the ‘voice ‘ is speaking Gods word but the word justifies sin and our selfish desires it is definitely NOT God. because the flesh lusts against the Spirit but by the spirit e put the death the deeds of the flesh. I personally have had experiences that agree with the description in this article on discerning of spirits and I am glad that the gift is confirmed to be present. Please do not relent in enlightening believers with articles like this. God bless you and let’s all keep preaching the gospel.

  16. I would just like to add a Word of Knowledge the Lord gave me 30 years ago regarding discerning if the thoughts and words are from God or our own imagination. 1st John 4:1 is THE 100% fool proof scripture to be used.

    Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. And this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming; and now it is already in the world.

    To distinguish whether what you’re hearing is from God or the world of imagination, all you have to do is ask this question, do you profess that Jesus Christ is from God, and he died and rose again and the Messiah for all mankind? You will hear one of 3 things in your mind. 1. Yes, I am He. 2. Laughter. 3. Silence. With 1st John 4:1, God has given us the key. Very powerful indeed.

  17. I have this gift of the word of knowledge and discernment. However, once I was upset I heard a voice that sounded like ‘Holy Spirit ‘ but I wasn’t sure because it was not the voice He spoke to me. Also I saw a vision in a glimpse of a particular situation concerning a person that I haven’t seen and I have made a presumption of that person. In your opinion, is it accurate to say that Holy Spirit exposed this vision and spoke to me when my heart was upset and disappointed? I had some doubts about this.

    • No. If you have to ask if it was the Holy Spirit, it was not. I pray that the Lord Bless you with Revelation Knowledge and unsearchable Wisdom Sister. Amen

  18. Federick in response to your comment please read below,

    “The Colossians 1:9 tells us what the most important thing is to know about”
    This is the Truth

    You must also understand that the Holy Bible is only a part of the Holy Word, most people have never even read the Bible therefore Lord knew that revealing ALL (about this particular subject to know) which author of this article is describing will not make a difference for the believers.
    Pray and receive Holy Communion daily and you will be given the truth.
    God Bless

  19. The word of knowledge can reveal to us the past, present, or future—an event that took place in the past, an event that is taking place now, or something that will happen in the future. This gift is desperately needed in the Body of Christ today; for when it is in operation, this gift dispels all confusion and indecisiveness. It makes everything crystal clear. The word of knowledge pinpoints the problem or need.

    The word of knowledge can reveal to us the past, present, or future—an event that took place in the past, an event that is taking place now, or something that will happen in the future. This gift is desperately needed in the Body of Christ today; for when it is in operation, this gift dispels all confusion and indecisiveness. It makes everything crystal clear. The word of knowledge pinpoints the problem or need.

    • The word of knowledge points out to things in the present and the past. The word of wisdom points out to the things in the future.

      • Where’s the biblical back up for that it terms of the distinction? Thanks.

        • Actually, Prophesy points to things in the future – Prophecy consist of foretelling and forth-telling – Knowing future and making something to exist in the future.

  20. Oh, I just feel over joyed reading about these gifts of the holy spirit! Many at times i have trying to discover what gift of the holy spirit is within me, thank you and may God bless you for clearly writing this. I can’t say thank you enough but that may God reward you greatly for this….!!!!!!

  21. the Gift of Knowledge means the knowledge of God , for example the knowledge of his will, the knowledge of of his words the knowledge of the mysteries, the knowledge of the heavenly realm, the gift of knowledge was NOT AND NOT referring by solving your problem neither your personal motives and results that you need on daily life..( school work place, Job interview, community) NO” that is not kind of knowledge, the gift of knowledge is indicated through a spiritual understanding, in other words the deep understanding of God to know him better. who he was and what he is for us.! !
    Colossians 1:9
    For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;

    • Please don’t get things mixed up here, the writer is not referring to “the gift of knowledge”, but “the gift of the word of knowledge” these are two different things my dear.

      • Thank you Rabbi for clarifying the two. I thought they were two different things. I was not sure. I knew the Holy Spirit will give gifts to who He wants, when He wants for the reasons to further the Kingdom of God or help the church to move forward for His cause not our own agenda.

      • I am currently preparing to teach a lesson on the spiritual gift of knowledge. In my Biblical study, I have not come upon this distinction & was wondering if you could tell me more.

        • Hi Lauren,

          the author of this web site described the gift of the “word of knowledge” perfectly. Just read what it says slowly.

          Peace be with you

      • Rabbi
        Can you provide me with more information on this verse
        Thank you

    • Can the Gift of the Holy Spirit be present and the person “Not” show the Fruits of the Holy Spirit ?

  22. This is one of my primary gifts – in fact, I don’t even try to pray unless I am sure that the Lord is the originator of them. I had made some mistakes with words of knowledge before, but am more deeply guided by the Holy Spirit. In fact, it seems that most of my prayers are words of knowledge because the prayers advise of coming events and they occur when I follow God’s instructions as to when to act, when to be quiet, etc. I even get the date that someone usually in my family will die. I got the exact date my grandmother died 29 Feb 1984 and then the Lord awakened me about 2 years prior to my father’s passing. He said to me “I’m going to take your father home in 2 years”. It was just short of 2 years that he passed. I’m a crime analyst, statistician and deal in facts. Sometimes, I think that’s why the Lord gives me “facts”.

  23. I actually had a word of knowledge and did not know thats what it was. I lost my key to my house and I was directed to get out of my car and walk over to the passenger side of the car and I looked on the ground and there it was. I lost another key and he flashed the exact incident into my mind when I had misplaced them, look in a certain pair of jeans. I was looking for something else and he directed me to open a drawer and look down and there it was. I am so glad I read your article. Bless you

  24. Thank you very much.

    My name is Maureen from Kenya, Africa. I have been looking for indepth information in regards to the Holy Spirit for a very long time. May God bless you and your ministry in Jesus name.

  25. thank you for giving us this knowledge.

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