What is Jezebel Spirit and How it Operates

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Without question, the nastiest, evil, most disgusting, cunning, and seductive spirit in Satan’s hierarchy has to be what many call the Jezebel spirit.

This evil spirit has been responsible for not only tearing down churches, pastors, and different Christian ministries, but it has also been responsible for breaking up many marriages, friendships, companies, along with getting many people to commit cold-blooded murders and suicides.

For those of you who have been hit and slimed by this evil spirit, or have encountered it in some way, you will know exactly what I am going to talk about in this article. It is without question, one of the most evil and vile things I have ever come across in my life. Like Satan, this type of spirit is simply pure evil.

Over the last 20 years or so, I have encountered this spirit myself at least 5 different times, with it being attached to a specific person each time I had encountered it. As a result of meeting this spirit head on a good five times, I have developed quite a bit of information and knowledge on how this spirit works and operates.

I believe the Lord allowed me to have access to these 5 people when I did so I could end up writing an article like this one so I could teach people how to spot one if they ever had one come into their midst, whether it be at home within their family, in the middle of a church or ministry, or even at their place of work.

What is a Jezebel Spirit?

What is the Jezebel spirit? The Jezebel spirit is not just one spirit like Satan is.

This is a “type” of evil spirit in Satan’s kingdom. There is only one devil, one Satan, but there are many spirits that would be considered a Jezebel type spirit, as they all have a particular type of personality and a specific way in which they like to operate.

The reason many deliverance ministers have used the term, “Jezebel spirit,” is because of the nature of its personality and the way it operates once it sets up shop within someone.

The word “Jezebel” is coming from the OT story of Queen Jezebel back in the days of Elijah. She was a ruling queen back at that time and she had cold-bloodedly killed many of God’s prophets back at the time she was ruling.

As we explained to you in our article titled, “The Different Kinds of Demonic Spirits,” demons have two different names. They have their created name given to them by God when they were first created, and they also have a function name, which will tell you what kind of spirit you are dealing with.

For example, some of the function names of demons would be spirits of lust, spirits of anger, spirits of murder, etc. The function name of the demon will tell you the nature of their personality and what they like to specialize in once they move in and attach to a person.

A spirit of anger will try to get a person to act out in fits of rage and anger. A spirit of murder will try and get someone to commit cold-blooded murder. A spirit of lust will try to get a person to commit fornication and/or adultery.

However, when you come across a Jezebel spirit, it is something quite different. Some people have called this a “master” type spirit. Not that it is a master spirit in the sense of being like God, but that it is much more intelligent and cunning than a lot of the other demons are.

Many believe that this type of spirit may be Satan’s smartest and most cunning and evil spirit he has, and he thus dispatches this kind of spirit on specific targets so he can get the most bang for his buck.

Simply put, a Jezebel spirit is one of Satan’s higher-ranking, more intelligent demons if not the smartest kind of demon he has in his kingdom.

And with it being much more intelligent than many of the other lower-ranking demons will be, this makes this type of spirit much more evil, cunning, and harder to deal with once it moves in and attaches to a person.

And with this kind of evil spirit being much more cunning, intelligent, and evil than some of the other lower-ranking demons will be, it will cause a lot more trouble and destruction if it is not quickly dealt with and cast out.

Looking back over my 5 encounters I have had with this spirit, the one thing I have noticed are two specific things:

One, this spirit operates in basically the same way every time it moves in on someone. As a result, it is actually easy to spot after a certain length of time. In other words, it keeps playing the same types of games every time it moves in on a person or a situation.

The second thing I noticed is that this spirit is much more intelligent, cunning, and seductive than many of the other types of demons will be. It will thus be capable of playing more than one type of game with you.

For example, a spirit of anger will only try to make you mad and angry, but a Jezebel spirit will play a number of different games with you as I will show you below when I start to describe the way it will operate and the different kinds of games it will use to try and bring you down.

As a result of this type of spirit being capable of playing more than one kind of game with you, this makes this kind of spirit much more deadly and destructive.

If this spirit is not properly exposed and dealt with within a reasonable length of time, it can totally destroy and completely bring down a marriage, church, ministry, company, or an individual’s life.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:43 that there are levels of wickedness in Satan’s kingdom. And if there are levels of wickedness in his kingdom where some demons are actually more evil than some of the other ones will be, then I believe there may different levels of intelligence among the demons as well.

The Jezebel spirit, since it is much more intelligent than some of the lower ranking demons will be, is very good at playing head games with people. It is a total control freak, and it is also very good at manipulation and getting people to do its evil bidding.

Over the years, I have developed quite a bit of information on this type of evil spirit and how it operates, and I now want to share it with all of you so you will be able to spot one if it ever moves into your circle of influence – whether it be in your marriage, in your church, at your place of employment, or in between any of your personal friendships, as this evil spirit loves to break up good and godly relationships.

In part 2, I will show you How the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate.

Table of Contents:
1. What is Jezebel Spirit
2. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate
3. How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit


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  1. Wow it seems like all of our situations are similar . I too have dealt with a Jezebel spirit in the church! This woman who is MARRIED is very flirtatious with other men in the church one of them is my husband. Her and my Husband dated years ago before I came in the picture he told me about her them when we started dating so it wasn’t a secret. However, I have seen her on a few occasions giving my Husband a seductive look and other men as well. Again, she is married not only it is disrespectful to her Husband but to me as well but most of all doing this foolishness in the house of the Lord!! I will continue to pray that she will be delivered from this spirit because it’s on her strong!!

  2. Hi there. I have found to be attacked by this spirit everywhere I go whether it be at home or at work. Every workplace I’ve worked in, I’ve been a target for rumours that have caused me to quit. These rumours would always surround some guy and the fact that I am into said guy because of some little misunderstanding when in fact I am not. It seems like this happens when I first start every job. I pray about it. Would love to hear from you. God bless xx

    • She’s (or whoever is doing these things) probably jealous of you and sees you as an obstacle or competition. Maybe it means you’re doing a good job. Or maybe these people are unfamiliar with your communication style. If you think you’re expressing yourself concisely, though, it may be the latter. Maybe, God ia even strengthening you. Rumors are nonsense. Anyone who lends ear to, much less believes rumors is being foolish.

    • Hi Esther, I have a been a victim of this spirit too. Surprisingly my ex’s name is also Esther.
      So I was warned by a Pastor that there’s influence of this spirit in my life.
      It was in my ex I believe, the major problem is the person who has it does not even know it exists, cause the spirit is very smart and cunning. She was the love of my life left a big hole in my heart that just won’t heal. Not sure if I can ever move on. Just praying for healing.
      Anyways this spirit takes over a person and you’ll find yourself being manipulated, the subject will be very fine with other people but with you it’s a different mind game, hence they’ll appear very normal and nice in the public eye and they will torture you behind closed doors. I’ve been abused physically and mentally on many occasions. I’ve prayed and cried for her soul to awaken and God to deliver her because I’ve never ever fallen in love so much. But there will be a honeymoon period and then back to mind games crocodile tears drama and self centered ness. I hate this spirit from the bottom of my heart and I’m really praying that this spirit lose it’s bondage on her life as she is a very sweet girl. It seems to me she fears rejection due to a very deep and bad past which has led too a lot off insecurity.
      She’s in my prayers every single day and all you can do is fast and pray to release these strongholds in your life. The Jezebel spirit tends to generally latch on to smart intelligent attractive people who have a calling in Gods kingdom. So always be on your guard. Once you realize that there’s an influence from this spirit and directly stand up to it it generally will leave to go find it’s next victim. In my case it took with it the love of my life:(

      • I swear this hit my heart because everything you just said was exactly what I went through. She has a calling in the kingdom very attractive and intelligent etc but I swear this is head on I forgave her for all the things I went through I pray her next boyfriend or maybe her husband will never have to experience that kind of torment mentally and physically. I thought I was going to go crazy it felt like she was driving me crazy but All glory goes to God because he Released me from that toxic relationship I will never forget the feeling of something being lifted from my spirit when she broke up with me it was like I was lighter like a weight was removed I couldn’t even be sad about the fact the she had broke up with me

      • You might not like this but I think part of your healing will include evenutally not praying for them, release them to God. It will keep the door closed amd memory and help you move on fully emotionally. This is what I did eventually

      • Just some advice after living with this kind of strong spirit in a spouse. Commit to fervently pray daily without ceasing, asking others to join you and FAST for her, or just immediately break it off and move on, cause these demons are strong and if you stay, they can ruin many good years of your life, cause the person has to be willing to seek the Lord to recognize her need for deliverance, or no change will come. Hoping for it doesn’t work.

  3. I am a christian, but turned from God about 20 years ago. I got angry at Him because I struggled in my walk with Him and didn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing fruit in my life. When I turned away, a darkness filled my soul and I was filled with rage. I had a murderous spirit and became foul mouthed with fits of rage, foul cursing and very destructive. Years later, I returned to God (by His leading), but some of the fits of rage snd cursing still pop up. I am desperate to be free. Am I possessed? Was I? It feels like it is within me, not oppressing me and I feel no control when it cones on me. If I sense it coning I quickly lay down and try to sleep it off. But now, I am addicted to sleep. I’d rather sleep than curse at God or be destructive.

    • Hi Andrea, since you are a Christian and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, you cannot be possessed but you can be oppressed. You cannot be possessed because the Holy Spirit dwells in you. Oppression and happen to all of us. It certainly sounds like there are demonic forces that torment you. This is the case whether you are a brand new believer or a believer with a long spiritual walk. Remember that we do not battle with flesh or blood but with principalities in high places. As such we have to battle that evil spirit with the holy spirit. I recommend that you find a church where deliverance is practiced. Deliverance is practiced regularly at my church because it isn’t a one and done thing. Evil spirits are just going to leave you alone because you were delivered of one type of oppression. There are many, many types of spirits and they can attach to you and they can come into your house and cause serious tormenting. However, know that the spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, the same spirit that lives within us gives us the power and authority over them.

      • Hi Andrea, since you are a Christian and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, you cannot be possessed but you can be oppressed.
        – not true. Anyone can be, especially Christians and I would say you are. You should check it out with someone, but it’s hard to say with whom. Let the God guide you! God bless you.

      • I have interacted with many of Jezebel’s influenced Christians. I could tell story after story as a Retired major Case Detective. If I may offer this prayer to say over yourself. If you get the chills as your saying it, say it over and over until the chills are released from your body. Never alter a word. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command you Jezebel to get out of me, off of me and away from me and never return again. Repeat it a few times. If this spirit is in you, you’ll know!

        • Whoa! All I can say right now, is “Lord you are the keeper of my soul, my life’s purpose is destined by YOU and only YOU! I rebuke any spirit dwelling in places where only you belong, I declare this for myself, my home, my family. I intercede as your child for my family!”

      • It is incredibly foolish to believe that only one being can inhabit a house at a time. I’d like to see scripture proving your claim that a believer cannot open their earthly body to inhabitants. If you’re making your claim based on a calvinistic ‘logic’ approach, allow me to remind you that Satan is often in the presense of God, and in a million ways your logic is proven fallacious simply by using and believing the word of God: or do “the devils” who “also believe and tremble” believe amd tremble more than you?

    • I have had many encounters with demons and satan I will teach you how to remove yourself from fits of rage and anger. When your rage starts and you know when it starts get your rosary or just saying out loud. Lord Jesus Christ son of God have mercy on me a sinner. Say this over and over and over. say it daily it will take awhile many weeks or months, as these evil spirits do not let go of you in a day or two. You need to show them your strength by repeating the Lords rosary as a demon does not like you to admit your a sinner.

      Step 2. Go to a church and do a confession this is the greatest hate of a demon, CONFESSION at first you will feel uncomfortable talking about your sins, but you will feel free once you leave that church I promise you.Thats how you burn the demons off you. But be careful they will tempt you over and over again with the same sin you have just confessed. Its smart, do not forget the demons have been around for thousands of years their skills on how to make you trip over is very easy, they have had a lot of time to practice . But with practice you will beat them. I saw my first demon standing in my room the day before I was going to have my confession, let me tell you how angry this thing was. It had no sex this thing, but they can come to you looking like a male or female it plays tricks on you. So have faith my brothers and sisters stand strong with the Lord. Do you know that the demon asks God for permission to attack you, and God allows it. God says it makes you stronger and you must be on guard. Do not forget you are in a race the winner will be crowned, but the demons are there to make it hard for you to cross the finish line, otherwise how easy would this race be, with no demons. I look at it like a computer game there are levels to complete, so get up and keep running towards the finish line, glory awaits you at the finish line, and the Lord is beside you at all times. Just have faith. We are all in this race with you, we all suffer with you. But remember we are children of God, and he loves us. He gave us the spirit of warriors to fight these demons.
      God Bless

      • No disrespect but Jesus said that one day, those that follow him will worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth. Drop the repetitive praying of the rosary. Nothing biblical about it. Confess personally to Christ himself….no one else needed. Satan will not stay for long if you profess Christ aloud and guard your hearts and minds in the Spirit of God.

        • Your right about the religion of rosary and other such rituals But God said to pray without ceasing. So we are to continually pray as we each and every day pray for others on their behalf and for the protection of everything around us. Satan steals what we allow him to steal. On that note God does allow us to be influenced or tempted. Its about the positive and negative. Without the negative their is no power. Why didnt God send satan to another planet, space or time? But yet God sent satan right here in our face at precisely the right time. With that, we are always going to be in the presence of opposition. Why? … because God has a plan that whatever we go through, and whatever we endure , it will mold us into what God intended for us to be when we reach Heaven that Glorious day. Those that live behind stained glass windows hoping to live a life without being grounded to Gods reality pretending and avoid negativity instead of facing it are the weakest people youll ever encounter. You need the negative to be more powerful in the positive. In electricity. If you have a bad ground or a short, there is a power loss. God logic is very relevant in the world we live in. That said … I pray for God’s will in my life and greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Its opposition, not possession. Demons are the pure negative as God is not in them. But the ground is reality. You can learn more about God logic by learning about frequencies. God works on frequencies and so do demons. Everything was created by frequencies of God… as He is the light and light has frequencies and the more the power the more the frequency. Then comes a vibration and wa la… Creation has begun. Learn what frequency God is on because Love is a frequency. Dont confuse this with new age stuff although the new age started in the garden. Nothing new under the sun. Remember that. I have much more on this but I’ll stop now. God Bless your presence in Him!

          • Kenny, your’e right on, I really think you ought to write a book or pamphlet about what you’ve learned, describe it in more detail with your analysis of demons using the concepts of how electricity works as a metaphor to elucidate the influence of Satan and his hierarchy of demons! You could give examples in real life of people you’ve observed, or even archetypes of people- types of weak people (Christians, too)that are influenced by him in specific ways because they’ve chosen to close their eyes to demonic influences in their lives. This could really help a lot of people! There’s a good verse about how easy it is to be susceptible to deception by the enemy, and AS YOU SAID:
            ” THE ENEMY STEALS WHAT WE ALLOW HIM TO STEAL!” That was such an excellent statement you made!
            It’s 2 Timothy 3:2-5( and this is talking about “The Last Days” &that’s Today!)
            .. ” People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, (3) without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, (4) treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— (5) having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.”

    • Hi Andrea! Firstly, I want to encourage you to forgive yourself. God is on your side, and wants to free you and restore you. As a believer you have power in the Holy Spirit! Command that spirit to leave in the name of Jesus!! And trust that it’s already DONE in the eternal. Whenever you feel like you’re being provoked to anger remember what God has already done and rebuke the spirit immediately! The King of Kings has given us power, dominion, and authority over evil spirits. Lastly, if there is any truth that you’ve been silence about confess it. Satan loves secrets. And these secrets have the power to en bondage us! Confess, repent, and WHOSE you are. God is with you!! ❤️

    • You just need to get free. Ask God to help you get them removed. There are those specific spirits residing in your body, maybe from your bloodline or from doors you opened. Get to a properly run deliverance ministry to deal with getting them out, taking accountability for your sin or the sins of your ancestors they allowed them to come in your bloodline is key, plus repentance. Then they can be cast out. Once they’re gone you will not behave in such a way anymore.

  4. There is a HUGE difference between possession and oppression! So before saying one is possessed by a Jezebel spirit, lets be clear, she can and does operate through Christians too, though not in a possessive form, but being oppressed by her, thus control, offense, and many other ways she operates through the brethren.

    In demonic oppression, the demon does not directly attack the person but influences his behavior and the person’s entire life. The person under demonic oppression might exhibit abnormal or changes in personality, attitude, and manners. Even with demonic influence, the person retains control over his physical body and mind.

    On the other side, demonic possession is the state where the demon gains full command of a person’s body. The demon takes away the person’s ability to use his physical body, will, consciousness, and freedom. The body adopts the personality, voice, and actions of the demon. By using the person’s body, the demon communicates to other people by using a different voice and ways like shouting profanity and taunts.

    According to Christian faith, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ can be oppressed but cannot be possessed. This notion is founded on the belief that the Holy Spirit (one of the Holy Trinity) resides in a person’s body as its temple. This makes a Christian incorruptible and an exception to total demonic control.

  5. If a person is possesed by this type of demonic spirit, will they still be able to take the name Jesus in their mouth, or to write it, and will they’ve able to utter blessings and pray in fornt of Christians?

    I suspect that I might have recently come into contact with s person who has this demon inside of her (she claims herself that she’s been accused on multiple times before of having the spirit of Jezebel, but that it’s untrue). But many of the characteristics described fits her like glove.

  6. There is so much hoopla about this jezebel spirit thing. I am not sure that all of it is really scriptural or at least I think it is quite out of balance. The biblical queen jezebel had power because of her place in the royal palace, first. She could never have done many of the things she did were it not for her royal position. She had to be aligned with someone who actually had authority, so it was largely stolen authority. She was a bitter woman I think. Her father was a high priest to baal and as a young woman growing up in a sexually oriented fertility cult, she no doubt would have suffered various form of degradation and sexual violation, probably with her father’s permission for such things to happen. The jezebel in the book of revelation also set herself up as a person of spiritual authority and influence and was leading people into wrongdoing and idol worship.

    I have seen this sort of thing in operation in churches and what I noticed is that it usually flourishes when you have a weak people pleasing pastor whose need for validation and approval causes the ministry and church to be about him instead of Jesus, which makes it hard for him to exercise authority when someone is attempting to establish a power base outside of leadership sanction. Such pastors fear and dread the trouble that may be caused if they deny this person what they want and the possible loss of support and so they tip toe around it rather than confronting it directly. They will also attempt to use others to displace that person from behind the scenes so if it doesn’t work they can be safe from anger or blame and have a convenient scapegoat. Sometimes you have an Ahab type pastor and his wife has this issue.

    Most of what I have read on the subject of the so called jezebel spirit says pretty much the same thing. Who is likely to have a jezebel spirit. What its traits are. What kind of trouble they can cause and how hard it is to successfully remove them. Usually included are dire warnings of how powerful this spirit or principality is and how almost impossible to defeat it is. There is usually an offer of something like ” Ten keys to defeating and removing the jezebel spirit” often accompanied with an expensive price tag for you to acquire this “hidden knowledge “.

    However what I have seen is that when it gets to the how to get rid of it part, the information sounds like campaign promises, specific enough t sound like you are being offered something real and helpful but vague enough that it leaves you wondering what to do to defeat this invisible force. Arrggh. Most of the articles are written as if to someone who is dealing with another person who has this in their life. I have yet to see one written for someone who has the enemy attempting to set up shop within them this way. I suspect that often what’s going on is that both people in a relationship have issues they are blind to and the enemy is skillfully manipulating such things to bring about hatred and defeat.

    One thing that seems to get lost in the discussion is that the so called jezebel spirit is a demon or collection of demons that use someone’s fleshly nature and wounds to control them through fear. Questions like ” Did God really say that? Are you sure that was God? What if this happens? What if that? Are often the opening salvo by which satan undermines faith and switches us from trust to fear. Fear is his number one tactic I think by which he gains an entry way . Whether one demon or a three demon grouping, they are still in the category of those who were defeated at the cross and stripped of all power and authority. So the tales we hear of how powerful this entity really is are likely coming from folks who are inadvertently believing the buffaloing bravado of the enemy. Jesus said that all power and authority was given to HIM. That means satan has none but what he can steal.

    When you look at what Jesus said about an unclean spirit coming back with seven worse spirits so that the last state of that man is worse than at first it sounds terrible. But I think He may be talking about someone who is unsaved at that point. But then take a look at what Jesus does with the man who had the legion of demons. That’s a lot more than seven worse ones, isn’t it? A roman legion of soldiers equalled five thousand men. So this guy had thousands of unclean spirits controlling him.

    Notice that the man was not required to take inventory of his life and repent of any known sin before Jesus could help him. Jesus just made them identify themselves and then he ordered them out. He did not ask what legal rights they had. Thieves don’t acquire things legally, they acquire them by stealth and deceit and advantage taking. They were TERRIFIED of Jesus. The gig was up. So while one evil spirit is bad and seven are worse, Jesus had no trouble with five thousand of them whatsoever. They lie and saber rattle and threaten and bully to make us think they have tremendous power but they don’t. They tempt us to sin and then use that sin to beat us into a bloody pulp of neutralized shame. Sadly, other christians wish to remain ignorant of the reality of spiritual battle and so will stand there shouting advice or discussing why its the sheeps fault that the wolf is biting it and dragging it off but otherwise seem to have little insight into spiritual realities going on right under their noses. They either make the mistake of thinking christians can’t suffer spiritual warfare or they make the opposite of magnifying the devil to the point where we are afraid of him and his minions of defeated foes.

    I can’t help but wonder then, if when we are going on about how powerful and to be feared the great jezebel spirit is, if we aren’t actually playing into satan’s attempts at garnering worship for himself and believing the roaring lion’s attempts at frightening us into believing that he is too powerful to take on and even more powerful than Jesus, who merely had to speak and a legion of them fled at His presence and authority.

    • Excellent response with great scriptural context, grounded in truths about God’s power and the enemy’s desire for power. This article, as written, exactly represents a jezebel spirit, one of deception and claims of all power without God-given authority and actual deliverance. You hit the nail on the head and thank you for the truth!

    • I agree with some of your assertions especially about the strength of these evil spirits. Greater is He that is in me!
      As for the merits of this article… it was very helpful to our family. It brought things to light to help us realize that is what has been attacking us. The satan loves hiding in shadows. In its arrogance and pride attacking us yesterday it proved we hit the nail on the head and exposed it. Now we have a better focus on what to pray against. If we are to judge by fruits…this article had borne fruit in our lives.

    • Wow! That really is a lot to take in but I believe that you explained it so well… Thank you.

  7. To all of you who are born again and trusting Christ for your eternal salvation, I want to ensure you that you are not saddled with a Jezabel spirit, even though it appears others have accused such, or suggested it. Those who have been redeemed and have the Holy Spirit within them ARE NOT ABLE TO BE POSSESSED BY A DEMON such as a jezabel spirit. There are many sermons out there in the internet that give scripture and great information about this, and I hope you will sooth your fears by seeking these and listening to them. If the Holy Spirit abides within you, no demonic spirit of any kind can reside in you.
    It is sad and terrible that other human beings, full of pride, arrogance, deceit and unholy self will accuse such to some of you, but again, it is not possible for those nasty spirits to exist within you when the Holy Spirit resides within you. Take peace and comfort from these words and don’t give power to the people who, in this fallen world, are operating from a place of unholiness, when they so flippantly throw these accusations at you.
    I hear, in so many posts on this topic, so much pain and worry and agony that the words of others have caused you….rest on the Word…..that is the only “words” that you should let rule and reign in your hearts. Have peace within you and enjoy your life and let all this worry and upset slide off you. Focus on the positive things in life and control your thoughts. Read the psalms if you find your mind going negative and giving power to the words of human beings which hurt, tear down and burden you.
    Life is a gift from the Lord and we can have a good one, being available to others to encourage and love, as our Lord would like us to do….but we can’t do that if we allow others who would tear us down to bring our minds to a place where we can’t function well and happily for our Creator and Lord. Choose to serve the Lord today, with joy and thanksgiving for the life and opportunity. Satan is the author of all this turmoil, and those who would tear you down are willingly serving him, even if they aren’t aware of that sin in their life at the moment. Let the Lord work in these people who are doing harm…and know the Lord is working in them…..dust your heels from these people….perhaps another time will come when the Lord has completed a good work in them, and you can see them serving Him as we all should, but in the meantime, it is good for us to focus on serving Him, and not focus on these sins of others, that are hurting us.
    Be well. Be happy. Be fruitful. Be still and know that God is working in us all. Do what you know is good and right and pleasing to Him, and let all this other stuff go. Choose what you will think and focus on, and let it be good and pleasing thoughts so that the Lord is magnified in you for the benefit of us all. Our Lord is amazing and beautiful and worthy of us focusing on Him, so that we can be the best us that we are able to be….every day.
    Peace and Love and Understanding to each and all of you.

    • Lisa, I completely agree with you that if you are born again, have accepted Jesus as our Savior, God’s love abides in those who love him. For those, they who have inside them do not have the Jezebel spirit. However, I disagree with you on one point. Not everyone who enters/attends a church are of God. I have seen this and experienced this for 13 years in my former church. Just because the word “church” is on the sign and there’s a cross at the altar and a pastor who leads does not mean God is there. I have have seen the Jezebel spirit in several people in this church that takes on the pretense of being godlike, even delivering sermons, serving on the Board, and singing in the choir but wreck havoc, chaos, and pain. The last 12 months I was there I didn’t even know the issue but I knew I had to leave and find a church that God was in and using to further his kingdom. It was not until I read THIS article and having been gone from that church 2 years that I identified just what the issue was. It’s because of several key persons, this church is in crisis and has decreased its membership to about 30. This church has ran off two pastors, one of which was forced into retirement. So I’m saying this to say the Jezebel spirit is real. It’s not in every person nor is it in every church, but it is a reality. Just because you’re a person of Hod doesn’t mean you cant be assaulted by demons. Jesus faced many demons at different points in his life, and he was God’s son. The Jezebel spirit is a warning to make God’s people aware it’s out there. It’s not a threat or to impose fear. In fact, I didn’t understand and recognize it for what it was until I read this article.

  8. This Demon is real. I am a pastor and have seen its work first hand. It will protect itself at all cost. I believe it is the “Spirit of the Age.” It hates men and tries to destroy them. Its loaves independence especially in women and tries to dominate them. It;s goal is to be constantly worshiped. You cannot please this spirit, it only wants continued worship. The moment it is exposed, it will lash out and try to destroy the person or persons trying to reveal its presence. It feasts on emotion and pain. It HATES God, and really hates the Holy Spirit. It will appear as being almost in line with Jesus, in order to infect and inflict its harm on believers. It will seek to destroy anyone who is gifted in any form of teaching gift or prophetic understanding in the scriptures. It hates the books of Prophecy, and will persecute anyone teaching them or desires to do so. It will only praise someone if it befits itself in someway. Its seductions are beyond the sexual. It uses privilege and gifts to secure its victims.

    It never rests, it will infiltrate a church and make a pastors life a living hell. It will try to destroy any man who desires to become a pastor or elder. It will use anger and seduction, it will turn house holds against house holds. It will make you feel like you are the problem, and bring up contrived facts to support it. It will hide lies between truths and use them against you; and when you bring up the facts to expose the problem it will make you look like you are crazy, or the problem. It will try and embarrass you in-front of other people, and twist stories in your life to make you look bad in front of others. It cannot stand, to not be the center of attention; and will over-talk you to further humiliate you.
    It will use children as weapons against the opposite parent; and one of its greatest lies is that it is only in females, because there are many male Jezebels.It will divide families by slowly planting subtle verbal poison. It loves and thrives in chaos; it hates order, or love or compassion. it only exhibits these traits when it suites its needs. It emasculates men and seeks to control and dominate women; and those women who will not comply are slated my this evil spirit for emotional destruction.

    You cannot defeat this spirit without constant daily prayer against it. You must pray that God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ binds not only the spirit of Jezebel but also Ahab, a crippling weakening spirit aimed mostly at men, but also women.

    • Pastor John, I pray you have intercessors who can cover you & your family & church with prayer! Colossians 2:15 (Jesus disarmed rulers & authorities by triumphing over them Luke 10:29 ) We have authority over all the power of the enemy! Something’s come out thru fasting & prayer! A corporate church fasting & prayer time is always in order! Remember it is not the length of the fast ,but more so the sincerity of the heart that counts! Lastly,you as Pastor can take authority & call that spirit out!(Binding & loosing ) Read Mark 3:27 ( binding the strongman) & Matt.16:19! Yes you also can expose & rebuke that Jezebel spirit openly by binding it up and pulling down strongholds ! The power is in your tongue Proverbs 18:21! I was taught deliverance under Apostle John Eckhardt,Chgo.IL.( Very anointed man who is humble & !oves God! Pastors,etc travel from all over the world & learn the deliverance ministry! They take these skills back to their congregation! I believe they have teams of worker who visit different churches who teach deliverance!! ( The anointing breaks the yoke! Isaiah 10:27)Be encouraged Pastor John, hope these words help you! Shalom!( I moved to Sterling,Va. in 2001 & certainly miss that great ministry! P.S. Please remember me in prayer for I am in a mostly unchurched area!

    • I thank God for using you to share this message online. I knew as a parent my son was under an attack, but could not clarify exactly what attack of the enemy he was under. I am more aware of how to pray for my son, along with coaching him when he pray how to apply the blood of Jeusus over his life. Againt theses Jezebel evil demonic spirits that comes to emasculate, destroy, humiliate, seduce, control, cause confusion & shame within my sons life and our family.

      Satan your assisgments has been cancelled out on today. I bind the Queen of Jezebels and every Jebezel spirit that comes to move in and attach itself to my sons, daughter, and family. The blood, the blood, the blood of Jesus has been applied over my sons, daughter, family and every situation concern us & God.

      Deu 28:7 “The LORD shall cause your enemies that rise up against you be defeated before your face. they shall come out against you one way, and flee before you seven ways.”

    • Yes!!! Spot on correct!!!!
      I have realized this spirit wholly encamped in my son’s girlfriend, who is a high wiccan priestess, and as soon as I am safe, physically, ..I must expose and confront it. She has admitted affiliation with jezebel in the past.. But I didn’t truly understand the scope of this spirit and just disregarded her comment about it…

    • Thank you, PastorJohn, for your vast knowledge. My marriage was destroyed by this spirit in the form of a woman who had an affair with my minister husband. We were divorced, they married and started a church where she seems to dominate. I’m frequently praying for my adult children and how they and my grandchildren may be influenced. She has offended many of their church attendees and the governing elders. As a result, many have left the church. She also tries to come between my daughter and her dad. Your insights have been very assuring and helpful in helping me educate my children. We have to learn how to live with this individual. Mostly, I think, people need to be aware, not bury their heads in the sand, pray for keen discernment and remember that we have authority over the powers of the enemy. God bless you and all. In Jesus name…

      • Wow, that is quite a testimony! You said that your husband is now married to a woman that he was having an affair with while married to you. Why then, would you want him back?

    • So all I have to do is fast and pray for this spirit to leave my mom. Every time I come around her or it it tries to physically harm or kill me. It found my scriptures that God led me to to cast it out and destroyed them now I cain t remember them.

    • OMG! You have just described my mother and the hell I grew up in.

    • oh yes seeing it with my own eyes and if you are the one to know and recognize it will come to destroy you and make everyone thinks you are the problem you got to be really strong and stand in faith and prayer for God to reveal it to others if not you will run away, it is a real spiritual war a battle.

    • My husband has the Jezebel Spirit. A man that my husband knows searched my husband out in the man towns that we move to. This man named Monty was not friend or family. He whispered secret lies in my husbands ear about a woman from his past. For a decade my husband filled his mind with her image and became cold to his family. I found out a year ago. Nt husband was filled with violence and rage, suicide and now I’m finding that I cant sleep or have peace in my mind. During the time that I was unaware of my husband’s evil we suffered financially due to my husbands poor choices. Please pray for Gods protection for me and my children and Gods conviction on my husband and true repentance.

      • Heavenly Prayers and Salvation of healing as by Our Holy Father God!!! Revoke this demon among this family’s lives! In Our Saviour’s Name Jesus Christ we pray-AMEN!

    • Fascinating topic of discussion. I have been faced with a few Jezebels over the years. I lived with 2 of them without being married to them. They are ultimately bent on DESTROYING the men they SEDUCE and CAPTIVATE with their SATANIC CHARMS.
      Yes, they are REAL, and many church leaders are currently under their SPELL. Many of them have and are FORNICATING with Jezebels and are bringing their churches into. APOSTACY and opening doors to many WICKED spirits into the professed church of God.

  9. My step son told his dad that I was a jezebel spirit. It hurt because my husband had just had a stoke. Stress levels very very high. My step son has been trying for years to turn us to his ways and church. Sometime ones zeal for God will cause them through whomever is their teacher to attack others. I would never call that to another, I would pray for them. All this because I wanted to limit visitors after surgery.

  10. I read about Jezebel spirit carefully. And sometime I ask my self for so many things happened in my life since I was married in 2009. I always angry, having a negative thinking, envy, and can not respect my husband that finally left me since 2012 until now. My husband told me he divorced me in his country without I know it and he was married with another woman in 2015, also without I know it. I found his new married from Facebook.

    I know my fault and weakness. I asked my friend one time “Is there any Jezebel spirit in me? Because I went to church, read the bible, and also I joined so many church service since I was so young, but why I still lost on my mind, can not control what I said, arrogant and I am not bearing a good fruitful in my daily life ?”

    When my husband left me, I always send the bad words and judged him and send the worst email not only to him, but also to his family, and friends. And I was thinking, that’s the way to let him know how is my feeling, and hoping he is come back to me. And yes, it was so stupid and sick minded of me from my painful and bitterness heart.
    Finally, just this month I wake up from my dirty minded. Since 2012 until 2019 , after so many process in life and so many thing happened, why I just realized what I did to my husband was very wrong. I did not file any divorce in my country, and after I have been praying since my husband left me, one think the best that I can do only put my hope to God to get my husband back to me and restore our marriage. I always crying and asking forgiveness from God and hoping there is a good time and a chance for me to meet my husband again.

    I have so many dreams, and made me afraid to divorce my husband. And sometime , when there was a single Pastor was fell in love with me, and the praise and worship leader and the members gave me advised to file my divorce because they know my husband is a foreigner and was married with another woman in his country, but I trully can not accepted and I left that church and the praise and worship team because I have a dream that I must left that church and I was afraid if I die because in my dream I heard God’s voice said “Don’t touch the river of Spirit, or you die! Leave this place!” . So I left that church and the Leader Pastor still called me to come back to the team, and I know his purpose that the other single Pastor was wanted me more than a member of praise and worship team. And after I left that church, I was cried alone, scream to God because I heard the Leader Pastor have got the accident after Praying Service and he was dead!!!

    Since that painful thing was happened, I always be careful for all service that I want to joined at any church. I always praying hard and asking God where I have to go and joined the church service. And when the same thing was happened again at another church, I was directly left the other church, shared my dream to the wife of Leader Pastor and praying for everybody saved, but than seems like there was a replacement for my dream, than another single and virgin Pastor was rape and killed in this year, in another area.

    And sometime I also saw another thing that I can not explain in my dream, and really make me afraid to God and I don’t want to file the divorce.

    I’ve been fasting, fasting, and hide my self alone in the house. I am worry where I have to go and confuse. Is there any demons or Jezebel spirit in me ? Although God send me so many dreams, and miracle (two times the victim of the accident was woke up from their death after I prayed and the accident was happened in two difference area and year) , but I still having a doubt about what kind of spirit that lead me ? How to know if the spirit that lead me from God or Jezebel ? Am I wrong waiting my husband come back to our marriage ?

    Please help me…I really need a guidance. I asked two Pastors and the answered made me confused. One of them said I must get rid from my negative thinking and the other said all my dreams came from the Anti Christ Spirit or the internet or movie.

    I don’t know what I have to do anymore. I am afraid to join any church service, and I keep waiting on God and praying by myself. Thank you so much for all this process, although I don’t understand where I have to go and I keep hoping my husband will forgive me in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Dear Erna! You are loved and are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story. As Romans 12:1 admonishes, as children of God, we ought to give ourselves to the renewing of our minds by studying the Word of God, it has to be intentional. Like a child needs milk to grow, we cannot grow and flourish without knowledge of who we are in Christ Jesus. In Hosea 4:6, God says His people perish for lack of wisdom, so it is this lack that the devil tries to take advantage of. Do not give in to Satan’s accusations upon your life (Revelations 12:7-11). Remember the Word says, “He keeps in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on the Lord” (Isaiah 26:3). So, keep your mind and focus on Him, let Him take charge because He wants you to have and enjoy life (John 10:10). Be blessed

    • Remember God hates divorce. It is a spiritual union between man and God. Your vows are before God first and then man. God is the beginning and end of all things. Stay strong in your faith don’t listen to what the world has to say on godly status. Read your Bible and pay very close attention to Matthew 19:3-8. The hardness of ones heart is not of God, it is of the devil. I to have been attacked by this spirit from my wife after false accusations of abuse that landed me in prison for two years. With all that has happened I still fight this spirit in prayer night and day for her. We are divorced by mans law. But I fight for her by the powers invested in me as her husband. If I give in Jezebel wins. I cannot tolerate that. You must have faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen Hebrews 11:1. And remember faith is believing in something common sense tells you not to. Confess, repent, forgive, and turn away from your sins. And beware, she is not done yet. I am attacked every single day but now I know what she is and she is trying to stop me.

  11. Albin I hear the anguish you are experiencing. There is nothing complicated about our faith. Decide to believe what the scriptures say. So put simply when you cry out to the Lord He is faithful and true and responds. But you need to believe you have already received those things you have asked for. I know when you look at your life and where you are at you feel nothing has happened but that is a lie you are telling yourself. Your process of sanctification has begun. With every negative thought and emotion confess it and then thank the Lord for your healing in that area. Let go of your will and submit to His will and you will begin to see the changes in your life. Remember you can do nothing to change yourself the Lord, through the power of the Holy Spirit, He will transform you into His image. Relax and be at peace, bask in His love knowing that your prayers are being being answered.

    • Wow, Thank You Jesus for sending Coralie! God is awesome and knows just what we need and when we need it! So thank you for your message, wow God is Awesome

  12. Hi Elizabeth, Read on the Leviathan Spirit and see if it relates to your situation. Wish you well and Gods guidance.

  13. The Pastor in the Church I was attending, until just recently, believes I’m under the influence of this evil Jezebel spirit. I don’t believe I am, but I want to know for sure. Can someone please help me. I’m suffering with deep rejection issues, as well as being isolated from the Church, as the Pastor told me, in a text, I should find somewhere else to worship. It has been handled so wrong. There was no love or grace in this process.

    • Hey Elizabeth, it sucks that at this day many Christian leaders are not truly representing God’s kingdom. Jesus himself came for the lost, and through his teachings, we know that he is willing to sacrifice the 99 sheep to find the one lost one. So I encourage you to find another church and in the mean time, pray!!! Pray all kinds of prayers in all kinds of ways, and submit yourself to God by meditating in his word. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. He will try to steal your soul, kill your spirit and destroy, but don’t let him. Remember that Jesus faced the same struggles as we do, for instance, he was rejected in his own hometown. But in John 16:33 he says, in the world you will have tribulation but take courage, I have overcome the world. Pray for yourself, pray for your family, pray that your actions align with his word, and surrender to him. Seek him, seek his kingdom, ask him to change you and you will receive the answers you need.

      • Elizabeth,
        If this pastor truly believe that about you than why is the casting it off of you? Does he not read the Scriptures about casting demonic spirits off people?

        I guess he doesn’t read the Scriptures because there’s numerous scriptures that talk about how Jesus cast demons out of people constantly and if he believed that about you which I’m not saying it’s true at all he would’ve done the same as what Jesus did. There’s a difference between being a Christian and a disciple adisciple do exactly what he did.
        Jesus said this throughout the Scriptures do what I do. The whole meaning of Easter is that the Holy Spirit would come so that people would have the power of the Holy Spirit in them to be able to do the miracles in the things that Jesus told us to do. He also said don’t make disciples of all nations which is what we call to do witness and share faith to people. If they don’t receive it he said check the dust. You can read Matthew and Luke all about this and read the parables as well. There’s so much in the scripture about how we have been redeem by the blood and given the power to be able to cast out demons and do many miracles in his name we are to do with Jesus did and we have the power to do it. The problem is many Christians don’t read the word and understand the power that they have. I have experienced that myself and now that I’ve read the word and ask God to show me his glory and his power it’s working through me..Many have been healed and saved and it is not my power it’s the Lords power through me. I hope this helps

        • I hear so many say, “Just do this, Just do that.” Unless you yourself has had to deal with it in the church, and then your family, it is not quite that easy, doable, YES! Like Jesus said; “Prayer and Fasting” takes for some, HOWEVER… understand this spirit didn’t just hop on you. It comes by way of bitterness, unforgiveness, in a person. UNLESS that person is willing to let God take the bitterness of a past hurt and the unforgiveness that is in their heart, you are in for a long haul. My husband and I planted a church, and he was the pastor. I worked in children’s and community outreach. This thing took down a lot of people, then it took down the church 13 years after we released the church plant, and in between it followed us home, and tried to take down my family. But in each case, there was a root of bitterness and unforgiveness in the heart – that then turned into hard hearts, which is scary. This spirit does aim to destroy, to kill and to steal. It happened to our church and it happened to my family. PRAYER & FASTINGT, CLINGING TO GOD and LOVE was the key to saving my family. Sadly the trial lead to my husband’s death. I am grateful we had about 2 years with him before he died. DON”T JUST OH IT AWAY….. GOD IS ABLE, and HE gives those who are praying – how to pray. It takes a lot of foot work to go with the prayers and fasting, and LOTS of BELIEVING. Now the church was different story, Pride and arrogance came in and they embraced this spirit of Jez, and because they refused to repent, GOD SHUT DOWN THE CHURCH and scattered them. A lot of people in the community was harmed in the process, and WE alone do not stand a chance against it, BUT GOD standing with us, much prayer, fasting, and love and speaking God’s truth with LOVE and Mercy can in fact BRING IT DOWN.
          NOW you need others praying for you if you decide to win family or friends back from it’s clutches. IT IS A SPIRIT of DIVINATION some translations says PYTHON spirit (Acts 16:16). IT takes a very strong Faith like Apostle Paul had to drive it out. Let us ask God to build our faith as we saw Paul cast this spirit out.

    • Dear Elizabeth –

      Can I just encourage you?

      So many people think they have a gift of discernment because they read a book about it. And they want the gift because it sounds so spectacular.
      Let me tell you. It’s not a fun gift to have. You can feel things in your body when people or objects around you have demonic spirits in them. My husband literally gets sick. I get a weird burning feeling in my forehead that is very uncomfortable.

      My point is that sometimes people operating in the flesh think they can discern spirits and they can’t. They actually have a spirit of pride – and may even be operating out if the spirit they are accusing others of! That’s what Jesus was talking about with the log and the speck.

      Jesus cares about the lost sheep. Please don’t let one bad experience turn you away from the lord or make Him doubt his love for you.

      In my own life and my husbands life, people who were operating in the flesh really confused us and contributed greatly to periods of wandering in the spiritual wilderness for many years.

      Prayer and asking the Lord to lead you to a good church are absolutely what you can do to combat this.

      I’m so sorry this happened to you but Jesus allows it for a reason. In my own life it was to open the door to ministryto others, like yourself, later down the line in my own life. My husbands too.

      Ask the lord in prayer to reveal to you why he allowed this. What was the purpose? Perhaps the lord allowed it to reveal to you that you were in a church that had leadership that’s been harmful to you. There may be other reasons. I encourage you to pray about it.

      So many churches in America are “off”. Mostly I believe this is because leaders have called themselves instead of waiting on the Lordfor a calling. And when that happens, they’ve built their entire ministry on flesh. And then the congregation gets full of false sheep, false believers who walk in the flesh.

      When that happens, true sheep get Injured and scattered.

      Jesus is the good shepherd. He goes after the hurting sheep. A true man or woman of God will also bind up the wounds of the sheep, not hurt them more. If they do hurt them it will be accidental and they will be quick to repent. False believers and false leaders (wolves in sheep’s clothing) will get insulted and say you’re judging them or not to “touch god’s anointed” if you confront them, no matter how lovingly you do it.

      Pray about where to go to church. The lord will lead you. We were burned at three churches in a row until we realized the lord was calling us to start a fellowship in the area where we live.
      That was our reason for God allowing that pain.

      Remember the word says :

      “I will not allow pain without causing something new to be born”
      Isaiah 66:9

      I believe the Holy Spirit is telling you to Memorize that.

      Blessings dear sister.


      • I read what you wrote Kathy…..God bless you for God’s truth. I get sick in my stomach around certain people and I have had unspoken caution signals when unheeded made me sorry so I made it a point to listen. Occasionally I get a hearing test sound in my right ear that is high pitched and kind of sweet and the day has been super wonderful and sometimes a low pitched sound in my left ear and stuff bad happens. I am a border liner, I admit but I have had God experiences that convince me. Jesus was is and will always be from the beginning to the end the son of God who died for my salvation.

    • That Pastor is right, you have to find a church wherein you can unhampered. How do you that the church you are in is the right church? Three things:
      1. Jesus is Lord in that church, not the Pastor nor the elders.
      2. Jesus is Alive in that church. Meaning, there are healings, deliverance, miracles just like when Jesus was here on earth.
      3. The Word of God is supreme – there no other source of truth in that church.

    • Hi Elizabeth, if there is no grace and mercy at that church then you surely do not want to be there. I believe that deliverance may be necessary for your situation. Jesus is able to deliver us from anything. I encourage you to seek Him in prayer for a new church and let Him lead you. I perceive that where you go next will be where he wants you to be. Do not fear people may have rejected you but God has never left you nor will he forsake you. I just came out of a storm and I had to remember this as I received rejection from friends, Christians & family. God told me that he allowed all of that to happen for a reason. I believe that when we belong to God, through our confession of faith in Jesus, then God is committed to directing our steps and He will help you.

    • It is our duty as a follower of Christ to seek him and gain knowledge and wisdom through through the Holy Spirit. By the power and the blood and the authority of Jesus Christ we have the power to cast out demons and Christians aren’t doing it. In Jesus’s days it was an everyday thing to cast demons out. I’m pretty sure that the Bible says my people will fall because of the lack of knowledge I’m pretty sure about that I’m not saying it word for word please google that scripture. The church is the body of Christ and the church needs to discern like they are supposed to. People are scared of what they don’t know about but no church or preacher should turn you away they should try to help you Jesus wouldn’t turn you away you need to forgive that preacher and pray for discernment in that church

    • Sounds like your Pastor has no love or compassion. i am sorry you have had this bad experience. Move on Jesus said ” the love of many will grow cold.” You may experience this yet again. Jesus does not reject us, that is what matters most. Pray God will send someone special into your life at this time in your life

    • The way satan attacks us is by targeting our weaknesses. One thing you must understand is that we are all under attack whether we know it or not. Don’t fall into the trap of focusing on what is wrong, focus on what is right! Speak it to yourself. “I have authority over principalities and powers in heavenly places!” say it, say it, SAY IT ! As you begin to repeat this over and over again, it WILL take root! The mistake we make is failing to understand that the only power the devil has over us (as believers in the blood of Christ) is what we give him. The main issue in the body of Christ is the lack of knowledge of the Word of God concerning spiritual warfare and demonic opposition. You are either on the defense or the offense. The choice is yours!

  14. I need prayers from the destruction in my life from the J. Spirit. No one seems to know very much about this spirit and will not let me tell my story. I have had a very hard time breaking off with the person I believe has it. I can feel the web being spun around me and I pray, morning and night for protection but it does not last very long. I am in spiritual warfare and it has destroyed my health, working on my finances, emotions, relationships. The oddest evil has come against me since August. This person put a curse on me and within one day I was confined to bed, so exhausted, and 2 months later diagnosed with a rare, aggressive deforming dermal breast cancer, and my prayer partners, friends have been attacked. I know longer feel the web, but I feel daily a band being put around my head (mind control). I have never come across such evil. I even now sleep with the light on as the dark is too much. Thank you.

    • Praying for you. Continue to read on about your authority, pray for God and the spirit of truth to reveal any strong holds. ..let of any bitterness, judgement and repent for the sins of your forefathers, then you are free to remove the curse/legal holding this has on you. Break generational curses and cast out all them. Anoint your house with oil and cleanse it like a spiritual exterminator. Call on the Holy Spirit to come dwell with you along with peace, kindness, love…fruits of the spirit.

    • Pray for God to break the effect of the Jezebellic Witchcraft curses and word curses against you, causing this or that. Just keep praying that over and over again. I’ve been through the same things. I’ve prayed that and I’ve been delivered and healed from many spiritual and physical attacks causing severe life threatening health problems.

      • Please be in agreement with me that this spirit’s effects be broken off of me, my husband, and my entire family (off our health, finances, mind, career/educ. and ministry…thank you so much for shedding light on a demon spirit!

    • Hello, thanks for sharing your situation. I think since we know what is going on in this world, we can be able to help each other. First of all, the advice I would give you is that go on your kneels one on one with God and renounce every sin. YOu need to repent totally and allow Jesus to come and heal you. Do not concentrate on revenge; concentrate on your healing. You are dealing with an evil spirit not a flesh so take him to spiritual court in heaven. I repeat ;;;;;;never seek revenge. Forgive yourself first for allowing this people to come into your life and forgive the people involve. God will retore you.
      I am in similar situation and on the verge of healing. God will help us. Amen

      • Hello,
        Abstinence and fasting has been my weapon to win over many things. If the basic instinct like hunger is tackled no other desires can rule over us. We can win over pain easily which makes forgiveness a boost.

    • Take authority over this situation and renounce the spirit of fear and possible unforgiveness. First repent and if you have not received Jesus as your Lord and Savior allow Jesus into your life today and if you have strayed invite Him in anew. However many Jezebelic attacks are the result of living a righteous life and doing the will of God so I encourage you to continue living a righteous life and walk in love and forgiveness. This is sooooooooooo important forgiveness and love. Ask the Lord to strip you of any stored up unforgiveness, anger, bitterness and hurt. I join my faith to yours sis, in the name of Jesus I come against this attack and return back those curses to their sender. I plead Jesus blood over you and I declare Jesus Christ is your refuge and your strong tower. He is the deliver and you are delivered now it is just for you to believe and receive it in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Hello: I completely understand, the same thing happened to a friend of mine. I have been battling Jezebel many years, have had many things happen and the Lord has been faithful to deliver me out of every one. He will do the same for you and i will continue to pray for you. I understand the black widow spirit and soul ties, strongholds, spells etc.

    • You need help from the healing and deliverance ministry. The devil had made you into a wreck. You had loss your identity in God, the enemy Put a fear in you to destroy your life. If you are able to call upon the Lord, He will deliver you. Read Psalms 91 and stand on His word to redeem your identity in God as Daughter of Abba Father. If you are unable to get out of the enemy hands due to spiritual weakness and confusion.
      May I suggest you turn to Ellel ministry for help. They will be able to help and guide you out of this time of darkness. Hope it helps. God bless.

  15. This is great information and truth that must be made known to alert people of the control that Spirit has, but God is greater and that Spirit has to leave in Jesus name

    • Take down the Jezebels prefects and then you can destroy her from doing her bidding.


    Please pray to HIM that I may truly surrender All of myself to HIM ONLY completely and forever and To let me trust in HIM alone To Save me, for the Lord JESUS to do HIS will completely upon me ,and to give me Eternal life and baptize me with the HOLY SPIRIT . Please pray to HIM to completely cleanse me of all my pride and self righteousness and all my sins and hidden Sins and to give me true repentance and humble me. To help my unbelief and give me true saving faith on Christ alone (Hebrews 12:2) and true repentance from Godly sorrow which leads to salvation and to remove all the worldly sorrow (despair, self pity, unbelief, etc) and cause me to be truly born again in CHRIST. To clear all my doubts & confusions & question and fill me with His truth Only and completely & that I may live by the Truth. And that I may be rapture ready.

    Please pray that He would strip away All my arrogance, idols Completely and forever and deliver me from all my sins and bondages to sin, take all the confusion away and point out every in me that I’m ignoring or not able to see (Psalm 139:23-24) . Please pray for the softening of my heart and removal of all indifference, to not let any indifference take over me and that I may always submit to the Holy Spirit and never resist or ignore HIM and harden my heart.

    • It is so in Jesus name. As you thought of and prayed about your sins, you have been forgiven. Pick you bible and mark these portions
      John1: 12, 2Cor4:6-10, 2Peter
      Meditate, confess them loud or write them down where you can read them. Sing praises more and try to be around the believers. Also pray about every thing. In Jesus name you are forgiven , sealed by the holy spirit. The ministering spirit of God are loosed around you break those chains. Go and live the beautiful life. Shallom!

  17. I dated a man who is a Narcissistic Sociopath aka Jezebel Spirit. He was very charming, he spoke w/a forked tongue. Praise the Lord for discernment. I got out of the relationship, before he devoured & destroyed by future. I will praise the Lord until my last breath. I’m so grateful!

  18. I think it best you pray for mighty wisdom and discernment and then read 1st and 2nd Kings……..it is very succinct in the Jezebelic Spirit and very very clear.

  19. I think it is important to point out that this stuff is ‘extrabiblical.’ The Bible does not say anything about a ‘Jezebel spirit.’ In the Old Testament, there was a Canaanite queen who had married an Israelite king– from the northern kingdom not the Davidic line– who promoted Baal and Ashtoreth worship, and had prophets killed. Canaanite religion often involved eating meat offered to idols and sexual immorality in its rituals. Greek paganism had some of the same features, but I get the impression that Canaanite religion had been even more brutal and perverted. There was at least one temple to Baal-Zeus, associating the Canaanite sky god with the Greek one.

    In Revelation, Jesus called a woman who called herself a prophetess ‘that woman Jezebel.’ She was teaching the Lord’s people to commit fornication and to eat meat offered to idols.

    I just think we should realize this ‘Jezebel spirit’ stuff for the main part does not come from the Bible. The Bible doesn’t say there is a Jezebel spirit. I suppose she had a spirit like other people do, and those who sacrifice to idols sacrifice to demons.

    The Bible does speak of discernment of spirits. But I think it is also important that if someone is going to claim all these types of things about the Jezebel spirit, we need to keep in mind it is extra-Biblical revelation. And people shouldn’t create teachings just out of their own easily misinterpretable experiences without revelation. For example, if a demonized person has several bad traits, it is not reasonable to attribute them all to one demon. How do you know there aren’t dozens of demons at work? And how do we know a particular demon doesn’t specialize in anger in the summer and greed in the winter?

    Some bad traits people have may come out of their own corrupted hearts. If you were able to cast all the demons out of a city, for example, fornicators may still be able to fornicate without help from demon spirits. Drunks may still be able to get drunk. People are bad, too. They don’t have to have demons to make them stay bad.

    • You’re right the bible doesn’t mention the jezebel spirits being casted out by Jesus. But it does mention that there are hundreds of records of him delivering people from different evil spirits around that time. “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” (John 21:25

    • God knows all things and the hearts of all people! He is the only one who will judge the heart! No one can fool Him! Satan and his minions have a very short time left here on earth to kill, steal and distroy. Thank-you Jesus for your word and those who are being used by you to set the captives free!

  20. This is false! You are acting as if Satans kingdom operates with some type of order!? This far from being truthful. “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand” this is Satans kingdom. There is no absolute order to Satans kingdom, it is the very reason why the Lord and his kingdom is, and will always be victorious!…. When you have demonic spirits like “greed, pride, lust, jealousy, envy, strife etc….” how can you reason that there is any order, or that they follow any order other than self righteousness?” these spirits battle each other for first place inside of the vessel of man or (willing man) and try to champion for the top spot.. This is why there is confusion and enmity even inside of one being and a person loses his own mind and has no control anymore. Understand that when a person as a demonic spirit possession, it is more than likely many spirits. And more than likely the person is not in their right frame of mind anymore and confused and lost to reality until set free. Remember.. Satans rule is based off of man’s disobedience.. That’s it! His power is limited and he can only convince you to give over authority, he can’t take what’s not his, he can only convince you to relinquish your power (God given) to him and then he has control.. A willing vessel is where his power lies.. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” 1 Peter 5:8

    • I’m by no means an expert on this subject, but one thing I do know is that “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand” was just Jesus explaining that he is not working with demons. He cast out a demon, and when they accused him of working with demons, he said the above quote to explain why this doesn’t make sense. Therefore, I don’t think that Satan’s “kingdom” is divided against itself, or at least the Bible doesn’t say it is.

    • This comment would not be true. I remember one night as I dozed off the Lord took me into a vision and brought me to where there was a conference room. In that conference meeting were demons of different class and with different authority. The setting was just like how we would in the natural realm have our board meetings, it was the same in this vision with the demons. They all congregated and the commander came and gave out different assignments and tasks to every single demon that was sitting at that table. They all had to do what was given to them, and at one point the commander SPECIFICALLY said to them, “do not come back until you have conquered that person you are assigned to.” So with that said, in the demonic kingdom there is order.

      • Greetings, I really do not have the time to be engaged in additional activities but I have to reply to this. I am just over 50 years old and I have had many, many spiritual encounters with demons that visit my home and spaces I have had to be. Demons work together as a team and to each demons agenda and or mission, there is a chief demon assigned to give the instructions and detectives. As I have said before i have had multiple encounters so i can only share one or two in the interest of time. Three female demons were sent to my house one was the leader, she was extremely arrogant and forceful in nature. While the other two demons where telling her that she is not able to manage me, she said “I am coming all the way from Haiti and i have to do what i was sent to do”. Then that leader demon said i tell them not to send you two with me because you are both cowards. Of course she was raging with anger while talking to the two team members. The angels of the Lord assigned to me destroyed those dragons!!! Demons work together as a team. Also two male demons where sent to my gate as monitoring demons, they were not able to see me entering because the angels of the Lord blinded them, they were on a telephone conference call telling the chief demon that they were at my gate for three days and not seeing me. The chief demon on the phone was raging with anger as he sad “if you can’t find her at her house go wait on her at her relative (Roy’s house not real name) as she is always visiting there. Satan, the chief of the kingdom of darkness, has multiple team of demons that are assigned in bullions of teams and groups, all are given their assignments like job descriptions to destroy God’s people and God’s mission to save and deliver His people from the pit of hell!!!

        • You mean you can see them? Physically or spiritually? I have had many encounters too. I could feel them very strongly (don’t like the feeling) but cannot see them.

    • I’ve see this Lion. It’s a lion’s face in an red orb. It’s said to be attached to this one apartment I lived in before. It’s outside attached to it too. People have seen it there. People say in the community that it’s there. They don’t rent that apartment. My sister said it talked to her. “Said to close the door!” My brother won’t talk about it but my sister said it trapped him in the hall closet.

  21. Hi I believe I’m born again and finicky saw the nature of my mother last night she drove me crazy to the point of suicide almost and I did out her to a wall and talked to that spirit.I seen it twice in her eyes she told me all manners of things how she had cancer how she would divorce my dad then turn around and said she never said it.She put my whole family. against me because I KNOW the truth I need urgent help.She says there is no god you should be studying instead of thinking this things, she makes me feel guilty for wanting to never see her again.I came to uni one more time in order to make it work once again I’m trapped between staying here and they will eventually kill me I already fatigued or flee but I have no one to help.I have no one who would believe me.I am living in constant danger she knew I had been sick and I was stupid enough to think her invitation to be with her in country house had good motives.The Lord told me what to do by the grace of God I woke up earlier than they and hid myself so I got to gate of the house and they had no choice but to live at that moment.still they sure delayed to cause me more anxiety.I told her I don’t ever want to establish contact and she answers saying so do you want to take yesterdays food but the Lord had already told me not to do so….I plead someone to help me I don’t know where to go if I stay here shell kill me emotionally,physicaly if I commit suicide or become to weary she knows I have suffered from depression before lease help

    • Im praying for you sis..May God get the glory out of your life…continue to plead the blood of Jesus over that spirit and cover yourself..this too comes for much fastimg and praying…GREATER is HE that is in you that he thats in the world..that spirit of Jezebel recognizes the anointing of God on your life and it hates anything of God..Im Praying that deliverance comes to your Mom in Jesus name!

    • I’ll pray for you right now! Don’t give up. Call upon Jesus. He is greater than all demons of hell! God bless you!

    • I pray the LORD heals your heart and gives you peace beyond your understanding. You will not let the devil win because your a winner! Leave it to GOD and rest in him to know it will all work out. Love you my sister in Christ. ❤

    • I bind and rebuke that spirit and release God’s spirit to give you peace, protection and freedom. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this evil spirit. Do not give into it. Do not trust nothing this person is saying. If you can make other living arrangements do so immediately. You have to be wise. You shall live and not die and will declare the works of the Lord. You are in serious spiritual warfare and you have to be aware. I pray you have the victory!!

    • find a therpist who specializes in narcisstic abuse and listen to messages of hope by joel osteen to keep yourself from slipping into suicidal depression. get away, go no contact this is nothing to fool w. dont tell family about your plans just find somewhere safe u can go to sleep and feed on the word, messages of how beuatful u are in christ. cry out to jesus He will rescue you. call prayer lines daily to have people build u up

  22. I have face people with this kind of spirit several times before, and they play their game to weaken your spirit, with all the negative emotion that they cause on you. But that’s just the beginning, as your spirit weaken they will start to attack you directly (on your spiritual self) either through dream or more direct by trying to subdue you with terror (you know how demon work commonly). But in my experience, even the most simple prayer as long as you pray with great faith and only rely on God’s help. They will not be able to touch you, they will run from you. I learn many prayer to expel demon, but when facing strong attack from powerful demon I only remember the prayer that Jesus teach us. But it always work, so if fear of demonic being took you, pray.

    • Listen.i have a mother who also turned my father and both sides of the family against me. Now go to the hospital tell them you are depressed and let them help you .get admitted there but before you leave ask to speak. To the case manager or case management and tell them you need to move away from your mom.she is depressing you ask them if they can move you temporarily until you get a place on your own.best wishes.your friend in the Lord went through the exact same thing. Be Encouraged.www

  23. My mother has a Jezebel spirit. So did her mother. Based upon what I am told. I think it’s because of my how my grandmother felt about my grandfather. Whom she left when my mother was 4.
    It messed my mother up permanently. It is the root of her hatred for men of my race. While my grandmother was never unkind to me, an older cousin once told me of her viscious attacks on other family members. My mother was horribly jelous of my relationship with my now deceased father (he was my best friend). She tried to destroy us both while never laying a hand on us. She destroyed what should have been a happy home. She raged and screamed at me so often and so violently (pretty much every day) I once begged my father to put me in the hospital when he came home from work. For 30 years she made every Christmas pure hell. It is by God’s grace that I am sane. My father spent 12 days in the hospital before he died. I was there 24/7 until he went into ICU. She refused to come see him. Ever. Until I embarrassed her and sent her best friend to bring her to the hospital when he was making his transition. They we’re married for 56 years. When he died she got in the bed. After four years I put her in assisted living because she was trying to will herself to die. I can remember my mother trying to crush my spirit and soul as far back as when I was 4 years old. I have no children because I refused to bring a child into this world so that she could treat my child like she has treated me. I am her only child. Last September I spent the night with my mother (92) at the assisted living. Upon awakening I said “Good morning”. She made her face as ugly as possible and said “Kiss my a_ _” as nasty as possible. That is the second time she cussed me out like that. And, no she’s not crazy. Hateful. But, not crazy. I have not seen her since then except once in July and once in August of this year. In 10 years of eldercare for my mother since my father’s death, I have been hospitalized in the ER 6 times for what I thought was a heart attack. I’ve also had a stroke because of this stress/duress. She could care less. When I told her she would not apologize. She’s apologized to me three times in my life. Once was this summer. She tells her caregiver that I “know she doesn’t mean it”. But, she does. She’s the Great Deceiver. So EVERYBODY loves her. After 10 years, I was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome in 2000. One doctor had the insight to advise me early on that this condition stems from the emotional not physical nature. He’s right. I’ve spent probably $250k on doctors. I have sought counseling four times. I am saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled. I am no longer an angry woman or depressed. And, I am no longer angry with her. I am a peaceful spirit. My nature and through lots of self-work. I think I have forgiven her. I am just figuring out tonight that her never ending “oppositional defiant” behavior, wrath, unending criticisms/complaints about me, as well as my father, are symptomatic of a Jezebel spirit. She has criticized me every day for has long as I can remember. Every single day. She tried to break me. To destroy me. And, would not let me have my own thoughts. EVERYTHING was her way or no way. Until I put her in assisted living. Over the years she has spoken so hatefully against my father and all men of my race, it’s a miracle I’m not a lesbian. She physically attacked me as a young teenager. And, again while I was in college. God protected me. I was too fast for her. I escaped. When I moved back home at the age of 50 due to crippling injuries, I had to threaten to put her in jail. I have no words to adequatly describe her hateful/threatening behavior towards me. I can just say what she did to me. She was just that bad. Worse. Think Joan Crawford in the movie Mommy Dearest. But my mother didn’t put her hands on me. She’s smarter and more cunning than that. She is very attractive, educated, and money was not an issue when l was growing up. Any advice. My cousins abandoned me when my father died. So, I am in this world by myself. And, my friends do not know it. Thank you. God bless you.

    • I share the same sentiments with you. My mother made me go through hell. She did not attend my father’s funeral when he died and she has no sense of remorse. I pray that they will give their life to Christ.

    • I grew up just like yourself. My mother had a jezebel spirit which jumped into me. As I read your story I fought that spirit. I broke down and cried because I have a daughter that I’ve felt has this spirit. I prayed, not just for her but my other 2. Even if I don’t feel they carry that demon spirit I’m protecting them because it is a very very strong spirit. I edge you to pray. Repent. Ask the Lord to take that anger from your heart that you’ve been carrying because that alone is part of that spirit. We

    • What a testamony! Share it wth the world! Educate your community so that this spirit can be deminished!

    • You have come through this! Glory to God! You are breaking the cycle of your grandmother and mother. Now that, my friend, is STRENGH and COURAGE!

    • You are never alone. If God is for you, who can be against you?
      All those who are heavy laden, come unto Me and I will give you rest. That means peace, restoration and refreshment.
      Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world.
      No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you shall be condemned. This is the heritage of the children of the Lord. Surely you are His child.

  24. I never knew about the Jezebel spirit until recently . I heard that Jezebel was a seductive person in the Old Testement but I really never knew more than that… until I encountered what a friend of mine called “ the Jezebel spirit”.
    I read your article and some others also . It chilled me and frightened me to the bone.
    The person in question I encountered has been relentless and very demeaning. Unfortunately, although I have blocked her from my phone and emails, I have become so uneasy. And I feel like I’m still being talked about and scrutinized by her.
    Unfortunately also, the person that she said I was seducing, a priest, tries not to spend to much time talking to me and tries to avoid me. I feel like he’s not comfortable with me anymore. I try to be the same person but I don’t think he trusts me. I’ve always been respectful and caring. Yet, I feel like I have to apologize . I have always been a strong person, but this experience, I feel has shattered any self confidence I had.

    • Hey Lee – best thing to do is
      1) pray – ask God to protect you and to heal you
      2) ask God to reveal the truth about you (and her) to those around you
      3) research Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is the secular world’s perspective of the Jezebel spirit. There is loads of helpful information – including the different types and characteristics of those with NPD – but there is also loads of advice of how best to break contact with them. This lady you are talking about very definitely meets the criteria and you need to take a number of steps to protect yourself.
      Hope this helps.

  25. My husband has been seduced by a strange woman who operates in a Jezebel Spirit. I don’t know what I’m suppose to do to deliver him. It’s frustrating and painful to watch my marriage slowly fade away right before my eyes.

    • Not sure of your faith, But you need to do is ask Jesus Christ to cover your husband with His precious blood he shed on the cross. And Ask Jesus to protect him from any evil formed against you and your family.

    • Whàt you do is pray & love him. Don’t use the word at all on him..just ask God to show you how to pray & how to treat him. Spend time listening to him..hold his arm when ever shes around..tell him how proud you are of him..just enjoy him & respect him. This is what our men need most from us is respect. And maybe talk to your pastors..or other couples who can pray. Have them around for dinner & enjoy company with them together.

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